Book Review – A Season In Hell by Jack Higgins



4 Stars


It’s books like this that are really turning me into a fan of Mr. Higgins.

True, the summary is a bit misgiving. I was expecting a dark and gritty story of a former SAS soldier now working as a assasin, dealing bloody vengeance to the mom who murdered the stepson of a wealthy American Woman.

No, this book has a lot more heart than that and is gripping from the first page to the last. The only reason i have given it a 4 star opposed to a 5 star is because i wanted to see a showdown, the minibattle of the two hired guns going head to head. How Mr Higgins handed it instead was thrilling all the same but it’s not the same.

The writing style is quick and easy, the characters while not exactly deep or hampered with growth, are endearing. Forget, Custler, Clancy & Ludlum. This is the perfect example of why Jack Higgins is the master of adventure and action.


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