A Day of Confessions

A Day of Confessions
Chapter One: A fun weeked

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dragon Ball Franchise and I am not making any profit what so ever from this work of fiction.

Consumed by liquid passion, his powerful hips rocked to her furious pace; every thrust driving his steely shaft ever deeper within her burning channel. The tight confines greedily accepted every bit of him however, even as her sweet form shattered into glittering shards of ecstasy before his primal eyes; truly nothing seemed to state this goddess’s lustful thirst.

“OH YES Mr. SON!” She screamed, her shapely legs hugging his masculine body ever tighter as she became unable to control herself. A wild fire quickly spread through her burning loins as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own, incredible shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine as both of theirbodies pushed towards that final release.

Coal-black eyes laced with ravenous desire, he hungrily feasted on the delicious sight of her creamy skin and ample, bouncing cleavage. Their were no words to describe just how beautiful and erotic the sight was, to see the luscious heiress who happened to be as young as his own daughter; riding his throbbing cock like some wanton whore was without a doubt the most spectacular thing to behold.

Of course, there was more rapture to be gained from their act then just the priceless sight; fore her burning sheath clung to his arousal with the tightness of a drawn vice and had he not had prior experience of her endeavours. It would have been near impossible for him to tell she was no virgin.

Whether or not the sex had once been slow and gentle, Gohan couldn’t remember. All he know was at that precise moment, he hungered for her body like a starved vampire thirsted for the blood of a virgin maiden.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Mr Son! I’m cumming! ” His lover suddenly cried, her voluptuous hour glass form shaking wildly as she rode out the waves of an intense orgasm. Luckily, Gohan was their to guide her through the tides of ecstasy and he didn’t hesitate in bringing his hands up to cup the full globs of her succulent teenage arse.

The added strength of his hands sent her plunging down onto his hard shaft, causing the almost wild youth to paw her hands all over his broad chest while his name echoed from her full lips in a high pitched wail; the intense pleasure causing her inner muscles to spasm around hi thick cock with a vengeance.

Totally absorbed within the sensation, The Saiyan couldn’t help closing his eyes as a fresh wash of sexual joy coursed through his body and pushed him that much closer to his limit. However, gritting his teeth; Gohan tried to power through the release. Yet as her supple body excepted everything he had to give, the hybrid new he wouldn’t be able to fight his dawning release.

“Bra…” he finally groaned in a choked voice, nearly losing himself as her inner walls suddenly tightened knowingly around his phallus. “By Kami…Bra…” He began but then trailed off in a haze of deep moans and groans as he became seemingly lost in the feel of her. “Oh Kami Yes…YES…YES!” she cried, almost completely deaf to his words as she became utterly consumed by raw passion “Oh Kami, Give it to me Mr Son! Fuck your whore Sectary’s wet Pussy! Make me cum! Make me cum like the wanton Saiyan whore I am!”

Almost at his tether but unwilling to give in just yet, Gohan suddenly changed their rhythm to a more appropriate pace; his thrusts were quick, hard and they drove the youth wild as his rough hands mercilessly pawed her arse. Like an animal, he ravaged her to the brink of death; completely oblivious to even the sound of approaching footfalls as his entire focus fixed on his teenage secretary. Her scent, her taste…. They all drove him wild as the feel of her wrapped around him became almost too much to stand.

Like water in a dam, tension was building up at the base of his spine and the more their sweat-drenched bodies thrashed in that age old symphonic dance of lust; the greater that pressure grew. He could tell Bra was close too, already she was screaming his name and by Kami did he love it. However, it wasn’t until she suddenly threw her head back while her inner muscles came to new life around him and squeezed him into submission that he finally came.

Managing only one last solid thrust before his realise was upon him, Gohan couldn’t help but groan Bra’s name as her back arched; exposing every aspect of her magnificent cleavage to his gaze as for what must have been the hundredth time that day, he poured his passion into her seeded womb.

Rocked by shivers of pleasure that rushed across her nerves like stampeding horses, Bra could no longer hold up her own body weight and fell into her lover’s waiting arms. Exhausted, she suddenly found herself to weak to even keep her eyes opens and within moments had fallen asleep right in his strong arms.

Gohan however was far from sleep and as he lay there in his marital bed the teenage girl who had served as his mistress/Secretary; he couldn’t help ponder on how he had come to be so lucky.
It probably began Friday afternoon…

Stifling a disgusted groan with the back of his hand as he swallowed the last drops of his cold and rather bitter coffee, Gohan slowly leant back into the soft leather of his reclining office chair. It had been a long and very tiring day, and he was looking forward to setting the mountain of paperwork aside so he could leave the dreary office and return home to the arms of his loving wife and daughter.

The thought of it brought a smile to the man’s face, the stress and wiriness seeming just to flow from him as he considered his picture perfect family and their picturesque home up in the mountains…Or perhaps it was due to the sensual attentions of his adolescent secretary, the moist body of her tongue playing with the underside of his shaft while her tight throat consumed the very engorged mass of his manhood.

Suddenly, A low moan passed his dry lips and he had to fight against the impulse to cum right then and there as the teenager cupped the heavy mass of his balls; her angelic hand gently squeezing the velvet sack while she let a deep groan travel up her throat. The sensation of it was mind blowing, to feel the reverberations of her vocalization echoing through and around his shaft was near impossible to describe in words.

Bra had been sucking his shaft for well over an hour now and considering how much effort she was now putting into her work, it was hard to believe she had once never know the art of cock sucking as he watched her gorgeous blue head bob up and down his dick.

Unbelievably, the leverage of not having her hands on his shaft enabled the youth to swallow the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat; the tight confines driving him almost out of his mind before she slowly slid her mouth back up to his member’s swollen head.

Already able to feel the movement rushing through his pelvis, Bra had to fight the smirk that threatened to spill across her lips even a she devoured his arousal. It was such a confidence builder to know that no matter how hard he thought, she could always bring her godly lover to a climax. The delicious taste of his coming seed already filled her mouth, driving her to new lengths as she opened her lust filled eyes and wantonly looked up at him.

For so long, he had been holding off his climax,; but as his 19-year old secretary slowly opened her sapphire orbs to look up at him, Gohan found he could barely contain himself for another second. The pressure was already mounting in his shaft, signalling his up and coming release but he couldn’t help himself as spurred on by the reaction she was getting from him; Bra continued to suck harder and harder, taking every inch of his arousal down her impossibly tight throat.

That was all it took and a wolfish howl was ripped from the man’s throat as a river of creamy seed burst from his shaft in a wave of burning pleasure and flowed down the gorgeous bluenet’s throat. Long seconds past yet despite the great quantities, Bra swallowed all that her boss had to offer; such a reward for her work made even the dull ache in her jaw worth it.

Exhausted, Gohan let himself fall back into the embrace of his office chair; exhausted breaths flowing from his parched lips as he watched Bra slowly let his softening shaft slip from her glorious mouth. Although she had been far from a novice, this last year as his Secretary had certainly made her three steps up from an expert at giving oral sex. Of course, she had grown adept at a lot more than just giving head but he would be unable to enjoy those treasures until Monday; it was 17:00 and that meant it was the end of the Heiress’s shift, though she quite often stayed behind to help him ‘file’.

As if she had read his mind, Bra suddenly stood and began searching for the matching black dress shirt and jacket she’d been wearing, having discarded the pair at the start of their little meeting.

It had now been well over a year since Gohan had employed Bra as his secretary and he had to admit, it had certainly been a genius scheme. Not only had it given their affair some flexibility, but as it turned out, the Saiyan Princess was a surprising efficient girl and had devised a number of new devices around the office which had made his job far simpler.

Of course, their had been some draw backs. A lot of questions had arose about their situation amongst the companies executives; many of whom couldn’t understand why the daughter of one of the richest families on the planet would, out of all the positions open to her within her mother’s company, want to be a lowly secretary to the head of applied sciences, who subsequently was also the companies chief scientist. It was hardly a place for a girl who had flunked all three of the A-Level sciences, and as her elder brother would be the one to inherit the CEO’s chair; none could imagine why she’d be interested in learning the way of Capsule Corp. Also, while Bulma had been overjoyed that Bra was finally taking an interest in the family business, it had taken several months for Vegeta to warm up to the idea that his daughter would be working under the son of Kakarot and had continued to find excuses to drop by Gohan’s office weeks later.

Remembering just how many times they had almost been caught by the Saiyan Prince, Gohan couldn’t help but shiver. The idea of just what Vegeta would do if he had walked in to find him fucking his beloved daughter over a desk could make even the most hardened Saiyan warrior quake in their boots but for the life of him, he couldn’t imagine ever being able to end the affair. The thrill, the risk, it was just so exciting and reminded him in no small part of when he and Videl had begun courting. Back then they had been so preoccupied with staying out of the public’s eye, the sex had been unbelievable.

That wasn’t to say years of marriage had curved their primal appetites however, it’s just after two decades there was only so much variation a couple could enjoy and it hadn’t become uncommon for them to go weeks at a time without enjoying the physical side of one another. Their schedules had just become so in disarray that they had been unable to set aside time for a quick roll in the hay, A romantic evening had of course been out of the question.

A small smile graced Gohan’s lips as he remembered the last time he and Videl had made love, she had scheduled the day off over a month in advance and had spent the entire time he was a work preparing an intimate evening for the two of them. The house had been barely recognisable when he came and the shock of finding Videl at the tab wearing a very luxurious dress with a candle lit dinner waiting for him had nearly given him a heart attack. Or perhaps it had been the shock of throwing Videl on the table after the meal and then ravishing her like an animal which had near killed him. She had spent the entire length of the dinner teasing him that his arousal had been like steel by the time she took the dishes and he hadn’t been able to resist her advances when she returned. Of course, she hadn’t minded and Gohan could still remember her begging him for more as he took her with all his passion. Well perhaps not all…

As much as she hated to admit it, Videl was only human and her body was considerably more delicate than his own; forcing him to refrain from using his full strength less he risk seriously damaging her body in his passion. That was what he didn’t worry about with Bra. Like him, she was a hybrid and he could go as hard as he liked during their trysts without fear of hurting her more than she liked, in-fact she even encouraged him to do his worst.

As much as he loved Videl, Gohan knew he would never be able to cease the affair under his own power. It might had been different if he had felt like he was doing wrong but the fact was he didn’t. Videl was human and Bra was part Saiyan, with just one he would be happy but only with them both had he been truly complete. They made him whole in every way possible and his only regret was that he had to deceive one he loved. Actually the thing he regretted most was that he couldn’t have them both, but he wasn’t ready to admit that to himself yet.

To make up for his betrayal, Gohan had started dedicating every moment he spent with his wife to spoiling her, hence the expensive pair of diamond earrings he had ordered for her as a anniversary gift. Tonight for instance, he was planning to spend a romantic night in with her and… “So Mr. Son, the meetings at 7 O’clock tonight right?”

Bra’s voice cut through his trance like a sword and hastily looking up, Gohan saw that Bra was now fully dressed and standing in the partially open doorway, the hand bag hanging off her shoulder a clear sign she was ready to leave the office. Yet as he took in the sight of her alluring body dressed in the tight fitting, partially undone white shirt and slightly low cut skirt, he completely forgot what he was about to say and blindly nodded his head. Smiling flirtatiously, she subtly winked at him before blowing a kiss as she walked out the office.

The spell lifted the moment she left and composing himself, Gohan quickly turned to his computer and pulled up his calendar. He couldn’t remember any meetings that were scheduled for tonight, especially none that were so important he’d require Bra to be present. That was until he saw the heading under the day’s date.

Friday, 16th June – Videl flies to America to open Hercule’s new dojo.

Gohan could of kicked himself, how could he of forgotten today was the day that Videl had to leave for America? As daughter of the world champ, she was expected to be at every one of his openings. Normally they were simple ceremonies and she’d be back the next day, but this was an extremely grand opening that forced her to remain in America for the length of the weekend. The meeting, as Bra so professionally put it, was in fact a dinner at a French restaurant, after which they were set to go back to his home and spend the weekend locked in the building with several beds for company.

‘It’s going to be a Fun weekend.’ He thought with a smile.

It was now Sunday and indeed, they had had a very fun weekend. Like rabbits they had descended upon the house and no room had been spared their seemingly endless cycle of coupling, eating, coupling, washing, coupling and then finally sleeping. It had been exhausting work and now Gohan was looking forward to a nice nap before one last bought. He’d need to be up early to tidy the house but until then he was content to enjoy the moment.

