Maybe i should have been more clear.

First, let me just say thank you to those who wrote in, but maybe i should have been more clear, I was only looking for light slightly tame ideas lol. Afraid no bondage  or oral sex chains lol. That being said, two of your suggestions sound perfect.

1 – Bulma and Chichi/Videl Making out. I’m not sure which to have, Videl would be a good openier to he ending scene but then let’s face it, everyone like the idea of Bulma and Chichi making out, however chichi does already have a scene with Gohan and one with GohanxBulma so again i’ll leave it up to you, the readers, to decide. The scene will be a make out/ stripping/ tribbing scene.

2- Massage. This idea came from the tickling torture and the kai bath  orgasim ideas. Bassiacally it will have Gohan giving Bulma a orgasim via a massage but not being able to touch her clit. So instead he channals his energy into his his touch to intensify the sensation (this will basically be a porn massage scene but without the fucking at the end). Afraid i won’t be using the tickiling idea however as i’ve found the closest thinkg tickling has ever brought me was the need to take a piss, i don’t know what the folks at Palcomix did to have that reaction but i’ve yet to discover it lol).

3 – I’ve also decided to have Gohan doing a strip in front of the girl’s for a dare, it was originally a penise size dare but then Videl said that as it’s her Birthday she wants him to do a sexy strip for her. This will be one of the first dares and will be hinting at Chichi’s feeling for Gohan by having him worried about doing it in front of his mother (and no small amount embarrased by what he is about to do) her not look away.

If anyone has anyother dare ideas, please let me know (i’m thinkning about have 18 do something, please bare in mind she’s a futa but no full out sex). Also truth questions, the girls are all looking at getting a good shagging but i’d like to feature a few more questions, remember they need to be fun 😉


15 thoughts on “Maybe i should have been more clear.

  1. No worries. Thanks for clearing things up. I thought since this was a sexual truth or dare story, you wanted something on the hot side. Anyway, allow me to give you some other ideas for 18 since she’s a futa. I was going to say make out with Gohan and while doing so have their penises rub against each other, but I guess that’s a little on the hot side, unless you want to tame it a bit. Thinking that she makes Videl jealous to intensify the upcoming situation since u said its her birthday. Maybe have Bulma give 18 a footjob or handjob?

    Truth questions are hard because a lot of us want to see the girls get hot during the action. Still here’s what I can come up with. Chichi – Whens the last time she and Goku had sex? ; Bulma – Whens the last time she watched porn? ; Gohan – Who else would you rather have sex with besides someone in the room right now? ; 18 – Describe a threesome experience she had with 2 guys or 1 girl&1guy ; Videl – Describe what she will do to Gohan if he was chained to the bed.

    Not the best when it comes to truth questions but I hope it helps.

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  2. I know some truth questions you could use.

    Videl – What’s more sensitive: your breasts or your pussy?
    ChiChi – Have you ever fantasized having sex with Gohan
    Bulma – What is the shortest sex period you had with Vegeta?
    18 – Who gave you your first blowjob?
    Gohan – Have you ever had an erection at work/school?

    Since it’s Videl’s birthday, she probably should get something special. While it is best to try to spread the pleasure out as evenly as possible, Videl should get very special treatment or perhaps the best/hottest dares. Just my suggestion. Your story, but thought I pitch in a bit.


  3. I suck at truth questions but I’ll see what I can do.

    – Videl: When you masterbated, have you ever squirted yourself to the point of passing out?
    – 18: Lick each girl’s pussy and determine who’s pussy tastes the best?
    – ChiChi: Describe the best sex she had?
    – Bulma: Compare Vegeta’s penis to Gohan’s/18 and who’s is bigger?
    – Gohan: Using the people in the room, how would you describe your perfect sexual fantasy?

    I got one more dare for everyone. Everyone masterbates to see who can cum the fastest. Whoever cums last, there will be a punishment.


  4. By the way, exactly how are you going to decide which truth questions and dares you will be using? seems like you have a lot to choose from.


      • Awesome. If its too much to ask, can you give us a list of what truths and dares you’ll be using for the story?


      • Well all the things i’ve decided so far are listed either in my last update or in the page announcing the sory. There will probably be more but i doubt i’ll have set my heart on it untill the day comes t write it.


      • Either way, it’s bound to be hot and probably your best DBZ fanfic (though thats just my personal opinion; or maybe 2nd to debt repaid with interest) Cant wait for your next update regarding the truth and dare story so we know where u at.


      • Well it’s bound to be one of longest and most sex filled. I don’t think i’ve ever heard of a story with so many pairings. The only question is, am i good enough to pull it off…


      • I believe you are good enough. After reading most of your stories I have no doubt you will shatter our expectations once again. Believe in yourself. Im pretty sure we all believe in you. 🙂


    • Hey there man. I don’t know if you’re still taking suggestions for your Truth or Dare story. And I understand that you are currently looking on other stories right now. But here’s something you could use probably at the end of the Truth or Dare story. Take a look at the picture below.

      As you can see, four characters are giving Asuna all of the pleasure. I’m thinking how sexual and amazing that’ll look with Videl in the middle, as Gohan and 18 fuck her to submission and ChiChi and Bulma stimulate her boobs. Looks hot doesn it? I know it’s SAO, but replace those characters with your characters from DBZ.

      Kirito -> Gohan
      Asuna -> Videl
      Rika -> 18
      Suguha -> ChiChi
      Asada -> Bulma.

      Think about it. I know the story is still in the planning stage, but I would like to help out in anyway I can.


      • That would be a fantastic ending. Videl doing a 69 with ChiChi while Bulma works on her breasts, as Gohan and 18 sandwich her? Man, I can imagine the breasts and the DP, but I’m having trouble imagining how Chichi can do a 69 with Videl with all of that action going on. Do you have like a reference picture for that last position? I really want to see what it looks like and how much pleasure Videl will be getting with all of that done to her.


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