Thief Alert

Morning Everyone


Ok, today it was brought to my attention that i’ve been plagiarised (again!). The story is a rip off of Two of A Kind’s Second Chapter and is live on –


Would really appreciate it if anyone can report him.


In other news, i’ve had an idea for a way to generate a bit of traffic to the blog. I’m sure we all remember the pics i had commissioned, well I’m considering a few more,


4 thoughts on “Thief Alert

  1. Freakin a-holes. Did they not know what plagiarism is in middle school? Im sorry that happened to you. The struggles of an author I’m guessing? Anyway, I reported and asked some of my friends to report as well.

    Commissioning more pics? Go on. Ii’m interested.


      • Hmm… well as of right now, my favorite fic has to be the ‘Debt Repaid’ simply because of Videl and how both 18 and Gohan just screwing the living hell out of her, making poor Videl cum and squirt over and over; with the double team penetration near the end of the chapter making it the perfect icing on the cake.

        Yah basically,as long as it involves Videl and Gohan, I’m bound to like it. ^.^


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