I’m Back

Hi Guys and Girls.


So I know it’s been a while, almost a year i’m informed.

I’m sorry, i’vebeen a bit swamped latly. But as of this weekend my scedule freed up. I just published three books in as many weeks so now my immediate writing plan is now just two things.

1 – A sequel to a book i wrote many years ago…


The Boss's Daughter cover with text 6.2.jpg


2-A story I know many of the subscribers here have been dying to read – Truth or Dare – A valentines DBZ Fanfiction.


I’ll be working on the Fanfiction over the weekends so it’ll take me a while but at least you know i’m working on it now 🙂 I still want to write the Futa Videl Story but I haven’t heard from the commissioner in a long time so I’m going to put that on the sidelines for now.


Btw, how many of you are brits? If you’d like to meet, i’mactually featured in a book signing in two weeks…