Lazily stroking the Sapphire haired Goddess in his arms , he felt himself drifting off into an easy slumber…


To be continued…

A Day at the Office

AN: Written 2008
As I have been so busy this last year working on my current project soon to be published via Amazon KDP, I haven’t had much time to work on fanfics or edit some of my older stories. That being said, I thought i should publish this to let people know i am still alive and that once my other project is done, I will be starting on two new DragonBall projects, one of which will be the concluding chapter of this trilogy. Visit my blog for updates.
P.S Sorry for any grammer/spelling errors, I haven’t had the time to edit so this is much the same as it was when i first published this so many years ago.


A Day at the Office

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball GT and I am not making any profit

Sipping the black liquid in his mug, a shiver ran down Gohan’s spine as he drank the cold coffee; its putrid taste waking him from his bored slumber.

Shuddering in displeasure as the cold liquid cut through him like a sharpened knife , Gohan set the coffee mug down beside his computer before repositioning himself at the keyboard. The smiling faces of his wife and child gazed back at him from the computer’s monitor, his personalized screen saver having automatically turned itself on while he had been day dreaming.

Feeling like he had slipped into a daze, Gohan reached out and ran his fingers along the frame of Videl’s face; smiling as he imagined it was actually his wife’s warm skin. Taking a deep breath, Gohan was sure he could smell the fresh sent of Videl’s skin; reminding him of the mountains he grew up in and all those so called training sessions he and Videl shared as teens.

Suddenly, the sound of a light footfalls outside his office woke Gohan from his daze; shaking his head to clear it of any ‘distracting’ thoughts before typing in his personal code and watching as the photo vanished to be replaced by the report he had been typing earlier. Although he had filled in the report he had been working on a moth ago, it hadn’t taken long before another of the damn things needed to be handed in.

Trying to put off the prospect of work for a few more minutes, Gohan got up from the desk and walked over to the office’s large window. It was dark out, grey clouds covered the sky and blocked any trace of warm light from the sun and the demi could really see was his refection in the surprisingly clear glass as droplets of rain pelted the ground. It reminded Gohan of how his life had been recently.

Don’t get the wrong idea, compared to most; Gohan felt like one of the luckiest men on earth. He had a beautiful wife and daughter who loved him, a good, well paying job and a plentiful sex life. It’s just, one month earlier Gohan had a slight indiscretion and the result; well lets just say Gohan was in no hurry for Videl to find out about it.

Pressing his forehead against the cool surface of the glass, Gohan tried to cool off but the memories of the event played through his mind and heating his blood; sending his body into frenzy. The problem was that although he loved Videl, loved her with every fiber of his being; Bra was a better fuck. That’s not to say Videl was bad in bed, in many ways she was far superior to the teen and she knew just how to push his buttons. But he couldn’t remember her being as tight as Bra since when they had been dating and that alone made all the difference.

Suddenly, something caught Gohan’s attention. It was faint, concealed beneath the smells of city life that he had learnt to ignore; but it was certainly their. The taste of cinnamon flooded his senses, making his mouth water and his pants begin to feel uncomfortable. Inhaling the scent deeper, Gohan’s feet began moving by themselves; following the path of the scent to his office door.


Bra quickly hurried down the crowded pavement, her high healed red boots echoing loudly in her ears at each of her foot falls as she ran down the streets, through the puddles loudly but all going unnoticed by the excited bluenet. Her mind to focused on the task at hand to care about the designer footwear.

It had been exactly one month since she had spent the day round the Sons, 30 days since she had enjoyed that fabulous pool and more importantly; one moons cycle since she had had her brains literally fucked out by Gohan Son. And kami, it had been the slowest month of her life.

In the past she had tried everything she could think of to get him to notice her and she couldn’t help but think it would have gotten easier since that little incident in his study. But it seemed Dende really didn’t like her at that moment as Gohan had been keeping her at least an arms length no matter how hard she tried to get close to him.

Within a few minutes, her locks of light blue hair were plastered against her face, droplets of clear liquid flowed down the creamy skin of her face like rivulets and her ruby red cut off tank top had conformed to her body like a second skin; making it clear to anyone who cared to look that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She laughed at herself, trying to imagine what Gohan would say when he saw her standing at his door; completely drenched.

She cold just imagine the lust shinning in his black orbs as he took in her appearance, devouring her with his gaze as he approached. His strong arms throwing her against the wall before they hiked up the back of her skirt , the rough skin oh his powerful hands slapping the creamy skin of her ass before he fiercely thrust his rigid cock inside her. His incredible manhood stretching her to the brink of insanity as he pounded her…

No! Stop it…not here, not now!’ Bra told herself, this was neither the time or the place to start having a fantasy. It had been happening ever since the study incident, at the slightest thought of anything sexual her mind would conjure up a fantasy so erotic she just couldn’t resist touching herself. And it got worse depending on how you look at it. At the start, it had only been an occasional thing but with the full moon approaching; Bra had found herself dreaming about Gohan more and more. It had taken all her courage and wit to talk to Vegeta about it and after about two hours of not so nicely being asked about her dreams; Vegeta had said simply it was just her blood reacting to the moons cycle and that it happened to anyone with sayain blood.

That was when she got an idea, if it was affecting her so badly, then Gohan would surly be in as much of a state as her; perhaps more so if she was lucky and Videl hadn’t been putting out recently.

Rounding the corner, the teen smiled as she caught sight of her mothers company before suddenly stopping in mid run; Butterflies starting to take flight in her stomach as her head swam with conflicting emotions. Swallowing hard, Bra forced herself to take the first step that would lead her to his office door. Once she got past the first step, her body seemed to take over and she continued; each movement picking up speed. However, her mind no matter how intoxicated she was; began to see the error in her logic.

Rushing through the business entrance of the building, Bra slowed her pace so that she would not attract to much attention before moving into a deserted elevator and pressing the button for Gohan’s floor. Hearing the bing as the elevator reached the 49th floor; the teen hurried through the opening doors and along the hallway. Walking past the various offices and cubicles, she silently begged that no one will open the door and see her like this before she realised a sigh of relief at the sight of Gohan’s office.

Scowling at the sight of the pretty blond who was filing her nails instead of working, Bra walked up to her desk and made quick work of dismissing the sectary. Bra’s determined blue orbs locked onto the blonde’s cold green as the teen watched her leave before turning back to the office door. Fisting her hand, she brought it up high and started to bring it down against the pine door but at the last second; she stopped herself. Both of her hands fisted as she looked up at the plate attached to the wood and sighed with disgust. Turning around, she leaned against the door and hung her head.

What had she been thinking? A little desire wasn’t going to help anything; it was just going to make her look pathetic in his eyes and Bra felt herself cringing at the thought of seeing his dark eyes looking down at her with pity shinning in his black orbs. The power of the moon wasn’t going to make him accept the fact that she wanted him, to have no strings attached, no sappy declarations of love; just sex. There was no denying the fact he was sexy as hell, and that she had often fantasized about him.

Just once more. She wanted to know what it would feel like to be his once more.

Suddenly, the door was pulled open and Bra felt herself falling backwards; she didn’t even have time to scream before two strong arms wrapped around her damp body. A sudden sense of warmth washed over her and she couldn’t help herself from breathing in the masculine scent of his body. Tilting her head back against him, she looked up to see cloudy black orbs staring down at her.

“Bra?” A shiver ran down her spine at the sound of his voice, low and masculine; the kind of voice that could drive a girl crazy with desire. “What are you doing here?”

Helping her back up and turning her around so she could face him. Bra’s eyes raked over him. His spiky black locks had fallen across his face as he looked down at her, barely hiding his eyes from her. A thin layer of sweat coated his tanned skin and the teen had to suppress the urge to lean forward and lick the drop of sweat that slid across his chin and down his neck.

He looked at her with confused eyes as she continued to stare back at him. A few trails of rainwater ran down the smooth skin of her face as she brushed her hair back, moving strands of dark blue locks out of her line of sight before smiling sweetly up at him. At the sudden feel of the offices air conditioning against her damp skin; Bra started to shiver uncontrollably. Her nipples turning to stiff pebbles and becoming all the more visible through the red material of her top as her body temperature dropped with the combination of the cold air and her wet clothing.

Coughing in the back of his throat as he noticed, Gohan quickly moved away from her as he watched her cross her arms against her chest. As a deep blush spread across both of their checks, he turned away from her and started to move towards the office’s private bathroom; saying. “Let me get you a towel.”

As soon as Gohan was out of the room, she started mentally smacking herself . What in the name of kami was she doing and did he really expect her to answer his question with an honest answer? She could just see herself saying, ‘Hi Gohan. I’m in your office because I got tired of you ignoring me ad decided to come here and seduce you into having sex with me like you did one month ago.’

This had been so much easier last time; of course he had wanted her then just as badly as she had him. The mix of the hot summer sun, her skimpy bathing suit and his tight fitting shirt got them so hot and bothered, they hadn’t even waited until Pan was out.

Closing the door behind her, Bra closed her eyes and lent back against the stiff wood, allowing herself to remember the feel of Gohan’s body beneath her as she rode him; his hard cock so deep inside her as his mouth ravaged her breasts .


Taking deep breaths, Gohan splashed cold water on his face; trying to cool the flow of his burning blood as it coursed through his veins. The cold streams of water failed miserably to drown out the images of her however and the demi couldn’t stop himself from visualizing her arms going up over her head as she removed that infamous red top, hair falling in a long sapphire shower, just shielding those luscious breasts from his view. Her bending completely over to remove that ever so small mini skirt – showing that ever so delicious ass that he so whished to fuck.

Gripping the edge of the sink, his knuckles turning pale while he tried to calm his vigorous hands. Despite the effect of the chilling water, his heart was still pumping faster than the first time he went head to head with Vegeta when he was five. Noticing that the air in the tiny room was growing hotter and thicker, he had him to grasp at the collar of his shirt and pull it away from his neck. Still, breathing didn’t come any easier for him.
Doing his best to compose himself and ignore his to tight and uncomfortable pants, Gohan grabbed the light blue, fluffy towel that had been their since he moved into the office and he was meaning to change before going back into the office. To lost in her own memory, Bra never realized that he had walked back into the office until the towel was thrust into her face. Startled, the teen fell back against the door, her head connecting with the solid object.

Watching as she feel, Gohan tried to look guilty and turn away but with this gorgeous teen lain out before him; the sayain couldn’t resist. Turning towards her, his gaze slowly glided up he smooth creamy skin of her long legs, groaning inwardly as he noticed that despite her position, the red mini skirt sealed anything beneath from his view and before he could stop himself; his eyes travelled up her slim stomach and locked on to the sapphire-haired teen’s breasts. Her top normally left little to the imagination and with the damp red fabric sticking to her body like a second skin; no memory was needed for the sayain to picture her large mounds.

“Ow! that hurt” the teen complained, waking the man from his daze as she rubbed the back of her head, wincing as her cold fingers encountered a small bump already forming beneath the wash of her blue locks. Taking the towel from his outstretched hand, Bra hurriedly rubbed it over her body, wiping away the excess water and then wrapped it around her shoulders.

Taking a step back, Gohan gave her a bit of room while subconsciously licking his lips as he got an even better view of her cleavage as Bra sat up. Noticing his reaction out of the corner of her eye, the teen smirked at the realisation that she was driving Son Gohan crazy.

“So what are you doing here Bra?” Gohan asked, trying to sound normal as he moved away, sitting in his chair while motioning for her to sit in the large sofa opposite his desk. Bra had other ideas however and pressed her advantage by sitting down on the corner of his large oak desk.

She placed her hands on the table and swung her long legs back and forth; her red mini skirt slowly inching even higher up her thighs and revealing more pale skin to his hungry eyes.

“I think you know why I’m here Gohan.” Even in her own ears, the voice she used sounded foreign.

Looking up into her eyes nervously, Gohan managed to gasp “Stop it Bra.”

She smiled wickedly, knowing his resistance had all but gone as she whispered “I want you, Gohan…” before hopping off the hard wood so that now they were only a half an inch apart. Unable to summon up the courage to move, Gohan could only watch as her pink tongue darted out, slicking her lips before her arms snaked around his neck and her rosy lips pressed against his.

