A Day of Confessions

A Day of Confessions
Chapter One: A fun weeked

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Consumed by liquid passion, his powerful hips rocked to her furious pace; every thrust driving his steely shaft ever deeper within her burning channel. The tight confines greedily accepted every bit of him however, even as her sweet form shattered into glittering shards of ecstasy before his primal eyes; truly nothing seemed to state this goddess’s lustful thirst.

“OH YES Mr. SON!” She screamed, her shapely legs hugging his masculine body ever tighter as she became unable to control herself. A wild fire quickly spread through her burning loins as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own, incredible shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine as both of theirbodies pushed towards that final release.

Coal-black eyes laced with ravenous desire, he hungrily feasted on the delicious sight of her creamy skin and ample, bouncing cleavage. Their were no words to describe just how beautiful and erotic the sight was, to see the luscious heiress who happened to be as young as his own daughter; riding his throbbing cock like some wanton whore was without a doubt the most spectacular thing to behold.

Of course, there was more rapture to be gained from their act then just the priceless sight; fore her burning sheath clung to his arousal with the tightness of a drawn vice and had he not had prior experience of her endeavours. It would have been near impossible for him to tell she was no virgin.

Whether or not the sex had once been slow and gentle, Gohan couldn’t remember. All he know was at that precise moment, he hungered for her body like a starved vampire thirsted for the blood of a virgin maiden.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Mr Son! I’m cumming! ” His lover suddenly cried, her voluptuous hour glass form shaking wildly as she rode out the waves of an intense orgasm. Luckily, Gohan was their to guide her through the tides of ecstasy and he didn’t hesitate in bringing his hands up to cup the full globs of her succulent teenage arse.

The added strength of his hands sent her plunging down onto his hard shaft, causing the almost wild youth to paw her hands all over his broad chest while his name echoed from her full lips in a high pitched wail; the intense pleasure causing her inner muscles to spasm around hi thick cock with a vengeance.

Totally absorbed within the sensation, The Saiyan couldn’t help closing his eyes as a fresh wash of sexual joy coursed through his body and pushed him that much closer to his limit. However, gritting his teeth; Gohan tried to power through the release. Yet as her supple body excepted everything he had to give, the hybrid new he wouldn’t be able to fight his dawning release.

“Bra…” he finally groaned in a choked voice, nearly losing himself as her inner walls suddenly tightened knowingly around his phallus. “By Kami…Bra…” He began but then trailed off in a haze of deep moans and groans as he became seemingly lost in the feel of her. “Oh Kami Yes…YES…YES!” she cried, almost completely deaf to his words as she became utterly consumed by raw passion “Oh Kami, Give it to me Mr Son! Fuck your whore Sectary’s wet Pussy! Make me cum! Make me cum like the wanton Saiyan whore I am!”

Almost at his tether but unwilling to give in just yet, Gohan suddenly changed their rhythm to a more appropriate pace; his thrusts were quick, hard and they drove the youth wild as his rough hands mercilessly pawed her arse. Like an animal, he ravaged her to the brink of death; completely oblivious to even the sound of approaching footfalls as his entire focus fixed on his teenage secretary. Her scent, her taste…. They all drove him wild as the feel of her wrapped around him became almost too much to stand.

Like water in a dam, tension was building up at the base of his spine and the more their sweat-drenched bodies thrashed in that age old symphonic dance of lust; the greater that pressure grew. He could tell Bra was close too, already she was screaming his name and by Kami did he love it. However, it wasn’t until she suddenly threw her head back while her inner muscles came to new life around him and squeezed him into submission that he finally came.

Managing only one last solid thrust before his realise was upon him, Gohan couldn’t help but groan Bra’s name as her back arched; exposing every aspect of her magnificent cleavage to his gaze as for what must have been the hundredth time that day, he poured his passion into her seeded womb.

Rocked by shivers of pleasure that rushed across her nerves like stampeding horses, Bra could no longer hold up her own body weight and fell into her lover’s waiting arms. Exhausted, she suddenly found herself to weak to even keep her eyes opens and within moments had fallen asleep right in his strong arms.

Gohan however was far from sleep and as he lay there in his marital bed the teenage girl who had served as his mistress/Secretary; he couldn’t help ponder on how he had come to be so lucky.
It probably began Friday afternoon…

Stifling a disgusted groan with the back of his hand as he swallowed the last drops of his cold and rather bitter coffee, Gohan slowly leant back into the soft leather of his reclining office chair. It had been a long and very tiring day, and he was looking forward to setting the mountain of paperwork aside so he could leave the dreary office and return home to the arms of his loving wife and daughter.

The thought of it brought a smile to the man’s face, the stress and wiriness seeming just to flow from him as he considered his picture perfect family and their picturesque home up in the mountains…Or perhaps it was due to the sensual attentions of his adolescent secretary, the moist body of her tongue playing with the underside of his shaft while her tight throat consumed the very engorged mass of his manhood.

Suddenly, A low moan passed his dry lips and he had to fight against the impulse to cum right then and there as the teenager cupped the heavy mass of his balls; her angelic hand gently squeezing the velvet sack while she let a deep groan travel up her throat. The sensation of it was mind blowing, to feel the reverberations of her vocalization echoing through and around his shaft was near impossible to describe in words.

Bra had been sucking his shaft for well over an hour now and considering how much effort she was now putting into her work, it was hard to believe she had once never know the art of cock sucking as he watched her gorgeous blue head bob up and down his dick.

Unbelievably, the leverage of not having her hands on his shaft enabled the youth to swallow the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat; the tight confines driving him almost out of his mind before she slowly slid her mouth back up to his member’s swollen head.

Already able to feel the movement rushing through his pelvis, Bra had to fight the smirk that threatened to spill across her lips even a she devoured his arousal. It was such a confidence builder to know that no matter how hard he thought, she could always bring her godly lover to a climax. The delicious taste of his coming seed already filled her mouth, driving her to new lengths as she opened her lust filled eyes and wantonly looked up at him.

For so long, he had been holding off his climax,; but as his 19-year old secretary slowly opened her sapphire orbs to look up at him, Gohan found he could barely contain himself for another second. The pressure was already mounting in his shaft, signalling his up and coming release but he couldn’t help himself as spurred on by the reaction she was getting from him; Bra continued to suck harder and harder, taking every inch of his arousal down her impossibly tight throat.

That was all it took and a wolfish howl was ripped from the man’s throat as a river of creamy seed burst from his shaft in a wave of burning pleasure and flowed down the gorgeous bluenet’s throat. Long seconds past yet despite the great quantities, Bra swallowed all that her boss had to offer; such a reward for her work made even the dull ache in her jaw worth it.

Exhausted, Gohan let himself fall back into the embrace of his office chair; exhausted breaths flowing from his parched lips as he watched Bra slowly let his softening shaft slip from her glorious mouth. Although she had been far from a novice, this last year as his Secretary had certainly made her three steps up from an expert at giving oral sex. Of course, she had grown adept at a lot more than just giving head but he would be unable to enjoy those treasures until Monday; it was 17:00 and that meant it was the end of the Heiress’s shift, though she quite often stayed behind to help him ‘file’.

As if she had read his mind, Bra suddenly stood and began searching for the matching black dress shirt and jacket she’d been wearing, having discarded the pair at the start of their little meeting.

It had now been well over a year since Gohan had employed Bra as his secretary and he had to admit, it had certainly been a genius scheme. Not only had it given their affair some flexibility, but as it turned out, the Saiyan Princess was a surprising efficient girl and had devised a number of new devices around the office which had made his job far simpler.

Of course, their had been some draw backs. A lot of questions had arose about their situation amongst the companies executives; many of whom couldn’t understand why the daughter of one of the richest families on the planet would, out of all the positions open to her within her mother’s company, want to be a lowly secretary to the head of applied sciences, who subsequently was also the companies chief scientist. It was hardly a place for a girl who had flunked all three of the A-Level sciences, and as her elder brother would be the one to inherit the CEO’s chair; none could imagine why she’d be interested in learning the way of Capsule Corp. Also, while Bulma had been overjoyed that Bra was finally taking an interest in the family business, it had taken several months for Vegeta to warm up to the idea that his daughter would be working under the son of Kakarot and had continued to find excuses to drop by Gohan’s office weeks later.

Remembering just how many times they had almost been caught by the Saiyan Prince, Gohan couldn’t help but shiver. The idea of just what Vegeta would do if he had walked in to find him fucking his beloved daughter over a desk could make even the most hardened Saiyan warrior quake in their boots but for the life of him, he couldn’t imagine ever being able to end the affair. The thrill, the risk, it was just so exciting and reminded him in no small part of when he and Videl had begun courting. Back then they had been so preoccupied with staying out of the public’s eye, the sex had been unbelievable.

That wasn’t to say years of marriage had curved their primal appetites however, it’s just after two decades there was only so much variation a couple could enjoy and it hadn’t become uncommon for them to go weeks at a time without enjoying the physical side of one another. Their schedules had just become so in disarray that they had been unable to set aside time for a quick roll in the hay, A romantic evening had of course been out of the question.

A small smile graced Gohan’s lips as he remembered the last time he and Videl had made love, she had scheduled the day off over a month in advance and had spent the entire time he was a work preparing an intimate evening for the two of them. The house had been barely recognisable when he came and the shock of finding Videl at the tab wearing a very luxurious dress with a candle lit dinner waiting for him had nearly given him a heart attack. Or perhaps it had been the shock of throwing Videl on the table after the meal and then ravishing her like an animal which had near killed him. She had spent the entire length of the dinner teasing him that his arousal had been like steel by the time she took the dishes and he hadn’t been able to resist her advances when she returned. Of course, she hadn’t minded and Gohan could still remember her begging him for more as he took her with all his passion. Well perhaps not all…

As much as she hated to admit it, Videl was only human and her body was considerably more delicate than his own; forcing him to refrain from using his full strength less he risk seriously damaging her body in his passion. That was what he didn’t worry about with Bra. Like him, she was a hybrid and he could go as hard as he liked during their trysts without fear of hurting her more than she liked, in-fact she even encouraged him to do his worst.

As much as he loved Videl, Gohan knew he would never be able to cease the affair under his own power. It might had been different if he had felt like he was doing wrong but the fact was he didn’t. Videl was human and Bra was part Saiyan, with just one he would be happy but only with them both had he been truly complete. They made him whole in every way possible and his only regret was that he had to deceive one he loved. Actually the thing he regretted most was that he couldn’t have them both, but he wasn’t ready to admit that to himself yet.

To make up for his betrayal, Gohan had started dedicating every moment he spent with his wife to spoiling her, hence the expensive pair of diamond earrings he had ordered for her as a anniversary gift. Tonight for instance, he was planning to spend a romantic night in with her and… “So Mr. Son, the meetings at 7 O’clock tonight right?”

Bra’s voice cut through his trance like a sword and hastily looking up, Gohan saw that Bra was now fully dressed and standing in the partially open doorway, the hand bag hanging off her shoulder a clear sign she was ready to leave the office. Yet as he took in the sight of her alluring body dressed in the tight fitting, partially undone white shirt and slightly low cut skirt, he completely forgot what he was about to say and blindly nodded his head. Smiling flirtatiously, she subtly winked at him before blowing a kiss as she walked out the office.

The spell lifted the moment she left and composing himself, Gohan quickly turned to his computer and pulled up his calendar. He couldn’t remember any meetings that were scheduled for tonight, especially none that were so important he’d require Bra to be present. That was until he saw the heading under the day’s date.

Friday, 16th June – Videl flies to America to open Hercule’s new dojo.

Gohan could of kicked himself, how could he of forgotten today was the day that Videl had to leave for America? As daughter of the world champ, she was expected to be at every one of his openings. Normally they were simple ceremonies and she’d be back the next day, but this was an extremely grand opening that forced her to remain in America for the length of the weekend. The meeting, as Bra so professionally put it, was in fact a dinner at a French restaurant, after which they were set to go back to his home and spend the weekend locked in the building with several beds for company.

‘It’s going to be a Fun weekend.’ He thought with a smile.

It was now Sunday and indeed, they had had a very fun weekend. Like rabbits they had descended upon the house and no room had been spared their seemingly endless cycle of coupling, eating, coupling, washing, coupling and then finally sleeping. It had been exhausting work and now Gohan was looking forward to a nice nap before one last bought. He’d need to be up early to tidy the house but until then he was content to enjoy the moment.

Lazily stroking the Sapphire haired Goddess in his arms , he felt himself drifting off into an easy slumber…


To be continued…

Just for the Night: Chapter one

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dragonball Z  
Just for the night

Bored and frustrated, Erasa felt her eyes traveling wishfully to her bedroom window as she dropped her pen and ran a hand through her hair. It was only seven, the sun was still shining bright on the horizon and she could almost feel the cool breeze on her skin as it rustled the leaves on the tree in her backyard. It was a peach tree, she could remember planting it when she was just a girl in playschool and every summer, on the anniversary of that planting, she had taken a peach off those branches.

It was a beautiful spring evening, and here she was stuck in her bedroom; studying of all things.

For as long as she could remember, Erasa had never been one to worry about what might be or fret about her future. She’d always said that you only get one shot at life and you never know when it would end; so why not enjoy it. She liked to live for the moment, to party and have fun and live her life like every day was her last. She’d never imagined life past school, never thought about university or a carrier path. She’d chosen her courses purely because her friends were doing the same. Now she was paying for her lack of vision.

She’d finished her term at Orange Star High with modest grades, far from exemplary but just enough to gain admittance to one of the city’s finer collages. The news had come as a shock to everyone; her parents had been so proud they’d taken her out to dinner in an expensive restaurant and let her order anything she wanted. Indeed, the lobster had been exquisite.

For the first few months, her head had been full of ideas of parties and the nights had been dominated by wild trips out on the town. The beer and cocktails had run like some great river and she’d been hard pressed to think of anything else. Then her report card had come in and caused her world to come crashing down around her. She had failed in every class, who’d have thought university would be so hard. Her parents had told her straight, things had to change. She had to buckle down and study hard or be prepared for the consequences.

It was a simple choice. Not a choice at all really. There was just one problem, it was so damn hard!

Fortunately life rarely closed a door without opening a window and even being imprisoned and forced to study had some consolations. ‘Speaking of which…’

With all the subtly she could muster, she turned her head ever so slightly and fixed her gaze upon Gohan. Watching him avidly for a couple of moments, she felt the butterflies in her stomach take flight. He was seated across the desk from her, calmly reading through a stray text book that she didn’t recognise and dressed as he was in that tight fitting black shirt; he was a feast for her eyes to behold. It had been three years since she first met the outwardly geeky youth and it was clear the years had been good to him. Where once he had appeared skinny, well corded muscles now strained against his garments and his spiky black hair, having been allowed to grow out, fell down to his shoulders with stray strands curling around his bottomless black eyes. When she had told her friends about her problem, Gohan had quickly volunteered to help her and that was the only good thing to come out of this whole situation.

“Hey Erasa, you ok over there?”

His voice caused her to nearly jump out her skin and she was surprised to find that he was now looking at her from behind his book, his brow furrowed with concern. Embarrassed at having been caught, she felt her face burn a bright shade of scarlet and she hurriedly replied in a manner that she could only pray sounded nonchalant. “Yea I’m fine Gohan; I just wish we weren’t trapped inside on such a beautiful day.”

Gohan looked crest fallen and laid his book down on the desk. “Erasa you told me that you needed to study. Well the more we do now, the less we have to do at the weekends.” It was clear he was trying to look stern as he explained it to her but his rouse failed as his voice never lost its usual kind tone. It was as if he were explaining discipline to a child; and it made her heart swell. Resigned to her fate, she let out a defeated sigh and tried once again to set her mind on her studies. However she was trapped in a kill box; on one side the outside world taunted her, on the other her school girl crush tempted her. How was she supposed to concentrate with such distractions?

It just wasn’t fair. For three years she’d fought her desire for the young man. Ever since he’d first come to her school, Erasa had had a crush on Gohan. The moment she first laid eyes on him, she’d been swept away by his innocent mountain-boy role and cute exterior. But it was just a crush, she’d told herself that so many times in the hopes that it might wear off, yet Gohan was ever an enigma and the more she got to know him better, the more she had wanted him. Yet by the time she learned the true depth of her feelings for him, it was too late. Gohan was now in love with Videl; their mutual classmate and her oldest friend. He was forbidden fruit, and that was always the sweetest.

These were dangerous thoughts and too late did she feel the familiar heat rising inside her that had very little to do with the weather. Unfortunately, this was not lost on Gohan.

“Erasa…are you sure you’re alright?” He asked and though he tried to remain objective, he failed to keep the worried tone from his voice. “Do you want to get you a glass of water or something?”

Or something, defiantly.’ “No…I’m fine thanks Gohan.” Yet opportunity had knocked and in what she hopped was a casual manner, she swept a hand across her forehead before blowing an overly exaggerated breath and saying “but could we please stop for a few minutes and take a break? It’s just too hot to be cooped up here all afternoon”

For a moment, she feared Gohan might protest further, but then he seemed to have second thoughts and gave in. “Okay Erasa you win, we’ll take a break?” He said with a defeated shrug, causing her to all but squeal with delight as she jumped out of her chair. However Gohan moved with a measured slowness and though he too was secretly glad of the reprieve, he did his best not to appear too eager before joining her by the door.

Like a good host, Erasa escorted Gohan down the winding stairs that lead into her home’s modest living room; a stark but well lit chamber that was loosely furnished except for a coffee table in-between two sofas that were angled towards a wall mounted flat screen. “Just make yourself at home.” She said, gesturing lazily towards the left sided settee before reclining back on its right sided twin. Grabbing the remote off the coffee table, she turned on the television and began to avidly flick through the channels

Not sure of what else to do, Gohan followed her instructions and sat down stiffly on the edge of the seat. Erasa had a point; it was too nice a day to be cooped indoors. Yet it wasn’t the heat that was bothering him, there was something else at work here, something that made his mind foggy and his breath catch. Something wasn’t right, and despite his convictions, he glanced towards the vision of loveliness sitting across from him.

Still flicking through the channels, Erasa had adopted a less than ladylike pose with one of her exquisitely long legs dangling over the sofa’s arm while the other stretched across the table. It was entirely innocent of course, yet dressed as she was in that all too short white skirt, he couldn’t help letting his eyes glide over her perfect milky skin; greedily admiring her smooth waist and voluptuous torso before noticing the way her head was tilted back to expose her long neck. ‘By Kami, she’s beautiful!’

And then he began to imagine that long neck thrashing about as he climbed onto the sofa and ravaged her with his teeth and hands, her enticing form squirming and writhing deliciously beneath his as he took her right there in her parents’ living room. The idea appealed to him, and scared him immensely.

What was wrong with him?He loved Videl with all his heart, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever known and there was no doubt in his mind that they were absolutely perfect for each other. She was kind and intelligent and when they were together, it was like every day was the first day of spring. So why was he now starting to fantasise about fucking another woman. It wasn’t right; Erasa was Videl’s oldest friend. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Yet deep down, he knew the problem very well.

Vegeta had spoken to him once, saying that he could never understand the bizarre conventions of human society. By comparison, Saiyan culture had been almost primitive. The women had been primarily focused on raising the young while the men served the king. There was none of this talk of sexual equality or liberal rights; both knew there place and devoted themselves entirely to the perfection of their pursuits. There were only two desires shared, to fight and have sex and they hungered for both with unmatched passion. Once they started, they would never be rid of their need. At first Gohan hadn’t believed him, he’d thought there had to be more to sex than pure animal lust. But then he had started to date Videl and he’d understood completely. Truly there was nothing that could compare to the feeling of it.

For two years they had been hot and heavy, a churning sea of passion and desire that could burn for days on end without stop. Then they had gone to university, and everything had changed. Overnight their work load had increased tenfold and his mother, fearful that he might have been neglecting his education in favour of other ‘extracurricular’ activities, had forbade them from seeing each other until their work was done.

Suddenly he felt very warm and was all too aware of how tight his trousers were becoming; yet before he could stop himself his eyes fell on to the blond haired girl’s breasts. Her top was emerald green cotton that was stretched tight across her body and left little to the imagination. Her breasts were full and round and so lovely that he never noticed Erasa looking at him. She had felt the heat of his eyes on her skin and it thrilled her to know that he’d noticed her. And if he’d noticed her, then perhaps this was her chance, her one chance to get the man she loved.

She was determined not to waste it.

It was moments before Gohan came to his senses and when he looked away; she gave up on the telly and slid her long legs off the furniture before rising up and walking slowly around his chair. Being as quite as a mouse, she leant over the back off the sofa and stared down at the man beneath her; causing his dark eyes to snapped open when he sensed her above him.

Staring up at the golden haired beauty, Gohan felt somewhat uncomfortable and couldn’t help noticing the way her chirpy smile had returned and yet her eyes were somehow different. Almost as if they were hiding a secret just for him. As Gohan sat up, Erasa took a step back to give him some room but inadvertently presented him a close up view of her cleavage and he had to immediately stop himself from pouncing on her. “That was a quick break Erasa, are you sure you’re ready to go back to work?” he asked her nervously while mentally cursing his mother for putting him in this position and praying to Kami that he can get through the next hour without making a fool of himself.

Scarcely able to keep her smirk at bay, Erasa meekly nodded before turning to walk up the stairs fully aware that his eyes were on her.

Gohan couldn’t tear his eyes away, he watched her like a hawk, noticing every curve and shake of her delectable rump while his feet carried him up the stairs of their own accord. He wanted to touch her, to feel the heat of her skin and the curve of her arse, to taste the sweetness of her flavour as he devoured her before he bent her over and buried himself in that inviting rump. It took all his fortitude to tear off the girl’s backside before they entered her room and he once again begged all the deities to end his torture quickly so that he could go and see Videl and end his pain.

It seemed his pleas fell on deaf ears however, for every moment that followed from then on felt like an eternity. It was truly the longest hour of his life. For all his efforts nothing could escaped his notice and there was no little detail he didn’t see. He saw everything Erasa did, how when she thought she had the answer she would lick her lips, the way her eyes would flutter as she lost herself in thought; his favourite was the way she would begin to suck on the end of her pencil when she was stuck on a question, her tongue curling around it ever so slightly as she searched for the answer.

