A Day of Confessions

A Day of Confessions
Chapter One: A fun weeked

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dragon Ball Franchise and I am not making any profit what so ever from this work of fiction.

Consumed by liquid passion, his powerful hips rocked to her furious pace; every thrust driving his steely shaft ever deeper within her burning channel. The tight confines greedily accepted every bit of him however, even as her sweet form shattered into glittering shards of ecstasy before his primal eyes; truly nothing seemed to state this goddess’s lustful thirst.

“OH YES Mr. SON!” She screamed, her shapely legs hugging his masculine body ever tighter as she became unable to control herself. A wild fire quickly spread through her burning loins as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own, incredible shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine as both of theirbodies pushed towards that final release.

Coal-black eyes laced with ravenous desire, he hungrily feasted on the delicious sight of her creamy skin and ample, bouncing cleavage. Their were no words to describe just how beautiful and erotic the sight was, to see the luscious heiress who happened to be as young as his own daughter; riding his throbbing cock like some wanton whore was without a doubt the most spectacular thing to behold.

Of course, there was more rapture to be gained from their act then just the priceless sight; fore her burning sheath clung to his arousal with the tightness of a drawn vice and had he not had prior experience of her endeavours. It would have been near impossible for him to tell she was no virgin.

Whether or not the sex had once been slow and gentle, Gohan couldn’t remember. All he know was at that precise moment, he hungered for her body like a starved vampire thirsted for the blood of a virgin maiden.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Mr Son! I’m cumming! ” His lover suddenly cried, her voluptuous hour glass form shaking wildly as she rode out the waves of an intense orgasm. Luckily, Gohan was their to guide her through the tides of ecstasy and he didn’t hesitate in bringing his hands up to cup the full globs of her succulent teenage arse.

The added strength of his hands sent her plunging down onto his hard shaft, causing the almost wild youth to paw her hands all over his broad chest while his name echoed from her full lips in a high pitched wail; the intense pleasure causing her inner muscles to spasm around hi thick cock with a vengeance.

Totally absorbed within the sensation, The Saiyan couldn’t help closing his eyes as a fresh wash of sexual joy coursed through his body and pushed him that much closer to his limit. However, gritting his teeth; Gohan tried to power through the release. Yet as her supple body excepted everything he had to give, the hybrid new he wouldn’t be able to fight his dawning release.

“Bra…” he finally groaned in a choked voice, nearly losing himself as her inner walls suddenly tightened knowingly around his phallus. “By Kami…Bra…” He began but then trailed off in a haze of deep moans and groans as he became seemingly lost in the feel of her. “Oh Kami Yes…YES…YES!” she cried, almost completely deaf to his words as she became utterly consumed by raw passion “Oh Kami, Give it to me Mr Son! Fuck your whore Sectary’s wet Pussy! Make me cum! Make me cum like the wanton Saiyan whore I am!”

Almost at his tether but unwilling to give in just yet, Gohan suddenly changed their rhythm to a more appropriate pace; his thrusts were quick, hard and they drove the youth wild as his rough hands mercilessly pawed her arse. Like an animal, he ravaged her to the brink of death; completely oblivious to even the sound of approaching footfalls as his entire focus fixed on his teenage secretary. Her scent, her taste…. They all drove him wild as the feel of her wrapped around him became almost too much to stand.

Like water in a dam, tension was building up at the base of his spine and the more their sweat-drenched bodies thrashed in that age old symphonic dance of lust; the greater that pressure grew. He could tell Bra was close too, already she was screaming his name and by Kami did he love it. However, it wasn’t until she suddenly threw her head back while her inner muscles came to new life around him and squeezed him into submission that he finally came.

Managing only one last solid thrust before his realise was upon him, Gohan couldn’t help but groan Bra’s name as her back arched; exposing every aspect of her magnificent cleavage to his gaze as for what must have been the hundredth time that day, he poured his passion into her seeded womb.

Rocked by shivers of pleasure that rushed across her nerves like stampeding horses, Bra could no longer hold up her own body weight and fell into her lover’s waiting arms. Exhausted, she suddenly found herself to weak to even keep her eyes opens and within moments had fallen asleep right in his strong arms.

Gohan however was far from sleep and as he lay there in his marital bed the teenage girl who had served as his mistress/Secretary; he couldn’t help ponder on how he had come to be so lucky.
It probably began Friday afternoon…

Stifling a disgusted groan with the back of his hand as he swallowed the last drops of his cold and rather bitter coffee, Gohan slowly leant back into the soft leather of his reclining office chair. It had been a long and very tiring day, and he was looking forward to setting the mountain of paperwork aside so he could leave the dreary office and return home to the arms of his loving wife and daughter.

The thought of it brought a smile to the man’s face, the stress and wiriness seeming just to flow from him as he considered his picture perfect family and their picturesque home up in the mountains…Or perhaps it was due to the sensual attentions of his adolescent secretary, the moist body of her tongue playing with the underside of his shaft while her tight throat consumed the very engorged mass of his manhood.

Suddenly, A low moan passed his dry lips and he had to fight against the impulse to cum right then and there as the teenager cupped the heavy mass of his balls; her angelic hand gently squeezing the velvet sack while she let a deep groan travel up her throat. The sensation of it was mind blowing, to feel the reverberations of her vocalization echoing through and around his shaft was near impossible to describe in words.

Bra had been sucking his shaft for well over an hour now and considering how much effort she was now putting into her work, it was hard to believe she had once never know the art of cock sucking as he watched her gorgeous blue head bob up and down his dick.

Unbelievably, the leverage of not having her hands on his shaft enabled the youth to swallow the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat; the tight confines driving him almost out of his mind before she slowly slid her mouth back up to his member’s swollen head.

Already able to feel the movement rushing through his pelvis, Bra had to fight the smirk that threatened to spill across her lips even a she devoured his arousal. It was such a confidence builder to know that no matter how hard he thought, she could always bring her godly lover to a climax. The delicious taste of his coming seed already filled her mouth, driving her to new lengths as she opened her lust filled eyes and wantonly looked up at him.

For so long, he had been holding off his climax,; but as his 19-year old secretary slowly opened her sapphire orbs to look up at him, Gohan found he could barely contain himself for another second. The pressure was already mounting in his shaft, signalling his up and coming release but he couldn’t help himself as spurred on by the reaction she was getting from him; Bra continued to suck harder and harder, taking every inch of his arousal down her impossibly tight throat.

That was all it took and a wolfish howl was ripped from the man’s throat as a river of creamy seed burst from his shaft in a wave of burning pleasure and flowed down the gorgeous bluenet’s throat. Long seconds past yet despite the great quantities, Bra swallowed all that her boss had to offer; such a reward for her work made even the dull ache in her jaw worth it.

Exhausted, Gohan let himself fall back into the embrace of his office chair; exhausted breaths flowing from his parched lips as he watched Bra slowly let his softening shaft slip from her glorious mouth. Although she had been far from a novice, this last year as his Secretary had certainly made her three steps up from an expert at giving oral sex. Of course, she had grown adept at a lot more than just giving head but he would be unable to enjoy those treasures until Monday; it was 17:00 and that meant it was the end of the Heiress’s shift, though she quite often stayed behind to help him ‘file’.

As if she had read his mind, Bra suddenly stood and began searching for the matching black dress shirt and jacket she’d been wearing, having discarded the pair at the start of their little meeting.

It had now been well over a year since Gohan had employed Bra as his secretary and he had to admit, it had certainly been a genius scheme. Not only had it given their affair some flexibility, but as it turned out, the Saiyan Princess was a surprising efficient girl and had devised a number of new devices around the office which had made his job far simpler.

Of course, their had been some draw backs. A lot of questions had arose about their situation amongst the companies executives; many of whom couldn’t understand why the daughter of one of the richest families on the planet would, out of all the positions open to her within her mother’s company, want to be a lowly secretary to the head of applied sciences, who subsequently was also the companies chief scientist. It was hardly a place for a girl who had flunked all three of the A-Level sciences, and as her elder brother would be the one to inherit the CEO’s chair; none could imagine why she’d be interested in learning the way of Capsule Corp. Also, while Bulma had been overjoyed that Bra was finally taking an interest in the family business, it had taken several months for Vegeta to warm up to the idea that his daughter would be working under the son of Kakarot and had continued to find excuses to drop by Gohan’s office weeks later.

Remembering just how many times they had almost been caught by the Saiyan Prince, Gohan couldn’t help but shiver. The idea of just what Vegeta would do if he had walked in to find him fucking his beloved daughter over a desk could make even the most hardened Saiyan warrior quake in their boots but for the life of him, he couldn’t imagine ever being able to end the affair. The thrill, the risk, it was just so exciting and reminded him in no small part of when he and Videl had begun courting. Back then they had been so preoccupied with staying out of the public’s eye, the sex had been unbelievable.

That wasn’t to say years of marriage had curved their primal appetites however, it’s just after two decades there was only so much variation a couple could enjoy and it hadn’t become uncommon for them to go weeks at a time without enjoying the physical side of one another. Their schedules had just become so in disarray that they had been unable to set aside time for a quick roll in the hay, A romantic evening had of course been out of the question.

A small smile graced Gohan’s lips as he remembered the last time he and Videl had made love, she had scheduled the day off over a month in advance and had spent the entire time he was a work preparing an intimate evening for the two of them. The house had been barely recognisable when he came and the shock of finding Videl at the tab wearing a very luxurious dress with a candle lit dinner waiting for him had nearly given him a heart attack. Or perhaps it had been the shock of throwing Videl on the table after the meal and then ravishing her like an animal which had near killed him. She had spent the entire length of the dinner teasing him that his arousal had been like steel by the time she took the dishes and he hadn’t been able to resist her advances when she returned. Of course, she hadn’t minded and Gohan could still remember her begging him for more as he took her with all his passion. Well perhaps not all…

As much as she hated to admit it, Videl was only human and her body was considerably more delicate than his own; forcing him to refrain from using his full strength less he risk seriously damaging her body in his passion. That was what he didn’t worry about with Bra. Like him, she was a hybrid and he could go as hard as he liked during their trysts without fear of hurting her more than she liked, in-fact she even encouraged him to do his worst.

As much as he loved Videl, Gohan knew he would never be able to cease the affair under his own power. It might had been different if he had felt like he was doing wrong but the fact was he didn’t. Videl was human and Bra was part Saiyan, with just one he would be happy but only with them both had he been truly complete. They made him whole in every way possible and his only regret was that he had to deceive one he loved. Actually the thing he regretted most was that he couldn’t have them both, but he wasn’t ready to admit that to himself yet.

To make up for his betrayal, Gohan had started dedicating every moment he spent with his wife to spoiling her, hence the expensive pair of diamond earrings he had ordered for her as a anniversary gift. Tonight for instance, he was planning to spend a romantic night in with her and… “So Mr. Son, the meetings at 7 O’clock tonight right?”

Bra’s voice cut through his trance like a sword and hastily looking up, Gohan saw that Bra was now fully dressed and standing in the partially open doorway, the hand bag hanging off her shoulder a clear sign she was ready to leave the office. Yet as he took in the sight of her alluring body dressed in the tight fitting, partially undone white shirt and slightly low cut skirt, he completely forgot what he was about to say and blindly nodded his head. Smiling flirtatiously, she subtly winked at him before blowing a kiss as she walked out the office.

The spell lifted the moment she left and composing himself, Gohan quickly turned to his computer and pulled up his calendar. He couldn’t remember any meetings that were scheduled for tonight, especially none that were so important he’d require Bra to be present. That was until he saw the heading under the day’s date.

Friday, 16th June – Videl flies to America to open Hercule’s new dojo.

Gohan could of kicked himself, how could he of forgotten today was the day that Videl had to leave for America? As daughter of the world champ, she was expected to be at every one of his openings. Normally they were simple ceremonies and she’d be back the next day, but this was an extremely grand opening that forced her to remain in America for the length of the weekend. The meeting, as Bra so professionally put it, was in fact a dinner at a French restaurant, after which they were set to go back to his home and spend the weekend locked in the building with several beds for company.

‘It’s going to be a Fun weekend.’ He thought with a smile.

It was now Sunday and indeed, they had had a very fun weekend. Like rabbits they had descended upon the house and no room had been spared their seemingly endless cycle of coupling, eating, coupling, washing, coupling and then finally sleeping. It had been exhausting work and now Gohan was looking forward to a nice nap before one last bought. He’d need to be up early to tidy the house but until then he was content to enjoy the moment.

Lazily stroking the Sapphire haired Goddess in his arms , he felt himself drifting off into an easy slumber…


To be continued…

A Day at the Office

AN: Written 2008
As I have been so busy this last year working on my current project soon to be published via Amazon KDP, I haven’t had much time to work on fanfics or edit some of my older stories. That being said, I thought i should publish this to let people know i am still alive and that once my other project is done, I will be starting on two new DragonBall projects, one of which will be the concluding chapter of this trilogy. Visit my blog for updates.
P.S Sorry for any grammer/spelling errors, I haven’t had the time to edit so this is much the same as it was when i first published this so many years ago.


A Day at the Office

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball GT and I am not making any profit

Sipping the black liquid in his mug, a shiver ran down Gohan’s spine as he drank the cold coffee; its putrid taste waking him from his bored slumber.

Shuddering in displeasure as the cold liquid cut through him like a sharpened knife , Gohan set the coffee mug down beside his computer before repositioning himself at the keyboard. The smiling faces of his wife and child gazed back at him from the computer’s monitor, his personalized screen saver having automatically turned itself on while he had been day dreaming.

Feeling like he had slipped into a daze, Gohan reached out and ran his fingers along the frame of Videl’s face; smiling as he imagined it was actually his wife’s warm skin. Taking a deep breath, Gohan was sure he could smell the fresh sent of Videl’s skin; reminding him of the mountains he grew up in and all those so called training sessions he and Videl shared as teens.

Suddenly, the sound of a light footfalls outside his office woke Gohan from his daze; shaking his head to clear it of any ‘distracting’ thoughts before typing in his personal code and watching as the photo vanished to be replaced by the report he had been typing earlier. Although he had filled in the report he had been working on a moth ago, it hadn’t taken long before another of the damn things needed to be handed in.

Trying to put off the prospect of work for a few more minutes, Gohan got up from the desk and walked over to the office’s large window. It was dark out, grey clouds covered the sky and blocked any trace of warm light from the sun and the demi could really see was his refection in the surprisingly clear glass as droplets of rain pelted the ground. It reminded Gohan of how his life had been recently.

Don’t get the wrong idea, compared to most; Gohan felt like one of the luckiest men on earth. He had a beautiful wife and daughter who loved him, a good, well paying job and a plentiful sex life. It’s just, one month earlier Gohan had a slight indiscretion and the result; well lets just say Gohan was in no hurry for Videl to find out about it.

Pressing his forehead against the cool surface of the glass, Gohan tried to cool off but the memories of the event played through his mind and heating his blood; sending his body into frenzy. The problem was that although he loved Videl, loved her with every fiber of his being; Bra was a better fuck. That’s not to say Videl was bad in bed, in many ways she was far superior to the teen and she knew just how to push his buttons. But he couldn’t remember her being as tight as Bra since when they had been dating and that alone made all the difference.

Suddenly, something caught Gohan’s attention. It was faint, concealed beneath the smells of city life that he had learnt to ignore; but it was certainly their. The taste of cinnamon flooded his senses, making his mouth water and his pants begin to feel uncomfortable. Inhaling the scent deeper, Gohan’s feet began moving by themselves; following the path of the scent to his office door.


Bra quickly hurried down the crowded pavement, her high healed red boots echoing loudly in her ears at each of her foot falls as she ran down the streets, through the puddles loudly but all going unnoticed by the excited bluenet. Her mind to focused on the task at hand to care about the designer footwear.

It had been exactly one month since she had spent the day round the Sons, 30 days since she had enjoyed that fabulous pool and more importantly; one moons cycle since she had had her brains literally fucked out by Gohan Son. And kami, it had been the slowest month of her life.

In the past she had tried everything she could think of to get him to notice her and she couldn’t help but think it would have gotten easier since that little incident in his study. But it seemed Dende really didn’t like her at that moment as Gohan had been keeping her at least an arms length no matter how hard she tried to get close to him.

Within a few minutes, her locks of light blue hair were plastered against her face, droplets of clear liquid flowed down the creamy skin of her face like rivulets and her ruby red cut off tank top had conformed to her body like a second skin; making it clear to anyone who cared to look that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She laughed at herself, trying to imagine what Gohan would say when he saw her standing at his door; completely drenched.

She cold just imagine the lust shinning in his black orbs as he took in her appearance, devouring her with his gaze as he approached. His strong arms throwing her against the wall before they hiked up the back of her skirt , the rough skin oh his powerful hands slapping the creamy skin of her ass before he fiercely thrust his rigid cock inside her. His incredible manhood stretching her to the brink of insanity as he pounded her…

No! Stop it…not here, not now!’ Bra told herself, this was neither the time or the place to start having a fantasy. It had been happening ever since the study incident, at the slightest thought of anything sexual her mind would conjure up a fantasy so erotic she just couldn’t resist touching herself. And it got worse depending on how you look at it. At the start, it had only been an occasional thing but with the full moon approaching; Bra had found herself dreaming about Gohan more and more. It had taken all her courage and wit to talk to Vegeta about it and after about two hours of not so nicely being asked about her dreams; Vegeta had said simply it was just her blood reacting to the moons cycle and that it happened to anyone with sayain blood.

That was when she got an idea, if it was affecting her so badly, then Gohan would surly be in as much of a state as her; perhaps more so if she was lucky and Videl hadn’t been putting out recently.

Rounding the corner, the teen smiled as she caught sight of her mothers company before suddenly stopping in mid run; Butterflies starting to take flight in her stomach as her head swam with conflicting emotions. Swallowing hard, Bra forced herself to take the first step that would lead her to his office door. Once she got past the first step, her body seemed to take over and she continued; each movement picking up speed. However, her mind no matter how intoxicated she was; began to see the error in her logic.

Rushing through the business entrance of the building, Bra slowed her pace so that she would not attract to much attention before moving into a deserted elevator and pressing the button for Gohan’s floor. Hearing the bing as the elevator reached the 49th floor; the teen hurried through the opening doors and along the hallway. Walking past the various offices and cubicles, she silently begged that no one will open the door and see her like this before she realised a sigh of relief at the sight of Gohan’s office.

Scowling at the sight of the pretty blond who was filing her nails instead of working, Bra walked up to her desk and made quick work of dismissing the sectary. Bra’s determined blue orbs locked onto the blonde’s cold green as the teen watched her leave before turning back to the office door. Fisting her hand, she brought it up high and started to bring it down against the pine door but at the last second; she stopped herself. Both of her hands fisted as she looked up at the plate attached to the wood and sighed with disgust. Turning around, she leaned against the door and hung her head.

What had she been thinking? A little desire wasn’t going to help anything; it was just going to make her look pathetic in his eyes and Bra felt herself cringing at the thought of seeing his dark eyes looking down at her with pity shinning in his black orbs. The power of the moon wasn’t going to make him accept the fact that she wanted him, to have no strings attached, no sappy declarations of love; just sex. There was no denying the fact he was sexy as hell, and that she had often fantasized about him.

Just once more. She wanted to know what it would feel like to be his once more.

Suddenly, the door was pulled open and Bra felt herself falling backwards; she didn’t even have time to scream before two strong arms wrapped around her damp body. A sudden sense of warmth washed over her and she couldn’t help herself from breathing in the masculine scent of his body. Tilting her head back against him, she looked up to see cloudy black orbs staring down at her.

“Bra?” A shiver ran down her spine at the sound of his voice, low and masculine; the kind of voice that could drive a girl crazy with desire. “What are you doing here?”

Helping her back up and turning her around so she could face him. Bra’s eyes raked over him. His spiky black locks had fallen across his face as he looked down at her, barely hiding his eyes from her. A thin layer of sweat coated his tanned skin and the teen had to suppress the urge to lean forward and lick the drop of sweat that slid across his chin and down his neck.

He looked at her with confused eyes as she continued to stare back at him. A few trails of rainwater ran down the smooth skin of her face as she brushed her hair back, moving strands of dark blue locks out of her line of sight before smiling sweetly up at him. At the sudden feel of the offices air conditioning against her damp skin; Bra started to shiver uncontrollably. Her nipples turning to stiff pebbles and becoming all the more visible through the red material of her top as her body temperature dropped with the combination of the cold air and her wet clothing.

Coughing in the back of his throat as he noticed, Gohan quickly moved away from her as he watched her cross her arms against her chest. As a deep blush spread across both of their checks, he turned away from her and started to move towards the office’s private bathroom; saying. “Let me get you a towel.”

As soon as Gohan was out of the room, she started mentally smacking herself . What in the name of kami was she doing and did he really expect her to answer his question with an honest answer? She could just see herself saying, ‘Hi Gohan. I’m in your office because I got tired of you ignoring me ad decided to come here and seduce you into having sex with me like you did one month ago.’

This had been so much easier last time; of course he had wanted her then just as badly as she had him. The mix of the hot summer sun, her skimpy bathing suit and his tight fitting shirt got them so hot and bothered, they hadn’t even waited until Pan was out.

Closing the door behind her, Bra closed her eyes and lent back against the stiff wood, allowing herself to remember the feel of Gohan’s body beneath her as she rode him; his hard cock so deep inside her as his mouth ravaged her breasts .


Taking deep breaths, Gohan splashed cold water on his face; trying to cool the flow of his burning blood as it coursed through his veins. The cold streams of water failed miserably to drown out the images of her however and the demi couldn’t stop himself from visualizing her arms going up over her head as she removed that infamous red top, hair falling in a long sapphire shower, just shielding those luscious breasts from his view. Her bending completely over to remove that ever so small mini skirt – showing that ever so delicious ass that he so whished to fuck.

Gripping the edge of the sink, his knuckles turning pale while he tried to calm his vigorous hands. Despite the effect of the chilling water, his heart was still pumping faster than the first time he went head to head with Vegeta when he was five. Noticing that the air in the tiny room was growing hotter and thicker, he had him to grasp at the collar of his shirt and pull it away from his neck. Still, breathing didn’t come any easier for him.
Doing his best to compose himself and ignore his to tight and uncomfortable pants, Gohan grabbed the light blue, fluffy towel that had been their since he moved into the office and he was meaning to change before going back into the office. To lost in her own memory, Bra never realized that he had walked back into the office until the towel was thrust into her face. Startled, the teen fell back against the door, her head connecting with the solid object.

Watching as she feel, Gohan tried to look guilty and turn away but with this gorgeous teen lain out before him; the sayain couldn’t resist. Turning towards her, his gaze slowly glided up he smooth creamy skin of her long legs, groaning inwardly as he noticed that despite her position, the red mini skirt sealed anything beneath from his view and before he could stop himself; his eyes travelled up her slim stomach and locked on to the sapphire-haired teen’s breasts. Her top normally left little to the imagination and with the damp red fabric sticking to her body like a second skin; no memory was needed for the sayain to picture her large mounds.

“Ow! that hurt” the teen complained, waking the man from his daze as she rubbed the back of her head, wincing as her cold fingers encountered a small bump already forming beneath the wash of her blue locks. Taking the towel from his outstretched hand, Bra hurriedly rubbed it over her body, wiping away the excess water and then wrapped it around her shoulders.

Taking a step back, Gohan gave her a bit of room while subconsciously licking his lips as he got an even better view of her cleavage as Bra sat up. Noticing his reaction out of the corner of her eye, the teen smirked at the realisation that she was driving Son Gohan crazy.

“So what are you doing here Bra?” Gohan asked, trying to sound normal as he moved away, sitting in his chair while motioning for her to sit in the large sofa opposite his desk. Bra had other ideas however and pressed her advantage by sitting down on the corner of his large oak desk.

She placed her hands on the table and swung her long legs back and forth; her red mini skirt slowly inching even higher up her thighs and revealing more pale skin to his hungry eyes.

“I think you know why I’m here Gohan.” Even in her own ears, the voice she used sounded foreign.

Looking up into her eyes nervously, Gohan managed to gasp “Stop it Bra.”

She smiled wickedly, knowing his resistance had all but gone as she whispered “I want you, Gohan…” before hopping off the hard wood so that now they were only a half an inch apart. Unable to summon up the courage to move, Gohan could only watch as her pink tongue darted out, slicking her lips before her arms snaked around his neck and her rosy lips pressed against his.

For a moment, just a moment; Gohan resisted her kiss. Trying to pull away as he felt her soft lips press against his and his mind could only think of his wife; of how he so whish it was her trying to ravish him. But then something snapped and his sayain hormones and lust for his sayain princess took over.

Devouring her soft lips with his own, the spiky haired sayain eagerly kissed her back while his hands wrapped round her waist, travelling beneath the red material and cupped her ass; squeezing the supple mounds firmly. Feeling the coarse skin of his fingers against her flesh, Bra gasped loud as he pushed her hips against him; steadily pressing her small form against him.

Lost in his sayain mind, Gohan began nibbling her lower lip lightly before darting his tongue out into her mouth as she gasped; she didn’t seem to mind though. Moaning against his lips as his skilled tongue began rooming the inside of her hot orifice, sliding over her tongue, her teeth, and mapping every inch; her hands moved around his neck and tangled in his black locks.

Running one leg against Gohan’s thigh, Bra got better leverage to kiss the sayain male more deeply; moaning as his tongue battled hers, teasing it inside her own mouth as the heat of kissing flooded them. Gasping in protest however as he suddenly broke away but he made it up to her by hungrily kissing down her slender neck and jaw. Moaning in pleasure at the sensations shooting up her body, Bra tilted her head back; letting him kiss the hollow of her throat.

Before they could progress any further however, a shrill ringing broke the mood.

Jumping at the unpleasant sound, Gohan’s eyes shot open and Bra could almost see the human in him sprinting to the surface as the lust vanished from his dark gaze. Not giving her a moment to react, the sayain warrior pushed her off his lap before answering the phone; doing his best to sound normal as he recognized his wife’s voice on the receiver.

Getting back onto her feet while rubbing her aching backside, Bra threw the stray locks of her blue hair over her shoulder before looking at Gohan and almost growling at the sayain hybrid. She had almost had him and then because of that stupid phone she was worse off than she had before coming into the office.

However, a quick apologetic glance from Gohan made the sayain princess smile. Not because he was apologising, knowing Gohan it was for throwing her on her ass; no she was smiling because she could still see the sayain lust shinning just beneath the surface of his black orbs. Just waiting for a opportunity to brake free from Gohan’s control.

“Hey Gohan, miss me yet?” Videl’s voice rang out across the phone, making Gohan smile and all thoughts of Bra vanished.

“You have no idea.” He answered, enjoying the sound of Videl giggling at his comment that he never noticed the sound of his zipper of his trousers being undone. “So what’s on your mind babe?”

“Oh I was just thinking about last night…your hot lips on mine…your fingers all over my breasts, tweaking my stiff nipples… Your huge cock ramming into me so hard. Oh I just wish you were here right now…”

Gohan blinked hard and groaned as he felt his pants tightening even more, Videl’s words were adding fuel to the raging fire Bra had ignited inside of him and the sayain hybrid wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back his sayain mind; then he felt something much worse than words.

A cool hand, a cool hand that had grasped his hard penis. Then he felt a warmth come over it, then a wetness surrounding him. Looking down, Gohan’s eyes almost exploded as he saw Bra kneeling before him with his penis in her mouth. Clearing his throat as his fingers began loosening his suddenly constricting tie. “I…I wish I was there too, Videl.”

“You do? Well, maybe you should come down right now. I mean, we can both get off work early… Pan is at the gym, so we’d have the whole house to ourselves. Ooh… I just can’t stop thinking about what happened last night, this morning and when we were driving to work…”

Moaning silently, Gohan threw back his head as Bra took almost his whole cock into her mouth in one go and then watching as the seductress began to bob her gorgeous head up and down on the length of his manhood as fast as she could.”Well ah, I don’t think I can ‘get off’ work right now. This report is driving me insane…”

“Oh…” Videl’s voice sounded dejected and was silent for a moment before she suddenly pepped up; her seductive voice holding a sly tone as she whispered “Well…we could…could still…”

“Still what, Videl?” Gohan asked bighting back the moan that so longed to be released.

“My break isn’t over for a little while, so…” Bra’s mouth squeezed his cock in a vice like grip as she moved up and down; her slender fingers massaging the base of his phallus. “…So maybe we could have phone sex?”

“Honestly?” he asked, unable to believe that this was happening and half expecting to wake up from an incredible dream. But the mouth around his member felt real enough, and the seductive voice whispering in his ear from the receiver sounded real as well. The sexy young daughter of his boss and child hood friend was kneeling between my open thighs, sucking his throbbing cock like her life depended on it while he was speaking to his wife on the phone who wanted to have phone sex. Kami, Gohan was in heaven!

“Yes. Honestly.” Her voice holding an excited tone as she said the words the demi had hoped for. “Mmm… what do you want me to do to my big, hunky sayain warrior?”

Licking his lips in anticipation, Gohan gave in to the desire to vocalize his pleasure “Ohhhh, Kami honey! Suck it! Suck my cock!” Surprised at the man’s words, Bra lifted her head off his cock and looked up at him before smiling as she caught on.

“Oh Gohan…you’re talking to me like you did when we were teenagers. Hmm… your making me so excited… ooh would you like me to suck you off, honey?”

“Ohhh Kami, Anything! Just put your mouth on my cock and suck it, Videl!”, Gohan panted but his eyes were fixed on the bluenet so she’d get the message and carry on from where she left off. Grinning, the teen plunged her lips back down over his rigid cock, her sucking motion as powerful as before but now with a little more rhythm.

“Uuuuuhhhh, yesssss!” Videl hissed. “It’s getting hard! Mmmmmmm, nice and long and hard! Oooh Gohan, you’re so big ! I can’t wait for you to put it in my pussy and fuck me.”

“Uuuuuhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Put your mouth on my cock and suck my brains out, honey!” he gasped as Bra began to change tactics; getting a little more daring while still keeping with her new-to-this look on her young face. Her lips perfectly mimicking the shape of his phallus as it went deeper, increasing her speed before slowing down when Gohan bucked his hips into her orifice. After a few bobs of her head however, Bra realized that she couldn’t balance his immense cock in her mouth without the use of her hands. Placing both of her skilled appendages at the base of his cock, Bra found it easier to move as she took as much of him in as she possibly could.

“Do you feel that, lover? Do you feel how my mouth squeezes your cock when you shove it way up into me?”

“Fuck, yeahhh! ” Gohan groaned, almost dropping the phone as waves of pleasure hit him like a heard of charging bovine.

“Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside my pussy instead of my mouth!” Videl panted into the receiver. Obviously, Gohan wasn’t the only one enjoying this little escapade and Bra seemed to be enjoying it as well.

“Uhhhh Kami Videl, don’t tease me,” The sayain rasped, struggling to speak as he felt his orgasm building; the pleasure of the teens mouth almost driving him insane.

Catching Gohan’s gaze from between his legs, Bra then smiled like a cat while mouthing the sentence “Hold onto your seat stud, you’re gonna LOVE this!” before plunging her mouth back down over him and relaxing her throat; taking as much of his dick in as she possibly could.

“Oh kami I’m gonna cum, Videl!, I’m gonna fucking cum! Kami yes you gorgeous little sex kitten! Oh, Videl, baby!” Bra could feel his orgasm coming on even before he moaned it into the phone, no matter how much he tried to suppress it; she could feel his body shaking and his cock twitching. Buckling under the pleasure of her heated orifice, Gohan suddenly threw his head back and his hands clutched the armrests of his chair for support as his cum exploded free. Caught by surprise, Bra tried to swallow as much of his fluids as she could but it came into her mouth to fast.

Gohan’s closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair while he tried to calm down, on the over end of the receiver he could hear a loud sucking noise and then a feminine giggle as Videl’s seductive voice said “You really know how to give a girl a meal, don’t you Gohan?”

“Videl!” Gohan interrupted her. “Don’t talk like that NOW.” He knew it was stupid given what had just transpired, but they would only had so much time before her break would be over.

“I’m sorry Gohan, I just can’t get enough of you…” She said in a sultry voice. “I just can’t help that I love the way you taste, Gohan. I just want to-” Suddenly a loud bell ringing could be heard on the other end of the phone, destroying the mode for the couple. “Sorry Gohan but I have to go; my break’s over. How about we finish this when we get home?”

Smirking at how eager his love was, Gohan said “Ok when we get home, Videl. I’ll rock your world all you want….” Before saying a hurried goodbye before hanging up and turning his gaze towards Bra.

Although he had stopped flowing into her mouth, the teens head was still bobbing up and down on his dick, moaning occasionally as her tongue collected the flavour of him. However, she was interrupted as Gohan grabbed her shoulders. Releasing his cock from her mouth at the feeling of his hand tugging at her blue locks, Bra looked up and gasped as she saw Gohan looking down at her; sayain lust had flooded his irises as he toothily grinned down at her. Saying nothing, he instead lifted her up and almost throw her against the desk.

Bra gasped as she felt the hard wood of Gohan’s desk press against her, Gohan’s thick, husky voice filling the space between them and a shiver ran down the girls spine as he said “Did you think that was funny?”

“Ahh,” she breathed as she felt his hardness pressing against her ass. Her secretions were now free flowing down her creamy thighs and her centre was tightening with desire. Looking down through half-closed lids, Bra’s breath caught in her throat as she witnessed Gohan’s hand disappearing beneath her red mini-skirt.

Suddenly, Bra’s entire body stiffened as she felt two of his nimble fingers spreading her lips and then dip inside. His appendages circled around the opening of her pussy and then maid the blue haired teen pout as she felt Gohan’s hand retreating. For a second she considered clamping her thighs together to trap his hand, but she quickly rejected the idea. She didn’t want to appear desperate for his touch.

However, even without seeing Gohan’s face Bra knew he was wearing a smile on his lips as he spoke. “You enjoyed sucking me while I was having phone sex with my wife….” Brining his fingers up to her lips, the sayain let her inhale the strong sent of her own arousal. “Didn’t you.”

“So.” However despite the defiant tone in her voice, Bra could feel her entire body shake uncontrollably with need as her own arousal drove her senses wild and her centre dampening with more and more of her nectar.
“So you’ve been a naughty girl and ought to be punished.”

Twisting her hips in a seemingly innocent manner, the fact she moved so innocently was what made her movements so enticing as she adjusted herself so that her bottom rested squarely against Gohan’s erection. “What makes you think I will let you punish me?”

Suddenly, the powerful hand left her sight in the blink of an eye and delved back in between her thighs; stroking her wetness with such force she could of cum than and their. Bra never tried to resist his movements and started moaning wantonly as Gohan’s fingers lavished attention upon her clit.

Despite the force of his actions, his touch was reminiscent of a feather as his fingertips grazed the sensitive nub of her clit and every time he pressed down; a long moan of pleasure escaped Bra’s crimson lips. Grinning at the teen’s expressiveness, Gohan elicited more cries of ecstasy from her by increasing the movements of his nibble appendages; his thumb pressing on and circling her sensible nub as one of his fingers delved inside her.

Bra’s back arched and she let out a long moan as the feeling of her inner walls stretching around and clutching to his finger washed over her. Noticing her closeness to climax, Gohan grinned wickedly before slipping another digit inside the teen while also increasing his tempo; moving in and out of her, he also started to twist his fingers adding more pleasure for her.

Stroking the plush walls of her inner entrance with the skill that only a married man could posses, Gohan listen eagerly as he brought Bra to the brink of an orgasm. Her moans filling the room like a she -wolf in heat as he added a third finger to the other two, however he was barely able to do so due to the tightness of the teen’s tunnel.

Leaning over, the man growled lustfully into Bra’s ear, “I can’t wait to get my cock in you!” The teen’s breathing got heavy at tone of want in his deep voice, this was what she wanted; what she had always wanted ever since she began to think of boys. To be the object of Gohan Son’s desire, to be all he craved….

Her insides clenched the thick fingers as they instinctively stroked all the spots where she was most sensitive. Her toes curling as she mixed the memories of the last month with her fantasy’s to imagine what it would be like to have Gohan inside of her instead of his fingers. That thought alone was enough to make her cum.

Grinding her butt against Gohan’s ever growing erection, Bra reached round and grabbed the Sayains over hand and pulled it up to her still confined breasts. Her breath caught and the teen arched her body into the tantalizing touch, moaning his name as she guided his fingers to his nipples; urged him to pinch the rosy buds. The feeling of his battle roughened digits squeezing her hardened nipples however caused Bra to moan wildly, her hips rocking back and forth to the spiky hard Sayain’s rhythmic fingers. And soon, the tantalizing feel of her rounded backside rubbing against his erection became too much for Gohan…

Suddenly pulling his hands away from her body, Bra only had time to look around; an angry fire burning in her blue depths. Grinning toothily at her, Gohan gripped the red skirt at it’s hem before almost ripping it from her body in his rush to free her from the material confines; pulling the bundle of fabric down to her knees before letting it pool around her feet. Licking his lips, Gohan then watched a single bead of sweat run down the lightly tanned skin her spine before he leaned down and licked up the salty trail.

Taking her by the hips, Gohan hungrily ran his battle roughened hands up her womanly curves; making Bra purr in delight as her lover’s touch ran over her body. She Gohan’s mouth watered with sexual hunger as he gazed down upon the teen, all traces of his human self gone from his lust gazed eyes and all that remained inside the body was the mind of sex hungry sayain; ready to fulfil any and every order his princess would give.

“Such a nice, firm ass my princess has,” grunted the hybrid as he grasped her firm cheeks and began working them with his strong hands “What a pristine little whore queen you are.” His tone was thick with sexual desire as he gave her ass a firm slap. Moaning at the feeling of his rough skin hitting the softer skin of her ass, Bra’s breathing increasing as Sayain Princess inside her took over.

“Such a horny Sayain,” she purred as he slapped her ass again, the stinging sensation sending bolts of pleasure and pain up her nerves. “You Sayain’s are all the same. Just a dick attached to raw muscle. You’re only good for filling a woman’s pussy and giving her a killer orgasm. Oh such a good fuck toy you are…!” Bra moaned deeply as Gohan gave her ass another slap.

“Mmm…you’re pussy is so wet,” Gohan groaned before taking hold of his erected member and sliding it up and down Bra’s slick pussy; teasingly parting her wet folds and tracing the tip of his cock against the sensitive bundle of nerves above her tight entrance. Bra’s crimson lips parting as she released hot pants of air and soft moans of pleasure; enjoying his teasing as much as she could while moving back onto his hard shaft and trying to get him inside her. “You really are a horny slut.”

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned, absorbing the hot sensations. She gasped and shut her eyes as he pressed his tip against her delicate nub, sending shocks of pleasure up her spine.

“Say it! Say you want my dick; my queen”

“Oh! I want your dick, slave!” the sayain princess moaned and if not for the desk beneath her; she was shore she would collapse in a heap of ecstasy.

“Oh don’t worry my queen, I’m going to fuck you good…” his voice was thick with desire and Bra moaned suddenly as she felt the tip of his cock slid teasingly across her pussy and asshole. “but I don’t know Bra, which hole should I fuck?” Chuckling deeply, he then pressed the tip of his cock harder against her while suggesting “How about I fuck that sweet, firm little royal ass of yours?”

He got his answer as she moaned what could have been a ‘yes’ and pressed herself back against him.

With another chuckle, he said “I’m going to take my big dick and fuck your ass nice and hard. And you’re going to love every second of it.” Before he slipped the tip of his manhood into her ass, allowing Bra a moment to get used to the odd sensation before slowly pressing the rest of his length into her.

Deeper and deeper, his dick penetrated Bra’s sexy ass. The pain of being stretched hurt just as much as the first time she had had sex; but thankfully for the sayain princess Gohan was no stranger to anal sex and was doing his best to ease her agony. However, Bra continued to dig her nails into the garnished wood and grit her teeth, enduring the pain and letting her rectal muscles adjust to the invading presence. At one point even believing that she had reached her limit, but he just kept on going.

“Oh Gohan!” panted Bra, “Oh it’s so deep!”

“Oh fuck your ass is tight my queen!” moaned Gohan, squeezing her ass cheeks as he revelled in the feeling of her tight walls around him. Then, with a deep grunt, Gohan started ploughing into her ass with sayain force; her body rocking and swaying to his movements. The extra tightness around his cock driving the sayain to continue his thrusts with greater vigour, pain quickly turning to pleasure for the sayain princess; her cries of ecstasy echoing around the room.

“Oh-oh-oh Gohan! Yes! YES! It’s getting better! It’s getting better! Do it harder! Oh yes slave, do it harder!”
“Oh Yes! Oh yes! Bra! Ohhhhh kami, it feel’s so good!” groaned Gohan as he kept thrusting his cock into her ass. She was nice and tight, just the way he liked.

Gripping her ass, the sayain began working his cock in her tight hole from a different angle. It took just a moment for her to adjust to the new sensation but once her inner muscles were properly stretched he rammed into her with fervent vigour. Until soon, the desk itself was rocking to their rhythm. The sound of Gohan’s muscular body colliding with Bra’s ass echoed through the room; rivalling the princesses screams of ecstasy.

“Uh-uh-uh-that’s it, bitch! That’s it!” grunted Gohan, pounding into her harder, “Take it! Take it like the whore queen you are!”

“Uh-uh-my butt! You fuck my butt so good Gohan!” It felt as though he was going to tear her apart. And Bra loved every minute of it.

Compared with their first time together one month ago, Gohan gave her no quarter in this position and Bra could only assume it had something to do with his sayain instincts; she had to firmly grasp the desk as he rhythmically thrust into her.

It was hot, rough, and primal as the two demi Sayains became lost in a state of total lust. Gohan held no desire to draw it out or make it special like he did with Videl. They just wanted to fuck and make each other cum.

“Uh-uh-oh yeah! Oh yeah!” grunted Gohan, pounding his cock into her as deep as it would go, “Damn you’re tight, bitch! You want more?”

“Uh-uh-yes! Oh yes!” cried the princess, bucking her hips in delight. “My butt-my butt is filled with all your dick…”

Eventually however, they found a powerful rhythm with Gohan thrusting into her ass and Bra arching her body with each movement. Bursts of ecstasy were shooting up the teen’s spine the likes of which she had never felt before. She had never thought that anal sex could possibly feel this good and if this was how it was the first time, she couldn’t imagine how future sessions would be.

A climax like no other was building inside Bra as Gohan’s manhood ravaged her body. Gohan was close too, but he wanted to hold out a little bit longer; his blood demanding that he ensure that the sayain princess was satisfied.

“Oh Gohan! Oh Gohan! I-I-I’m cumming! Oh kami I’m going to cum!” she cried with delight, feeling as though his dick was going split her insides.

“Kami Me too, Bra! Me too!” groaned Gohan, “Just a little…Bit…More…OH KAMI!”

With one last deep thrust, Gohan unleashed a load of his cum into her tight ass. The feeling of his hot fluid was all the princess needed to experience her own orgasm, arching her back and throwing her main of blue locks over her shoulder as she cried out his name; her ass tightening around him and her pussy contracting as she fell into a mind numbing world of pleasure.


The uniqueness of the sensation made it unlike any orgasm she had ever experienced before. Better in some ways but not in others. In the end it felt just as earth shattering as any other the sayain male had inflicted upon her; sending her mind and body to a state of euphoria.

Loosing her balance in the waves of ecstasy, Bra collapsed back onto the Sayain’s chest, the damp shirt keeping her warm as she breathed hard; trying to regain her strength. They remained entwined, their hands still clasped firmly to the others bodies as they gasped for air, A look of wondrous joy and contentment gracing their faces.

Suddenly, their sensitive and heightened senses picked up the sound of loud panting…


Slowly, Pan Son walked up the set of stairs towards the 40th floor of the Capsule Corp building. Her feet ached as if she had been wearing cement shoes to climb the stairway. Although the lift had been working fine, Pan had wanted to put what she was about to do off for just a little while longer.

Reaching the top step, the dark haired teen fixed her gaze on the door; staring into the dark wood as if trying to burn a whole into it with her gaze. Swallowing hard, she decided it was time to take the bull by the horn and reached out; clasping the cool metal of the handle in her palm before opening the door.

Compared to most people her age, Pan would say she had a perfect life. She had a wonderful family who loved her, her mommy and daddy were happily married and took to her every need, not only had her grandmother not killed her grandpa yet but both loved her to death; even her annoying uncle Goten was pretty cool.

However, their was one problem with her perfect life…


A Month earlier

“I need to use the bathroom.” Bra suddenly announced, sitting up from her float before slipping into the glassy water’s of the Son’s pool. Her blue locks vanishing beneath the sparkling depths as the teen swam towards the edge of the pool.

Leaning up, Pan had enough time to watch as her friend pulled herself out of the pool; the clear liquid glistening on her tanned skin in the mid day sun and giving her an almost angelic glow. Paying no heed to her friend as she lightly dried herself, Pan lay back on the float, sighing as she listened to the everyday sounds of her home and watched as flocks of birds flew over head.

However, after almost ten minutes had gone by and Bra hadn’t returned to the pool; Pan decided to investigate.

Climbing out the pool, Pan lightly dried her ebony locks as she walked across the burning tiles and into her parent’s kitchen. Grabbing a chilled can of coke from the fridge on her way through, the cold liquid sent a chill down her spine as walked up the stairs; being extra careful to avoid the creaking steps so as not disturb her dad as he worked. Walking onto the top floor landing, Pan quickly saw that the bathroom door was wide open and that Bra was no where in sight.

Deciding it would be best to ask her dad if he had seen the bluenet, Pan was just about to go to his office door when she noticed that the office door was slightly ajar and that an almost inaudible sound was being admitted from her daddy’s office.

It was a soft sound that was so quiet only a person with sayain hearing would have been able to catch it. If it had been coming from any other place, Pan would of just walked away; deciding it was better to just walk away and pretend she didn’t hear anything. However, this was her beloved father and Pan knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if he was hurt and she just walked away.

With child like innocence clouding her sense of reason, Pan moved with cat like stealth to her daddy’s office door. Crouching down, the ebony haired teen decided to play it safe and peered into the room from the crack in the door…

Then she stopped cold, squeezing her eyes shut and then opening them to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing.

In side the neat and tidy office was her daddy, his head thrown back and allowing his locks of spiky black hair to hang over the seat’s headrest, the shirt he had been wearing was hanging open and revealing his layers of hard muscle to her eyes. And what shocked the teen most, she could clearly see that her daddy’s pants were undone and that she could clearly Bra’s blue hair moving between his legs.

Pan swallowed, knowing she should look away, walk into the kitchen and call her mom. It was wrong, so very, very wrong and if nothing else, this was an invasion of privacy—an invasion of her dad’s privacy. And yet she couldn’t seem to move her eyes from the sight, and truth be told, something inside her didn’t want her to. She was always hearing the girls at school talk about older men having sex with younger woman as though it was depraved and disgusting. But this wasn’t disgusting, this was hot.

Pan was not blind, she had known her father was an incredibly handsome man from a very early age. His legs, thighs and calves were wholly muscular, his stomach defined and etched to perfection with the bulging muscles of a Greek god; eve his arms showed the muscles of a seasoned warrior. But he was not bulky in any way. He was lean and fast and . . . enthusiastic.

Suddenly, Pan realised that she was losing track of her thoughts—they were no longer connecting or making any sense. Her heightened vision caught the sight of droplets of sweat dotting his skin and it made her mouth water, the urge to taste him filling her as heat exploded between her thighs.

Before her mind really registered what she was doing, Pan could feel her hand slip within the confines of her swimsuit. The teen’s tongue snaked out to moisten her lips as her hand moved between her own legs and slid between her folds, a barely audible moan leaving her as her fingers made long, slow strokes through her folds.

Truth to tell, The teen decided she should defiantly do this more often considering how damn good it felt. Images flashing through the girls mind of a muscular man with spiky black hair leaning over her, the rough fingers of his strong hands digging into her hips as his full length entered her with the full force of a sayain warrior.

Unable to resist, Pan peered back through the crack in the door, watching as her daddy sat Bra on his desk, teasing her by rubbing his cock up and down her slit before plunging into her depths. Captivated by the sight of her father, standing tall and his muscles rippling as he moved; It was really hot. Although her parents were very sexually active, Pan had never actually been exposed to much sexual material, especially as she spent a lot of time around her conservative grandmother so seeing this was a real shock to the system.

She didn’t know why, but at that moment she found the male body very…beautiful. It made her feel things in her body she had rarely felt before and with the scent from the heated fucking going on in the office; her sayain sex drive was going crazy.

Pan slid a finger inside herself and bit her lip to hold back a gasp as she began moving it in and out in time with the thrusting of her father’s rigid cock. This took effort; in a true sayain style Gohan was fucking Bra in a manner that was both fast and rough. Imitating it had Pan biting back more than gasps; in a sudden attack of lightning, she found herself on the brink of a violent orgasm.

Slipping another finger inside herself, Pan lost herself in the feel of her walls stretching to accommodate the invading digits and imagining that it was her who her father was thrusting his large cock into. She was getting closer and closer to her peak— Kami she might even cum before them.

However at the sound of Bra’s high pitched voice screaming “Oh Kami Gohan, it’s so good! Harder! Harder!” Pan decided it was time to leave before hurriedly retreating to her room across the hall.

Locking the door and leaning against it for support, Pan tried to calm her body down but she was so hot, especially between her legs. She just kept thinking about her naked father fiercely fucking her best friend.

Closing her eyes, she started fondling her breasts with one hand and her lower regions with the other. She was already so wet and the memory of seeing her dad in all his naked glory was only fuelling her desires as she listened to the moans coming from the office.

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned, slipping a hand back beneath her bathing suit and plunging her fingers into her soaking depths.

Her legs were quickly turning to mush and soon she was on the verge of falling to the floor. Gasping for air, she picked herself up and almost ran towards the bed; slipping the shoulder straps off and letting the suit slide to the ground. Feeling desperate for her release, she promptly resumed her fervent pace.

‘Oh Kami, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Oh why did daddy have to look so damn good naked?!’ she thought to herself as she moaned with delight; grabbing both of her large breasts and squeezing them firmly. Grasping and clutching the large, soft orbs of flesh in her hands and pinching her nipples; which she found to be quite pleasurable.

“Mmm…” she found herself moaning as she began to lightly arch her body to her own touch and after about a minute or so of teasing her breasts, Pan began to trail her hand down further southward. She kept one hand on her breasts, letting out soft moans as she felt the heat growing between her legs. Spreading her long legs, the teen moved herself into the best possible position to pleasure herself in the way she needed to attain her desperately needed climax. She began slipping her fingers in and out of her wet vagina, slowly working them towards a heightened pace and sending waves of pleasure coursing throughout her body.

“Oh yes!” she moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy was so wet and her juices were free flowing down her inner thighs. Using her middle finger to probe into her depths and her thumb and index finger to tease her clit, Pan was soon arching her body in delight as the hot sensations coursed through her being.

However her body was craving for more. Calling a halt to her teasing, Pan reached over to the drawer in her bed side table. There, she pulled out a vibrator that she had been given a few years ago as a 16th birthday present; ironically it had been Bra who gave her the sex toy and know she was going to use it to pleasure herself to thoughts of the blue haired girl and her father.

In recent years, to increase it’s profit margin capsule corp. had been moving away from vehicles and portable homes and into a wider rang business. What she was holding had actually been her mother’s idea as after observing how many lonely nights chichi had had while married, Videl commented to Gohan that capsule corp. should provide something for them and taking her seriously; the demi sayain had told Bulma his wife’s idea. It had actually been a very good business move, increasing the companies profit by at least three times the original amount. This was one of their top models.

Turning the toy on, Pan moaned as she felt it begin to buzz in her palm and with insatiable sexual hunger, she plunged it into her hot pussy. The vibrating device humming as it teased her most sensitive areas. However, she was careful not to plunge it too deep so it wouldn’t break her hymen. She was hoping to save that for her first real time.

“Oh my Kami!” Pan gasped while moving the toy up, down and in circles between her folds; the faster she moved it, the harder her fingers moved on her breast, first swirling around her nipple then tweaking the hard nub at the centre. Eyes shut as she basked in her own pleasure, Pan bit her lower lip; her breasts heaving as her body rocked in time to the rhythm of the vibrator’s assaults. Her breath now laboured and shallow; the teen moaned incoherently as the vibrator’s tip caressed her clit.

Her moans grew louder as she more fervently rubbed her breast and worked the vibrator in her cunt. In her mind, it was like she was watching a video of her dad and Bra. She imagined that she had a close up view of his giant cock as its bulbous head thrust into her pussy. Licking her lips hungrily, Pan gazed wantonly as her friends large breasts bounced to each of his thrusts; just daring her to suck on their hard, rosy pecks.

“Oh-oh-oh yes!” she cried, feeling her pussy throb and contract around the vibrator and imagining instead that it was the throbbing manhood of her father. “Oh my Kami, oh my Kami, oh my Kami,” she cried, her body shaking from top to bottom as waves of pleasure rode her nerves.

Getting an idea, the teen drew the toy further up until she was placing the little head as close as she dared to her clitoris; making her almost jumped off the bed as the tip moved out of her grasp and began stroking her. In and out, up and down, swirling in circles, the device flicked and darted, until very soon the girl was limp mass of sexual energy; barley able to keep a grasp of the toy but fortunately for her it seemed to know just what she needed.

Harderfasterharderfasterharderfaster,” she chanted as the vibrator ran across her flesh, its pace quickening until suddenly every nerve in her body exploded and she came in a gush of steaming liquid.

“OH MY KAMI! OH MY KAMI! OH MY KAMI!” she screamed, her body rocked by wave after wave of pleasure as her orgasm hit.

Dropping the toy onto her bed sheet, Pan struggled to breathe as she basked in the after glow of her climax. Finally, as the fury of sensations began to die down, Pan’s eyes finally opened and reality once again hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Oh…Oh my…” she gasped as she looked down at herself and took in the sheer magnitude of what she had done.

Unfortunately , Pan whished she could say that was the worst of it. Masturbating to the thought of your father was one thing when your caught off guard. However, she had been getting off to the thought of her daddy fucking her almost daily since that afternoon.

She couldn’t explain it. But even the slightest whiff of Gohan’s sent her nerves ablaze and her pussy flooded with excitement. And because every room in their house held her daddy’s masculine sent, Pan had no choice but to succumb to her desire however that didn’t make it any easier for the part sayain and she had decided to avoid her loving parent as much as possible.

And for the most part, it had been a success. So much so that she had almost no need to masturbate any more. That is until today of coarse…

Maybe it was because of the full moon or the fact she could easily hear her parents going at it in the bathroom but either way; Pan had been beset by a sense of desire ever since she had woke up.

Trying to ignore the burning sensation within her loins, Pan had decided to spend her day training; burning off her sexual energy by doing something constructive. But by lunch, the teen had managed to break or ware out every piece of equipment in the Son’s considerable sized gym; even the gravity machine.

Growling as she flung the towel across the room, the kicking bag no more then shreds and sand pilled at her feet. This was no good, she could keep this up all day but that didn’t mean she would be any nearer to release. It was then, she came to a decision…

Pretending what she had seen hadn’t done any good and seemed to have only made things worse. So perhaps doing the opposite would achieve like wise results.

Considering it was almost time for the workers of Capsule corp. to go home to their families, the 49th floor corridor seemed strangely deserted. Trying to suppress the ominous feeling that filled the pit of her stomach, Pan Son began to walk quickly down the hall. Although the journey took less than a minute, it felt to Pan as if a whole year had passed by the time she reached the door to the outside of her father’s office.

Not surprised to find that that blond whore who called herself a secretary was not doing her job, Pan walked across the office and was about to knock on the door when she heard voices coming from the room.

Relaxing as she recognised the voices as those belonging to her parents, Pan decided it would be better to play it safe; Pan could remember more than one occasion where she had barged in on her parents when she thought it had been safe and found them in some what of a compromising position.

Getting down onto one knee, the teen quickly peered into the office through the key hol. And what she saw made the part sayain almost scream. Although that was defiantly her mother’s voice, the mass of blue locks in-between her father’s legs was certainly not Videl Son.

Pan couldn’t believe it, this was not happening to her; this was so not happening to her.

She couldn’t forgive her dad for fucking Bra one month ago but Pan hadn’t told her mother about Gohan’s infidelity because she thought she knew her daddy well enough to believe that he would never do it again. Well this was certainly a wake up call.

And what made it worse for the teen was that she could feel herself becoming aroused from the sight.
Before she could stop herself, Pan’s nimble hand slipped beneath the confines of her shorts; moving her panties aside with a finger. A low moan slips past my lips as I play with clit, rolling it between my fingers. “Mmm,” The teen gasped as her finger slipped into her pussy.

Considering that this probably wasn’t the safest place for her to pleasure herself, Pan felt somewhat frilled at the prospect of being caught and undid the button of her shorts; Giving her more room to work. Hurriedly slipping another finger into her wet cunt, Pan shuddered at the full feeling before moving her digits at almost breakneck speed. There was only one way she was going to get rid of the feeling.

But she would have to be quick…

However, ten minutes later and Pan was still their. Pressed against the hard wood of the office door, one of her dark sapphire eyes was closed while the other peered through the key hole; watching the seen in the office intently. She couldn’t explain it, when she had been this aroused in the past, even without the help of her vibrator; it would normally only have taken her a few minutes to climax and yet she was almost pushing 15 minutes.

Trying to pretend that the object invading her was a large cock instead of her lively fingers, Pan did her best to stop herself from moaning but it was no good and she had to settle for biting down on her free hand.

Pan couldn’t explain it but their was something so erotic about watching her father fuck a woman that she just couldn’t bring herself to look away.

However, arching her back and leaning back against the cold wall as another surge of pleasure travelled along her nerves, catching her off guard as her fingers brought her to the peek of the self induced orgasm approaching.

“Uh-uh-yes! YES! Oh Daddy you make me feel so good!” Pan moaned, her hand falling from her lips as wave after wave of pleasure hit her body. “Oh-oh-oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! I’m cumming!”

Gasping for breath, the teen almost collapsed into a puddle on the office floor as her body shock in the after shocks of her organism. Her mind was spinning and for the time being, all rational thought and sense had left the teen.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

It took Pan a few seconds to register that someone had spoke, and even then she couldn’t recognise the voice until she saw the glistening pair of red boots standing beside her.

Swallowing hard, the girl slowly looked up, her eyes travelling along the creamy skin of bra’s legs, the sight of the bluenet’s creased skirt hanging loosely around her hips was evidence of the heiress’s hurried dressing. Trying to ignore her friend’s clearly visible, large breasts that were straining against the materiel of her top; obvious signs of the bluenet’s arousal until Pan’s eyes meet Bra’s.

It was to say the least an uncomfortable moment for Pan. Not only had she been caught masturbating by her best friend, but she had been caught masturbating to said best friend as she was being hurriedly fucked in the ass by her father. Uncomfortable was at that moment a picnic for the quarter sayain compared to what she was feeling.

Bra on the other hand seemed to have a very different view of the situation. Her hands were placed o her hips as if the teen was imitating her mother and her deep blue irises held no anger; only amusement. Taking her time to enjoy the situation, Bra walked other to her friend before kneeling down beside her.

With the feeling of her burning desire blazing between her thighs, Bra moved without hesitation and reached her hand out and rubbed her thumb over Pan’s nipple. Pan couldn’t resist moaning at the sudden contact, subconsciously enjoying the feel of the bluenet’s hand as it lightly ran along the underside of her right breast.

“Bra…” the teen gasped while moaning at the attention the slightly older sayain was giving to her breasts. “What are you doing?”

Grinning mischievously, Bra used her other free hand to wrap around the dark haired girl’s waist and pull her close, replying. “Just having a little fun.” before leaning down and placed her lips on Pan’s; demanding entrance. Pan’s eyes widened in shock as Bra’s lips attacked hers, her tongue running along her dry lips and she couldn’t help but give the bluenet access.

Pan’s eyes remained widened with shock however. Feeling a man touch her body in an intimate way was one thing, but a woman was a different story. Given that she wasn’t gay or bisexual, it was an unusual feeling for the teen. But Bra seemed comfortable with it and took it a step further, pulling her smaller frame against her own and grinding their body ‘s against one another in such away that Pan thought she might just cum from the sensation alone.

It wasn’t that Bra was a lesbian; she could never imagine herself giving up the ecstasy and exhaustion that only sex with a man could give for the gentile and tenderness of a woman’s warmth. Just ever since she went through puberty the bluenet had been very curious about her sexuality and although decidedly straight; the sayain princess had found the female body some what enticing and had always been slightly attracted to her childhood friend

It was a strange sensation for Pan since she had never even entertained thoughts about kissing another woman before, but Bra seemed really into it. And with so much sexual energy built up inside her, she couldn’t help but be taken.

Falling under the ministrations of her friend, Pan never resisted as the older teen guided them back into her father’s office.

