Videl Saga – DBZ Fanfiction Ideas

So as some of you might be aware, i have previously mentioned i’m thinking about writing a saga of DBZ Oneshot fanfictions Revolving around Videl geting in various situations with the majority of the Z Fighters.


I had the idea today that perhaps the series could end with a story inspired by this old PBX Pic.



I’ve always wanted to put a story to this pic. Of course based on the surroundings i’d say I’d probably set it at the Party at Capsule Corp. But Lets have a little fun, what story does this pic bring to your mind?


One thought on “Videl Saga – DBZ Fanfiction Ideas

  1. Oh man. I love that picture of Videl getting triple penetrated as Gohan sucks on her tits. I would also agree that this is a party with most of the characters and everyone’s trying to get each other off. Perhaps Goten and Trunks has had the hots for Videl, so I guess they’re trying to compete with one another and Gohan, trying to make poor Videl cum her brains out.

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