By the end of the session, he would have given all gold in the Ox kingdom just to be that pencil for a few moments for he was quite hard and when she handed him her work to check; her scent filed his nostrils. Beneath the bitter remnants of her perfume, he could taste the sweet flavour of vanilla. Now all he had to do was lean forward and she would be his to do with as he pleased…

Erasa was starting to panic; in the time gone she had done everything she could think of to try and seduce Gohan. Yet for all her wiles, he had proved to less corruptible than stone and she was almost out of ideas. Leaning across the desk, she presented him with her finished notes and almost shivered with ecstasy as she felt the heat of his gaze roam across her body. He wanted her, she knew it, and yet he did nothing. Was this some madness cooked up by God to punish her, or just some rotten trick of life; why did he have to be so bloody noble?

As he took her work, she was afforded a rare glimpse into his eyes and he was too engrossed in his thoughts to look away. Time was running short; perhaps it was time she took more drastic steps.

Leaning forward, Erasa pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was only chaste, yet it served to wake Gohan from his stupor. However he was too surprised by the act to pull away and so his Saiyan instincts were allowed to take over. With one move, he’d wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her across the desk and into his lap while responding to the kiss with a savage passion; thrusting his tongue into her mouth, meeting hers in a carnal dance. Erasa never resisted. Turning in his hold, she straddled his hips and wantonly ground her core onto his covered arousal.

Desperate to get inside her warmth, he bucked against her with strength enough to make her release a shriek of delight that suddenly awoke him from his inner conflict. Releasing what had happen all too quickly, he broke the kiss and rather abruptly shoved the girl of his lap as he shot out of his seat. She hit the floor hard and could only look up at with a hurt expression as her eyes began to brim with tears. “Gohan…?”

“I’m sorry Erasa, this…we need to stop.” He said, still slightly breathless from the kiss and unable to look her in the eyes for fear of what he might see. “This can’t happen, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Erasa look on the verge of tears yet she managed to suppress her sobs. “Bu-bu- but why? Why must we stop? You want me Gohan, I know you do. So why can’t we be together, just for this one night?”

“Because I love Videl.” His voice softened as he tried desperately to make her understand

“I’m not going to tell her Gohan. Videl is my best friend. She’s like a sister to me. I couldn’t bear to lose her but all I want is one night; nothing more. If you insist, I’ll never bring this up again but please Gohan…” A stray tear rolled down her check but Erasa didn’t have the heart to brush it aside; she couldn’t believe she was going to lose him now.

Then, suddenly, she had an idea. It was bold and dangerous but she didn’t care, anything was better than this. So with a deep breath, she literally threw herself at Gohan and with one move, ripped open his trousers to expose the still large bulge in his boxers. With his brain still dazed, he could only watch in wide eyed terror as Erasa gleefully pulled his boxers down so that his hardened erection burst free of its restraints and stood tall before her eyes.

In all her life Erasa had only ever seen one other example of the male anatomy, besides those crude diagrams in biology-textbooks; that was on the night she lost her virginity to Sharpener. Despite what people said, she wasn’t a slut. She may have liked to have a good time but, drinking and partying aside, her body was a temple. She was very proud to say she didn’t sleep around and had always wanted her first time to be special, with the man she loved. Instead it had been a complete disaster. It might have lasted for the grand sum of ten seconds; he’d used neither foreplay nor care and had just entered her, breaking her barrier, and clumsily moved inside her before cumming. Later she learned that he had only been friends with her so that he could get into hers and Videl’s nickers. He’d gotten her drunk, left her feeling totally unsatisfied and then had had the nerve to go round school telling people that she was easy.

However any fears she might have had of a repeat of events were quickly banished.

While Sharpener had been rather small, Gohan’s endowment looked to be over 25cm long and almost as thick as her wrist; considerably larger than average. Delighted by the discovery, a hungry smile spread across her lips and she reached out to carefully wrap her nimble fingers around his length, marvelling at the way it pulsated in her grasp and making him groan in a mix of pleasure and protest as she lightly pressed her thumb on the tip. Then with slow, almost hypnotic motions, she started to stoke him; running her small hand down from the swollen head to the thick base and then back again.

Scarcely able to breath, Gohan grabbed the edge of her desk with both hands as he bent over in pleasure. With that first touch, Erasa had stolen all his strength away and he was suddenly powerless against her attentions and unable to stop himself from bucking into her hand with every stroke of her palm. He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this, that it wasn’t right; yet her hand just felt so good on his aching cock that he couldn’t resist. Only when he felt the warmth of her breath washing over the velvety head did he finally come to his senses.

Eyes wide, he looked down in time to watch his classmate lean in, drawn like a moth to a flame, and kiss his cock. “E-Erasa wh-what ar-are you doing? No…Stop! Nooohhhh!” His protest turned into an involuntary moan as Erasa began to work magic. Though she had little in the way of experience, she made up for that in determination and continued to slowly run her hand up and down his thick column while her mouth, tongue and teeth played with the swollen head.

“You want me, don’t you Gohan?” she asked innocently before running her tongue along the edge of his mushroom shaped organ. “Please say that you want me.”

“Oh Kami, Erasa…Please…stop” His voice was low and breathlessly as he begged her, painfully well aware that if she kept this up, he would defiantly lose control. Seeing his distress, Erasa couldn’t resist giving him a sly smile; it was time to move things along before her nerve broke. Swooping down; the girl took the head into her mouth, her full pouting lips stretching around his bulbous crown, and began to slowly bob her head, letting his length enter her orifice bit by bit.

Gohan thought he was going to go mad; the skin of his member was so sensitive that he could feel every minimal movement on his engorged flesh as she took him into her mouth, the way her teeth scrapped ever so lightly across the sides, the swift creases of her tongue on the tip, even the delicious rush of warmth that washed over him every time she inhaled. Kami, why was she being so slow? He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this; that it was wrong and he should make her stop before they went any further. But it just felt so good and without any conscious thought, his hips began to push upward.

However, when she was only a third of the way down, the bulbous head breached her throat and despite her resolve to take all of him in, she began to gag. Realising she couldn’t take anymore, she pulled back ever so slightly before reaching down with her free hand and grabbing the bottom of her cotton top. With one quick tug, she pulled the snug garment up and over her breasts. Mesmerised, Gohan didn’t think to look away; though she almost never wore a bra, Erasa’s ample cleavage was full and bouncy and jiggled with every dip of her head. They were larger than Videl’s, but not so overly large that they appeared comical or artificial and he was near consumed by the desire to lick her rock hard nipples; just to see if they tasted as good as they looked.

Glancing up in time to catch him openly ogling her bared bosom, Erasa would have smiled if her mouth wasn’t so full. “Mmmm…I know you want me.”

His eyes grew as wide as saucers as he watched her drop both her hands to her sides before leaning in to envelope the remainder of his cock between her bountiful cleavage while continuing to suckle the weeping head. Gathering both orbs in her hands, she began slowly sliding her chest up and down, massaging the thick base with her breasts and timing her motions to match the slow up and down rhythm of her mouth.

Unable to breathe or think, Gohan felt as though his life’s thread was hanging on the edge of a knife. On one side was his self-control, on the other, his release from this torturous pleasure Erasa was conjuring up. He hungered for both but knew that giving into one would extinguish the other; there was no room for a middle ground.

In theory it should have been an easy choice. Videl was his world, he loved her more than words could say and was determined not to do anything that might jeopardise their relationship. Unfortunately his body seemed to have its own ideas.

“Oh Kami, Erasa!” her name left his lips as a pained moan, the pleasure suddenly so great that he could no longer resist the onslaught of pleasure that rushed over him. One last stroke of her tongue was all it took to bring him over the edge, his seed exploding into her waiting mouth in long ropes that she greedily swallowed, not missing a single drop of his creamy essence. Only when she had got every last drop did she finally stop; withdrawing her lips and raising her eyes to meet his.

“Mmm…you’re delicious.” She cooed dreamily, all the while smiling proudly at what she had accomplished. “Please sir, can I have some mor…” Her voice failed her when she saw the primal hunger gleaming like quick-silver in his eyes. Suddenly afraid, she tried to back away but one of his large hands came from out of nowhere to seize her bunched up top and yank it over her head and arms. Caught off by his surprising strength, her body folded to his will as with one move, he picked her up and threw her across the desk. Surprised by the abrupt change in him, she didn’t dare move from there as he reached down to grab the hem of her skirt. With one sharp tug, he tore the garment off her waist to leave her naked, prostrated and helpless beneath his gaze.

With a primal growl, his powerful hands seized her slender waist and pulled her back just as he stepped through and with one fierce motion, rammed his still hard cock inside her slick channel all the way to the hilt.

“Aaahhhhh…sweet Kami” She squealed as his impossibly long shaft all but ripped her in two. It had been so long since that night with Sharpener she had almost forgotten the pain of that first entry and she desperately grabbed the edge of the desk to steady herself, her knuckles turning bone white as she dug her neatly manicured nails into the timber. The odd position was making her feel somewhat disorientated and her entire body felt like it was on fire, but beneath that there was an exquisite feeling of fullness the likes of which she could never have imagined.

Awed by the awesome tightness of the beauty’s quivering core, a feral grin crossed Gohan’s lips as he pulled back until just the head remained inside her before snapping his hips forward and plunging back into her molten cavern. An involuntary growl was torn from his throat as her plush inner-walls began suckling his shaft, begging it to go deeper. Happy to oblige, he drew back from her warmth only to slam into her once more; doing so again and again until the room was filled with the wet slapping of their meeting hips.

Unprepared for this fresh onslaught, Erasa’s mouth gaped in a silent scream as she felt him forcing himself a little deeper inside her every time. The pain was lessening now, and all she wanted was to scream from the pleasure he was raising inside her. She felt so full and with every stroke, his thick member was hitting that spot deep inside her that felt wonderful; Kami she had never known sex could be this good. She wanted more, and of its own accord her body responded by moving to meet his thrusts, rocking and grinding her bottom against his pelvis.

“Oh…so tight…so…tight…” He barked; his voice now a dark echo of its former self as he gave himself over to the beast within him and mercilessly hammered the beauty beneath him for all she was worth. He was no longer Son Gohan, no longer the good hearted savour the earth had known for these past nineteen years; now he was the Saiyan. This wench had teased and tempted him to the point of no return, now he would give her the punishment she deserved.

“Oh Kami …yes…yes Fuck me…Fuck meeeeee!” Erasa cried, swept up in the rising tide of pleasure that signalled her approaching orgasm. Nothing she had ever done before, not with herself or the boys she’d fooled around with in school, could ever have hoped to compare with what Gohan was manipulating inside her. Already burning like molten desire through her veins, her first release promised to be a big one and she was sure she’d be walking funny for days.

Gohan never relented. There was little tenderness in his motions and with an iron tight hold on her gyrating waist; he snapped his hips back and forth in an erotically primal collision of flesh. In layman’s terms, he was fucking Erasa, plain and simple, and it was clear she loved every moment of it. With each violent thrust, he poured his pent up lust into her young body and she would rock and grind her succulent bottom back against his pelvis in a wanton frenzy as her nectar ran down her thighs. Kami, she was so tight…

Consumed by the wild passion of their forbidden tryst, time seemed to slow down as her body erupted in wild convulsions and a white hot fire set her nerves alight while bursts of brilliant colour kindled behind her eyes. “I’m cumming…it feels so good … fuck me deeper…deeper…” She babbled senselessly, her long legs trembling violently as she writhed in the volcanic pleasures. “Yes…take me…yes…Cumming…cumming…”

Gohan only grinned, his eyes igniting with a hint of turquoise as he continued his merciless onslaught. He could feel his release building; it was slow and still a long way from complete but he had to resist the urge to turn Mystic as he tirelessly ravaged her sweet channel with deep unyielding thrusts.

Completely at his mercy, Erasa could only moan out in utter delirium as wave after wave of orgasmic delight rolled over her. He was being so rough on her now that his every plunge would push her against the desk, dragging her stiff nipples across the rough wood and she was only vaguely aware that she was growing light headed. Darkness was encroaching on the edge of her vision but she continued to moving to meet his thrusts until her trembling legs could no longer support her and gave way beneath his onslaught.

However Gohan held her as if she were as light as a feather and continued his furious pace without missing a beat. Kami he was too much for her. This was impossible, how could one man be this good…

With his blood boiling with sexual energy, Gohan knew he was almost at his limit. Heavy drops of perspiration were rolling down his back and with every breath the musky aroma of sex flooded his nostrils. The constant tightening spasms of Erasa’s core had pushed him to the edge and he joyfully savoured the feeling of fucking the beauty from behind as his eyes, darkened by pent up lust, admired the way her tight young body moved in time to his own. With every slap of his pelvis, the full checks of her luscious rump would ripple and he was once gain given cause to wonder what it would be like to be inside her tight rectum, to utterly dominate and conquer her as he vigorously fucked her tight arse. The idea was enough to force him over the edge and with a low grunt he came inside her, his balls tightening almost painfully as a tide of his thick creamy seed erupted from the tip of his cock to flood her core.

With a heavy sigh, he took an uneven step back, his softening shaft slipping from the girl’s warmth as he fell back into the chair. Exhausted beyond measure, his chest heaved as he took in great lungful’s of air and desperately tried to make sense of what had just happened. What had he done! How could he have let things get out of hand like that? What was he going to tell Videl? On the verge of panic, he looked to Erasa in the hope that she might have the answer, only to find that she hadn’t yet moved.

Having fallen unconscious, Erasa lay motionless atop her desk in a dreamy world of her own. If she hadn’t been naked, it would almost be as if she had fallen asleep in the midst of her studies and seeing her there gave Gohan an idea.

Quietly standing so as not to risk waking her, he quickly fastened his trousers before scooping the sleeping girl up in his arms and carrying her across the room. Laying her gently down upon the bed, he lingered just long enough to tuck her into the covers before throwing open the window that hung over her bed and taking off into the night sky. If he was lucky she would think that it was all a dream.



Slowly I look around, inhaling the scents of this city. My sharpened senses pick up the scents that no human could ever imagine. A sickened shiver runs down my spine as I taste the stench of hour old vomit and urine from drunken youths, as well as a million other things that I don’t care to think about; their disgusting aromas combing to form an overwhelming cocktail that threatened to destroy me.

Shaking off the sensation, I begin to walk along the disserted street and despite it being almost midnight; I can see as if it were still the middle of the day.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that will turn your whole world view around. First, forget what you think you know, Vampires exist and chances are you have seen them but just didn’t know it. It’s understandable through, given that we are mostly just like you; except for our obvious dietary habits.

Second, yes that’s right, I’m a Vampire. My name is Richard.

 Don’t worry; I’m not like the monsters that stalk the helpless young maidens then butcher and drain them dry. I’m not a psychopath or like anything you’ve seen on the big screen; but then everyone knows the movies are full of shit. In fact if all you’ve ever seen of my kind are the illusions crafted from hypocritical priests and entertainers like David S. Goyer and Bram Stoker; then you’ll need to be filled in on a few things.

Firstly there is no tried and true way to kill a vampire, we are already dead after all; but then there are worst things then death in this world. I know, we have all seen and read where the old guy with a cape kills the vampire with crosses, stakes and holly water. Well I’m afraid they don’t do squat and I lost my religion centuries ago so there is little chance of me going to church and giving someone the chance to stake me in the heart.

Second, that little misconception about our inability to walk in sunlight is as false as the Loch Ness Monster; in fact it was actually started by Vampires in the middle ages. Yes that’s right; Vampires were the ones who started the myth, although it wasn’t because they were board. At the time, the human race was begging to become highly aware of our existence and was making a tiresome effort to find and burn Vampires at the stake. So what better way to hunt your prey and avoid the hunters then by making them think you are only active half of the time?

 Of course, most Vampires took to the darkness soon after, so It wasn’t as brilliant as many had first thought.

Some of the legends about us are true through, Vampires don’t like garlic though it’s not because we may be allergic to the stuff, it’s just that it tastes awful and I won’t even get started on the smell. Honestly, I don’t understand how you mortals can stand it.

Also we do have the ability to change our forms, although it is slightly limited. A vampire can only change into a creature of relative size, something with a bone structure similar to that of a human’s when altered. So forget about bats, snakes and any other small horror icon. Large breeds of dog and wolves however are quite easily done and I’ve even been known to do a few larger members of the feline family. I’m afraid turning into another human requires a lot of practice and only the oldest of my kind can do it on a whim. The same goes for turning into mist. It took seven hundred years before I was able to master the technique but I must admit; it was well worth it.

Vampires also posse a slight telepathic ability, not powerful enough to control the minds of both humans and animals like in the movies but we can read and alter them slightly. This gives a Vampire the the famous ‘Vampire Charm’ that is so often portrayed in the 70s Dracula films although it does take a bit of practice otherwise it looks as if you are staring; which is rather rude if you ask me.

Well, now that I’ve shattered your beliefs, maybe I should tell you about Vampire society. Yes, the blood sucking creatures that hunt you at night do have a form of culture and order. And there are actually three kinds of Vampire.

First, there are the so called Pure Bloods. These are Vampires who were born with the gene, it being passed down from their vampire parents and family members and they considered themselves the ruling class because of it.

Second are the Vampires that the Pure Bloods like to call Bad Bloods. These are men and woman who were once human and then were turned. However, it is rare for them to survive as either they don’t make it through the very temperamental process of turning or simply the vampire who bit them would kill them just after feeding.

And finally there are the bonded Vampires. These are Vampires who have bonded together, a sort of Vampire marriage if you will except this can’t be broken as the vampires literally bind their souls together. That I’m afraid is all I can tell you about them, for over a thousand years I’ve walked this earth and in all that time I’ve never met a vampire who had taken a mate and bonded. This isn’t because it’s old fashioned or unfashionable you understand; but simply because the vampire race has forever tilted on the brink of extinction.

There are probably just over a few thousand Vampires walking the earth at any given time and that is forever changing with the human population, every major city in the world only has enough resources to support a handful of vampires. It’s not just the nature of our food that is a problem, most vampires have a slight tendency to attack first and converse later in regards to their own kind. But like I said earlier, vampires don’t die easy so what’s the outcome? After a challenge, the winner would seal the loser away in a prison that they could never escape from. And there, cut off from any precious sources of blood; the vampire would be driven insane within weeks.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a bad blood and was once human, but that was a long time ago.

I have often wondered how I got here, walking disserted streets in the dead of night. Up until the age of twenty I had been a orphan who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Life had been anything but fair to me back then; my family had died from a plague when I was just a young boy. I can still remember that morning, even after all these centuries I can still picture it as if it had happened yesterday. 
The night sky was being ravaged by a vicious storm; lightning bolts stabbed the darkness with unimaginable fury while thunder bellowed like the deepest drum. The noise had awoken me and fearing the monsters that lived in the darkness, I had run to my parent’s bed. By morning, the storm had passed and I found myself up at the crack of dawn, ready to begin the work in the fields. Neither mother nor father awoke however and I sat on their bed, shaking my father’s unmoving body and pleading with him to wake up; never understanding why he didn’t. He had always answered, always ruffled my hair as he said morning before we would go to fields; he never ignored me. But that morning, all he did was lie there as I shook him.

It was over a week before help came, the Village people had all been killed by a mysterious plague and I was the only survivor. With no other close kin in the county to take me in, I’d been taken straight to the workhouse orphanage. In the hustle and bustle of London; no one cared about the orphaned son of a farmer and his wife; I was alone.

For years I watched as wannabe parents looked beyond me to rich brats, the children of wealthy old families who had nice little inheritances waiting; while I was made to work night and day. It was torture and I realised if I wanted to escape this life, I would have to do it on my own.

It wasn’t by running, many children ran from the workhouse and they were always brought back, some alive, others not so fortunate. No, it was by doing something which my parents had always dreamed of; learning.

I was fortunate my mother had taught me to read and write and by saving the few coins the workhouse paid, I bought books and spent my every spare moment studying. By the time I had entered my mid-teens, I had managed to secure a working scholar ship. And finally, at the age of twenty I graduated top of my class; I was a doctor and to celebrate my success, some of my friends took me out to a new tavern that had opened for a celebratory night of debauchery. That was where I meet her. With all the time I had spent trying to prove I was better than something that had been scrapped from the gutter; I had never had time for women so dealing with the fairer sex hadn’t been my strong point. So try and imagine my surprise when this goddess with long locks of sun kissed hair and eyes as deep and blue as the Aegean Sea comes up to me.

For the next few hours, I doubted my eyes ever strayed from her milky skin and I could honestly say I had never met a woman quite like her.

Having been as drunk as a sailor on shore leave, I’m not sure how the night went on but I do remember her taking me to her private room and watching as she straddled me, plunged my member inside her and then riding me like I were a prized stallion. Her inner walls were so tight around my shaft it was like she was the gateway to heaven and I thought I might have come right then and there. Then at the peak of ecstasy, she bite me with fangs that were as long as daggers. The sting of penetration surprised me but then it turned into a rare breed of pleasure as she began to drink. As I exploded inside her, I remember falling unconscious, my body drained dry by her unquenchable thirst. I suppose she got just a little too careless, it’s known to happen if a vampire hasn’t fed regularly.

I slept there for days, not waking until the third day’s sun began to set, too find that the beautiful blond had gone. It was once customary for the sire of a vampire to stay by the side of their fledgling; committing themselves to teach them the skills and tricks of one born into darkness. But it seemed Juuhaci-gou wasn’t the committing type and had left me to die.

It has been over a millennia since that night and as the world changes, I remain the same; a never changing constant in the pages of history. I’d like to say that I kept my job as a doctor, but after you’ve worked with the same people for over 40 years, they tend to notice you haven’t aged a day. And with medicine always altering, I had a hard time adapting to the new methods so I began looking for a more consistent form of employment. Teaching had been perfect.

And that is the story of my life; I went to university and studied for a teaching degree before taking the first position I found, staying there for a few years before transferring to another. Now I move from one city to the next, careful not to remain in one place to long for fear of being discovered or over vampires being drawn to me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a vampire as a teacher! I wonder how many of his students leave without fang marks in their necks. Well sorry to disappoint you but I’m a vampire with scruples. I never drink from my students, or at least not while I’m their teacher anyway. I’m around twelve hundred years old and there are only so many women in one place so I suppose I may have drunk from a few of them.