For a moment, just a moment; Gohan resisted her kiss. Trying to pull away as he felt her soft lips press against his and his mind could only think of his wife; of how he so whish it was her trying to ravish him. But then something snapped and his sayain hormones and lust for his sayain princess took over.

Devouring her soft lips with his own, the spiky haired sayain eagerly kissed her back while his hands wrapped round her waist, travelling beneath the red material and cupped her ass; squeezing the supple mounds firmly. Feeling the coarse skin of his fingers against her flesh, Bra gasped loud as he pushed her hips against him; steadily pressing her small form against him.

Lost in his sayain mind, Gohan began nibbling her lower lip lightly before darting his tongue out into her mouth as she gasped; she didn’t seem to mind though. Moaning against his lips as his skilled tongue began rooming the inside of her hot orifice, sliding over her tongue, her teeth, and mapping every inch; her hands moved around his neck and tangled in his black locks.

Running one leg against Gohan’s thigh, Bra got better leverage to kiss the sayain male more deeply; moaning as his tongue battled hers, teasing it inside her own mouth as the heat of kissing flooded them. Gasping in protest however as he suddenly broke away but he made it up to her by hungrily kissing down her slender neck and jaw. Moaning in pleasure at the sensations shooting up her body, Bra tilted her head back; letting him kiss the hollow of her throat.

Before they could progress any further however, a shrill ringing broke the mood.

Jumping at the unpleasant sound, Gohan’s eyes shot open and Bra could almost see the human in him sprinting to the surface as the lust vanished from his dark gaze. Not giving her a moment to react, the sayain warrior pushed her off his lap before answering the phone; doing his best to sound normal as he recognized his wife’s voice on the receiver.

Getting back onto her feet while rubbing her aching backside, Bra threw the stray locks of her blue hair over her shoulder before looking at Gohan and almost growling at the sayain hybrid. She had almost had him and then because of that stupid phone she was worse off than she had before coming into the office.

However, a quick apologetic glance from Gohan made the sayain princess smile. Not because he was apologising, knowing Gohan it was for throwing her on her ass; no she was smiling because she could still see the sayain lust shinning just beneath the surface of his black orbs. Just waiting for a opportunity to brake free from Gohan’s control.

“Hey Gohan, miss me yet?” Videl’s voice rang out across the phone, making Gohan smile and all thoughts of Bra vanished.

“You have no idea.” He answered, enjoying the sound of Videl giggling at his comment that he never noticed the sound of his zipper of his trousers being undone. “So what’s on your mind babe?”

“Oh I was just thinking about last night…your hot lips on mine…your fingers all over my breasts, tweaking my stiff nipples… Your huge cock ramming into me so hard. Oh I just wish you were here right now…”

Gohan blinked hard and groaned as he felt his pants tightening even more, Videl’s words were adding fuel to the raging fire Bra had ignited inside of him and the sayain hybrid wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back his sayain mind; then he felt something much worse than words.

A cool hand, a cool hand that had grasped his hard penis. Then he felt a warmth come over it, then a wetness surrounding him. Looking down, Gohan’s eyes almost exploded as he saw Bra kneeling before him with his penis in her mouth. Clearing his throat as his fingers began loosening his suddenly constricting tie. “I…I wish I was there too, Videl.”

“You do? Well, maybe you should come down right now. I mean, we can both get off work early… Pan is at the gym, so we’d have the whole house to ourselves. Ooh… I just can’t stop thinking about what happened last night, this morning and when we were driving to work…”

Moaning silently, Gohan threw back his head as Bra took almost his whole cock into her mouth in one go and then watching as the seductress began to bob her gorgeous head up and down on the length of his manhood as fast as she could.”Well ah, I don’t think I can ‘get off’ work right now. This report is driving me insane…”

“Oh…” Videl’s voice sounded dejected and was silent for a moment before she suddenly pepped up; her seductive voice holding a sly tone as she whispered “Well…we could…could still…”

“Still what, Videl?” Gohan asked bighting back the moan that so longed to be released.

“My break isn’t over for a little while, so…” Bra’s mouth squeezed his cock in a vice like grip as she moved up and down; her slender fingers massaging the base of his phallus. “…So maybe we could have phone sex?”

“Honestly?” he asked, unable to believe that this was happening and half expecting to wake up from an incredible dream. But the mouth around his member felt real enough, and the seductive voice whispering in his ear from the receiver sounded real as well. The sexy young daughter of his boss and child hood friend was kneeling between my open thighs, sucking his throbbing cock like her life depended on it while he was speaking to his wife on the phone who wanted to have phone sex. Kami, Gohan was in heaven!

“Yes. Honestly.” Her voice holding an excited tone as she said the words the demi had hoped for. “Mmm… what do you want me to do to my big, hunky sayain warrior?”

Licking his lips in anticipation, Gohan gave in to the desire to vocalize his pleasure “Ohhhh, Kami honey! Suck it! Suck my cock!” Surprised at the man’s words, Bra lifted her head off his cock and looked up at him before smiling as she caught on.

“Oh Gohan…you’re talking to me like you did when we were teenagers. Hmm… your making me so excited… ooh would you like me to suck you off, honey?”

“Ohhh Kami, Anything! Just put your mouth on my cock and suck it, Videl!”, Gohan panted but his eyes were fixed on the bluenet so she’d get the message and carry on from where she left off. Grinning, the teen plunged her lips back down over his rigid cock, her sucking motion as powerful as before but now with a little more rhythm.

“Uuuuuhhhh, yesssss!” Videl hissed. “It’s getting hard! Mmmmmmm, nice and long and hard! Oooh Gohan, you’re so big ! I can’t wait for you to put it in my pussy and fuck me.”

“Uuuuuhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Put your mouth on my cock and suck my brains out, honey!” he gasped as Bra began to change tactics; getting a little more daring while still keeping with her new-to-this look on her young face. Her lips perfectly mimicking the shape of his phallus as it went deeper, increasing her speed before slowing down when Gohan bucked his hips into her orifice. After a few bobs of her head however, Bra realized that she couldn’t balance his immense cock in her mouth without the use of her hands. Placing both of her skilled appendages at the base of his cock, Bra found it easier to move as she took as much of him in as she possibly could.

“Do you feel that, lover? Do you feel how my mouth squeezes your cock when you shove it way up into me?”

“Fuck, yeahhh! ” Gohan groaned, almost dropping the phone as waves of pleasure hit him like a heard of charging bovine.

“Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside my pussy instead of my mouth!” Videl panted into the receiver. Obviously, Gohan wasn’t the only one enjoying this little escapade and Bra seemed to be enjoying it as well.

“Uhhhh Kami Videl, don’t tease me,” The sayain rasped, struggling to speak as he felt his orgasm building; the pleasure of the teens mouth almost driving him insane.

Catching Gohan’s gaze from between his legs, Bra then smiled like a cat while mouthing the sentence “Hold onto your seat stud, you’re gonna LOVE this!” before plunging her mouth back down over him and relaxing her throat; taking as much of his dick in as she possibly could.

“Oh kami I’m gonna cum, Videl!, I’m gonna fucking cum! Kami yes you gorgeous little sex kitten! Oh, Videl, baby!” Bra could feel his orgasm coming on even before he moaned it into the phone, no matter how much he tried to suppress it; she could feel his body shaking and his cock twitching. Buckling under the pleasure of her heated orifice, Gohan suddenly threw his head back and his hands clutched the armrests of his chair for support as his cum exploded free. Caught by surprise, Bra tried to swallow as much of his fluids as she could but it came into her mouth to fast.

Gohan’s closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair while he tried to calm down, on the over end of the receiver he could hear a loud sucking noise and then a feminine giggle as Videl’s seductive voice said “You really know how to give a girl a meal, don’t you Gohan?”

“Videl!” Gohan interrupted her. “Don’t talk like that NOW.” He knew it was stupid given what had just transpired, but they would only had so much time before her break would be over.

“I’m sorry Gohan, I just can’t get enough of you…” She said in a sultry voice. “I just can’t help that I love the way you taste, Gohan. I just want to-” Suddenly a loud bell ringing could be heard on the other end of the phone, destroying the mode for the couple. “Sorry Gohan but I have to go; my break’s over. How about we finish this when we get home?”

Smirking at how eager his love was, Gohan said “Ok when we get home, Videl. I’ll rock your world all you want….” Before saying a hurried goodbye before hanging up and turning his gaze towards Bra.

Although he had stopped flowing into her mouth, the teens head was still bobbing up and down on his dick, moaning occasionally as her tongue collected the flavour of him. However, she was interrupted as Gohan grabbed her shoulders. Releasing his cock from her mouth at the feeling of his hand tugging at her blue locks, Bra looked up and gasped as she saw Gohan looking down at her; sayain lust had flooded his irises as he toothily grinned down at her. Saying nothing, he instead lifted her up and almost throw her against the desk.

Bra gasped as she felt the hard wood of Gohan’s desk press against her, Gohan’s thick, husky voice filling the space between them and a shiver ran down the girls spine as he said “Did you think that was funny?”

“Ahh,” she breathed as she felt his hardness pressing against her ass. Her secretions were now free flowing down her creamy thighs and her centre was tightening with desire. Looking down through half-closed lids, Bra’s breath caught in her throat as she witnessed Gohan’s hand disappearing beneath her red mini-skirt.

Suddenly, Bra’s entire body stiffened as she felt two of his nimble fingers spreading her lips and then dip inside. His appendages circled around the opening of her pussy and then maid the blue haired teen pout as she felt Gohan’s hand retreating. For a second she considered clamping her thighs together to trap his hand, but she quickly rejected the idea. She didn’t want to appear desperate for his touch.

However, even without seeing Gohan’s face Bra knew he was wearing a smile on his lips as he spoke. “You enjoyed sucking me while I was having phone sex with my wife….” Brining his fingers up to her lips, the sayain let her inhale the strong sent of her own arousal. “Didn’t you.”

“So.” However despite the defiant tone in her voice, Bra could feel her entire body shake uncontrollably with need as her own arousal drove her senses wild and her centre dampening with more and more of her nectar.
“So you’ve been a naughty girl and ought to be punished.”

Twisting her hips in a seemingly innocent manner, the fact she moved so innocently was what made her movements so enticing as she adjusted herself so that her bottom rested squarely against Gohan’s erection. “What makes you think I will let you punish me?”

Suddenly, the powerful hand left her sight in the blink of an eye and delved back in between her thighs; stroking her wetness with such force she could of cum than and their. Bra never tried to resist his movements and started moaning wantonly as Gohan’s fingers lavished attention upon her clit.

Despite the force of his actions, his touch was reminiscent of a feather as his fingertips grazed the sensitive nub of her clit and every time he pressed down; a long moan of pleasure escaped Bra’s crimson lips. Grinning at the teen’s expressiveness, Gohan elicited more cries of ecstasy from her by increasing the movements of his nibble appendages; his thumb pressing on and circling her sensible nub as one of his fingers delved inside her.

Bra’s back arched and she let out a long moan as the feeling of her inner walls stretching around and clutching to his finger washed over her. Noticing her closeness to climax, Gohan grinned wickedly before slipping another digit inside the teen while also increasing his tempo; moving in and out of her, he also started to twist his fingers adding more pleasure for her.

Stroking the plush walls of her inner entrance with the skill that only a married man could posses, Gohan listen eagerly as he brought Bra to the brink of an orgasm. Her moans filling the room like a she -wolf in heat as he added a third finger to the other two, however he was barely able to do so due to the tightness of the teen’s tunnel.

Leaning over, the man growled lustfully into Bra’s ear, “I can’t wait to get my cock in you!” The teen’s breathing got heavy at tone of want in his deep voice, this was what she wanted; what she had always wanted ever since she began to think of boys. To be the object of Gohan Son’s desire, to be all he craved….

Her insides clenched the thick fingers as they instinctively stroked all the spots where she was most sensitive. Her toes curling as she mixed the memories of the last month with her fantasy’s to imagine what it would be like to have Gohan inside of her instead of his fingers. That thought alone was enough to make her cum.

