Newsletter and ARC Sign Up Forms

Good Morning and Afternoon Everyone


So Today I’m starting a new project. I know i’ve been working on the short (or not so given i’ve been working on it for 10 months and still only 10 pages in) Story –  Afternoon Tea. And i still have two DBZ Fanfics i want to write. But this is a rare opertunity an actual invite to take part in an anthology is something of a big deal for me and the chance for exposure to a much wider audiance is something too good to pass up.


This will be a rather more action orinateted story than anything i’ve ever written (and published before). In fact the closest thing i’ve ever published to this is the Resident Evil commission i wrote some years a ago…


I’m very excited 🙂


Now, in other news. I am once again trying to create a Mailing List and News letter. The problem for me is, how bloody long does it take for MailChimp to update their site? I’ve had several people say they’ve joined. Given the advancements in modern Technology i’d have thought it would be pretty immediate, but what do i know. If you’d like to sign up here is the link –

And i’ve also been creating an ARC Team. If you’d like to recieve advance copy of my published works, all you have to is promise to read it and review 🙂


Now, before i sign off i would like to say something that is very special to me. Two years ago, my muse was very nearly killed in a car accident. During recovery, she very nearly died in several operations and was told she would never really be herself again. Inspite of all this, last month she announced not only a full recovery.

Now i know in this world of politically correct bullshit, porn is a dirty word. But i am an erotica writer so fuck that view. This lovely lady has seen me through many bouts of writers block, is a very talented artist with an incredibly inspiring story and what’s more, she is a fellow DBZ and Anime Fan. Oh and did i mention she is the inspiration for the character Alice in Sweet Temptations? So it would mean so much to me if you could swing by her twitter and Congratulate the wonderful Madison Ivy.




4 thoughts on “Newsletter and ARC Sign Up Forms

  1. Go for it!!! Gor for that opportunity!! Anything that gives you more exposure and experience is good! :D!!
    And I’m glad the person you care about had a full recovery!! :D! I didn’t know about her until now, but I checked her twitter and saw some of her drawings (they are good!), and like you said, she’s also fan of dbz hahaha xD!! Seeya!!

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  2. Hey! It’s been like almost a year since the last time you wrote something here :o! I hope everything is going alright! I’m just a bit worried since i have no news of you! Hope you are doing good! :DD!!


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