New Covers Chosen

Well, it wasn’t easy, but i’ve decided on the new covers for the Extended Sweet Temptations .

The original idea had been to make just one, but I liked these so much that I’ve decided to give the Original a new cover as well. It wasn’t an easy choice, but these were the closest to what I’d imagined . What do you think?


Another Mock Up

Here is the second mock up. This is certainly different than how i envisioned it but it does have a charm of its own. I’m expecting two more, mock-ups, after that i’m going to consider each of them and choose, via my own preference and a public vote.



A few alterations

The more observant of you might notice the three new options in the menu bar above. Well I’ve added a Commissions page,  to show my Commission guidelines, as well as tabs that will bring up my fan fics and published works. So if you want to reread one of my old stories, just click the option you want and then scroll  down to story.

KU No More

Well, the day is here. After a three-month trial, I have ended Confession’s subscription to Kindle Unlimited. It was  interesting to try it but the novelty seemed overrated  as sales didn’t rise by much and I seemed to draw aggravation by daring to put  free on KU in my promos. I hadn’t used it much, the only promo i tried that KU offers was a free day period in wich sales rose to 800+but i’m not overly elated as, of course, the book was free.

I’m going to relist it on Smashwords sometime this week.

In other news, Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter has been accepted by the e-publishing company eXcessica. So I’m currently engaging various cover designers, to give it whole new look as well as adding on the extended ending i thought of a couple of months after publishing it. However, the release date is due November so i need to get a move on. Because of this Transformations might have to take a back seat for a couple of weeks.

Afraid i have no other news as far as fanfics go, the search for a cover artist has kept me busy for the last week so i haven’t been able to spend anywhere near as much time on Transformations as I would have liked. And I’m ashamed to say I’ve also been letting myself be talked into playing a couple of rounds on the Battlefield One Beta that became available last week. It is a lot of fun and i am only a flesh and bone after all. lol