Gohan could only watch on in surprise and horror as his secret lover brought his teen age daughter in the room as they were locked in a passionate kiss. He was just about to intervene when Bra’s eyes opened and she flashed him a look that said all to clearly; ‘leave this to me…’

Although he knew he should stop this, it was bad enough that he had had sexual intercourse with a girl who was not only not his wife but also young enough to be his daughter; but to bring his little Pan into it. Well that was something the hybrid didn’t even want to consider. However something inside him wouldn’t let him move, wouldn’t let him stop the girls; wouldn’t allow him to disobey the sayain princess’s command.

Capturing her lips again, Bra’s hands eagerly ran across Pan’s body as they moved towards the office’s lavish sofa; giving Gohan an even better view as the Bluenet’s digits traced paths across the teen’s womanly curves. Coming to rest on her slim waste, Bra gripped the hem of Pan’s red top before pulling away from their kiss, letting her have a second to catch her breath before suddenly pulling the top off the teen.

It was a delicious sight and even Gohan couldn’t resist staring at his daughter’s full breasts. They were large and firm and reminded the half sayain so much of those of his wife.

A light blush stained Pan’s checks as the realization that she was now half naked with her best friend staring at her breasts; full fledged desire beaming in the dark blue orbs. However sensing her friend’s embarrassment, Bra smiled down at her kindly before grabbing her own cut off top and pulling it over her head.

Slowly she brought her face closer to her friend’s, pressing her lips against hers in a deep yet gentler kiss. Pan didn’t refuse and closed her eyes as she opened her mouth and gently gnawed Bra’s jaw as a signal to continue. Responding to her friend’s demands, Bra wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled the girl close; pressing their breasts together so that their hard, aroused nipples against one another. In turn, Pan put her arms around the princess’s waist and slowly rubbed her hands up and down the smooth, creamy skin of her back; pulling their bodies together tightly.

Both girls closed their eyes as they continued to make out, their tongues locked in a sensual battle as their hands explored the others body. The two teens stayed like this for almost a minute, ravaging each others mouths as they moaned and sighed in unison, each one firmly groping the other’s back with their fingers and nails.

Gohan kept his eyes locked on the two girls and it took a lot of will-power to keep himself from moving to the copal. However, it wasn’t help that in the demi Sayain’s eyes he no longer saw his teenage daughter but instead an almost exact copy of his wife when they first made love; back in their school days.

“Bra…” Pan suddenly gasped, surprised as the bluenet slipped her hand within the confines of her unbuttoned shorts .

“Mmm…” moaned the teen, licking her lips as she felt the freely flowing rivulet of warm liquid between her friend’s legs, “That’s it Pan! Let it out! Oh you’re so wet! So hot and wet!” A loud moan escaping Pan’s lips as one of the teen’s slender fingers started to slid up and down her aroused womanhood.

Enjoying the ebony haired Sayain’s reaction to her ministrations, Bra lowered her head and wrapped her thin, blood red lips around one of Pan’s full mounds, tugging the coral pink nipple gently between her teeth as she pulled away. She then tongued it playfully before wrapping her lips around it once more, repeating the process over and over, much to Pan’s delight.

Crying out at the sudden warm, wet heat around her breast, Pan’s her hands came up and tangled in Bra’s long blue locks as the girl suckled her breast; her teeth and tongue teasing her hardened nipple until the bud almost hurt. Wanton moans almost flew from the teen not only the bluenet’s mouth lavished attention upon her body; Bra’s fingers were waging war on her clit. Her touch was reminiscent of a feather’s tip as her finger lightly grazed the sensitive nub.

Satisfied with her work on the girl’s breast, Bra quickly moved on to it’s counter part; giving the mound the exact same attention as it’s predecessor while her fingers continued their assault. Every time she pressed down a cry of pleasure escaped Pan, making Bra smile at her expressiveness and sped up her tempo; eliciting even more sounds of pleasure from her willing lover. With a final press of the bluenet’s digit, Pan gave to her hidden sayain side; tossing her head back and forth wildly and crying out wildly…

“Oh Kami, oh Kami Bra you slut!, come on and show me what a dirty slut you really are Bra and eat my pussy! Eat it out till I cum!”

“Damn Pan, you’re even kinkier than I thought!” grinned the Bluenet, taking her lips off her friend’s breast and smiling lustfully up at her before pushing her back onto the sofa.

Looking down at the woman on the sofa, bra had to smile proudly as she took in Pan’ dark strands of hair spread out on the cushion, her sapphire eyes veiled by desire and her full lips parted as she expelled hot puffs of air. A thin veil of perspiration had appeared across her forehead and droplets were rolling down her body with the teen’s gaze, her eyes fixing on what was the last obstacle to eliminate before completing her work: the tight fitting pants.

Her fingers hooked on the unbuttoned waistband of her pants and pulled them down her long legs, her gaze immediately admiring her creamy white thighs and their perfect smooth skin. Descending upon her so now that Pan was on her back with Bra was on top.

“Damn! You’re fucking wet!” Bra commented as she used two fingers to spread Pan’s outer folds, making the teen’s eyes close as her body arched up and a low growl of pleasure left her open mouth. Being a fellow woman who was no stranger to the art self gratification, she knew what her friend wanted and bent down so that her greedy tongue could tease the moistened womanhood. Using her fingers to keep Pan’s wet folds parted, Bra’s tongue slid up from her clit and down to her willing opening at an agonizingly slow pace before repeating the same action again and again.

“Faster… for Kami’s sake Bra faster…”

Hearing her calling her name with that needy tone Bra couldn’t help but smile, stopping her actions for only a moment to enjoy the sweet taste of her sugary nectar; but after the brief pause she resumed from where she had left off. Her full lips tugging at Pan’s sensitive clit while her teeth gently bit down on the hard nub before her tongue circled it; smothering the pain she had caused and turning it into ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh! Bra you’re so good!” Cried Pan, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she revelled in the sensation of the bluenet’s tongue swivelling expertly inside her; her pulse pounding in her ears as her eyes as loud cries of passion flowed from her orifice. Bucking her hips forward, the girl rubbed her hips against Bra’s face, prompting the teen to probe deeper with her tongue.

Gasping for breath, Pan’s slender hand gripped the long blue locks of her assailant’s hair as her tongue delved deep into her centre. Bra suckled the small bundle of nerves as if it were candy cane and made a low rumbling “Mmm…” intonation that reverberated through her and inclined that she enjoyed Pan’s nectar.

“Oh fuck Kami…that’s it Bra! That’s it oh fuck I’m so close!” Pan exclaimed, stars dancing in front of her eyes and making her unable to do anything but writhe beneath her friends attentions. She really was at her mercy as the bluenet’s orifice worked its magic, that skilled tongue turning her to hot butter and when Bra took her clit and suckled the tiny appendage for the final time; Pan ignited.

“Bra! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Pan cried, her creamy essence flowing like a river into Bra’s waiting jaws as her body shock; riding out the intense orgasm. Small, strangled squeaks came from her throat as she fought her loud cries of ecstasy.

Licking her lips clean, Bra gently pushed away from Pan’s limp body before looking across the office at Gohan and it seemed the sight of her eating out his daughter had been a little to much for the demi sayain. Even from the other side of the office, Bra could clearly see the sayain desire shining in his dark orbs as streams of sweat flowed down his forehead and their was defiantly no mistaking his fard erection straining against his pant’s waistline.

Curling her lips into a coy smile, the Princess gave the man a short nod; signalling him that it was ok to approach before turning back to her slowly recovering friend. Leaning down, Bra removed a deep pink capsule case from the pocket of her top and placed it on the arm of the sofa before whispering in to Pan’s ear…

“Why don’t you show your father how mature you’ve become?”

Despite her body’s post orgasmic state, at her friend’s words Pan eyes shot open and she sat you to see her daddy slowly walking towards them. A deep blush stained the teen’s checks as she tried in vain to cover herself with her arms, her mind temporarily blank as she tried to comprehend the situation.

Despite having gotten off to the sight of him fucking bra in the ass, in the midst of her first lesbian act Pan had completely forgotten that her Dad existed; let alone in the same room. However, before Pan could move a set of nimble arms wrapped around her waist from behind; stopping any movement she could have made as she was pulled onto her friend’s lap.

Unable to move, Pan could only watch as Gohan approached…

“Go on Pan, it was so cruel to leave your daddy out of our fun…” Bra’s silky voice whispered in her ear before Pan watched in horror as the teen’s arm reached out and undid the button of Gohan’s trousers; allowing his erection to burst free. “He got so excited that it’s only fair you return the favour in kind but don’t hesitate; being a tease will only make things worse.”

Despite her situation, Pan could only marvel at the example of perfection standing before her; obviously she had not been the only one who had been enjoying Bra’s previous ministrations. Captivated by the sight, she couldn’t stop her eyes from slowly travelling up her father’s foot long appendage; admiring the godly work of art and committing the scene to memory.

“Don’t be shy, honey,” said Gohan, taking a step closer so she could take a closer look, “You don’t need to hide yourself from me.”

Coming to her senses, Pan tried to look away from the marvellous sight while saying, “I can’t, he’s my daddy and it would be wrong for me to do that with him…”

Grinning at her friend’s response, Bra whispered “That didn’t stop you earlier, when you were watching me and Gohan fuck while fingering yourself; so why hesitate now?”

But without giving her time to answer, the blue net brought her finger to Pan’s lips and pressed the tip inside. Without thinking, the quarter sayain’s tongue began licking the invading digit. Gasping at the pleasurable sensation, Bra lulled her head back on her shoulders and subconsciously parted her lips, letting out a soft blissful moan as Pan took the entire finger inside her mouth and began sucking it.

“Ooh Stop lying to your self Pan, I know how badly you want to suck your father’s cock; so just do it.” Bra ordered triumphantly, moaning at the pleasurable sensation around her finger before reluctantly withdrawing the digit.

Moaning in disagreement as she felt the finger in her damp orifice withdrawing, Pan opened her eyes and found she was staring at her father’s hard erection. The skin of his manhood was stretched almost to point of tearing, droplets of clear liquid flowed down the hard rod; showing his excitement to all who cared to look. Taking a deep breath, Pan found she could even smell his musky scent on the air; filling her mind with lust and desire.

Unable to resist any longer, Pan thought the words ‘Mum, please forgive me…’ before taking his stiff member into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling around his length and around its sensible tip as her lips began to move up and down on him.

Gasping at the intense bliss spreading through his body, Gohan’s head fell back and his hips suddenly trust forward on their own accord; forcing more of his dick into his daughter’s mouth. Taking the action in her stride however, Pan ignored the impulse to gag and sensually sucked and slurped along his ridged shaft; looking up and flashing her father sensual looks as she did.

‘Oh fuck! Oh Kami! That’s it Pan, suck me! Suck me good and hard honey! Oh shit yes! Do that again-oh Kami yes!’ Gohan gasped, feeling her teeth scraping along the sensitive flesh of his organ; drawing a moan from deep inside him and making him buck his hips even harder.

Letting her throat relax as more of her daddy’s giant cock was forced down her throat, Pan did her best to pleasure the sayain. Although she knew how shameful this position was, on her knees pleasuring her own father with her mouth; there was something she found so erotic about it.

However the teen’s concentration was broken by a sultry voice whispering “Does his cock feel good in your mouth?” into her ear. While still trying to balance the organ in her mouth, Pan’s eyes darted round to the source of the voice and to her horror; she saw Bra wearing a very sly smile on her lips. “So, do you want your Dad’s cock inside you now?” Caught off guard by the question, Pan began spluttering and gagging as her father’s dick cut off her air.

Desperately trying to breath, Pan pulled away and released Gohan’s cock from her lips. Falling backwards against the backrest of the sofa while clutching at her throat as she hurriedly took in oxygen; the teen managed to splutter “No, I…I can’t do that.”

Groaning in disappointment as he felt his daughter suddenly withdraw from around his manhood, Gohan looked down in time to see Bra flash him another ‘Don’t you dare move’ look. Growling inwardly at the girl’s impertinence, the sayain just watched them. Any other time, Gohan wouldn’t of even considered letting the teen speak to him like that without either taking it in good humour or reprimanding her; he was still her elder after all.

However, he was also part sayain and that side of his mind was currently calling the shots and wouldn’t let him disobey the sayain princess’s orders. It was that principle alone that stopped him from taking part in Pan and Bra’s little show.

“Why not, you seemed to enjoy sucking his cock so much that you’re almost drooling at the thought of your daddy fucking you.” Bra’s voice was like a hot shower for Pan, her every syllable sending jots of excitement down the part sayain’s spine and before she could react; one of Bra’s slender arms snaked around her waist and pulled her against the sayain Princess.

Pan halfway fought her friend’s attempts but for the most part she welcomed them and didn’t bother to hide it as she gasped loudly when two nimble spread her lips and dipped inside. Even without being able to see the princess’s face Pan knew she was smiling as she spoke. “You want him so bad that you are drooling for his dick.”

Gohan didn’t need to be told what to do next as he heard the princess’s words and quickly got into position between her legs. He could tell she was anxious but the sayain blood flowing through her veins was countering her fear by pumping a large dose of hormones into her system. Meaning she was ready and she wanted it.

“Here we go honey,” Gohan whispered, gripping her milky thighs and taking position. Closing her eyes, the mountain girl braced herself for entry. Although her pussy was so wet, her father’s dick was so hard and ridged that she wasn’t sure it would fit inside her.

“Oh damn you’re so tight Pan!” Groaned Gohan as with one quick thrust he slid his cock into her tight canal.

Throwing her head back so that it rested on her friends shoulder, Pan let out a high pitched scream as her hymen broke and her walls stretched to fit around Gohan’s dick; bursts of pain almost causing tears to flow from the tee’s eyes as she tried to get used to the sensation of having a man inside her.

Remembering that this was his baby girl’s first time with a man, Gohan was careful to go slow and to let her adapt; copying the same routine he had used on her mother when it was their first time. No mater what their situation, she was still his daughter and Gohan was worried about hurting Pan but the feeling of her lithe body slowly moving against his as he slowly drew himself out then back in; drawing sharp mews like those from a cat in heat from his baby girl as she clung to him tightly…

Oh how the demi sayain tried to take it slow and easy, but just watching his little girl wither as he thrust himself within her and hearing her innocent voice beg for more; Gohan couldn’t stop himself.

With a sudden thrust he embedded himself deeper within her slick eager walls, drawing thick moans from the girl and making Bra smile at the erotic display before her. With each powerful thrust of his hips, Gohan’s breath caught and a deep moan that could pass as an animalistic growl passed through his gritted teeth while Pan’s moans were becoming higher in pitch and each was filled with a renewed tone of surprise; as if each plunge oh his hips sent her into an even higher level of raw pleasure that she had never felt before.

“Oh Kami daddy! It’s inside me! You hard dick is so deep inside me!” she cried in ecstasy.

“And just you wait; the best is yet to come…” Bra whispered, a husky grin donning her full lips, “But I’m afraid you hesitated to long and so will have to be punished…”

Reaching out and grabbing the pink box, Bra opened the case before examining the capsules inside. There were five, each varying in different shades of pink with the letter’s WP and a set of numbers donning the outer casing. Thinking for a second which one would be best suited to this purpose, the princess grabbed a deep pink one labelled WP3, pressed the button before throwing it so that it opened on the other cushion of the sofa.

“Perfect.” A sly grin appeared on the princess’s red lips as the smoke cleared. Pan could only stare and flush in both lust and shock. It wasn’t the fact that at her friend’s words her father’s hips had stopped so that she was now only left with the bulbous head of his organ inside her that had got her in such a state.

It was the double sided dildo that Bra had popped out of her capsule pack.

It was sleek and black and firm enough to be considered erect but flexible enough that it could move and bend with their movements. Each ended was designed to look just like a man’s cock. Grabbing the toy at its smooth centre, Bra’s eyes meet Gohan’s and she gave an affirmative nod.

Grabbing his daughter by the hips, Gohan lifted Pan up. Wrapping her legs around his waist instinctively, the teen sank quickly down on his cock; moaning deeply at the sensation of being completely filled by her father’s manhood. Meanwhile his gaze was on Bra who fad just plunged one end of the dildo inside herself.

Moaning loudly as the toy filled her depths, Bra took a moment to adjust while giving several experimental jerks of her hips; the head of the false cock rubbing against her sweet spot and making her blood boil in lust. Coming back to reality, the sayain princess got to her feet and stood behind her friend; guiding the other end of the dildo towards her ass.

Feeling the toy’s tip press against her rear entrance, Pan’s grip on her daddy’s shoulders tightened to the point where her fingernails dug into his skin; almost drawing blood. Screwing her eyes shut, the teen buried her face in the curve where Gohan’s shoulder and neck met; breathing shallowly as Bra’s hands grabbed her arse, spreading her cheeks apart and then shivering as she felt something hard, warm and wide slide inside.

“AAAAHHHH! No Bra! Stop or You’re going to tear me in two!” Pan screamed in agony but Bra was relentless, pushing the toy deep inside her behind.

But she had no idea what was to come as the bluenet suddenly pulled out. But the rest was short lived however as Bra pushed the dido back into her anus, A loud shriek coming from Pan in the process.

“NO Bra! AHHHHH!” the teen screamed, her father’s attempts to ease the pain by stroking her hair and lightly thrusting his cock inside her pussy unfortunately doing little to ease the girl’s agony. The pain was excruciating as Bra wasn’t moving, giving her a few moments for her wall’s to loosen.

Smiling as she felt the girl’s body relax, Bra began a series of powerful thrusts in to the girl’s ass. It had taken a few second’s for her anus to loosen and relax around the invading plastic but upon feeling the toy start to rock insider her, Pan began to feel her pain mixing with pleasure…

Sending her into a sexual fury the likes of which she had never felt before and as the rhythm picked up, Pan really started getting into it as she rocked her body against theirs while Bra began ploughing her ass with increasing vigour. Her moans grew louder and her head flung back in a midst of sexual euphoria as her body was consumed with a new type of pleasure the likes of which she hadn’t felt before.

“Oh-oh-oh fuck! Kami! Yes! Oh yeah it feels good!” yelled Pan, rocking her body with more energy to keep up with Bra’s rigorous thrusts and soon those moans turned to screams as the princess ploughed her butt with the fake cock. And the more she moaned, the more turned on Bra and Gohan seemed to get as they watched the girl’s sweaty naked body rock to the rhythm of being fucked in the ass.

Pan felt as though she was being split in two with one cock fucking her pussy and another fucking her ass and she was loving every minute of it. Her mind was flooded with the intense waves of pleasure that surged though her body and she could only groan as Bra’s seductive voice whisperer in her ear; “So, how is it now that you’re no longer an anal virgin?”

“Go ahead Gohan, fuck your daughter as hard as you want…” the princess half ordered, half moaned. Every time she thrust forward and plunged the toy deeper inside Pan’s ass; the other end of the fake cock thrashed about inside her own hot pussy; rubbing against her sweet spot and making her just want to cum then and their.

Pan had never felt such raw sexual energy in her life. Not only was she loving having anal sex with her best friend, but she had her father’s cock deeply buried in her other cavern and despite herself; she loved having two sexy hybrid Sayain’s fucking her at once. However, at her friend’s words a small amount of realisation boiled over in her stomach and Pan remembered who the sexy demi sayain in her pussy was…

“N…no… I can..can’t do this with daddy…” Her voice was little more than a groan, the pleasure from the two cocks buried inside making it hard to speak.

“Oh not again, just be honest with yourself Pan…” Bra growled, quickly becoming tired of her friend’s persistent denial. Although in another frame of mind she would probably have respected the teen’s unwillingness to relinquish her morals and encouraged her to keep fighting; this was getting silly. It was one thing to say you can’t have sex with your father when you’re still an innocent virgin but it’s just hypocritical when said girl’s father had his manhood buried to the hilt inside her. “you really do want to be double fucked by me and your daddy right?”

“Bra! Don’t say that its embarrassing…” However before she could finish, an orgasmic rush overcame her as at the same time, Gohan and Bra thrust their hips forward and filled Pan to the brink; banishing all resistance from the teen.

“Can you feel that Pan? You’re being screwed in both of you tight, virgin holes.”

A husky grin formed on Gohan’s face as he placed his hands firmly on his beloved daughter’s hips and began working his cock in and out of her tight pussy at the same steady rhythm as the sayain princess opposite him. Pan’s body rocked to their motions as she let out moans of ecstasy; having two hard cocks in her was pushing the teen to new heights. She was sandwiched between the two sayain elite’s and they were taking her to the stars; her ultimate orgasm drawing near at a unthinkable pace.

“OH MY KAMI! YOU’RE IN ME! YOU’RE BOTH SO DEEP INSIDE ME!” she moaned, her internal muscles stretching around the invading objects.

Using the desire that had filled her during the month, Bra hurriedly worked the toy in Pan’s tight ass while subsequently forcing it deeper inside her own pussy; making her cry out in ecstasy while savouring every delicious sensation.

Gohan was in paradise. Here he was with his naked goddess of a daughter in his arm’s as she rode his cock in all her part sayain glory. She felt so good…so hot and tight; so much like her tigress of a mother.

Their hot flesh grinded together in a sweaty mesh, Pan’s breasts pushing up against her daddy’s muscular chest while Bra’s assault drove the man’s cock deeper inside the teen. Her high pitched moans intensifying as the animal side of her mind soaked up the mind blowing sensations.


“Uh-uh-uh-uh-Yes-oh yes-I’m cumming too! I’m cumming too!” moaned Bra, her legs almost turning to mush as the tip of the toy rubbed her sweet spot.

“Uh-uh-me-oh Kami-too! Oh fuck Pan oh sweaty you’re so tight! Uh-uh-oh I’m about to cum!” moaned Gohan, loving the feeling of her tight passage around his hard dick.

Pan’s was on the brink. It would only take a few more and see would release. Wanting more, her hands slid in between her and the wall of muscle, up her body to fondle her own soft mounds while her lover’s were thrusting their organs into her tight passages. There thick members hitting all her pleasure spot’s over and over again and making her scream louder each time as she neared her climax When together, Gohan and Bra both plunged their hard dicks into her at once as deeply as they could go, unleashing an intense release of ecstasy for all three of them.

“OH FUCK! OH-OH YEAH! YEAH FUCK ME! OH YEAH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M GOING TO CUM! I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM!”, Her pussy and ass tightening as Pan was rocked with an intense orgasm, the pleasure was something beyond description and she had never felt anything similar in all her life. She could feel her inner walls convulsing and contracting around their throbbing tools, and her steaming juices flowed out of her heated core and coated her father’s stiff shaft as he kept on pounding into her.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PAN!” Gohan moaned, sensing his daughter’s muscles tightening around his member; the sensation sending shiver’s along his nerves until the sayain couldn’t keep himself from releasing his milky cum into her hot depths.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH!” moaned Bra, the toy hitting her pleasure spot once again and this time she couldn’t hold back and came in a gush of hot fluid; coating the rubber cock as it slid in and out of her pussy at a speedy tempo.

Quickly wrapping her arms around her father’s neck, it was all Pan could do to support herself as her legs gave was and fell limp; falling asleep in her father’s arms.

“Sleep well honey….” Gohan whispered before laying her down on the sofa; using his daughter’s clothes for her pillow and covering her with a blanket. Looking round, the sayain barely had time to catch Bra as she lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, legs around his waist, and swiftly impaling herself on his dick.

“Ooh Kami you’re so big! Yeah, oh yeah shove that giant cock of yours deep into my pussy,” she panted, tightening her legs around his waist and using her well developed thighs to move herself up and down the large organ. “Like that? Do you like fucking me brains out? Oh yes yes yes yes yes!”

Supporting the teen by her perfect ass, Gohan then helped his lover by moulding the firm orbs with his rough hands and lifted Bra up and steadied her against the wall. His eyes darkened by intense lust as he thrust forward and slammed roughly into her pussy, making her eyes roll back into her scull as she felt each of his movement’s graze her womb and literally take her breath away.

“Oh…oh Gohan! Oh yes! Take me! Take me again!” she moaned, her body craving more intimacy from the man holding her.

She loved having him inside her. Even after the events of the afternoon, she never tired of feeling him inside her. Leaning forward and pressing her lips to his in passionate kiss, her hands moved beneath his shirt and began clawing at his back, scratching him as she moved up and down. His hand squeezed her arse as the other moved between their bodies to caress her breasts, finger and thumb twisting her nipples in a way that drove the sayain princess wild.

“Gohan! Uh-uh-oh Gohan! Gonna cum soon! I’m gonna cum soon! Kami you’re so fucking amazing! OH GOHAN!” moaned Bra, her body bouncing to each thrust.

“Uh-uh-uh-Bra! My Kami! Almost…there!” he grunted before golden flames consumed his body and Gohan went super. “Oh it’s so good, Bra! You’re so tight!”

Aided now by the legendary sayain power, Gohan could no longer control his lust for the girl and began driving himself harder and harder into the princess until she had backed fully up into the wall, her body pounding against the plaster barrier so harshly she thought it might give in and break with each thrust of his powerful hips.

“Oh Kami Bra! I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll be screaming for the rest of the day!” His voice was thick with arousal as he felt the bluenet writhe in ecstasy beneath him and arch her back to press her large bosom against his chest as her third orgasm of the hour hit her and practically sent her reeling beyond consciousness.

“Oh yes! Give it to me Gohan! Give it to me NOW!” The Princess’s head rolled back as she felt his member filling her wet canal, as soon as he transformed his member had almost doubled in thickness and she needed a few moments to adjust to his new size. Taking a deep breath, his scent flooded her and was driving her mad with passion as she felt him fill her; her walls squeezing him tighter as they tried to accommodate him until…

“UH-UH-UH-UH-OH FUCK YEAH! UH-OH I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Bra arched her back and pressed herself against him holding onto his hard body with all her strength as she reached her climax. Her inner walls was tightening and contracting around Gohan’s stiff member while he continued thrusting into her as fast as he could knowing that he was very near to climax.

“UH-UH-UH-OH YOUR HOT SEXY SLUT! I’M CUMMING TOO!” grunted Gohan, slamming his cock in as far as it would go, taking a firm hold of her hips as he thrust his cock in as far as it would go, penetrating so deeply into the beautiful bluenet as he blasted his load of semen deep into her womb.



The air in the office was warm as bright rays of light shined in through the dark cover of clouds and hit their sweat-covered skin. Gohan tried to control his rapid breathing by taking deep breaths, only to have the smell of sex invade his senses like a wash of cold weather.

For the first time since he was ten Gohan so was afraid…

The memory of what had transpired in the office was as clear as day in the hybrid’s mind and all he could do was keep his onyx eyes closed and hope it was nothing more than a dream.

However, when he felt a figure begin to squirm in his arms, Gohan knew he had to face the truth and looked down to gaze at the sleeping blue haired figure. A content smile was plastered on her face as a silent, “Mmm Gohan…” flowed from her lips.

‘Ok this is bad…’ the sayain thought before looking over his shoulder at his office sofa and saw his naked daughter sleeping peacefully. ‘No let me say what it is; This is fucked up.’ Not only had Gohan cheated on Videl yet again with Bra, he taken both his daughter’s virginities and what was worse; he loved every minute of it.

Lost in thought, the sayain never noticed the movement beneath him until a shiver of pleasure ran down his spine and then Gohan noticed the long forgotten sensation at the base of his spine. His heart skipped a beat, it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be possible…

Swallowing hard, he looked down and his eyes almost exploded as he saw the object’s curled together between his and Bra’s bodies; expanding from the base of their spines were two sayain tail’s. His was a deep brown with thick fur while Bra’s matched her hair, a light blue colour with thin, neat fur.

And then it all became clear…

This shit wasn’t happening because of the full moon although it could explain Pan’s behaviour. The sad fact was that no matter how much he loved Videl, no matter how many times he told himself she was the only woman for him; his sayain blood hungered for the teenage sayain princess.

However that didn’t help matter’s much. If he were on the sayain home world their would be no problem. Vegeta himself had said that a sayain warrior could have more than one mate and it was almost tradition for the strongest warriors to have almost a harem of mates.

That wouldn’t mean much to Videl though. While she had accepted her husband’s sayain heritage, much like his mother their wasn’t much she was willing to put up with. In fact, Gohan was using the term ‘much’ very loosely as their were just three in total and he doubted his wife would be willing t add this to her list.

Looking up suddenly as a loud buzzing sound filled the office; Gohan was relieved to see it was just his secretary calling to say she was going home. He wasn’t sure if it was Dende sending him a gift or just old fashioned good luck but at that moment the sayain felt as if he could kiss the teen. During their heated fucking, the part Sayain’s had been anything but quiet and yet his secretary hadn’t even buzzed to ask if everything was alright. She would defiantly have to go.

Looking back down at the sleeping beauty in his arms, Gohan brushed a stray strand of light blue hair from her peaceful face and smiled to himself as he heard her sigh contentedly while nuzzling into the heat of his chest as she slept. Leaning down, he placed a light kiss on the princess’s check before whispering “Would you like a job?”

A Debt Repaid, Plus Interest

AN: Well here it is the folks, the finished, rewritten edition of my A Debt Repaidseries, Happy reading.

A Debt Replayed Plus Interest

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball z and am making no profit from this work.

It had been exactly one year to the day since the events at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, when the Z-fighters faced off against the wizard Babidi, and destroyed his evil monster, Kid Buu. To celebrate the anniversary of their victory, Bulma was hosting one of her famous parties.

It was an event of special magnificence and the heiress, having spent the previous months planning it, had spared no expense in its preparation. For days beforehand, all of Capsule Corp had been set to preparing the great domed house for the festivities, even erecting a makeshift stage in the heart of the garden on which the entertainments would perform. A latticed web of fairy lights twinkled merely seven metres overhead. A master gardener had transformed the tall shapeless rosebushes into a menagerie. Moreover, fifty of the world’s finest caterers, as well as a small army of waiters and other supporting staff, were hurrying this way and that; trying to keep up with the insatiable appetite of two Sayain Families.

Gohan sat alone at his table, deep in thought and nursing a glass of champagne, only half listening to the band play on stage while watching the flurry of colour as the guests mingled around the Brief’s rose garden. Searching through the sea of familiar faces, his keen eyes took note of their cheery expressions and felt a surge of relief. It had been a long time since they had all been this happy. Even Vegeta appeared to be having difficulty hiding his smirk as he and his rival engaged in a furious eating contest. Watching the duo for a moment, Gohan couldn’t resist grinning as he watched Goku nearly swallow a boar whole. It felt good to have his Dad back, and it was even better to know, for once, he intended on keeping it that way for a while.

