Two of a Kind: Chapter Three

Two of a Kind

Chapter Three

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Dear Miss Son
We regret to inform you that, after much deliberation, it is the finding of this board of enquiry that your husband is to be declared deceased.  After reviewing the evidence, we believe his death was the result of an animal attack and therefore a result of accidental and natural causes.
In respect of his many great services to our community, an annual fee of 30,000 Zeni a year will be issued to you at the start of each calendar year. We hope it will assist you through this difficult time. Once again, we offer you our deepest sympathies for this tragedy.
Yours sincerely
J. Buckley
Secretary of the Mount Paozu region Council 
Rereading the handwritten letter, Chichi couldn’t resist letting out a snort of derision as she took a long sip from her still smoking mug of coffee while wondering if she had ever seen such pretty words used so loosely. Her husband’s so called demise had been anything but tragic.
It had been little more than a month since that incident with Super Android 17 and the Shadow Dragons, and already the world had returned to its grey shade of twisted normality. The crops had been sowed, homes and cities rebuilt, and the citizens of earth were once again enjoying their lives; once more blissfully ignorant of the dangers that plague their galaxy. Only the Z fighters, earth’s greatest warriors, knew what that peace had cost the world.
A great light had vanished from the universe. Goku, her husband and once dearest love, was gone; taken by the immortal dragon Shenron to train in other dimensions. He had left them again and this time, Chichi knew in her heart he would never return.
And yet she was not sad. The world seemed darker, but her heart was not burdened by the loss. On the contrary, she felt almost liberated; as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She had loved Goku, but she knew know that she had not been in love with him for many years. She had loved Goku the way she had loved a lifelong friend, cared for him like he were a brother but their relationship had never been the same as it was. Not since those years long ago, when he and Gohan had been preparing for the androids. Despite the imminent danger, there had been a simple joy in those dark days when they had been a family that she had never felt since. Her romantic love for Goku had died with him in Cell’s game, and later on Kami’s lockout when he had announced he had decided not to return. No, her heart was in pain, and longing, for another…
Setting her coffee mug on the kitchen table, she looked over the letter once more. An annual fee of 30,000 Zeni, she more than suspected the hand of Hurcule in that. An utter buffoon he might, but never could it be said that the world champ didn’t care for his family; even his in-laws.
As was so often the way with Goku; the relatively simple matter of reporting his death had been anything but simple. Telling people the truth had of course been out of the question. Trying to explain her husband’s constant disappearances and trips between life and death would have been reason enough to have her committed; she shouldered to think what they might do when she confessed that he was an alien and had recently been turned into a child. No, that wouldn’t do at all. So she had done what she always did in times of a crisis and after a long conversation with the girls, she believed she’d found the answer.
In retrospect, missionary work might not have been his prime vocation or the most promising carrier path for a man who his ideal day consisted of just fighting, eating and fishing, but it suited her purpose quite nicely and didn’t invite a lot of questions. And it had worked, for the most part. Unfortunately, while it might have solved the issue of explaining his disappearances, it made proving his demise difficult without proper documentation or a body and the board of enquiry had refused to declare her husband dead until they had adequate proof he had been missing for seven years. So Videl had gone to her father and three days later, she received the letter, accompanied by a death certificate.
It wasn’t really a lie, by her count it had been about seven years since the adult Goku vanished during the middle of the world’s martial arts tournament and although he wasn’t exactly dead, he would never return. Declaring him dead was just the logical thing to do, otherwise a part of her would always be longing for his return.
She had spent over half her life waiting for him to return to her, it was time she moved on with her life and buried the past.
Trunks tried to remain calm as he sipped his wine. It was the house’s best, a fine Italian vintage, well-aged and blossoming with flavour and he wanted nothing more than to lose himself in its dark depths. He wanted it so much that he drained the goblet to the dregs with one sip. Setting the empty crystal down beside his almost finished plate of Fillet Steak, he quickly silenced an overripe belch before turning his gaze up to look at his companion. Only part of the way through her roasted duck, she was totally focused on eating her meal and seemed not to have noticed his slip.
Her name was Madison Winter. She worked as an accountant at Capsule Corp in a department not otherwise incorporated with his own. At just twenty-four, she had risen fast along the corporate ladder and now had an office on the top floor with a splendid view of the city. Trunks had heard of her only twice before their meeting, and both had painted the image of a nerdish bookworm with her hair in pigtails wearing a pair of oversized round-rim glasses. There were few words then that could describe his surprise when a goddess with flowing locks of auburn hair and perfect olive skin appeared in his office-doorway, carrying a stack of folders and claiming that she needed to speak with him about his expense account.
They’d had dinner together that very night.
She was a very lovely creature, with a nature as sweat as sugar and a laugh that could brighten even the darkest day. Despite this, she was also ambitious and wasn’t afraid to express her thoughts; a fact which lead to him learning that she had a sexual appetite veracious enough to match even his Saiyan lusts. In almost every sense, they were perfect for one another. That was why he had to do this…
 “Is something bothering you darling? You have hardly touched your food.” Madison asked while using her napkin to dab away some of the sauce from her pouting lips, her duck now just a pile of tiny bones. “Is your steak ok?”
With a heavy sigh, Trunks met her gaze and said dryly “Yea its fine. Listen Madison, we need to talk.”
“Oh, what’s wrong Trunks?”
“Well… Madison, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I just don’t think I’m ready for a serious relationship yet. I’m sorry. I care for you a lot but if we stay together I’m just going to end up causing you pain. It’s not you, you’re a great girl and any guy would be lucky to have you. This is my problem…”
“You self-righteous arsehole!” She suddenly roared, her sweetly serine features twisting with unmasked rage. Without waiting for him to finish, she snatched up her half-emptied wine goblet and splashed the house’s best in his face before getting up from her seat and storming off. Trunks just watched her go, red droplets rolling down his skin and beneath the collar of his tailored silk shirt. He made no move to wipe them away; it was the least of what he deserved.
