Am I getting ripped off?

Strange, i think someone is trying to make a jack ass out of me.


Ok, so we all know I’ve been planning a DBZ story where during a game ofย  Couples Truth or Dare Videl is challenged to have ten orgasims or she’ll be Gohan’s and the Z girl’s Sex slave. Well Look what i just found…



Even the futa element has been added. Is life trying to mock me or is it just one fucking huge coincidence?


18 thoughts on “Am I getting ripped off?

  1. That is strange. Think it could be coincidence? I mean is this precisely how you’ve planned it? Or did someone hack you and stole your idea? Very odd…


    • It ain’t far off. No need for hacking, the only place the plot’s written is on this blog so anyone could just visit and read it. I think it’s the futa element that really makes it suspicious to me. I mean a game of truth or dare where people take their questions from a monopoly style board and the dare is to have 10 orgasms with a penalty of becoming a sex slave to the group is certainly an odd coincidence. However with the futa element (the futa being Renamon who is basically Digimon’s android 18) that just screams we read darkinferno’s blog and took his fanfic idea ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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      • What’s going to happen now? Does that mean you’ll have to scrap your DBZ truth or dare story? I’m not sure what happens in situations such as this.

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      • Well I didn’t go through all the work of planning that story just to give it. I doubt i’ll even hear back from palcomix but if they want to be theives then they’re welcome to it, they basically steal from the creators of the characters they draw anyway, but the dbz story is mine. I’ve got dated posts on this blog to prove when i came up with it so unless they have commission emails proving they had it first i’m safe from blow back.

        I’ll still write the story, it might be a while but even f i never write Dragon Ball Fanfiction after, i want that one on my list ๐Ÿ™‚


      • That’s good to know. I’ve heard mixed reviews of palcomix in terms of quality, price ranges, ripping off and tracing other people’s arts, etc. I’m glad youre still going to write the story. You r a fantastic writer and I would love to see this story, despite all that’s happened.

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      • Thanks, I needed that. It’ll come, one day. I’m looking forward to writing it. I might not be the first author to make a dbz girls sexaphon but i’ll try to be one of the most notable lol


      • Indeed. I have read other DBZ stories where the girls get off of each other all night and it just didn’t feel like a quality lemon. However, I’m confident that this story you’ll write someday will not only be notable, but praised by many DBZ fans as well. Based on your previous DBZ works, I have no doubt that this truth or dare story will shatter standards and set the bar even higher for DBZ story writing.

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    • My best guess on how this came about is that maybe someone took the truth or dare story you mentioned a few posts back, changed the characters from dragonball to digimon, and then commissioned it to palcomix. Guessing there will be legal action involved in this?


      • No, no legal action. Copying someelse’s idea isn’t illegal, just unethical. And as this is all based on characters owned by other people, I could likely get sued myself if i tried to take legal action. All i cn really do is rise above it and when i finally write that story, make it so bloody good it blows the comic out of the water. The only thing that worries me really is that some people might think i took their idea, rather than the other way round ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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      • Understandable. If that happens, I assume your reputation will take a big hit and none of us want that. In any case, here’s hoping that your DBZ story will blow all of our minds. I bet… no, I know this will be one of your best stories. I guarantee. ๐Ÿ™‚

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