Almost out of time

It’s just starting to dawn on me that I’m running out of time unsure emoticon. I’m booked in to send my current WIP off for editing in Feb, that’s just over a month away and I’ve spent at least three times that amount of time being stuck on one small section for rewriting. Well to be honest I’ve been in the same sort of area of the story for the last six months! frown emoticon
Why? I don’t know. There is just something abut this story that seems to be cursed. Working on it has forced me to confront so many of my own faults and weakness and at the moment I just feel so unsure. (But that’s what being a writer’s all about so I just tell myself to suck it up.) Now I’m just generally stuck, I know what i want it to be but I sometimes feel it’s like trying to make a mountain out a mole hill, but if i don’t put that it in the story won’t feel write to me. On the other hand, this is the scene where the main character gives in to her temptations and comits the deed she knows will set her on a path she’ll never again be able to leave. She turned from it once, but now she is giving in to him again and it feels so good, so right she doesn’t care that it’s wrong…

Only a month left to finish, I supose the problem might be that this is a rewrite after all and now a lot of my enthusiasim for this project is gone…
Oh well at least the story is largly finished already so if I’ can’t do it i can just add in the section from the original copy and come back to it in a year or so.

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