Not caring that just about every pair of eyes was watching him, he waited a moment before signalling for the cheque which was brought to him by the all too pompous Maître D. Ignoring the man’s disapproving sneer,  he quickly paid for the meals before rising up and leaving his unfinished steak to the waiters. He exited the restaurant with as much dignity as man with wine dripping down his face and neck could muster.
On a Saturday night, the West city strip was quite possibly the busiest Avenue in the world. Lined with top class restaurants and glamorous nightclubs, it teemed with traffic and glowed so brightly that from an elevated point it appeared to carve the city in two. Nodding his thanks to the doorman, Trunks took one step onto the side walk and almost lost himself in the bustling tide of pedestrians. Too lost in his own thoughts to care however, he ignored the hails of several taxi drivers as he let his legs carry him away from the restaurant. After going several blocks, he stepped off the main avenue and into a smaller side street before lurching up into the air and taking flight. He might have intended to go home but a few moments later he was flying high over the tall domed building of the Capsule Corporation and yet made no attempt to land. Instead, he flew towards the star spangled horizon at a steady pace.
Something was wrong. For reasons he couldn’t explain, his stomach felt twisted and there was a heavy weight in his  chest that he knew had nothing to do with what he’d done to Madison. No matter how she might have reacted, they’d both known it wouldn’t have lasted. It might have happened in a week, a month or perhaps a decade; but in the end their relationship was doomed to end. He was sure she she’d feel better when she went into work on Monday and found a generous pay raise and a promotion waiting for her, courtesy of Mrs Briefs herself.  His mother had always been good at smoothing over department quarrels.
No, there was something else that was bothering him. Something he couldn’t place. It had nagged at him for weeks but was always just out of reach, always just beyond his sight. In desperation he’d hoped it might have been his feelings about playing Madison false, but he could still feel it tearing mercilessly at his heart.
Not knowing what he should do or where he should go, Trunks kept flying ever onward until he happened upon a place he recognised. Maybe it was fate that had brought him here; or perhaps it was just a coincidence. To be frank, he didn’t give a shit.
He’d been flying for three hours and the scent of rain was in the air. Storm clouds were gathering and to a man dressed in only a near ruined but nonetheless expensive suit, the sight of the Son’s house with its pale grey wisp of smoke rising from the chimney was more welcoming than a spitted boar roasting over a fire. He began to descend just as a streak of lightning split the heavens to a booming drum of thunder.
Chichi couldn’t remember the last time she had been drunk. Or for that matter, why she had been so adverse to it prior to tonight.
The wine was one of the bottles her father had bought for her wedding to Goku, he had said that if it weren’t for his axe he would have had to sell the entire Ox Kingdom and her mother’s jewels to pay for them. This last one had never been opened however, so she had kept it in storage as a memento of the day. She had thought the bottle lost years ago but had found it whilst scouring the cellar and in a moment of uncharacteristic melancholy, had decided to toast her epiphany with a glass. Only that one glass had quickly become four. Now the bottle was half empty and she was feeling quite warm down in the pit of her stomach.
It had been so long since she last had a drink of anything stronger than Coffee that when she heard the knock at her door she was sure it was because the alcohol. It was only when she heard the fourth booming tumble that she was certain she wasn’t dreaming. “Who the hell could that be at this hour?”
Setting her glass down beside the not so empty wine bottle, she rose up from the sofa and walked from the living room into the reverse ‘L’ shaped hall to the oaken front door. Both annoyed and surprised by her unexpected visitor, she threw open the door to find herself face to face with “Trunks…”
“Hey Chichi.” He said; managing to maintain remarkably composed despite the evident look of surprise that was twisting across her face. “…I’m sorry, is this a bad time? I can come back tomorrow if that would be better.”
She knew it would be wiser to let him leave. Just the sight of the strapping youth was enough to start a hot stirring in her nethers and she was sure she’d do something regrettable if he stayed too long. However before she could concoct a plausible excuse, a clap of thunder bellowed down from the heavens and trapped her good and proper. Having spent her whole life living in the mountains, Chichi could always tell when a storm was coming and now good manners demanded that she invite him in before he got soaked and in the face of such opposition; wisdom and her own personal feelings could go hang. No matter what, Chichi would always be well mannered to a fault. “Oh…no…no please come in.” She said before hurriedly stepping aside and holding the door open for him. “Can I get you anything? Tea…coffee…wine?”
“Tea please.” Smiling broadly, he steeped through the threshold; coming so close that Chichi could actually taste the scent of his cologne. Feeling her knees turning to jelly, she took a hasty step back and closed the door before motioning for him to follower her as she walked back down the hall, past the stairs leading up to what had once been their secret love nest, and into the living room.
“Make yourself at home; I’ll just go put the kettle on.” Certain she could feel the heat of his gaze on her derrière; she excused herself without a backwards look and instead made straight for the door to the kitchen on the opposite wall, her legs threatening to give way with every step. Flicking the light on, no sooner had she let the door slam swing shut behind her than she had to grab one of the counters before she collapsed. What was she doing? If Goten found out about this, he would kill them both.
It had been well over a year since she had last seen Trunks Briefs. Oh they had seen each other, in the company of friends and family at Bulma’s yearly gatherings or amongst the masses at the World Martial Arts tournament. In truth they had seen each other aplenty, but it had been almost two years since that day. The day their affair had been brought to an abrupt end. The day her youngest son came home unexpectedly and caught them fucking against a counter.
It had been a turbulent moment, Goten jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that she was being raped and Trunks had barely had time to pull his trousers up before the boy had attacked him. The fight had been bloody and Chichi had been forced to quite literally pour a bucket of water over the both of them to break them apart, after she’d gotten dressed of course. It had taken more than an hour to calm Goten down and get him to see that Trunks hadn’t forced himself upon her. The usual questions followed and she could remember her heart breaking at the look of betrayal that had darkened her son’s handsome face. She had feared she’d lost him then, but in the end he’d agreed to keep their secret on the condition that they ended the affair and never spoke of it again.
