Update (03/10/2015)

Hi all

Sorry for my abscence but have been busy over the course of the last month. My current aim is too have the new book scent off to my editor by the end of the month but I’ve been bogged down trying to correct some issuses with it for the last month and half that i’ve been waiting till they were done before posting. No updates on the Fanfics I’m afraid, but I’ll be giving them must more time once this books done (promise).

In other news, have decided to go with the idea of posting my upcoming short stories indiviualy before releaseing them in the collection, this is as much for promotional purposes as financial gain, though will have to come up with something to make the collection appealing to those who buy the books relased beforehand.

Will post back once I’ve got more to report, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to chat 🙂