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About the Author
Tracy Millosovich lives and writes in Wisconsin with the love of her life, three cats, and a pile of signed books by her favorite authors. With her witty words, gentle hands, and wisdom, she weaves together a world of colorful hope bringing love into the darkest places. An advocate against domestic violence and online abuse, Tracy paves the way for everyone to live their lives free of violence.

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Nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards and a finalist in the Best of the Best of 2016 in Debut Books and in Fantasy!
Crystal Dreams Book 1

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Crystal Dreams, a vivid world of dreams come true!!

King (Mita) Thomas of the magical planet Tartan has ruled the world, and his kingdom, Crysalis, with his beloved Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa for four peaceful centuries. When the cruel, greedy humans of the nearby Earth planet come ascending on Tartan, his Queen sacrifices her life to protect the planet. With the Queen’s powers gone and their planet on a collision course towards a bloody war with Earth, Mita Thomas sends his trusted general through time to bring Mifa’s reincarnation back to his kingdom where she can hopefully rule at his side as his queen…or be sacrificed to bring his beloved queen back from the dead. With little time and an incoming hell, no one has time to pick sides.

Crystal Rose, a human raised on Earth in the early 21st century, is currently finishing up college until she’s unwillingly thrust into a war between a planet full of magical creatures who hate the human race, and the human race, now full of hellish hate.

Between learning what’s truly going on and who to trust, Crystal must also take the reigns to be a queen in a world that hates her. Will Crystal side with her fellow humans or fight against her own kind, on the team that might just kill her before she gets the Queen’s crown? In a planetary war between humans and magic, whose side are you on?

In this original young adult fantasy romance, Crystal Dreams is book one of the action packed Dreams Series that will test your faith in humanity.

Excerpt from Crystal Dreams:
A booming woman’s voice echoed across the world, turning the sunlit sky into a clouded eerie, and the ground rumbled for a minute causing the chaos surrounding the couple to fall away. Some magical creatures stumbled, and remained standing but grunting while others screamed in fear. As the point one quake waved down the cobble streets, the creatures who fell were being helped to their feet, and others were looking around for the answer to their mystery. Who would be able to rattle the world with one loud word?

“Stay away from the queen!”

The thick grey clouds above gave way to a perfect circle of blue as something descended towards the crowd. Jumping off the saucer of red hued colors that came to a slowing halt above the city, the royal fairy queen, and her two ladies landed between the crowd and the couple. Gaping, my mouth had gone dry looking over the arm of Thomas as she watched Fairy Queen Sherri and two beautifully dressed maidens surround them.

“This queen, Mifa Crystal, is our territory!” Queen Sherri’s voice boomed strong, and loud across the crowd, “No one is to touch her!”

The wind picked up, and blew through the air chilling me to the bone as I looked up to see the Queen’s three thousand fleet warships awaited her command.

“She doesn’t travel light,” Thomas commented quietly.

“Who is that lady?” I gaped, picking my jaw off the ground, “She’s so powerful.”

“A queen that powerful is not to be challenged,” he replied, “She may not have a lot of magical powers, but what she lacks in strength she makes up for in external leadership.”

“Those are airships,” I said, awed. Looking above her head at the clouds where the flying machines stood strong waiting for their leader’s command while they seemed to stare angrily back at us, I asked, “They’re all set for the war against humans?”

“That’s only a spec of the warships the queen owns,” Thomas chuckled as I glanced at him, “Her real army is hidden inside the eastern mountain range where no magical creature can reach. Unless they want to go through demon territory, Queen Sherri’s people are well guarded.”
“Demons?” she asked, gasping.

He nodded, and replied, “The Queen has many enemies, and those Earth humans are just the latest.”

Looking around, I watched as the crowed returned to the circle that surrounded them. There didn’t seem to be a seeing way back to the Crysalis palace.

“Let my queen pass! Now!” the fiery fairy queen’s warrior, sneered towards the crowd.

Holding her fire-red bow with equally fiery red arrows pointed towards no one in particular around them, she knew that no one would dare challenge a queen’s lady in public or challenge a royal queen who stood so strong in their presence. Most magical creatures knew their places.

“We want the human!” someone shouted in reply.

The rest of the crowd started shouting in agreement.

“Enough!” Queen Sherri shouted again as her royal voice boomed across the sky once more.

