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Nicole Bell

About Nicole

Nicole Bell is comprised of Samantha Erceg and Jody Bell, who share a beloved interest in romantic novels, coffee and Jeeps. After working in an early childhood learning facility together, they collaborated to bring you their debut novel Wrenched.



Wrenched – Book 1
When Brynn’s car unexpectedly breaks down in the new town that she’s moved to, she finds herself questioning whether the move was the right decision. She is determined to become independent and not let her disastrous past get in the way. Asher, the local mechanic who strives to fix it all, does everything he can to accommodate her needs. He’s unaware that a past friendship is affecting his future with Brynn. Will the link between the mechanic and the new girl in town evolve into something more?
Price – $0.99
Taught – Book 2
Never having more than a casual relationship, Asher’s trying to figure out how things work. He never expected to be committed to one person, let alone fall in love.

When Brynn moves to take a new job, she’s hoping for a fresh start on life. Little does she know a new life doesn’t only mean a new job, but also new friends and a boyfriend. Her past makes it difficult to not have trust issues in new relationships.

With looming pasts and unexpected changes on the way, will they be able to beat the odds and survive life’s wrenches? Or will their drive for togetherness and finding true, meaningful love be the one thing that pulls them apart?

Price – $0.99
Sneak peek into Bliss, the third and final book in the Tough series, set to release this spring!

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