Yea that’s how I feed, once every few days I go to a bar and pick up a willing woman. I fuck her, using her body for my own pleasure before I drink my fill, being careful not to drain her dry as I do. Please, don’t think too badly of me, it was how I was brought into this world and it’s the only way I know how to feed safely.

I would like to say that I feed upon the homeless, people who won’t be missed if something went wrong but I’m not much of a liar. I did try once and there are some vampires who say that is the only stock they’ll touch, but they are liars. To a vampire, the homeless are off or spoiled food. Their blood is riddled with toxins and illnesses; if a vampire feeds off them for too long he’ll get a nasty case of food poisoning. Believe me, I found out the hard way.

It is actually food that that brought me to where I am now. I heard some of the girls in my class talking about some sort of party being held tonight. It may sound weird, depending upon students’ gossip but you’d be amazed at what kids pick up these days. Not only are they a good source to find out about new places for me to dine, but they also inform me about the presence of any new vampires.

Keeping in the shadows to avoid the gaze of noise house owners, I hurry through the back alley streets to the address the girls had mentioned. Unsure of what I would find behind all these so called abandoned warehouses, I walk cautiously; searching for signs of life till I come to a rundown building. But judging from the music booming within, this warehouse was open tonight.

Finding an entrance at the back of the building, I slowly walk through a set of basement doors and down a flight of stairs until I see a small shiver of light shining from beneath a door. Knocking once, I watch as a bald man slowly pulled it open. Not giving him the chance to tell me to get lost, I flashed him a look and whipped his mind before walking past. I could of course just rely on another Vampire trick but throwing him through a wall may have attracted to much unwanted attention.

The booming music was deafening here and I struggled to hear anything definitive as I walked into a massive, roughly rectangular room. Looking up, I can see a second story catwalk which had been converted into a makeshift balcony with a set of stairs descending down and no railing to stop the clumps of pot smoking teens from jumping to their deaths.

Amidst the gaggle of dancing patrons, I could see a mass of dusty warehouse boxes and old plywood lengths that had been fitted together to serve as a bar. Rusty tables and chairs were scattered around it, the type of stuff you might find in cheap yard sales and wonder if you would need tetanus shot before touching them.

Looking around, I can see a few middle age players trying to mingle with the young community but they are few amongst the tide of young people. In an unfurnished expanse of space, groups of people were doing some sort of dance around a preforming DJ whose excuse for music sounded like something he must have recoded off an ill-tuned radio. Inhaling deeply, the stench of drugs, cheap booze and even cheaper perfume flooded my stomach and made me want to retch. Resisting the urge to throw up, I begin to hunt; filtering through the various scents until I find something quite unexpected.

Beneath the stench of burnt heroin and spilt alcohol there is something odd; something out of place. Intrigued, I start to weave in and out of the crowd, following the scent until it led to a table detached from the rest in a darkened corner. However when I saw the person sitting at it, I began to doubt even my own eyes; there was no way someone like this would be in a shithole like this. Deciding to double check I circled round the table, being careful to blend into the crowd as I did.

Yes, the girl at the table defiantly had that scent but what the hell was she doing in a place like this? She was in her late teens, 18 or possibly 19 years old and had long cinnamon brown hair that loosely framed her face before falling to the small of her back. She was beautiful with features that appeared as soft of as a rabbits pelt and eyes that were as brilliant as saphires. But that wasn’t what attracted me. Even under all the filth that polluted the air in this place, I could tell her sent. She was as pure as snow.

In my line of work, I’m always around members of the female gender but even after all these centuries I have rally ever come across one I would call pure. But with her there was not a trace of corruption; I doubt she has ever known the passion of a man’s embrace.

Well, this hunt just got interesting. I had never targeted someone who was truly innocent before and I hadn’t planned on it tonight, this was going to require a little more subtlety.

Resisting the urge to go over to her, I walked to the bar and bought a vodka martini; being careful not to let anyone see as I reach into my coat and with draw a small canteen before pouring a little vampire sweetener into the drink. Scanning the crowd, I quickly found my target. With her wearing that dress she stuck out like a sore thumb in this place; but damn she sure did look good.

The fabric hugged every curve of her body like a second skin, leaving her arms bare; it draped tightly around her hips but went lose down to her knees. It was sexy enough to ensure that any date she had wouldn’t leave her side.

Taking a sip of my drink and savouring the slight coppery taste of the added blood before deciding it was time to act.

“Mind if I join you?” She jumps slightly as I speak, surprising her as I walk up to her table.

Looking round, her gaze slowly slides up me, taking in my measurements. When her eyes meet mine, I expected to see a scared look but instead I could see a curious gleam in her blue depths.

“Um, I suppose so.” her voice trembling slightly as she watched me before turning away quickly as I pull out a chair and sit down.

For moments we sat apart, an uneasy silence surrounding us despite the blaring background. In the dim light, I can see the rapid movement of her eyes as she searches for something. How interesting…

“What’s your name?” I asked innocently before taking another sip of my drink, yet never taking my eyes off her for an instant.

Turning back to me, she quickly answered “Kate, Kate Frost” before turning back to the crowd. Obviously, she was not in the mood for a conversation. I’ll have to do something about that.

“I’m Richard” I said, smiling pleasantly while holding out a hand for her to shake. She didn’t reciprocate and I withdrew the invitation before asking in an almost offhand fashion “So who are you waiting for?”

That did it.

She suddenly turned to look at me, an accusing look in her eye as she asked in a surprised tone. “How do you know I’m waiting for someone?”

Hiding the victorious smirk that threatened to spill across my lips, I replied “well with the way your eyes keep glancing around the room, I figured you had to be looking for someone.”

A relieved smile spread across her lips and she relaxed back into her seat. “You’re very observant.”

“I have my talents.” I say, smiling as she giggles lightly. I must be making an impression. “So, who are you waiting for?”

“Just a friend,” Kate said before taking a sip of her drink as she leant back in her seat. “She has been badgering me all week to come to this party and barley ten minutes after we get through the door she disappears. Typical…” I know better than to respond, you don’t need be a vampire to know when someone doesn’t want either sympathy or pity. “So what about you then Mr Richard?”

“Please, Just call me Richard, I can’t stand being called Mr; it makes me sound old.” Pausing for a second as she giggles before saying “And I’m a teacher, I heard a few students talking about this place so as I had nothing better to do; I decided to come by and se what all the fuss was about.”

I’d like to say I could of developed this conversation a little more but before I even had the chance to start a more interesting conversation; The words ‘Hey Kate, oh who’s your friend,’ interrupted us and we both look around at the same time to see the smiling face of a blond girl leaning on our table; her eyes are not so slyly giving me the once over.

“Oh um hi Erasa,” Kate said, looking away from us as an embarrassed blush stained her cheeks.
 “Kate, why have you not introduced me to your very handsome friennddd?” It wasn’t just the slur that told me she was drunk, her breath stank of at least three different kinds of drink.

Within five minutes, the blond had pulled up a seat between us and started talking rather hastily while curling a finger around my hair. Trying to ignore the girl’s breath, I looked across to Kate who was trying hard not to show her embarrassment. Unfortunately there is only so much one person can take before it gets too much.

“Well I’ll… I’ll be on my way home,” grabbing her coat, she got up and quickly said “It was nice meeting you Mr Richard.” Then before I could stop her, she was gone.


Kate felt like crying as she all but ran out the warehouse, tears of embarrassment already burning her skin as they came into contact with the whipping night air. How could Erasa do that to her? All week she had been trying to get her to come here so she could meet a guy and then when she meets one; the bitch had to spoil it.

At the thought of Richard, Kate couldn’t help but smile; he could have been quite a catch. There was just something very different about him, if only she could put her finger on what it was. And not to mention he was probably the hottest guy she had ever laid eyes on, that silk black shirt accentuated his rippling muscles while those tight jeans left nothing to the imagination…

‘Oh Kami what am I thinking, don’t tell me I’m falling for a guy I hardly even know?’ Her heels clicked with each of her footfalls as she walked down the darkened streets. However before she even made it half way back to hers and Erasa’s flat, her ears pricked up suddenly as she heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind her— several, much larger footfalls. Swallowing as her stomach began to do summersaults; she slowly turned around to find herself surrounded by a gang of men.

“Hey there babe, A hot little dish like you is pretty stupid to be walking around this part of the neighbourhood alone.” One of them said a big thuggish brute with no neck or hair that she figured was the leader.

“By the way she’s dressin’, you just now known she’s a ho Max.” The one who spoke was at least a foot taller than his fellows and If she hadn’t been paralysed by fear, Kate would have been insulted by the comment.

“But we don’ pay for it bitch, ya hear me you fucking ho.” The shortest of the group had quite a deep voice and his eyes narrowed as he began to lick his lips in anticipation.

In a blink, Kate found herself pressed up against a wall with of the men’s arms pressing against her neck while the others began hungrily pawing at her dress, becoming more animal than man as they tried to rip the fabric from her.

Gasping for breath, she tried to push against the arm before her arms were suddenly yanked behind her head and pinned to the wall.

“Hold still, you little bitch.” Max hissed, rapping a rough material around her wrists before pulling Kate’s arms a little harder so that she could feel that he meant it. “The more you squirm, the worse it will be for you.”

The coarse fabric chafed her wrists but Kate continued to struggle but she could barely move before the bonds snapped tight. It was useless.

Suddenly a very deep growling filled the alleyway.

Looking up, Kate could see a very large dog coming towards them. Even in the penetrating darkness, she could see the canine looking directly at her before turning its mammoth sized head towards the men. It was a very large cross breed, something between a German Shepard and a Husky, probably more wolf than dog. Dipping its muzzle, the dog growled a low warning that reverberated through the alley like a drum beat.

“What’s that?” The shorter man asked, fear evident in his voice as he sized up the canine.

“It’s just a mutt” Max stated, looking over his shoulder and surveying the dog before turning back to Kate. “You’re not saying you’d pass up the chance to fuck this fine piece of meat because of a fucking dog.”

Kate’s eyes never left the dog’s, there was something familiar about its black orbs that seemed so familiar.

Curling back its lips and snarling, the crossbreed gave them a last warning; this time even Max jumped. The shorter man gave up acting brave and turned round before legging it down the alley way; tripping and stumbling through the trash as he went.

“All right, that thing is starting to piss me off,” Muttered Max before turning to the remaining men behind him. “Del! Jake! Take care of it.”

Both men looked at each other and nodded before turning to the dog and Kate could see a flash of silver as they pulled long knives from the depths of their coats. The girl had to look away; she couldn’t watch the poor animal being butchered.

She could hear the dog growling and the men’s footsteps echoing before it all went silent. For seconds there was only the eerie silence, no howls or moans of agony from the dog as it was murdered, no grunts and grows from the men as they got off on killing the animal; just silence that cut her deeper than any knife.

Then there were two thuds as bodies hit the ground. Wait a minute, two?

Opening her eyes, Kate could only stair with wide eyed amazement as she saw both the men’s bodies lying on the ground, a steadily filling pool of blood surrounding them. Instead of the dog, a man now stood in the alley; droplets of blood rolling down the blade of the knife in his hand as his pitiless eyes fixed Max with a murderous gaze that would make even the bravest quake in his boots.

“What the fuck?” Max whispered, his voice trembling with terror as he moved away from Kate. With shaky fingers he reached behind him and pulled a very large gun from the waist of his low hanging trousers. Pointing it at Richard, the thug shouted “Die bastard!” before pulling the weapon’s trigger.

Kate watched in horror as bullets exploded into her savour’s chest, blowing bloody chunks of flesh from his chest, yet he just stood there; his gaze never wavering. Smoke rose from the barrel as Max unloaded round after round, his eyes widening as one shell proved as ineffective as the last.

In the blink of an eye, Richard was standing over Max and the would be rapist gaped like a fish as he saw the bullet wounds in the vampire’s chest healing; the lead dust of the bullets falling to the floor in great piles. Looking up, Max could see a blazing fury burning inside the onyx black irises and for the first time in his life; he was afraid.

Knocking the gun out of the smaller man’s hand, Richard watched in amusement as the thug pulled out a knife and made no movement to stop him as Max plunged the blade into his chest. Red death bubbled past the dagger’s hilt but he just grabbed Max by the jacket and hoisted the man up to his eye level, enjoying the fear that shined in his cold grey eyes as he stuttered “Wh..What are you?”

Leaning down, the vampire whispered “I’m complicated.” before plunging his fangs into the man’s neck and drinking from the screaming man. When his first was stated, he withdrew the blade from his chest and thrust its blood painted steel into the rapist’s heart before letting the corpse fall to the ground. Dropping the stolen knife he’s taken from one the other two thugs, , Richard wiped any lingering trace of his meal from his lips before turning back to Kate.

A quick check revealed that she had gone into shock, her blank eyes staring up at him as he wrapped an arm around her waist before cutting her bonds. Free from the restraints, her limp body fell into his waiting arms and he placed her gently on the stone floor before checking her for injuries; however he was so immersed in his work that he never noticed the movement to his right.

Glimpsing the flash of metal in the moon light, Richard spun around but he was too late to stop the shorter member of the group from slashing the blade of his knife across his neck.  Stumbling back, he clasped a hand across the gaping wound, chilled vampire blood running between his fingers as he looked up and watched the coward drop his knife before starting to run back the way he came.

Growling in fury, he lunged forward and grabbed the blade before throwing it into the man’s back; his heightened vision allowing him to enjoy the sight of the spinning blade slicing through the man’s back and into his lungs. The bastard wasn’t dead but by the time the local police found his and his friends rotting corpses; scavengers will have eaten all that could have identified this as anything other than a drunken brawl that got out of hand.

Ignoring the complaints from his wounds, Richard slowly scooped Kate back in his arms before both their bodies suddenly turned to mist.


Richard was kneeling beside the couch, watching over the girl he had met. She was still in shook but now she mumbled half formed words that made little sense even to him. Reaching up with his index finger, he slowly traced along fading scar that cut viciously across his neck. The bullet holes in his chest along with the various other lacerations had already vanished; the tattered remnants of his shirt were now the only evidence of his injuries.

“What is it about you that would make me do that?” He whispered quietly, more to himself then to the sleeping girl. Vampires weren’t known for their generosity and for Richard, killing four men; even scum like them, was quite a feat.

Resting his hand against her cheek, he slowly began affectionately stroking the soft curve of her jaw. She was so warm, so soft, she reminded him of a new-born kitten. Suddenly Richard felt an overwhelming urge to kiss the girl and though his mind told him it was wrong, he found himself leaning forward, her sweet sent flooding his senses as their lips came together…

It was like she was awakening form a most horrible dream and slowly, Kate felt herself being pulled out of the darkness, her ears pricking up at the soft sound of breathing and a slight tickling on her lips. Then, it all stopped and a light pressure pressed against her lips, causing her sleepy mind to snap to attention. Surprised by her rapid recovery, Richard was thrown back onto his haunches as she jolted upright. Her hair was a little wild but her eyes were wilder, practically bulging out of their sockets as her mind reeled with the night’s events.

Setting her terrified eyes on Richard, she almost fell off the back of the couch in her rush to get away. “Where…where am I?”
Richard just smiled, his lips pulling up into a smile as his eyes twinkled merrily with amusement. Clearing his throat and seating himself in the sofa across from her, he said. “It’s okay; this is my home, I brought you here to recover.”
Kate looked at him sceptically; her sapphire eyes darting around her surroundings, searching for a means of escape. However the room was sealed tight with only two doors allowing admittance and unfortunately, both of them were on the opposite side of the room with a vampire standing between her and them.
“So,” Richard began, making the first move at conversation “I guess you have some questions about what happened in that alleyway tonight.”
For minutes there was only silence as Kate looked at Richard suspiciously, watching in case he decided to get a bit peckish before she asked “What are you?”

“Well might as well get the obvious stuff out of the way…” Richard said chuckling lightly, “I’m a vampire.”

Kate just stared at him unbelievingly as her mind tried to process this information. If she hadn’t of seen him kill those guys like they were nothing, she wouldn’t of believed him and suggested he seek some professional help. After all, a Vampire! Who did this guy think he was kidding. He looked as much like an undead bloodsucker as she did a six thousand year old mummy. There was no way he could be a vampire.

It wasn’t just his appearance, although he did look less like a creepy mansion dwelling fiend than a male model; the kind of man whose tailored suits, impeccable style and dreamy good looks drove girls to an earth shattering orgasm just because he flashed them a smile. But the problem was deeper than that, a lot deeper. For one thing he had no fangs, not even oversized canines.

“How do I know you are what you say you are?” Kate finally asked “You say you are a vampire but…”

“But everyone knows vampires don’t exist.” Richard quickly interjected, his eyes never wavering. “Is it really so difficult to believe? From an early age human children are taught to fear the darkness, so perhaps there really things which go bump in the night, maybe your entire species is merely living in a state of denial?”

“Alright,” Kate said, struggling to find fault in his words when the evidence was standing right before her eyes. “Let’s pretend that I believe in vampires, how am I supposed to believe you really are what you say you are? Do you know how many weirdo’s are out there who believe they’re Vampires?”

“Yea I’ve seen them, black lipstick and nail polish with more piercings than I can count.” Richard said before slowly getting up from his chair and walking to a mini bar that had been set up in a corner of the hotel suit before pouring a drink. “Where do they get off thinking Vampires have no dress sense?” Taking a sip of the red drink, he sat back down in the chair across from her, “But if you want proof that I am what I say I am then look.” He said before craning his head back so that Kate could clearly see the faded scar.

Kate could only stare, her eyes widening as the memory of Richard’s throat being cut flashed before her eyes. Reaching out and lightly running her index finger over the near invisible blemish that had been gushing blood less than half an hour ago. However before she could ask about it, something else caught her attention; a little higher were two very pale marks.

“Can I see them?”

“Can you see what, Kate?” Richard asked, watching her curiously.

“Your fangs…” There was a slight falter in Kate’s voice but she stayed firm; knowing that she had to see them. Impressed by her daring, the vampire gave her a small smile before opening his jaws and so extending his fangs. He only meant to show her the deadly endowments but before he could stop her, she reached out and ran her thumb along his sharpened canine; but she pushed too hard and accidentally cut her skin on its knife like edge.

Richard could feel his eyes glaze over, turning a fiery red as a drop of her sweet blood landed on his tongue. Kate pulled back suddenly as she realized what she had done but it was too late, he had already begun panting in ecstasy and with sudden speed, he grabbed her retreating finger and pulled it back into his mouth. He could feel Kate shudder in pleasure as he lightly suckled at her cut before using his tongue to seal the wound. He let the finger slip from his mouth and then let out a sigh as he turned his head upwards to look at Kate. She stood with her eyes hooded, and lips red and trembling, as if silently begging to be kissed. Silently, Richard took her hand and pulled her towards him, leaning up to kiss her as a different kind of hunger flooded his senses.

His mouth took hers with a passion she had never known, stealing not only the air in her lungs but all sense of logic and reason from her mind. Whimpering against his mouth as his tongue began to toy with her lips, coaxing them open bit by bit. His lips were rougher and thinner than what she had expected; but when he tugged lightly at her bottom lip she decided that she could learn to like it. Hot and demanding, Kate quickly yielded to him, causing the small embers inside of her body to ignite into a wildfire as the kiss became more savage.

Pushing her lover back so that he was sitting beneath her, she sank to her knees on the seat and straddled him, their tongues battling wantonly for control of the embrace as her slender tangled in his dark locks of his hair. Feeling her small body pressed against his own, the Vampire lost all his power to resist and locked his hands tightly to her hips, pulling her enticing form tight against his body.

The battling between their tongues went on till they had to break the lip-lock to breath or more precisely so Kate could breath. Gasping wantonly, The teen looked intently into her lover’s black eyes as she bit seductively onto his lower lip before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss, Richard could feel something welling up inside of him; something he hadn’t felt for more than a malenia. Was it because of Kate, could she be the reason his vampire senses were going haywire; no that was impossible. But if it was her then that would mean…

“Kate, we need to stop this,” Richard said sadly, pushing her off him as he stood up. It was the last thing he wanted but If he didn’t stop this now, then he could not guarantee her safety; something inside him wanted her and he wasn’t going to risk her life just to satisfy the beast in him.

“But Richard…” Kate cried, running into his arms as tears began to flow freely from her eyes at his rejection. “I don’t want to, why must we stop?”

“Kate, listen to me” Richard whispered softly into the girls ear, wrapping an arm around her protectively and drawing her close to him as he desperately sought the words to make her understand. “If we don’t stop now then I’m not sure what might happen.”

“I don’t care Richard!” Kate cried, looking up at him so that he could see the tears in her eyes as she said “I just want to be with you.” before she lent up and captured his lips in a soft kiss.


They fought somewhat, vying for control of each other yet at the same time working together towards the same goal, which was the twin-sized bed on the other side of Richard‘s suite.

As they reach the door, the realization that to get in, someone is going to have to take their hands off the other for some period of time suddenly hit the pair.

Though they were both frightened by the dilemma, you’d hardly notice. Richard’s hands were fixed to her hips while Kate’s hands were not quite sure where they wanted to be and instead tried to be everywhere at once, running from his hair to down his back and then up his front. Add to that the fact that their hips were grinding together in an all too familiar fashion, and their lips were fastened so tight that they’d both have bruises for days.

In their minds, the dilemma regarding the door was of the most importance and Richard ran through all the logical assumptions that one could muster when making out with the most beautiful creature on God’s earth before kicking the door with all his strength. A loud crack filled the room as the timber snapped off its hinges and flew across the room.

Kate groaned into his mouth as she nearly lost her balance as they stumbled into the room and crossed the first few steps before falling backwards and landing on the soft embrace of Richard‘s bed. Finding herself on top of the vampire, she couldn’t resist flashing him a seductive smile before swinging a leg over him and straddling his thighs  as  she whispered in a very business-like manner “Now then, Mr Richard, just lie back. This won’t hurt a bit.”
As Richard watched her movements, his hand twisted, gripping the sheets harder as he prepared for the onslaught to come. “Mmm…a little bit of pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Miss Frost.”

