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Okay, it’s fixing to get hot up in here, y’all.  This installment of Watch This Space features erotica author L.M. Mountford and his latest book, Confessions. Here’s the official …

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Maybe i should have been more clear.

First, let me just say thank you to those who wrote in, but maybe i should have been more clear, I was only looking for light slightly tame ideas lol. Afraid no bondage  or oral sex chains lol. That being said, two of your suggestions sound perfect.

1 – Bulma and Chichi/Videl Making out. I’m not sure which to have, Videl would be a good openier to he ending scene but then let’s face it, everyone like the idea of Bulma and Chichi making out, however chichi does already have a scene with Gohan and one with GohanxBulma so again i’ll leave it up to you, the readers, to decide. The scene will be a make out/ stripping/ tribbing scene.

2- Massage. This idea came from the tickling torture and the kai bath  orgasim ideas. Bassiacally it will have Gohan giving Bulma a orgasim via a massage but not being able to touch her clit. So instead he channals his energy into his his touch to intensify the sensation (this will basically be a porn massage scene but without the fucking at the end). Afraid i won’t be using the tickiling idea however as i’ve found the closest thinkg tickling has ever brought me was the need to take a piss, i don’t know what the folks at Palcomix did to have that reaction but i’ve yet to discover it lol).

3 – I’ve also decided to have Gohan doing a strip in front of the girl’s for a dare, it was originally a penise size dare but then Videl said that as it’s her Birthday she wants him to do a sexy strip for her. This will be one of the first dares and will be hinting at Chichi’s feeling for Gohan by having him worried about doing it in front of his mother (and no small amount embarrased by what he is about to do) her not look away.

If anyone has anyother dare ideas, please let me know (i’m thinkning about have 18 do something, please bare in mind she’s a futa but no full out sex). Also truth questions, the girls are all looking at getting a good shagging but i’d like to feature a few more questions, remember they need to be fun 😉

Just an idea

Ok, i know none of my WIPs are any where near finished, but i wonder if i should try submitting one of them to be ‘published’? On the other hand, they are both short stories so probably wouldn’t pan and one is a futa fic (it’s a fanfic story i’ve been commissioned to write that will then be converted), so probably better not that one.

However the other is my first true Romantic contemporary that i’m planning expanding with a sequel or two. It might be then way too go, self-publish the individual books then when they’re all done (in god knows how many years) send the omnibus to a publisher. The only issue is i have no idea how to write a contemporary series, what is the end result when not writing for the sex and there is villain with plans to rule the world to kill?

I’ve read a few contemporaries so I know it’s supposed to be the journey that drives the story, but i can’t think what journey my story would have? Would it be combatting her constant drive to flee due to her abandonment issues? Or his former lover following him to Australia to try to save the relationship after she cheated on him by having a drunken three-way with the lead singers of the band he represents at a party. Or should it be something to do with reuniting her with the parents who gave her up as a baby and have moved on with their lives and started another family?

Well if all else fails i guess i could just have her being stolen by some sensitive vampire who means to bring his lost love back to life in her body (who she just so happens to be the splitting image of) while a team of werewolf mercs train him to stop the dawning vampappocalipse lol

Bulma’s scene…

Ok, i’ve had a little idea.

I can’t help but notice that in my Truth or Dare story every girl has there own. 18 has her masterbation dare, chichi (though not specifically directed at her) has blowing gohan than shagging him. Videl has her 10 orgasims in a hour. But what does Buma have?

It seems she is something of a third where and only has the group blow job befor flitting back and forth amonget the z-girl orgy. So let’s have a competion, list what you want to see bulma doing and i will pick the winner by either most populair idea or the hotest sounding. I don’t care if it’s having all the others bring her to orgasim using just tongues and fingers or making 18 cum without using her mouth and pussy.

(oh if there are picks showing what you’d like to read, maybe from a doujin or the either wild rule 34, links to or copyies pasted here will also count.)

Of course you can also ask for a truth question, there will be a few and i’m always open to suggestions as well as for the dares but let’s try giving all the girls a dare at least once. And if there is anything you’d like to see videl do or have done before she’s made into a sandwich, fire away 🙂

Sneak Peak – Transformations

Afternoon Everyone

Well the new blog has been up for a week and no problems so far (fingers Crossed). Anyway life has been a little up and down for me, I’ve been addicted to playing Total War Medieval 2, ironically  it was buying TW: Warhammer that allwed me to play it on the new computer with Windows 10, and when i try and get some done i find life throws me a nice curve ball to screw up my plans, not to metion the recent series of Game of Thrones. Yes i’m a GoT nut, I love the books and i’m addicted to the series, just wish they wouldn’t keep killing off my favourite characters. So as you can surmise my writing has been suffering for it.

Untill i finish the first chapter of Transformations, I’m focusing all my writing attention on it. The problem is that after going self-published i’ve become addicted to trying to make my writing as good as it can be, even my fanfics so i spend a but of ltime obsessing. I’ve tried half a dozen different ideas so far and still got pages of ideas jotted down. The problem is Transformations starts half way through and then looks back so got to get everything right.

