A few alterations

The more observant of you might notice the three new options in the menu bar above. Well I’ve added a Commissions page,  to show my Commission guidelines, as well as tabs that will bring up my fan fics and published works. So if you want to reread one of my old stories, just click the option you want and then scroll  down to story.


One thought on “A few alterations

  1. I’m so glad you did this, it definitely makes it a lot easier for me to search for a fanfic, I feel so comfy reading an story from your blog :D! The only thing is that on some fics the size of the letter is really small, for example, Thrist and Persuasion, I still can read it well of course, but it’s a bit uncomfortable with the size of letter so small. :s but that’s all, it’s good to know about your comissions too!, just in case in the future i’m available to ask for one :p


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