Only then did he tell her, in a voice so sour she thought he might have turned into phial of vinegar; that her husband had returned from the lookout. And he was a kid.
Things had been easy after that. Goten had been too distraught to see her other than when  their presence had been  required and Trunks, well he had blasted off into space to save the world. It would have been romantic if only it had been scripted in some pulp fiction novel, but in her world, romance was a foreign world and she had been left by herself to contemplate the strange turn her life had taken. Goku was back, but he had been turned into a boy little more than eight years old and it seemed he had had no mind to turn back into an adult. What did this mean? Were they still married, could they even be married if he wasn’t yet past puberty? Love was wonderful, but it could only take you so far when your husband was as young as your granddaughter. Should she wait for him, she might not have been old but she would certainly be in her sixties before Goku reached twenty.
There were so many questions; it had almost been a relief to be taken over by that parasite Baby, psychotic anti-Saiyan tendencies aside.
In the weeks that followed Baby’s defeat and earth’s destruction and rebirth; she spent much of her time pondering the answer, her only answer. Divorce was something Chichi had always resisted, like her mother before her she had strived to ignore her husband’s faults whatever they might be and spend her life with only the one man she’d loved. But this was different; Goku seemed to no longer care about their marriage and thought of only how his new state could improve his training. Even reaching an entirely new and unthinkable height in his Super Saiyan powers had not stated his thirst for greater abilities and it had seemed Divorce was her only way of getting her husband back, or else freeing herself from the power hungry monster he had become. 
She had intended to voice the issue the day Hades had opened and the evil dead had spilled onto earth. By that evening she had been a widow and now she stood, with the man she’d once had an affair with waiting in the next room. Why should she feel guilty, she was, by every definition, a free woman now.
She was free to speak to whomever she wished, yet just the thought of the young man sitting in her living room sent a hot shiver down her spine, as though he were a forbidden treat she was considering devouring. ‘Well, he defiantly warrants the hot description.’ He had grown up considerably in the year since she had last seen him as close up as she had in the door way, his months in space had melted away much of the boyishness from him and given him a hardened look that in no small way made him resemble his father when he had first come to earth. Though it had been many years, Chichi could still remember the first time she had seen Vegeta, and the fear the image had stirred within her despite the blurriness of Master Roshi’s television. Yet what had appeared terrifying  on the father, seemed sexy on the son; especially when coupled with outgrown locks of lavender hair running down too his shoulders and the silken shirt that fit just tight enough to hint at the sinewy muscle that bulged beneath. 
Filling the Kettle with water, Chichi couldn’t deny she was tempted, and that she felt a warmth gathering inside her that had nothing to do with the wine.
‘What the hell are you doing Trunks?’ He wondered as he desperately sought for something to do with his hands. For eighteen months he’d stayed away. For eighteen months, two weeks and one day on this morning he’d avoided coming within a hundred miles of this place. But now he was here again, perhaps he should have his head examined. What madness had brought him here?
Just the sight of her standing in that doorway had stolen his breath away. Madison had been a lovely creature, but Son Chichi was…exquisite. Her raven hair had been out of its usual bun and tumbling down her shoulders with a few stray curls framing her soft features. Far away from her usual array of disgustingly unrevealing coverall dresses, she wore a deep crimson pullover and a doeskin jerkin that seemed barely able to contain her ample bosom; her leggings consisted of nothing more than a pair of tight fitting white shorts that ended just beneath the curves of her magnificent buttocks. She was utterly gorgeous; he’d wanted to take her right then and there.
It was maddening. He’d hoped his feelings for her might have diminished during his time in space or his lust stated by the succulent bounty of young flesh he’d feasted on ceaselessly at every opportunity. Yet just the mere sight of her again had fanned the flames of his desire, and something else that Trunks couldn’t quite place. Feelings that poets might call love…
“…You still take milk and two sugars I hope.”
Chichi’s voice was a like a splash of cold water and he came to with a start to find she had returned to the living room without his notice. Fortunately, she hadn’t seemed to of noticed his faraway look and was now holding a steaming mug of tea out to him with a pleasant smile turning the corner of her full lips. Suddenly short of breath, Trunks avoided her gaze but accepted the drink with a weak smile and a hurried “Thanks”.
Fortunately, his host appeared oblivious to his discomfort and seated herself in the armchair opposite him before reaching out to pick up her wine goblet from the coffee table. “So how are things Trunks? Your mum tells me you’re dating an accountant.” At the mention of his seeing another woman, Trunks thought he might have heard a hint of resentment in her voice, but he dismissed it as just being his imagination.
“Not too good I’m afraid, we broke up tonight.”
“Oh I’m so sorry. What happened?”
“It’s nothing. Madison’s a very sweet girl but she’s just not my type. Our relationship was more a sexual thing really.” It felt good to finally say it. He’d been lying to himself for weeks; telling himself that he and Madison had a chance, that there was more to the their liaisons than mutual gratification. Strange that he could only muster the courage to admit the truth to Chichi, he toasted the revelation with a sip of his tea, pleased to note she had got the mixture just right.
“Oh…” Surprised and a little relieved by his words, Chichi hid her small smile behind her goblet as she mimed taking a long draft of the wine. “Well at least you didn’t get hurt, was she very upset?”
“Not really, I’ve none worse break ups.” It was a stupid thing to say and no sooner had he uttered the words did he wish he hadn’t. Like a fool he’d gone and blundered into what should have been his chief priority to avoid. There was no backing down now so, after near draining his drink, he said “I’m sorry about Goku.”
