Promo War

Well, the last two weeks have been very tedious. With the re-release of Sweet Temptations coming up i have been going through my Facebook bookmarks sending off review & release day blitz requests, as well as working on a few more teasers…

And because sales in Confessions have been so stagnant recently, I’m cooking up three more for that book.

Promo 11 .jpg

I’m being a little dishonest with these, creating dialogue that is paraphrased and could suggest the book is something a little different. However, i think Hollywood has proven that that is ok so long as  sales go up. I’ll never forget how the Predators’ trailer showed more than a dozen alien hunters and then served up only 3. Now that was setting us up for a fall.

Unfortunately, all this promo activity has meant i haven’t gotten any writing done. Though not as many as i thought, i have more than 2,500 groups bookmarked and i still have more than half to work through :/

Once i’ve done that i’ll be back working on the Transformations story.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, they meant a lot 🙂


3 thoughts on “Promo War

  1. That much promo will burn anyone out – I’ve stopped joining new groups. I had a five day freebie last week and basically plugged it non-stop all that time. It got to Number One in a very competitve chart, but it was almost a pyrrhic victory because I was so wrecked by the end of it. I say almost because the pride in the achievement will endure long after the toil is forgotten, but I’m in no hurry to do it again.


    • Well, pyrrhic or not, congrats on your victory. I hate promoting myself, but then again that’s probably because i haven’t written anything that makes the work worthwhile, still there is time lol. Good Luck 🙂


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