Two of a Kind: Chapter One


5 thoughts on “Two of a Kind: Chapter One

  1. I really loved your story, Trunks/Chichi is one of my favorite 'forbidden'
    couples! My only complaint is with the part when Trunks hits her cervix and
    she felt a type of ecstasy…yeah, no. lol I know it's different for every
    women, but generally speaking, it really, really hurts when a guy is long
    enough to hit the cervix. You don't feel pleasure, you feel quite a bit of
    pain…but I guess if you're into pain, maybe it does feel pleasurable? haha
    anyways So it's a technical complaint, and really one you would never know
    about unless if you have experienced it or heard about it from others, but
    just letting you know! Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the story! Please write


  2. Awesome story! I knew that time between Trunks and ChiChi was coming shortly.^^ It seems these two shared a long lustful bond especially after Goku has died. ChiChi really wanted that pain to disappear.
    But she found the next man by her side and it happens to be Trunks. Well done putting these two together.


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