Grinning wolfishly, she leant forward. A shiver running down her spine as she noted how his eyes glittered in the low light, their onyx depths suddenly a rich deep ruby black the likes of which she’d never seen before. Feeling playful, she lightly kissed each of his eyelids in turn. “You have such beautiful eyes.” She sighed, before grinning as she noted the way he shivered when her heated breath spilled across his skin. She kissed his nose, then his cheeks, then his chin, before rubbing the soft skin of her cheek against the stubble roughened skin of his jaw, the contrast in texture making her purr with delight. Her hair brushing his bare neck and he groaned softly as it tickled him. She sighed again, hardly daring to believe this was real, that this was actually happening at last.

She dropped a kiss on his jaw before sweeping her tongue up the curve of it, lightly teasing the spot beneath his ear. Slightly salty and sweet, the taste of him spilled over her tongue and she shuddered lightly in delight. Needing more, she began to kiss and nibble his neck fervently, not even noticing as one of his hands came up and buried itself in her hair.

With a fiery passion, Kate explored Richard with her mouth. Her tongue mapping the curve of his collarbone as her talented fingers urgently worked to divest him of his shirt, her lips mapping the slope of his shoulder and the hard contours of his chest, her teeth tugging gently at his flat nipples as she went. Her hands wandered, fingers tracing the bones of his face, the rippling muscles of his arms, stroking and kneading soft skin and hard muscle. She was lost in the taste and feel of him, in the sounds of his soft panting breath and groans.

A gentle tugging at her hair suddenly brought Kate back to reality and she lifted her head obediently to meet Richard’s glazed eyes as he said. “I have lived over a thousand years, survived a hundred wars and countless confrontations, but I think your teasing may just be what finally kills me for good.” The vampire’s voice was low and strained, and she couldn’t help smiling with satisfaction as a feeling of immense pride filled her at the knowledge that she could elicit such a reaction from one so powerful.

“I promise I won’t let it kill you.” And then her seductive smile grew as she dragged her hands down his chest, letting her nails scrape over his sensitised skin. He let out a long, sharp hiss that made a shiver run down Kate’s spine as her nail drew over his dusky nipple and taken by an idea, she bent down and blew against the scratched area. The hiss deepened and turned into a low groan. She continued to blow against his nipple until his eyes fluttered shut then she dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue over the flesh. His eyes flew open and he bucked up against her. Keeping their eyes locked together when she bit down and then pulled back to blow, making Richard growl as he bucked his hips up against hers. This time both of them let out a low moan.

Pulling back from his chest, Kate worked her way down the quivering flesh of his stomach to his abdomen, stopping only to gently kiss his navel before dipping her tongue in his belly button. His hips jerked at the contact and his erection brushed the full swell of her breast as he dropped his head back against the pillow. Curious, the teen looked down and contemplated the very impressive bulge in his jeans for a moment, admiring its already remarkable girth before taking a deep breath as she finally slide further down his legs. The garment’s rough fabric brushed against her skin as she went and made her moan in the back of throat, and she was unable to resist rubbing her bosom against him, enjoying the friction against her sensitive nipples for a moment before returning her attention to the matter at hand.

“May I?” she asked jokingly as her forefinger ran lightly over his belly.

“I don’t think you actually need to ask…” he replied in a low sensual voice.

With his consent, she lightly traced her trembling finger along the outline of his cock through the fabric before suddenly drawing back in surprise as it twitched in response. Intrigued, Kate did it again, only to be distracted by Richard’s low moan and subsequent mumbling.

‘She’s going to tease me to death’

Giggling nervously, she decided to take pity on the man spread out beneath her. Moving to sit between his legs, she undid the button of his jeans and tugged the garment down his muscular legs with a quick pull. Not saying a word, the vampire lifted his hips to help Kate get them all the way off but couldn’t help moaning in relief as his straining member sprang free.

Her eyes fixed onto his erected member, it seemed she hadn’t been the only one to of enjoyed the teasing. Kate placed her hands on his thighs and started to massage them as she slowly slid up towards his swelling organ. To turned-on to look away, Richard watched her face; a look of deep concentration worn on her beautiful features as her hand moved towards him.

Her finger moved along the tip of his shaft, making Richard hiss and Kate felt his body jump towards her. Letting out a shocked gasp, she pulled her hand away before looking up at him in a mix of confusion and fascination. Tilting her head to the side, she slid her hand back up along his thigh and Richard couldn’t help the grin that passed over his face at Kate’s look of pure determination as she reached out and ran her fingers up his cock from base, buried in a light nest of dark hair to the mushroom shaped tip. She gasped in surprise at the heat it radiated, and then wrapped her fingers around him, amazed by the silken texture of the skin surrounding the rock hard monolith. Squeezing him gently before tracing the vein on the underside with her thumb, she watched in fascination as the vampire’s hips bucked and a pearly drop of moisture appeared on its apex.

Richard’s eyes were closed as he tried to relax, his heart beating faster than he could ever remember as her lithe fingers reached out and wrapped around his length and Kate heard him release a grunt of pleasure as she felt his shaft pulsed in her grasp; her thumb lightly pressing on his sensitive tip as she started to stoke him slowly from the base to glistening head; making him buck his hips into her hand as he barely held onto any form of coherent thought. Thrown into purgatory and torn between ecstasy and agony, he couldn’t help enjoying the teen’s attention to his member.

Suddenly, Richard’s eyes shot open as he felt something warm and wet wrap around the head of his cock. He bucked up in surprise and let out a small shout not really believing what he was seeing as he watched himself disappearing into Kate’s mouth before becoming lost in the sensation as she alternated between moving down to take more of his flesh in and sucking gently at his member. He fought against a need to buck up into her mouth and grasped the sheets to stop his hands from wandering down to grip her head.

“oh god, Kate… more…more” spoke Richard in a low, husky voice, making Kate smile as she gave him what he wanted by taking all of him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her scarlet lips. The skin of his member was so sensitive right then that Richard’s eyes began to roll as he felt every minimal movement that her tongue would do inside her mouth and onto his shaft, her teeth scraping his skin lightly and every time she inhaled, he could sense his manhood pulsing in her damp orifice.

One of Kate’s hands reached the base of Richard’s swelling member as she kept on bending up and down on him, massaging the exposed skin of his shaft with her forefinger as her thumb applied a light pressure that made the vampire groan all the louder. Her hand travelled gently along his phallus as her mouth enclosed half of the length in its warmth. Occasionally she would lick along the phallus’s sides while her hand massaged him at the base. As her motions gradually increased in speed, the teen could practically feel his body stiffen as he vocalized his pleasure.

Suddenly, she began to think about her predicament from a more logical point of view; she was sitting between the legs of a naked vampire who was also the most gorgeous man she had ever met and was on his bed; giving him head. She was also falling madly in love with him and she knew it but she was also unsure of the vampire’s feelings towards her. All through her life, Kate had been able to read people quite accurately, but when it came to this creature, Richard; she just couldn’t.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, Richard gasped before twining his fingers in her black locks, holding onto her head by her as he and slowly began guiding her motions as she continued to pleasure him. He knew he was really close to climaxing, never had a woman been able to drive him as mad as this one was. He had almost lost all the control over his body, his hips were bucking faster and harder into her mouth every time he felt her tongue play on the small hole at the tip of his member.

Kate could feel his orgasm coming on, as much as Richard tried to suppress it she could feel his body shaking and his cock twitching. Wrapping her lips around his penis and squeezing it with her mouth, she stroked him hard with her hands.

“oh god, Kate!” her name left his lips as one last stroke brought him over the edge, his hot seed exploding from his thick manhood into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. The Vampire was panting heavily, his body covered with sweat, and the wave of adrenaline that the incredible orgasm had brought in his blood was making him tremble slightly. At his climax, Kate put her mouth over the head of his penis and sucked in all his juices, she tried to swallow as much as she could but it came into her mouth to fast.

As her mouth began to overflow, the current of Richard‘s seed finally began to cease. Coming back down to earth, the first thing he saw was the teen above him, looking down at him with a sly smile; she looked pleased with herself.

“That was…well…let me show you.” And before Kate could react, Richard flipped their positions. Her body bounced somewhat as he pushed her further into mattress, her head sinking between the pillows. He had her where he wanted her now. Under him, here in his bed, powerless; he already knew that this Girl had etched herself into his heart and he would prove it to her by making love to her in ways he never had with anyone else or she ever could.

He pushed himself up off of her, but not enough to give her any type of manoeuvrability. He looked down at her and Kate could have sworn she saw him smirking before his lips changed shape as he came down to meet her parted lips in a searing kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the connection; trying desperately not to lose herself in the sensation of his tongue sweeping across her mouth, tickling her gums and challenging her own tongue to a playful duel that left her breathless with anticipation. She fought the urge to whimper as his mouth left hers.

Kate’s mind fought her body against the desire to give in to Richard as she felt his middle index finger slipping lower and beneath her dress before delving into her delicately. The digit rubbed gingerly against her inner spot, causing her to thrash her head from side to side as stars began to flash before her eyes.

“Mmm Kate, you’re so wet.” He shifted so he could look into her eyes, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips as he whispered “So soft and wet.” His finger delved deeper, tracing the contents of her orifice, slickened with moisture, before moving up to brush the tiny bundle of nerves hidden just above. Kate arched against his him, moaning loudly as her eyes widened with rapturous pleasure, making Richard smile before he did it again. Lost in her carnal rapture, she never noticed her vampire lover suddenly pull her dress up and over her head, leaving her bear before his hungry eyes.

“Richard…” Her voice was filled with awe, wonder and passion and Richard was sure he had never seen anything more beautiful all of his undead life.

He pushed his finger in deep, before pulling it out again and repeating the motion over and over again until he heard the teen’s breath begin to catch in her throat. Then he added another finger and watched her intently as she lost herself in the sensation of him stroking the most intimate part of her being.

“Oh, God, Richard…that feels…it’s….ohhhh” A primitive sense of animal pride filled the vampire as he feasted on the sight of her. He’d done this to her, he’d taken this sweet, innocent, beautiful Girl and, simply by touching her, reduced her to a bunch of mumbling scattered words and nonsense syllables. Something rose deep inside him that demanded more, demanded that he make her completely lose the fluency and self-control she wore like clothes. Slowly, circling her clit with his thumb and making her legs instinctively open wider; Richard positioned himself at her entrance.

Kate moaned loudly as the pleasure built, higher and higher within her. It was too much, but still not enough. She wanted, she needed more; she couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t hold a single thought in her head and all she knew was the pleasure and that Richard’s lustful eyes were watching her. She felt the flood of sensations approach critical mass, knew she couldn’t take much more of this wonderful, torturous pleasure and her body felt like white fire was running through her veins.

Their lips met once more and his member that had been painfully engorged sheathed itself inside of her tightness but in the wash of her orgasm, Kate never felt any pain her barrier was broken, only pleasure as he began to rock against her steadily. No longer able to stand it, Kate wrapped her legs and arms around his body wondering if he had noticed that she was no longer restrained by his limbs. His dick had penetrated so deep that he was all the way against her cervix. What little pain there was quickly faded and a feeling of intense pleasure soon took it’s place as she tightened her hold around him with her legs, savouring the closeness of their bodies pressed together.

“Ohhhhhh Kate!” he moaned, gasping in pleasure as he tried to fend off the desire to cum right then and there. She was just so tight around him. “God…I love the way your pussy clings to me…”

She closed her eyes, going silent as she felt him withdrew almost completely and a feeling of emptiness consume her before opening her eyes again and moaning as he sank back into her, so deep, stretching her out beautifully…”Oh, Richard,” she moaned, whimpering as she felt his rough fingers roll over her throbbing clit. “I love having you inside me…inside my…my pussy,” she whispered, blushing as she added, “Fill my pussy more, push it into me more, please…I want you to make love to me so much…don’t stop, don’t ever stop…” Leaning up, she kissed him deeply, lapping at his lips with her tongue as she became bolder.

Bearing his fangs in a lustful grin as the words passed her beautiful lips, it was so cute to hear the words that had flown from countless sluts coming from one so innocent, and he wanted to hear so much more. “Tell me to fuck you Kate… and I will.” Richard murmured softly into her ear, sinking more of his member within her depths, yet still only having about half of his length inside her at the moment. “Kate…. god you feel so good…” He groaned out through clenched teeth while withdrawing his member almost all the way out of her again. “Tell me to fuck you….”

“F-F-Fuck me,” she whispered desperately, her blush deepening even more as she spoke, the unfamiliar words not coming easily to her lips as she rolled her hips experimentally against his, trying to coax him forward. “Please…fuck me Richard…you’re so big and hard inside me. I need you so much…” She clawed at his back wantonly, her nails scraping across his muscular hindquarters as she gazed up into his eyes and she whispered, “I want you to love me more…” She suddenly screamed out his name at the feeling of him filling her, all conscious thought melting away into a white hot sea of pleasure.

“Oh my God…Richard! Oh it feels good…It feels so good!” she cried, kissing the vampire again as he abruptly slowed his pace but each thrust gave her that intense wave of pleasure that would compensate for his slackened speed. It was obvious that he realized exactly which spots made her tick and was enjoying taking advantage of it.

Richard groaned at the sensations from her tight confines, his every sense overloading as her irresistible scent filled his head and made his mouth water. He had never held out this long before feeding during a fuck and his thirst was growing by the second. His hunger for the teen was strong and the desire to taste Kate’s blood was becoming undeniable, yet he fought his very nature to strike at the girl. Richard had heard of vampires that could control such desires during mating though he had no doubt that they had drunk their fill before the actual copulation. And he was starving, having lost all the blood he‘d drunk earlier that night in the process of healing his wounds and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.

Kate pushed against him, rolling them over so that her body straddled his. Placing her hands securely on the mattress, she started to ride the man; moving up and down the rigid cock without a shred of modesty. Growing more comfortable on top of Richard, her strides quickly became longer and harder; causing her to bounce higher on his groin and her breasts to jiggle with every movement. Soon her motions involved her whole body and as she bounced up and down; no part of her body remained stationary.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Kate moaned as she crashed down on Richard’s cock; causing it to penetrate a bit deeper. Her strides were now an upwards glide than a crashing down slam. The gentleness was gone and a sex crazed beast inside the teen had immerged, her strides becoming more rapid and so violent that Richard could no longer resist and thrust his hip up to meet her decent.

“UH-UH-UH-OH…RICHARD! OH FUCK! YES MORE… MY LOVE! FUCK ME MORE!” she screamed, working her body along his length with increasing vigour. Her hands slid up her body to fondle her own soft mounds, sending bolts of pleasure along her spine and causing her head to roll back due to the feeling of pure ecstasy she was experiencing down between her thighs. His thick member was hitting her pleasure spot over and over again making her moan louder each time as she neared her climax.

Leaning up, Richard moved his hands to her back and ran his fingers along her spine while trailing fiery kisses along her collarbone. He could smell fresh, young blood rushing through her veins and it only served to drive the vampire on “Faster.” He said and the command was met with Kate’s body sliding at a rapid pace against his own. She let out long, loud moans as every time he was fully encased within her. He nibbled on her jaw line following its curve to the other side of her neck and suddenly biting down, causing her to gasp.

“Yes-yes-yes-oh Richard!!” Kate cried, riding his cock with increased fervour, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum soon! Oh God I feel it!”

“Uh-uh-uh-oh, Kate! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming! Oh God you’re so beautiful!” he panted. But he was unprepared for what happened next.

The teen’s movements suddenly stopped and she took his hands off her body before trapping him beneath her. Their eyes were level and Richard could see a desperate look in her sapphire orbs as she begged. “Please… Please change me. Make me one of you…so that you can love me forever!”

In his current state, the words that had just passed through her lips were a godsend. When he had clasped eyes on her, Richard had vowed to not feed from her without her consent and that was the only thing that had stopped the vampire from feeding. And yet her she was not only asking him to bite her, but also to turn her. In his rational mind, Richard would have never agreed and would have tried to talk her out of it but right then; all the predator could see was blood. But there was something else he wanted as well.

Leaning up, he whispered softly into her ear “Everything I am is yours. And all you are is mine. Blood of my Blood, flesh of my flesh; together forever…” his fangs were plunged deep into her throat at the same time as he plunged himself back into her depths. Orgasmic screams filled the room as Richard drank from Kate, savouring every drop of her sweet nectar as he drained her to the point where she had not a single drop of blood left within. Feeling her go limp in his arms, Richard felt a sudden stinging sensation stab at his throat as he cut his veins with a sharpened talon before leaning over and spilling his precious blood into the girl’s waiting mouth; completing the bonding.

At the feeling of her tight walls convulsing around him, Richard realised himself within her depths and they fell back on the bed together. Breathing hard as his heart raced, the vampire looked down to the creature lying in his arms. To a human, the deathly paleness of Kate’s skin and her no longer beating heart would be a sure sign of death; but Richard knew better. Pulling the comforter over their bodies, Richard slowly curled up to his new mate before falling into a deep slumber.


Over six centuries later and I and my love are still together; both as young and beautiful as the day were turned. It had taken several days before the transformation was complete and Kate became a Vampire but even as I told her what I had done; she never complained. She just insisted that she was happy to have someone who she loved and who loved her in return. She would then kiss me and drag me to bed. And here I thought I was the insatiable one.

When I was a boy I believed that the world had been against me, when I had been bitten I thought that I must have offended god for he seemed so determined to punish me; now I don’t really give a damn. All I care about is Kate and no matter what happens to the world around us; we shall forever be together.

The End

AN: This is a slightly altered version of my DBZ fan fiction ‘Thirst’, to make it an original work. I had considered rewriting this without the first person but then I decided against it as this would forever remind me why I don’t do First Person stories, I just suck at it to be blunt.

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‘I see you are going to be as punctual as ever Gohan.’ Videl thought in a more than slightly sarcastic manor while impatiently checking her wrist watch.

Ever since she had finally managed to figure out just who that blasted Sayaman was, Videl had suddenly found herself to be a triumphant fountain of untapped energy and didn’t hesitate in concocting a plan that would put her newly acquired knowledge to her favour. But that had been Saturday; now it was early Monday morning and she had practically spent the past 24-hours pacing her father’s mansion, desperately searching for something to occupy her time with beside the wilful destruction of those brand new sand bags she’d just had set up in the mansion’s private Gym.

The experience had made her irritable and the fact that her quarry appeared to be persisting with his bad timing was doing nothing to help her mood. The morning bell was due to sound at any minute, hundreds of students would be rushing through the school’s halls…

“Shit.” Videl suddenly cursed as if in response to her thoughts, the shrill sound of the morning bell suddenly echoed through the School’s halls; causing a tide of life to suddenly spring up all around her as panicking students quickly hurried to their classes. With all the commotion, she realised that it would be all too easy for even one who stuck out as much as Gohan to slip by her unseen and although far from disastrous; it would mean she’d have to wait another day.

Intent on not letting that happen, she quickly took advantage of the surrounding cover and slipped into the crowd; being careful though not to let herself get swept away in the current of the overwhelming student body as it quickly took her up to her morning class.

But making sure no one had noticed her in the crowd, Videl quickly vanished into a nearby closet, one that she knew to be unused; just before she would have been over wise pushed into the classroom. With her alibis already in motion, it would not of done for her to be spotted lingering in the school’s halls when she was supposed to be foiling a bank robbery on the over side of Satan City.

Fortunately, her new hideaway gave her a perfect view of the passing students; allowing her to sieve through the various faces in search for her quarry. But as more and more students slipped by with still no sign of him, Videl began to entertain a ludicrous notion; one that boggled the mind and through all the laws of nature into disarray. Had Gohan arrived early?

The though made the teen laugh, Gohan hadn’t managed to arrive on time for any of their classes since the day he started; the odds of him having arrived early on the one day she was waiting for him were astronomical

Suddenly, a feline smile spread across Videl’s rosy lips as she heard the hurried footfalls of a late student running down the hall while an all too familiar voice exclaimed “Late again, oh man I don’t believe it…”

‘Oh Gohan,’ She thought while fondly twirling a lock of her raven hair around her finger, having decided not to wear it in her usual pigtail style for today. ‘You are in a lot of trouble young man.’


Almost knocking the door clean off its hinges as he hurriedly barged through the entrance to Orange Star High, Son Gohan didn’t even look back before quickly running up the nearest set of steps.

It had been a very long weekend for the Saiyan teen. Ever since ‘Chobby’s‘ parents had lain siege to Satan city, he’d had to suffer through his mother and brother’s persistent quizzing; well Goten had ceaselessly pestered him, his mother had spent her time muttering about how she should never of let her sons play with monsters. He’d hoped to be able to escape the subject at school but to his dismay, the attack was still the hottest piece of city gossip since the Cell Games. In-fact, he’d been so caught up in trying to overhear what was being discussed that he wound up losing track of time and was now seriously late for school.

“Late again, oh man I don’t believe it…” He gasped, taking the steps four at a time until he emerged out onto the first floor hallway; to his dismay, he saw it to be utterly deserted. A sight that was far from encouraging. It was estimated that after the first bell sounded, a late student would have roughly 5 minutes to get to class before the teacher would notice their absence; in those precious minutes the school’s halls became like A Roman Bazaar as the student body turned into a mob of panicking youths. However, for them to be this quiet; he would have to be well outside of that gracing interval.

‘First Goten manages to destroy my homework, then mum forgets to wash my dirty boxers, now I’m late for my morning lecture…’ he mused, mentally crossing off all that had gone wrong so far that morning while slowing to a gentile walk as he approached his morning class. ‘Man, what else can go wrong today?

“Hello Gohan.” A familiar voice greeted, its silky tones sending a shiver of fear down his spine as he came to a sudden stop. The time had come, the moment he had feared was upon him. Immediately, he wanted to run but with nowhere to go or even hide; the Saiyan had little choice but to turn around and face his inevitable doom like a man.

Yet just as he was turning, his breath suddenly caught in his throat as he took in the vision of unexpected loveliness standing opposite him. Never had he seen a more exquisite vision of godly beauty than Videl. Gone were the tightly wound Pigtails, baggy white T-shirt and rebellious Black biker shorts. Now the luxurious black locks of her hair were set free and allowed to cascade down her shoulders like liquid satin, framing her beautiful face and accentuating her flawless, creamy skin. Deep cerulean eyes gazed at him, a rare emotion he couldn’t place shinning within their depths as ever so slowly she licked the edge of her rosy lips. Around her slender, swan like neck hung a fabulous blood red diamond that had been set into a linking of white gold; its beauty though was dwarfed by the sheer perfection of her ivory white bosom. Her voluptuous curves were more than emphasised by the black, corset style top that adhered to her well-formed contours like a second skin. Even the flowing grey drapes of her knee length skirt seemed to amplify her beauty, its dark fabric highlighting her smooth, milky skin as she slowly began to walk towards him.

