Book Review Tom Clancy Novels


I never thought this would happen but i have now found an author i cannot read and enjoy. In this case infact, i can barely even finish.


Tom Clancy is the first author i have ever black balled and will be removing all his books from my collection.

It’s rather ironic really, as i have enjoyed many of the games inspired by his books, as well as some of the movies. But after trying to read both of the above novels i’ve decided it’s time.

The problem i have is his books just feel like propergand against the Communist/ Marxist party. One of his novels even his IRA soldiers/ Collumbian Drug Lords with Marxist leanings. Given that he sprung to fame in the 80s when the cold war was still frosty it makes sense but I was born in 1990, the cold war means nothing to me but a plot wheel in old movies.

His characters are arrogant beyound belief,and Petty. So Petty. If these had been real people, World War 3 Would have started.

Also somewhere along the line Jack Ryan will give a speech.

What action there is lacks punch and tension.

And of course, whatever happens, America always has overwhelming superiority.


All of these things just graite on me, so for my own enjoyment, i’ve decided it’s time to put this author away. When i want fantasy, i read George RR Martin.


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