17 thoughts on “Enjoying Nature

  1. I must say that I like this version better if possible you should try to make more of this story, there are a lot stuff that can be added.


  2. Well when I notice that you rewriten this story it got my atencion.
    The story looks better and I must admit that I agree with idea that this story has possability to be longer and have more deeper plot.

    There not that many storys with this pair not to mention 18… if possible it would be great if you could make more of it and make some plot in it like their relationship during Cell events and after.

    In any cease I really hope you will at least think about it so good luck with your writing and best wishes from ZeoUnit


  3. Nice. Where's the GohanxBulama stuff. And,will you write more JimxAisha stories? I seem to be the ojnly other besides yourself writing that.


  4. Wow nice one I really like what you did here to bad that is only one chapter, man it would be cool if you made this story longer it has nice beginning it would be waste to not make more of it.

    Hey KRIMOS I'm with you on that vote thing so add one more vote for longer story and that is 3 votes for now lets start counting votes. 🙂


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