“Oh…Um…Hi Videl.” He greeted, almost a loss for words as he took in her startling but no-less exquisite attire. “How was your weekend?”

Her smile widened at the question, a sight which practically stole the breath from his lungs and in the breadth of a few steps; she strode across the void that divided them to stand practically toe to toe with him.

“Oh…I think you know how my weekend was Gohan.” She whispered, her voice holding a sultry tone that made Gohan shiver with desire as an intense heat was suddenly stoked to life within his loins.

“Eeerr…What ever do you mean?” He whispered nervously before hurriedly displaying his father’s signature grin. Having livid all his life deep within the distant mountains, he’d never really had much practise when it came to dealing with girls but something told him there was more to this than he cared to know. Although he wouldn’t say she was openly hostile, Videl had certainly been suspicious of him; treating everything he did like it were that vital piece of evidence she’d need to put him away. But now here she was, acting more friendly than he’d ever imagined her being. It just didn’t add up, unless…

Has Videl got a fever? He suddenly wondered, but before he had the chance to check her temperature, his mouth quickly ran drier than a desert as he felt her lithesome arms slowly wrap around his waist; drawing him ever closer until he was sure he could feel the heat of her impressive cleavage pressing against his chest.

“I mean this…” She whispered, her hot breath spilling over the flesh of his burning checks while her tongue was all but licking the lob of his ear as she slowly began to trail her fingers up the broad scape of his muscular torso. Her touch was lighter than a feather, the gentile grace of her delicate fingertips teased his senses into frenzy and before Gohan could realise what Videl was doing; she had skilfully entangled herself around him. Cornered like a lab rat, he had nowhere to go and could only fidget in protest as she leaned ever closer. “I knew it!”

Suddenly, his check exploded in a blaze of searing pain as Videl ripped the Band-Aid that covered it off in one smooth motion; exposing the still fresh gash that had been given to him by one of the giant dinosaurs’ talons.

Horror stricken, he tried to cover the reddening wound with his palm but it was too late; the smug look on Videl’s face told him she had seen all she needed to see as she teasingly jiggled the limp plaster in front of face while disentangling herself from him.

“I saw Sayaman get scratched in the same spot, and that’s exactly who you are…” She announced triumphantly, her voice suddenly thick with victory and accusation as she pointed a finger at him. “Mr Sayaman!”

The blood drained from Gohan’s face in an instant, leaving him paler than a sheep as his dry mouth hung open. It was all over, his secret was out and now it was surly just a matter of time until bloody reporter were knocking at his front door. Yet despite all this, the only thing Gohan could wonder was how he could have been so stupid. Videl wasn’t an idiot, he knew she had seen him get injured and a confrontation would have been inevitable once she saw the plaster on his face; why had he not just gone to Dende for a quick fix?

“Videl…I don’t know what…” He began, desperately trying to think of something convincing to tell the determined girl. Videl was having none of it however, after all she’d gone through; to let Gohan talk his way out of a hanging was the last thing on her agenda.

“Save it Gohan!” She gruffly demanded, discarding the now useless Band-Aid before pointing a finger at the petrified teen. “You are Sayaman and I think the world has a right to know the truth. Maybe I should schedule a Press Conference?”

“No! Please Videl!” Gohan begged, his heart beat racing as he desperately tried to think of a way out; but panicking as he was, ideas came few and far between. “You know the only reason I keep my identity secret is to protect my family’s privacy. It’s for them. Please Videl, I’ll do anything. Just don’t tell.” Begging, it was far from a favourable solution and if Vegeta were to see him doing such a disgraceful thing as begging a Human girl; he would surely be ready to give him a thorough beating but Gohan didn’t care. He had to try and if Videl was anything like her father, then the idea of having such power over him would surely be a tempting offer.

“Is that true?” She asked, obviously intrigued by his offer but before he had time to hope; Videl suddenly wore another piercing stare. “Hey! You’re the Golden Fighter as well aren’t you.”

“No! Just Sayaman…” He quickly gasped while throwing his arms up in a defensive gesture, all the while prying that she might actually believe him. However, Videl’s suspicion was too great and it wasn’t until he added “That guy has blond hair.” That she seemed partially satisfied.

“You’re right about that,” She finally agreed, a faint smile playing across her rosy lips as she added, almost spitefully; “He’s more handsome than you are too. Yeah, I guess I believe you…Yeah I do.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Gohan was tempted to wipe the sweat from his brow but thought better of it once he saw the look that still graced her smirking face. Better to not risk enticing her while she was in such a foul mode.

“Videl is there any way you can keep my secret just between us?” Gohan asked pathetically, a pleading tone evident in his voice as he surveyed the female; desperately seeking a sign of compassion on her features.

The result wasn’t good however, for Videl kept all her intent hidden behind a mask of calculation even as she dared a moment to look at the ground. Whatever she had in mind though, it was obvious she had set her sights on it by the time she looked back up.

“Maybe…” She began, obviously toying with an idea. “Lucky for you I am very good at keeping secrets, but you’ll have to do something for me in return. Well two things actually.”

Unable to believe his luck, Gohan could only nod his head mindlessly; obviously keen as mustard to pursue that train of thought. After all, what could Videl really want from him?

“OK! Here’s the deal. If you enter the World’s Martial Arts Tournament and teach me to fly; I’ll keep your secret. How’s that?”

‘How’s that?’ The very idea of it made Gohan sweat. Teaching her to fly would be no problem; he could probably get her soaring across the skies in about a week; but the idea of competing in that bloody tournament. Like the rest of the world, it had become little more than a podium from which that afro sporting monkey of a martial artist, whom Videl called farther, could spew his ill-gotten legacy.

“Me?” He finally stammered, all the while trying to fathom just why she would want such a thing. ”Compete in the tournament?” Fortunately, Videl had no intention of keeping him in suspense.

“That’s right.” She said, ensuring that no doubt was left in his head by adding matter-of-factly; “I’ll be competing myself this year but winning the World Championship won’t mean anything to me unless I know all of the best fighters in the country are participating.”

Although he much didn’t much like the idea of having to participate, Gohan could see her logic and decided that competing would certainly be more preferable that his secret coming out.

“All right then…” the Saiyan youth finally conceded mournfully, resigning to his ego scratched but secret secure. “I’ll compete in the Tournament.” However, before Videl could say another world, Gohan decided it was time to call it a day and bug out. He was already late for class and his mother would be ready to skin his corpse and hang it upside down from a tree once she heard he was intending to compete in the tournament; why throw another piece of disastrous content into the mix? Kami even a cat would be running out of lives by now.

Unfortunately, it seemed he was set to lose another one of his nine lives as before he could even utter a hurried goodbye and vanish into class; Videl started to speak again.

“Hold it Gohan!” She demanded, making the hybrid stop dead in his tracks before privately cursing Dende as he slowly turned back to face her. Yet despite her aggressive tone, he couldn’t help noticing the look that flooded her gaze; reminding him of the look she had given him just before she had torn the plaster from his face. “There’s one more thing…”

They were the four words Gohan had been dreading, what more could see want of him? It couldn’t be money, her family were rich enough to wage a financial war against Capsule Corp. but the only other thing he could think of was a date; yet she had never shown any sort of romantic interest in him. A thought that actually made Gohan feel a little sad.

“You see the tournament isn’t for another two months and because of school you won’t possibly have time to teach me to fly until the end of term. That means it’ll be at least a month until you can start paying me back.” She exclaimed before a sly smile suddenly spread across her glossy full lips. “I’m going to need a good faith payment.”

‘A good faith Payment?’ Gohan couldn’t believe it, Videl had all the trump cards and yet she still wanted more. She was certainly her father’s daughter all right. However, before he even had time to ask what it was she wanted, she suddenly took off; briskly running the opposite way down the hall. Perplexed, he was tempted to follow her example and make a break for it while he still had the chance but the thought of what Videl might do if she actually wanted him to follow her kept him rooted to the spot. After all, it was said that Hell had no furry like a woman scorned.

With that thought in mind, Gohan quickly gaze chase; hurrying after the teen with all the speed he could muster while in the hall and wearing the tightly fitting orange trousers. Fortunately, while Videl may have had a head start over him; the delicious aroma of wild flowers led him to her like a moth to the flame.

As it turned out, finding her would prove to be a moot-point; as no sooner had he turned down a sharp corridor to the left, than Videl suddenly appeared behind him. Before he could say anything, she lunged forward and through herself against him; planting her sprayed palms against his broad chest as she pushed him into a deserted classroom. Almost tripping over his own feet as he toppled back, Gohan had to fight to keep his balance and in the end, all he could do was grab hold of a nearby table; lifting it half off the ground before he could finally stop himself.

Absolutely astonished that Videl could actually do something as impressive as knock him back, he never noticed her closing the classroom door until he heard the ominous click of its lock sealing.

“Videl?” he asked, a touch of fear evident in his voice as he saw her standing there between him and the door; her sapphire depths alive with a predatory look that somewhat reminded him of his mother.

“As I was saying,” she began, resting her hands on her skirt covered hips before slowly beginning to circle the sheepish looking Saiyan; taking in as she did the disgustingly lose white top and baggy pants with a hint of disapproval. “With it being at least a month until you can teach me to fly, I’m going to need some persuasion…”

“Persuasion?” Gohan quickly asked while slowly baking away as the teen circled him. “What sort of persuasion?” Unfortunately, the question made Videl’s smile widen and it was quickly becoming painfully obvious that he was falling right into her plans.

“I want you to strip.” She finally growled, the predatory fire seeming to make her cerulean orbs glow in the dim light.

Taken aback, it took Gohan a moment to comprehend what she said and even then it was hard to process. She wants me to strip? He finally pondered; almost sure it was some kind of twisted joke.

“Come on Videl, don’t kid around.” He begged, desperate for her to claim that it is all just some ill-conceived joke. “What is it you really want?”

“Oh Gohan…Gohan…Gohan…” She whispered, all the while shaking her head as if to taunt his naiveté. “I have spent half my life in my father’s shadow and the other half under his watchful eye. Any possible love interest I may have had since going through puberty has always been quickly scared away by one of his lackeys.”

Watching her as she spoke, Gohan suddenly began to feel an enormous amount of sympathy for Videl. He knew exactly how she felt, what she’d been through. He too had spent the majority of his life trapped in a parent’s shadow, having friends who were actually his parents’ friends; never being truly able to break free of their seemingly endless reach. But where he had come to finally surpass the shadows and stand in his own light as the most powerful being in the universe, she was still trapped and to make matters worse, she would probably never be allowed to escape or surpass her father while either he or his memory was alive.

“Well unfortunately for you…” She continued pointedly, an evil tone evident in her voice as she turned her gaze back to him. “Unless you want to risk me growing impatient and telling the whole city your secret, you have no choice but to do what I want and want you to strip.”

His defeat was obvious and even Gohan could tell that bandying any-more words would purely be an exercise in futility, and so it was with a heavy sigh that he finally gave her the nod of agreement.

Pleased by his obedience, Videl quickly walked past her shell shocked classmate to the chair and desk she’d already had set up at the opposite side of the class room. Despite the blinds being drawn, there was enough light filtering into the room for her to have a decent view of the shower. Of course, turning the lights on would be more preferable but she couldn’t risk him seeing the discreetly placed Digital Video Camera she’d taped to the bottom of the desk…

Oh Man…I can’t believe Videl’s going to tape me doing this. Gohan privately groaned, having already caught sight of the camera beneath the table; easily spotting the ominous red light that shone from it in the dim darkness. The sight of it made him want to walk right out, unable to bear the shame of what she might do with the footage but he knew that Videl would almost certainly tell the papers everything. Checkmate so to speak. Either way he was royally screwed, the only thing left was to choose how he’d go out. It was an easy choice to make.

Shrugging his shoulders to let the weight of his book bag slide from them, Gohan quickly set about bending down and undoing the laces of his shoes, his large fingers fumbling clumsily as he hurriedly tried to undo the tightly bound bows. Although intent on getting this over-with as soon as possible, it took him several minutes to finally get both shoes undone and off; discarding them with the baggy white socks he had gotten into the habit of wearing with a mere flick of his wrist before turning to face Videl. The scowl on her face made it obvious that she was clearly not entertained by his staling.

Deciding that it would be best for him not to test her further, Gohan took in one last long breath before slowly starting to divest himself of all clothing. A deep blush staining his checks as one by one, he undid the small buttons of his shirt, revealing the gorgeous majesty of his chiselled torso to the chilled morning air and her greedy eyes. Trying not to look at her as he through the useless article to the corner of the room, to join his shoes, socks and book bag across the room; a nervous gulp was all that passed from him before he pushed the baggy trousers down his legs.

Unable to believe her eyes, Videl could not look away as she took in the full, naked glory of Son Gohan. The rugged beauty of his magnificent chest made her mouth water as she tried not to lose herself in the delicious layers of muscle. Faint scars were dotted across his skin like the tinny blemishes on a work of art, in any sense they were the only real sign that he wasn’t a physical symbol of perfection but somehow, the faded marks only made her core burn with a furious intensity. Or perhaps it was just the sight of his naked arousal.

Up until now, her entire game had been a bluff. Of course she could tell the world the truth about Sayaman, but whether she would do so when the time came was another matter entirely. She knew the strains of constantly being in the public eye so she couldn’t fault Gohan for wanting to spare his family that torment. That had been the point of the camera, once he’d stripped she’d suddenly reveal the camera and threaten to show the footage to the whole school if he backed out of their deal; another bluff though she would of made a point of showing a few of the more gossipy school girls just to make him nervous.

However, it seemed her bluff had been called even before she had played it; the footage was now worth its weight in gold and by no stretch of the imagination could she imagine herself sharing it with a couple of giggling strumpets. But suddenly she wanted much more than just a video, for the first time in her life she longed to feel the touch of another creasing her body, to lose herself in the blissful sensation of being joined with another.

For the first time in his life, Gohan wanted to run. Ever since that incident a couple of weeks ago with Angela, he’d been making a point of not wearing underwear; figuring that if anyone spied him changing they wouldn’t be able to blackmail him with it. But now he felt really stupid, for his precaution had meant he was forced to reveal himself to her like some common exhibitionist. And coupled with the fact his lack of training meant he wasn’t looking his best, well Gohan had never felt so foolish. He was sure Videl had to biting back laughter, how could see not after seeing him in such a sorry state?

In fact, so blinded by embarrassment was he that he never noticed Videl approaching, her footfalls completely silent as she forgot all about the hidden camera and it wasn’t until she wrapped her cool fingers around his flaccid appendage that he was any the wiser.

“Videl!” He tried to cry out but before he could so much as look at her, her other hand had wrapped around his muscular neck and dragged him forward to capture his thin lips in a searing kiss while her athletic legs coiled around his waist. Her small tongue louring his into a passionate dance while her palm slowly began sliding up and down his soft shaft, vigorously stroking it to life and causing the startled youth to moan out in pleasure.

Utterly stunned by her sudden advance, Gohan never had a chance to resist her before it was too late for him to escape. Her tightly wound limbs kept him pressed against her and while her one hand was stirring his arousal to life, the other ensured he could not escape by tangling in his hair and pulling his head down so she could kiss him deeper. He couldn’t escape and neither did he really want to, as he began wildly thrusting his hips against her palm in desperation. The pressure within his groin growing stronger and stronger with each passing moment; until…

Although delighted by his response to her touch, Videl couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as his rough hands slid up beneath her skirt to settle on the smooth curves of her buttocks; like an animal, he roughly kneaded the succulent orbs of flesh while crushing her against him. The new position also gave the Saiyan better leverage with which to kiss her, allowing him to quickly turn the tables on her and plunge his tongue into her mouth while pressing his steely pelvis against her covered core.

Trapped in a haze of shock, she did nothing to stop him; her mind just unable to comprehend how the usually shy and nervous Son Gohan could be so rough. It was like a caged lion had been locked within him but now was suddenly allowed to roam free and had set its gaze on her. However, when she felt his lips begin to pull away from hers; the memory of her plans suddenly came back and she was somehow able to fight off his advances.

As much as she wanted to just let Gohan have his way and take her, she needed to prove that she was not just some weak willed girl who he could sully and then discard. She would show him just how strong she really was.

Without warning, Videl suddenly left Gohan’s mouth to nip a fiery trail down the taught muscles of his neck; making Gohan gasp as the intoxicating sensations caused by the temptress shot through his body. Releasing the grip she had on his neck and arousal, the teen slowly slid her hips down his body until she was able to stand on her own two feet; allowing the fiery tip of her tongue to trail across the exquisite plains of muscle while her greedy hands sort out all they could reach.

Utterly mesmerised by the sensations she had sent coursing along his nerves, Gohan had to fight the urge to begin ravishing the girl once more as small gasps flowed from his parted lips. Her mouth and lips were doing such incredible things to an area of his body the Saiyan had never thought capable of being manipulated in such a way. Her tinniest touch seemed to be magnified a thousand times over and she didn’t stop her ministrations at his torso…

Thirsting for his masculine taste, Videl hungrily kissed her way down his hard chest as her fingers slowly traced his well-defined contours. Like a hungry feline, she nipped and licked the hard buds of hi nipples; exquisitely teasing the aroused pebbles before slipping to her knees as she kissed each ridged muscle of his toned stomach. Yet all the while, the only thought in her mind was how truly glorious he was, truly he was the perfect symbol of male perfection.

Shivering as he felt her hands dance across a sensitive spot on his side, it took everything the half Saiyan had to fight the impulse to just grab her and force her to turn her attentions to where all his blood had gathered. In fact, he suspected he just might of if not for the noose she held around his neck; but as his arousal grew all the more prompt, the risk of his secret being revealed seemed almost worth it so long as he gained some much needed relief.

No sooner had he thought so however than a shuddering breath was suddenly pulled from his dry lips as he felt her silky hands slide uninhibitedly down to his arse and a dry moan escaped him as she began kneading the hard array of muscles like baking dough. But despite the pleasure it brought him, his Saiyan side cursed his foolishness; he shouldn’t let her know what affect her touch had on him, that even her slightest caresses was enough to almost send him reeling into such exquisite oblivion.

Pleased by the sound of his pleasure, Videl at last decided to grant her classmate some mercy and in one final swoop; she abandoned the remaindered of her journey to descend upon his arousal. But as she lowered herself to the steely phallus’s level, all thoughts of what he were about to do fled her for the second time. Although she had marvelled at the Saiyan’s endowment just moments before, to see it up close brought entirely new perspectives that thrilled her in ways she never believed possible.

Confused by the ceasing of her motions, Gohan glanced down to find that Videl was surveying the body of his member with a look in her eyes that he couldn’t quite place. It certainly wasn’t disappointment, but neither was it excitement; the closest he could come to it was perhaps a mix of deep concentration and interest, the sort one might wear when presented with the new piece of a mystery.

The look worried him immensely; Videl had a unique tendency to question anything she perceived as being out of the ordinary; something more than one text book had classed the length of his arousal as being. Yet despite being a good 26cms, having been raised in a group plagued by alien races; he had never considered himself anything more than average until this very moment. But instead of questioning him about his almost impossibly large anatomy; the look suddenly broke and instead a wide smile decorated her lips as she once more wrapped her hand around his hardened shaft.

Free now to fully experience the complete majesty of Gohan’s body, the girl dropped her eyes to his arousal and keenly watched as her hand began to pump up and down the rigid flesh. It was like nothing she had ever felt, harder than any metal but still as soft as silk; his arousal defied all the known laws of nature and yet she felt no need to question its perfection. Indeed, nothing she had ever done had ever felt this right.

“Kami…Videl…” Gohan gasped, shivers of pleasure ghosting over his nerves as her delicate fingers continued to massage his aching desire. Any form of coherent thought had quickly fled him, leaving the once intelligent youth as little more than a groaning mass; until he suddenly became aware of the intense fountain of heat which had enveloped the tip of his shaft.

Dulled by pleasure, it took his senses several moments to fully comprehend the information but once he had; his eyes grew wider than saucers and he looked down to find that the head of his phallus was slowly disappearing into Videl’s mouth. He tried to protest but all that escaped him was a pleasure filled moan.

Videl wasn’t sure of just what had inspired her to take such a giant step as to actually try and swallow Gohan’s incredible length; all she knew was one moment she had been stroking the phallus’s rigid body and then she had suddenly found herself leaning forward with her gaping mouth partially enclosed around its tip. Such was a position she had never imagined herself in, yet even as she knelled before him like some common, sex crazed slut; the teen felt no shame. In-fact, her position seemed only to empower her; to know that was it within her power to bring him such pleasure was truly an invigorating thought.

Gasping with pleasure but unable to utter a sound, Gohan was completely lost in the strange but very pleasurable sensations that were now fogging his mind. Never before had he felt such incredible things. Never had he been so washed away by such a simple gesture. The liquid heat of her mouth was beyond anything he could have prepared for and just the sight of her perfect orifice slowly moving down the length of his arousal was enough to almost make him climax. It was just so erotic, to see those perfect crimson lips wrapped around his hard flesh.

Growing desperate, the Saiyan quickly looked away from the delicious show and try to think of something else, anything else; just so long as he could keep these marvellous sensations flowing…

“oh Kami Videl!… more…more” Gohan’s low voice groaned between moans; making Videl giggle around his length and causing a long moan to escape the hybrid’s throat as the vibrations from her laughter travelled down along his flesh. The palpitations rocked the Saiyan’s body and made him cry out as his head rolled back. He couldn’t believe it, she hadn’t even taken half his length into her mouth yet and already he was basking on the edge of climax. His Muscular legs were shaking violently as his knees began to buckle, the tension at the base of his spine was growing and it was growing all the more obvious he wouldn’t last much longer.