Grinding her butt against Gohan’s ever growing erection, Bra reached round and grabbed the Sayains over hand and pulled it up to her still confined breasts. Her breath caught and the teen arched her body into the tantalizing touch, moaning his name as she guided his fingers to his nipples; urged him to pinch the rosy buds. The feeling of his battle roughened digits squeezing her hardened nipples however caused Bra to moan wildly, her hips rocking back and forth to the spiky hard Sayain’s rhythmic fingers. And soon, the tantalizing feel of her rounded backside rubbing against his erection became too much for Gohan…

Suddenly pulling his hands away from her body, Bra only had time to look around; an angry fire burning in her blue depths. Grinning toothily at her, Gohan gripped the red skirt at it’s hem before almost ripping it from her body in his rush to free her from the material confines; pulling the bundle of fabric down to her knees before letting it pool around her feet. Licking his lips, Gohan then watched a single bead of sweat run down the lightly tanned skin her spine before he leaned down and licked up the salty trail.

Taking her by the hips, Gohan hungrily ran his battle roughened hands up her womanly curves; making Bra purr in delight as her lover’s touch ran over her body. She Gohan’s mouth watered with sexual hunger as he gazed down upon the teen, all traces of his human self gone from his lust gazed eyes and all that remained inside the body was the mind of sex hungry sayain; ready to fulfil any and every order his princess would give.

“Such a nice, firm ass my princess has,” grunted the hybrid as he grasped her firm cheeks and began working them with his strong hands “What a pristine little whore queen you are.” His tone was thick with sexual desire as he gave her ass a firm slap. Moaning at the feeling of his rough skin hitting the softer skin of her ass, Bra’s breathing increasing as Sayain Princess inside her took over.

“Such a horny Sayain,” she purred as he slapped her ass again, the stinging sensation sending bolts of pleasure and pain up her nerves. “You Sayain’s are all the same. Just a dick attached to raw muscle. You’re only good for filling a woman’s pussy and giving her a killer orgasm. Oh such a good fuck toy you are…!” Bra moaned deeply as Gohan gave her ass another slap.

“Mmm…you’re pussy is so wet,” Gohan groaned before taking hold of his erected member and sliding it up and down Bra’s slick pussy; teasingly parting her wet folds and tracing the tip of his cock against the sensitive bundle of nerves above her tight entrance. Bra’s crimson lips parting as she released hot pants of air and soft moans of pleasure; enjoying his teasing as much as she could while moving back onto his hard shaft and trying to get him inside her. “You really are a horny slut.”

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned, absorbing the hot sensations. She gasped and shut her eyes as he pressed his tip against her delicate nub, sending shocks of pleasure up her spine.

“Say it! Say you want my dick; my queen”

“Oh! I want your dick, slave!” the sayain princess moaned and if not for the desk beneath her; she was shore she would collapse in a heap of ecstasy.

“Oh don’t worry my queen, I’m going to fuck you good…” his voice was thick with desire and Bra moaned suddenly as she felt the tip of his cock slid teasingly across her pussy and asshole. “but I don’t know Bra, which hole should I fuck?” Chuckling deeply, he then pressed the tip of his cock harder against her while suggesting “How about I fuck that sweet, firm little royal ass of yours?”

He got his answer as she moaned what could have been a ‘yes’ and pressed herself back against him.

With another chuckle, he said “I’m going to take my big dick and fuck your ass nice and hard. And you’re going to love every second of it.” Before he slipped the tip of his manhood into her ass, allowing Bra a moment to get used to the odd sensation before slowly pressing the rest of his length into her.

Deeper and deeper, his dick penetrated Bra’s sexy ass. The pain of being stretched hurt just as much as the first time she had had sex; but thankfully for the sayain princess Gohan was no stranger to anal sex and was doing his best to ease her agony. However, Bra continued to dig her nails into the garnished wood and grit her teeth, enduring the pain and letting her rectal muscles adjust to the invading presence. At one point even believing that she had reached her limit, but he just kept on going.

“Oh Gohan!” panted Bra, “Oh it’s so deep!”

“Oh fuck your ass is tight my queen!” moaned Gohan, squeezing her ass cheeks as he revelled in the feeling of her tight walls around him. Then, with a deep grunt, Gohan started ploughing into her ass with sayain force; her body rocking and swaying to his movements. The extra tightness around his cock driving the sayain to continue his thrusts with greater vigour, pain quickly turning to pleasure for the sayain princess; her cries of ecstasy echoing around the room.

“Oh-oh-oh Gohan! Yes! YES! It’s getting better! It’s getting better! Do it harder! Oh yes slave, do it harder!”
“Oh Yes! Oh yes! Bra! Ohhhhh kami, it feel’s so good!” groaned Gohan as he kept thrusting his cock into her ass. She was nice and tight, just the way he liked.

Gripping her ass, the sayain began working his cock in her tight hole from a different angle. It took just a moment for her to adjust to the new sensation but once her inner muscles were properly stretched he rammed into her with fervent vigour. Until soon, the desk itself was rocking to their rhythm. The sound of Gohan’s muscular body colliding with Bra’s ass echoed through the room; rivalling the princesses screams of ecstasy.

“Uh-uh-uh-that’s it, bitch! That’s it!” grunted Gohan, pounding into her harder, “Take it! Take it like the whore queen you are!”

“Uh-uh-my butt! You fuck my butt so good Gohan!” It felt as though he was going to tear her apart. And Bra loved every minute of it.

Compared with their first time together one month ago, Gohan gave her no quarter in this position and Bra could only assume it had something to do with his sayain instincts; she had to firmly grasp the desk as he rhythmically thrust into her.

It was hot, rough, and primal as the two demi Sayains became lost in a state of total lust. Gohan held no desire to draw it out or make it special like he did with Videl. They just wanted to fuck and make each other cum.

“Uh-uh-oh yeah! Oh yeah!” grunted Gohan, pounding his cock into her as deep as it would go, “Damn you’re tight, bitch! You want more?”

“Uh-uh-yes! Oh yes!” cried the princess, bucking her hips in delight. “My butt-my butt is filled with all your dick…”

Eventually however, they found a powerful rhythm with Gohan thrusting into her ass and Bra arching her body with each movement. Bursts of ecstasy were shooting up the teen’s spine the likes of which she had never felt before. She had never thought that anal sex could possibly feel this good and if this was how it was the first time, she couldn’t imagine how future sessions would be.

A climax like no other was building inside Bra as Gohan’s manhood ravaged her body. Gohan was close too, but he wanted to hold out a little bit longer; his blood demanding that he ensure that the sayain princess was satisfied.

“Oh Gohan! Oh Gohan! I-I-I’m cumming! Oh kami I’m going to cum!” she cried with delight, feeling as though his dick was going split her insides.

“Kami Me too, Bra! Me too!” groaned Gohan, “Just a little…Bit…More…OH KAMI!”

With one last deep thrust, Gohan unleashed a load of his cum into her tight ass. The feeling of his hot fluid was all the princess needed to experience her own orgasm, arching her back and throwing her main of blue locks over her shoulder as she cried out his name; her ass tightening around him and her pussy contracting as she fell into a mind numbing world of pleasure.


The uniqueness of the sensation made it unlike any orgasm she had ever experienced before. Better in some ways but not in others. In the end it felt just as earth shattering as any other the sayain male had inflicted upon her; sending her mind and body to a state of euphoria.

Loosing her balance in the waves of ecstasy, Bra collapsed back onto the Sayain’s chest, the damp shirt keeping her warm as she breathed hard; trying to regain her strength. They remained entwined, their hands still clasped firmly to the others bodies as they gasped for air, A look of wondrous joy and contentment gracing their faces.

Suddenly, their sensitive and heightened senses picked up the sound of loud panting…


Slowly, Pan Son walked up the set of stairs towards the 40th floor of the Capsule Corp building. Her feet ached as if she had been wearing cement shoes to climb the stairway. Although the lift had been working fine, Pan had wanted to put what she was about to do off for just a little while longer.

Reaching the top step, the dark haired teen fixed her gaze on the door; staring into the dark wood as if trying to burn a whole into it with her gaze. Swallowing hard, she decided it was time to take the bull by the horn and reached out; clasping the cool metal of the handle in her palm before opening the door.

Compared to most people her age, Pan would say she had a perfect life. She had a wonderful family who loved her, her mommy and daddy were happily married and took to her every need, not only had her grandmother not killed her grandpa yet but both loved her to death; even her annoying uncle Goten was pretty cool.

However, their was one problem with her perfect life…


A Month earlier

“I need to use the bathroom.” Bra suddenly announced, sitting up from her float before slipping into the glassy water’s of the Son’s pool. Her blue locks vanishing beneath the sparkling depths as the teen swam towards the edge of the pool.

Leaning up, Pan had enough time to watch as her friend pulled herself out of the pool; the clear liquid glistening on her tanned skin in the mid day sun and giving her an almost angelic glow. Paying no heed to her friend as she lightly dried herself, Pan lay back on the float, sighing as she listened to the everyday sounds of her home and watched as flocks of birds flew over head.

However, after almost ten minutes had gone by and Bra hadn’t returned to the pool; Pan decided to investigate.

Climbing out the pool, Pan lightly dried her ebony locks as she walked across the burning tiles and into her parent’s kitchen. Grabbing a chilled can of coke from the fridge on her way through, the cold liquid sent a chill down her spine as walked up the stairs; being extra careful to avoid the creaking steps so as not disturb her dad as he worked. Walking onto the top floor landing, Pan quickly saw that the bathroom door was wide open and that Bra was no where in sight.

Deciding it would be best to ask her dad if he had seen the bluenet, Pan was just about to go to his office door when she noticed that the office door was slightly ajar and that an almost inaudible sound was being admitted from her daddy’s office.

It was a soft sound that was so quiet only a person with sayain hearing would have been able to catch it. If it had been coming from any other place, Pan would of just walked away; deciding it was better to just walk away and pretend she didn’t hear anything. However, this was her beloved father and Pan knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if he was hurt and she just walked away.

With child like innocence clouding her sense of reason, Pan moved with cat like stealth to her daddy’s office door. Crouching down, the ebony haired teen decided to play it safe and peered into the room from the crack in the door…

Then she stopped cold, squeezing her eyes shut and then opening them to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing.

In side the neat and tidy office was her daddy, his head thrown back and allowing his locks of spiky black hair to hang over the seat’s headrest, the shirt he had been wearing was hanging open and revealing his layers of hard muscle to her eyes. And what shocked the teen most, she could clearly see that her daddy’s pants were undone and that she could clearly Bra’s blue hair moving between his legs.

Pan swallowed, knowing she should look away, walk into the kitchen and call her mom. It was wrong, so very, very wrong and if nothing else, this was an invasion of privacy—an invasion of her dad’s privacy. And yet she couldn’t seem to move her eyes from the sight, and truth be told, something inside her didn’t want her to. She was always hearing the girls at school talk about older men having sex with younger woman as though it was depraved and disgusting. But this wasn’t disgusting, this was hot.

Pan was not blind, she had known her father was an incredibly handsome man from a very early age. His legs, thighs and calves were wholly muscular, his stomach defined and etched to perfection with the bulging muscles of a Greek god; eve his arms showed the muscles of a seasoned warrior. But he was not bulky in any way. He was lean and fast and . . . enthusiastic.

Suddenly, Pan realised that she was losing track of her thoughts—they were no longer connecting or making any sense. Her heightened vision caught the sight of droplets of sweat dotting his skin and it made her mouth water, the urge to taste him filling her as heat exploded between her thighs.

Before her mind really registered what she was doing, Pan could feel her hand slip within the confines of her swimsuit. The teen’s tongue snaked out to moisten her lips as her hand moved between her own legs and slid between her folds, a barely audible moan leaving her as her fingers made long, slow strokes through her folds.

Truth to tell, The teen decided she should defiantly do this more often considering how damn good it felt. Images flashing through the girls mind of a muscular man with spiky black hair leaning over her, the rough fingers of his strong hands digging into her hips as his full length entered her with the full force of a sayain warrior.

Unable to resist, Pan peered back through the crack in the door, watching as her daddy sat Bra on his desk, teasing her by rubbing his cock up and down her slit before plunging into her depths. Captivated by the sight of her father, standing tall and his muscles rippling as he moved; It was really hot. Although her parents were very sexually active, Pan had never actually been exposed to much sexual material, especially as she spent a lot of time around her conservative grandmother so seeing this was a real shock to the system.

She didn’t know why, but at that moment she found the male body very…beautiful. It made her feel things in her body she had rarely felt before and with the scent from the heated fucking going on in the office; her sayain sex drive was going crazy.