To his surprise, the woman appeared completely unperturbed at the mention of her late husband and even gave him an easy smile that nearly took his breath away. “Oh don’t worry about it Trunks. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about it until that letter arrived today. Goku’s left me so many times, I guess I just thought he might just return again in a few years and things would be as they were. It’s a relief I suppose, to have closure I mean. And…” She paused as she considered what she was about to say. It was important whatever it was, and for that one instant Trunks could actually feel her conflict before she threw all caution to the winds. “And I want to thank you Trunks, you helped me a lot last year, I’m just sorry things between us had to end as they did.”
Trunks couldn’t help but grin. “You mean your youngest son, my best friend, walking in on us fucking in your kitchen? It’s so clichéd it could only be true.” He wanted to be humorous, to relieve the tension, but noticing Chichi’s evident discomfort, he decided to be serious and quickly finished off his tea before saying. “You don’t have to apologise, I knew what was at stake and you were more than worth the risk. How is Goten by the way?”
“I…I haven’t really spoken to him since that day…” Unable to hide the blush his words were spreading across her cheeks, she drained her glass before placing it down besides the bottle on the table and rising up from here seat. “…Let me get you another tea.” She took a step towards him as she reached out to take his mug, only her hand slipped and their hands touched. There was a spark between them as a roar of thunder bellowed outside and suddenly their restrained passions rekindled. The tea suddenly forgotten, Trunks released his grasp on the mug and it fell to the ground in a shatter of porcelain; but neither noticed as they crashed together in a storm of carnal desire.
There was no restraint or caution and their lips met hungrily as she straddled him; their bodies melting together as he coiled his strong arms around her narrow waist and pulled her closer, his hands eagerly groping the curves of her full buttocks. Feeling a shiver run down her spine as his tongue swept across her wine sweetened lips; Chichi opened up to his invasion, moaning thickly as the Saiyan’s tongue met hers in the age old dance of passion.
“We should stop…” She gasped after a moment, breaking the kiss as her hips pressed wantonly against the bulge of his erection; the brief contact sending a white hot shiver up her spine that made her quiver in anticipation. “This is madness.”
“Don’t talk.” He growled before seizing her lips in another sizzling embrace as his eager fingers began working at the ties of her jerkin. It was fiddly work however and after his thick digits slipped for the second time, Trunks began to grow impatient and instead he ripped the garment open with a quick tug. Too engrossed in the feel of his tongue rolling across the roof of her mouth too care, Chichi merely shrugged the ruined doeskin off her shoulders before burying her hands in his tumbled lavender locks and meeting his kiss with equal hunger.
It wasn’t enough.  Just the smallest touch of her lips had made his cock rock hard but Trunks needed more; he needed to see her, to taste her, to feel the warmth of her naked skin against him and the overwhelming heat of her desire flood over his flesh as he made her his again. Want and need coursed through his veins like liquid fire and he rolled his hips and pressed his entrapped cock against her softness as his strong hands seized the hem of her pullover and began to pull it up her alluring form and over her ample cleavage. Realising his intentions, Chichi broke their kiss for just a moment as she released her hold on his hair and raised her hands so that he could pull the jumper over her head. Tossing the garment casually aside, he was pleased to discover she was naked from the waist up.
“Mmm…you’re just as gorgeous as I remember.” He whispered; awed by the way her breasts jiggled as they came free. Though already well versed in all her seductive contours, her body was truly a masterful work of art.  Still as lithe and firm as that of a woman twenty years younger but with all the voluptuous curves that only time could bestow, she was more enchanting than Venus and Aphrodite and he doubted very much that he could ever tire of seeing her in all her naked glory.
“Don’t talk…oh yesss” Chichi moaned, rolling her head back and sucking in a ragged breath as he dipped down to nip a fiery trail beginning at the crook of her neck, along her collar bone and down to her perfectly rounded, pear shaped breasts. She gasped and arched wantonly against him as he seized a pebbled nipple between his teeth.
With a deep growl of primal desire, Trunks began to suckle greedily at her breast whilst this errant tongue teased her captured bud with playful flicks and prods. Delighting in the way she moaned and gasped at his every touch, he brought a hand up to her neglected left breast and began to roughly knead the pliant flesh, squeezing the nipple with his thumb and finger. His only thought was of how much he wanted her. Whilst he had been in space, there had hardly been a moment when he hadn’t thought of her, she had been in his every thought and dream and now that his time had come, he could scarcely control himself.
His need for her was absolute, only when he was with her did he feel complete. No matter what, he would make her his and nothing would ever come between them again. That was his promise, to god, Kami, and whoever else dared challenge him.
Chichi could only tremble and gasp as her lover’s devilishly skilled tongue swirled around her hard bud, teasing her sensitive nipple into a whole new level of arousal whilst he sucked greedily at her breast. It made her feel so…hot, as if her whole body was burning in a furnace of sexual energy. She could hear herself moaning his name as she arched up into the warmth of his mouth, her hands reaching out to grab something, anything…
Her fingers twisted around the neck of the wine bottle on their own accord. Too swept up in the fires of her desire to consider what she was doing, she tipped the bottle over her chest so that the dark liquid within cascaded down her porcelain skin like a wash of glittering rubies. Trunks never faltered and she could feel him wantonly lapping the sweet liquor from her breast before switching his attentions and dragging his mouth over to her left breast, growling her name between hungry licks.
She needed more however. Discarding the bottle carelessly before threading her fingers through messy clumps of lavender hair, she gave his head a sharp backwards tug that tore his lips from her breast. Unprepared for the sudden movement, Trunks fixed her a furious look as his pink tongue darted out to capture a stray drop of wine that was rolling down his check. A little excited by the barely restrained rage she could see burning in his eyes, Chichi bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “Take me to bed.”
