Almost out of time

It’s just starting to dawn on me that I’m running out of time unsure emoticon. I’m booked in to send my current WIP off for editing in Feb, that’s just over a month away and I’ve spent at least three times that amount of time being stuck on one small section for rewriting. Well to be honest I’ve been in the same sort of area of the story for the last six months! frown emoticon
Why? I don’t know. There is just something abut this story that seems to be cursed. Working on it has forced me to confront so many of my own faults and weakness and at the moment I just feel so unsure. (But that’s what being a writer’s all about so I just tell myself to suck it up.) Now I’m just generally stuck, I know what i want it to be but I sometimes feel it’s like trying to make a mountain out a mole hill, but if i don’t put that it in the story won’t feel write to me. On the other hand, this is the scene where the main character gives in to her temptations and comits the deed she knows will set her on a path she’ll never again be able to leave. She turned from it once, but now she is giving in to him again and it feels so good, so right she doesn’t care that it’s wrong…

Only a month left to finish, I supose the problem might be that this is a rewrite after all and now a lot of my enthusiasim for this project is gone…
Oh well at least the story is largly finished already so if I’ can’t do it i can just add in the section from the original copy and come back to it in a year or so.

Just checking in with a new idea…

Evening all

OK I know I’ve been absent, sorry. I’m keep getting waylaid and with my deadline coming up I’ve neglected the blog.

Not much has happened except my Microsoft office crashed on me twice and both times I’ve lost the better part of a weeks work so my laptop is very lucky i haven’t hurled it through the window.

However I have had a new DBZ story idea that will be a series. It will focus around Videl, the primary pairing will be GohanxVidel but i stress that it will not be the only one. Not sure how many stories there will be however. The first will be set shortly after Gohan comes to OSH, Videl is having a bad day. Still fuming from Saiyaman foiling a bank robbery she was already handling, Videl enters the locker room after PE class, strips down, and begins to take a shower. Washing, she contemplates the events of the last couple of weeks and ponders the identity of her competition for the title of saviour of satin city, as well as the carious nature of the dorky new kid (Gohan). Her thoughts are broken  however by the sound of the lunch bell, and she turns off the water, grabs her towel and, hearing someone enter the locker room, exits the showers only to dart back inside. Gohan and Erasa are in the locker room. Gohan is trying to leave, saying he shouldn’t be here, but Erasa  brushes his concerns aside before seducing him, undoing his belt, and giving him a blow job.

Videl watches with wide eyes, she knows she should turn away, that it is none of her business, but she is captivated by the sight of Gohan’s cock. Having always been sheltered by her father in all manners of sex, this is the first time she has seen any thing like it. Aroused, she begins to masturbate and hits a climax at the exact moment Gohan does. Her first ever orgasm.

She waits until the pair leave before getting dressed and hurrying out to her next class. Ashamed by her actions, Videl can’t even meet her friend’s eyes for the rest of the day and noticing the change in her, Erasa pulls her aside, asks her what’s going on, before deciding Videl is working to hard saving the city and should take the day off ‘now that Satan City has Saiyaman protecting it’.

The blond proceeds to drag Videl around the city on a binge shopping trip. Afterwards they go back to Erasa’s place, only to find her parents are out. Dumping the bags in a corner, the girls drop down into the sofa where Erasa once again asks Videl what was wrong. Videl tries to deny it but then Erasa asks here if she enjoyed watching her and Gohan. Horrofied to find out she had been caught, Videl tries to go but Erasa stops  her, tells her it’s OK and asks her what she thought. Embarrassed she admits she liked it and they begin to discuss Videl’s intimacy issues, Erasa chipping away her defences bit by bit until it comes out Videl hasn’t even kissed a boy, nor that she thought she’d know what to do if it ever occurred. Erasa takes the initiative and pounces, kissing her on her parents couch. Videl is hesitant at first, but soon gets into it and they begin to make out before Erasa goes down on her. After Videl has an orgasm,  Erasa takes her hand leads her to her room before pulling out a starp-on and proceeds to give Videl lessons…

I’m not sure where these stories will go or where they’ll end, though i’m currently thinking of them revealing Videl has a fetish for being dominated, not BDSM or S&M more just Vegeta-like personality traits. They will include things from the movies as well as the Series and have various pairings, if anyone has any suggestions for setting or couplings i’m all ears.
Current scene ideas are (in no particular order)

  • VidelxGohan
  • VidelxSaiyaman 
  • VidelxGotenxTrunks
  • VidelxBuu
  • VidelxBulmaxChiChi
  • VidelxChichi
  • VidelxBroley
  • VidelxBroleyxGohan

I am thinking of having the last story being a written up  version of PBX’s kami house pic which features Videl getting TPed by Gohan, Trunks and Goten while Chichi, Bulma and 18 play in the background (and master Roshi spies from the door way).