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I am a part-time erotica Author. I write under the pseudonym Jack Walker. If you would like any information, please contact me either by email or on twitter (details are available on here)


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Introducing Alicia

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My Charges for Audio I do is as follows: – First 30 words would be at $0.50 = $15.00 then the Second 50 words would at $0.20 = $10.00 any words beyond that would be at $0.10 per word. If you like the idea of this and want to take me up on doing audio for you… you know where I am… obviously longer work we can discuss.

#Book #Review – Promised (One Night, #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas




This is yet another book that was written to ride the 50shades/Bared to you Gravy train. While it does have a few original elements, there are a wealth of similarities from both books that you can’t help but notice.

Personally, i feel this is a 2.5 star read but I’m going to be generous and go for 3 as i am not the targeted audience.

I couldn’t understand the characters at all. They are a mish-mash of personalities and traits that make no sense when put together. The attraction makes no sense either, the hard silent male who is unavailable and only offers the greatest fuck of her life (which he never delivers even when he does fuck her) and a recluse who thinks he is a beautiful gentleman despite all evidence to the contrary but is constantly calling him the nemesis to her heart. I don’t get it.

The dialogue and writing style reminds me of a jane Austen novel, so very formal and proper. Basically, think of the fantasy Americans call a British accent and you know what reading this is like. The sex wasn’t very steamy. Deep yes, but lacking that heat.
All in all, i was disappointed, but then again as i said i don’t think this book is geared towards me.

Sneak Peak of Leslie Bays upcoming release ‘Broken Hearts’

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❥ (¸.•´Hearts on Fire Series Book 1: Broken Hearts
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He watched her as she slowly removed the shirt that was barely on her.
Oh, this woman was not as innocent as she may have looked. That much he could tell.
“Your turn.”
“Oh, little girl, you have no idea what you are about to get if you keep that up.”
“If you are going to talk, I suppose neither of will be getting anything.”
He hasn’t flirted like this in a long time.
“Stand over there by the window.”
She went obediently
He unbuttoned his shirt and let it hang so she could see his chest.
“Now remove your top” he demanded
She did as he told
“bra too”
She hesitated briefly but obeyed.
“Shhh. Don’t speak. Take hold of your breast as if you are offering them to me”
“No speaking. Now do as I requested.”
He watched as she slid her breast in her hands and just as he asked she held them out to him in offering them to him.
“Very nice.” He was very pleased. Not just at how willing she was to do as he asked but also at how beautiful she looked with the morning light bathing her naked skin. She was a image not to ever be forgotten.
★ ⚪★ Another Sneak Peek ★ ⚪★
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❥ (¸.•´Hearts on Fire Series Book 1: Broken Hearts
                             ☆ Coming soon ☆
“How long have you and my brother, Keith, been dating?” He asked.
Maddie took a sip of her wine and then another while she tried to think of an answer. “We haven’t been dating,” She seen Keith glance her way. Fear in his eyes. Maddie continue on “We have been talking for a couple of months. You know phone calls and emailing each other.” There that was not a lie. Grant, you, it was shop talk and all but they didn’t know that.
“This is our first meeting, but we have spent a lot of time getting to know one another.” Keith chimed in helpfully
She looked back at Owen to see if her bought any of it but she couldn’t quite read his expression.
“So, you are aware that my dear brother here hasn’t been with….” Before Owen could finish what, he was about to say Caroline cut him off “Now stop! This is the first-time Keith has brought a lady friend to meet us and I will not have you harass them. They told you they just met so let it be at that.”
Keith’s face went blood red. Maddie wasn’t sure what to do so she finished her glass of wine.
Clint poured her another glass. Guess he sense she was needing it as much as he was while he filled his glass to the top. “Baby” Clint said “This is a great dinner. You out did yourself.”
Keith and Owen were in a death stare. Glaring at one another.
“Boys” Clint finished chewing his food. “let’s enjoy this dinner your mother had worked so hard to make special for Owen, since he doesn’t come home. he doesn’t know what all has went on here during his absents.” Clint took a big bite of mote food.
Maddie felt,Owen stiffen in his seat. Before she realized what, she was doing, she places her hand on his leg. Right above his knee.
Owens eyes, snapped back to her and she seen his hunger. A need she has never gotten from any man before.
When he placed his hand on top of hers. She let out a soft gasp never letting her eyes leave his. Those savaged eyes. Telling her everything he would be doing to her right now if she would let him.
She brought her legs together as she felt her body responding to his need. Her own need was coming alive and would not be ignored.
Owen slowly, moved her hand up his leg inch by inch. She felt hot and glance around the table to see if anyone notice her hand moving up his leg.
Everyone was into their own conversation. Owen squeezed her hand so she could feel his tight strong muscle. She tried to pull her hand free from his but each time he would hold her hand in place and squeeze. The bastard knew what he was doing to her. She seen the awareness flash in his eyes briefly before his hunger look returned.
She couldn’t believe they were doing this. At the table with his family all sitting around them. She felt his hand move her hand up some more.
Is it possible to have an orgasm just by touching someone? She moved little in her seat to let her body rub herself. Oh, how she wanted to grab him placing his face between her legs.
She thought of how he would feel sampling her. Making her wetter for him.
She wished he would let her hand go and take hold of her between her legs and rub her through her jeans.
About the Author –
So here is alittle about myself. I love my family. Family outings . I enjoy listening to music on occasion I don’t mind shaking it. I find myself at times just needing a good read. Can’t say one author over another is my fave I have so many I just love. Oh and let’s not forget my fur babies, before long I just might have my own zoo. The reason why I write is because it really is a part of me. It’s who I am and I’m very thankful to be able to do it and give pleasure to my readers.

