Review – The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan Universe #5)


Yet another interesting work of cold war propaganda from Mr Clancy.

The story of this book had me scratching my head… what is this about? Firstly it starts off as Iraq freedom fighters, then disarmament talks, then an experimental anti-missile weaponry, then spies in Moscow, then KGB operatives kidnapping an American scientist… it just went on and on leaving me no team to understand the characters or their motivation. Four times it even had me drifting off to sleep.

Again the characters are underdeveloped and very 2d, it doesn’t even explain why a decorated war hero of the soviet union would turn spy (something i would have been interested to hear, even though the story does hint that it was because his family died… ok rather similar to Marko from HFRO but ok).

On the plus side the story is interesting if viewed from the whole, though it was just too much and some parts seemed to have been put in just to give the soviets a good kicking. Might have even made a good movie.


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