Abandoning the spectacle to continue his search, he felt a genuine smile play across his lips as he finally glimpsed Videl amongst the group, a refilled glass of orange juice in hand and avidly swapping pleasantries with his mother.

‘Kami, she’s gorgeous…’ he thought dreamily, unable to resist giving her the once-over. She had made a special effort for this evening and had come clad in an elegant gown of sky-blue silk that flowed down to knees and clung to her alluring hourglass figure, its deep V-neckline accentuating the swells of her bosom. Once upon a time, the very idea of Videl wearing such a thing would have made the Sayain laugh, but in the time they had been dating, Videl had grown more confident of her femininity and had tried to dress as, well, a girl. Though she still favoured her oversized tops, jeans and closefitting shirts had become regular recreation garments, as well as a few skirts and dresses that had accidentally found their way into her wardrobe.

As if she could sense his gaze, Videl glanced in his direction and Gohan felt a blush touch his checks as he realised he’d been caught staring. Smiling playfully, she quickly ended her conversation with the older woman, saying something that made them both giggle heartily before turning and making her way through the crowd towards him, exchanging quick words with anyone who addressed her specifically.

Mmm…that shirt was made for him.’ Videl mused, her lips pursing with delight as her eyes drank in the vision of her boyfriend. Though this was not the first time she had seen him dressed in a suit, it always seemed odd to see him without his preferred navy GI or the baggy garments he wore to hide his bulging muscles. Indeed, she’d expected him to feel ill at ease in the black tailored Italian suit and its matching crimson shirt, but he wore it as easily as a second skin and Videl thought he appeared to be a modern day Adonis. Yet, she also longed to remove it from his person, and she inwardly hoped to have the festivities done quickly, so that they might have a chance to celebrate in their own fashion.

Their eyes met as she placed her glass upon the table, and Videl felt her breathe catch in her throat. His lips moved, but she heard no words over the fluttering of her heart “huh…pardon?”

“I said you look beautiful tonight.” Gohan repeated, his smile faltering. It wasn’t like Videl to miss hear him, quite the reverse in fact.

A sudden blush burning her cheeks, she tore her gaze from his and moved into the vacant seat opposite Gohan’s, sipping purposefully at her orange juice to hide her embarrassment. Even so, she could feel the heat of his eyes upon her flesh, watching her, scrutinising her. Did he know she was hiding something? Perhaps, that brilliant mind of his was guessing her secret, ferreting out the truth. A knot of fear tensed in her stomach and her eyes shifted towards the crystal in her grasp, the fruity beverage within already half emptied.

Swallowing her nervousness, she drained the glass with one last swig and placed it back down on the table before turning to face him, hiding her fears behind a playful smile.

“So are you going to dance with me or what?” she said, not really asking, before rising up from her seat once again. Yet now it was Gohan’s turn to look away, suddenly as white as a sheep, with an expression of pure terror on his handsome face. “What`s wrong Gohan?” she asked, her tone softening as if she were talking to a frightened child.

Turning to face her, he tried to imitate his father’s infamous grin while scratching the back of his head but he couldn’t meet her gaze. “Well, you see…Videl…Umm…well I don’t…actually know how to…you see I’ve never had to…um dance…maybe…you should…” He looked so cute, Videl couldn’t help giggling.

“Why Gohan, surly you know how to dance?”

Turning bright red, he looked down at his feet in shame, meekly whispering “No.”

“Aaahh…Gohan, don’t worry, it’s not all that hard, come on; I’ll show you.” she soothed, curling a finger through his spiky hair before taking his arm and dragging him out of his chair, through the crowd and across the Garden towards the improvised dance floor. “Just follow my lead and don’t step on my feet…” However, before they could even set a foot upon the platform, a very large amount of banging and crashing from within the Capsule Corp facility murdered the serene ambiance.

Whirling around, they had just enough time to witness a mass of golden fur exploding out of the kitchen and rushing by them with Goten and Trunks hot on its tail. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Gohan and Videl in its path and an elderly waiter, who had been walking close by and carrying a tray of appetisers, leapt out of his skin as the beast raced past. The tray went tumbling, turning end over end and spilling its contents into the air.  

With only a moment to react Gohan’s battle honed reflexes kicked in and he spun Videl around, throwing himself in front of her as the foodstuffs splattered across his head and Armoni dressed torso.

The clatter of the tray hitting the ground filled the night, drowning out the music and causing all of the Z-fighters, or at least those who were not already watching, to turn and stare at the splattered youth. Too embarrassed to speak and blinking as various condiments dripped into his eyes, Gohan raised a hand to wipe away a trail of mustard running down his neck before turning to Videl. She had escaped unstained, but all thoughts of dancing had vanished from her mind and it was plain she was fighting hard against the laugher now trying to burst free as she looked him up and down.

Deciding he would rather leave before his mother set eyes on the state of his new suit; Gohan did an about-turn and quickly made for one of the open side-doors back into Capsule Corp with Videl hot on his heels.

“Hey! Gohan, wait up, are you ok?” Videl panted, struggling to keep up with his strides while still fighting the urge to laugh as he almost dashed up three flights of straight stairs towards the building’s guest quarters.

“Well, considering that I look like a side order for a plate of nachos; I’m fine.” Gohan replied bitterly before entering onto a dully-lit corridor on the house’s 45th floor, following it around five winding turns before finally coming to a stop outside the door of his own personal overnight room.

“Well if it’s any consolation, you’re look like a very delicious side order.” Videl teased, playfully reaching out and scooping up a thick drop creamy sauce with her finger before bringing it up to her lips, her tongue sneaking out to lick the digit clean. It tasted savoury, but the spice of herbs and his masculine flavour made her moan with sheer delight before leaning forward and kissing him full on the lips. He responded immediately and, for a moment, their embrace was slow and sweet; but then built into a furious tempest as their tongues thrust and danced within each other’s mouths at an almost violent pace.

Feeling his arousal burn to life, Gohan was forced to break the kiss before it could develop into something more.           

“N-not yet, my love.” he panted while gently pushing Videl back, trying not to cower beneath her scornful look. “I need to have a wash before mum sees me. We’ll finish this later, I promise.”

Yet Videl wouldn’t be denied so easily and she leant forward, close enough for him to feel the heat of her breath as she whispered huskily “But if you let me in, I’ll wash your back.”

Unbeknownst to the couple, predatory eyes were watching from the shadows.


The ensuite bathroom of Gohan’s guest room was much fancier than the one back at his parent’s house. It was bigger and had pale white marble walls and floor, the fixtures and fittings were inlaid with ivory, and even the sink was a basin of crystalline rock. However, blind to its splendour he carelessly stripped out of his ruined suit and dropped them into the wicker-washing basket. Completely naked, he entered the walk-in-shower and pulled the door shut behind him.

Turning the hot water tap to its fullest, a steaming spray burst from the showerhead and pelted his flesh. Moaning in the back of his throat, he rolled his head back to let the scalding tempest to roll down his body before straitening and muttering a low chuckle as he watched the water run over his body; carrying with it a brown tide of sauces that pooled around the drain between his feet. Slowly, his eyes moved back up to his semi-erect manhood. It had taken all if his willpower not to accept Videl’s offer, and more than a little persuading to convince her to go back down to the party, but he knew it was for the better. His mother had eyes like a hawk, if she were to notice they were both absent there would be hell to pay. He would need to make this quick…


Gohan’s eyes widened at the sound of the shower door opening, a sudden gust of chilly air wafting against his heated flesh. Guessing Videl had decided to pursue her case, he almost leapt out of his flesh when an all too familiar voice said, “Feeling a little dirty Gohan?” 

Spinning round in panic, Gohan found himself standing face to face with a very naked Android 18. “18! What…What are you doing? You can’t be here.”

Her cool sapphire eyes twinkling with mischief, she silenced him by placing a finger to his lips before saying, “I saw what happened to you downstairs and decided I could do with a wash myself.”

“Ah-ha…very funny, ha-ha” he said nervously, trying to sound amused while subconsciously backing away as she took a step forward, until his back pressed against the cold marble tiles. His heart was hammering so loudly he was amazed it wasn’t echoing off the walls, yet his eyes couldn’t resist shifting down, taking in the full splendour of the beauty. She was just as beautiful as he remembered, and his rising phallus certainly seemed to agree. “Now, what are you really doing here?”

Still smiling that predatory smile as she stepped beneath the pelting spray, 18 leaned forward and trapped him there by pressing her hands against the tiles on either side his head. The deluge flattened her blond locks to her forehead and steamy rivulets ran down the valley between her breasts. “Do you remember that letter I left on your bed last year?”

“Last year-ohhhhh” his voiced hitched with confusion before his eyes suddenly grew wide with understanding. It might have been short but that note had burned a place in his memory as vivid as the moment he first turned into a super Sayain and his eyes all but glazed over as his recalled the hand-written memorandum.


Dear Gohan

I had a great time today. If you want, I would love to have a recap of this lesson sometime. Perhaps if you meet someone you like out there in the city, we can educate her together.

Love 18



The memory stained his cheeks with a deep blush and coming slowly back to reality, Gohan found himself looking into the android’s darkening orbs as she whispered, “You and that girl Videl seem to be getting close…”

“18, I don’t know if this is…”

“In fact, you two seemed very close out in that hallway, and also during the world Tournament last year. You two disappeared before her match against that oversized Gorilla, and when I was taking Marron to get some ice cream I glimpsed the two of you going at it like minks. I almost couldn’t believe it; the daughter of the great Hercule Satan, moaning like a whore as she was bent over and fucked against a tree by a masked stranger, out in the open where anyone could have seen. Ohhh…imagine if the paparazzi had seen,” she commented slyly, ignoring his panicky antics.

Gohan tried to object, he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out for the beauty seized the moment and lunged forward, capturing his lips in a kiss far more searing than the one he had shared with Videl just moments before. Her silky tongue swept across his teeth and danced across the roof of his mouth before meeting his and despite himself, the youth responded in kind, his mouth moving against hers in a wanton tempest. They came together beneath the showerhead, the water running down their naked bodies in streams of crystal, the heat of them chilly in comparison to that of their embrace.

Need and lust burned through his veins as he pulled her to him, his powerful hands gliding down her womanly curves before seizing the globes of her buttocks and crushing her against his broad frame so she could feel his ragging desire as their tongues danced. She moaned against him, craving more as she felt the water cascading down their bodies, her arms coiling around his neck and slender fingers tangling in his hair. Twisting and turning under the spray, they battled for dominance until something snapped within Gohan that banished any thought of Videl and unleashed a wash of burning lust far beyond his control. His primitive Sayain side was taking over.

 “Ughhh-you’re getting me so hot…mmm harder” she moaned, breaking the kiss and tossing her head back as she enjoyed the roughness of his hands pawing her arse. Taking the opportunity, Gohan dipped his head down and began to suckle the sweet spot at crook of her neck. Unwilling to be outdone however, she slid a hand from around his neck and traced her fingers lightly down his bulging torso and rippling abs before wrapping her fingers around his engorged arousal. His sensitised flesh jerking beneath her touch, she ringed his shaft with her thumb and forefinger just beneath his corona, barely able to close the gap due to his impressive girth but stretching his foreskin taut as she twisted her wrist in rhythmic half-circles, massaging the bulbous head with the soft skin of her palm. 

“Ohhhh 18…” Gohan moaned against her skin, relishing the feeling of her skilled touch on his aching organ, his voice deep and guttural as a prelude to the bestial energy gathering within him.

 “Mmmm…you’re so hard. Do you like that big boy?” she purred before gently corkscrewing her hand down his thick length,  her tight grip massaging him all the way down to the base before drawing back.

 “Ohhhhhh!” The sound tore from the Sayain’s lips as his head snapped back, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head as her touch enfolded the bulbous head of his cock. “Kami I need to fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she asked, playfully biting her lower lip, “but what about Videl?”

Growling in the pit of his throat, Gohan suddenly pivoted, pinning her against the wall of shower with enough force to make the ceramic crack while one of his slid down from her narrow waist the junction between her thighs. Surprised by his roughness, 18 almost shrieked with delight, her back arching off the ruined tiles as he massaged the swollen folds of her labia between two of his fingers before simultaneously rubbing her clit with the rough pad of his thumb.

 “Does that answer your question?” Gohan asked, his lip curling to display a toothy grin that made the heat between her legs burn with wanton passion.

Not bothering to answer, she caught his lips in another hot kiss, her tongue mirroring the motions of his fingers as they continued to pleasure her. Yet the lack of actual penetration had her hanging on a knife-edge and she couldn’t resist tightening her grip on his engorged arousal, enjoying the feel of his hard shaft pulsing in her grasp. She gave him a practically firm stroke, only to feel his knees almost buckling against her. Seeing her chance, she used a perfect twist of her hips to pitch them around before breaking the feverish kiss and sinking to her knees between his legs.

Watching her with glassy gaze, Gohan wanted to howl with pleasure when he felt her lips on the tip of his cock. His eyes, dark and fogged with lust, drinking in the vision of the golden haired beauty on her knees before him, her swollen lips kissing the sensible skin until he feared it might burst beneath her attentions. Keeping an ironclad grip on his base, she then parted her lips to let her tongue come into play, flicking so lightly over his tip, his hips rolled on their own accord, tying to gain more of the sensations she was creating and he couldn’t stop himself from groaning out; “Oh Kami 18… more…more…”.

 Smiling inwardly, 18 quickly brushed a damp strand of her hair aside before catching his gaze as she blew a light breath across his pulsing organ before dipping down and taking him between her lips. Disregarding teasing licks and playful touches, she set upon with purpose and in one smooth motion, took him as deep as she could within her damp cavity, allowing her teeth to scrape along the length of him as she did.

Delighting in the moist heat of her mouth, Gohan’s head rolled back and his mouth hung open in great gasps of pleasure as he felt her lips sliding half way down his shaft before retracting back up to his crown. She repeated the motion again, and again; each time her pace grew until her head was a bobbing upon his shaft and he couldn’t resist lacing his fingers though the sodden strands of her golden mane. Then she began to suck, and it was almost more than he could stand.

“Ugh, kami it’s so good…yesss, more…” he grunted out. Kami, he had almost forgotten how good she was. Though Videl had tried, she lacked 18’s confidence and the sheer size of his endowment unnerved her while the android seemed to take it all in her stride.

“Mmm…Gohan, your dick is so big and hard. I love it…” moaned 18, her pale blue eyes flashing him sultry looks as she sensually sucked and slurped, her devious mouth moulding perfectly to his phallus. Her free hand came up to play with his heavy testicles, making him buck in surprise. His mounting sensitivity told her he was close and she doubled her attentions, eager to taste the fruits of her labour.

Gohan felt the pressure mounting in the base of his spine, his release drawing near, yet the animal inside him yearned for more. Growling in the pit of his throat, he gave the beauty’s hair a sharp tug that all but dragged her off his pulsing arousal and to her feet. She flashed him a warning look, but before she could comment, he spun her about and pressed her against the fogged screen. After the heat of the shower, the glass was like a pane of ice against her skin and she hissed with surprise as he stepped in behind her and prepared for penetration. When she felt the roughness of his hands on her rump, the beauty glanced back but the look of passion shinning in his dark orbs stilled any complaint she might have and he traced the tip of his cock along her folds before thrusting hard and fast, embedding himself inside her to the hilt.

“Ooohhh…sssso…big…” moaned 18, her body arching against the glass in rapturous applaud, and eyes widening to the size of saucers as she felt his imposing girth filling her to the brim, stretching her as only he could.

“Ughhh…so tight…ohhh yea…now prepare, Android, to feel the ultimate power of a Sayain.” Grinning wolfishly, he tightened his hold on her rump before drawing back until he was almost completely withdrawn, only to lunge forward hard enough to make the screen rattle, impaling her fully.

“Oohhhh…give it to me…come on….I want it…I want it!” she panted in a lustful tone, grinding wantonly against him as he repeated the motion, literally pounding her against the fogged glass as his hips began to snap in long deep strokes.

Relishing the exquisite tightness of her channel, Gohan held nothing back and quickly established a hard, fast rhythm that had him slamming into her with wild abandon. He could feel her inner-walls clenching around his length and the sensation drew a guttural growl from him each time he plunged into her depths, the wet smack of his pelvis slapping against her shapely buttocks echoing around the cubicle.

“Ahh…take me…ohhh…mmm-take me!” moaned 18, her beautifully manicured nails almost clawing at the glass as his primal pace slammed her repeatedly against the barrier; causing it to rattle in its framing and her sensitive nipples to drag across the deceivingly rough surface. Yet it was not nearly as cold as it had been a minute ago, and she could feel a heat gathering in her centre that had nothing to do with the spray still splashing her midriff. Kami he was good! “Ohhh-yesss…it’s so good…you’re doing-oh-my-god…doing so much better than last time…ugh-yesss…I love it…I love it!”

“Videl…ughh…Videl gives me plenty of practise.” he grunted, his breath catching at the mention of his girlfriend and his eyes flashed with a hint of teal as the sudden mental picture of her in 18’s place almost pushed him over the edge. Feeling the familiar pressure gathering in the base of his spine, he knew he was almost done and slipped one hand around her waist, underneath her straining belly to cup her gyrating mound.

Unprepared for the sudden stimulation, 18’s lips parted in a silent scream as callus roughened fingers sought out her clitoris, squeezing the slickened bud in such a way that she thought she might explode as mini-shocks of pleasure rippled through her nerve system. Her knees began to tremble and her body shook to his powerful rhythm as a fire ignited within the deepest part of her being, feeding on her pleasure and spreading outward with his every thrust until the inferno had swallowed her entirely; and all she could do was scream though no words came out.

Feeling her walls quaking around his engorged shaft, Gohan didn’t resist and embraced his prolonged release as her body convulsed against him. With one last Herculean effort, he plunged into her depths, his back arching and a booming howl echoing from his lips as he felt the Android’s muscles tightening around his swelling organ before his seed erupted inside her.

 Breathing hard and trembling despite the heat of the spray beating down upon them, they clung together until the shocks of their respective orgasms had passed before staggering apart. His desire stated, if only for the moment, Gohan turned and quickly shut the water off before amusedly taking in the state of the shower. The white marble walls had crumpled and cracked beneath their forceful endeavours and there were scratches clearly etched into the glass. There would be some interesting questions in the morning…

“So what’s your plan?”




Freshly dried and dressed in his spare suit, Gohan could barely keep the satisfied smirk from his lips as he made his way down the last of Capsule Corp’s many stairwells, through the open glass doors and out into the rose garden towards the party. Tugging gently at his already unbuttoned colour, he did his best to look normal as he weaved a path through yet more waiters towards the festivities, pausing only to hear the heartfelt apologies of the old man who had inadvertently dressed him in side orders.

Yet his smile faded as he approached the mass of people. The mood had changed; the band had ceased playing and there was a frosty note of fear in the air that could only foretell of one thing, something that could strike down even the strongest of Saiyan warrior.

The all-consuming rage of Son Chichi!

Silently praying that whatever had caused his dear sweet mother to get angry had nothing to do with him, Gohan pushed on. Yet with every step, his shoes felt heavier and he was sure he could feel a cold sweat trickling down his brow as he edged between a dumbstruck Yamcha and a wide three-eyed Tien. He could defiantly discern a woman’s shouting, the familiar tone sent a shiver of fear down his spine

Moving silently through the tightly packed mass, he did his best not to draw attention to himself. Keeping at least two people between him and the source of the commotion, his eyes flickered over the heads of the Z-fighters until he finally spotted Videl standing idle, leaning against a bust of Dr Briefs at the edge of the crowd besides a blooming rosebush. Now all he had to do now was get her away from here, and up to the privacy of his bedroom. How hard could that be?

Using his incredible speed to cross the breadth separating them in less than a heartbeat, he crept upon the girl from behind before wrapping his arms around her narrow waist, his teeth descending to nibble the curve of her neck.

“Gohan!” Videl squeaked, almost jumping out of her skin as she felt his lips upon her person, too lost in her own thoughts to notice his approach, and moaning lowly as he worked his magic upon her. “Mmm-no, stop, someone might see.”

“Hmmm…when has that ever stopped us?” he growled, his voice low and huskily with desire as he surrendered to the moment, causing her to shiver as his sharp canines nibbled her tendons. Slowly, his hands moved lower, her knees all but turning to jelly under his touch.

“Yes-mmm-but this isn’t like before…”she ushered hotly; very much aware that there was barely a hair’s distance between her and the encircling crowd. Although it was true that this wasn’t the first time they had risked a little bit of public intimacy, never before had they been so surrounded. One stray glance and the game would be at an end.

“Well then…” he began, before moving his lips down to where her neck met the shoulder, causing her to gasp as he flicked his tongue over her collarbone. “Why don’t we move this upsta…”


Stilled, Gohan felt his blood run cold with terror as an all-too familiar voice hollered his name. Releasing an equally startled Videl, he slowly turned to find his Mother standing behind them with her hands on her hips, dressed in a traditional Kimono of vibrant purple silk, and giving him such a furious look that he almost prayed Cell and Kid Buu would come back to life. He would rather fight a thousand battles against the diabolical duo, than endure the terror to come.

“Um…Hi mum…” Gohan stuttered, turning a bright shade of crimson as he realised almost all of the Z-warriors now had their gaze fixed on them. Vegeta was smirking, Bulma looked torn between laughter and tears while Hercule seemed about ready explode inadmissible fury.

Chichi was plainly unamused by her son’s antics. “Young man,” she began, her voice holding a note of warning that by itself was enough to make the youth tremble. “Just what do you think you are doing?”

“Well…um…you…see I…” he stuttered, suddenly a loss for words. “I thought…that I could…well…um…convince Videl to…um…”

“Oh Kami Gohan!” she exclaimed, quickly catching her eldest son’s meaning. “I swear you are worse than your father sometimes, couldn’t you at least wait until the party was over before trying to maul the poor girl?”

At this, the couple turned as red as a pair of ripe tomatoes but they were saved from further embarrassment by the cheerful voice of Son Goku calling out victoriously “Chichi! We’ve finally caught them!”

Gohan had never been so pleased to see his father. Seeming to forget her firstborn, if only for the moment, Chichi whirled around in fresh fury and following her gaze, Gohan had to resist the urge to laugh.  Despite their years of opposition, both Piccolo and Goku were again united in struggle, one far more terrible than they had ever imagined, keeping a grasp upon two frantic demi-Sayains. Goten and Trunks wore matching looks of terror and were obviously doing everything in their power to escape the adults’ grasps. Krillin was making up the rear, walking briskly behind the alien quartet with the Brief’s newest family member, a Golden Retriever named Shadow, snapping at his heels.  He had been an early birthday present for Trunks and, although still technically a puppy; the canine was nearly a height with the former monk.

Making a mental note to buy both Trunks and Goten something special later on, Gohan once more seized Videl in his arms and vanished into the building.



Kicking the door shut behind them, Gohan spun the girl around and caught her smaller lips in a searing embrace. Aided by her surprised, his sly tongue delved hungrily inside her orifice, teasingly running across the roof of her mouth before passionately dancing with hers. Even through the many layers of cloth dividing them, the Saiyan could feel the heat radiating from her core, its exquisite warmth making him almost drunk with passion as he ran his hands up and down the gentle curve of her spine.


Responding to his ravenous touch, Videl moaned as sparks of desire kindled along her nerves, feeding the blazing heat already ragging inside her as she kissed him back with equal hunger. It felt like her senses had gone into overdrive and as their tongues passionately danced; all she could think was how good he tasted. Her hands ran over his shoulders, memorising the familiar contours and moaning hotly as she felt the incredible wall of muscle pressing against her soft bosom. One of her legs rose, wrapping seductively around his lower back, drawing him closer. She could feel the length of his arousal pressing against her lower body and knew how badly he wanted her. However, Videl wasn’t ready to surrender to him just yet. He had had his fun, but now it was her turn to punish him for making her wait.

She wriggled purposefully against him, her hand creasing down his front until Gohan had to bite back a surprised moan as he felt her angelic fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt to pet his taut abdomen, her lightest touch setting every fibre of his being ablaze with longing. ‘Damn you Videl!’ he growled inwardly, but lacked the conviction to stop her.

Delighted by his lack of resistance; Videl dragged her lips from his before darting forward and seizing the lobe of his ear between her teeth, making the large male hiss as she gently bit down on the fleshy mound before running the tip of her tongue across the sensitive air behind his ear. She moaned giddily, drinking in the slightly salty cocktail of flavours, the masculine taste of his skin flooding her senses.

Growling in pleasure, Gohan couldn’t restrain himself and bucked against her, his large hands all but crushing her to him, drawing a surprised moan from the dark haired beauty as he ground their pelvises together. Relishing her sounds of pleasure, he trailed his hands down the curve of her spine to take a hold of her backside; giving her delectable rump a firm squeeze as he rocked his hips into hers, imitating the age old dance of coitus and sending pulse after pulse of mind numbing ecstasy rocketing through her petite body.

Taken by the rush of desire, neither of the seemed to notice, or even care, when they banged against one of the bedroom’s six walls. Taking the majority of the blow across his back, Gohan took advantage of Videl’s distraction to twist his ear free before dipping down to once again devour her small mouth while slipping a hand beneath her dress, making the girl moan against his lips. Deepening the kiss so to keep her attention fixed on his lips, and not o what his fingers were up to, he lightly trailed his along up her smooth thighs until he reached the burning heat of her core. ‘Not wearing any underwear, you little minx!’

Surprised by the sudden feeling of his thick fingers parting her delicate folds, Videl broke the kiss and threw her head back in delight, moaning hotly as Gohan began to suckle her pulse spot; slowly sliding a finger inside her while rubbing her sensitive clit with his thumb. Lighting kindled behind her irises at the smallest contact with the bud and her luxurious locks of black satin fell across her face as she arched against his touch, his name echoing from her lips in a pleasure-fuelled scream.

Inserting a second finger, he felt her walls tensing around him before she began rocking insistently against his palm as he flexed and curled the invading digits, seeking out her sweet spot. The motions made her cry out inaudibly and her smaller hands etched lines into his muscular back as white-hot pleasure surged through her every time the rough pad of his thumb the engorged nub of her clitoris; driving the girl closer and closer to the brink. Sensing the tension building within her, Gohan grinned wickedly against her neck and gave the reddening skin a fluttering lick before inserting a third finger into her burning depths.

“Fuck!” Videl gasped before trembling with sudden ecstasy as the dam within her broke and the orgasm thundered through her like a tsunami. Holding her close until the storm passed and she went limp in his arms, Gohan withdrew the sodden digits before carrying her across the room and gently laying her down upon the king size bed.

 Feeling her heartbeat easing, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead before whispering, “I’ll be right back…” 


Where the fuck is that no-good Saiyan!” roared Videl, absent-mindedly pacing the length of the room in her fury. It had already been 30 minutes, and Gohan had most certainly not come ‘right back’ from wherever it was he had run off to. Completing another track of the considerably sized bedroom, she shot a glance at the digital clock on the bedside table and saw, to her fury, that it was almost midnight.

‘Damn him!’ she thought angrily. Although she had long since grown accustomed to her boyfriend’s persistent tardiness, when Gohan had invited her and her dad to this party, she had not expected to spend half the night just waiting for him to come back and ravish her. ‘You’d think that a genius like Gohan might at least have known it was a bad to keep a horny girl waiting, especially when she is pregnant with his child.’

Yes. As of 48 hours ago, Videl Satan had officially confirmed she was an expectant mother.  

Of course, she had been shocked when the good doctor gave her the news about the foetus developing in her womb, but she wasn’t at all sorry. Robbed of her beloved mother at a very young age, she had always wanted to start a family; and Gohan was the love of her life. Although they had not known each other for very long, Videl knew, with every fibre of her being, she would only grow to love the hybrid more with each passing day. Even so, she was still going to make him pay.

‘I swear your daddy is not going to know what hit him…’ Videl thought, a small smile suddenly spreading across her lips as she lovingly rubbed her flat stomach, letting the soothing creases calm her storm, before turning on her heel and walking over to the minibar that dominated one corner of the room. Ignoring the selection of beers, ciders and well-aged wines, she drew out a bottle of water and some ice cubes, filled a half-pint glass to the brim before taking a long sip.

She had almost drained the glass when she heard a trio of loud knocks on the bedroom door. Guessing it was Gohan, coming to apologise and finish what he started, she set the glass back on the bar before moving to the barrier.

 “Where the fuck have been-” she roared without thinking, hastily throwing open the oaken door to find Android 18 standing before her, clad in a halter style evening dress of black silk that emphasised her hour glass figure and voluptuous bosom. “Oh-umm-sorry 18.” Videl muttered in a hasty apology, , looking away as embarrassment stained her checks crimson. “I thought you were Gohan.”  

“So I gathered.” the older woman replied, a smirk playing across her lips as she cocked an eyebrow in amusement. “Your boyfriend is downstairs, apparently Chichi wasn’t too impressed with the show the pair of you put on and wished to discuss the matter. He asked me to keep you company until he could escape.”

 “Ohhh…well-um…okay…please come in.” Videl muttered, stepping aside to let the Android pass before shutting the door. “Can I get you something to drink?” 

“No, I’m fine thanks,” replied 18, not looking back as she made her way across the room and over to the king size bed. Not the type to wait for permission, she made herself comfortable on the bouncy mattress before motioning for her to sit beside her. Surprised by her forwardness, the younger girl complied but made sure to keep at least an arm’s reach between them. They sat in awkward silence as each waited for the other to make the first move, neither willing to be the one to break the ice.

All too aware of 18’s lingering gaze, Videl nervously cleared her throat before turning away, looking anywhere but at her inert companion. For reasons she could not explain, she had always felt uneasy around the Android, almost as if she was being watched, examined, scrutinised; it left her feeling overly self-conscious. Moreover, for the life of her their unborn child she understand why Gohan would ask 18, of all people, to keep her company when he knew just how she felt. ‘Goten and Trunks would have surely been better candidates…’ She mused drearily, ‘or even Bulma. Anyone other than…’ 

“So Videl,” 18 began, breaking the younger girl’s train of thought. “Bulma tells me that you and Gohan are both attending Satan City’s Trinity.” 

“Oh…y-yes…,” she stammered, though not entirely sure how to respond and still unable to meet the blonde’s gaze. “We were both accepted, but it’s very different from high school and having difficulty keeping up with the extra workload. Fortunately Gohan is in the majority of my lectures so he gives me a hand whenever I need it.” 

 “Oohhh really…” purred the Android, her piercing blue eyes narrowing to give her an almost feline look as she leaned closer; “so I suppose you two must be getting rather…close.”