He didn’t question her decision. Seizing her hips, he held her tight to his person as he rose up and almost ran from the living room. Too excited to just do nothing, Chichi crossed her legs over his tight buttocks and swept her hands over his shoulders, scoring him lightly with her nails and marvelling at the wall of corded muscle beneath her touch, before thumbing with the ornate buttons that hid his godly body from view. She was so intent on what she was doing that it was only when she heard the awful creak of the squeaky stair that she realised where he was taking her.
 “No! Wait Trunks.” She said with a hint of panic in her voice that caused him to almost trip on the stairwell leading up to the Sons’ master bedroom. Afraid she might be having second thoughts, he turned his head down to hers and was surprised to see her wearing an indescribably naughty smile. “Take me to my son’s room; I want to make love to you on Goten’s bed.” Grinning, he obeyed her without question.
Goten’s room was locked, but that didn’t matter to Trunks. With one good kick he sent the heavy oaken door flying back on its hinges. Inside it was just as small and Spartan as he remembered it from his boyhood days when he would come to the Son house for sleep overs on weekends. Lightly furnished with a few pieces of purely functional oaken furniture and a desk beneath the room’s only window, the limited space was dominated by the two cots that had been used by the Son boys when they had lived with their parents; at some point they had been pushed together to make a makeshift double bed.
He didn’t bother turning on the light, there was enough light provided by the window for him to discern the outline of the bed and he made for it. However he didn’t notice the rug that had been placed at its foot and he slipped while still holding Chichi tight to his chest. They tumbled together and hit the neatly made covers in a heap with Chichi on top.
Unable to keep the devious smirk from her lips, the long neglected housewife felt a thrill roll down her spine as she took in the sight of the young man lying beneath her. Strong intelligent and handsome, there wasn’t a girl on this world or any other that wouldn’t give everything she possessed just to have him look upon her. And yet he only had eyes for her, an aging widow and mother of two who had given the best years of her life to a neglectful, muscle headed brute. What had she ever done to be so lucky? Indeed, she could feel the evidence of his yearning nestling between her buttocks and the idea of him once again being inside her sent a hot shiver of anticipation buzzing to her very core. But first, she wanted to play some more…
Trunks looked as if he was about to speak. Foregoing words, Chichi corkscrewed her hips and swung her legs over the prone male’s body in a perfect about turn. Shooting him one last mischievous smirk over her shoulder, she then bent forward and down whilst scouting her buttocks back as she did so that she was perfectly crouched over her young lover, nose to crotch. Excitedly drinking in the sight of his aroused flesh straining against his dress trousers, she could practically smell his arousal asshe reached out and pulled his fly down before releasing the fastening clips. Already at full mast, his erection sprung free of its restraints to stand tall before her wanton scrutiny. “Mmm…I’d almost forgotten how big your cock is.”
Unable to move for fear of discovering that this was all just some wonderful dream, Trunks could only stare on in awe as the woman he adored playfully blew a cool breath over the inflamed head of his cock before taking him into her wondrous mouth. The sensation was so incredible that his hips bucked up into the delicious warmth on their own accord and his hands fisted in the cotton bed sheets, it was all he could do to keep himself from cumming right there and then. For all the good it did, his mind screamed that he needed to relax or else this would be over long before it could begin, however he was too aroused to concentrate on anything other than the exquisite female body poised above him and when his eyes turned up, he was greeted by the sight of her shorts hovering above him. The crotch was damp with her arousal and his every breath was thick with her musky aroma as he released the sheets and began tugging insistently on the skimpy garment.
Utterly engrossed in her own delicious endeavours, Chichi took his shaft’s bulbous head into her mouth and wantonly sucked while her greedy tongue swirled around the pulsing tip. In her prolonged celibacy, she had forgotten how good he tasted and now wanted to reacquaint herself with his flavour and she suckled him until A sudden shiver ran down her spine as the warmth of his breath washed over her swollen folds, a pleasant warning of what was about to come. Too aroused to realise its meaning, she went to work on him without a moment’s hesitation.
Relaxing her throat; she began to bob her head back and forth, letting his thick shaft pass between her luscious lips while she sucked on his pulsating flesh. She was so excited, just the idea of sucking his marvellous cock had made her wet and she could feel her nectar rolling down her thighs as she worshipped his delicious meat. Kami; how she had missed this. There was a time, so very long ago, when the very notion of taking a man in her mouth would have disgusted her. She had thought the thing dirty and the deed sordid. That was until her wedding night; when Goku, all but seething with lust, asked her to suck him. He’d described it as a special technique he’d learnt of whilst on Master Roshi’s island, and when she tried to refuse, he’d grabbed her hair and forced her to take him in.
She had gagged in that first moment, and she could remember hating him for the first time as she immediately tried to rise, only for his hand to force her back down. She’d been scared she might choke and die there in that disgraceful position. She’d considered biting him to save herself but then she’d heard him moan her name in such a hot and throaty voice. His hand went slack a moment later and she’d allowed herself one hateful glance up, to see him go limp and powerless beneath her mouth. Then her movements had been her own and despite everything she’d believed, she had continued the motions until he spilt his seed in her mouth. To have such power over one so mighty, to leave the greatest men in the entire universe writhing beneath her talented motions, was a sensation Chichi had come to adore…
A sudden sensuous moan escaped her as his lips touched her clit. Unprepared for the contact; her motions stalled and a delicious shiver ran down her spine as Trunks began sucking on her stiff nub, his strong arms winding round her supple buttocks and drawing her into his mouth. There was a brief instant when his sharp teeth scrapped her delicate bundle of nerves, causing her eyes to roll before the feel of his tongue teasingly licking her brought her back to reality and, unwilling to give him the advantage, she quickly resumed her attentions.
 “Mmm…do you like it baby…do you like the way I suck your cock?” She whispered around his flesh, struggling to keep her voice level as his sinful muscle danced across her clit, pushing her closer and closer to that sweet oblivion.