Pan slid a finger inside herself and bit her lip to hold back a gasp as she began moving it in and out in time with the thrusting of her father’s rigid cock. This took effort; in a true sayain style Gohan was fucking Bra in a manner that was both fast and rough. Imitating it had Pan biting back more than gasps; in a sudden attack of lightning, she found herself on the brink of a violent orgasm.

Slipping another finger inside herself, Pan lost herself in the feel of her walls stretching to accommodate the invading digits and imagining that it was her who her father was thrusting his large cock into. She was getting closer and closer to her peak— Kami she might even cum before them.

However at the sound of Bra’s high pitched voice screaming “Oh Kami Gohan, it’s so good! Harder! Harder!” Pan decided it was time to leave before hurriedly retreating to her room across the hall.

Locking the door and leaning against it for support, Pan tried to calm her body down but she was so hot, especially between her legs. She just kept thinking about her naked father fiercely fucking her best friend.

Closing her eyes, she started fondling her breasts with one hand and her lower regions with the other. She was already so wet and the memory of seeing her dad in all his naked glory was only fuelling her desires as she listened to the moans coming from the office.

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned, slipping a hand back beneath her bathing suit and plunging her fingers into her soaking depths.

Her legs were quickly turning to mush and soon she was on the verge of falling to the floor. Gasping for air, she picked herself up and almost ran towards the bed; slipping the shoulder straps off and letting the suit slide to the ground. Feeling desperate for her release, she promptly resumed her fervent pace.

‘Oh Kami, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Oh why did daddy have to look so damn good naked?!’ she thought to herself as she moaned with delight; grabbing both of her large breasts and squeezing them firmly. Grasping and clutching the large, soft orbs of flesh in her hands and pinching her nipples; which she found to be quite pleasurable.

“Mmm…” she found herself moaning as she began to lightly arch her body to her own touch and after about a minute or so of teasing her breasts, Pan began to trail her hand down further southward. She kept one hand on her breasts, letting out soft moans as she felt the heat growing between her legs. Spreading her long legs, the teen moved herself into the best possible position to pleasure herself in the way she needed to attain her desperately needed climax. She began slipping her fingers in and out of her wet vagina, slowly working them towards a heightened pace and sending waves of pleasure coursing throughout her body.

“Oh yes!” she moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy was so wet and her juices were free flowing down her inner thighs. Using her middle finger to probe into her depths and her thumb and index finger to tease her clit, Pan was soon arching her body in delight as the hot sensations coursed through her being.

However her body was craving for more. Calling a halt to her teasing, Pan reached over to the drawer in her bed side table. There, she pulled out a vibrator that she had been given a few years ago as a 16th birthday present; ironically it had been Bra who gave her the sex toy and know she was going to use it to pleasure herself to thoughts of the blue haired girl and her father.

In recent years, to increase it’s profit margin capsule corp. had been moving away from vehicles and portable homes and into a wider rang business. What she was holding had actually been her mother’s idea as after observing how many lonely nights chichi had had while married, Videl commented to Gohan that capsule corp. should provide something for them and taking her seriously; the demi sayain had told Bulma his wife’s idea. It had actually been a very good business move, increasing the companies profit by at least three times the original amount. This was one of their top models.

Turning the toy on, Pan moaned as she felt it begin to buzz in her palm and with insatiable sexual hunger, she plunged it into her hot pussy. The vibrating device humming as it teased her most sensitive areas. However, she was careful not to plunge it too deep so it wouldn’t break her hymen. She was hoping to save that for her first real time.

“Oh my Kami!” Pan gasped while moving the toy up, down and in circles between her folds; the faster she moved it, the harder her fingers moved on her breast, first swirling around her nipple then tweaking the hard nub at the centre. Eyes shut as she basked in her own pleasure, Pan bit her lower lip; her breasts heaving as her body rocked in time to the rhythm of the vibrator’s assaults. Her breath now laboured and shallow; the teen moaned incoherently as the vibrator’s tip caressed her clit.

Her moans grew louder as she more fervently rubbed her breast and worked the vibrator in her cunt. In her mind, it was like she was watching a video of her dad and Bra. She imagined that she had a close up view of his giant cock as its bulbous head thrust into her pussy. Licking her lips hungrily, Pan gazed wantonly as her friends large breasts bounced to each of his thrusts; just daring her to suck on their hard, rosy pecks.

“Oh-oh-oh yes!” she cried, feeling her pussy throb and contract around the vibrator and imagining instead that it was the throbbing manhood of her father. “Oh my Kami, oh my Kami, oh my Kami,” she cried, her body shaking from top to bottom as waves of pleasure rode her nerves.

Getting an idea, the teen drew the toy further up until she was placing the little head as close as she dared to her clitoris; making her almost jumped off the bed as the tip moved out of her grasp and began stroking her. In and out, up and down, swirling in circles, the device flicked and darted, until very soon the girl was limp mass of sexual energy; barley able to keep a grasp of the toy but fortunately for her it seemed to know just what she needed.

Harderfasterharderfasterharderfaster,” she chanted as the vibrator ran across her flesh, its pace quickening until suddenly every nerve in her body exploded and she came in a gush of steaming liquid.

“OH MY KAMI! OH MY KAMI! OH MY KAMI!” she screamed, her body rocked by wave after wave of pleasure as her orgasm hit.

Dropping the toy onto her bed sheet, Pan struggled to breathe as she basked in the after glow of her climax. Finally, as the fury of sensations began to die down, Pan’s eyes finally opened and reality once again hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Oh…Oh my…” she gasped as she looked down at herself and took in the sheer magnitude of what she had done.

Unfortunately , Pan whished she could say that was the worst of it. Masturbating to the thought of your father was one thing when your caught off guard. However, she had been getting off to the thought of her daddy fucking her almost daily since that afternoon.

She couldn’t explain it. But even the slightest whiff of Gohan’s sent her nerves ablaze and her pussy flooded with excitement. And because every room in their house held her daddy’s masculine sent, Pan had no choice but to succumb to her desire however that didn’t make it any easier for the part sayain and she had decided to avoid her loving parent as much as possible.

And for the most part, it had been a success. So much so that she had almost no need to masturbate any more. That is until today of coarse…

Maybe it was because of the full moon or the fact she could easily hear her parents going at it in the bathroom but either way; Pan had been beset by a sense of desire ever since she had woke up.

Trying to ignore the burning sensation within her loins, Pan had decided to spend her day training; burning off her sexual energy by doing something constructive. But by lunch, the teen had managed to break or ware out every piece of equipment in the Son’s considerable sized gym; even the gravity machine.

Growling as she flung the towel across the room, the kicking bag no more then shreds and sand pilled at her feet. This was no good, she could keep this up all day but that didn’t mean she would be any nearer to release. It was then, she came to a decision…

Pretending what she had seen hadn’t done any good and seemed to have only made things worse. So perhaps doing the opposite would achieve like wise results.

Considering it was almost time for the workers of Capsule corp. to go home to their families, the 49th floor corridor seemed strangely deserted. Trying to suppress the ominous feeling that filled the pit of her stomach, Pan Son began to walk quickly down the hall. Although the journey took less than a minute, it felt to Pan as if a whole year had passed by the time she reached the door to the outside of her father’s office.

Not surprised to find that that blond whore who called herself a secretary was not doing her job, Pan walked across the office and was about to knock on the door when she heard voices coming from the room.

Relaxing as she recognised the voices as those belonging to her parents, Pan decided it would be better to play it safe; Pan could remember more than one occasion where she had barged in on her parents when she thought it had been safe and found them in some what of a compromising position.

Getting down onto one knee, the teen quickly peered into the office through the key hol. And what she saw made the part sayain almost scream. Although that was defiantly her mother’s voice, the mass of blue locks in-between her father’s legs was certainly not Videl Son.

Pan couldn’t believe it, this was not happening to her; this was so not happening to her.

She couldn’t forgive her dad for fucking Bra one month ago but Pan hadn’t told her mother about Gohan’s infidelity because she thought she knew her daddy well enough to believe that he would never do it again. Well this was certainly a wake up call.

And what made it worse for the teen was that she could feel herself becoming aroused from the sight.
Before she could stop herself, Pan’s nimble hand slipped beneath the confines of her shorts; moving her panties aside with a finger. A low moan slips past my lips as I play with clit, rolling it between my fingers. “Mmm,” The teen gasped as her finger slipped into her pussy.

Considering that this probably wasn’t the safest place for her to pleasure herself, Pan felt somewhat frilled at the prospect of being caught and undid the button of her shorts; Giving her more room to work. Hurriedly slipping another finger into her wet cunt, Pan shuddered at the full feeling before moving her digits at almost breakneck speed. There was only one way she was going to get rid of the feeling.

But she would have to be quick…

However, ten minutes later and Pan was still their. Pressed against the hard wood of the office door, one of her dark sapphire eyes was closed while the other peered through the key hole; watching the seen in the office intently. She couldn’t explain it, when she had been this aroused in the past, even without the help of her vibrator; it would normally only have taken her a few minutes to climax and yet she was almost pushing 15 minutes.

Trying to pretend that the object invading her was a large cock instead of her lively fingers, Pan did her best to stop herself from moaning but it was no good and she had to settle for biting down on her free hand.

Pan couldn’t explain it but their was something so erotic about watching her father fuck a woman that she just couldn’t bring herself to look away.

However, arching her back and leaning back against the cold wall as another surge of pleasure travelled along her nerves, catching her off guard as her fingers brought her to the peek of the self induced orgasm approaching.

“Uh-uh-yes! YES! Oh Daddy you make me feel so good!” Pan moaned, her hand falling from her lips as wave after wave of pleasure hit her body. “Oh-oh-oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! I’m cumming!”

Gasping for breath, the teen almost collapsed into a puddle on the office floor as her body shock in the after shocks of her organism. Her mind was spinning and for the time being, all rational thought and sense had left the teen.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

It took Pan a few seconds to register that someone had spoke, and even then she couldn’t recognise the voice until she saw the glistening pair of red boots standing beside her.

Swallowing hard, the girl slowly looked up, her eyes travelling along the creamy skin of bra’s legs, the sight of the bluenet’s creased skirt hanging loosely around her hips was evidence of the heiress’s hurried dressing. Trying to ignore her friend’s clearly visible, large breasts that were straining against the materiel of her top; obvious signs of the bluenet’s arousal until Pan’s eyes meet Bra’s.

It was to say the least an uncomfortable moment for Pan. Not only had she been caught masturbating by her best friend, but she had been caught masturbating to said best friend as she was being hurriedly fucked in the ass by her father. Uncomfortable was at that moment a picnic for the quarter sayain compared to what she was feeling.

Bra on the other hand seemed to have a very different view of the situation. Her hands were placed o her hips as if the teen was imitating her mother and her deep blue irises held no anger; only amusement. Taking her time to enjoy the situation, Bra walked other to her friend before kneeling down beside her.

With the feeling of her burning desire blazing between her thighs, Bra moved without hesitation and reached her hand out and rubbed her thumb over Pan’s nipple. Pan couldn’t resist moaning at the sudden contact, subconsciously enjoying the feel of the bluenet’s hand as it lightly ran along the underside of her right breast.

“Bra…” the teen gasped while moaning at the attention the slightly older sayain was giving to her breasts. “What are you doing?”

Grinning mischievously, Bra used her other free hand to wrap around the dark haired girl’s waist and pull her close, replying. “Just having a little fun.” before leaning down and placed her lips on Pan’s; demanding entrance. Pan’s eyes widened in shock as Bra’s lips attacked hers, her tongue running along her dry lips and she couldn’t help but give the bluenet access.

Pan’s eyes remained widened with shock however. Feeling a man touch her body in an intimate way was one thing, but a woman was a different story. Given that she wasn’t gay or bisexual, it was an unusual feeling for the teen. But Bra seemed comfortable with it and took it a step further, pulling her smaller frame against her own and grinding their body ‘s against one another in such away that Pan thought she might just cum from the sensation alone.

It wasn’t that Bra was a lesbian; she could never imagine herself giving up the ecstasy and exhaustion that only sex with a man could give for the gentile and tenderness of a woman’s warmth. Just ever since she went through puberty the bluenet had been very curious about her sexuality and although decidedly straight; the sayain princess had found the female body some what enticing and had always been slightly attracted to her childhood friend

It was a strange sensation for Pan since she had never even entertained thoughts about kissing another woman before, but Bra seemed really into it. And with so much sexual energy built up inside her, she couldn’t help but be taken.