Not sure how to respond, Videl hesitated, a fleeting blush touching her checks as she recalled just how close they had grown before uttering, “well…um…yeah. I guess you could say we’ve grown…err…close.” No sooner had the words passed her lips then she wanted to kick herself. ‘Yeah, real smooth Videl; why not just tell her he’s been ploughing you two or three times a day and that you’re also pregnant.’

“Hmmm…close,” mused 18, before grinning broadly from ear to ear as she shuffled closer. “Well, I guess that’s one way to explain what I saw the two of you doing at the world tournament last year.”   

The words washed over the girl like a bucket of ice water and gapping like a fish, she felt her checks burn as she slowly turned to meet the blonde’s unflinching gaze. “I…I…I don’t know what you mean. We were just-“

 “Fucking like animals against a tree,” said the Android in a matter of fact tone before leaning in far enough to close the gap between them. “Yes; I saw everything. How you moaned as he ripped your clothes off and clawed at those lovely tits of yours. The way you screamed like a wanton whore as he hoisted you on his shoulders, feasting on that little cunt of yours before bending you over and fucking your brains out while you were begging him to fuck you harder. I must admit, I was impressed with how easily you took all of him inside in one go, you two must have been lovers for quite some time.” She paused for a moment, letting her words sink in before adding in a deceptively off-hand manor. “The funny thing is; I don’t recall ever actually seeing you returning his very generous favour…”

Her words fell silent as she lunged forward and seized Videl’s pink lips with her own in a demanding kiss, her powerful fingers tangling in the teen’s soft black locks, dragging her closer, preventing her escape. Too stunned to fight back, Videl could only sit there in a state of wide-eyed disbelief, her mind blank until she felt the older woman’s silky tongue begin demanding entry to the burning cavern of her mouth. As if she had had a bucket of ice water suddenly emptied over her head, she rocketed back to life and recoiled, trying desperately to break free of the stronger woman’s grasp. Unmoved by the girl’s batting palms, 18 extended the kiss for a moment more before releasing the excited youth, her rosy lips stretched in a toothy grin. ‘So it begins.’

“18!” Videl exclaimed furiously, her checks flushed as she retreated down the bed with hands raised, ready to deflect a second advance. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” However, oblivious to the danger, the Android continued to grin like that caught the mouse, enraging her further. “Well…”

“Eight years ago, when Gohan defeated Cell,”18 began, still smirking. “He saved me from an awful fate inside that monster, and to repay him, I’m going to teach you a few little tricks I learnt back when I was your age.”

Tricks? I don’t under-wait, you don’t mean you want to…No!” Realisation dawning, a cold pit of fear blossomed in the pit of Videl’s stomach and she sprang forward without thinking, diving for the floor. Yet her impressive abilities were no match for 18’s enhanced reflexes and the Android seized her mid-flight without batting an eyelash before effortlessly dragging her catch back onto the bed, rolling as she did to pin the squirming girl beneath her. “Hey! Let go of me, I said no!” 

“Ohhh stop whining. You’ll enjoy it”

“No! I don’t want to, you can’t do th-mmahhh!” Taking advantage of Videl’s protests, the Android swept down and thrust her tongue into the girl’s mouth, kissing her with renewed passion. Enjoying the sweetness of the teen’s lips, her tongue swirled round and round the younger beauty’s and she didn’t break the powerful embrace until she felt Videl’s protests beginning to cease.

“18…stop…this joke…has…gone way too far!” gasped the teen, her breathing heavy as a treacherous cocktail of fear and excitement flooded her hooded eyes. She tried once again to break free, but hadn’t the strength to repel the golden haired seductress.

 “Who’s joking?” 18 asked coyly, relishing power she had over the girl before tugging insistently at the silken robe Videl had changed into while muttering, “now let’s get this off so we can have some fun.”

“What…Nooo!” cried Videl in sudden panic, shaking her head in denial and using what little strength she could summon to squirm away from her captor’s dexterous fingers.  Her struggles, however, seemed only to excite the lustful android. Her grin broadening, she hooked a finger under the loosely tied belt, opening it with a quick tug before ripping the expensive gown from Videl’s body and hurling it aside to leave the girl lying naked beneath her.

“Mmmmm…now I see why Gohan likes you so much.” she purred, greedily devouring the sight of Videl’s pear shaped breasts. Licking her lips as she admired their milky complexion and perky nipples, she bent down and took one of the rosy buds into her mouth, sucking it greedily.

“18! No…please…stop-aah…I-I don’t…I don’t like girls…” Videl moaned, squirming uncontrollably as the Android’s delectable mouth sent a wash of electric sensations shooting along her nerves from her hardening nipple down to the pooling heat gathering in her centre. Ignoring her pleas, 18 swirled her tongue around the pert bud while bringing her hand up to cup the girl’s left breast, kneading the supple flesh like it were a ball of dough. Prolonging the exquisite torture by rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger before giving it a firm squeeze that made Videl hiss in surprise, she then abruptly switched her attentions and began nibbling the left while trailing her fingertips along the flat of her belly to the burning warmth between her thighs.

At the first touch, Videl’s breath caught in her throat and despite her protests, she could feel her hips jumping beneath 18’s fingertips as they graved her clitoris before moving down to pet the folds off her entrance. She wanted to resist. She had always prided herself on being a strong willed, that there was no challenge she couldn’t overcome. However the pleasure invoked at the older woman’s touch was just too wicked for her to deny and the feeling of the android’s fingers slipping inside her, stroking her most sacred of areas, drew a long moan from the ensnared beauty.

“My, my, my…you’re pretty wet down here from just a bit of fingering.” Smirking devilishly, she released Videl’s breast and drew back, surveying her handy work with obvious glee as she continued exploring the depths of her channel with acute fingers and rolling her thumb over her sensitive clit, dragging a symphony of wanton moans from the dark haired beauty. Pleased by her receptiveness, 18 retracted her fingers and made a slow, sensual show of licking the juices coating the fingers. Once satisfied she’d sucked up every drop of the heady essence she flashed the girl a victorious grin. “Mmmm…so you don’t like girls, huh? Well those are the lips that don’t lie and they say you want me.”

Blushing brightly but refusing to take the bait, Videl growled a low, inaudible response before watching in cowed silence as the older woman rose up and clambered off the bed. 

“Now Videl, be a good girl and stay there. I have a little surprise for you.” Retreating a few steps, she reached behind her neck and deftly untied the fastenings of her dress before letting it spill down her body to pool around her feet.

Following the garments decent down 18’s full bosom and narrow waist, Videl felt her eyes widening with terror…

“So what do you think? Do you like it?”

Unsure whether or not to believe her own eyes, Videl could only stare in dumbstruck horror, gaping aimlessly as she tried to understand what she was seeing and it wasn’t until she felt the bed shifting that she realised she’d been daydreaming. Jerking awake, she blinked, and found herself nose-to-head, so to speak, with 18’s very prominent cock as the Android straddled her torso.

 “By Kami, 18…” she stammered, her mouth running dry as every breath she took was thick with the musky sent of arousal. “You’re a…a…”

“A hermaphrodite? Yes.” answered 18 coyly, smiling wickedly as she reached down and began to stoke her appendage, a lustful fire burning in her pale sapphire eyes. “The man who turned me into an android was a perverted old retch. He thought it would be…amusing to turn me into a gynandromorphy so he surgically removed my clitoris and replaced it with an artificial device that would transform into a penis when signalled by a remote control, but it was easy for me to learn how to activate it at will.” However, Videl had heard little of the explanation; her eyes and mind still rigidly fixed on the android’s engorged cock until she heard her say “Now open wide Videl, It’s time you learnt how to use that big mouth of yours.”

“What…no!” she exclaimed, her fascination broken, and immediately tried to throw the older woman off. Ignoring the futile struggle, 18 seized a handful of her hair and plunged her cock into the damp cavern of the girl’s mouth.

“Nnnooughhhh” Videl gasped and it took all her strength to resist the impulse to gag as the large shaft rammed down her throat. Although 18 was nowhere near as well-endowed as Gohan, her synthetic genitalia was certainly more than a mouthful and with the organ completely encased within her pharynx, it was near impossible for her to breath. Panicking, she fought back against Android’s grip on her hair, drawing back just far enough to grab a quick breath before she was forced back down.

 “No you don’t,” 18 snarled, her full crimson lips drawing back into a toothy grin as she reinforced her grip on the girl’s dark locks. “Now…you’re going to suck my dick like the cock hungry slut you are.”

Unnerved by the note of malice in the older woman’s voice, Videl forgot her misgivings and nodded, surrendering to the inevitable. Recalling the advice her old school friend Erasa had whispered to her during classes, she tried to breathe through her nostrils, offering little resistance as she began moving her head of her own accord. Sensing the change in the girl, 18 let her grip go slack allowing Videl to have more control, so she could build her confidence and develop her own style. Yet see seemed unwilling to take that final step; her motions were slow and unimaginative, lacking passion, and she made no effort to heighten her own or that of her lover’s pleasure. It was infuriating; pleasurable but not near enough to bring about climax, and certainly not enough to make Gohan even consider groaning for sweet mercy.   

“You call this a blow-job, you useless whore?” growled 18, trying to recollect her lines from some of the more kinky games she and Krillin sometimes played. “If you don’t want me to tell Gohan just how much of a slut his new Girlfriend is; you better start putting your back into it.”

‘Why you bitch!’ Videl thought, flashing her tormentor a livid look as a fresh blaze of passionate fury blazed inside her. ‘First you molest me, and then you rape my mouth, now you threaten me; I don’t think so…’  Letting her rage get the better of her, she drew back along 18’s dick until only the pulsating head remained within her orifice and then, her eyes burning with malice, she closed her teeth around the shaft and took it back in. The motion was quick and her teeth scrape across the organ’s thin skin.

“Oohhhh…” Although she had anticipated a reaction, the sheer aggressiveness of the girl’s response caught 18 off her guard and she threw her head back in rapture as the long moan passed her scarlet lips. Sparks of pleasure shot along her length and all forms of coherent thought slipped away until all she could comprehended was the intense cocktail of ecstasy and agony. Glimpsing the surge of emotions crossing 18’s face, Videl could only smirk, savouring each like it were the sweatiest thing in existence. However with her attention elsewhere, she was unprepared for the older woman’s automatic response to the pleasure and could do little more than choke as the Android’s hips bucked, thrusting the shaft even further down her throat, trying to receive more of the incredible sensations. Surprised, her first impulse was to jerk away yet something inside her held her back, compelling her to use this new vantage to her benefit and employ what Erasa liked to denote as her finishing blow.

Breathing hard as mini shocks of pleasure kindled along her nerves, 18 could feel the pressure mounting in the base of her spine as Videl began to pick up the pace. Still sensitive from her earlier encounter with Gohan, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached climax and couldn’t resist tightening her hold on the girl’s hair as she slid up and down, taking her in almost to the base with every stroke, her pearly whites scrapped deliciously along the throbbing flesh. She moaned and writhed in mild euphoria as waves of pleasure crashed against her, but just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Videl began to suck. Overwhelmed by the intense suction, the android’s hips bucked, her eyes rolling as a strangled sound passed her lips before every muscle in her body when rigid and she came like a geyser.

Almost chocking on the sudden rush of thick, salty liquid flooding her throat, Videl tried to pull away but the older woman’s hold on her hair refused to let her move. All but trembling with revulsion, she had no choice but to sallow every drop of the bitter essence until 18 finally released her. Retching, she sprang back off the softening shaft, but lost balance in her haste, twisted and fell flat across the bed.

Breathing as mini-aftershocks ignited and died out, 18 felt a sudden thrill as she watched the girl collapse, her pale eyes traveling over the youth’s raised posterior, drinking in the sight of her trebling rump. ‘Kami, she’s got a great ass.’ She mused, her arousal springing back to life at the thought and she licked her lips before glancing across the room to the shut door. ‘Fuck, where’s Gohan? I don’t think I can wait any longer, I’ve got to give her a try…’

Coughing violently as she tried to catch her breath, Videl never noticed the Android coming up behind her until she suddenly felt strong hand’ seizing her hips and the weeping head of 18’s cock press against her anus. Eyes widening, she looked fearfully over her shoulder to see her capture slipping into position.

“That was very good Videl,” 18 whispered in a sultry voice, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Now it’s time for your reward.”

Forgetting her discomfort, Videl tried to protest but an excruciating pain ripped through her like a bolt of lightning as the Android began pressing the forward, slowly penetrating the girl’s tight arse. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Mmm…so tight,” the Android purred, trying desperately not to succumb to the intense tightness as she kneaded Videl’s arse with his hands. “Now don’t tense up Videl, relax and enjoy as I fuck your tight little asshole.”

“NO 18! NNNNOO AHHHHH!” cried Videl, using her hands to push herself up and trying to crawl away but it was too late and her desperate plea turned to an agonised shriek as the Android snapped her hips forward, fully entering her tiny bottom, filling her, stretching her. sensation was excruciating, despite 18’s warning she could feel her muscles going tense as they tied to repel the invader, but that only made the agony all the worse and when she tried to scream, it stole her breath away. However perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing; the idea of the entire party hearing her cries  and rushing into the room to help, only to find 18 fucking her poor arse wasn’t exactly appealing. No, it was definitely better that she couldn’t scream.

Reluctant to cause her any unnecessary pain, 18 tried to take it easy as she pushed forward but the way the girl’s pulsating flesh moulded around her, squeezing her cock in such a delicious manner, it was unlike anything she had felt before. It was a tight fit, and she could feel the muscles rippling around her shaft as she slipped inside. With a low groan, she fought to hold off her release as she pushed inside the youth’s channel, the dry heat swallowing every inch of her arousal.

Videl could feel tears welling up in the corner of her eyes and her knuckles turned white as she clutched the blankets beneath with a death grip. Her need to scream was overwhelming and she made do with biting her lower lip in an attempt to quell the burning sensation stabbing through her rear as 18’s shaft pushed deeper and deeper. There seemed no end to it and she tried to imagine that it was actually Gohan sticking his big cock inside her tiny arse. The mental imagine helped numb the pain, somewhat, until the Android’s cock was completely buried within her.

Moaning softly as she felt the tight flesh holding her sensitised organ, and drinking in the sight of the stretched hole twitching as the girl tried to adjust to the unfamiliar prescience; 18 did not pause and withdrew half her length from the younger beauty before roughly slamming back inside, drawing a muffled scream from Videl.  

The sound tore from her lungs before she could think to silence it, heralded by a fresh wash of fire tearing through her lower body. With her eyes so wide, they were in danger of rolling from their sockets, Videl made a last desperate attempt to be free of the torturous violation, but her legs were unresponsive and she succeeded only in grinding herself further upon the android’s invading flesh. Gritting her teeth against the agony as she felt the dry heat moving within her rectum, she was almost sure she could feel herself splitting apart, opening up to the relentless in a manner she never believed possible. 

  “Mmm-so tight…so tight…I could fuck your asshole all day and never get tired,” purred 18 as she continued working her synthetic organ in and out of Videl’s tight passage. Though aided by the slick saliva still coating her arousal, Videl’s arse seemed to be drawing her deeper and fighting as she pulled away. Keeping a firm hold on the girl’s rump with her left hand, she eased back and then lunged forward, rolling her hips in a relaxed tempo that gradually picked up speed with each new plunge while reaching down with her right hand to cup the girl’s mound. When she squeezed the teen’s clit, she heard a sigh of pleasure pass those luscious pink lips. “You like it don’t you? Come on, admit you love having my cock stuck up your tight light ass.”

“Noooo, stop…it’s too big I can’t…I can’t take it! W-why are you doing this to me?” Videl hissed in protest, unwilling to admit that although the sensation still hurt, it was rapidly developing into a very different kind of pleasure as her butt began to relax. It felt as if she was being pounded into the bed, and her mind reeled with the realisation that she was being fucked in the arse; and the knowledge that it was by someone other than her boyfriend only made it seem all that much more exciting. Each thrust of 18’s cock seemed to magnify the pleasure surging through her core as the older woman’s fingers worked their magic on her clit, sending pulses of electric delight coursing through her nerves, the dual pleasures igniting flames of passion she had never known existed.

Unconvinced by the girl’s plea, 18 released her desire slickened bud before giving her butt a hard smack.  “You little liar,” she slapped her again, emphasising each word with an open palmed strike across the youth’s succulent rump. “I know you love every minute of this. Don’t you, you horny little slut? Answer me!” 

“No-no-no! St-stop it’s too much! I’m so hot…my ass feels so good…I can’t take it, your…your dick feels great in my ass!” cried Videl in sweet delirium, all vestiges of resistance evaporating as the pleasurable agony finally grew too intense for her to deny and sent a wash of molten ecstasy surging  through her body. “I want more…”

“What was that?” asked 18 teasingly, grinning from ear-to-ear as she pulled back until just the head of her shaft remained in the girl’s clasping rump, and then held steady. “I didn’t quite catch it, you want what?”

Enraged, Videl felt her checks flush as she shot a furious look back over her shoulder at the older woman. Biting back the impulse to tell the Android to go and stick that cock up her own arse, she said “I said I want you to…I want uh…I want you to fuck me in the ass; you conniving bitch!

 “Good girl-ohhhh!” groaned 18 as she drove down to the hilt in one motion and then resumed hotly fucking the beauty’s arse with deep, hard strokes, filling the room with the echoing slap of flesh on flesh.

“Ohhh…it feels so-so good…oh kami…” Videl demanded, breathless with passion as she pressed back against the renewed onslaught, using her white knuckled grip on the mattress to rock against the Android’s powerful thrusts, trying to fill herself completely. “Yes, yes, fuck my ass, slide that big cock up my tight little asshole…give it to me…I want it…I want it!”

Within moments, they were both writhing and moaning, so consumed with pleasure that neither of the girls noticed the subtle creek of the door opening and closing, or the gentle footfalls moving across the across.

“Ughhh…that’s it, surrender to this pleasure, give yourself to it, and let it consume you as I fuck your-ohhh-so tight…yeah take it, take it, take it!” the android moaned, her voice hitching with her own pleasure as she drove into the youth, their bodies working together towards desired release. Amidst the frenzy, she gave some distant thought towards trying to hold back, but no matter how hard she thrust, Videl would only moan in sheer pleasure and ground back to meet her pummelling shaft, until her arms gave way beneath the assault and she fell forward with her butt raised.

“Ohhh your cock is so deep…so deep in my ass! Yesss…don’t stop, oh kami!” Videl couldn’t believe what she was saying. The words were spilling from her in a flood as 18 took full advantage of her new pose to hammer her poor arse more deeply and mercilessly, sending a cascade of molten pleasure crashing over her. Dimly, she was aware that the bed was shaking, that the heavy oaken headboard was banging against the wall as each of the Blonde’s titanic thrusts sent it surging forward, yet she didn’t care and eagerly spread her knees wider, opening herself up to the older woman and jiggling her ass to encourage her. “Oh yes-yes! Don’t stop…please…don’t stop…you can do whatever you want to me…I love it!”

“Su-ughhh-such dirty talk, you really are a cock hungry slut, aren’t you Videl?” Beads of sweat were beginning to form upon the Android’s brow and as her passion mounted, she felt the telltale signs that she was once again nearing her peak. Her breathing faltered and she could sense her arousal swelling, preparing to release the flood of essence gathering within her. Knowing she had only moments left, her hips became a blur as she threw everything she had into fucking the girl, determined to turn her into an anal addict.

“Ohhh fuck-oh fuck…yeah come on, give it to me, give it to me!” Videl chanted through clenched teeth, her back curling in sheer delight as mini-orgasms kindled along her nerve system with each of the Android’s thrusts. She could feel the cock swelling inside her, stretching her further as the furious pace suddenly turned her legs to jelly as ripples of ecstasy rocked her being. Then, suddenly, fireworks ignited behind her eyes and her whole body began to tremble with inexpressible pleasure. “Ughhhhh…Don’t stop! Don’t stop-Oh my Kami…I’m cumming with you in my ass…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

“I-I’m-I’m cumming too!” gasped 18, overwhelmed by the sensation of the girl’s bowels convulsing around her pulsing organ. With one last thrust, she jerked back roughly on Videl’s round buttocks and drove all the way to the hilt within the beauty before throwing her head back in pleasure as she came.

Breathing hard as her climax began to subside, Videl felt the flood of molten heat filling her rectum and her mind spun in a haze of liquid pleasure as she basked in the afterglow, quivering with tiny aftershocks. Her eyes grew heavy. Time lost all meaning and suddenly she wasn’t sure how long she had been lying there, encased in the cocoon of rumpled sheets and dimly aware that 18 was spooning her, her half-mast slowly slipping from her abused butt to leave the familiar emptiness.

No words were spoken and they shared a long silence, until they heard the sound of clapping and a very familiar voice saying, “that was a great show.”

Shocked out of their post climactic haze, Videl whirled around to see Gohan walking towards them. He’d stripped naked, his engorged manhood standing tall and proud and for a brief moment, Videl wondered how long he had been watching them before she suddenly realised the position she’d been caught in and immediately tried to cover herself, dragging a fistful of the covers up to her breasts. “Gohan, this-this isn’t what it looks like! I-I swear I’ve never…”

 “It’s a bit late for modesty Videl.” Flashing a toothy grin as he approached the bed, Gohan reached out and snatched the garment from her grasp before dipping down and claiming her lips in a demanding kiss. Curling his arms around her narrow waist and pushing her back onto the bed, he covered her lithe body with his own, nestling the weight of his erection above the junction between her thighs as his tongue stroked her lips, demanding entrance to her mouth and banishing all fear from memory.

Moaning at his touch, she acquiesced to his desires and allowed him entry, her small hands burying themselves in the soft locks of his hair as she felt his muscle sweeping through her orifice to do battle with her own. The conflict was fierce and passionate, making her shiver with desire as he stirred a fresh fire in her centre. Yet watching the girls had raised a furnace in the Sayain and growing impatient, Gohan abandoned her lips after just of a moment of the devouring embrace. Enjoying her protesting whine as he tore his lips away from hers, he quickly set about laying a fiery trail of ravenous little bites down her slender neck, still red from his earlier attentions, to heaving bosom.

Hissing at the feeling of his sharp teeth scrapping across her pliant flesh, Videl released an intoxicating chorus of soft moans as she arched into his touch, wantonly exposing more of her own skin for him to ravage. Her manicured nails moved down to scrape across the taught muscles of his back, causing the hybrid to hiss before he took one of her pebbled nipples between his lips. With a skilfulness that could only come from much practise, Gohan quickly turned his beloved into a shuddering mass, moaning in sheer delight and clinging to him as though her very life depended on it. By Kami how was he always able to do this to her? Already she could feel the wetness flowing between her thighs and all she could consider was how desperately she wanted to feel the great fullness that could only come from having Gohan inside her.

“G-Gohan…please…don’t tease me.” Videl begged, her breath coming in short gasps as she felt him switch his attentions to her other breast, worshipping its sensitive bud with the same treatment he had its sister.

Grinning inwardly as he heard his proud girlfriend moaning so wantonly, her nails clawing his back so wildly she was sure to be drawing blood, he suckled at her nipple until it had reached a near painful stiffness; making her buck and licentiously rub against him. She was almost there, just a little more…

Panting hot lustful breaths, Videl thought she might go insane. She yearned to have him inside her depths, to feel him, to be one with him and to cry out his name in such wonderful delirium as his incredible body cast her adrift in a sea of ecstasy. Yet, despite the heat gathering in her core, she craved something else even more, a earning that grew overwhelming when she felt his imposing mass rubbing against her…

Control; first 18, and now Gohan thought he could have his way with her, and that she would just meekly accept it, as if she were just some timid housewife, obeying her his every beck and call. Well, she was tired of it, it was time to show her big and strong Saiyan boyfriend just who was really in charge. Eyes suddenly ablaze with resolve, Videl suddenly twisted, pushing against him as she did so that they rolled; switching their positions so that she was now sitting astride his abdomen and quickly used her knees to block his arms at his sides.

Pleasantly surprised her forwardness, Gohan fell back onto the rumpled sheets and watched in fascination as Videl sensuously made herself comfortable, a small smile spreading across his lips as he took in her desire flushed cheeks and swaying breasts. It was a delicious sight and his heart leapt with excitement when he caught sight of her eyes, the fire ranging within her cerulean depths calling out to his more wild side.

“Now, don’t even think about moving…” she warned him, her voice deathly quiet as she leant forward, their noses almost touching as she met his stared piercingly into the dark depths of his eyes, before sweeping down and pressing her lips to his in a kiss of her own making.

Hugging his hips with her thighs, Videl pressed her curvy form against his while teasing him by slowly running her slick tongue across his lower lip, making Gohan groan. Taking advantage of his slightly parted lips, she plunged into his musky depths while sensually rocking her hips against him, rubbing her desire slick folds along the length of him, drawing low sounds of pleasure from her lover as he desperately fought off the impulse to just throw her to the covers and take her with a wild abandon. However, Videl was not so restrained and, as reward for his self-control, abandoned his lips to drop kisses down his firm jaw. Fuelled by his salty yet strangely sweet taste, she used her mouth to explore the broad plane of his torso, making him groan as she seductively mapped the curve of his collarbone before descending his hard chest to tongue his flat nipples.

Taking her time, completely lost in the taste and feel of him, she slowly lavished the broad scape with butterfly kisses, making no effort to hide her enjoyment as she travelled down his exquisitely chiselled body and going so far as to swirl her tongue around the dip of his belly button. Her every act was designed purely to entice the sleeping beast residing within him, yet not to draw it out; throwing Gohan into a tortured state of passion. However, no sooner had her lips descended to the softer skin of his abdomen than she noticed the tension in his muscles and glanced up to see a pained grimace marring his handsome face; was he really that far gone already?

Gritting his teeth, he seized fistfuls of the rumpled bedspread and tried to ignore the sharp growing all the more prominent in the base of his shaft as he wallowed in the sea of maddening sensations. Although he was enjoying her teasing, the pent up lust that had filled him from watching 18 literally fuck Videl senseless was yearning to be released and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it back. Fortunately, his agony was short lived as realising what she was putting him through, Videl abandoned her teasing and turned her sights upon his rigid manhood.

Settling between his legs and placing her hands on his thighs, she began massaging his hard muscles, working towards his rigid length. A relieved sigh passed his lips as her fingers wrapped around his pulsating flesh and she marvelled in the feel of him, hardier than steel yet soft as silk, and hot, so very hot. Grinning broadly, she stroked his rigid flesh from base to pulsating tip, marvelling at how it pulsed within her grasp, before leaning down to touch the tip of her tongue to his cock’s glistening head.

“Ughhh…Videl!” Wide eyed and gasping her name in short breaths, Gohan’s head fell back in sweet euphoria as he felt her silken tongue flicking over the tip of his arousal, sending hot bolts of fire shooting through his length. When she suddenly swirled the muscle around his organ, he had to fight the impulse to buck up into her mouth and it was all he could do to hold back his release.

Inwardly smirking as she watched the look of pained ecstasy playing across her boyfriend’s face, she sensuously slid her tongue along the organ’s edge before placing a feather light kiss on the tip, and then began sensually sliding downward, opening her lips and taking him into her mouth. It was a difficult task, for Gohan’s endowment was much, much larger than 18’s synthetic clit and just the engorged head was enough to stretch her small mouth to its limit. Yet she wouldn’t shy away from a task just because she was a little out of her depth and instead drew back until only the tip remained within her orifice; and then plunged back down onto him.

“OHHH…Sweet Kami!” Gohan moaned as he felt her full lips consuming his shaft, taking the engorged head to the back of her molten cavern while massaging the underside with her tongue. This was the first time she had managed to take him in; though she had tried several times before, his size had been too large for her to accommodate and he had been reluctant to pressure her to take him deeper for fear he might cause her harm. Yet here she was, doing everything in her power to take all of him in, her plush pink lips forming a tight seal around his rigid flesh as she relaxed her throat to take him deeper…

On the sidelines, 18 couldn’t help smirking as she lay on her side and watched the pair.  She had given thought towards leaving them alone, but watching the couple picking up where they had left offwithout even sparing her a glance had brought out the voyeur in her. Content with just being an observer for the time being, she reached down and began stroking her renewed erection in time to Videl’s motions.

‘Damn it! There has to be at least six more inches to go! Kami Gohan, why do you have to be so big?’ Videl fumed as she gazed down along the length of Gohan’s seeming endless shaft, her ego screaming at her to push on but at the same time restrained by the limitations of her already aching jaw. She tried to swallow him, as she had with 18, but when the domed crown pierced her throat, the sudden gag reflex forced her to pull off, or else choke. 

“Mmmm…Do you like that baby?” she asked, resisting the urge to cough and hiding her shame behind a playful smile as she closed her small palm around the lower half of his shaft and stroking him softly. “Did you like having my lips wrapped around your big cock? Or is my hand better?” She squeezed his haft with her thumb and forefinger.

“Aahhh! For Kami’s sake Videl!” he cursed, his hips bucking up into her grasp. Her ministrations were driving him mad and he could already feel his climax approaching. As much as he wanted this to last, he was caught between a rock and a hard place as the other side of his mind demanded he abandon this ploy and just ravage the minx into a screaming ecstasy.  

 “Is that a yes?” Videl grinned. Blind to inner struggle; she leant forward and held his arousal’s pulsing crown between her lips. “You do like it don’t you?”

“Yyyeeeesss…” he hissed through clenched teeth, barley able to form words as he basked in the delicious liquid warmth of her mouth and the feel of her soft lips creasing him. 

Amused, Videl slid back down without saying another word, lightly scraping her teeth against the sensible flesh of his shaft as she went and moaning deep within her throat at his musky flavour. Knowing her limitations, she allowed less than half of his shaft enter her orifice before retracting up to the head where she repeated the motion, building a steady rhythm that picked up speed with each stroke.

“Oh…oh…oh Kami…Oh shit! Videl, that feels so good!”  Gohan groaned, almost ripping the sheets in two as he felt her lips sliding up and down his cock while round and round her impish tongue swirled, until he thought the organ might burst. Yet just when he thought she might be running out of ways to torture him, she began to moan.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmph” The vocalisation reverberating along the length of his arousal as she bobbed up and down in a fast rhythm. She could him swelling as he drew near his peak, the veins bulging and pulsing in time to his rapid heartbeat as his body prepared to spill his seed into her waiting mouth. Yet she had something else in mind.