Fortunately, his Alien blood wasn’t ready to give up the fight just yet and as Videl continued to slowly work her way down his shaft, he was somehow able to gather fresh strength and push his release aside. Virgin or not, he was still half Saiyan and so was not about to throw in the towel just because a human girl knew how to make him moan.

Noting his restraint however, Videl quickly set about redoubling her effort and having already taken his impossible length as deeply into her orifice as she dared; she slowly began to pull away, letting centimetre by centimetre slowly passed from her lips. Her retraction only ceased when she had removed all but his swollen head, at which point she curtly began descending once more; creating a painfully slow rhythm that would undoubtedly drive Gohan out of his mind.

Within moments, Gohan’s hands were buried in her hair as her name came flowing from his lips and he desperately tried to receive more of the magical sensations by trying to ‘gently’ guide her to his release. Evidently, he had forgotten about her trump card but while he may have had the strength to brake her neck with the slightest of gestures; his grip was relatively gentile and she had no trouble in batting his hands away.

While she felt the urge to punish him for his sudden loss of control, Videl decided to let it slide and instead began to speed up her motions; hungrily swirling her small tongue around the throbbing flesh of his shaft, she began to bobbing her head up and down his length. Already she could feel him pulsating as the sweetly bitter taste of his seed spilt onto her taste buds.

The Saiyan’s breath became ragged in seconds and despite all his best efforts, he couldn’t help but watch as she took him into her mouth; the sight of the normally stern and callous Videl hungrily feasting on his flesh was certainly more erotic than anything anyone could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, he watched a moment to long and before he could stop himself; the pleasure of his climax exploded through him like an unchained energy blast.

His control and mind lost, Gohan had just enough time to groan the almost coherent phrase “VIDEL! I’m…stop…come…now.” before a long moan was ripped from his throat as a molten wash of his seed exploded from the tip of his shaft. However, confused by his outburst; Videl had removed her lips from his burning flesh and to late she realised her folly. Coincidently, it happened to be the exact moment wave after wave of his creamy cum exploded onto her face and partially exposed bosom.

It took several moments for the flood to finally die down but blinking past the initial shock, Videl somehow found herself to be in an excellent mood; brushing off even the fact she had been doused in two coats of seamen with little more than a turn of the chin. Now she finally understood why so many guys and girls bragged about their conquests so openly, the sense of pride her little oral experience had boosted within her was certainly like nothing she of ever achieved fighting crooks. It was just a pity she would never get to tell of it…

“Videl…” Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by an unfamiliar voice but before she could look to the door; a strong pair of roughened hands came to rest on her shoulders and before she could say a word, they had pulled her up to her feet. Their Videl found herself looking into the eyes of…

Well she couldn’t say. The outer flesh of his body was Gohan’s but they were not the eye of her friend and classmate. Gone was the warmth and sensitivity, the bubbling innocence which she found so cute; not even his child like good spirit remained with the cold orbs. In fact, the two black pits before her bore more resemblance to the eyes of an animal; the untamed fire glimmering with their depths hiding any emotion as they stared deeply into her own watering orbs.

Untamed and blazing, she found herself trapped by his gaze and barley noticed the tissue that was softly being pressed to her checks and chin in an attempt to remove the thick substance that stained her skin. His motions were deceivingly gentle as he cleaned up the mess and for a moment it seemed the old Gohan had returned, but any such notion quickly vanished when he discarded the damp fabric.

His lips were on hers in an instant, silencing any faint protest she may have had as his large hands slid down her arms to wrap around her waist before crushing her small form against his. Like the fire raging in his eyes, the kiss was as wild and wanton as any kiss with a Saiyan could be and she immediately found herself lost within the fresh tide of emotions that coursed through her.

Suddenly, a heavy moan passed through her lips as she felt his calloused hands return to her arse; yet they never stopped to sample the goods before she was once more lifted from the floor and her athletic legs forced back around his midriff. To her amazement though, it seemed his first release had been little more than a down payment; as already she could feel a fresh erection pressing against the thin fabric of her underwear, just as hard and foreboding as its predecessor.

“Gohan?” Videl nervously voiced once their lips finally parted, a fear full look shining within her cerulean depths as she felt the weight of his burning flesh pressing against her covered core. Fear flooded her veins and her heart felt as if it were beating a thousand strokes a minute; was this it? Was this the minute she was to give her body to a man?

Yet despite the overwhelming amount of risks and possible consequences of doing so, Videl couldn’t deny that giving herself to the youth was what she wanted. Although a disused classroom was never once in her list of places in which to lose her virginity, Gohan was certainly the one she wanted; never before had she met someone like him.

“I want you Gohan.” She whispered hotly, a light blush staining her checks as she nervously spoke the words she had wanted to say all morning. However, the effect they had on Gohan was miraculous and before he had even finished giving her the nod of understanding; familiar emotions had returned to his gaze…

Gohan couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Videl actually wanted him, wanted him to penetrate her, wanted to have sex with him. Of course he wanted her too but then so did every boy in the school, possibly the entire city; she was like Helen of Troy, loved and desired by all and he had never believed for a moment that she may want him over so many others. But here they were, moments away from having sex and although he had no idea if she had ever been fucked before; he couldn’t imagine anyone he’d rather have his first time with.

Not breaking eye contact for even an instant, the Hybrid slowly reached beneath the lengths of her silken skirt; his nervous fingers slid up the damp fabric of her panties, seductively teasing folds of her labia and making Videl moan softly. Her ruby lips parting slightly as she expelled light moans, treating him to a view of her swaying tongue as she rolled her eyes and head back in a delicious show of pleasure; making his burning need for her grow all the stronger as the tips of his fingers curled beneath the elastic of her underwear.

Pushing the garment aside as her arms wrapped around his neck, he gave her a moment to take in a breath before pressing his arousal forward; not stopping until his engorged head had pierced her body. At his invasion however, Videl’s body went as tense as steel and a pained whimper passed her lips as her nails dug deep into the skin of his back.

“Sssshhhhh…” He softly whispered, taking care not to move as her body adjusted to his intrusion; the sensation of just having that part of him inside her was incredible but he had to fight the urge to ram his whole endowment within her depths, as doing so would quite probably damage the girl beyond repair. “The pain will pass soon Videl, I promise.”

Biting back tears, Videl gave a weak nod before suddenly burying her head in the arch of his neck; unwilling to let Gohan to see her looking so fragile. He was so large and her virgin body could barely contain this small part of his immense girth. Of course she had always known there would be pain the first time, that sombrely joyous piece of proof which proved she was joining herself with a man both in body and soul. Gohan’s size just magnified it tenfold and the only way she could keep from screaming was to image the sheer joy it would soon bring her…

However, Gohan was unwilling to let her suffer in silence and with a lover’s care; her took his right hand away from her full butt checks to gently tilt her chin back. She tried to fight his touch but Gohan proved too strong and she was forced to look up into his eyes, where she saw all the love and tenderness had to offer her. And with that, all her insecurities and fears suddenly ran away; for the first time in her life, Videl wasn’t afraid of what the world thought, she know that she could handle anything so long as Gohan was with her.

Emboldened, she threw all fears to the wind and used her grip on his shoulders to push her body further down his arousal while capturing his thin lips in a deep kiss. The pain was unimaginable, but the kiss they shared seemed to wipe it from her mind; only allowing her to concentrate on the fact that they were joined now in the most intimate of ways.

Gohan could smell blood on the air but no matter how hard he tried to restrain her, Videl just wouldn’t stop pushing herself on to him until she was completely impaled on his shaft. Even then, she refused to let him help as she nestled herself into his embrace; doing nothing more than keeping their lips locked together in a savouring kiss as she slowly adjusted to his presence.

Trapped in a torturous purgatory as she was drawn between the most exquisite of pleasure and the pinnacle of extreme agony, Videl lost all conceptions of time as the seconds seemed to stretch out to hours before her very eyes. Gohan was the only constant, the only sort of comfort she had against the agonise of her existence…but suddenly all the pain seemed to seep away and she left with only a delicious pleasure that drowned all her concerns in a sea of pleasure.

“Gohan…” She gasped, the odd position making her a little disoriented as the presence of his rigid flesh suddenly sent her senses into overdrive; never in any of her wildest dreams had she have ever imagined the sensation she was experiencing to be so intense. So intense in-fact, that she found it near impossible to comprehend anything besides his presence inside her, the pleasure of it completely overwhelming her ability to think. Only the notion that she was about to be made love to by Son Gohan, the most wonderful and caring man she had ever known; kept her sane. “…Move.”

Her words broke through the mental restraints Gohan had built up within himself like a great sea of water through a rickety damn and before he could control himself; the Saiyan pulled his hips back before savagely thrusting his godly cock into her core; sending its incredible mass deeper within her most sacred depths. The delicious sensation of her burning depths surrounding him made a long moan pass through his thin lips, but that couldn’t even compare to the shriek of ecstasy that Videl was to emit as his flesh burrowed ever deeper within her.

“Oh! Kami! Yes! Yes! Uhhhhh GOHAN!!!!” She cried, her deep sapphire eyes suddenly glazing over in pleasure as she was impaled on the Saiyan’s cock; causing a triumphant smirk to spread across his lips. The way she moaned and begged for more let him know it was okay to ravage her body and he quickly set about building a steady but quick pace that left her screaming for more.

Lifting her like she was nothing more than a rag-doll, the hybrid hungrily guided Videl along his shaft and showed no mercy as he worked his way deeper and deeper inside her. Yet the incredible cavern of her core welcomed his every admittance, her illustrious heat bathing him in incredible pleasure and shots of ecstasy ran across his nerves every time her tight walls convulsed around him.

“Oh!” she cried, her athletic legs tightening evermore around his waist. “Oh…oh…oh….Harder Gohan! Oh Fuck me HARDER!!!” Suddenly, Videl’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as a high-pitched moan escaped her lips and a minor orgasm rocked her body. Watching the display with a satisfied smile playing across his lips, Gohan quickly set about repeating the proses but with each passing thrust of his hips; the Hybrid’s movements were becoming more and more wild, an all too familiar sign of his Saiyan sides growing influence. However, the fact was lost on them; Videl having no knowledge of her lover’s true nature and he being just too consumed by the feel of her to dare stop his motions, even if that meant running the risk of losing control…

A risk which was growing by second, for as his head began to spin in a haze of climactic ecstasy; his hungry eyes set their sights on her luscious bosom. Although still barley contained within the grasp of her top, with every one of his thrusts, they bounced forward and almost came completely free of the black corset. The sight of her creamy flesh made his mouth water and before he could stop himself, one of his hands left the full checks of her arse and travelled up to her magnificent cleavage; where it lingered for a moment to gently trace the tops of her bosom. The contact made Videl shiver in pleasure but with his attention fixed on the delicious orbs, Gohan barely noticed and in one burst of primal passion, he grabbed the satin garment and pulled it down; allowing his wild eyes to feast on gorgeous cleavage. Full and firm, Videl’s breasts were the defiantly the definition of sheer perfection; their creamy complexion all the sweater when placed against her blackened clothing and rosy red nipples…

Gasping in a titillating cocktail of both pleasure and surprise, Videl wanted to scold Gohan for his aggression but found that the words died in her throat as he bowed his head down to take one of her buds between his teeth while latching his fingers onto her other breast and roughly groping the delicate flesh.

“Ohhh fuck me Gohan! For the love of Kami fuck me! Oh yeesss! It feels so good!” She cried, the mix of pleasures almost sending her over the edge as she dug her finger into the mass of Gohan’s thick hair; desperately trying to press him closer to her breast even as he ruthlessly immersed his flesh into her burning core. Her end was drawing near, the intense pleasure of their furious copulation threatening to burn her alive as she tinkered on the edge of an incredible peak; all but losing herself in the sensation.

However, Gohan was not done. Although his need for her burned all the stronger with every passing second, that ever growing Saiyan element would not let him give in to his pleasures. This was their first time and his primal side demanded that she be shown what he was capable of, to see that there was no other better than he for her…

“YES! YES! OHHH YEESSSS! OH KAMI I’M GOING TO CUM! OH YES! GOHAN I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!!!” screamed Videl, breaking the hybrids train of thought and whipping the last trace of humanity from his system as her inner walls began wildly tightening around him in climactic convulsions. The pleasure of it was intense and proved to be almost too much for the Demi-Saiyan to handle without going super, luckily his resolve was stronger than his flesh and he managed to refrain from cumming even as a wash of her burning nectar coated his member.

Exhausted beyond the point of recollection, the sapphire eyed teen was slipped between the realms of conscious
and unconscious with little regard for the realm around her; not noticing even as Gohan slowly withdrew his still hard arousal from her quivering depths and proceeded to carry her across the room. When at last she did awake however, it was to a very different scenario as to the one she remembered.

No longer encircled by the mighty weight of Gohan’s strong embrace, Videl groggily awoke to find her lover, along with all that had remained of her cloths , had vanished and she was bent over the desk that she had earlier presided by; blissfully unaware of the forgotten Camera which was still recording their every move.

“Gohan?” She whispered, suddenly afraid that he may have abandoned her and in-fact; she may have just given her virtue to just another fucker who only wanted her for her body…

“I see you’re finally awake.”

The voice brought her out of her melancholy and doing her best to stifle the tears which had already begun to run; she looked back over her shoulder to find Gohan standing behind, a sly smirk playing across his lips. However, before she could utter a single word; he took a hold of her hips and began rhythmically moving his hips, sliding the swollen body of his member teasingly along the entrance to her core. The engorged head parting her slick folds before suggestively massaging the tight bundle of nerves, making her gasp shallow breaths as her lips hung open in pleasure. Evidently, their previous coupling hadn’t been enough for him and so now he wished to finish the job; luckily Videl always liked a challenge and didn’t hesitate before rocking her hips back in an attempt to press him on.

Getting the message immediately, the wild light began to shine within the dark depths of his eyes and with a very Saiyan like cry; he pulled back slightly before slamming his great length all the way inside her burning tunnel. The full extent of his arousal nestling within her warmth as Videl cried out at the top of her lungs.

There was still pain, that inescapable twinge and ache which told the word her body was still new to the joys if a sexual relationship; but Gohan whipped that discomfort from her in an instant and as they become one once again, the greatest joy filled her body.

Much to their delight, this new position allowed the hybrid to penetrate her body more deeply and he started with a slow pace that left her whining for more as he leisurely thrust his cock in and out of her tight core; fighting off his own desire as he became intent on making her beg for more. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait too long…

“For Kami’s sake Gohan…” She finally cried, growing desperate for her lover to retain his wild and oh so deep rhythm. “Do it harder would you, I want you to fuck me like the horny slut I am!” Hearing the girl’s deceleration, a very Saiyan smirk suddenly spread across his thin lips.

“You want hard Videl? Then you’ll get it harder than you could ever imagine!” Growled Gohan, his voice now more animal than man as he began hammering her slick entrance as fast and deeply as he could, filling the room with the sounds of their slapping hips and her frenzied cries of ecstasy.

“Oh Kami yes! YES! Oh I love it. Fuck me…FUCK ME!” Moaning, the teen couldn’t help but swivel her hips and push back against him, desperate to attain more of the sensations by meeting him on every thrust. “YES! YES! Oh… my body is yours. I’m all yours. Use me however you want, whenever you want… Just keep fucking me…please… OHHHH!!!!”

She was his! The though made Gohan’s heart race with excitement and a triumphant breath left his lips as he felt his Saiyan blood burn; now at last, the final curtain could be pulled and he would be granted his much needed release to mark her forever.

However, Videl noticed none of this for she was totally and unquestionably lost in the rapturous sea of pleasure that threatened to forever drown her wits. His presence inside her was all that she knew, the way that he filled and stretched her most intimate of spots blocking out even the loud protests of the desk beneath her. The loud squeaks and creeks of the dilapidated hinges sounded in perfect time with their motion, as if it were about to give way and break at any moment; yet the couple seemed not to care even it and the floor below gave way to their furious rutting.

“YES! YES! OHHHH! ALMOST…THERE! OH! FUCK ME! OHHH! YES! FUCK ME!” Videl moaned wantonly, her head rocking from side to side as wave after wave of euphoria crashed into her body but it wasn’t until his engorged shaft bumped her pleasure spot one last that she finally came in a gush of hot slimy fluid. “OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS! I’M CUMMMMING! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!”

“Oh Kami…I’m Cumming too!” Gohan finally gasped, sealing his onyx eyes as he felt her inner walls convulsing and tightening around his thick member once more; their soft yet burningly hot texture forcing him over that peak to join her as she fell into the sea of Nevada.

Moaning in pleasure as their orgasmic highs washed through them, the lovers slowly leaned off the desk but could barely take two steps before their legs gave way and they ended up just snuggling up to one another on the cold floor; the sweaty locks of Videl’s hair acting as a make shift blanket in the chilled morning air.

Basking in their afterglow and drifting in and out of consciousness, it wasn’t until they heard the shrill call of the school bell ringing to signal the end of first period that they remembered they were still at school.

“Oh Man we missed first period!” Gohan gasped, panicking as he thought of what his mother would do the moment she got a call from the school saying he was playing truant; there wouldn’t be a frying pan big enough for her to hit him with. “We are going to be in so much trouble…” However, despite the apparent seriousness of their situation, Videl could only laugh as she watched him jump to his feet and begin trying to fit his legs through the arms of his shirt.

“Gohan…I had the police chief call school this morning to say that you and I were caught up in the middle of a down town shoot out and are currently being checked out of the hospital to give witness statements.” She said in a very matter-of-fact tone, a sly smile gracing her bruised lips as she added “They won’t be expecting in class until after lunch.”

“Oh…” He murmured, crimson staining his checks as he quickly dropped the shirt before a very confused look suddenly appeared on his face. “Wait, they won’t be expecting us until after lunch? But that’s four hours. What are we going to do until then?”

However, she didn’t answer him, or at least not verbally. Instead, her smile widened as he proceed to get to her knees and very seductively crawl towards him on all fours; almost like a stalking tigress with her predatory gaze set on his arousal.

Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, Gohan felt a smirk begin to creep across his lips as he took in her inviting proposition and making a mental note to snatch the camera from its hideaway later; he quickly gave her a firm nod.


The End

AN: Well there it is, that is really how Gohan persuaded Videl to keep quiet about his secret. I’m trying to focus a bit more on emotions and feelings instead of just the actual act so if you enjoyed this…Please Review!