Falling under the ministrations of her friend, Pan never resisted as the older teen guided them back into her father’s office.

Gohan could only watch on in surprise and horror as his secret lover brought his teen age daughter in the room as they were locked in a passionate kiss. He was just about to intervene when Bra’s eyes opened and she flashed him a look that said all to clearly; ‘leave this to me…’

Although he knew he should stop this, it was bad enough that he had had sexual intercourse with a girl who was not only not his wife but also young enough to be his daughter; but to bring his little Pan into it. Well that was something the hybrid didn’t even want to consider. However something inside him wouldn’t let him move, wouldn’t let him stop the girls; wouldn’t allow him to disobey the sayain princess’s command.

Capturing her lips again, Bra’s hands eagerly ran across Pan’s body as they moved towards the office’s lavish sofa; giving Gohan an even better view as the Bluenet’s digits traced paths across the teen’s womanly curves. Coming to rest on her slim waste, Bra gripped the hem of Pan’s red top before pulling away from their kiss, letting her have a second to catch her breath before suddenly pulling the top off the teen.

It was a delicious sight and even Gohan couldn’t resist staring at his daughter’s full breasts. They were large and firm and reminded the half sayain so much of those of his wife.

A light blush stained Pan’s checks as the realization that she was now half naked with her best friend staring at her breasts; full fledged desire beaming in the dark blue orbs. However sensing her friend’s embarrassment, Bra smiled down at her kindly before grabbing her own cut off top and pulling it over her head.

Slowly she brought her face closer to her friend’s, pressing her lips against hers in a deep yet gentler kiss. Pan didn’t refuse and closed her eyes as she opened her mouth and gently gnawed Bra’s jaw as a signal to continue. Responding to her friend’s demands, Bra wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled the girl close; pressing their breasts together so that their hard, aroused nipples against one another. In turn, Pan put her arms around the princess’s waist and slowly rubbed her hands up and down the smooth, creamy skin of her back; pulling their bodies together tightly.

Both girls closed their eyes as they continued to make out, their tongues locked in a sensual battle as their hands explored the others body. The two teens stayed like this for almost a minute, ravaging each others mouths as they moaned and sighed in unison, each one firmly groping the other’s back with their fingers and nails.

Gohan kept his eyes locked on the two girls and it took a lot of will-power to keep himself from moving to the copal. However, it wasn’t help that in the demi Sayain’s eyes he no longer saw his teenage daughter but instead an almost exact copy of his wife when they first made love; back in their school days.

“Bra…” Pan suddenly gasped, surprised as the bluenet slipped her hand within the confines of her unbuttoned shorts .

“Mmm…” moaned the teen, licking her lips as she felt the freely flowing rivulet of warm liquid between her friend’s legs, “That’s it Pan! Let it out! Oh you’re so wet! So hot and wet!” A loud moan escaping Pan’s lips as one of the teen’s slender fingers started to slid up and down her aroused womanhood.

Enjoying the ebony haired Sayain’s reaction to her ministrations, Bra lowered her head and wrapped her thin, blood red lips around one of Pan’s full mounds, tugging the coral pink nipple gently between her teeth as she pulled away. She then tongued it playfully before wrapping her lips around it once more, repeating the process over and over, much to Pan’s delight.

Crying out at the sudden warm, wet heat around her breast, Pan’s her hands came up and tangled in Bra’s long blue locks as the girl suckled her breast; her teeth and tongue teasing her hardened nipple until the bud almost hurt. Wanton moans almost flew from the teen not only the bluenet’s mouth lavished attention upon her body; Bra’s fingers were waging war on her clit. Her touch was reminiscent of a feather’s tip as her finger lightly grazed the sensitive nub.

Satisfied with her work on the girl’s breast, Bra quickly moved on to it’s counter part; giving the mound the exact same attention as it’s predecessor while her fingers continued their assault. Every time she pressed down a cry of pleasure escaped Pan, making Bra smile at her expressiveness and sped up her tempo; eliciting even more sounds of pleasure from her willing lover. With a final press of the bluenet’s digit, Pan gave to her hidden sayain side; tossing her head back and forth wildly and crying out wildly…

“Oh Kami, oh Kami Bra you slut!, come on and show me what a dirty slut you really are Bra and eat my pussy! Eat it out till I cum!”

“Damn Pan, you’re even kinkier than I thought!” grinned the Bluenet, taking her lips off her friend’s breast and smiling lustfully up at her before pushing her back onto the sofa.

Looking down at the woman on the sofa, bra had to smile proudly as she took in Pan’ dark strands of hair spread out on the cushion, her sapphire eyes veiled by desire and her full lips parted as she expelled hot puffs of air. A thin veil of perspiration had appeared across her forehead and droplets were rolling down her body with the teen’s gaze, her eyes fixing on what was the last obstacle to eliminate before completing her work: the tight fitting pants.

Her fingers hooked on the unbuttoned waistband of her pants and pulled them down her long legs, her gaze immediately admiring her creamy white thighs and their perfect smooth skin. Descending upon her so now that Pan was on her back with Bra was on top.

“Damn! You’re fucking wet!” Bra commented as she used two fingers to spread Pan’s outer folds, making the teen’s eyes close as her body arched up and a low growl of pleasure left her open mouth. Being a fellow woman who was no stranger to the art self gratification, she knew what her friend wanted and bent down so that her greedy tongue could tease the moistened womanhood. Using her fingers to keep Pan’s wet folds parted, Bra’s tongue slid up from her clit and down to her willing opening at an agonizingly slow pace before repeating the same action again and again.

“Faster… for Kami’s sake Bra faster…”

Hearing her calling her name with that needy tone Bra couldn’t help but smile, stopping her actions for only a moment to enjoy the sweet taste of her sugary nectar; but after the brief pause she resumed from where she had left off. Her full lips tugging at Pan’s sensitive clit while her teeth gently bit down on the hard nub before her tongue circled it; smothering the pain she had caused and turning it into ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh! Bra you’re so good!” Cried Pan, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she revelled in the sensation of the bluenet’s tongue swivelling expertly inside her; her pulse pounding in her ears as her eyes as loud cries of passion flowed from her orifice. Bucking her hips forward, the girl rubbed her hips against Bra’s face, prompting the teen to probe deeper with her tongue.

Gasping for breath, Pan’s slender hand gripped the long blue locks of her assailant’s hair as her tongue delved deep into her centre. Bra suckled the small bundle of nerves as if it were candy cane and made a low rumbling “Mmm…” intonation that reverberated through her and inclined that she enjoyed Pan’s nectar.

“Oh fuck Kami…that’s it Bra! That’s it oh fuck I’m so close!” Pan exclaimed, stars dancing in front of her eyes and making her unable to do anything but writhe beneath her friends attentions. She really was at her mercy as the bluenet’s orifice worked its magic, that skilled tongue turning her to hot butter and when Bra took her clit and suckled the tiny appendage for the final time; Pan ignited.

“Bra! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Pan cried, her creamy essence flowing like a river into Bra’s waiting jaws as her body shock; riding out the intense orgasm. Small, strangled squeaks came from her throat as she fought her loud cries of ecstasy.

Licking her lips clean, Bra gently pushed away from Pan’s limp body before looking across the office at Gohan and it seemed the sight of her eating out his daughter had been a little to much for the demi sayain. Even from the other side of the office, Bra could clearly see the sayain desire shining in his dark orbs as streams of sweat flowed down his forehead and their was defiantly no mistaking his fard erection straining against his pant’s waistline.

Curling her lips into a coy smile, the Princess gave the man a short nod; signalling him that it was ok to approach before turning back to her slowly recovering friend. Leaning down, Bra removed a deep pink capsule case from the pocket of her top and placed it on the arm of the sofa before whispering in to Pan’s ear…

“Why don’t you show your father how mature you’ve become?”

Despite her body’s post orgasmic state, at her friend’s words Pan eyes shot open and she sat you to see her daddy slowly walking towards them. A deep blush stained the teen’s checks as she tried in vain to cover herself with her arms, her mind temporarily blank as she tried to comprehend the situation.

Despite having gotten off to the sight of him fucking bra in the ass, in the midst of her first lesbian act Pan had completely forgotten that her Dad existed; let alone in the same room. However, before Pan could move a set of nimble arms wrapped around her waist from behind; stopping any movement she could have made as she was pulled onto her friend’s lap.

Unable to move, Pan could only watch as Gohan approached…

“Go on Pan, it was so cruel to leave your daddy out of our fun…” Bra’s silky voice whispered in her ear before Pan watched in horror as the teen’s arm reached out and undid the button of Gohan’s trousers; allowing his erection to burst free. “He got so excited that it’s only fair you return the favour in kind but don’t hesitate; being a tease will only make things worse.”

Despite her situation, Pan could only marvel at the example of perfection standing before her; obviously she had not been the only one who had been enjoying Bra’s previous ministrations. Captivated by the sight, she couldn’t stop her eyes from slowly travelling up her father’s foot long appendage; admiring the godly work of art and committing the scene to memory.

“Don’t be shy, honey,” said Gohan, taking a step closer so she could take a closer look, “You don’t need to hide yourself from me.”

Coming to her senses, Pan tried to look away from the marvellous sight while saying, “I can’t, he’s my daddy and it would be wrong for me to do that with him…”

Grinning at her friend’s response, Bra whispered “That didn’t stop you earlier, when you were watching me and Gohan fuck while fingering yourself; so why hesitate now?”

But without giving her time to answer, the blue net brought her finger to Pan’s lips and pressed the tip inside. Without thinking, the quarter sayain’s tongue began licking the invading digit. Gasping at the pleasurable sensation, Bra lulled her head back on her shoulders and subconsciously parted her lips, letting out a soft blissful moan as Pan took the entire finger inside her mouth and began sucking it.

“Ooh Stop lying to your self Pan, I know how badly you want to suck your father’s cock; so just do it.” Bra ordered triumphantly, moaning at the pleasurable sensation around her finger before reluctantly withdrawing the digit.

Moaning in disagreement as she felt the finger in her damp orifice withdrawing, Pan opened her eyes and found she was staring at her father’s hard erection. The skin of his manhood was stretched almost to point of tearing, droplets of clear liquid flowed down the hard rod; showing his excitement to all who cared to look. Taking a deep breath, Pan found she could even smell his musky scent on the air; filling her mind with lust and desire.

Unable to resist any longer, Pan thought the words ‘Mum, please forgive me…’ before taking his stiff member into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling around his length and around its sensible tip as her lips began to move up and down on him.

Gasping at the intense bliss spreading through his body, Gohan’s head fell back and his hips suddenly trust forward on their own accord; forcing more of his dick into his daughter’s mouth. Taking the action in her stride however, Pan ignored the impulse to gag and sensually sucked and slurped along his ridged shaft; looking up and flashing her father sensual looks as she did.

‘Oh fuck! Oh Kami! That’s it Pan, suck me! Suck me good and hard honey! Oh shit yes! Do that again-oh Kami yes!’ Gohan gasped, feeling her teeth scraping along the sensitive flesh of his organ; drawing a moan from deep inside him and making him buck his hips even harder.

Letting her throat relax as more of her daddy’s giant cock was forced down her throat, Pan did her best to pleasure the sayain. Although she knew how shameful this position was, on her knees pleasuring her own father with her mouth; there was something she found so erotic about it.

However the teen’s concentration was broken by a sultry voice whispering “Does his cock feel good in your mouth?” into her ear. While still trying to balance the organ in her mouth, Pan’s eyes darted round to the source of the voice and to her horror; she saw Bra wearing a very sly smile on her lips. “So, do you want your Dad’s cock inside you now?” Caught off guard by the question, Pan began spluttering and gagging as her father’s dick cut off her air.

Desperately trying to breath, Pan pulled away and released Gohan’s cock from her lips. Falling backwards against the backrest of the sofa while clutching at her throat as she hurriedly took in oxygen; the teen managed to splutter “No, I…I can’t do that.”

Groaning in disappointment as he felt his daughter suddenly withdraw from around his manhood, Gohan looked down in time to see Bra flash him another ‘Don’t you dare move’ look. Growling inwardly at the girl’s impertinence, the sayain just watched them. Any other time, Gohan wouldn’t of even considered letting the teen speak to him like that without either taking it in good humour or reprimanding her; he was still her elder after all.