Panting hot, ragged breaths and squeezing his eyes shut in maddening rapture, Gohan felt as if his sanity hanging on the edge of a knife. He was so close he could feel every minimal movement upon his receptive organ, the gentle swirls of her tongue around the pulsing head and the delicious friction of her teeth gently scrapping down his pulsing shaft. Yet none of it was enough to push him over the plateau, and it was taking all of his willpower not to seize her head and force all his length down her throat. If he didn’t cum soon, he was sure he would go mad from need…

Then, as if she were able to sense his agony, Videl unceremoniously ceased her activities altogether. Feeling her lips releasing him, Gohan could only utter strangled sound ofpanicked frustration before pushing up from the bed, his heavy eyes flying open to glare livid daggers down at the wily beauty. He tried to speak, to scream and growl and curse her, but the agony in his heavy pelvis made forming coherent speech impossible and  he had to resort to  growing menacingly down at her. Ignorant to the danger, Videl met his glaze and flashed him a sultry smile.

“Mmmm, your cock is so big and tasty.” she purred before licking her lips. 

“Videl…” Gohan growled, his voice low and strangled as a painful ache began spreading through his lower regions. Yet his warning only made her smile broaden.

“Ahhh…is little Gohan feeling neglected?” she asked slyly before slowly crawling up his body until they were almost nose-to-nose “Don’t worry my love; I’ll take care of you.” Smiling mischievously, she playfully kissed the tip of his nose and slithered back between his legs, before making a sensuous show of cupping her full breasts and leaning forward to wrap them around his cock. Using thesaliva that still coated him as lubricant, she began running her heavy bosom up and down his shaft while taking the domed head between her pink lips and sucking wantonly as her she stared up at him, watching him intently.

 “Ohhh so soft …” Gohan moaned, almost losing himself just from watching her full bosom sandwiching his cock as her head bobbed up and down. The dual pleasures were working in perfect harmony, the feel of her soft flesh massaging him while her mouth was drawing him into a vacuum of liquid fire, and he couldn’t help bucking up into her gyrating cleavage. 

“Mmm…yeah, fuck my tits Gohan, yeah, yeah stab this big beautiful cock between my tits!” she moaned, surprised by how much was enjoying this and doing everything she could to give her boyfriend the release he craved. Her motions became almost a blur as she squashed his swelling dick between her full breasts and sucked with all her might, just willing him to cum down her throat.

 “OHHHH… fuck…So good…Videl…so good…so close…Kami…I’m going to cum!” It was the only warning he could let out before his voice failed, his hips jerked in violent spasms and his hands seized her hair, holding her in place as his seed exploded into the cavern of her mouth and forcing her to swallow every drop. He began to tremble as the full force of his climax washed over him in a tsunami, but Videl had begun to grow accustomed to the feeling and wilfully accepted everything he had to give, swallowing every drop of his salty essence until his convulsions ceased and his hand fell from her raven locks as he collapsed back.

“Mmm…you’re delicious…,” Videl purred while licking her lips to collect all traces of his taste. Releasing her hold on his still hard shaft, she slowly rose to her feet and admired the vision of him lain out before her on the bed, her greedy eyes drinking in the sight of his bulging muscles and handsome features. He was one of the strongest men in the galaxy, if not the strongest, and yet she had rendered him to a panting mass of lifeless energy, a most empowering notion. 

Still reeling from his orgasm and basking in the afterglow, Gohan felt his breath come in ragged gasps as he waited for the Dragon Balls to stop dancing around his head, completely oblivious to all around him as his body came down from its high. Consumed by fiery desire, Videl slowly crawled back up his body. Bending down, she took his lips in a passionate kiss while rolling her hips against his rigid flesh, drawing a low moan from Gohan’s lips as he came back to reality. Bracing her palms against his muscular torso, she slowly lowered herself onto his length, sighing as she felt him filling her channel. Within an instant, the rapturous shock of fullness flooded her with delight as she felt her soft wallsstretching to accommodate his mass.

“Oh fuuuuuck…” Gohan groaned as he felt the moist warmth of her channel envelope him, his strong hands seizing the narrow waist, pulling her closer and driving into her all the way to the hilt. Overwhelmed by the sweet shock of penetration, Videl’s mouth fell open and her head rolled back, her plush inner walls tightening around him, letting her feel ever bump and vein as she tried to adjust to his size. Fortunately, the period of adjustment was brief and she started to lift her hips until only the head remained within her, only to drop back down onto him.

“Ohhh…Kami…Videl!” moaned Gohan, his blood on fire as he felt her vice like sheath constricting around his shaft like a tight vortex of moist heat that clung to his rigid flesh and seemed to move with a mind of its own and before he could resist he thrust up, catching Videl on the downward stroke. 

“Oh fuck! Do it again! Yes! Yes!” Videl cried; her eyes bulging as she felt the organ forcing itself deeper inside her cavern, filling every fibre of her being. Consumed by the sensation, they began to move as one, Videl rolling her hips in small circles while Gohan drove up into her warmth, making her bounce every time his thighs slapped against her buttocks. They were working together to give each other the greatest of pleasure while their pace grew hot and heavy. Their every thought and desire focused on making the other whole as their bodies raced towards the peaks of pleasure.

Entranced by the sight of them, 18 uttered a low moan, the hand stroking her cock becoming a blur as she tried to match their pace, sending intense sensations of pleasure surging through her nerves. Kami, she was so hot. Desperate to ease the passion mounting in her loins, she tried to imagine it was Videl’s arse she was fucking, the dry heat of the girl’s bowels consuming her, holding her in a snug grip as she ploughed the beauty mercilessly. Yet it wasn’t enough. She need more…

The temptation was too great to resist.

Consumed by their passions, the couple never noticed 18 rolling onto her front and crawling behind them on her hands and knees with the seductive, predatory grace of a stalking lioness. Her mouth watering at the sight of Videl’s full rump swaying and dancing upon the Sayain’s arousal, she rose up and silently got into position behind the younger beauty. “OK, I want to try something a little different.”

Surprised by the sudden, and much unexpected, declaration, the pair ceased their passionate coupling and looked back to find a sexually starved 18 eyeing them hungrily.

“18? What are you-” Gohan began but was cut off by a pained cry from Videl.

 “No! 18, please! Not again! Nooo!!!” she pleaded, her eyes widening as she felt the android’s hands spreading her buttocks and the weight of her arousal pressing against her anus, the mushroom shaped head entering her easily. Despite its recent pillaging, she seemed to of lost none of its tightness and relishing the sensation of being back inside the girl, 18 pushed in all the way to her hilt.

Feeling both her holes being stretched to their limit, Videl could only gasp and cling to Gohan as a potent cocktail of pain and pleasure washed through her. Her muscles were tensing involuntary, causing both the Sayain and Android to moan in their own pleasure as she writhed between them, Gohan’s thigh creating pleasurable friction against clit. Kami, she felt so full.

“Oh fuck! Your asshole is still so tight!” moaned 18 hotly, her deft hands vigorously kneading the dark haired beauty’s succulent buttocks as she drew back, withdrawing more than half way from the grasping channel only to then forcefully drive back in.

It took everything Videl had not to scream, the agony of this fresh violation an equal to that of the first. Mercifully, Gohan’s presence within her combated the pain somewhat and she tried to focus on the mass resting within her pulsing core. Seeming to sense her discomfort, he began gently rolling his hips against hers, being careful not to cause her any more discomfort while coming up to take her lips in a sweet soothing kiss. Gladly accepting the embrace, she pushed her tongue past his lips and into the spiced heat of his mouth as his arms encouraged her to move with him, rocking her slowly in small tiny circles that made her small body shudder with pleasure.

“Oh Kami…” she suddenly moaned, breaking the kiss as her head rolled back and a white hot fire ignited inside her, melting her pained look away as she began pushing back against the shaft ravaging her rear passage. “Uhghhh…my butt…my pussy…they’re on fire…It’s too much…I think I am going to die…please…I need you both to fuck me…”

“Well, you heard her stud,” growled 18, “let’s fuck her brains out.”

Growling lowly at the order, Gohan focused on the look of pleasure lighting up his Girlfriend’s features. Though furious at the idea of having to once again share Videl with the Bio-android, he couldn’t deny it certainly held appeal and what with his loins growing painful; he found himself in no position to refuse.  He gave a nod.

“FUAAAHH!!!” cried Videl, her mouth falling open in a shriek as she felt them both beginning to move inside her, 18 savagely pummelling her arse while Gohan rocked beneath her in exquisitely deep strokes. Both moved rhythmically, methodically working her body the ways they knew she loved and sandwiching her tightly between them as the sensation of being doubly fucked set her body ablaze. “Oh Kami, oh kami, oh kami, oh shit….I can feel you…both your dicks are inside me…rubbing against each other…deep inside my…fuck me harder!” she finally moaned out in a sexual daze, to consumed by the feelings stirring within her to know what she was saying. “Oh yes…I love it…I love it…come on! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Encouraged by her heated demands, Gohan and 18 held nothing back as they moved together with great vigour, meeting the other’s driving thrust with one of their own and furiously fucking Videl into a fit of euphoric  abandon. She squirmed and bucked between them, gyrating wantonly while her hands ran feverously across Gohan’s muscular torso, her wild screams echoing throughout the room to the lewd slaps of flesh hitting flesh as they slid in and out of her depths, moving in perfect union. Dimly, she was aware of large hands roaming up her sensitive navel, teasingly grazing every one of her sensitive spots before cupping her bouncing breasts.

“Oh Kami! It’s so good, I’ve never felt like this before… it’s amazing! Yes! Yes!  YES! OHHH KAMI! IT IS TOO MUCH! SO GOOD! GIVE ME MORE!” Pleasure mad, Videl shrieked and bucked as her lovers ravaged her. Tossing her head from side to side, her cries reached a crescendo when Gohan’s thin lips claimed her breast, sucking and nibbling her nipples while the thick base of his cock ground against her clit.“AH-AH-AH-AH-OH RAVAGE MY PUSSY! DEFILE MY ASS! OH KAMI! OH FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING!!!”

“Uhghhh… behave yourself you horny Slut,” commanded 18, her seductive voice strained as she fought to hold back her mounting climax while ramming her slick shaft inside the girl’s succulent rump with fervent vigour as the dry walls began milking her shaft. Though she had no need to breath, perspiration was rolling down her back, and her golden hair clung to her brow. The night had been hard on her biotic implant, yet she could feel her climax building all the same, and it was going to be bigger than the others were, and certainly the last. Android or not, she was still human. “Ohhh…yeah, you’re asshole is convulsing, I bet this is the best fuck of your life. You are cumming from getting fuck by two cocks, but who’s do you prefer, mine or your boyfriend’s?”

“ohhh-f-f-fuck….I…I…I can’t decide, they’re both so good….ohhh so fucking deep…yesss…give me your cocks…give me your fucking cocks!” Videl stammered, her world melting away in white-hot fires as her mind was rocked by one climax after another. She was trembling, shaking, and it felt like every nerve in her body was exploding, casting her down a volcanic straight of rapids. Sex was no longer a word or an act, she was sex personified, its living embodiment. “It’s…it’s amazing…ughh…Gohan…GOHAN!” Then the flames consumed her and she was beyond words.

“Ohhh…Kami Videl, your pussy feels so good!” Gohan gasped, releasing her breast and falling back into the bed’s embrace as he rocked against her, using all that remained of his Saiyan strength to bounce her on his enflamed arousal while fighting off his own inevitable release as her walls writhed and sucked him deeper inside her channel. It wouldn’t be long now…

Fuelled by unbridled passion and driven on the urgency of impending completion, the lovers flooded the chamber with a high symphony of desire rich moans. Yet just when it seemed that the euphoric sensations would never end, a pleasure unlike anything they had ever felt suddenly washed over them as they reached their peaks together and plummeted into the sea of sensory nirvana. 18 was first, unable to resist the deliciously tight grip of the teen’s quaking arse any longer, she uttered a strangled gasp before seizing Videl’s buttocks and plunged in as deep as she possibly could, a thick tide of her creamy seed exploding forth. Gohan was close behind and feeling the Android’s sudden jab through the thin membrane of convulsing muscle, his body jerked and he came inside her with a long howl of pleasure. Still ridding the vehement chain of orgasms, her thighs soaked by the copious fluid flowing from her writhing channel, Videl was overcome by the sensation of having them both spill themselves inside her and as a fresh climax shock her, she slipped into unconsciousness.

They collapsed together onto the bed, shaking with mini-aftershocks and breathing hard. Too exhausted to move, time began to slip away as they basked in the wondrous afterglow, falling into a content sleep.


Dawn was still a few hours away when 18 began to stir from her slumber. Carefully disentangling herself from the tangle of limbs and sheets, she quickly went about gathering up and slipping into her party attire before preparing to leave. Pausing at the door however, she cast a last look back over at the bed, smiling at the sight of Gohan and Videl tightly embracing in their sleep, too content in each other’s presence too notice her absence.

Making a mental note to tease them later, 18 decide that it was time she left them to their privacy and silently left the room. However, all was not as it had seemed.

 “Thank Kami! I thought she’d never leave,” proclaimed a very awake Videl

“Mmmm…” Gohan murmured, opening his eyes and looking down at her smiling face. There was no need to discuss what had transpired that night, they were content in the knowledge that only she held his heart and he hers. “So, ready to finish what we began earlier?”

Videl’s smile broadened, but before she could answer he had flipped them around so that she was beneath him. Giggling excitedly at his forwardness, she lightly trailed her fingers down his rippling muscular abdomen to wrap around his already engorged erection, squeezing him playfully as carefully angled his arousal for penetration.

“Videl…” he rasped out in pleasure as he felt her small hands working their magic while the swollen head of his cock glided across her folds, the slick heat of her desire washing over him. “I Love You.”

“I love you to, big boy.-oohhhh!” Her eyes rolled and her back arched off the bed, a long moan of pleasure flowing from her as she felt his magnificent shaft slide effortlessly into her burning cavern.  He filled her completely and she immediatelyraised her hips, wrapping her long creamy legs around his waist, urging him on by digging her heels into his buttocks.

Drowning in the pleasure of their union, Gohan uttered a low moan as he felt the snug grip of her muscles enveloping him before instigating a slow, steady rhythm that he knew would bring her swiftly to ecstasy. He wanted to be slow and sweet, yet the sheer luxuriousness of being inside her once more overwhelmed his senses and made the steady rhythm near impossible to maintain.

“Ughhh…so good!” he growled lowly, his hips slapping against hers in deep, primal strokes as he was Carried away by his need for her and thrust into her with everything he had; his solid arousal fitting so perfectly inside her that it almost seemed like they had been made for each other.

“Oh…Kami…Yes…Gohan…Baby…Please…faster…,” gasped Videl, throwing her arms out to seize the headboard while her toes cured into  as his every wild thrust caused her clit would rub against his hard pelvis. Desperately trying to receive more of the euphoric sensations he was invoking, she bucked and writhed in rapturous delight as he drove into her again and again, meeting his every lunge with a riposte.

Driven by each other’s wanton cries, the couple’s movements gained speed as their fierce desire for one another built upon itself like a ragging inferno, scorching all that lay around it. In their frenzied state, it didn’t take Videl’s over sensitised body long to reach its divine summit as she arched against his powerful form, a tsunami of pleasure crashing over her. Thoughnearing his limit, Gohan was stubbornly trying to resist the encroaching oblivion.

Groaning through gritted teeth at the feeling of her plush walls contracting around him, he altered his position slightly with each piercing jab, methodically searching her depths until he felt suddenly stiffen beneath, her head falling back in wide eyed cry of voiceless ecstasy. Knowing he had hit her sweet spot, he focused all his efforts on hitting that mark.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Kami! Oh Kami! Oh I’m going to cum Yes! Yes! YES!Videl moaned; her release suddenly inevitable as every stab of her boyfriend’s cock ignited firecrackers behind her eyes. Hanging on the edge, she used the headboard like a spring and lurched forward. Wrapping her arms around Gohan’s neck, she pressed her body against his and seized his lips in a fierce kiss his lips, their tongues locking in an intimate battle the moment she gave herself to the pleasure. The dam broke and waves of fiery, electric pleasure crashed through her, shattering her body and soul before raising her like a phoenix from the ashes. She felt, rather than heard, Gohan moaning into the kiss as her body went wild with the climax and pulled him over the brink with her. Molten heat filled her centre as he released himself inside her and then, joined in the most intimate of fashions, they rode out their climax together before collapsed together in a loving embrace, utterly spent and finally stated.

Wrapping has arms around her, Gohan pulled the soiled and rumpled bed sheets over them. Snuggling into him and making herself comfortable in the crock of his shoulder, she was half-asleep when she suddenly remembered her important news. “Gohan, I have to tell you something?”

Nearly asleep, the hybrid groaned at the disturbance but didn’t open his eyes. “Hmmm…What’s wrong Videl?”

“You’re going to be a Daddy.”

