News from bbmbbf

Well I have quite literally just heard from bbmbbf (Owner/Artist of Palcomix). Here’s what he said – ‘It’ was a  commission, someone gave me the

‘It’ was a  commission, someone gave me the script , and the money, and I did the comic,  and that is..     I gave the guy a discount if he let me use it on my digihentai site, and he accepted.

and that’s the story.’

Not sure how i feel about it but at least i know now that i’m not being ripped off, though apparently i’m the only one not getting paid to write the story. Every artist who does a pic for this story is commissioned, i’m doing it as a request because i like the idea. Am i a sucker or what :/

Well in other news, today i made myself a banner. Nothing fancy but all indie authors should have one, or so i think.



Am I getting ripped off?

Strange, i think someone is trying to make a jack ass out of me.


Ok, so we all know I’ve been planning a DBZ story where during a game of  Couples Truth or Dare Videl is challenged to have ten orgasims or she’ll be Gohan’s and the Z girl’s Sex slave. Well Look what i just found…



Even the futa element has been added. Is life trying to mock me or is it just one fucking huge coincidence?

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