However, he was also part sayain and that side of his mind was currently calling the shots and wouldn’t let him disobey the sayain princess’s orders. It was that principle alone that stopped him from taking part in Pan and Bra’s little show.

“Why not, you seemed to enjoy sucking his cock so much that you’re almost drooling at the thought of your daddy fucking you.” Bra’s voice was like a hot shower for Pan, her every syllable sending jots of excitement down the part sayain’s spine and before she could react; one of Bra’s slender arms snaked around her waist and pulled her against the sayain Princess.

Pan halfway fought her friend’s attempts but for the most part she welcomed them and didn’t bother to hide it as she gasped loudly when two nimble spread her lips and dipped inside. Even without being able to see the princess’s face Pan knew she was smiling as she spoke. “You want him so bad that you are drooling for his dick.”

Gohan didn’t need to be told what to do next as he heard the princess’s words and quickly got into position between her legs. He could tell she was anxious but the sayain blood flowing through her veins was countering her fear by pumping a large dose of hormones into her system. Meaning she was ready and she wanted it.

“Here we go honey,” Gohan whispered, gripping her milky thighs and taking position. Closing her eyes, the mountain girl braced herself for entry. Although her pussy was so wet, her father’s dick was so hard and ridged that she wasn’t sure it would fit inside her.

“Oh damn you’re so tight Pan!” Groaned Gohan as with one quick thrust he slid his cock into her tight canal.

Throwing her head back so that it rested on her friends shoulder, Pan let out a high pitched scream as her hymen broke and her walls stretched to fit around Gohan’s dick; bursts of pain almost causing tears to flow from the tee’s eyes as she tried to get used to the sensation of having a man inside her.

Remembering that this was his baby girl’s first time with a man, Gohan was careful to go slow and to let her adapt; copying the same routine he had used on her mother when it was their first time. No mater what their situation, she was still his daughter and Gohan was worried about hurting Pan but the feeling of her lithe body slowly moving against his as he slowly drew himself out then back in; drawing sharp mews like those from a cat in heat from his baby girl as she clung to him tightly…

Oh how the demi sayain tried to take it slow and easy, but just watching his little girl wither as he thrust himself within her and hearing her innocent voice beg for more; Gohan couldn’t stop himself.

With a sudden thrust he embedded himself deeper within her slick eager walls, drawing thick moans from the girl and making Bra smile at the erotic display before her. With each powerful thrust of his hips, Gohan’s breath caught and a deep moan that could pass as an animalistic growl passed through his gritted teeth while Pan’s moans were becoming higher in pitch and each was filled with a renewed tone of surprise; as if each plunge oh his hips sent her into an even higher level of raw pleasure that she had never felt before.

“Oh Kami daddy! It’s inside me! You hard dick is so deep inside me!” she cried in ecstasy.

“And just you wait; the best is yet to come…” Bra whispered, a husky grin donning her full lips, “But I’m afraid you hesitated to long and so will have to be punished…”

Reaching out and grabbing the pink box, Bra opened the case before examining the capsules inside. There were five, each varying in different shades of pink with the letter’s WP and a set of numbers donning the outer casing. Thinking for a second which one would be best suited to this purpose, the princess grabbed a deep pink one labelled WP3, pressed the button before throwing it so that it opened on the other cushion of the sofa.

“Perfect.” A sly grin appeared on the princess’s red lips as the smoke cleared. Pan could only stare and flush in both lust and shock. It wasn’t the fact that at her friend’s words her father’s hips had stopped so that she was now only left with the bulbous head of his organ inside her that had got her in such a state.

It was the double sided dildo that Bra had popped out of her capsule pack.

It was sleek and black and firm enough to be considered erect but flexible enough that it could move and bend with their movements. Each ended was designed to look just like a man’s cock. Grabbing the toy at its smooth centre, Bra’s eyes meet Gohan’s and she gave an affirmative nod.

Grabbing his daughter by the hips, Gohan lifted Pan up. Wrapping her legs around his waist instinctively, the teen sank quickly down on his cock; moaning deeply at the sensation of being completely filled by her father’s manhood. Meanwhile his gaze was on Bra who fad just plunged one end of the dildo inside herself.

Moaning loudly as the toy filled her depths, Bra took a moment to adjust while giving several experimental jerks of her hips; the head of the false cock rubbing against her sweet spot and making her blood boil in lust. Coming back to reality, the sayain princess got to her feet and stood behind her friend; guiding the other end of the dildo towards her ass.

Feeling the toy’s tip press against her rear entrance, Pan’s grip on her daddy’s shoulders tightened to the point where her fingernails dug into his skin; almost drawing blood. Screwing her eyes shut, the teen buried her face in the curve where Gohan’s shoulder and neck met; breathing shallowly as Bra’s hands grabbed her arse, spreading her cheeks apart and then shivering as she felt something hard, warm and wide slide inside.

“AAAAHHHH! No Bra! Stop or You’re going to tear me in two!” Pan screamed in agony but Bra was relentless, pushing the toy deep inside her behind.

But she had no idea what was to come as the bluenet suddenly pulled out. But the rest was short lived however as Bra pushed the dido back into her anus, A loud shriek coming from Pan in the process.

“NO Bra! AHHHHH!” the teen screamed, her father’s attempts to ease the pain by stroking her hair and lightly thrusting his cock inside her pussy unfortunately doing little to ease the girl’s agony. The pain was excruciating as Bra wasn’t moving, giving her a few moments for her wall’s to loosen.

Smiling as she felt the girl’s body relax, Bra began a series of powerful thrusts in to the girl’s ass. It had taken a few second’s for her anus to loosen and relax around the invading plastic but upon feeling the toy start to rock insider her, Pan began to feel her pain mixing with pleasure…

Sending her into a sexual fury the likes of which she had never felt before and as the rhythm picked up, Pan really started getting into it as she rocked her body against theirs while Bra began ploughing her ass with increasing vigour. Her moans grew louder and her head flung back in a midst of sexual euphoria as her body was consumed with a new type of pleasure the likes of which she hadn’t felt before.

“Oh-oh-oh fuck! Kami! Yes! Oh yeah it feels good!” yelled Pan, rocking her body with more energy to keep up with Bra’s rigorous thrusts and soon those moans turned to screams as the princess ploughed her butt with the fake cock. And the more she moaned, the more turned on Bra and Gohan seemed to get as they watched the girl’s sweaty naked body rock to the rhythm of being fucked in the ass.

Pan felt as though she was being split in two with one cock fucking her pussy and another fucking her ass and she was loving every minute of it. Her mind was flooded with the intense waves of pleasure that surged though her body and she could only groan as Bra’s seductive voice whisperer in her ear; “So, how is it now that you’re no longer an anal virgin?”

“Go ahead Gohan, fuck your daughter as hard as you want…” the princess half ordered, half moaned. Every time she thrust forward and plunged the toy deeper inside Pan’s ass; the other end of the fake cock thrashed about inside her own hot pussy; rubbing against her sweet spot and making her just want to cum then and their.

Pan had never felt such raw sexual energy in her life. Not only was she loving having anal sex with her best friend, but she had her father’s cock deeply buried in her other cavern and despite herself; she loved having two sexy hybrid Sayain’s fucking her at once. However, at her friend’s words a small amount of realisation boiled over in her stomach and Pan remembered who the sexy demi sayain in her pussy was…

“N…no… I can..can’t do this with daddy…” Her voice was little more than a groan, the pleasure from the two cocks buried inside making it hard to speak.

“Oh not again, just be honest with yourself Pan…” Bra growled, quickly becoming tired of her friend’s persistent denial. Although in another frame of mind she would probably have respected the teen’s unwillingness to relinquish her morals and encouraged her to keep fighting; this was getting silly. It was one thing to say you can’t have sex with your father when you’re still an innocent virgin but it’s just hypocritical when said girl’s father had his manhood buried to the hilt inside her. “you really do want to be double fucked by me and your daddy right?”

“Bra! Don’t say that its embarrassing…” However before she could finish, an orgasmic rush overcame her as at the same time, Gohan and Bra thrust their hips forward and filled Pan to the brink; banishing all resistance from the teen.

“Can you feel that Pan? You’re being screwed in both of you tight, virgin holes.”

A husky grin formed on Gohan’s face as he placed his hands firmly on his beloved daughter’s hips and began working his cock in and out of her tight pussy at the same steady rhythm as the sayain princess opposite him. Pan’s body rocked to their motions as she let out moans of ecstasy; having two hard cocks in her was pushing the teen to new heights. She was sandwiched between the two sayain elite’s and they were taking her to the stars; her ultimate orgasm drawing near at a unthinkable pace.

“OH MY KAMI! YOU’RE IN ME! YOU’RE BOTH SO DEEP INSIDE ME!” she moaned, her internal muscles stretching around the invading objects.

Using the desire that had filled her during the month, Bra hurriedly worked the toy in Pan’s tight ass while subsequently forcing it deeper inside her own pussy; making her cry out in ecstasy while savouring every delicious sensation.

Gohan was in paradise. Here he was with his naked goddess of a daughter in his arm’s as she rode his cock in all her part sayain glory. She felt so good…so hot and tight; so much like her tigress of a mother.

Their hot flesh grinded together in a sweaty mesh, Pan’s breasts pushing up against her daddy’s muscular chest while Bra’s assault drove the man’s cock deeper inside the teen. Her high pitched moans intensifying as the animal side of her mind soaked up the mind blowing sensations.


“Uh-uh-uh-uh-Yes-oh yes-I’m cumming too! I’m cumming too!” moaned Bra, her legs almost turning to mush as the tip of the toy rubbed her sweet spot.

“Uh-uh-me-oh Kami-too! Oh fuck Pan oh sweaty you’re so tight! Uh-uh-oh I’m about to cum!” moaned Gohan, loving the feeling of her tight passage around his hard dick.

Pan’s was on the brink. It would only take a few more and see would release. Wanting more, her hands slid in between her and the wall of muscle, up her body to fondle her own soft mounds while her lover’s were thrusting their organs into her tight passages. There thick members hitting all her pleasure spot’s over and over again and making her scream louder each time as she neared her climax When together, Gohan and Bra both plunged their hard dicks into her at once as deeply as they could go, unleashing an intense release of ecstasy for all three of them.

“OH FUCK! OH-OH YEAH! YEAH FUCK ME! OH YEAH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M GOING TO CUM! I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM!”, Her pussy and ass tightening as Pan was rocked with an intense orgasm, the pleasure was something beyond description and she had never felt anything similar in all her life. She could feel her inner walls convulsing and contracting around their throbbing tools, and her steaming juices flowed out of her heated core and coated her father’s stiff shaft as he kept on pounding into her.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PAN!” Gohan moaned, sensing his daughter’s muscles tightening around his member; the sensation sending shiver’s along his nerves until the sayain couldn’t keep himself from releasing his milky cum into her hot depths.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH!” moaned Bra, the toy hitting her pleasure spot once again and this time she couldn’t hold back and came in a gush of hot fluid; coating the rubber cock as it slid in and out of her pussy at a speedy tempo.

Quickly wrapping her arms around her father’s neck, it was all Pan could do to support herself as her legs gave was and fell limp; falling asleep in her father’s arms.

“Sleep well honey….” Gohan whispered before laying her down on the sofa; using his daughter’s clothes for her pillow and covering her with a blanket. Looking round, the sayain barely had time to catch Bra as she lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, legs around his waist, and swiftly impaling herself on his dick.

“Ooh Kami you’re so big! Yeah, oh yeah shove that giant cock of yours deep into my pussy,” she panted, tightening her legs around his waist and using her well developed thighs to move herself up and down the large organ. “Like that? Do you like fucking me brains out? Oh yes yes yes yes yes!”

Supporting the teen by her perfect ass, Gohan then helped his lover by moulding the firm orbs with his rough hands and lifted Bra up and steadied her against the wall. His eyes darkened by intense lust as he thrust forward and slammed roughly into her pussy, making her eyes roll back into her scull as she felt each of his movement’s graze her womb and literally take her breath away.

“Oh…oh Gohan! Oh yes! Take me! Take me again!” she moaned, her body craving more intimacy from the man holding her.

She loved having him inside her. Even after the events of the afternoon, she never tired of feeling him inside her. Leaning forward and pressing her lips to his in passionate kiss, her hands moved beneath his shirt and began clawing at his back, scratching him as she moved up and down. His hand squeezed her arse as the other moved between their bodies to caress her breasts, finger and thumb twisting her nipples in a way that drove the sayain princess wild.