“Ohh…yes…just like that…so good…” groaned Trunks as her pert tongue swept around his organ’s head and plunged him into a sea of carnal delight. Kami she was good; somehow her motions were in perfect harmony with his own and if she kept it up, there was no telling how much longer he’d last. Eager to even the score however, he loosened his right arm’s hold on her hips and gently ran his hand over the curve of her buttocks, using his fingertips to gently tease her anus before dipping a single crooked digit into the liquid warmth of her quivering folds and rubbing it against what would have otherwise been the roof of her channel. The dual assault caused Chichi to all but shriek with pleasure and he had to bite back a gasp as the vibrations coursing along his member almost pushed him over the edge.
“Oh Kami! Yesss…Don’t Stop…don’t you dare stop…” She gasped, the pleasure of his assault running through her veins like a tide of liquid fire as she gave up any pretence of control. She wanted to cum; she needed a release from the ecstasy that was building within her, but not until she had made this beautiful man scream her name. Using sheer force of will to hold back her climax, she seemed to kick her motions into a higher gear and started bobbing up and down on his cock with a furious intensity.
One of her hands came down to massage his testicles; gently groping his soft velvety sack as her tongue swept round and round the shaft’s bulbous head, circling down from its weeping tip, around the domed walls to skirt over the glands and sensitive ridges before moving back up again. She held nothing back and her lips formed an airtight seal around his arousal as she sucked his rigid flesh in such a way that her every motion was heralded by a wet slurping.
“Oh Kami! Chi…chichi I can’t… ohhh fuck…Kami…I’m…I’m…” Trunks was certain he was losing what was left of his mind and unable to utter the final world for the pleasure escalating within his loins, he could only groaned in complete and utter ecstasy before rising up and seizing her pert clit between his teeth, making the delectable woman above him scream in pleasure. Their releases were simultaneous.
With a low moan, he bucked his hips off the bed and roared in delight as felt his dam break. Scarcely able to breath for the mini-explosions of pleasure igniting within her, Chichi could neither think nor act as her entire body quaked in blissful convulsions. Only in the back of her mind could she register the way his shaft pulsed and grew between her lips before spilling his seed into her waiting throat. In her haze, she gulped his essence down greedily; too immersed in the feeling of her walls writhing around his finger to care how much she drank and kept sucking until she had milked him of his every last drop.
Trunks basked in the post orgasmic warmth of his release until the final aftershocks began to subside and he could once again hear the rain beating against the window. Bit by bit, the furious drumming roused him back into life and he quickly rolled them over before rising off her limp body. Despite his release just moments ago, he couldn’t help but shiver as he pried his still semi-hard shaft from her lips, the chilled night air coming as a sudden shock to his sensitised organ after the orifice’s delicious warmth.
Still partly dazzled by her own climax, Chichi could do little more than watch quizzically as he stepped off the adjoining cots. With a reassuring smile, Trunks shrugged off his open shirt before pushing his trousers down his hips to form a pool of garments at his feet. Then he stood before her in all his naked glory, the weak light glittering over his sculpted form and casting him in a godly radiance.
Trunks could feel his member hardening as he took in the image lain out before him, his lust clouded gaze drinking in the sight of her flushed cheeks and heaving alabaster bosom. She was the most gorgeous creature he had ever known; but it was more than just her beauty, she had spirit, a will that could not be denied and a genuine goodness inside that others could often miss because of her fiery disposition. Had Goku been mad, what power was so bewitching that he could have ever wished to leave this woman’s side?
He would never make that same mistake.
In the blink of an eye he had covered her enticing form with his. With an excited gasp, Chichi tried to open her thighs but her shorts had become tangled around her knees and restricted her range of motion. Seeing her difficulty, Trunks grabbed the offending garment and, with a primal bark of laughter, tore them off her person. She gasped at his sudden ferocity; then uttered a low man as she felt the weight of his erection settling against her entrance.
“Are you ready?” 
Chichi wanted to scream out at his hesitation. What was he waiting for? Couldn’t he see that she wanted this, that she needed him? Swallowing the lump of rage that had formed in her throat, she met his gaze and suddenly felt her heart swelling as she saw the wealth of emotion shining back at her. Goku had never looked at her that way, not once in all their years of marriage. This wasn’t just lust or longing, this was something more than that, something deeper; something both sacred and beautiful. He didn’t want to possess her, nor to own and use her as though she were property. He wanted simply to love her, to be with her in every way that two people could be, the way nobody had ever been before. And there was nobody she would rather share the experience with than him. ”Yes Trunks. Take me. Make love to me.”
Smiling warmly, he gave a quick nod of understanding before bending down, seizing her lips in a searing kiss. As their tongues met, he jabbed his hips forward and thrust the length of his cock into her molten depths. Delighted by his smooth penetration, Chichi’s back arched off the bed, crushing her breasts against his hard chest as she moaned into the kiss. He fit perfectly inside her; it was almost as if his flesh had been sculpted just for her. He filled her so completely that she could feel his every ridge, every thick ropy vein coiling about his member. It was such a delicious sensation, her long legs closed around his toned waist on their own accord, insistently digging her heels into his flanks to urge him on as her body readjusted to his size.
Despite her insistence, the liquid warmth of her depths caused Trunks to hold back as he fought the sudden, overwhelming urge to cum inside her. It wasn’t easy; when her hips arched her inner walls clung to him, holding him in a vice like grip as they writhed around his engorged member in blissful convulsions. It was all too much. He had to move, it was the only way he could save himself. Subconsciously mirroring the motions of his tongue, he drew back, withdrawing until all but the swollen head of his column had left her warmth before returning with a long stroke that took him even deeper than before. Chichi’s body jumped at the penetration and he gladly swallowed her exultant moan as he began working his hips back and forth.
