BulmaXVidelx18 Scene

Evening everyone

Not much of an update tonight, I’ve been working on the opening scene for transformations, still haven’t got to the GohanxVidel Sex scene yet, been toying around with some memory/dream scenes and it’s annoyingly hard to get right. Oh, why can’t I be one of those who manages to type out pages a day and be so very confident with them? Lol, to be 16 again.

Oh well. Now I know there hasn’t been a lot of interest in it but I’m going to ask anyway. As those of you who have been reading will know, chapter three of Transformations will be including a Videlx18xBulma threesome. It goes without saying that 18 and Videl will be futas, and, obviously, Bulma is going to get shagged. Now the commissioner has made two conditions for the scene:

  • That Bulma does oral (Ok, that’s a given).
  • Bulma is DPed (not something I had planned but I can work with it).


My original idea was to bring PBX’s four-page mini to the written word and, as you can imagine, this leaves plenty of room to play. The problem is, I’m not sure wich to go with. I was thinking of having Bulma suck Videl off while 18 fucks her, then my mind shifted to the other way round and have 18 getting sucked while Videl took Bulma for a ride, then again there is also the three-person saddle and have Bulma riding 18 or Videl while she gets fucked from beneath by the other. Now I’m thinking, how often do you see Videl fucking 18?  As we know, 18 gave the girl a real ride in A Debt Repaid, and she’ll give her an even harder time in Trick or treat. This could be the tomboys one chance to have one of the top GirlxGirl pairings in the DBZ fandom to be on the other foot.

I ‘m open to ideas here people, which do you like best or do you have your own idea for the trio? Let me know.


4 thoughts on “BulmaXVidelx18 Scene

  1. I have a couple of suggestions for your 18xVidelxBulma sex scene.

    – How about an oral sex circle? I’m thinking 18 gives Bulma oral, Bulma gives Videl a blowjob, Videl gives 18 a blowjob. Or you can rearrange it however you want.

    – I’m also thinking this. Videl fucks Bulma’s pussy, doing her doggy style. At the same time, 18 fucks Videl’s ass, doing her doggy style as well. Once again, arrange it however you desire.

    Hope this helps.


      • Don’t feel like you need to force it in the story. Although I can’t wait for truth or dare, this story is also interesting as well.

        – Here’s another suggestion you could use. How about Bulma gives Videl’s cock a boobjob, while she gives 18’s cock a blowjob (or the other way around)?

        – Or you could have Videl and 18 groping Bulma’s breasts and sucking on her nipples. Or have Bulma and Videl groping 18’s breasts and sucking on her nipples. Or have 18 and Bulma gropping Videl’s breasts and sucking on her nipples.

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