“Gohan! Uh-uh-oh Gohan! Gonna cum soon! I’m gonna cum soon! Kami you’re so fucking amazing! OH GOHAN!” moaned Bra, her body bouncing to each thrust.

“Uh-uh-uh-Bra! My Kami! Almost…there!” he grunted before golden flames consumed his body and Gohan went super. “Oh it’s so good, Bra! You’re so tight!”

Aided now by the legendary sayain power, Gohan could no longer control his lust for the girl and began driving himself harder and harder into the princess until she had backed fully up into the wall, her body pounding against the plaster barrier so harshly she thought it might give in and break with each thrust of his powerful hips.

“Oh Kami Bra! I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll be screaming for the rest of the day!” His voice was thick with arousal as he felt the bluenet writhe in ecstasy beneath him and arch her back to press her large bosom against his chest as her third orgasm of the hour hit her and practically sent her reeling beyond consciousness.

“Oh yes! Give it to me Gohan! Give it to me NOW!” The Princess’s head rolled back as she felt his member filling her wet canal, as soon as he transformed his member had almost doubled in thickness and she needed a few moments to adjust to his new size. Taking a deep breath, his scent flooded her and was driving her mad with passion as she felt him fill her; her walls squeezing him tighter as they tried to accommodate him until…

“UH-UH-UH-UH-OH FUCK YEAH! UH-OH I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Bra arched her back and pressed herself against him holding onto his hard body with all her strength as she reached her climax. Her inner walls was tightening and contracting around Gohan’s stiff member while he continued thrusting into her as fast as he could knowing that he was very near to climax.

“UH-UH-UH-OH YOUR HOT SEXY SLUT! I’M CUMMING TOO!” grunted Gohan, slamming his cock in as far as it would go, taking a firm hold of her hips as he thrust his cock in as far as it would go, penetrating so deeply into the beautiful bluenet as he blasted his load of semen deep into her womb.



The air in the office was warm as bright rays of light shined in through the dark cover of clouds and hit their sweat-covered skin. Gohan tried to control his rapid breathing by taking deep breaths, only to have the smell of sex invade his senses like a wash of cold weather.

For the first time since he was ten Gohan so was afraid…

The memory of what had transpired in the office was as clear as day in the hybrid’s mind and all he could do was keep his onyx eyes closed and hope it was nothing more than a dream.

However, when he felt a figure begin to squirm in his arms, Gohan knew he had to face the truth and looked down to gaze at the sleeping blue haired figure. A content smile was plastered on her face as a silent, “Mmm Gohan…” flowed from her lips.

‘Ok this is bad…’ the sayain thought before looking over his shoulder at his office sofa and saw his naked daughter sleeping peacefully. ‘No let me say what it is; This is fucked up.’ Not only had Gohan cheated on Videl yet again with Bra, he taken both his daughter’s virginities and what was worse; he loved every minute of it.

Lost in thought, the sayain never noticed the movement beneath him until a shiver of pleasure ran down his spine and then Gohan noticed the long forgotten sensation at the base of his spine. His heart skipped a beat, it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be possible…

Swallowing hard, he looked down and his eyes almost exploded as he saw the object’s curled together between his and Bra’s bodies; expanding from the base of their spines were two sayain tail’s. His was a deep brown with thick fur while Bra’s matched her hair, a light blue colour with thin, neat fur.

And then it all became clear…

This shit wasn’t happening because of the full moon although it could explain Pan’s behaviour. The sad fact was that no matter how much he loved Videl, no matter how many times he told himself she was the only woman for him; his sayain blood hungered for the teenage sayain princess.

However that didn’t help matter’s much. If he were on the sayain home world their would be no problem. Vegeta himself had said that a sayain warrior could have more than one mate and it was almost tradition for the strongest warriors to have almost a harem of mates.

That wouldn’t mean much to Videl though. While she had accepted her husband’s sayain heritage, much like his mother their wasn’t much she was willing to put up with. In fact, Gohan was using the term ‘much’ very loosely as their were just three in total and he doubted his wife would be willing t add this to her list.

Looking up suddenly as a loud buzzing sound filled the office; Gohan was relieved to see it was just his secretary calling to say she was going home. He wasn’t sure if it was Dende sending him a gift or just old fashioned good luck but at that moment the sayain felt as if he could kiss the teen. During their heated fucking, the part Sayain’s had been anything but quiet and yet his secretary hadn’t even buzzed to ask if everything was alright. She would defiantly have to go.

Looking back down at the sleeping beauty in his arms, Gohan brushed a stray strand of light blue hair from her peaceful face and smiled to himself as he heard her sigh contentedly while nuzzling into the heat of his chest as she slept. Leaning down, he placed a light kiss on the princess’s check before whispering “Would you like a job?”

Any thoughts?

Hi all

Ok, I’m trying to gage my curent turmoil is worth it. As all those who follow me are doubtlessly aware my current project is almst ready to be sent off for editing, and i just want to see if my alterations are worth it. Beneath  is two segments, the first is what it was like after i finished th first draft, the second is how it lookes after a month and a bit of my alterations. Wold love to know what you think.

First Draft:

How Original. “Oh? Isn’t it?” She asked coyly, her smile turning playful as she cocked her head to the side and fixed him with a pondering stare. Then, with all the predatory grace of a lioness stalking a mouse, she shut the door and advanced towards the bed before snatching the photo from his grasp. Panicking, he tried to grab it back but the motion proved too difficult while still pressing the pillow to his person and instead he almost toppled to the floor while she raised the snapshot to look at it more closely.

It was indeed an old photo of her; one that had been taken two years before when she’d treated Mark to a week’s holiday in Cyprus, and showed her reclining back on a deserted stretch of sandy beach in nothing but a close fitting white Bikini with her skin glittering gold in the warm sun light. By its poor quality, she guessed it had been taken on a camera phone when she wasn’t looking. “Well, at least this means you’re no longer stealing my panties,” she said matter-of-factly. Mark’s face burned so red she wondered if he might cry through sheer embarrassment. Deciding to take pity on him, she casually threw the photo over her shoulder. “Now, little brother…” she shrugged her jacket off and let it fall around her feet before carefully stepping out of her boots; “do you remember what I told you the last time I caught jacking off while fantasying about me?”

As if hearing her for the first time, Mark slowly turned his sights up to meet her gaze, his big hazel eyes as wide and innocent, like a puppy begging for his ball. “If you need to cum,” she said in a low sensuous tone, “just ask.”

Her lips curling, she seized the pillow and tossed it aside before climbing up onto the bed, straddling his waist and, bending down to cover his skinny frame with her own, taking him in a firm kiss.

Current Draft:

How Original. “Oh? Is it not?” She asked coyly, cocking her head to the side and fixing him with a pondering stare. There was a soft thump as the door swung closed behind her under its own momentum. “You know, I’d expected something less cliché from you. Though I have to admit, I’d also thought you would know, that, if you must sneak off in the middle of your own party to give yourself a treat, lock the bloody door!”  Never taking her eyes off him, Mina reached back and turned the locking mechanism, the blot slamming into place with a reassuring click. Then, with all the predatory grace of a lioness stalking a mouse, she advanced towards the bed with deliberate slowness.

Mark looked down at his feet, a bright splash of colour staining his checks. Mina had to resist the urge to giggle; he was so cute when he was embarrassed. Coming to stand over him, she snatched the photo from his grasp. “What’s this?”

“It’s nothing! No! Give it back!” Panicking, he tried to grab it back but the motion proved too difficult while still pressing the pillow to his person and, instead, almost toppled to the floor. Smirking, his stepsister sidestepped his desperate lunge and raised the snapshot into the light.

It was indeed a photo of her; taken two years before when she’d treated Mark to a week’s holiday in Cyprus. It showed her reclining back on a deserted stretch of sandy beach in nothing but a white close fitting swimsuit, her skin glowing gold in the late afternoon sun and head tilted away from the camera towards the horizon. By its poor quality, she guessed it had been taken on a camera phone. “Well, at least this means you’re no longer stealing my panties,” she said matter-of-factly, causing Mark’s face to burn such a shade of red she wondered if he was about to cry with sheer embarrassment. Deciding to take pity on him, she casually threw the photo over her shoulder.

“Now, little brother…” she shrugged off her jacket and let it fall around her feet before carefully stepping out of her boots; “do you remember what I said the last time I walked in on you?” Slowly, ever so slowly, Mark looked up from his feet to meet her gaze, his eyes wide and questioning, and there was something else, hope. There was hope there, but also uncertainty, as though he didn’t dare believe his own ears for fear that it was all too good to be true. Mina understood his hesitancy. After all, they’d agreed, they had both agreed never again, but dammit she didn’t care.  She wanted him; wanted him as she had never wanted any man before.

Holding his gaze, Mina slowly sat beside him on the edge of the bed. Reaching out to place a delicate hand upon his knee, she could barely rein in her victorious grin. The touch was light, gentle, almost cautious, but even so, Mark’s back went as stiff as a board. Hard muscles rippled beneath warm hairless skin, tensing at her touch. Pretending not to notice the way his eyes glanced downwards, watching her hand as though it were a venomous insect, she innocently tilted her head.

Keeping her movements soft and slow, so tortuously slow, she slid the offending hand higher. His flesh was hot against her fingers, the muscles beneath harder than she had expected, and, as she moved higher up his thigh, she could feel the tension amassing. A playful smile pulled at the corner of her lips.

“But what about…” His jaw was tight and what was left of his voice in that choked squeak gave out when her hand paused just below the pillow. Still endeavouring to resist her, however, his hand began to shake, the knuckles turning bone-white as he pressed the pillow firmly to his groin. Her smile growing ever more coy, she raised her palm and swept her fingertips over his skin,  drawing swirling feather-light patterns over the skin of his inner-thigh, just skirting the boundary of the pillow.

“If you want me to make you cum,” she pivoted, swinging a long, perfectly toned leg across his waist, baring escape and bringing them nose to nose. Leaning forward, her nose mimicking the motions of the hand upon his thigh,  sketching an intricate weaving web across his flushed cheek as her lips came within a hair’s breadth of his ear. She could feel his breath quickening, growing short and frayed, the warmth of each washing over her neck and sending  tingling sensations shooting down her spin to the wet heat pulsing between her thighs. In a voice low and sultry, threaded with promise, she whispered, “Just ask.” 

When she drew back, the look in his eyes made her feel like a cat toying with a mouse, glorying in the sweet ambrosia of holding such power over another living creature, just before it pounced.

 “Mina…” Mark gulped, his tongue darting out to sweep across his lips. “We shouldn…” Swooping down, his step-sister promptly silenced him.

Updates and Big news!!!


Sorry again for my abscence. Well once again my book has got me into a hole i just can’t yet claw myself out off, so haven’t sent it off yet. Don’t you just love it when you keep coming back to the same thing to rewrite, going back and forth, back and forth, changing one word here, another there, only to return to it later and write what you had in the first place because you now think that was better. I’m stuck in that loop :/

The annoying thing is, this is the 2nd draft. I have a finished copy that will do for publication, I’m simply putting myself through this just because i think it can be better, yet it is the author’s curse to always feel their work can be improved…
Well for other news, I’ve spoken to my comissioner and we’ve agreed to cancel the Naruto fic. Mostly because I’ve got some confidence issues at the moment and just couldn’t get a feel for it. However the Futa Videl story is still ago and will be starting it next. Much to my surprise this month is seen me speaking to a few fans who contacted me via E-mail, I have no problem with this BTW in fact i rather enjoy talking with my readers. One brought up an interesting point, I’ve left several works incomplete other the years, not by intent but they’ve just been pushed back in favour of new ideas. This particulair reader wanted to know when i would finish ‘A day of Confessions’ I story i did leave on a bit of a cliff. So I think it’s time i returned to it, once i’ve finished this current project my that story will be my off time work, in other words I am going to start it again. As this is my blog you can take that as a promise and i never break a promise. Can’t say when it will be done as it has more sex in it than any story i’ve ever writen and ends will a full out GohanxVidelxPanxBra Orgy. If you happen to have any ideas I’m all ears, or if there is any other stories of mine you’d like me to return to I’m all ears.

Oh and just one more thing, I’ve been having a bit of fun with my GIMP software, what do you think of the new Promo pic for Sweet Temptations? Well that’s all untill next time and please wish me luck.