#Authorspotlight – Kirsten Campbell


Title: Blood Phase
Series: Book 2 of The G.O.D.s Series
Author: Kirsten Campbell
Publisher: Kirsten Campbell
Length: Novel

November 12, 2052: Earth has lost two-thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives have been lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors are clumped into factions. Two of those factions—the Brotherhood and the Guild Faction—have battled over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…

Griffin Storm, an albino man kidnapped and dragged into the Brotherhood, has transformed into a G.O.D., a Genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being. Two weeks in the brig, and Griffin’s released after it’s determined that he’s learned to control most of his god-like abilities. His abilities have grown almost as much as his love for Tassta Vinetti and his unfortunate blood lust. His bond with Tassta’s twin brother, Penn, has grown as well and is cemented in secrets.

Soon after his release, Griffin’s told that Guild agents and the notorious Trips (super-agents of the Guild) are in the Underground. He must now test his abilities to save the abandoned children that live there. Will Griffin rescue the children of the Underground from a tragic end? Will Tassta and Griffin’s love survive such turmoil? Can a G.O.D. forgive himself when death and destruction follow his every move? Read Blood Phase, the gripping second book in the G.O.D.s Series!


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Haven’t read Blood Master (Book 1 of the G.O.D.s series)? Check it out!

Title: Blood Master
Series: Book 1 of the G.O.D.s series
Author: Kirsten Campbell
Publisher: Kirsten Campbell
Length: Novel

It’s 2052 and Earth has lost two thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives were lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors were clumped into factions. Two of the factions, the Guild and the Brotherhood, have fought over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…

Griffin Storm is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He’s an albino man that can manipulate glass and crystal, and he uses his special abilities to raid warehouses and old buildings for food and supplies for the abandoned children that live underground. During a raid, he meets Tassta Vinetti, a resident of the Brotherhood fortress. He is taken to the fortress and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn, and her uncle, try to keep their new visitor and his untold powers a secret.

Griffin is the only survivor of the Guild’s deadly experiments and they hunt for him because his survival will have dynamic consequences on the world. The Guild believes that Griffin will transform into a G.O.D., a genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being with limitless abilities.

Will Griffin transform into a G.O.D.? Will he save the children of the Underground from their tragic life? Only time will tell…

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Amazon AU

Kirsten Campbell is the author of Blood Master – Book 1 of the G.O.D.s Series
and of several short stories and poems that have been published in Bewildering Stories, Ascent Magazine, Beauty Talk, The Fairfield Review, Poets-Artists & Madmen, Interracial Voice, Sagazine Online, The Write Gallery, The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, COBRA, The CoffeehousePress Journal and several other magazines.

Kirsten was abandoned by her Jamaican father and German mother at six-years-old and she somehow survived a very devastating childhood. She found strength and courage through reading and writing and she graduated from school, got married and raised four wonderful children. She also cared for several children that were abandoned by their parents and/or by society, (a few were literally left on her doorstep.) She fed and clothed them and sent them to school and taught them to be upstanding, decent members of society.

Street Team
Kirsten Campbell ~ G.O.D.s Blog

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#Bookspotlight – A Tiger’s Tale by Lisa Oliver

Title: A Tiger’s Tale
Series: Book 1 of The Arrowtown Series
Author: Lisa Oliver
Publisher: Lisa Oliver

Length: 200 pgs

Seth Carmichael never did anything wrong, but instead of working at the local library, he was running for his life. His herd was hunting him and with few resources, Seth’s options were fading fast. Until, that is, he heard the rumble of a motorcycle. Peeking through the tree he was hiding in, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Had salvation come in the form of a badass biker?

Ra (no last name and proud of it) was a tiger on a mission. He’d scented his mate and then the little rabbit ran away before his teeth could engage. Ra heard the gossip around Arrowtown; he knew his mate was a hunted man. But if the sweet man was on the run, he needed someone to look after him; Ra figured he was the right man for the job.

A meeting, a mating and yet another meeting. What should have been a straightforward relationship turned into so much more on their very first outing as a mated couple. Now Ra has to count on the strength of his mate and the help of his friends, if he and Seth are ever to have the HEA they’d planned for. And what was with all these Fae turning up out of the blue?