Stepping forward while the crowd, and I, held our breath, the powerful woman raised her right arm to the sky. In her glowing right hand, the ruby red stone on the top of her silver staff glowed like a sparkling fire letting go of an angry ball of energy that was large enough to split a hole in the clouded sky as it flew off leaving a thundering sound behind as it was absorbed into the atmosphere of Tartan. The energy ball left a circle wave of red as it vanished while its leftover energy spread away from the disappearing center. The crowd bowed to their knees at her show of authority. I instantly knew that, despite the woman’s kind features, loving gaze, and tall stature, she was not someone to anger. Her delicate features hid a power that would bring humanity to its knees in terror. If this was a lone fairy and everyone instantly went silent over her, I started wondering how powerful my predecessor, Mifa Tara Rosa, was to get more respect.

“She must’ve been one hell of a powerful queen,” I breathed, finally able to let my fear show.

“Queen Sherri is not someone to fight,” Thomas stiffened as he released her, “She’s a fighter first and a royal second.”


Killer Dreams Book 2

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After surviving a war between Earth and Tartan, the royal family tries to start over on a new planet. But the terrain is treacherous and the kingdom is in unrest with the threat of revolt high in the air, but adding to the misery, the royal princess of the new world has been kidnapped!

In a time of civil discord with the threat of upheaval high, Crystal must either find a way to unite her kingdom, or abdicate the throne, while she is in hot pursuit of the lost princess.

Where do you turn when your own race rejects you, and the world you’ve sworn to protect is now trying to kill you?

Continue the adventure with Crystal, King Thomas, and Jason as they begin a new battle in an unfamiliar world.

Welcome to Killer Dreams!

Tracy Millosovich is a young, up and coming author in Wisconsin with an imaginative soul. With a quick wit and a soft hand, she blends action and romance in her novels for a fast-paced rollercoaster ride of thrilling emotions.

Excerpt from Killer Dreams:
Ellie burned alive as she was set ablaze with the darkness energy inside of her. Landing on the broken stone, I shot another blast of fire at the witch. Crying out in pain once again, Ellie flailed her limbs every which way knocking Alister off balance with her darkness energy, and into a pile of boulders and rubble.

“Let’s get rid of this witch!” I shouted with my friends at my side as I climbed over the stones.

“Lúx eximo!” Tara Rosa who had appeared from behind me, shouted as she let lose a shower of light rays raining down on Ellie while she jumped into the air.

“Pyro blaze!” Aster jumped up from behind Tara Rosa, and let loose the fire power from its darkened limbs under a cloak.

The two combined their energy attacks into a ying-yang bomb that flew towards their common enemy. The attack engulfed Ellie who turned surprised, and she was blasted her off the top of her own palace. Screaming in pain, and fury, she fell to the ground in a heated ball of fire and light. The two women pulled me up from the rest of the wall, and I landed with a thud on my own feet.

“Now that’s how to fight evil,” Aster arrogantly puffed.

“One evil down,” Queen Tara Rosa commented, as she turned to her old friend who had now turned into a red demon, “One to go.”


Darkness Dreams


First, there was war.
Now, there is madness.

Crystal Rose, once a human of Earth, discovers that her daughter has gone missing, the victim of betrayal. The tiny infant is now in the hands of a corrupt set of magical twins who set out to overthrow the royal family. But before the baby heir can be located, Crystal must contend with a new power, one that could save her kingdom, or destroy it.

Adding to the madness, her sister has been taken prisoner for a crime hard to forgive, and her ally Ana has gone rogue, becoming an evil unlike any other.

In a world of never-ending chaos, Crystal must rely on the spirits of the past and the demons of the present in order to save her kingdom’s future, while also contending with a traitor in her blood. In order to rescue a child of innocence, would you break the ultimate taboo?

A family destroyed. A kingdom in turmoil. Welcome to Darkness Dreams.


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Forever Dreams


With the finale of the war between humans and magical creatures behind them and after the fight to end all evil, the universe is finally at peace…Or so the royals thought.

The finale to this warzone of action, and adventure concludes in FOREVER DREAMS Book 4 releasing 2017!! Join the fight that will put everything you knew about war to question. Will Crystal’s love for her prince charming, King Thomas, survive this war or will their relationship fall apart? Now that Crystal’s human sister, Evelyn Rose, got her own prince charming, will the strains of social differences, status rankings, and the cavern between two different genetic lives. Humans and magical creatures are forbidden to be relationships. Will this tear the new world apart or bring the lives of differences together to fight the final evil that plagues Kepler?


Add the finale to the series to your TBR!


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