Good News


Well, I have a bit of good news, well it is for me. If you’re hoping for a post saying I’ve started truth or dare then you’ll be out of luck lol.

No this is in regards to the Transformations story, I’ve had a quick word with the commissioner of the story and he’s agreed to let the story be a four chapter work. This is as Confessions took the better part of two years to write but this way he’ll be able to get the story quicker, or at least the quarters of it. It also means I’ll be able to earn a little more for my hard work, call me a cheat but £25s isn’t much for years of work.

I know there isn’t a lot of interest in the story but this alteration has given me time (so to speak) to add in some of the new ideas that have formed as im writing and one such example is the first chapter will now include a sex scene between Gohan and Videl. So all you GxV fans will have a chapter to look forward to, even if you hate the rest. Another idea is for a FutaVidelxBulmaXFuta18 scene, this was inspired by a series of pics done by the artist PBX, I’m not sure how it might work yet but it’s something. I also considered writing a VidelxBra scene but that might be pushing things.

Ont other news, Some of you may recall that I spoke of haveing a pic commissioned to go with the Truth or Dare story, well now I’m thinking of having it turned into a comic. The Catch is I can’t afford it, so if anyone likes that idea I will be accepting donations towards its creation nearer the time.

Finally, I’ve been sending Sweet Temptations  publication requests to a few publishing houses to see if it can be added to an anthology. I’m not really expecting anything to come of it but it never hurts to try…


8 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I think for a potentially long story like this, it might need 20-30 pgs. Maybe more.

    Who are you thinking of asking to commission it? jadenkaiba? stormfeder? reit? pbx?

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  2. If you can tell me how to get in touch with PBX I’d be on the messager in an instant lol. I’ve used Jakenkaiba a number of times but he’s so busy it could take up to 5 years to get the comic finished. Stormfeder is certainly a possible, I like his style but I’d want the scenes a bit longer than he usually does, funsexydragonball and god of chaos are also possibles, as well as SunsetRiders7, Prywinko & kitsune999. I’d have liked to offer DTiberius the job but i suspect he’s passed on 😦


  3. I wish I could help make donations but I’m kinda short on cash right now. Still great to see that you’re considering of making this truth or dare a comic. Stormfeder is a great choice. I saw his work and it’s amazing. Pretty sure his scenes can be longer if you give him a longer script to work with. I also like Reit. Her artwork’s incredible too. Idk if kitsune999 does comics but doesn’t hurt to ask. Can’t wait for more updates on this, hell even the story too.

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    • Lol don’t worry, as i said this is still a long way off, I want to finish Transformations before starting Truth or Dare, and that need to be done before the comic can start. No, I’m afraid that is still a year or so in the making.

      I’ve just had a look at Reit’s work on Rule 34 and I’m afraid i don’t think I’ll be going her way. She’s very good but i don’t think DBZ is her preferred field as the characters’ likenesses aren’t as close to their tv counterparts. With Stormfeder, i suspect the chaps commissioning him were just trying to save money, can’t say i blame them but i certainly don’t want to see my works shortened to save money, if it’s worth doing, it’s got to be done right 🙂


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