Time to Do or Die

Ok, maybe i need to stop trying to write the extended ending for Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter.

The problem is i feel like i’m writing the beginning, not an ending.

I’ve started it in four different ways, but i just can’t get into it –

The blood was almost washed away. All that remained was three faint fingers of crimson swirling round the drain, unnaturally bright against the bath’s brilliant white.

Cranked all the way down, the water hit like a storm of icicles and cut straight to the bone.
Teeth gritted and hands braced flat against the shower’s white tiled wall, Richard’s naked body stiffened as he forced down the impulse to lurch away from the icy spray suddenly crashing down around him

Richard hit the wall. Sharp and near-crippling pain exploded through fist and up his arm as bone thumped porcelain hard enough to have a wet slap echo twice around the shower’s white tiled walls before being smothered by the icy spray dousing his hair and shoulders.

I’ve been working on it for a little over a month, with just over a month left now before the deadline. So it’s do or die time. Honestly, I think my best chance would be to read through it from the beginning and do an edit/rewrite from the beginning then start from there. But i don’t think i have enough time.


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