Thief Alert

Morning Everyone


Ok, today it was brought to my attention that i’ve been plagiarised (again!). The story is a rip off of Two of A Kind’s Second Chapter and is live on –


Would really appreciate it if anyone can report him.


In other news, i’ve had an idea for a way to generate a bit of traffic to the blog. I’m sure we all remember the pics i had commissioned, well I’m considering a few more,

Work Goes On

Morning and Afternoon Everyone.

Well, what an interesting month it has been. Missed two deadlines, started and then shut down a newsletter and spent the better part of a £100s on research for the new WIP novel Unsinkable. I had hoped to finish that within the year but I think a more believable timeframe would be 4 years. On the brightside this is the sort of project that can set writers on the path, on the downside most other projects are taking a back step and will be done on weekends and times when I’m suffering from block and need to do something new.

So here is the plan. While I’m reading through Research materials and then writing Unsinkable, I’ll be working on stories in this order –

  • Afternoon Tea – This is basically the Gohan/Videl Fanfic with the same name rewritten and made an original story for sell on Ebooks.
  • Transformations – The FutaVidel/Pan/Bulma (and Possibly 18) Fanfic I’ve already started. Then I’ll be working on it’s original version for sale on Ebook.
  • Another original story for sale on Ebook – I’ve got several thought up, some rewrites and others completly original works. Not sure which to go with yet…
  • Truth or Dare – Yes the story you’ve all been waiting for, don’t think it needs anymore hype, though i would like to remind people this story will be having a comic commissioned to go along with it once it is finished.  This will take a lot of funds, good artists charge a high sum all things considered, so please be paitent this ebook sales will all contribute to the comics cost, but if anyone cares to donate towards the cost I will both appreciate it and give amy story ideas you have special preference.


If anyone would like to know the ebook stories I have planed I’d be happy to provide a full list 🙂