Bulma’s scene…

Ok, i’ve had a little idea.

I can’t help but notice that in my Truth or Dare story every girl has there own. 18 has her masterbation dare, chichi (though not specifically directed at her) has blowing gohan than shagging him. Videl has her 10 orgasims in a hour. But what does Buma have?

It seems she is something of a third where and only has the group blow job befor flitting back and forth amonget the z-girl orgy. So let’s have a competion, list what you want to see bulma doing and i will pick the winner by either most populair idea or the hotest sounding. I don’t care if it’s having all the others bring her to orgasim using just tongues and fingers or making 18 cum without using her mouth and pussy.

(oh if there are picks showing what you’d like to read, maybe from a doujin or the either wild rule 34, links to or copyies pasted here will also count.)

Of course you can also ask for a truth question, there will be a few and i’m always open to suggestions as well as for the dares but let’s try giving all the girls a dare at least once. And if there is anything you’d like to see videl do or have done before she’s made into a sandwich, fire away 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bulma’s scene…

    • Videl geting anal from 18 is already planned. Bulma getting eatten out is an idea, maybe not by everyone as that is pretty close to the Gohan blowfest, but maybe have her trying to do something while getting eaten out…


  1. So you need some dares for bulma, huh? I got a few to share if that’s alright.

    – Take a picture of bulma’s boobs and soaked pussy, then post them online
    – Wears a butt plug while making out with one of the girls.
    – Make the other four orgasm once, using different parts of her body for each person (Ex. Bulma uses her mouth to give Gohan a blowjob, so she cannot use her mouth on Videl, ChiChi or 18.)
    – Tickle torture her breasts, ass, pussy, tummy until she orgasms. The link below may give you an idea.


    As for Videl before she gets sandwiched, here’s what I want to see.

    – Videl’s breasts being groped and nipples being licked, sucked, nibbled for one of the orgasms.
    – Chichi and Bulma use dildos and/or vibrators on Videl’s ass and pussy.
    – Videl gets a lesbian experience with ChiChi licking her pussy while Bulma and 18 work on her breasts.
    – Videl getting fucked by both 18 and Gohan for a couple of orgasms.
    – Perhaps on the end when Videl is sandwiched by 18 and Gohan, you have ChiChi and Bulma stimulate Videl’s breasts and nipples saving poor Videl’s most powerful orgasm for last. The picture below might give you some inspiration.


  2. The tickle torture idea in the comment above is interesting. I was thinking of that idea as well. I also have some more for Bulma if you would like. How about Bulma giving a tribadism to chichi? I was thinking of having a four way cunnilingus. Bulma starts by giving oral to 18. Then Videl joins the fun by having 18 give her oral. Chichi comes along so Videl can give her oral, and chichi finishes off by giving bulma oral. Until they all cum while Gohan watches.

    Now for Videl. I’ve seen most of the suggestions and it looks like videl will be having the best night of her life, don’t know how much i can add. Maybe have Gohan and the other girls use their ki powers to stimulate videl’s nerves and muscles of her pussy to induce powerful, squirting orgasms (see picture below). As Videl pussy squirts out her juices, the group her nectar in a cup. When the cup is almost full, they dump it on Videl. Or how about putting Videl in a bondage position like the Horizontal Spreadeagle (my favorite) and have all four members work on her from there? For my final suggestion for videl, how about a double oral? One person works on her pussy, while the another gives her oral on her anal oral?


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