The End


Lazuli 18 X Gohan X Videl 2

A Debt Repaid

AN: OK, I know it has been a while since my last Story but I have been very busy lately writing up the first instalment in an original short story Series I have now posted for sale on amazon. However now that the first book, ‘Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter’ is finally done, I thought I would redo this trilogy to celebrate. I am also commissioning an Image for the third chapter, so all eyes open for that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Dragonball Z nor am I making any profit from this story.
A Debt Repaid
The grass was sodden, muffling the sounds of Android 18’s three-inch heels as she dropped out of the sky and landed gracefully in the clearing encircling the Son household. It was mid-afternoon but the sky was dark and subdued, the sun blotted out by a foreboding canopy of thick grey clouds, throwing the land in darkness as a heavy sheet of rain fell from the overcast heavens. Her clothes were drenched and she could feel chilling rivulets running down her back and neck, but she was too intent on the task before her to pay the distraction any note as she approached the small domed house.
Heart fluttering excitedly, she raised a beautifully manicured hand and knocked three times on the Son’s front door, being careful as she did not to use too much power and inadvertently blow the timber off its hinges. Then she waited. Yet as the seconds slipped away with no response, she couldn’t help thinking back on how she’d come to be here. It all started that morning…
Krillin had gone to work. That perverted old man Roshi, with his equally filthy walking pig Oolong, was taking a trip to the main land to visit a weekend long manga convention and 18 had been left alone on Kami Island, looking after her four year old daughter Marron.
It had been raining all night but at dawn the rain had fallen to a light drizzle before finally stopping just as the pair finished Breakfast. It was still cloudy outside, but a brilliant blaze of sunlight had broken through the overcast to shine upon the isle. Tired of being cooped up inside the tiny dwelling, it hadn’t taken much pleading on Marron’s part to convince her Mother to let her go outside and play on the beach.
Slipping into a dark blue bathing suit, she had lain out in her favourite beach chair, quietly reading a book to herself while her daughter gleefully played in the white capped surf. It was a ponderous read however, and as she listened to the sound of her daughter’s laughter and the rhythmic roar of the waves, her eyes grew heavy. Twice she lost her place and even accidentally reread a sentence four consecutive times before drifting into an uneasy slumber.  
Memories began to dance before her eyes, hazy and half forgotten. A small girl, with sunbeams shining in her golden hair and a daisy chain around her neck, was playing with her darker twin in an open field of buttercups. A tall gangly Teen with sun kissed locks running down to her back and a book bag under her arm, nervously blushing as a boy asked her out for the first time. A cruel old man, with skin like wrinkled parchment and shocks and bushy white hair running his bald crown, laughing hysterically as his machines brutalised a beautiful young woman restrained to a metal slab, naked and so very scared. And then there was the darkness, that terrible awful abyss, where no warmth could penetrate and she could feel cold slimy tentacles all around her, writhing against her, inside her… 
The thought jolted her from her slumber and despite the sun beating down on the tiny isle; she awoke in a cold sweat. Her book had slipped from her grip and was lying in face down in the sand, and when she looked for Marron, it was clear the girl had grown bored and gone back inside the Kame house. She was all alone. A shiver of fear ran down her spine and feeling a sudden chill in the air, she sat up in the chair and hugged her knees to her bosom.
“Why?” Robed of its strength and confidence, her voice seemed to tremble as she spoke and she could feel tears burning in the corners of her eyes. For seven years she’d fought so hard to forget those days, but recently every time she closed her eyes she was confronted by a memory of a girl she could no longer name. Dr. Gero had taken it from her back in that cave, when his machines had ripped her humanity to pieces and turned her slowly, agonisingly into the destructive Android 18.
And yet, for all the horrors she’d known she’d endured at the pitiless hands of Dr. Gero, it was darkness of the void that haunted her nightmares. And no matter how hard she tried, she feared she would never forget that moment, the moment Dr Gero’s last insane ploy for her was realised and her life ceased to be hers, the moment she was completely absorbed by the heinous bug, Cell.
Just the thought of the nightmarish super android was enough to make her veins run with ice. Suddenly all the warmth that remained in air was snatched from her, the whisper of the sea breeze sounded cruel and mocking, and she was sure she could feel the muscles of Cell’s tail constricting around her, dragging her deeper and deeper until she was swallowed up. In the end there had been no pain, only an involuntary sleep and the feeling of hollowness as she was drained of everything that remained of her who she had once been. Time had held no meaning and she thought she was doomed to fade away into the nothingness of purgatory, as Seventeen had done before her. But then something happened, and she was saved from the nightmare as an awesome force shock the abyss and propelled her up out of the darkness and into the light.
Born again, she had felt warmth wash over her before the ground surged up to meet her, hard. Her strength was a mere fraction of its former potency and it had taken her all just to seize that first breath. The air had been heavy and foul, thick with the pungent aroma of Sulphur and something else she knew all too well, blood.
Her strength and consciousness slipping away, she fought to open her eyes, praying to gods whose names she couldn’t remember that this wasn’t all just some other cruel twist of fate as her eyelid peeled back. Disorientated, she stared dreamily up at the pale blue sky. It had never seemed so beautiful before, but in that moment it was the most magnificent sight she had ever seen and she struggled to engrave every aspect of it in her memory. Something stirred in the corner of her eye, shattering her harmony and causing a cold fist of fear to close around her heart.   She wanted to take flight, to run, hide, anything over than just lie in the dirt, but the best she could do is pivot ever so slight in the movement’s direction. A young boy stood over her, badly bloodied and dressed in a mass of torn garments, but his hair was glowing and golden.
Gohan. At the thought of her saviour, a twinge of warmth touched her checks. She had spent years trying to think of ways to repay Gohan for what he did that day, but the kid was just too damn noble, to good to accept her thanks. Even now, seven years later, he would blush whenever she brought it up, his eyes darting this way and that to avoid meeting her gaze. He was always so nervous around her, so shy… That’s it!   
Elated by sudden fiendish inspiration, she sprang out of her favourite beach chair and all but ran back into the house. Pausing barely for a moment to check that Marron was ok, she then sprinted up the stairs, into hers and Krillin’s bedroom and began rummaging through her wardrobe.
 “Aha, found you.” She cried in triumph, holding up an outfit Bulma had bought her for a birthday present a few years ago that she had never tried on. It was a bold, provocative thing that consisted of a vibrant crimson tube top, black mini-skirt, and a biker’s leather jacket.
Laying it out on the bed, she quickly untied her bikini and, forgoing underwear, slipped into the outfit. It was a snug fit, and her jaw almost dropped when she saw her reflection in her vanity mirror. The top barely reached her waist and was so snug she could clearly see her nipples pressing through the cloth, and the skirt was so short, she was sure that when she bent over, her arse would be on full display. It was perfect.
Donning the matching strap-laced high heeled shoes, she quickly called up Capsule Corp to arrange for Bulma’s mother to babysit before calling out for Marron to get ready. Brushing off her daughter’s questions about her attire as they flew to West City, she dropped the cheering infant off with the every chirpy matron before collapsing her Capsule jet and taking flight towards Mount Paozu.
Growing impatient, 18 knocked again, the thick timber warm against her chilled knuckles. Soaked to the skin, her golden blond hair was a mass of tangles and had been plastered to her neck and forehead by the downpour. Cursing under her breath as water seeping beneath her jacket to wet the back of her top, she was about to knock for the third, and final, time when the door suddenly swung inward and the bio-android felt her breath catch in her throat as the godly vision of a half-naked Son Gohan, clad only in a set of navy Gi trousers, emerged to greet her.
“Hey 18” He said, blushing nervously at the sight of her before averting his eyes and stepping aside to let her enter the small house. But 18 wasn’t paying attention, her eyes feasting on the broad planes of muscle that currently stood in front of her. ‘This will be more fun than I thought.’ She mused, a small predatory smile playing at the corners of her lips as she quickly walked past the demi-Sayain and into the warm foyer of the Son home.
“I’m afraid mum isn’t home right now,” Gohan said, an obvious shake in his voice as he closed the door behind her, his eyes looking everywhere but directly at her. An uneasy silence hung between them, perhaps he was hopping she would leave, now that she knew his mother wasn’t around, too bad. “Can I get you something to drink, or a towel?”
“Coffee, Please…”She purred, her smile broadening as the Hybrid’s face turned bright red before watching with evident amusement as he spun on his heel and nearly fled down the hallway to the kitchen. The encounter had quickly confirmed her suspicions; Gohan was despairingly unsure around girls and was in desperate need of some tuition. Licking her lips in anticipation, she watched Gohan disappear into the kitchen before shrugging off her jacket and making her way into the living room.
`Well she’s here again, Gohan.’ The hybrid thought, his heart racing in his chest and his hand shaking almost uncontrollably as he poured out a cup of boiling hot water.
From the very first moment he’d set eyes upon Android 18, Gohan had thought her to be the most beautiful creature on the planet. Brought up in the secluded mountain region, with only his mother to influence him, the gorgeous beauty with intense sapphire eyes and sun kissed locks had been a breath taking vision of loveliness. Even when she had been a creature of mass destruction, created to destroy Earth, the sheltered youth had mesmerised by her beauty, and her evil nature had only added to her seductive charm.
Pouring milk into the steaming cup of coffee, Gohan tried to ease the mounting tension in his loins by taking several deep, soothing breaths. However he was finding it difficult to concentrate.  His mind was drifting and he found himself conjuring up visions of the Android as he had seen her in the doorway, wet and dripping and each more sexual than the last; until the familiar sensation of his erection straining against the leg of his Gi broke his meditation.
“Ooh man, this can’t be happening, not now.” He said, embarrassed and ashamed by the sight. If 18 were to see, he doubted he would ever live down the embarrassment. But there was no time to take care of the problem, so instead he tried to conceal his arousal within the folds of loose fabric before picking up the cup.
Muttering silent prayers, he made his way out of the kitchen towards the living room, being careful as he did not to spill a single drop of the dark liquid upon the carpet. The door was already partially open. Kicking it open all the way, he felt his feet turn to lead as he entered the room. 18 was lain across his mother’s leather high-backed armchair, her long creamy legs thrown over one arm while her head rested against the other, emphasising the soft curve of her neck. Suddenly feeling a bit hot under the waistline, he watched transfixed as the Android swept a damp strand of hair from her eyes, before following a crystalline drop roll down her slender throat to vanish beneath her top. Or at least what was meant to be a top. It seemed to be a size too small and rode slightly up her rib cage to expose her smooth toned mid-drift; and sodden as it was, it appeared to have moulded to her cleavage so that her ample breasts were on full display as they strained against the fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination. Gohan felt a slight blush burning his cheeks at the sight.
Feeling the heat of his gaze lingering upon her bosom, 18 couldn’t help but smile as she watched Gohan out of the corner of her eye. Sliding her long legs off of the arm of the loveseat, she sat up and watched with a hint of amusement as the Sayain tried to hand her the cup of steaming coffee without starring, but It was clear that his mind was elsewhere as once he’d handed it to her he stumbled drunkenly backward and almost fell back into the cream coloured loveseat besides the chair. Still blushing profusely, Gohan quickly sat in the sofa while trying to avoid eye contact.
For a long moment they sat in silence as the beauty slowly sipped her coffee, watching him from behind the lip of her cup, trying to prolong the teen’s torment for as long as possible.
Tense and breathless, Gohan felt on the verge of breaking as his lust darkened irises openly watched her sup from the teacup, his imagination picturing just how those wonderful crimson lips might look wrapped around the head of his cock. The idea was crazy, but a part of him just couldn’t help himself.
He almost jumped with surprise when, looking up from the dregs of her coffee, 18 seductively flicked back her drying hair before slightly adjusting her position so that he was tempted just that little bit more by the milky flesh of her bosom. Gohan mentally urged himself to look away, but his body wasn’t listening and instead just stared across at the stunning creature before of him.
“So Gohan, your mother tells me that you are going to be attending High School next month.” Said 18 as she set her cup down on the pine and glass coffee table, the tone of her voice was casual but her smile was wicked and her eyes, those beautiful, bottomless depths of blue, held a twinkle of seductive promise that sent a rush of warmth down Gohan’s spine. Lost in a daze, he barely registered a word she said.
 “Huh…oh I’m sorry 18; could you say that again please?” He asked after a moment, sifting uneasily in the loveseat and scratching the back of his head, trying to look innocent as his erection began to pulse painfully.
“You’re starting school next month?” 18 repeated, her tone remaining even despite the overwhelming feelings of triumph welling up within her. She could see the effect she was having on the young Sayain and knew things were progressing as she’d expected. It wouldn’t be long now.
“Um Yea…well…I-I thought that it would be good to interact with some people may own age.” he replied, his voice catching in his throat as he once again tried to avoid looking directly at the beauty, his checks now so red he thought they might spontaneously combust at any moment.
“Ohhh…are you sure you’re ready for that Gohan?” She asked, her head innocently tipping to the side as she pretended not to notice his nervousness, or the bulge of his arousal nearly tearing through the navy fabric.
 “Well, it’s just; I know that you’re no stranger to dangerous situations Gohan. With a mother like Chichi, handling danger should come as almost second nature to you.” She chuckled impishly to emphasis the joke. “But High School is very different, Gohan.” At that 18 gave him a smile that made ever muscle in Gohan’s body go tense before slipping her feet free of the heels, rising out of the chair and walking slowly around the coffee table to sit beside him on the loveseat. Placing a surprisingly gentle hand on his thigh, she used her index finger to gently trace a path along his leg and up his muscular abdomen to draw delicate swirls across his torso.
 “I-I-I’m still not sure what you mean 18?” Gohan gasped, his every breath now perfumed with the Android’s alluring scent and he tried to subtly shift to the far end of the Loveseat. Trying to hide her smirk, 18 followed him across the seat before leaning in close enough to corner him against the armrest.
 “Well for starters, there are all those people who believe that that buffoon Hercule Satan killed Cell, so you can’t show any of your powers. You’d have to be careful about what you tell people about yourself, I may have been out of the city for a while but I don’t think many people have spent time on another planet, or, for that matter, have alien DNA.” She said lightly as her hand very slowly made its way back down his body.
Hanging on her every word, Gohan tried to ignore how good her chilled fingers felt on his heated flesh or the way her very low cut skirt was riding up her thigh, or that her full breasts were pressing against his side through the thin cloth of her top. Everything about her was driving his senses wild with desire and he knew if she didn’t leave soon, very soon, he would probably end up doing something he’d regret later.
Suddenly 18s voice began to fade away. As if awaking from a dream, he looked her dreamily to see that she had an expectant narrow eyed look and he realised with a terrified shock that she was waiting for him to answer. 
 “Umm 18…I…ugh?” He stammered, groping blindly for a response before abandoning the pretence and giving her an apologetic look.
“I said that a cute guy like you would also have to deal with hordes of giggling girls flirting with you left, right and centre. Some might even try and steal a kiss or…” She fell silent as a look of utter terror suddenly spread across Gohan’s handsome features and this time 18 couldn’t help her wide, feline smile. “Why Gohan, don’t tell me you’ve never kissed a girl before?”
Going redder than a ripe tomato, he hurriedly looked away to hide his embarrassment, confirming her suspicions. Raising a hand to his chin, she gently turned his head to face hers, their eyes locked together.
“Aww…don’t be shy Gohan. If you want, I can show you how?” Then she leant forward, silencing his protests by pressing her full crimson lips to his. Alarmed, Gohan instinctively tried to pull away, but he was penned in by the Loveseat and her eager tongue, took advantage of his surprise to invade the heat of his mouth, dancing across the roof of his mouth before entangling with his tongue in a sensual battle.
Gohan didn’t know what to do. His mind was numb, his sense of cognitive reasoning overwhelmed by the feeling of her body moving against him. No, it had to be dream, this couldn’t be real, but it felt so good. Moaning in the back of his throat as her tongue curled around his, he wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her onto his lap, letting her feel the weight of his arousal as he returned the kiss with a furious, unrestrained passion.
Caught up in a raging tempest of sexual desire, they groped and clawed at one another as their mouths battled for control until the need for air forced Gohan to break away, his breathing ragged and laboured. Smirking with triumph, 18 reached down between them, her slender fingers slipping beneath the elastic of his Gi to wrap around the engorged flesh of his manhood, but he was so thick she could barely close her fingers around him.
“So Gohan, are you ready for your lessons?” She asked before experimentally stroking his length from base to head, her thumb applying a light pressure to the sticky tip that made him buck his hips into her hand. Relishing the sensations she was stirring within him, his head fell back and a deep howl of pleasure echoed from his lips as she repeated the action, massaging him with a practised, agonising slowness.
Watching him intently, 18 felt a thrill of pleasure rushing down her spine as she mentally memorised every little detail of the youth’s arousal. Yet it was difficult not to be immediately impressed and, though she had been with her share of lovers in her time, she was quite certain she had never touched anything quite so well endowed. ‘Kami, he must be at least 10inches!’
Letting her excitement get the better of her, she bent down to teasingly nip his lower lip before seizing the waistband of his Gi with her free hand and pulling it over his engorged flesh, freeing him to her gaze. Marvelling at the sight of his masculinity, it’s impossibly thick girth pulsating within her grasp while the bullous crown glistened with his nectar; 18 knew she couldn’t wait and began clambering to her feet.
“No!” Gohan gasped, panicking as he felt her weight leaving him and made to drag her back, but moaned in displeasure and instinctively stopped when she suddenly released her grip on his sensitised arousal and forcefully removed his hands from her person. Flashing him a stern look that held him still, she slowly moved off his lap and down onto her knees, placing light butterfly kisses down his broad torso, her teeth gently nipping his stiff nipples. As she moved lower, her hands began tugging at his Gi, dragging the fabric down his legs as she swept her tongue over his rippling abs before dipping in and around his bellybutton, causing him to shiver and moan at the strange sensation. Letting the garment pool around his feet, 18 repositioned both hands on his inner thighs, massaging the warm flesh there in a way that quickly had the youth hissing her name while she dropped down and…
“Aaaooohhhhh” cried Gohan, his eyes widening to the size of saucers and seizing fistfuls of the loveseat as the beauty’s lips closed over the head of his cock, her expert tongue fluttering over the domed tip, teasing him with its softness but sending pulse after pulse of electric passion shooting up his spine. “Ohhh…Kami…yesss….18… more…please…more”
Inwardly grinning at the note of desperation in his voice, 18 took him deeper, her full lips sliding down the silky soft crown, her pearly incisors scrapping over the sensitised ridges while her tongue massaged the susceptible underside. And it felt so good that Gohan could only vocalise his pleasure in a stream of low grunts and animalistic howls.
Yet he was far too large, even for her, and inexperienced to risk deep throating. So when she had taken as much of him in as she dared, she moved her left hand up and began massaging the exposed skin around the base while she bobbed her head up and down, gradually picking up speed with each stroke.
“Kami, 18…don’t stop…don’t stop…” Grunted Gohan, his voice deep and chocked with pleasure as he felt the combined pleasures of her mouth and fingers. Contrary to popular belief, Gohan wasn’t completely innocent, he’d masturbated on and off over the years, but the nervous fondling and awkward strokes had done nothing to prepared him for the pleasures 18 was conjuring inside of him. Fearful of hurting her, it was taking all of his willpower to control the impulse to buck his hips but he was so close now, the urge was almost overwhelming.
Sensing his restraint through the mounting tension in his thighs, 18 decided to take things up a notch and drawing back until just the bulbous crown remained between her lips, she hummed a low, rumbling Mmmmm…
 “OH FUCK!” The curse of delight left his lips in a startled cry as he felt her moan vibrating along his manhood and up his spine, forcing him over the edge; his molten seed exploding from his thick length and into her mouth as wave after wave over took the youth in a furious tsunami of sensation. Relishing the savoury taste of his essence, 18 swallowed every drop greedily until at last the flow ceased and Gohan collapsed into the loveseat, panting heavily and trembling with minor aftershocks.
Licking her lips clean and enjoying the lingering taste of his cum that still lingered on her tongue, 18 rose up from between his knees and smiled slyly at the slightly dazed teen beneath her. It had been necessary, and more than a little fun, for her to ensure he released some of that pent up excitement, or else there was a chance this would all end to quickly, as was often the case with most first timers. However, now that she had relieved him of that embarrassing eventuality, it was time for his real lessons to begin.
And it didn’t take long for the animalistic passion that filled him to resurface, his manhood surging back to life as Gohan looked up at her, his dark irises cloudy with lust and drinking in the sight of her standing over him. Her heart fluttering, she met his gaze with equal hunger as she reached down and dragged the tube top up over her head, revealing her bountiful cleavage to hybrid’s ravenous gaze at a provocatively slow pace before carelessly discarding the garment to the floor.
Gohan’s eyes immediately fixed on her bouncing orbs. Despite her parental status, 18’s breasts were large, full and firm; their only flaw being the paler patches of skin that streaked their middle, marking where she had recently worn a bikini while lounging in the sun; however the milky complexion only accentuated her stiff rosy nipples. Utterly captivated by the sight, he hardly noticed her sitting on his upper abdomen, his hard erection nestling between the smooth mounds of her arse.
A slim but powerful forefinger and gently tilted his head up so that he was looking up into the android’s pale blue eyes. Her head dipped down and they met in a hungry kiss, her full lips moving sensually against his as her soft golden hair tickle his cheeks and their tongues battling, but then the kiss was done and he could feel her hot breath washing over his ear.
“Now Gohan, for your first lesson, I want you to suck on my tits.” She whispered in a sultry tone before nipping the lobe of his ear. His breath hitching, Gohan quickly nodded in understanding, his hands roughly seizing her inviting hips and pulling her against him, her long legs wrapping around his waist in answer. Coiling a strong arm, roped with muscle, around her narrow waist to hold her steady, he trailed the other up her flat stomach to cup the weight of her left breast in his palm. 18 let out a gasp of surprise as she felt his rough fingertips clumsily brushing over her nipple as he kneaded the soft flesh. His inexperience was clear, but his vigour aptly made up for it and she shuddered with pleasure when his head came down to place feather light kisses down the slender flesh of her sun kissed neck, along her collar bone, and onto the top of her right breast.
Though she was trying to remain composed, 18 couldn’t help but enjoy being the object of the youth’s affections. She’d expected the same overzealous fumbling and mauling she could remember from her own first time, but instead he showed surprising aptitude and once she was finished with him, she was sure he’d be more than ready to ravish any girl that took his fancy. But would they be enough for him?
“Mmm…that’s it…not too rough…girls love having their breasts teased…so…don’t…don’t just play with the nipple, experimenohhh” She panted as his thumb caressed her hardened bud while his mouth trailed light kisses around her breast before trailing a long lick up from beneath her breast to her nipple. He lapped and swirled around the pebble, causing another gasp to escape 18’s lips before her head fell back and her back arched in sheer delight as the warmth of his mouth finally descended upon her breast; his lips suckling and kissing her sensitive skin while his teeth gently nipped the rosy bud. Her hands grabbed his head, her slender fingers running through clumps of his ebony hair and tugging him harder against her breast.
He had a sinfully wicked mouth, but now it was time to move on and with a low moan of approval, 18 quickly regained her composure and pushed Gohan’s hands and lips off of her body. She was panting slightly from his talented attentions, but her path was clear and she was focused on her next step. Meeting the youth’s confused gaze, she bent forward and gave him a surprisingly sweet kiss.
“Very good Gohan, but it’s time for the most important part.” Biting her lower lip, she hiked her skirt up before placing both hands on his bulging muscular torso to steady her as she lifted her hips, poising herself over his stiff arousal. “Make sure you’re well lubricated.” She instructed, her voice hitching slightly as she rocked her hips, letting his tip slide between her slick folds, moistening the already glossy crown before sliding all the way down onto his thick shaft. A deep guttural moan escaped Gohan at the feeling of being inside her and 18 could only utter a strangled sort of wail as she threw her head back, eyes wide and mouth agape in sheer rapturous pleasure as she his felt his titanic length filling tight passage. He felt so big, maybe even twice the size of Krillin, and he was stretching her so much that it would have hurt if it hadn’t felt so fucking good. “Go-go slow…at firstttohhh Kami… let her body ad-adjust to your size…so big…then work, work up from there…”
She held herself still for a moment; trying to adjust to his size while enjoying the feeling of fullness, before slowly raising her hips until just his tip remained within her and then plummeting back down, causing them both to moan with renewed pleasure. Getting the idea, Gohan’s grip shifted down to the firm globes of her arse, aiding her motions as he started to rock his hips, thrusting up to meet her as she moved down on him; causing 18 to inhale a sudden ragged breath.
Their movements quickly became synchronized; when she would lift her hips, he drew back before thrusting into her slippery sheath as she brought herself down, impaling to his hilt. Growing confident, Gohan began to pick up the pace and a course song of wolfish growls passed his lips while 18’s moans became high pitched as she felt him thrusting deeper inside her, each jolting plunge bringing her closer and closer to a mind blowing climax.
“Ahhh…oh Kami…more…” she demanded, and then almost screamed with ecstasy as a low grumble rumbled through him in answer and his pace quickened. Feeling secure in his grasp, her hands moved up from his shoulders to seize and fondle her bouncing breasts, roughly massaging the soft flesh while rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. If she hadn’t known his mother, 18 would have been sure that this wasn’t Gohan’s first time; he was just so good. If she survived this little lesson, how was she ever going to be satisfied with Krillin again? “Oohhh-yea…harder…fuck me harder!”
“So-so tight…” Gohan growled, his hips snapping in deep, powerful strokes while his grip tightened on the Android’s full arse, leaving small half-moon marks as he rocked her in time with his motions. It felt so good inside her; so hot and tight, he could feel her fleshy walls rippling around his shaft, moulding to his every entry, clenching tight in her pleasure and trying to draw him in as he withdrew. Kami, sex was incredible; he couldn’t get enough, nothing would ever be enough.
“Oohhhyesss…Gohan…right there, don’t stop, don’t stop! You’re…you’re going to make me cum!” she panted out. The air was thick with the musky scent of sex and the wet slap of flesh meeting flesh as the youth drove into her with such force what she was made to bounce; his pace quickening into a furious roller-coaster of deep thrusts that hit her sweet spot every time. She was so close; she could feel the pleasure building up thick and molten within her, about to spill its banks and drown her in ecstasy. “Ohhh harder…Yes…YESSS!” His next hard jab was all it took to push her over the edge and she cried out in rapture as her inner walls spasm around Gohan’s driving cock and titanic aftershocks pitching her into a world of sensory delight as she collapsed against him, exhausted.
Resting her head on his shoulder, dragging in burning breaths, she felt Gohan’s motions come to an abrupt stop before his powerful hands hoisted her up and then gently laid her down upon something soft. Stirring as he withdrew from the heat of her channel, she blinked through a sudden feeling of weightlessness only to see Gohan leaning over her, his eyes almost black with lust and a broad toothy grin turning at his lips.
“You didn’t really think it would be that easy, did you?” His voice was gruff, more animal than man, tying a knot of fear in her belly. A cold knot of fear seized her heart and she tried to rise, to run, but she was still dazed and her hand slipped mid motion to send her tumbling back to the ground, accidentally twisting mid-fall to leave her butt presented. Determined to escape however, she began to shuffle, but before she had taken so much as half a step, there was a bark of laughter and two strong hands seized her upraised hips and yanked her back.
Lining himself up for penetration, Gohan felt a sharp bolt of agony shoot up the length of his, now quite red, erection and decided he had enough waiting. With a coarse growl, he rammed back into her warmth from behind, causing the beauty to shriek with delight, and agony. This way he could force himself a little deeper and the additional tightness of the position tore an involuntary grunt of pleasure from him as he quickly rekindled his prior passion, fucking her with hard, fluid strokes that had 18 rocking and grinding against him in no time at all.
“AHHHH!” Despite the pain, she shrieked with delight as she moved to meet him, her body tightening all-the-more around his swollen arousal as he quickly propelled her towards another release. And she knew she was becoming addicted.
This feeling, it went beyond sex, beyond fucking. Gohan filled her like nothing she could have ever imagined, she could feel every minimal movement of his cock against her plush walls, his motions were dominating but also considerate; he was claiming her but at the same time worshiping her.  In one day, he had unwrapped all the self-control and discipline she had amassed from a lifetime of torment.
Gohan held nothing back; grunting with pleasure as he felt the familiar pressure mounting down at the base of his spine, relishing the sounds of her pleasure maddened mewing. Driven by primal knowledge, his right hand slid off her hips and up the flat straight of her stomach to grasp her bosom, roughly kneading the soft flesh and pinching her sensitive nipple as his pelvis slapped against her succulent rump. The sensation was incredible; she was hot, tight and slick with longing, drawing him in so deep they both forgot the world around them lost themselves in an intense, lustful storm.
“Ooohh Kami…so…so deep…so good, Harder…fuck me harder…yes, yes, yes, YES!” cried 18, her nerves alight with white-hot fire. Gohan’s eyes fell shut as he felt himself finally nearing his limit and when he plunged one more time, the force of it was enough to send her crashing over her peak and she came in a tide of hot fluid that coated his pulsating cock. The heat of her release, as well as the feeling of her inner walls convulsing and tightening around his thick member in such erratic spasms, drew an almighty howl from the youth as he pulled out, flipped her over so that she was lying on her back before letting forth an explosion of sticky cum that splattered across her gorgeous body.
Exhausted and gasping, 18 relaxed back into a pool of post-orgasmic bliss as tiny aftershocks coursed along her nerve system. The urge to curl into a ball and take a nap was almost overpowering and all she wanted to do was recline back and take a well-deserved break; she had time, if they followed their usual schedule Chichi and Gohan’s younger Brother Goten wouldn’t be home for hours. However the gruff sound of a throat clearing shattered her slumber. Her heart suddenly leaping to her throat, she slowly looked up to see Gohan standing over her, his hard dick fully erect despite his release moments before. It was plain she wouldn’t be getting any rest just yet.
By 9PM the rains had moved on and the dark clouds were beginning to disperse, revealing a sky dyed by splashes of orange, pink and purple as the heavy sun sunk behind the silhouette of Mount Paozu. Stirring as a few stray rays of golden light fell on her eyes, 18 was abruptly wrenched violently from her deep slumber groggily sat up, finding herself in a bedroom not her own. The sound of gentle snoring caused her to glance down at the sleeping figure lying beside her on the large double bed, causing the memories of the past hours to come flooding back to her. Registering the satisfying soreness between her thighs, a smile spread across her lips and she bent down to place a chaste kiss on the Gohan’s brow before rising from the tangled sheets. 
Utterly naked and with her legs wobbling dangerously, she left the bedroom and moved down to the house’s lower level and began collecting her clothes. Once dressed, she gathered up Gohan’s Gi and took it into his and Goten’s room. Laying it out over one of the two cot beds, she reached into her jacket pocket and withdrew a sealed envelope. Placing it on the trousers, she then moved over to the small window above a study desk, through it open, and took flight into the darkening sky.
To be continued…

Resident Evil: Rebirth

                                                                     Resident Evil: Rebirth


AN: I do not own Resident Evil and I am not making profit from this work. This story was commissioned by Dale Hunter.

“My name is Alice.” The words sent a very cold chill down Dr. Samuel Isaacs’s spine, and he stopped barking the orders immediately. With fear rising up from the pit of his stomach, he glanced over to the security Officer standing opposite him and gave the man a curt nod before spinning round to face his experiment. “And I remember everything.”

She was smiling. Not a childlike smile, those were filled with joy and applaud. This was the smile of a predator, the same look a lion or a tiger would convey whilst stalking their prey. Only she was no lion or tiger, she was much more dangerous.

She was Alice Abernathy, AKA Project Alice, a security operative formerly employed by the Umbrella Corporation to guard the Raccoon City facility, codenamed ‘The Hive’. Her body had been infected with the T-Virus during the outbreak and Isaacs and his colleague Cain had abducted her as well as the other survivor when they emerged and put them into the Nemesis program. Shortly before his death however, Cain had released them both into the chaos of an overrun Raccoon City. Isaacs had found her burnt body lying in the bed of a waterfall the next day, under the twisted wreckage of Cain’s helicopter.

At first he had feared her dead, but by then the T-Virus had bonded with her cells and had brought her back from Death’s brink in little over a week. Now she was standing before him fully recovered, naked except for a plain white sheet that only just protected her modesty, and much to Isaacs’s displeasure, armed with the metal pen he’d given her just moments ago. Then it had been but a simple tool he’d used to judge her mental receptiveness to his questions, now it was a most lethal weapon.

The ballpoint’s ink soaked tip was poised like a scorpion’s tail, ready to pierce the eye of the foolish young scientist who had dared to linger too close to Alice. Isaacs had already forgotten the fool’s name; he was incidental, a dime a dozen, and didn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, not like himself.

Realising the danger, the good doctor moved to run but his movement seemed to trigger a reaction in Alice as she dropped the pen, only to ram her elbow into the confused scientist’s jaw. The blow knocked him to the floor and he laid their unconscious whilst the previously amnesic test subject lashed out at the nearest target. There was no stopping her now and all chaos broke lose as the remaining scientists who were still standing ran for their lives.

It was almost a relief to Isaacs when the guard he’d previously signalled to, finally came to his senses and charged the rampaging woman. Dressed in the tactical black ballistic suit, the man should have over-powered her with ease but Alice was faster and had swung about before he could finish rounding the equipment. Her fist cracked against his windpipe with a sickening crunch and Isaacs was left to wonder if the guard was dead before or after he hit the floor. However, now there was nothing standing between him and Abernathy’s vengeance and she stepped towards him like a grim Spector of death.

“No! Please think about what you are doing…” He pleaded, desperately trying to buy himself some much needed seconds but Alice was in no mood to hear it and she lunged forward and grabbed him by the neck. Her fingers were cold and inhumanly strong as they closed around his wind pipe, shutting off oxygen to the Chief Scientist’s brain as she whirled around and tossed him head first into the recovery tank. The glass shattered on impact and Dr Isaacs fell to the floor in a bloody heap.


For throwing that twisted witch doctor into the tank he’d previously held her captive in, Alice felt better than she had in years; It was good to give back some of the pain he and Cain had bestowed upon her and her friends. She was wondering how good it would be to finish him when another one of Umbrella’s soldiers appeared. He looked older than the last and had the good sense not to try and rush her, or perhaps he was just too cowardly. The taser gun he had drawn suggested the prior but Alice never knew what to expect when it came to Umbrella.

He fired the darts without warning and a few thousand volts slammed into her system like a pair of fluffy pillows. She felt nothing but the sting of the hooks and the guard obviously didn’t know what to do next as she gave him a look that said ‘Is that all you got?’ He tried to run when she ripped the barbs out but didn’t get far as she hurled the sparking curves of metal right back at him. He fell to the ground, screaming and blubbering before finally going still.

Turning back to the deathly still body of Dr. Isaacs, Alice was about to break his neck when suddenly she heard the distant sound of sirens and realised one of the fleeing doctors must have triggered the alarm. Not wanting to be around when the dozen men with sub-machine guns burst into the lab, she decided it was time to take her leave. Grabbing a white lab coat, she let her grip on her towel covering her go slack while threading her arms through the sleeves and doing up the tie. Yet as she was leaving, she suddenly became aware that she was being watched. ‘A camera…’

Alice hated being watched. It reminded her of being back in the Hive, where every move she made had been watched diligently by the Red Queen and she had been powerless to do anything about it. Now however, things were different.

The feeling only got worse as she left the lab. It crept along her spine like a snake as she emerged out in a chamber that’s ceiling was held up by immense stone pillars, it teased her mind in every way possible until she couldn’t take it anymore. Casting her eyes up at the ceiling, she spotted a security camera looking down at her and couldn’t help smile that dangerous smile again. She could hear the guard who was watching her speaking now. He sounded scared, good; she wanted Umbrella to fear her. He was trying to call for help, mumbling over the words hastily as his fear got the better of him. It was fun to hear but like all predators, Alice quickly got tired of toying with her prey and wanted him to be quite. His call suddenly went dead, the last thing anyone heard of the guard was a scream that was half silenced by his throat filling up with blood.

She met no further resistance, either they had got the message she wasn’t someone to fuck around with or they were setting up a trap. Alice didn’t know which she’d prefer. While a fight with Umbrella’s soldiers was always fun, given that all she’d have to contest against their fire-arms and body armour was a lab coat, it may be weighted ever so slightly in their favour.

Navigating her way through the maze of corridors, she finally found herself in the facility’s lobby and without looking; Alice pushed open the glass door and stepped out into the night air. It was a cold evening; a sharp wind was blowing lightly and the feel of it against her skin sent a shiver down her spine. Or perhaps it had something to do with the dozen or so automatic rifles that were suddenly all pointing towards her.

An entire squad of Umbrella’s soldiers had set up positions around the door and looking in all directions, Alice saw that she was completely surrounded, trapped between a wall and a hard place. Ominous clicks rang through the night as the soldiers chambered their rounds, letting her know that they meant business, should the red laser sights aiming at her heart have left any doubt in her mind.

“Shit” whispered Alice, her eyes jumping from one soldier to the next as she tried to find a weakness in their formation she could exploit. It wouldn’t be easy getting out of this one; the soldiers were packed tighter than sardines and all appeared to have itchy trigger fingers at the ready. One wrong move and she’d be cut down in a hail of gun fire. To put it another way, she was fucked.

A soldier took a step closer; he was the only one not wearing a helmet so Alice guessed he was the squad leader. A sergeant probably, Umbrella always enjoyed throwing away NCOs as they were easy to replace. He probably thought capturing their run away Nemesis Program would be a good way to make that jump up the pay grade, well if he came to close; Alice would make sure that he earned it, providing he survived of course.

Distracted by the approaching officer, Alice almost missed the silently running SUV that pulled up behind the group of men. The Sergeant didn’t however and he turned around just in time to see the doors opening and a trio of Umbrella executives stepping out. Or at least who they thought were executives.

Alice wasn’t fooled however; she knew exactly who these three impostors were and was tempted to smile as Jill Valentine brushed past the NCO without a glance. She may have swapped her tube top and mini-skirt for a Kevlar bodysuit, but her attitude was just as potent. “Thank You Gentlemen but we’ll be taking it from here.”

“But…wait! On whose authority?” The Sergeant asked, scrambling to block her path but was then brushed aside by Carlos Olivera who flashed a phoney I.D his way whilst saying “Classified…Level Six authorisation. So stand down sergeant or be shot.” The NCO wisely shut up from then on and when no one was looking, Alice couldn’t resist giving Carlos a genuine smile.

The laser sights lowered as Jill came up to Alice’s level. Not wanting to give away her cover, the former S.T.A.R.S officer didn’t say a friendly word as she took her by the arm and lead her down the steps to the cruiser. Carlos was a little warmer as he put his jacket over her shoulders to help fight against the cold. LJ was holding the door of the cruiser open for her.

Not willing to risk breaking their cover, the three Raccoon City survivors kept up the guise even when the cruiser’s heavy doors and tinted windows had hidden them from the soldiers’ view. The atmosphere in the vehicle was tense as the risk of being discovered grew by the second yet much to their relief, no one tried to stop them as they pulled away. LJ kept their speed at a steady 15MPH has he drove the group through the compound, all went well until they reached the checkout station.

Stopping at the barrier as a pair of guards came out to greet them, Carlos calmly showed them the ID he’d used to silence the sergeant. Taking it off him after a brisk salute, the gateman examined it for a moment before glancing up at Alice. Something was wrong.
He looked like he was about to question her but the shrill ringing of a phone made him and his partner retreat back into their huts to answer the call.

“Be ready.” Carlos whispered, putting the ID back in his jacket pocket before reaching under the dash board. Following his hand, Alice saw that there was a Heckler & Koch USP-9 taped underneath. “Alright, get ready to floor it LJ.”

Then, from out of nowhere, the barrier lifted and LJ was saved the trouble of putting the SUV through its paces when the guards waved them through. Breathing a sigh of relief, Alice let herself relax back in the seat and watch idly as they finally pulled out of the facility, completely missing the small bundle in the back seat that suddenly came out of hiding.

“Alice!” Angie cried, throwing her arms around the woman’s neck in a tight hug. Surprised by the child’s miraculous appearance, she had to stop herself from reflexively breaking the girl’s neck before returning the uneasy embrace. “Are you all right?”

Alice smiled but before she could answer, a sudden feeling of coldness came over her. It felt something like slipping into a cold bath, only in reverse. Growing light headed as a feeling of numbness ran down her spine, she just had enough time to hear Carlos say “It’s good to have you back.” Before she fell unconscious.


A deep pot-hole jeered the cruiser violently, waking Alice with a start. Surprised by the volatile wake up call, she reached for her gun with the real intention of blowing anyone and everyone away, only the weapon was missing from its holster. The leather holster was missing too, in fact just about all of her clothes were gone.

She could feel something small snuggled next to her, a child. Blinking past the haze of confusion she cautiously looked down and saw that Angela Ashford was sleeping next to her. The sight of the peacefully sleeping child made all the nights livid events come back to her in one great rush and she couldn’t resist fondly stroking the girl’s light chestnut coloured locks, causing her to fidget ever so slightly in the cramped seating arrangements. The kid had lost everything and yet she still slept easier than she could.

“So you’re finally awake.” Said Jill, turning away from the cruiser’s rear-view window to face Alice; “You gave us quite a scare there, but then I guess escaping from Umbrella’s primary facility isn’t as easy as busting out of a city overrun by the infected.” It was a poor attempt at humour, but Alice smiled all the same; it was comforting for her to know that Jill hadn’t changed. “So what did they do to you?”

“You don’t want to know.” Alice said before turning back to look out her window. They were driving through an industrial estate, large, graffiti stained warehouses all in various stages of disrepair lined the street like broken dominos and she could just make out a sign saying ‘You are leaving Detroit’ beneath a flickering street light. “We’re in Detroit?”

“The resistance is in Detroit.” Carlos said before looking back at her. “We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“The resistance…” Alice asked, unable to hide her confusion as she looked from him to Jill, and then back at Carlos. “What resistance?”

“The Resistance against Umbrella.” Jill said, no longer looking at Alice as instead she kept a watchful eye on the passing surroundings; watching for any sign that they might be heading into an ambush.

‘Against Umbrella…’ The news made Alice a loss for words as she tried to piece together the picture. Back in the hive, Matt had told her that there were those working to stop Umbrella but she had thought they were more like Green-Piece activists than a resistance force. Could there really be a military force devoted to the destruction of Umbrella, or were they just a group of wronged mercenaries and delusional survivors who think they can make a difference.

Carlos was as good as his word when he said they’d be there in just a few minutes, indeed Alice had counted four when they suddenly turned off the main road and ran across a loading bay that was littered with the broken or rusted remnants of heavy equipment before pulling up in front of one of the warehouses. It was ugly and rundown, with not one brick of its exterior untouched by either time or vandalism. The windows had all been steel-shuttered, making it clear the place had been abandoned for some time.

Not put off by its rundown state, LJ parked the Cruiser on the curb in front of the warehouse and killed the still smoothly running engine. Unbuckling their seatbelts, Carlos, Jill and LJ disembarked from the cruiser. Following suit, Alice was about to follow them out when she felt the sleeping Angie begin fidgeting against her and not wanting to leave the girl alone in the SUV, she scooped Angie up in her arms and with a little help from the T-Virus, carried her out into the night air.

Looking distinctly like a mother and daughter, Alice and the sleeping Angie followed the trio. Peering through the gloom, she could just make out a pair of painted black double doors. There was a rusty padlock and chain dangling from the handles but Jill ignored it, instead lifting up a cover that resembled the brick work to reveal a key-pad. She punched in the code without looking back, causing a rusty grinding to echo out from within the walls as the doors were suddenly lifted up to reveal the warehouse’s  interior.
“Welcome to the resistance’s headquarters.”

In a state of shock, Alice felt her eyes widening as she looked inside the dilapidated building. Despite the run down state of its exterior, the interior was teeming with life, a high-tech mecca full of state of the art technology and weapons cases. Ripped of all the usual distractions you’d expect to find in a warehouse such as this, it appeared to be an pompously large and glancing up, she saw that layers of walkways, balconies and offices rimmed the higher walls, suggesting that there might be even more levels to this chamber. On the roof, she could see that an old skylight had been left uncovered, allowing a view of the star littered night sky to any who wished to crane their heads.