“Kami…you’re still so tight…”
Chichi wanted to scream. His pace was intolerably slow but with each fervent thrust she could feel herself opening to him, her delicate muscles stretching around his invading member as it plunged deeper and deeper within her tender depths. However she wanted more. Coiling her arms around his back, she raised her shapely buttocks and began to urgently grind against his shaft, matching his smooth movements with a raw passion. The altered angle of penetration caused him to scrape her sweet spot and her head to roll back into the mass of pillows, breaking the impassioned kiss as her eyes grew wide with pleasure and her lips hung open in voiceless ecstasy.
Trunks was certain he was orbiting madness, how could anyone sane feel such incredibly divine pleasure? Supporting his weight by bracing his hands on either side of her gorgeous form, he snapped his hips forward in long, controlled, thrusts that she eagerly met with an upward roll of her hips; taking him inside her all the way to the hilt. Their motions were in perfect rhythm and it took all of his willpower not to ruin it by giving into his Saiyan side, his primitive side. The animal inside him yearned to take her, to make her scream and beg and moan like a whore as he ravaged her with all the primal savagery of a Saiyan royal. He could feel it clawing at his resolve, whispering a sweet song of dominance and mastery. Yet he wanted this to be more than just fucking. His time had come, now was his chance to show her the depths of his feelings, to prove to her that there was more for her than just the mundane existence of a lonely housewife for her, that he was a better man than her neglectful husband.
‘Ex-husband,’ He quickly amended, Goku was gone and this time it was for good. He would not be returning to spoil their happiness.
With each impossibly slow thrust Chichi wanted to scream and curse and yell for him to fuck her, only her throat had drawn so tight all she could muster were a few lustful grunts and panting breaths. The burning pleasure was so intense she could feel her body beginning to tremble in his embrace yet she wanted more. Loosening her legs, she ran her hands down his back, lightly scrapping his hard flesh with her nails until she felt the slight swells of his buttocks. Unable to stand the torture, she grabbed the tight mounds of muscle with her fingernails to urge him on while her right index finger reached for that one spot just above…
“Oh Fuck!” Trunks suddenly moaned, his head arching back as he felt her touch his tailspot. Though his mother had insisted it be removed on the day of his birth, a small tuft of brown fur marked where it had sprouted and as her finger gently prodded it, he could feel his resolve melting beneath hot rushes of pleasure. Was this the mythical power of his father’s people, had sexual pleasure been the reason the limb had been so treasured by Saiyans?
If so, why hadn’t he paid greater attention to his father’s stories? What else was he missing out on?
His resolve to be slow and gentle broke with her third touch. Gasping in primal lust, he hooked his arms under her knees and seized her well rounded arse in both hands before crushing her lower body against his as he reared upward. Sitting on his knees, he had only the briefest moment more to enjoy the feeling of her plush walls convulsing, hungrily opening and closing around him, before the Saiyan in him took over and he was jackhammering her without mercy.
“Oh kami yes yes yesss… Harder baby! Please…fuck me harder!” she begged as the sudden pleasure overtook her. The way he held her had her hips pinned to his and as he rocked back and forth, filling her so completely, her clit was dragged deliciously against his abdomen. The pleasure was so intense; it made her head spin as a fire kindled within her womb that threatened to consume her entirely as she began to writhe against him, rolling her hips in tight little circles.
Trunks held nothing back and drove into her fast and hard, uttering only a few deep animal grunts to signify his mounting pleasure. It felt so good however that in the back of his mind, his human side began to fear that he might be in danger of cumming prematurely if this continued much longer. Yet the Saiyan would not relent. This woman was more than just beauty, she was strength and wilfulness, joy and ecstasy; she was more Saiyan than any other woman could ever hope to be and he would not be denied now that she was his. He would claim her tonight and that was the end of it, he would not allow the human’s insignificant concerns to stand in his way.
“Feels so good…don’t stop…. ooh fuck…don’t stop…it’s amazing!”  She entreated as her body began to hum with the pleasure of an impending climax. He was going so fast, his cock seemed to be barely leaving her pussy and with each hard thrust, a tsunami of delicious sensations ripped through her. She tried so desperately to keep up, to match her motions to his, but he was being so rough her brain had begun to fog with a haze of pleasure. Suddenly free of conscious thought; her body acted on instinct and on a practically deep stroke, her long legs fell away from his waist to plant her feet in the rumpled sheets. Using that now pose to raise her hips, she then used her hands to elevate her torso and suspend her body more than two feet above the sheets.
Impressed by her flexibility, Trunks adjusted his grip to assist her balance yet he neither paused nor lingered, his hips slapping wetly against her desire slicked thighs. Though they had never done it before, this quickly earned an elevated post within his favourite position.  Aided considerably by her sudden alteration, he watched with untamed hunger as her body jumped against his tunnelling shaft, her full breasts swaying hypnotically to his rhythm as she bit her lower lip in an attempt to stifle her sinful cries of delight.
He buried himself in her warmth again and saw the dam inside her crack beneath a sudden mini-climax that caused her eyes to roll. Her body began to tremble as liquid ecstasy rushed through her and Trunks watched with unabashed delight while trying to enhance her pleasure with quick stabs of his cock.
“Yes! More…more…I…I love you trunks!” The cry left her lips before her mind could register what she had said, yet it was too late. Her body was melting in a sea of liquid pleasure and all sense of words and thought had left her. Moaning hotly as she tossed her head from side to side, her sweat dampened mane of raven hair fanning out around her, she caught only the briefest glimpse of him smirking down at her in an almost mirror image of his father. The sight caused the pooling heat in her abdomen to pulse dangerously, pushing her towards her pleasure’s violent pinnacle. “Give it to me….Give it to me…”
“So whose cock is better?”
The question caught her by surprise and it took a moment for her pleasure dulled brain to register his words. After which she was certain she had misheard him. “Wh..what?”
Amused, Trunks repeated the question; being careful as he did not to let the rhythm slacken.  “Whose cock do you prefer? Mine or your husband’s?”