The Champ

AN: Okay, I know this is not my usual area, in fact it is quite the reverse, but I read a challenge many years ago on AFF asking for this sort of story involving this couple. At the time, well I wouldn’t rush to use the word repulse, but wasn’t far off. However the last couple of months I’ve felt like I wanted to grow in some new way and this might be a nice, original, way to try. And also I came up with the idea almost in jest, yet like some of my other more famous works, it stuck with me and now I am writing this to get it out of my head.
I warn you, don’t expect a deep meaning full story of taboo love, this is very much a short PWP that I am engineering to fit in nicely at the start of the Majin Buu.
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ and am making no profit off this work.
The Champ
There were times when Hercule found life to be such a glorious thing.
In his youth, he had been an avid Rugby Player. He had been a layman at best in his studies but his sporting prowess distinguished him nonetheless and he had made a solid centre in the Orange Star city’s team until his part in an overly aggressive riot caused a tribunal to ban him from playing in any Tournament matches. So he had turned to martial arts.
Living off the considerable sums he’d amassed over the course of his prior carrier, he’d spent five years training intensively in mixed martial arts before entering the world’s martial arts tournament. He had rarely been as excited as he was that first day, he had made a point of watching every recording of the previous games he could find and knew that he had nothing to fear. The previous champion had been a puny punk with a stupid hair-cut and none of the style the people of earth expected in their champions. Nonetheless, he had studied the recordings relentlessly until he had known the various styles of every fighter ever to compete in the tournament.
When the day was done, Hercule had been proclaimed world champion and the only sweat he’d broken was during his avid showboating. Yet he had felt somewhat deflated by the conquest, he had been anxious to prove his superiority over the reigning champion only to find that the spiky haired runt, Son Goku, had failed to turn up. Without that victory, the title seemed almost hollow. How could he show the world he was the greatest without them seeing his triumph over the previous idol of fighters? But by the nights end, when he had been swimming in a sea of champagne and the half-naked fan girls; he had forgotten the dilemma and was busying telling everyone who cared to listen that the former champ must have turned up, only to see the great Hercule before turning and running like a coward.
The story had been much the same for the next tournament, and for the two years that followed he had enjoyed a life of fame the likes of which the rest of the world could only imagine. Then the cell games had come and the entire world looked to Hercule to save the day. It would have been a lie to say that he hadn’t been a tiny bit apprehensive about the proposal, Cell was just another freak sure, but he was a freak who had eviscerated the inhabitants of two backwater towns out there in the sticks. It was only prudent of him to show some concern.
He had accepted the charge all the same. He was the champ after all and was expected to sort out these minor troubles. 
Even after all these years, he still wasn’t sure what he’d expected to find out there in that wasteland. Probably to discover it was all some big joke, a hoax conjured up by the people of earth to celebrate their beloved champion. Yet the truth had become apparent the moment he stepped out of his team Hercule van to see the almost exact replica of the WMAT’S fighters’ ring out there in the middle of nowhere.
He had not been alone however; beside his personal caravan of wannabes, cameramen and publicist/ sugar baby, there had been a small group of people clustered atop an overhanging cliff. Hercule hadn’t been able to place it at the time, but there had been something very familiar about the group, particularly the tall figure that had stood at the front with spiky blond hair and wearing an orange Karategi. It had perplexed him so greatly that he had misjudged his opening assault and allowed that fiendish grasshopper to slip beneath his guard and knock him out of that ring with a lucky punch.  
That one mistake could have ended his carrier and certainly ruin his reputation and legend as champ had the unthinkable not occurred. It always surprised him how fast everything had happened; in movies they seem to make action sequences stretch on for hours but in reality, the Cell Game’s had lasted less than an hour and when the dust settled, Hercule had seen the opportunity to immerge on top.
Had he done wrong? Hercule didn’t think so. Wrong was merely a matter of one’s point of view. He had taken the credit for ending Cell, but it was all for the greater good. The people of earth needed someone they could turn to, someone whose name they could cheer and idolize. If that little delivery boy didn’t want to step up, why should he deny the people a saviour.
It had been a chore but now, seven years later he could look back on that day with a true sense of accomplishment. Anybody could throw punches, however it took a real hero to assume such a responsibility.  Yes, for Hercule Satan, life was very grand.
 Taking a long sip from his brandy glass, the seasoned drink swirling hypnotically within, Hercule couldn’t restrain himself and snorted with laughter as he watched an image of his younger self hurl the equally burly opponent easily over his shoulder. The cameraman had jumped when the fighter hit the tiles, causing the footage to leap upwards for an instant before coming back down to show his youthful doppelganger wrestling the bloodied lump across the ring, all the while showboating to the enthusiastically roaring crowd.
The champ spent much of his days watching these recordings, though it was hardly necessary, he recall every detail of that day. He’d had to fight in five matches almost back to back, each one a vicious battle against foes of similar skill and size. Yet he was Hercule Satan, and he had crushed them all one by one until there had been none but him to stand on that podium. A voluptuous redhead in a skimpy, low cut uniform had dressed him with the Champ’s belt, a great hulking skin of supple brown leather decorated with a dozen golden medallions, and then he had got down on one knee and asked his love to marry him.
Touched by the memory, Hercule’s head twisted and, against his better judgment, he cast his eyes over the photo frame on his bookcase. It was a beautiful thing of sterling silver inlaid with vines of gold filigree along the edges. Beneath its solid crystal screen was an overly creased photo of him and his bride on their wedding day. She had looked so lovely that day, encased in his arms. Her dress was made from pure white silk and had hugged her body close with every movement. Beneath the veil, her long raven hair had been spun into gentle ringlets and her eyes seemed to twinkle like two great sapphires.
They had first met in playschool; she had been little more than a squirrel back then, with a face of freckles and her hair tied into two long pigtails. She had followed him around like a lost puppy from then until they entered secondary school, when his little squirrel suddenly became a long legged goddess. She had been beautiful, gorgeous, and so wonderful he had found himself besotted with her. For three years they had danced around one another, she the head cheerleader and him the captain of the rugby team. Twice he had asked her to the prom and twice she turned him down. Yet unwilling to take no for an answer, he had snuck into the headmaster’s office and asked her again over the intercom, but only after singeing ‘I think I love you!’
There had been much laughing, but in the end she accepted and since then she had always been his girl. She had supported him even when the leagues kicked him out. They had been so close; he had thought they would be together for ever. And then…
  His good mood suddenly evaporating, Hercule set his half empty glass down and rose up out of his chair. He was only wearing a robe, but made no effort to fasten his loosening tie as he moved towards the bookcase. Reaching out, he tried to take the frame from its shelf but realised one of the servants must have moved it as no matter how far he stretched, he couldn’t reach. It was probably for the best; that was the photo’s third frame this year.
Grumbling to himself, he was about to return to his recordings when he heard a gentle creak overhead. Cloudy eyes widening, he glanced to the ornate gold clock on his desk and saw to his surprise that it was already 8:30pm. Forgetting his videos, he drunkenly stumbled out of his den and into Satan Manor’s foyer to find his teenage daughter coming to the bottom of the winding stare.  She was trying to be stealthy, even going so far as to carry the glamorous pair of high heels she intended to wear in her hand as came down the steps, but even the lightest movements would make the stairs above his den creek and Hercule didn’t need to be sober to realise his baby girl was planning on sneaking out.
“Videl!” He bellowed, causing the teen to suddenly go as still as the foyer’s white marble walls. “And just where do you think you’re going young lady?”
Visibly sighing, her shoulders sinking with defeat, Videl turned to face him. “Hi Dad,” She said, her sweet voice filled with a false confidence.  “I was just going round to my friend Erasa’s, she needs some help with her homework and I said I-“
“You’re going round to your friends, dressed like that?” He asked, his eyes slowing giving his daughter an expert onceover. She’d taken her hair down from its usual pair of pigtails to fall down past her shoulders. There was no sign of her usual baggy overlarge shirts and biker shorts. Instead she had donned a resplendent sleeveless dress of crimson silk that clung to her body like a second skin until it reached her lower abdomen where it fluttered lightly as a skirt all the way down to just past her knees. Its V-shaped neckline was low, too low, and spilled half way down the valley of her well rounded breasts, offering a tantalising display of flawless milky flesh. The sight stirred the beast within him. “Are you sure it’s not a boy you’re sneaking out to see?”
For a moment, Videl looked as if she was about to protest, but she cowered under the weight of his gaze and all her lies escaped her. “Daddy…I swear Erasa just wants me to go to a club with her…I wouldn’t…I couldn’t…”
Hercules’s eyes narrowed. “That’s right, you won’t.” He growled, his voice taking on a low and dangerous tone as he approached the stair. “You know you can’t see any boy unless he can beat me, and that is never going to happen, I am the champ! And no one with ever beat me! I won’t let some snot nosed little punk steal my baby girl from me! Now come down here.”
Unable to meet his gaze, Videl kept her head lowered as she silently obeyed. He was pleased she knew better than to annoy him further. Coming off the last step, she dropped her shoes and continued to stare at her feet. “Take it off.”
Surprised, Videl looked up; her doe eyes suddenly staring up at him questioningly with a stray lock of her raven coloured hair hang between them to tickle her nose. She had her mother’s hair, her mother’s big sapphire eyes, even the same pointed nose and gently rounded chin. “Dad?”
“Take the dress off, now.” There was no bartering in his tone and his daughter had no choice but to obey. Visibly shaking, she reached up and pushed the  straps off her shoulders. The garment effortlessly slid to the floor, exposing the unblemished perfection of her sylphlike form as it pooled around her bare feet. In an instant, Hercule felt himself become completely sober. It had been well over a decade since he had last seen this much of his little girl and it was a shocking reminder of how much she had grown up since the days he carried her on his shoulders and played in the park. Utterly naked for all but a pair of lacy black panties, she had a shapely hourglass figure that was well toned from her martial arts training and complimented to no end by her long shapely legs and full rounded breasts.  ‘An easy C-cup, maybe even a small D.’ He observed as his eyes greedily devoured the feast of young flesh, only half noticing the growing hardness in his loins as he said “Good girl, now go down on your knees and take it out.”
Unable to hide her fear, Videl took a frightened step back toward the stairs. “N-no…Dad please not again.”
Suddenly angry, Hercule resisted the urge to slap her and instead placed a firm hand on her shoulder and forced her down while his other reached within his loose robes. He would not be refused by her, her bitch of a mother had denied him but she would not. Already hard as steel, his rigid arousal sprung into his grip as he took himself in hand and presented her with his cock.
Looking up at him her big blue eyes, glassy with unshed tears, the teen meekly nodded before leaning forward, her full lips parting slightly as her small tongue darted out to lick the bulbous crown.
Uttering a low groan from the back of his throat, the champ unknowingly loosened his hold on his daughter’s shoulder as she lightly licked his tip before sensuously swirling her talented tongue around his cock’s sensitised head. Videl knew what he wanted; she concentrated on that for a moment, working him into a wild frenzy as she twirled her tongue around the pulsating ridges and glands, only to suck the tip into her mouth.
“Mmm…good Girl” He moaned, his eyes squeezing shut as he felt the head of his cock being slowly engulfed by her warm orifice, her plush lips squeezing him tightly. As her mouth settled over his engorged organ, her tongue slithered underneath to message his sensitive underside while she began to earnestly suckle. She was obviously determined to finish him quickly, yet she was going so slowly, hesitating, reluctant to continue even though she knew the penalties that would surly follow if she dared refuse him now. It was a game they always played, every time since that first night when he came to her bedroom on the eve of her sixteenth birthday. She’d been scared then, but she had learnt quickly when given the correct motivation. She was so like her mother, determined, stubborn, and never willing to back down from a challenge. It had been so easy to train her as to what he liked, yet no matter what there was always that little part of her that would resist him. No matter, he would put an end to all that tonight. Videl was his; no one would ever take her from him.
Seized by a moment’s primal desire, Hercule uttered a low animal growl as he placed both his hands on his daughter’s head. Her inky raven hair was soft and silky to touch and he gloried in the feel of it coursing between his fingers as he roughly yanked her down, embedding his cock deep into her throat. With a muffled scream, Videl’s hands flew up to brace against his hips as she instinctively tried to pull away, only he was stronger and his grip had an iron will that  forced her to remain there. It was only fortunate she had lost her gag reflex, or she might have chocked.
The feeling was so delicious his hips bucked automatically when his cock entered her throat, forcing more of his length into her molten orifice. Videl struggled for a moment, the muscles of her throat writhing around him as she tried to adjust, to swallow the long phallus, then just as quickly, she began to relax.  Sighing as he felt her breath wafting over his flesh, Hercule fought against the pleasure building within him to look down on his daughter but the sight that greeted him was so erotic he almost spilled himself down her throat.
It was, without a doubt, one of the most carnal scenes he had ever beheld. Poised on her knees before him, her full lips stretched impossibly wide around his hard flesh as a single drop of saliva rolled down her perfect chin. And all the while her eyes stared back up at him, a furious fire suddenly blazing in her cool sapphire depths. Hatred burned inside her, giving her new strength. Without warning, her lithe fingers seized the base of his cock and began to roughly jerk and squeeze.
Losing himself in the sudden rush of sensations, Hercule could only gasp and pant as she moved back up his length until just the bulbous head remained in her warm cavern, when she plunged back down. She repeated the process again, and again, taking him deeper into her throat with each downward stroke until his hips began to move of their own accord.
Oh Fuck! Yea that’s it Videl…Swallow it…worship your daddy’s cock” He growled; shifting his feet to move a little closer as his hips bucked up to match her delicious tempo, pushing his cock in and out of her greedy mouth. His fingers were still in her hair, preventing her from pulling all the way off his cock, yet Videl was resolute and worked her orifice in perfect sync with the rhythmic pumping of her hand. Her heavy breasts were jiggling, her torso twisting this way and that as she worked, using her jaw muscles to hold and suck him while her tongue swirled around his shaft’s underside.
Hercule was losing his mind, she was too good. He was close, so very close, kami how could she be this good, had she been practising away from home? Maybe with some little punk who thought he was the shit by banging the champ’s daughter, like her mother had. Well, he’d show her, if she wanted to be a whore, then he’d treat her like one.  
It took all of his strength of will to break free of her spell and with a low growl; he all but threw his daughter off his cock. Reeling back, Videl landed hard on her buttocks and broke into a coughing fit as she tried to catch her breath. Hercule felt no pity for her. “Get up stairs, you little whore.”
Stilled by the coldness of his tone, her big doe eyes could only look up at him with confusion before she once again gave him a tiny nod. Rising up, she reached for her dress but under his gaze seemed to think better of it as instead she turned and begin to slowly ascend the spiralling staircase. Ignoring his erection’s painful throbs as it jumped with his every step, Hercule followed close behind, rarely letting his eyes stray far from the seductive sway of her round buttocks as they ascended past the manor’s first three flours. On the fourth, Videl tried to head down the corridor to her own room, but she was gravely mistaken about their destination and Hercule quickly set her right by giving her an unceremonious push up the next three steps. Videl went on quietly, though her feet began to notably drag.
On the topmost floor of the Manson, there were no corridors to navigate, only a wide gallery with a high glass dome ceiling beyond which stood a set of thick oaken double doors. Stepping forward, Hercule threw both doors open before motioning for her to enter. Sleeplessly, she did as he commanded.
Inside, Hercules’s master bedroom was decorated with all the extravagance as that of a sultan. The walls were painted red and the floors covered by thick black carpeting that felt like genuine fur underfoot. His furniture was oaken and each wall boasted an immense portrait depicting one his great victories. And in its centre, his great king-size awaited. When Videl saw it, her big doe eyes grew even wider. “Dad…“
“Get on the bed.” Though visibly chewing her lip, she might yet of hopped it was all a bluff and went meekly to the bed. “No; on the bed.” He growled warningly as she tried to sit on its edge. Again she obeyed, avoiding his gave as she climbed upon the immense four-poster’s black satin sheets. “That’s it, on your hands and knees like a little bitch in heat.”  It was a miracle she did not bark at that, but she knew what that would bring her so she held her tongue.
Confident of her submission, Hercule shut the doors and crossed his bedchamber, with only a long admiring stare at the way her pale shapely form appeared to glow in the low light, before coming to one of the two cabinets which stood alongside the bed. From within its draw he withdrew a small unmarked jaw that when opened appeared to be half filled with a thick translucent jell. Grinning, he scooped a glob of it into his fingers before applying it to his still glistening erection, moaning lowly at the warm sensation it sent rushing along his nerves.
“Now, turn around and face the door.” He instructed, upon noticing the way Videl’s eyes watched his every move.  Swallowing nervously, she shuffled about until the full checks of her buttocks faced him as he climbed onto the bed and manoeuvred behind her. Hooking a finger under the hem of her lacy black panties, he quickly tugged the garment down her thighs.
“No Daddy…please anything but that…”Videl gasped, her voice hitching slightly as he reached out and touched her folds with one thick finger. He could feel her wet warmth radiating out and was seized by the overwhelming urge to fuck her, to claim her and make her scream and beg like a whore. But that wasn’t what he had planned.
“Are you talking back to me? Such a naughty little whore” he growled before seizing her heart shaped rump, his large hands roughly kneading her round cheeks to expose her trembling anus. “Very well, you leave me no choice…” Sneering, he guided the purple head of his cock to her rear entrance.
“What! No!” She gasped and attempted to turn around as she realized his intentions but it was far too late. “No not there…Aaagghhhh!” The cry left her lips in a ragged scream as he jabbed his hips forward with such force that her tight sphincter opened up and swallowed his shaft’s pulsating head.
Hercule couldn’t help but moan as he felt the intense heat of his daughter’s butt enveloping his cock. Though her body had gone still, every one of her rectal muscles was convulsing around him, working in the common goal of trying to force the invader from their depths but serving only to heighten his delight. “Oh Yea! Struggle all you want little whore, I’m going to stick all of my dick inside your tight asshole.” In answer, Videl could only utter a strangled gasp as she clawed the sheets and lent forward in what must have been a last desperate attempt to drag herself clear of his invading flesh. Not willing to let her get away however, he dragged her back and then pushed the rest of himself inside of her, filling her tight bowels completely. “Ohhh fuck…so tight!”
Surprised by the complete violation, Videl’s back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream, her big doe eyes widening to the size of dinner plates.  Too drunk on his own pleasure, Hercule didn’t give her time to adjust. Keeping a firm hold on her slender toned waist, he pulled back until all but the head remained inside her trembling anus before driving back into her with such fervent vigour that a sob was torn from his daughter. Alas, she was much too tight to allow him the speed he would have preferred, but aided by the glistening lubricant, his motions lost none of their savagery as he began driving his cock back and forth in a fierce rhythm.
“S-S-Stop! No daddy…you’re hurting me…” Videl pleaded; her once strong voice now nothing but a mix of pained gaps and sobs with none of its former fire. A mere shadow of her usual self, she seemed to have lost all the strength of her arms and had half collapsed, her angelic face pressing against the dark silk sheets while her rump was held up by her trembling legs. Sparkling crystal tears were rolling down her cheeks as she clawed uselessly at the bedding. Utterly powerless beneath him, her every attempt to escape him was thwarted when his large hands wrenched her roughly back onto his invading phallus. “Ahhh …I-I can’t stand it…too deep…your tearing me apart!”
“What are you saying? I can tell your ripe little ass is just craving for my big cock. I bet you love taking it up the ass, don’t you?” The bed was rocking with his rhythm, its heavy oaken beams creaking loudly every time he plunged back into her intense warmth. With each of his devastating thrusts, a bit more of her depths opened up and he could feel himself probing a bit deeper. Again and again, he bucked into her until one particularly deep thrust caused the girl to moan. He grinned wickedly at the sound. It wouldn’t be long now; anal sex was a queer thing and had a unique feel for every woman, but her mother had always loved it rough. Despite her protests, Videl’s body had betrayed her. The lubricant he’d employed was in fact an extremely potent herbal aphrodisiac engineered to stimulate the pleasure spots of the anus. She could fight it all she liked, but her surrender to the feelings stirring within her was inevitable…
 “No…please…stoohhh Kami…so…so hot…I…I can’t take anymore…” she suddenly moaned as the flood of sensations sent her into a sexual frenzy. Pushing up with her hands to grind her buttocks against his thrusting hips. “Oohhh Kami…So good…Yes daddy…take my ass…take it…take it…”
“That’s it, my good little whore. Your arse is mine. Take my big cock and know that no other man will ever please you again.” he growled, grinning in triumph as he felt her rounded buttocks moving to meet his thrusts, pushing him even deeper and making her moan in rapture.
As their rhythm intensified, the sound of their hips slapping together mixed with the bed’s loud creaking and Videl’s heated moans to form a crescendo that must have been heard throughout the city. She’s as loud as her mother, Hercule recalled, and the way she writhed and thrashed and bucked against him, they were so similar even in their passionate throes it was hard to believe they could only be mother and daughter and not twins separated by time.  
“Ohhh Yes Daddy, my ass is yours. You can fuck it whenever you want to; just please, I want more. Fuck me harder…ohhh harder!” A hot shiver shot up Hercules’s spine at her lustful cries before an idea occurred to him and his eyes darted to where he had once most conveniently placed a free standing oaken mirror. Perfectly positioned and hidden within a shadowy corner, few noticed it there unless they knew of it before hand and all for the better, or else its purpose and his pleasure would be spoiled.
From where he sat, he could see Videl’s whole reflection perfectly and on her hands and knees as she was, she had no secrets from the mirror. Darker now, her piercing blue eyes had become veiled by desire and stared out at nothing in particular from beneath her dishevelled raven ringlets as her lips hung open in wondrous pleasure. Arousal had flushed her skin a deep pink and with each powerful thrust, her supple breasts would bounce so enticingly that Hercule wanted nothing more than to take the full orbs in his mouth and suck on her pert rosy nipples.
For his part, Hercule was more than glad his own reflection was half hidden in shadow. It had been many years since his sporting days and his once magnificent chest, etched with muscle and equally as smooth as his daughter’s magnificent rump, had become covered by a forest of coarse hair. His muscles remained, mostly, but a prominent bulge had begun to shape his softening stomach. He didn’t know who he’d see there but it wasn’t Hercule Satan, it wasn’t the champ.
Renewed anger suddenly raged in his heart. No, he was the champ. He was the greatest, no man could stand against him and he would prove it. No little puck could hope to match him, he would show this whore what he was capable of; he would let Elaine experience the true power of the world’s champion.
“Oh-oh-oh-ohhh Kami…so…so rough…yesss…more…daddy…fuck me more…”Her cries disintegrated into a stream of near inaudible words and moans as he gave up all restraint. Letting rage fire his movements, he gave himself over to his desire and hammered her supple young body with unrestrained abandon. Subconsciously he could feel his own release brewing, yet he refused to let these feelings end. Gritting his teeth, he did all he could to restrain his mounting climax as she bucked against him. He wouldn’t last much longer, the alcohol in his system was beginning to go to his head and proved to be almost too much for him when coupled with the intense heat and the way her still tight channel writhed around him. “Ohhh…Kami…so hot…don’t stop…daddy…you’re amazing!”
“That’s it Elaine, beg for my cock. Isn’t it better than his; bigger than any other, I bet that wimpy little punk never fucked you like this?” Hercule growled, watching the beauty writhing beneath him. His eyes devoured her milky flesh as the tremors of his every herculean thrust rippled across her toned form, but his eyes saw only the memory of a night long ago, a memory he’d once hopped to drown away in a flood of alcohol.
Videl appeared not to hear him however.  “Something’s coming….Oh Kami I…I’ve never felt like this before…I think…I think I’m going to cum….I’m going to cum!” She moaned, writhing and bucking against him before her arms suddenly failed her and she collapsed into the rumpled satin sheets. Snatching desperate breaths, he drove into her with bruising intensity. He could feel her wetness running down her thighs in thick rivulets and the bed was creaking so loudly, it was a miracle the oaken beams hadn’t shattered. Still keeping an iron tight hold on her rolling buttocks; Hercule carried on regardless as her anus contracted around his pulsating member. Yet it was too much and with a ragged gasp, he pulled her against him and exploded inside her quivering bowels.
“I can feel it,” Videl moaned, still trembling as the force of her own release washed over her. “Oh Kami Daddy, I can feel your cum in my stomach! It’s so hot…so hot…”
The world champ could only grunt as rope after rope of his pent up seed flooded her anus. Feeling the tension in his loins ease, he released his hold on Videl’s hips and let himself fall back into the waiting pillows. Too exhausted to speak or move, his daughter simply sprawled across the mattress and lay there in an unconscious stupor as his essence began to seep from her gapping anus. A veil of sweat covered her body and her knickers had become tangled around her knees and though suddenly exhausted, the sight of her in such a pose made Hercule want to laugh.
He would have her again later, he decided, and again tomorrow and then again the day after. Videl was his; he would take her every day until she learnt that, only then would he take what was left of her virginity. He would not make the same mistake he had with her slut mother. He had loved Elaine and given her every luxury she could have desired. He had been soft and kind and lenient, but in the end she had left him and vanished with some wretched punk half his size and without a penny to his name. He would not lose Videl however; she would learn her place and become a dutiful, obedient daughter who would never leave him. He would make sure of that…
…Three Days later Son Gohan came to Orange Star High.
The End
AN: Ok, I’m not so sure how this turned out. I thought to enhance the flow of the story I would try doing it strictly from Hercules’s POV. This story is pretty much an experiment for me, a test of my abilities but I will leave it up to you the readers to decide how I did.


