Updates and Big news!!!


Sorry again for my abscence. Well once again my book has got me into a hole i just can’t yet claw myself out off, so haven’t sent it off yet. Don’t you just love it when you keep coming back to the same thing to rewrite, going back and forth, back and forth, changing one word here, another there, only to return to it later and write what you had in the first place because you now think that was better. I’m stuck in that loop :/

The annoying thing is, this is the 2nd draft. I have a finished copy that will do for publication, I’m simply putting myself through this just because i think it can be better, yet it is the author’s curse to always feel their work can be improved…
Well for other news, I’ve spoken to my comissioner and we’ve agreed to cancel the Naruto fic. Mostly because I’ve got some confidence issues at the moment and just couldn’t get a feel for it. However the Futa Videl story is still ago and will be starting it next. Much to my surprise this month is seen me speaking to a few fans who contacted me via E-mail, I have no problem with this BTW in fact i rather enjoy talking with my readers. One brought up an interesting point, I’ve left several works incomplete other the years, not by intent but they’ve just been pushed back in favour of new ideas. This particulair reader wanted to know when i would finish ‘A day of Confessions’ I story i did leave on a bit of a cliff. So I think it’s time i returned to it, once i’ve finished this current project my that story will be my off time work, in other words I am going to start it again. As this is my blog you can take that as a promise and i never break a promise. Can’t say when it will be done as it has more sex in it than any story i’ve ever writen and ends will a full out GohanxVidelxPanxBra Orgy. If you happen to have any ideas I’m all ears, or if there is any other stories of mine you’d like me to return to I’m all ears.

Oh and just one more thing, I’ve been having a bit of fun with my GIMP software, what do you think of the new Promo pic for Sweet Temptations? Well that’s all untill next time and please wish me luck.

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