Ideas, Ideas, ideas…

Ok, it’s been suggested to me that 2018 could be the year of Titanic fiction. Does anyone else think this is likely? I only ask because i have a story idea set on the doomed ship. Nothing too remarkable i’m afraid, just the usual romance between an errant lordling fond of scandalous living and a 3rd class girl on the run from thugs going to the new world trying to start a new life, thrown in with a bit of sex and violence.


In other news, I’ve just had a fanfiction idea, not DBZ but  rather based on the new Teen Titans movie. I’m not really a comic book nut but i loved the Warner Brothers Cartoon back in 2002 (14 years ago when i was only 12, why doesn’t it feel so long?) and when i heard about the new movie that was released earlier this year i had to watch it. That got me into the WB animated movies and while watching Batman Badblood i suddenly had an idea set several months later where Raven and Damion where coming back from a date and begin to get intimate but realise they have no idea what to do. Embarrassed, they ask Dick and Kory (separately). Dick glosses over it but Kory has another idea and invites the kids to ‘watch’.

When Raven tells Robin of Starfire’s plan, he is initially disgusted by the idea but is determined to master the ‘skills’. Sneaking into their instructor’s room,   the pair use raven’s cloaking powers to hide in the corner while star and an knowing nightwing come in at the end of a date night and have sex in front of them. After Starfire announces the kids can come out know. Dick is shocked and confused by the revelation but when Star tells him the next stage of her plan to educate the kids, he’s horrified untill she asks if he’s worried his little brother will be a better lay than him. Damion makes an off hand remark that the son of Bruce Wane will always surpass the sidekick. Though he knows they are trying to goad him, he can’t help the challenge. This leads to him shagging raven and starfire robin, before the teens have their first time together.

There are a few rough edges that need to be worked out i know, and i’d like to somehow work in a Starfire raven scene after seeing a pic or 2 that were quite inspiring lol, but that might also require a dick and Damion scene and that’s a little out of my comfort zone.




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