A Dark Videl Story

Ok, so i’ve just had an idea that is certainly not my usual cup of tea.

It Starts just after Gohan has his energy zapped at the world tournament. Spocokovich and his partner are about to make their getaway when Babidi Mental orders them to take Videl. The pair grab her as she’s going to Gohan. He see’s this and tries to save her but Kabitowinds him so that all he can do is call for the Z-warriors to get her. Vegeta like the idea of killing the two but at an order from the Supreme Kai Goku restrains the Sayian Prince and Gohn Falls unconscious watching Videl being dragged away into the air from sight.

Videl is taken to babadi’s hidden ship where the Wizard reveals, in order to release Buu, a very certain type of energy and host is required (Namely Videl). Babadi places a spell on Videl that makes her more docile before turning the inner most level of his ship into a bedroom where the two brainwashed men first molest and rape Videl. She at first tries to resist but the spell also strengths her arousal and she gradually gives into them.

Mean while The Z fighters have found the ship. The Supreme Kai knows what they intended to do with Videl but knew they could track her energy so let them go, he also thought she would be able to hold out longer than is possible as he has underestimated the Wizard. The Z-fighters are forced to play babadi’s game to get to Videl, while they take their turns against his minions Gohan senses her energy’s unusual fluctuations and grows more and more worried until it’s his turn where he fights the demon king, taking a considerable beating because of his distraction.

Back in the heart of the ship, Videl has completely succumbed and her belly is growing rounded (as if she were pregnant). The pair are mocking her for this while they fuck her. Growing worried, Babadi sends more of his servants to fuck her to hasten the ritual. When it’s completed, all the men are killed as Buu force is transferred through the egg into Videl and out through where the men are joined to her. (In this story it’s super Buu, not fat Buu.) Babadi is overjoyed and immediately orders his ultimate creation to kill the intruders, however, Buu kills him instead and turns his sight on the exhausted Videl.

The Z warriors don’t realise Buu is born until he kills Babadi and they feel his energy attack. Gohan Fearing for Videl get’s his second wind and kills the demon king before blasting his way through the ship. However, he is too late. Buu Absorbs Videl amidst while fucking her with not only a double cock but tentacles erupting from his back. This is the final stage of his rebirth but it gives him a female body. The Z warriors arrive in time to witness this.

Buu Videl proceeds to kill the Z warriors with ease. Except for Gohan. Sensing the Girls feelings for the teen, she spares him, just long enough for his mind to take in everything that has happened, his failings from the start. He turns Super Sayin Black (this is like Super Sayain Blue from Super, only much much worse.)…


And that’s about as far as I’ve come up to. As I’ve said this is just an idea that’s barely an hour old, it’ll probably never see the light of day but I’ve wanted to do a dark Videl Story ever since reading this. 00


4 thoughts on “A Dark Videl Story

  1. Dark indeed. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the idea. Poor Videl. Sounds like torture.

    (Just curious, when you write your DBZ stories, is Videl’s hair short or long? Not that it matters, but I just want to know)


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