She hesitated so he with just a resigned shrug, he began to withdraw…“…yours! Oh Kami don’t tease me baby. Give me your big hard cock; I’ll die if you stop now.”
“…And who is the best fuck of your life?” He demanded before plunging back into her warmth in a less than gentle manner. She gasped at his renewed penetration. She arched her back, wordlessly asking for more and he was more than happy to oblige, thrusting into her tight pussy for all he was worth.
“…Oh Fuck…You Trunks…it….oh Kami Yes…it was always you…so good…I can’t take it…I’m…I’m going to go crazy…”
Trunks was becoming so wild, he could feel the cots rocking underneath them, the metallic frames clapping loudly against the wall every time he buried himself in her warmth. Chichi didn’t protest, nor appeared to even care. Completely absorbed in her own pleasure, her lips had formed an ‘O’ shape and with each jolting thrust, her whole body jumped delightedly to meet him, causing her enchantingly full breasts to bounce. Drawn like a moth to a flame, the Saiyan’s primitive brain fixed on her rosy buds and he leant down to ravish her aureoles. He groaned lowly as her inner muscles clenched around him in answer to this fresh assault, but he didn’t let up and hungrily caught her sensitive bud between his teeth while his tongue circled the tip wickedly.
“Mmm…you’re nipples are so stiff chichi.” He murmured before tugging on her pebbled flesh as he thrust into her again and again. Only that sudden mix of pleasure and pain was just too much for Chichi.
“Oh Kami…oh Kami…oh Kami…”She gasped as her body began to tremble with the force of another orgasm. The feeling was so intense her arms and legs turned to jelly, then her mind went blank in a burst of white hot fire behind her eyes and she could feel herself floating.
Moving an arm around her waist, Trunks crushed her to his torso as he reared up. Still feasting upon her ample bosom, he used his grip on her buttocks to support her body as he drove into her depths. Perspiration glistened across his bronzed skin and a few salty drops rolled down his neck as he felt himself nearing his limit. Unwilling to give in, his Saiyan side desperately thought to push back his release but the feel of her walls convulsing around his sensitised column was pushing him to the brink. It was only a matter of time.
Chichi could feel her breath coming in short gasps as the ripples of her climax continued to tear through her. The sensations were so intense, her world had dissolved into a brilliant rush of colour and she couldn’t tell where one tide of pleasure ceased and the next began as they merged into one continuous flood of glorious ecstasy. Was she going mad? Or perhaps this was what it felt like to die? Maybe death by sex wasn’t just some delightful male fantasy and this terrific young stud had indeed fucked her into an early grave.
For more than an age she hung there in ecstasy’s limbo, until the pleasure was stretched so thin she felt the brief plunge into a cold and sticky reality of heaving bodies before being flooded with the molten warmth of another fast approaching climax. It was going to be a big one, perhaps too big.
“Oh Kami…no…not again… I can’t take another orgasm” Yet even as she spoke, she could feel her arms coiling around his neck as her arse began to gyrate in his lap. They were so close now, her every gasping breath was perfumed with his musky sent and she was suddenly aware of how hot his skin felt against her body. She had never felt so full. Using her limited footing to rock her hips into his upward motions, her hands began clawing his back in torturous rapture as pulse after pulse of volcanic pleasure rushed along her nerve system. “Aahhh… I can feel it…I’m going to burst…Trunks…please…Do you love me?”
Lost in the feel of inner walls convulsing around him, dragging him deeper on every inward thrust and milking his swollen length into delirium; Trunks almost didn’t hear her question. Releasing her pert nipple from between his teeth, he raised his gaze to hers and felt his heart wrench painfully at the terrible fear that glistened within her lust darkened sapphires. She was afraid. She was too strong to show it most of the time, and too proud to let the world know of her fears. But she was afraid nonetheless, afraid of being used and rejected of becoming some man’s whore and then being tossed aside once he was done with her; as Goku had done. And Trunks felt a fresh wave of revulsion towards the man as lent down and placed a loving kiss on her forehead. “Yes, always.”
The joy she felt from hearing him say those words was absolute and closing her eyes, she gave herself over completely to the pleasure he was conjuring within her. He was going so deep, she could feel his cock touching her cervix and she threw her head back in wonder as he somehow managed to stimulate all her pleasure spots at once. “It’s so hot…I’m going to go cum…I’m cumming…CUMMING!”
“I’m cumming too!” He barked out as the visual stimuli of her gorgeous naked body writhing and wriggled atop his pillaging shaft, combined with the feel of her juices coating him as her walls closed tight, sent him over the edge. After being restrained for so long, the force of his release was like nothing he had ever experienced and a thunderous groan bellowed from his lips as his seed surged into her womb.
For the rest of their days, neither of the lovers would be able to define or explain what happened next. In the past, they had simply held each other close as they basked in the afterglow of their own respective release. This time however, as the explosions lulled his mind into sleepy haze, Trunks dipped his head into the curve of her neck. The skin was smooth and unmarked. With a low growl; he bit the spot that joined neck to shoulder. Surprised, Chichi let out a sudden squeak before reciprocating the action. Strange sensations, as foreign as they were familiar, flooded them and then their thoughts were on fire as a sensation of complete fulfilment came over them.
Still joined in the most intimate of fashions, they collapsed together in a tangled mass of limbs on the joined cots, their chests heaving with laboured breaths. Sweat made their bodies glisten in the low light yet neither made any effort to move as they listened to the rain outside. In the morning, they might worry about what the future held for them, but here they were all that mattered and nothing could, or would, interrupt their harmony.
 Feeling safe and content in the others’ prescience, they feel into a blissful sleep; happy in the knowledge that no matter what the world held in store, they would face it together.
The end?

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  1. You're an incredible writer. I never would have actually thought of TxCC as a couple, but this was an interesting story. I'm going to read part 2 ASAP.


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