Warning: Contains a tiger who keeps putting his foot in it; a tiny lop-eared rabbit who is stronger than he looks and a bunch of friends who’ll hide a body, no questions asked.

Ra wanted to sing and roar and dance and shout to the heavens. He finally had his mate where he was meant to be. But as he didn’t want to scare his little darling now he’d got him, he restrained himself, watching with delight as Seth polished off two salads and nibbled on some bread. Seth was so dainty with his pale skin and his white hair. His eyes were such a washed out blue they were almost gray, yet Ra had seen them sparkle when his mate laughed. He wanted to see that every day.

“So, my little sweetness, I have to ask, and you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but it’s just….”

“Is this about my running away when you grabbed me?” Seth met his eyes easily, a small smile creating dimples in his cheeks.

Ra nodded. Truth be told, he was easily distracted and now he’d seen them, his tiger wanted to lick those dimples.

“I knew you were my mate from the scent, of course,” Seth explained looking down at his hands. “I don’t know if you remember but you’d come into town with the other members of your gang, club, or whatever you call your group of friends.”

“We’re a club, not a gang; a group of lone shifters who simply like riding motorcycles. We’re not harmful.”

“Oh, I know,” Seth peeked up at him. “I’ve er…seen you around town. I’d always look for you when I heard the bikes.”

Ra beamed. It was a good sign his mate had been attracted to him before they even met. Then he frowned. “Why did you run then?”

“Have you seen your reflection lately?” Seth chuckled and Ra stopped frowning. “You’re huge and you stomp around town in your badass leathers, with chains hanging off your belt loops. You wore your skull bandana and your black fingerless leather gloves. Do you remember?”

Ra hadn’t given any thought to the way he was dressed. “My outfit bothered you?”

“No, you looked like my ultimate fantasy,” Seth’s head was bowed again. “But then you growled and roared and your teeth shifted and I don’t know. We were in the middle of town; your friends were laughing and I thought they were laughing at me and my body went into stress. When a tiger roars, a rabbit runs for the nearest hiding place.”

Ra frowned and he found himself rubbing Seth’s back softly. He could feel every knob of his mate’s spine. “I was really excited to meet you,” he offered even though he knew it was a lame-ass excuse. Thinking back, he probably did get a little overexcited.

“I know that now, and I was going to come to the clubhouse to see you…but….” Seth trailed off, his voice sad.

“What happened, sweetness,” Ra rocked Seth gently in his arms, trying to soothe his mate’s tension-filled body.

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Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate. Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. She welcomes you to follow her at the links below as well as reach out to her.

#BookSpotlight – Enrapture, Noah’s Tryst by Pierce Smith


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*****It’s Live Now*****

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A sexy and spicy sequel to our sizzling saga ENRAPTURE the passionate story of Noah and Ethan. Someone has been suspiciously sinful, but who can blame him? A libertine of a spooky spirit leads our lusty lads, Noah and Ethan, into licentiousness by a libertine of a spooky spirit.
Driven by Noah’s desire to protect his partner, Ethan, from this depraved demon, Noah enlists the talents of a Paranormal professional to solve his elemental problems and we meet the mysterious Marvel but is he a Master or Masquerade? Friend or Foe? Or is he a specialist or spurious?
As they deal with despondency and despair, testosterone and tears in determining their destinies to be loyally loving and tenderly together. Resentment runs rampant and as the intensity increases, it adds fuel to the fire. Will the deceit be discovered before it destroys? Will they be rewarded with retribution or repercussions? Will the truth be triumphant and the visitor vanquished?


Featured Author – Nicole Bell




Nicole Bell

About Nicole

Nicole Bell is comprised of Samantha Erceg and Jody Bell, who share a beloved interest in romantic novels, coffee and Jeeps. After working in an early childhood learning facility together, they collaborated to bring you their debut novel Wrenched.



Wrenched – Book 1
When Brynn’s car unexpectedly breaks down in the new town that she’s moved to, she finds herself questioning whether the move was the right decision. She is determined to become independent and not let her disastrous past get in the way. Asher, the local mechanic who strives to fix it all, does everything he can to accommodate her needs. He’s unaware that a past friendship is affecting his future with Brynn. Will the link between the mechanic and the new girl in town evolve into something more?
Price – $0.99
Taught – Book 2
Never having more than a casual relationship, Asher’s trying to figure out how things work. He never expected to be committed to one person, let alone fall in love.

When Brynn moves to take a new job, she’s hoping for a fresh start on life. Little does she know a new life doesn’t only mean a new job, but also new friends and a boyfriend. Her past makes it difficult to not have trust issues in new relationships.

With looming pasts and unexpected changes on the way, will they be able to beat the odds and survive life’s wrenches? Or will their drive for togetherness and finding true, meaningful love be the one thing that pulls them apart?

Price – $0.99
Sneak peek into Bliss, the third and final book in the Tough series, set to release this spring!