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Two of a Kind: Epilogue

Two of a Kind
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z
Smiling joyously, Chichi felt as if she was floating on a cloud as his strong arms held her close, guiding her through the dance’s slow steps and carrying her away to a world of their own. In the back of her mind she could feel the heated stares of the joylessly glowering crowd, yet she paid them no heed. This was her day, at last, the day she had been waiting for all her life. She would not let them spoil it for her now.
She could feel his breath creasing her cheek, glancing up she saw him smiling warmly down at her. She smiled playfully back before leaning up to whisper in his ear. “Everybody is staring at us.” She whispered so that only he could hear.
“Let them stare; I’ve waited a life time to hold you like this, I don’t care what they think so long as I have you in my arms.” She could feel herself blushing at the suggestion and quickly rested her head against his chest so he wouldn’t see as they drifted round the dance floor. It had felt so strange to be dancing again. As a girl she had always loved to dance and her father had been happy to indulge her, paying handsomely for instructors to come to their kingdom in the mountains and teach her all they knew. She had dreamed of the day she would lead the first dance of her wedding, in the arms of a great lord from a distant land and serenaded by the grandest orchestra. 
Then she had met Goku and the direction of her life changed. Dancing had become martial arts, and that great lord had been overshadowed by that strange boy with a tail who rode a cloud and came into her life so unexpectedly before vanishing again, never lingering so say goodbye. He had dominated her thoughts for so long that she forgot all else, until the day they were married and she recalled a distant childish fantasy. They had been married at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the ceremony had been small and lacking any grandeur, but there had been a floor to dance upon. Goku had resisted, forced her to lead, and stepped on her feet with every other step before pushing her away, complaining that dancing was stupid.
Trunks had made no such objections. Though he’d tried to keep it a secret, she knew he’d been secretly taking dancing lessons for the past two months so he’d be ready for today, when they took their first dance as husband and wife. He had wanted the day to be perfect.
And it had been the most wondrous day of her life.
They’d both felt a chapel would have been inappropriate, so instead they’d arranged a more lavish ceremony   along the banks of the Five-Flower Lake where they were married before, as over half the number of guests could fly around the world in a matter of moments, moving the so called celebrations to a five star luxury hotel, a bit closer to their new home in Florence. There they’d drank and toasted and cut a ten-tier wedding cake, all the while doing their best to ignore the stark, disapproving looks of most of their guests. It was no secret that their relationship had been met with a frosty, almost hostile, reception by most of their friends and family. 
Opening her eyes as she felt Trunks take her hand and spin her like a ballerina, she couldn’t help but giggle as Trunks pulled he close. There wasn’t a sliver off light between them as he dipped her back before bending down and nuzzling the hollow of her throat. “What do you say we get out of here?”  He asked as the band accompanying began to go quite, his hot breath ticking her bosom through the lace of her gown.
“Mmmm…that sounds wonderful.”
Flashing a knowing smile, he helped her back up before taking her to her seat as he went to announce their impending departure. Having already finished her cake, she quickly drained the orange juice in her champagne glass before taking his arm as they left the white dressed ball-room through its glass doors and stepped out into its lavish gardens. It was early autumn, the air a pleasantly cool and she could taste all the rich flavours of fall as they walked down a quaint cobble stone path to a glassy clearing beside a shallow creak.  It wasn’t yet seven so the sun was hanging low In the horizon and the darkening sky was streaked with pink and pale orange.
Slowly their guests began to follow them down. Bulma and Vegeta were the first to approach. Though ten years her senior, her new mother-in-law had made every effort to defy the years and look resplendent in a gown of flowing blue silk while her husband wore what must have been a newly fashioned panoply of Saiyan battle-armour over a black spandex bodysuit.  
Smiling broadly, Bulma embraced her in a tight hug before kissing both her checks. “You look so beautiful Chi, I’m so sorry for the way I’ve been acting. I really couldn’t have hoped for a better daughter-in-law.” Vegeta could only smirk triumphantly as he watched them, to the surprise of most he had been one of the few to not object to their union, marital or otherwise. However it for want of his son’s happiness rather than to his mind, Trunks taking Goku’s wife put their rivalry to an end, in his favour.
Smiling, Chichi quickly said goodbye to her friend before turning to see Gohan coming towards them with a heavily pregnant Videl on his arm. Though somewhat less enthusiastic about the situation than Vegeta, Gohan had witnessed first-hand how unhappy she had been at times and now only wanted her to be happy. As both the best man and the maid of honour, the couple had made every effort.  Despite approaching her eighth month of pregnancy, Videl wore a gold, emerald studded tiara in her raven hair and an elegant turquoise gown that had fluttered around her as she’d danced, Gohan had dressed in a matching shirt and Armani suit. They were both sweet and kind; both embraced her and kissed her lovingly before saying they’d had a wonderful time. Neither said what had been on their mind nor commented on who was missing. Chichi loved them all the more for that.
Despite Gohan and Videl’s attempts to persuade them, neither Goten nor Pan had been willing to come to the wedding. They had announced their relationship to their families a month or so after Goku was officially declared deceased. Goten had listened to them for all of a moment before bellowing with rage. He had gone super and attacked Trunks in the blink of an eye, sending both fighters through the wall before she had had a chance to stop them. Gohan and Vegeta had quickly joined the fray, not so much as combatants as to forcibly pry the two apart while a heated shouting match broke out amongst the woman with Videl and Chichi on one side, Pan and Bulma on the other. The entire truth had come out that day and things had only begun to calm down after Goten and Pan had stormed out of house.
For what it was worth, Gohan was confident Pan would eventually come round. She was young and fiercely devoted to her grandpa, but Goten had all but renounced them. It had been more than six months since she had last seen her youngest son.
Some others came from the hall to see them off, but few ventured close enough to exchange words as her dad approached. Despite his snow white beard and balding pate, the Ox king seemed to dominate the clearing. Towering over his newest son-in-law, the giant of a man gave him one last scrutinising glance before laughing jubilantly and seizing him up in a bone crunching hug that would have broken most men. Being half had its advantages, yet Trunks still seemed a bit shaky as he stepped away before the Ox bent down and a deceivingly tender kiss on his daughters head. “I’m so happy for you my darling; I hope this fine young man brings you every happiness.”
“I know he will dad.” She promised, smiling lovingly up at his wrinkled, yet jolly face before turning back to her new husband. At her nod, he suddenly seized her in arms and took flight into the slowly darkening sky.
The wind howled in her ears and she could feel it biting through her dress as he sped across the horizon. It was a short flight, less than fifty miles as the crow flies along the river Arno, into the Casentino Valley. There, near the shadow of Monte Falteron, their Villa dominated the Tuscan countryside. An intricate mix of classical roman and medici architecture, it was a two tiered structure with walls of white marble and a red tiled roof fronted by high columns. A huge fountained peristyle had been laid before its entranceway and more than a mile of open country encircled it. They touched gently down on the mosaic ornamented veranda, yet he didn’t set her down until he had opened the heavy oaken door and brought them both into wide foyer.
“Mmm…what a day…” She sighed; feeling truly content for the first time in months. Shutting the door with a swift backwards kick, Trunks warped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him as he lent down and began to hungrily kiss her neck. Feeling a hot shiver coursing up her spine, Chichi couldn’t resist arching into his touch, uttering a low wanton moan as he began to nip a fiery trail along the crook of neck. She could feel his arousal pressing against her buttocks, his hips rolling insistently as his hands tailed up her ribs and seized her breasts through the delicate lace of her dress.
She was still for a moment, her full lips parting in hot lustful breaths as his sharp fangs and rough fingers stirred such incredible sensations. Her knees began to tremble, and she could feel the liquid heat of her desire .gathering at the apex of her thighs. Conscious thought left her, lust was flowing hot and thick through her veins…
“…No” It took all her willpower to utter the word, but somehow it gave her new strength and she quickly pushed his hands away. Turning in his arms, she saw the lust and confusion in his eyes and couldn’t resist smiling at his innocence, and eagerness. “This was my mother’s dress; you don’t think I’ll let you just rip it off me, do you?” For a moment Trunks looked as if he were about to object, perhaps even dare to protest his innocence of such a deed; however they both new better and so resisted the urge. “Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough. But first I need to take a bath and slip into something a little more appropriate.” Leaning forward, she then kissed his check before turning and scampering up the foyer’s stair.
Of all the rooms in the villa, there was none Chichi adored more than her ensuite bathroom. It was a wide, open chamber with a smooth onyx floor, white marble walls that were decorated with statues of mermaids that had each been carved to her likenesses, and a sunken bath set into the centre of the room. Nearly a metre deep, a seat had been etched about halfway down so she could be seated in the wondrously hot water without fear of drowning.
Resting her head against the rim of the bath, her long locks of raven hair unbound and floating freely on the perfumed waters, Chichi felt every worry that had been building up inside her for the past couple of weeks float away on the steaming waters. It had finally happened; she was, at long last, Chichi Briefs. How she had longed for this day, longing for it like a blushing slip of a girl; now it was almost done and she had never been so happy. It had been the lavish wedding of her girlish dreams, complete with a prince from the most foreign of lands.
Trunks, Chichi felt a hot shiver at just the memory of him standing by the bank of the pale blue and green waters; he had been so handsome in a finely tailored suit and pale lavender shirt that matched his hair perfectly, his shoulders dressed with a cape of red scarlet that bore the insignia of the planet Vegeta. He had told her after that it had been his father’s command that he wear it and she couldn’t but blush as she remembered her own Dad’s pleading that she wear her mother’s wedding dress, repeatedly insisting in fits of tears that the one regret of his life was that she had not worn it during her wedding to Goku.
She turned to look at her mother’s dress, once again safely sealed away in its air-tight garment bag and now hanging from the stone arm of one of her mermaid likenesses. It had required two alterations to fit her size and even then she had been afraid it would not be enough, her pregnancy was only just over two months, but her body had begun to show the subtle signs and she had feared she would be too far gone to wear the delicate, flowing gown of pearl adorned lace.  She would not have risked it being torn; before her death, her mother had often described her own wedding day and how beautiful she had felt in such a fine garment. Chichi was pleased to say the tales had not been exaggerated, she held so few memories of the late Ox queen, it would have been a shame for her to look back now and realise she been misled.  
And she still had to think up a way to tell her husband of their impending arrival.
The water was getting cold but, in her sea of thoughts, it took Chichi a moment to realise how tepid her bath had become. Feeling her skin suddenly become a mass of goose-bumps, she reached out and flicked the switch that opened the bath’s three drains before rising up out the depths. The heat of the bath had warmed the air to a pleasant temperature, but she could feel cold drops of later running down her back in rivulets as she walked across the damp onyx floor and took her towel off the heated rail. Rubbing herself dry with the fluffy fabric, she then placed it back on the rail to dry before donning her white silk robe, not bothering to tie the belt, and padding bear footed out of the bathroom and into the Villa’s master bedroom.
“Oh my!” She gasped, shocked by the sight that awaited her.
Though the drapes were open, the darkening sky now offered them little light but that of the twinkling stars, instead the high chamber was lit by the soft glow of almost a hundred candles. Expensive oaken furniture cast long shadows across the tiled floor. Rose petals had been scattered everywhere, and standing at the foot of their bed was Trunks. He’d undressed, gone was his expensive attire and ridiculously expensive silken boxers that he so favoured, leaving him utterly naked except for a black and crescent masquerade mask tied across his eyes and checks.  He was holding a rose, she noted, a red rose.
“Th…this reminds me of that night…” She stammered, unable to resist admiring the way his hard, chiselled muscles seemed to glisten in the low glow before letting her eyes drift down to drink in the sight of his prominent arousal. There was a chill in the room from the open windows, yet she could hardly feel it against the fire burning inside of her. He didn’t move, yet she could feel the heat of his eyes moving across her skin. His thin lips spread into a wide toothy grin, and then suddenly he was standing over her, a predatory glint in his pale eyes as he bent down and captured her lips in a fierce kiss.
All thought left her and she could feel her lips parting as his tongue forced its way into to her orifice. There was little tenderness about it; Trunks had long since learned to treat her like diamond rather than glass, and his tongue circled her own in a passionate dance as he gathered her up in his arms. She had a feeling of floating, before the bed-sheets rose up to embrace her and she was suddenly trapped between the bed and his hard embrace.
She moaned as his erection pressed against her warmth through the silk, her hands rising up to embrace him, to coil around his neck and draw him closer,  but in one move he’d seized both her arms and pinned them to her side. She groaned in protest yet he would not release her, his lips wantonly feasting on her for a moment more before pulling away, his smile broadening at the sight of her challenging, angry glare.
Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough” He said, reciting her own words in a way that was all too cocky for her liking, before using his hips to pin her where she lay whilst he reached back and retrieved the rose.  Bringing it up to his lips, he lightly kissed the blood red petals before lowering it down to touch her cheek. It had the feeling of velvet, and she could feel the wetness of his kiss against her flushed skin.
To her surprise he seemed in no hurry and used the flower to lightly trace along the curve of her jaw before dipping down into the hollow of her throat. She shivered at the contact, fidgeting slightly as the cool petals gently creased her skin, suddenly running along the edge of her robe’s lapel and into the valley between her breasts. With a quick flick of his wrist, the flower pushed the silk across, exposing her heaving left bosom to his gaze. Arching her back, she gasped as the petals touched her already hard nipple and Trunks answered her less than subtle request by slowly circling her pert bud with the rose, its silken caress sending hot shivers through her entire being. His movements started quite wide, but with each twist of his wrist the circle grew smaller, eliciting further gasps from her as it drew closer and closer… At the last moment he turned the flower away, so that it continued on a feather light trail down her trembling torso, over her burning abdomen and into the junction of her thighs.
“Enough!” roared Chichi, her breathing ragged as the rush of sensations coursed through her body, inflaming her need, driving her mad with wanton desire. “Please baby, don’t tease me anymore. I’m sorry I denied you, I’m so hot, I’ve wanted you  to take me all day. All through the wedding my every thought has been of you just bending me over and taking me in front of all of our friends and family. But I’m all yours now baby, you can have me however you want to, but I’m begging you to stop teasing and fuck me! No games, no foreplay, just fuck me!”
Trunks’s grin grew from ear to ear. “Shhh…Don’t sound so needy,” he quickly chastised while discarding the rose and seizing her hips. Before she could retort, he’d slipped between her shapely thighs and thrust his entire length into her wet channel.
“Ohhh…Holy Shit!” She cried, squeezing her eyes shut and seizing great fistfuls of the sheets at the feeling of his immense girth filling her depths, her back arching off the bed as a tsunami of white hot pleasure crashed over her. Uttering a low moan at the feeling of her plush walls convulsing around his engorged arousal, Trunks drew back until just the pulsating head remained inside her before suddenly driving back into her warmth with a single sure thrust. Feeling him plunging even deeper, her head lolled back into the pillows and her mouth gaped open in a voiceless moan as he began a deep penetrating rhythm.
Easing back and then surging forward, his muscular hips slapped against her thighs with jolting force and she could feel her body rocking to his pace. He filled her so completely that for a moment she feared he might disturb the embryo growing inside her, yet she couldn’t stop her inner muscles from clutching the shaft, writhing around it as her hips began rising off the bed in time to catch his every penetrating thrust.
“Oh yesss!” She moaned out, molten pleasure coursing through her veins like liquid fire. “Mmm…give it to me baby…Fuck me harder…ohhh harder!”
Uttering a deep growl in answer, Trunks hooked his arms under her knees before seizing the full checks of her buttocks in his palms as he reared back onto his knees, pulling them both up into a seated position. Feeling herself sinking even further down his rigged length, Chichi’s lips parted in a small cry of surprise and her back arched as she curled her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his tight buttocks to urge him on. His eyes lost focus and feeling suddenly disorientated from the added penetration, she shrugged her shoulders to send the silken fabric spilling down her arms, leaving her utterly naked in her lover’s embrace, before coiling her arms around his neck.
She had to move. Hugging his body with her legs and panting hot lustful breaths; she made to roll her hips yet his grip on her backside held her still, his fingers firm, but not painful. Furious at his sudden obstinacy, she glared down at him only to find him flaunting a smug smirk, his lust darkened eyes brimming with mirth beneath the mask. Seeing the challenge in his gaze, she forced herself to match his stare as she angled her heels upward, pressing them against the base of his spine as she searched out that one special spot.
“Fuck…” the word left Trunks in a ragged gasp as his hips gave an involuntary thrust. Shuddering at the sudden pleasure, Chichi grind, realising she’d found his tail spot, before focusing all her attention on that small dot of brown fur. She could feel him tremble at her every touch, his quickening breath punctured by a slur of deep animalistic grunts that only spurred her on, straining his resolve to the limits of his endurance. His fingers were digging into her buttocks, his grip so tight she was sure his nails would leave half-moon marks, yet she didn’t care and kept her gaze locked to his own, watching the smugness vanish from his features.
When she was sure he could take no more, she used the grip her thighs had on his mid-section as leverage to raise herself up his length before suddenly crashing back down. His resolve all but spent, the demi-Saiyan lurched upward to meet her, their lower bodies slapping together wetly as they both moaned out in delight.
Raking her nails over his muscular torso, Chichi began rolling her hips in circles, experimentally flexing her inner muscles as she rhythmically worked herself along the length of his arousal. Caught up in his own pleasure, Trunks was driving his cock into her in a powerful rhythm that tore a ragged moan from her each time he filled her depths. It took all of a moment for them to fall into a rhythm so that when he thrust inside her, she would rotate her hips into his, knocking her clit against his pelvis.
 “Oohhh…shit you’re so deep inside!” She moaned, throwing her head back and arching her spine as pulse after pulse of white hot fire ripped through her. He was being so wild; she could feel his every thrust pummelling her depths, forcing her body to bounce up and down to his tempo.
She shuddered as a sudden tickling sensation ghosted over the skin of her belly, his callused fingers stimulating the sensitive flesh with almost feather light creases before suddenly seizing her breast in his palm. Years of training and battle had made his palms as rough as sandpaper, and the feel of him groping her sensitive bosom while she rocked and writhed on his driving member was tantalising. Absorbing every blissful sensation, she leant forward just enough to feel his quickening breath wash over her bouncing cleavage before uttering an excited gasp as he took her neglected breast into his mouth.
“Mmmmm…suck my nipples…yesss…harder…harder…” she panted, relishing the feel of his tongue drawing fiery circles around her hard nipple and flicking the pert bud occasionally as she continued to ride him with a fevered passion, her plush walls clenching his  shaft so tightly that she could feel his every vein pulsing inside her. She could feel the sensations mounting, the heat burning its way through her, consuming more and more of her as his shaft slid in and out  and she felt herself arching back further, allowing him to have his way with her. She was his for the taking, anything he wanted, he could take and she would give. “…that’s it baby… it feels so good…fuck me more…”
“Mmm…such beautiful tits. When I first saw you in that dress they were almost spilling out, just tempting me to take one in my mouth and suck on.” He growled, releasing her breasts as he turned his eyes up to watch her pleasure induced delirium wash over her features.  His powerful strokes surging back and forth; withdrawing almost to the tip only to plunge back into her with a harsh grunt, keeping up the relentless rhythm even as her walls began to spasm, drawing tighter than a hangman’s noose around his thick column. “Oohhh Fuck…so tight…I can feel you getting tighter; I bet you’ll cum just from thinking about it. I wonder if I should have fucked you on that dance floor, taken you in front of all our friends like you wanted. Could you imagine it, there eyes devouring the sight of your naked body, seeing the look in your eyes as I enter you, and hearing you beg for more as I thrust my cock inside you again, and again, and again. Would you have liked that baby?”
“Yesss…So hot! Oh Kami I’m going to lose my mind. You can fuck me whenever you want Trunks, I’m yours, take me…take me!” Her cries echoed off the walls as the stimulation pushed her closer to ecstasy, his every word sending hot shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine and every time she was impaled upon him she felt the building pressure in her abdomen and knew she was nearing her limit. “Fuck! It feels so good… I think I’m going to burst… ohhh Kami you’re going to make me cum!
Biting back his own moan of pleasure, Trunks leant forward and took her earlobe between his teeth, teasing the sensitive flesh with his tongue. “So you want me to make you cum darling?”
“Oh yes, yes…please Trunks, I’m so hot…ohhh fuck…I can’t take it anymore!” she whimpered desperately, her nails digging so deeply into his muscular  back that she could feel blood welling up wet and sticky beneath her fingers as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own. Her body felt afire, her blood molten and she could feel the pent up passion in her abdomen building up to a thunderous climax that lay just beyond her reach.  She knew feel that Trunks was close too, all it would have taken was just one little shove to send them both hurtling over the edge, yet somehow he resisted, holding them both on the edge, dangling between sweetest oblivion and delicious torment.
“Then scream for me my love.” He growled, before she saw a sudden explosion of brilliant god flame. Then she was encased in the writhing embers and she could feel Trunks’s form swell both beneath and inside her, stretching her channel to the limits as he began to move faster and harder than ever before, his movements suddenly a blur from the waist down. And she screamed as her climax came not as a solitary peak, but as an endless avalanche crashing over her again and again.
Light as dazzling as the first dawn kindled behind her eye lids and her inside began to melt as liquid fire ran through her body. Words failed her. In that glorious golden inferno, she had no sense of time. The sensations coursing through her could have lasted for a moment or an eternity. As if from a distance she heard his deep groans and growls of encouragement, they sounded more bestial than man and were almost lost in a hail of wails which took her a moment to realise they were coming from her.
Wide eyed and mouth agape, she clung to her husband for dear life as the pleasure reached its panicle, yet he continued to drive into her and no sooner had she come down from one orgasm than another swept her up in its furious swells. On the crest of her fifth release she could feel herself rising so high, she imagined she was leaving her trembling body and soaring high over the writhing couple, only to come crashing back down as his thumb skilfully brushed over her clit. Unable to take anymore, she seized her moment of clarity and lunged forward, pressing her body against him.
“I love you…” She whispered breathlessly, snatching the mask from his face before pressing her bruised lips against his in a passionate kiss that pushed Trunks over the brink. His motions suddenly stilled, the flames around them vanishing as she felt his member pulsate and a flood of liquid heat spill inside her  in such a torrent that she felt the excess  running down her trembling thighs.
Exhausted beyond recollection and inhaling the musky scent of their passion with every breath, they collapsed together onto the bed. Slowly coming down from the lofty heights of her release, she snuggled into the warmth of his embrace and rested her head against the hard flesh of his torso. His arms enfolded her, gently creasing the skin of her back as he fought to catch his breath. Chichi couldn’t help smiling as she listened to the racing of his heart.
Goodbye Goku.’ She thought as sleep began to carry her off. Her former love had dominated her life for so long she had often wondered how she might go on without out him, yet now she could look into the dawn with new hope.Though they were as different as oil and water, together she and Trunks made the sweetest melody. Perhaps it was true that opposites attracted, or maybe they were just two of a kind.
The End