Just an idea

Ok, i know none of my WIPs are any where near finished, but i wonder if i should try submitting one of them to be ‘published’? On the other hand, they are both short stories so probably wouldn’t pan and one is a futa fic (it’s a fanfic story i’ve been commissioned to write that will then be converted), so probably better not that one.

However the other is my first true Romantic contemporary that i’m planning expanding with a sequel or two. It might be then way too go, self-publish the individual books then when they’re all done (in god knows how many years) send the omnibus to a publisher. The only issue is i have no idea how to write a contemporary series, what is the end result when not writing for the sex and there is villain with plans to rule the world to kill?

I’ve read a few contemporaries so I know it’s supposed to be the journey that drives the story, but i can’t think what journey my story would have? Would it be combatting her constant drive to flee due to her abandonment issues? Or his former lover following him to Australia to try to save the relationship after she cheated on him by having a drunken three-way with the lead singers of the band he represents at a party. Or should it be something to do with reuniting her with the parents who gave her up as a baby and have moved on with their lives and started another family?

Well if all else fails i guess i could just have her being stolen by some sensitive vampire who means to bring his lost love back to life in her body (who she just so happens to be the splitting image of) while a team of werewolf mercs train him to stop the dawning vampappocalipse lol


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