In other news, Confessions is still struggiling. I took part in a event on Friday but could neither drum up interest or much else. That’s the hard part of being a opening act i guess. Anyway, another even is sceduled for next month so hopefully better luck next time.

Finally, as i promised last week, her is a sneak peak from Transformations.




How have I come to this?

Lightning streaked across the blackened sky, scorching the overcast heavens with a brilliance that turned darkness into blue-white light and threw the canopy of dense black clouds into sharp relief. Not so much as flinching under before it’s fury, Videl numbly watched bolt stab the sky, the glare turning her ivory skin ghostly white against the lustrous curtain of raven hair spread out beneath her.

It had been Gohan’s idea to have a skylight in their bedroom. He’d wanted to be able to snuggle together and stare up at the sky and make love under the stars like they had when they’d first started dating, back when they’d been hormonal teens who’d spend the long afternoons training out in the middle of nowhere, far away from anyone who might overhear. Their growing careers, as well as the recent real-estate developments across the 439mountain area increasing the risk of discovery, had put a stop to those ‘workouts’ however and Videl had been so surprised, and turned on, by his uncharacteristically romantic gesture that she had agreed immediately before kissing him hard and demanding he take her, their across the architect’s desk…

No, stop that! She chided, scrunching her eyes closed. Rolling onto her side, she drew her knees up to her chin and hugged herself against the heat coiling round her belly and that familiar, needy throbbing in her centre which always came before…  No! It would not take her again. She was Videl Son. She was stronger than this.  She would fight it. She must fight it.

How have I come to this?

Gohan. Shame twisted round and over her belly in tighter and tighter knots at the thought of her husband, but a part of her leapt and despite the heat spreading through her she couldn’t resist twisting to peer longingly up at the skylight. She wanted him back, here, home in this bed with her where he belonged. Yet then could he ever forgive her? She had done the unthinkable, broken her marriage vows to him, and risked everything they had together. And she’d enjoyed it. Videl had relished every second.

Red and sore from so many hours crying, deep cerulean eyes peered longingly up at the roiling canopy, straining to catch any glimpse of golden fire amidst the enveloping storm. Somewhere out there, beyond the storm and the earth and all the furthest reaches of the solar system, lost amidst the sea of innumerable stars, Gohan was swept up in the race to gather up the dragon balls before the earth was destroyed by their mysterious magic.

When Goku told them what had transpired on Dende’s lookout, of the planet’s imminent destruction and the plan to search for them using an advanced radar fitted into a new capsule corp starship, Videl knew that her husband would go along with his father and the other saiyans. He was just too noble. It didn’t matter that he had given up recreational martial arts so they could start a family, Gohan was still a Saiyan and would never stand aside and let the others risk their lives if he thought he could help. And they needed him then, so when he’d said he was going too, she didn’t object.

Later, when they were back home and Pan had left to spend the night round a friend’s, she had slipped into her sexiest nighty and slunk into the bedroom. The room was dark but for the low light filtering in through the skylight above and her chemise, a near transparent slip of silk that would have left nothing to the imagination if not for the delicate trails of floral filigree spiralling from hem to neck, didn’t make so much as a rustle as she moved towards the bed. Clad in nought but a pair of drawstring slacks that did nothing to hide the muscular thighs within, Gohan sat perched on the edge of their bed with his fingers laced and head bowed. Tumbles of spiked ink-coloured hair blocked her from seeing the worry etched across her husband’s broad, handsome face. The pose accentuated the muscles of his back and gave his skin the skin the look of milk marble. To the casual eye, he looked deep in thought but Videl knew the demi-saiyan too well to be deceived, or to miss the all too familiar way he’d obsessively rub the back of his neck or have that haunted faraway look.

Seemingly lost in thought, he gave no sign of noticing her approach, but she knew he sensed her, feeling her presence in the same ripple of awareness that coursed through her own skin.

“You know you have to go.” She husked, coming up behind her husband on her hands and knees to nuzzle the sensitive spot where his collar met his neck. Draping one arm over his shoulder, soft fingers gliding down his chest to brush over a flat nipple and teasing it to stiffness, she curled the other round his waist and nestled into the ridge of his back. Tight muscles quivered under her touch, belying his stoic exterior, and Videl didn’t fight the playful smile tugging at her full red lips. “They need you.”

“So do you” he said without looking up, the cultured rumble of his voice deadly soft with a crackling intensity that sent quivers racing through her belly. Though she had only caught brief glimpses of it, Videl knew a terrible rage burned inside Gohan that, when released, made even his mother appear calm and docile.

Welcome to the new blog, a new look for the new lair…

Well the new blog is up, and it only took the better part of a day. There are still a few kinks to work out, there  isn’t much guidence and while the menus sound like fun when it’s all playing it by ear they can be a bit annoying, but never mind.

I suppose this move was always fortold, but it’s still a shame to say goodbye to the old blog but time waits for no man. Not sure what the future will hold here , wordpress does offer a lot of interesting options but they are a little more riged than blogger with those who don’t want to pay ;).

Anyway will try and post a update this week, time hasn’t been friendly to my writing time recently…