Spilling the Beans

Ok, so some of my more devoted followers (you know who you are) might be wondering wat is up with the blog recently. Why are so many book promos and reviews turning up and where are the details about my own works, not to mention the dirty DBZ Fanfic updates.


Well because this is such a quite blog, honestly traffic is almost none existent most of the  time, I’ve started doing promo Tuesdays. This is a free service I offer to all members of the book world, where every Tuesday I will promote any book or author who asks me. This isn’t entirely self-serving as I know how hard it is for indie authors to promote and it can be quite expensive, something I found out when I last had a sale. Promo certainly didn’t rake in half as much as I spent.

So that’s the news there, now here is some other info that will interest any other DBZ erotica/Hentai aficionados.   There are many DBZ Doujins out there that have never been translated and to be honest there are one or two i am particularly interested in reading, just to see how the pairings actually came about.  Chief among them is



I have contacted a reputable translating team (http://zerotranslations.blogspot.co.uk/) who are happy to do it, for a price of course. They’ll charge $90s for the complete translation so is anyone else interested and wants to contribute to the cost?


2 thoughts on “Spilling the Beans

  1. As much as I would love to, I’m thinking about saving my money for the Truth or Dare comic you were thinking about commissioning. Hope that’s okay with you. Sorry I couldn’t help.


  2. heeey i thought i left you a comment here waaay before and now i realized i never submitted?? :C WELL! Just to say that I read that translation of Zero you asked for commision and it was awesome!! I always wanted to know what it really said! 😀 THANK YOU so much!!

    I was definitely surprised when I started to see so many reviews of books/ book promos all of sudden but I inmediatelly understood how difficult it has to be for indie authors to gain more publicity]! and also, you are helping other authors to promote their stories!! I think it’s a good idea :3 Keep it up!! 😀


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