Unable to keep the shock from her face, Alice looked on with a wide eyed expression on her face; it most certainly wasn’t what she was expecting. Powerful computer stations and surveillance systems had been set up all over the headquarters and sections of every wall were dominated by digital photographs and video captures of Umbrella associates.

At the group’s arrival, curious eyes suddenly turned in their direction and whispered murmurings broke out amongst the populace like wildfire as flanked by Jill, Carlos and LJ, Alice and the sleeping Angie strode into the mobile command centre. Subconsciously, she counted between thirty and forty people, all of whom she noted were carrying side arms or were well within reach of a firearm. However before she could investigate further, the wall on the warehouse’s opposing side suddenly burst open to reveal a concealed door and three figures emerged from it.

A man was in the lead, he looked to be around forty but the short cut brown hair and broad shoulder line made it hard for her to be exact. Dressed in a green shirt and red leather body warmer with black trousers and boots, he would have looked right at home in a trailer park, but the shoulder holstered 44. Magnum gave him an air of danger. This, Alice decided, was not a man to fuck around with or take lightly.

The same couldn’t be said for his companions. On his left was a girl who looked barely into her twenties, she had cropped brown hair and a kind, rounded face that made any façade of toughness her worn leather jacket and baggy tan jeans may try to bestow, totally redundant. On his right was a man who would have looked far more at home in an office and a tailored suit. His comb over brown hair was stained by streaks of grey and he had a straightened walk that testified to years in an administrative position.

“Valentine! It’s about time you showed up.” The leader said, his heavy jaw twisting in a grin that didn’t suit him as he turned toward Alice. “So is this the famous Alice Abernathy I’ve heard so much about?”

“You bet your sweet ass it is.” Jill answered, smiling a cat like smile as she gestured between Alice and the three. “Alice, these are the leaders of the resistance and chairmen of the ‘I hate Umbrella’ fan club. Barry Burton…Rebecca Chambers…and George Hamilton.”

“Charmed, now do you have a cigarette? I could really do with a smoke.”

Grinning, Carlos pulled out a packet of cigarettes from his jacket and passed one of the sticks to Alice and then lighting it for her a moment later. The end burning a bright gold as she inhaled the toxins, enjoying the feel of its venom causing through her system and feeding her a relief she hadn’t enjoyed in weeks.

“Mmmmm…Thanks.” She said to Carlos, exhaling a puff of smoke before clasping the fag tightly in the corner of her mouth as she turned her attention back to Burton. “So why do you hate Umbrella?” She was being direct, possibly boarding on rude, but the man only grinned as if it was a refreshing change.

“We ran afoul of Umbrella in the Arkley Mountains, back when we were part of S.T.A.R.S. We’d discovered Umbrella was preforming illegal viral and biological experiments and our teams were sent in to investigate the legality of the claims.”  His voice was as gruff as his stubble ridden chin could suggest but Alice could sense

“I, my partner, Barry and Rebecca were the only ones to make it out of that hell hole alive!” Interrupted Jill, her voice betraying the anger she felt at the memory as she lit up her own cigarette. The outburst caused Angie to squirm slightly and seeing it, Jill managed to calm down enough to lower her voice. “Of course, our findings were dismissed. Our commander claimed we had no proof and then promptly shit canned us to keep us from talking. I swear that fucker was on Umbrella’s payroll.” A dry chuckle reverberated around the small circle at the comment and even LJ and Carlos, who had seen the depths of Umbrella’s corruption first hand, could enjoy the humour.

“Ironically the bastard probably saved our lives.” Burton added in, “If we hadn’t been suspended than we’d of been in the City when the shit hit the fan.”

“Anyway, after we escaped Raccoon I brought LJ and Carlos here. When we learnt you had survived, Barry and Rebecca helped us plan a way to get you out.”

Hearing her name mentioned, Rebecca took a step forward. She looked nervous, perhaps not so use to taking the centre stage as Burton. “While on suspension, we were able to track down a number of people who had had connections to Umbrella. They gave us all we’d need to know in order to breach their security.” She was gaining confidence now and the words seemed to be coming easier to her. “Hi I’m Rebecca and if you need anything, just let me know.”

“Err-thanks.” Alice said, not entirely sure of just what to make of the proclamation. “Well I need a gun…and perhaps some new clothes.”

“I’ll take her.” Carlos cut in, causing Rebecca to look almost deflated until he added “Rebecca, can you take Angie to her bed, she’s had a long night.” It was as if the mercenary had given her some great task and she took the sleeping child from Alice with a wide smile. For a moment, Alice wanted to protest but Carlos took her aside before she had the opportunity and together they made their way command centre. However her ears were still listening to the remainder of the conversation.

“Barry, where is Chris? There is something I have to tell him.” Jill explained, her voice taking on a different tone now that she thought Alice was out of earshot. It sounded like desperation, or perhaps just urgency. She couldn’t quite tell.

“Chris left for LA hours ago Jill, he went to go and find his little sister. But we have bigger problems…” The rest of their conversation was lost in the air as Alice and Carlos passed through the concealed door’s threshold.


After the eternal coldness of Umbrella’s regeneration tank and the chilling gale that had raged through the night, the scolding hot water that pelted her body in great waves had been just what the doctor ordered. It turned her milky skin pink as the warmth seeped through her in ways shed forgotten were possible. It had been so long since she last showered; she’d forgotten how good one could feel.

Sadly the running waters couldn’t wipe away her memories like they could her pain and she was forced to suffer in silence as the faces of every one who had died passed before her mind’s eye.

‘It’s all because of Umbrella.’ She thought venomously, the shower doing nothing to sooth her temper even after it had washed the soap and dirt from her. ‘They must be made to pain for what they have done.’

Reluctantly, she turned the shower off when she felt the water temperature slowly start to drop. The cold began to return to her as she pulled the soaked curtain back, but Alice thought nothing of it as she left the last of the water trickle down her naked body. Coldness was something she was accustomed to.

Towelling herself down as she stepped from the shower stall, she walked across the dingy bathroom and came to stand before the rusty sink. The bathroom, if one could call it that, was clouded by thick layers of steam, its metal appliances rusty and littered by flecks of mould and something which looked suspiciously like dried blood.  There was a small square mirror hanging on the wall over the sink, its surface smeared by condensation and dirt. A sense of Déjà vu came over her when she wiped her hand over the reflective surface but in all the excitement of the last few weeks, she couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly when she’d lived this moment before.

Her reflection stared back at her; outwardly she looked just the same as she always had. There were the same honey golden locks and fierce blue irises, the same pouting red lips and small feminine chin, absolutely identical to the face she had seen every past day of her life. But on the inside, she knew she was as far from the norm as it was possible to get.

Unable to stop shivering as the steam that floated around the unventilated room began to settle on her skin, Alice soon abandoned the mirror and pushed open the door to her new chambers. It was small and very Spartan like in relation to the great mansion she had lived in barely a month ago. It had minimal furnishings and the apex of those was a single cot with a few blankets and a pillow for comfort. Her clothes had already been lain out for her with a Para Ordnance Nite Tac pistol and its leather holster resting beside them. The garments were simple, a dark green V-neck top with short sleeves and a pair of dark blue jeans that looked a little tight, but she was thankful for anything that might be better than that thin lab coat.

She was just slipping her feet into a pair of Cowgirl boots when suddenly a knock reverberated against the room’s door. The person on the other side didn’t wait for her response before opening and Alice turned her head just in time to see Carlos standing in the threshold.

“How are you holding up?” He asked, shutting the door behind before walking up to her and holding out another cigarette. As she accepted, Alice couldn’t help but note the way his fingers were shaking around the butt. 

“I’ve been worse.” She said as he lit the tip, being careful not to inhale too quickly as she took the first puff. “So why does everybody here seem to know my name?”

“Because…Because you’re a hero to them Alice.” He said, stammering a little as the question caught him by surprise. “You’ve done things many here could only dream of doing. You’ve quite literally given Umbrella the biggest fuck you they can imagine and live to tell about it. In their book, you’re a hero.”

‘Hero huh…’ She thought, smirking around the fag as the notion appealed to her in no small way. She’d always wanted to be a hero, it had been part of the reason she made contact with Lisa Broward, to be a hero and make a difference in peoples’ lives.  She’d thought that dream had died with Lisa in the Hive, just another corpse in that facility, only one she thought even the T-virus could never resurrect.  It had seemed so impossible back then, in all the chaos and death of those few bleak days, but now she dared to let herself hope, hope that just maybe with the help of these right-minded mercenaries she could do what no one had done before her.

“Do you remember what they were doing to you?” Carlos suddenly asked, making Alice blink in surprise at such an out of the air question. She hadn’t thought much on what might have happened to her whilst she’d been unconscious in the Umbrella lab; it went without question that they would have run tests but evidence that they’d had a chance to experiment was lacking.

“I haven’t thought about it.” She said, suddenly feeling a hot flush coursing through her as she looked up at Carlos. Her eyes slowly feasting on his rugged looks and fierce brown eyes, he wasn’t exactly handsome in the conventional term, but he was far from hideous and Alice had been without the feel of a man’s touch for longer than she cared to remember. With one last drag, she flicked the fag away into a nearby bin before taking a tentative step towards Carlos, her hand reaching out to run lightly over his shirt covered chest. “I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.”

Taken aback by her sudden forwardness, the former mercenary stood toe-to-toe with the beauty. Almost a foot taller than Alice and as he looked down, he was spoiled with a wonderful view of her pale sapphire eyes. She was enigmatic and her provocative gaze seemed to be staring into his very soul, her exquisitely crafted face leaning ever so slightly forward. He knew he should stop this and he opened his mouth to object; only her lips found his in the last instant and his words died.

Someday in the long distant future, Alice may come to regret her actions, but here and now she wanted him like she had wanted no other. She shivered with need as his hands encircled her slim waist, pulling her against his hard body as their tongues met for the first time in a hungry dance of desires. Passion burned through her veins like liquid fire and her heightened senses were flooded with his intoxicating taste as she lost herself in the moment.

Hungry for more, she growled low in her throat and suddenly pushed Carlos against the metal door, her fingers dipping beneath the silken fabric of his shirt and running wildly over the sinewy muscle of his chiselled chest.   In her mind, she was mapping the place of his every scar and battle wound while enjoying the feel of his hot skin trembling under her touch as her fingers racked down his torso. Carlos hissed as her nail scrapped over his nipple and Alice couldn’t help grinning as she broke the kiss and leant over to slowly lick the sensitive area behind his ear…

Knock-Knock! The echoing sound of someone rapping their knuckles against the door broke the two apart faster than a freezing bucket of water. Short of breath, they stepped away from each other and hurriedly tried to compose themselves in case whoever was at the door decided to come in.  “Yo Alice, Carlos, you in there?” asked A gruff, accented voice through the door and the couple breathed sigh of relief as they realised it was just LJ. “Common we gotta go.”

With a last look in the others direction; they opened the door to the former pimp. For a moment he looked like he might say something but then he discarded whatever it was as a more pressing issue seemed to be on his mind. “Something’s going on upstairs.” Confused but recognising the desperation in the man’s voice, the pair didn’t waste time asking questions and hurried out the door with LJ making up the rear.

Beyond the command central, the warehouse’s interior was a labyrinth of passages, stairways and small rooms and Alice counted more than a dozen different workshops, labs and firing ranges as she and the men worked their way back to the headquarter’s hub.

Rounding corner after corner, they finally burst through the concealed doors to find a large crowd had gathered around the chamber’s centre in a large circle.

Pushing her way through the tightly pack crowd of onlookers, Alice quickly lost sight of both Carlos and LJ. They had disappeared like rain in the ocean, forcing her to navigate the treacherous depths of the mob alone. All around, people were shoving and jostling like trapped horses and she was forced to use a touch of her T-Virus strength to get through them. Up ahead she could just make out the shapes of two figures having what looked like a heated argument, but whom and why eluded her.

Lost in a sea of faces, barely able to keep her head above the suffocating swells, she desperately sought a safety line; her eyes scouring the masses until she found a profile she recognised. George Hamilton was standing nearby, somehow holding firm against the volatile mass’s tug and pull. Fixing her gaze on the man as she laboured to push and shove her way to him, Alice couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief to be momentarily out of the crowd.

“George…” Alice said, almost out breath from the exhausting ordeal. “What’s happening?”
Having not noticed the woman’s approach, he was caught off guard by her sudden appearance and his head shot round so fast it looked in risk of popping off his shoulders. He brushed it off quickly however, and after running his eyes other her once, he turned back to whatever was at the heart of this outbreak. “Jill and Barry are debating what we should do next.” He said in almost nonchalant manner, as if all this was a regular occurrence.

‘Debating?’ Alice thought before looking around at the still bustling onlookers. ‘More like brawling if these bastards are anything to go by.’

Alice continued to watch the spectacle, unable to get to the source of the problem she decided she’d wait until the mob grew tired of the spectacle. She surmised it wouldn’t take long, amusements that weren’t violent tended to lose their appeal quickly. It was as she was standing there that suddenly she noticed something unusual, she could hear a low hissing.

The sound seemed to be coming from everywhere, echoes off the walls made it impossible to pinpoint and the crowd wasn’t helping matters with its shouting. Focusing all her energies on rooting out the noise, Alice cast her eyes around the hub in a desperate search. Her instincts told her something was wrong, that the noise didn’t belong…all she had to do was find it.

It was only be chance that she happened to glance upwards and see the shadows that streaked across the warehouse’s roof. Following the shades, her eyes widened in horror as she saw the men in ballistic suits standing over the skylight and going completely unnoticed by the crowd. Realisation sinking in, she swung around and looked at the nearest steel-shuttered window. It was warping and Alice was sure she could see a glow from beneath the brick work. A blowtorch!

Umbrella had found them. The fact hit her like a wall of steel and she was about to shout out a warning when she saw something that made her heart stop. Little Angie was awake and in the crowd. There was an older girl holding her hand; she looked to be in her mid-teens and had dirt blond hair and was wearing a pink vest and a knee length skirt.  They were fighting their way through the crowd but when Angie saw Alice and the ten year old suddenly broke away and began running towards her.

“No Angie, stay there!” Alice cried, but she was too late as already the shutters were pealing back and the Umbrella troops behind were hurling small cylinders inside the warehouse. One rolled across the floor and stopped at her feet.

The flash bang grenades exploded with a pop that filled the room with blinding white light and unable to close her eyes fast enough, she was hit by the full force of the explosion. She might have been screaming but she couldn’t hear it over the ringing in her ears as the explosion made her stumble back. Blind and deaf, she had just enough sense remaining to drop to her knees, not wishing to present the attackers with an easy target.

She wasn’t sure how long she knelt there on the cold stone before her hearing returned, it felt like hours but was most likely only a couple of minutes as the screams of the scared and injured still scorched the night with their song. She could hear blasts of gunfire beneath the cries and made to reach for her pistol as her vision returned, first in entangled shapes, and then distorted blurs. Colour flooded back to her so that she could make out black clad figures standing outside every window, the muzzles of their automatic rifles flashing as they fired a continuous stream of hot lead into the scattering Resistance staff.

Using what little sight she had to aim her gun at the soldiers nearest her, Alice began firing relentlessly at the Umbrella Corporation’s mercenaries. Most of her bullets exploded harmlessly on brickwork but at least two hit home as a pair of the ballistic garbed guns-for-hire dropped out of sight.

The shock of suddenly hearing the ominous click of an empty chamber jolted the woman back to the world and jamming the empty gun back into its holster, she began to crawl away. Blessedly the soldiers hadn’t noticed her firing in all the confusion and her way was clear for the moment, or at least it was until she spotted the familiar corpse lying next to her. It was George Hamilton, his body riddled with the still smoking bullet holes and the look of shock plainly visible on his face from where he had been caught in the fire.
A child’s scream ripped through the night and remembering Angie, Alice immediately turned her head towards the source, her ocean blue orbs opening wide as she saw the diabolical work. Angie was lying still and deathly pale upon the ground, a shallow pool of blood slowly enveloping both her and the other screaming girl.

With little regard for the danger, Alice scrambled to her feet and ran to the children. Bullets flyed all around her a rain of lead but the soldiers’ aim was no match for her speed and every round missed its mark. Ignoring the girl in the pink vest as she approached, all feeling suddenly left her legs and she fell to her knees before the lifeless form of Angela Ashford. Looking down through tear glazed eyes at the girl’s dead features, Alice became unable to contain her grief and threw back her head and released an agonised cry that echoed around the warehouse and drew the attention of just about every umbrella soldier within a miles radius.

Dozens of sights turned on her in an instant, but Alice no longer cared. Tears were gushing from her eyes and all her hopes and expectations began to crumble around her as the open eyed body of Angie stared past her to a place that might at last grant her the peace life had long denied. All around her, the bloody bodies of slain resistance fighters lay broken and twisted on the cold floor and it was all her fault. This massacre was all because of her, just like Matt and Rain, the Hive and Raccoon City, they had all been her fault. So why do the people she cares about always have to die?

Because she was unarmed, the Umbrella soldiers shouted a warning, but Alice couldn’t hear them. She didn’t want to hear them. With Angie’s death, her life had lost all meaning and now she just wanted it all to end. What was the point in living if everyone close to her always died? Whatever awaited her beyond the veil of death; it had to be better than living with this pain.

With tears still rolling down her checks, she looked up and watched the mercenaries prime their rifles. ‘At last…’ was all she thought before closing her eyes and waiting for the final act.

Pop, pop,pop, pop, pop… She heard the gun shots ring out, but never felt them rip her body to shreds. Was she already dead? Had the bullets already done their work and left her in a huddle on the floor? But then if this was death, why could she still feel the knot in her heart, was she condemned to feel like this for all eternity as punishment for some of her less noble deeds!

A hand grabbed her shoulder firmly, jeering Alice back to life. Puzzled by the fact she was still alive, she opened her eyes and saw a hail of bullets exploding into the Umbrella soldiers. Realising someone was behind her, she spun around to find Jill Valentine, still in her black Umbrella bodysuit, standing over her and emptying an AK-47 into the corporation’s mercenaries. Behind her, the girl in the pink vest was watching on wide-eyed while Carlos provided cover with the help of an UZI. In the distance, she could just make out LJ and Barry Burton rushing the fleeing survivors out another concealed exit and the knowledge that not all the resistance had died gave her some comfort.

“Alice we have to go!” Jill cried, practically dragging the lame woman to her feet as the remaining Umbrella troops ducked for cover. Without looking, she shoved a loaded MP5K into her hands before turning to the girl. “Come on Dahlia, it’s time for us to go sweetie.”

Dahlia looked once at Jill and then at Angie’s blood covered body. It was clear she didn’t want to leave her friend but she didn’t have much of a choice. Umbrella would kill everyone they could this night; even a child like her would not be spared their wrath.

Watching as the girl nodded her head; a new feeling came over Alice. She was moved by this child’s courage and couldn’t help but wonder if Angie was her first contact with death, or perhaps the hundredth. The loss of a closely held friend could never be easy for one so young to bear, yet this girl had the strength to carry on and see past her own pain. For Alice’s power and strength, this girl was stronger than her in just about every respect.

The realisation was as bitter as a lemon and left a strong feeling of loathing brewing inside her breast, but it also gave her the strength to go on. Recognising the weight of the loaded sub-machine gun, she looked to Jill but before she could convey her thanks, a deadly shower of shattered glass suddenly rained down around them. Acting fast, Alice grabbed Dahlia and dived to the side. Jill did the same, only to the opposite side of the falling glass. Thick coils of braded black ropes fell through the broken sky light, followed closely by more black clad figures who abseiled down the ropes.

Using her own body to shield the girl from the falling glass, Alice gave Dahlia a small smile to say she’d be fine. “Are you OK?”

“Yea…” she said, nodding her head frantically as she looked at Alice with wide eyes.

“Good, now…RUN” The woman yelled before rolling to the side so that she was facing the coming danger. Her MP5K already raised, she took aim and fired. The mercenaries moved like blurs as they slid down the ropes but it was nothing her eyes couldn’t pick out and she fired off the sub-machine gun in long bursts, cutting their bodies to gore dripping confetti with the armour-piercing rounds.

Obeying the mysterious woman, Dahlia got to her feet and ran for her life. Jumping over bodies and between computers, she could see Carlos firing his Uzi at some invisible target to her left so she veered to the right, not wanting to be caught in the field of fire. However, one of the surviving Umbrella soldiers at the window spotted her and trained his gun on her path, only to be shot through the head as Jill rolled over and emptied the last of her AK-47’s mag into him. Free and clear, the girl ran past Olivera to join Barry and LJ who, now with the last of the survivors away, dived inside and pulled the concealed door closed.

“Let’s Go!” Jill cried, discarding the empty riffle before drawing her 9mm Biretta from its holster. Hearing the voice, Alice stopped firing and turned to Valentine in time to watch a sniper’s round suddenly explode through the woman’s side. Surprised by the wound, Jill never screamed. In a state of shock, her hand automatically moved to cover the hole as a wash of hot blood gushed forth, carrying with it the black gore that was the remnants of her insides. Blood touched Jill’s lips and she looked up at Carlos, and then Alice before crumpling to the ground in a still heap.

The sight couldn’t have hit Alice harder if she had been the one shot, transfixed by the awful tableau she dropped the smoking MP5K. So another one of her friends was dead and cold…

“Alice!” Carlos’s shout mingled with the cold metallic click of a priming rifle and both sounds caused the woman to look up and see an Umbrella soldier dangling from one of the ropes not a 20cm from her and pointing a FAMAS right between her eyes.

“Don’t move.” He ordered, his voice distorted by the black breathing apparatus that his face from view. Alice didn’t even blink, without a trace of fear she knocked the automatic aside and then struck with a lightning fast blow to the throat, breaking his neck like a twig. Feeling in no way like a grave robber, she took the weapon from the corpse and then without a look back, she ran to Carlos.

“What kept you?” He asked before they both took off through the doors. Still trying to recover from the massacre, no Umbrella troops made to stop them as they dashed through the maze of halls. Alice never asked where they were going, instead trusting in Olivera’s skills to get them clear of this place of death.


“Fuck…” Jill gasped, blinking past the blackness as a fire crept through her veins from the gapping injury. This was far from the first time she’d been shot, hell S.T.A.R.S members collected scars like children collect stamps, but this was defiantly the first time she’d been hit by such a large calibre. The wound it left was immense and she could practically feel her life slipping away in the crimson tide which bled out of her.

In the back of her mind, she knew she only had a few minutes of life left. She’d seen battle wounds like hers before and death had almost always been the result, it would be best if she just relaxed and let it come to her in the depths of a dream. Only Jill Valentine wasn’t the type to just die in her sleep, she intended to fight until the very end; even if the fight was impossible to win.

Dimly, she was aware of more Umbrella soldiers entering the warehouse, some sliding down the cables while others climbed through the windows and set up a perimeter. They were keeping their distance however, and the fact that they were wary of her even when she was obviously dying made Jill’s blue lips turn up in a weak smile. She quickly lost count of how many of the Corporation’s mercenaries entered the former safe-house, her vision grow so weak that she couldn’t so much as tell where one began and another ended until one finally stepped forward.

Like a grim Spector, the soldier slowly walked forward until he was standing over her dying form. Absentmindedly, Jill couldn’t help but wonder how this bastard hadn’t been killed off long ago. Although dressed in the black gear, he was larger and much stockier than his counterparts, practically massive by the average man’s standards he’d have stuck out like a sore thumb in a fire fight.

“So this is Jill Valentine, at last we meet.” Said a distorted voice before the soldier reached up and pulled the breathing apprentice from his face to reveal a sight that made Jill gasp in horror. “I am Albert Wesker, chairman of the Umbrella Corporation, at your service.”

Jill felt a sickness rising in her gut that had nothing to do with the bullet hole as she looked up at the man, taking in his bone white skin and bleached blonde hair with a feeling of disgust. A pair of dark lensed sunglasses hid his eyes but she could already feel the coldness of his stare on her skin, touching her with all the warmth of a sheet of ice. “Wesker, I thought you were dead…” She gasped weakly, trying to ignore the blood on her breath as she pushed herself up.

She’d hoped that her words might encore some sort of reaction from the man, but to her disgust he only grinned at her. “The reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated.” Dr Isaacs walked through the wall of soldiers, the cuts on his face still red from where the glass had cut him just hours earlier but his smile was no less confident as he presented a large titanium carrying case to the man. “But that is something you and I shall now share, because you see Miss Valentine, I have decided that you shall be the first subject of a very special project.” With that, the Dr opened up the case and revealed something that made the dying woman’s eyes grow wide with horror.


Being as quiet as mice, Alice and Carlos hustled through the labyrinth of shipping containers and broken machinery. Moving as fast as he could manage, they were careful to keep out of sight of the sweeping patrols that were combing the estate. It wasn’t easy, their way was full of minor obstacles that they had to either cross or navigate round and the smooth walls of steel offered them little cover. If they were caught here, they’d have little chance of making it out unscathed. With that thought in mind, Alice made sure to keep a ready finger on the trigger of her stolen FAMAS rifle as she watched the winding path ahead of them with a keen eye.

“The rendezvous point is on the other side of this junk yard.” Carlos said before slamming a fresh magazine into his Uzi. From every corner they could hear distant gunshots ringing out as some of the surviving resistance members engaged in desperate fire fights with Umbrella Troops and it was clear he wanted to go and help, but every time they got near the night suddenly fell silent and there was no need to wonder about who had won as Umbrella very kindly left the bullet ridden bodies where they fell. “If we keep heading east and try to avoid the patrols…” A chilling scream suddenly rang out from further down their path before being silenced in a hail of gunfire “Or maybe a little longer.”

Holding their breath, Carlos and Alice shouldered their weapons and cautiously Inched forwards. The way ahead was hidden by a sharp bend but Alice could smell the aroma of blood and gun powder on the air and she could hear men whispering orders. It was impossible to tell how many blocked their path from where they were however, so she signalled Carlos to stay where he was with a quick hand signal before taking a step forward. Flattening herself against the wall of containers, she took in a nerve steadying breath before quickly peering round and then retracting her head before anyone had a chance to see her. Things defiantly did not look good. Not ten steps away was a large expense of open land that was practically teaming with Umbrella soldiers.

“Is there another way round?” She asked Carlos as he came up behind her.

“Not unless we go back to the warehouse.” He said with no trace of humour as he shook his head. “Can we fight a way through?” Alice didn’t want to answer.  There had to be at least twenty of ballistic clad soldiers before, even together there was small chance they’d be able to kill them all and even if they did, the rest of the Umbrella strike team would be alerted by the noise and then they’d be swamped by the fuckers.
Hoping to find another solution, she glanced round just in time to see an officer walk through the troops and start barking orders. When he was done, the mercenaries suddenly began to disperse.

“They’re leaving,” she said excitedly, looking back at her companion with a smile on her lips.

“That’s great, so can we get out of here please?”

Realising they weren’t out of the woods just yet; she turned back to the space and watched the soldiers leave. This would need to be timed just right… “Let’s go.”

As quiet as the not so dead, they ran from the safety of the shadowed bend, across the open space to the avenue opposite them. At any moment they expected to hear the call of alarm or the short of a rifle so the pair didn’t stop to see if they’d been spotted before taking off into the darkness. They ran flat out, not resting or speaking until they caught sight of vehicles in the distance.

“Just a bit further…” gasped Carlos, his voice now carrying an air of urgency. He was tired from trying to keep up with the seemingly inexhaustible woman and desperately wanted to stop for a moment to catch his breath but realising just how close they were to getting away from the slaughter, he pushed himself a little harder. There’d be plenty of time to rest later.

Alice suddenly stopped, her eyes growing wide as she looked up ahead to where the safety waited for them. She so badly wanted to go there, to leave this place and enjoy the comfort of other people, but in her mind she had been running over everything that had happened and she knew she just couldn’t. It was just too dangerous for them to take her.

“What is?” Carlos asked breathlessly, confused by her sudden stop now that they were so close. “Alice what’s wrong?”

“I…I can’t go with you.” She said, taking a voluntary step back as she shook her head in dismissal. “I’m like a plague, everyone who’s close to me dies, and I won’t risk losing you too.” And then before he could stop her, Alice was gone into the night like a ghost.

                                                                             Chapter One

                                                                           Assault on Tokyo

The target was moving slowly, the decomposing limbs hindering its motions as it hobbled between the skeletal ruins of cars in search of something only its death rotten brain could understand.  Unable to see in the low light, it often stumbled blindly into the car it was trying to go around and didn’t notice the deafening shot which rang out less than half a mile away. Understanding nothing, it turned its head at the sound of a window breaking but any thoughts it may have had were silenced quickly when the Sharpshooter’s high calibre round hit its head, ripping the top half of its skull away and splattering the car in a spray of black gore.

Watching the skeletal body crumple to the floor, Minase Kimokora couldn’t help but smile, “Biohazard Terminated.”

“So I saw, nice shooting.” said Toshi, his voice crackling in the ear piece as he gave the other sniper’s kill confirmation. It made Minase grin, Toshi was always a sore loser and he couldn’t resist twisting his rifle to the side to watch his partner’s distress.  The night scope bathed the area in a fluorescent green yet to his dismay, the man wasn’t about to indulge him. Instead he gave a brisk thumb up. ‘Cheeky bastard.’

“That’s my lead three to one.” He said, unable to resist zooming in slightly to watch the smile vanish from the man’s face. They’d played this game often; it was one of the few perks of being on night watch and the fact the loser had to buy the winner a glass of Saki made it all the sweater. Nothing was better than a glass of warm Saki after a cold night watch.

“Yea well the night is young, and there are plenty more fish in the sea.” Toshi remarked before swivelling his gun around in search for more infected. His words were designed to bolster his confidence but they’d both played this game enough to know that it was hard to recover from being two kills down. “Hey I got one in the fish market, how about double or quits on this kill?”

Smirking, Minase angled his gun on the remnants of what had once been one of the busiest fish markets in the city. Now however, only ghosts and the infected remained. The stalls which had once been filled with fresh and salted fish were nothing more than piles of rotten and broken timber and everywhere he looked was corpses. It wasn’t hard for him to find Toshi’s target. The creature was slumped over the first corpse Minase had shot that night and he could see that it was too busy feasting on the infected flesh to notice it was being targeted by the Umbrella snipers.

Watching the Biohazard cannibalising the remains filled Minase with an anger only their foul kind could stir within him. He hated the infected with a raw passion, he had only been a raw recruit in the Umbrella military when the outbreak hit Tokyo but that had been enough to earn his family a home inside the underground facility, only the infected had beaten him to his house. He couldn’t have wife, she had already been devoured, her lifeless body lying sprawled across the entrance hall as their children’s screams tore through the walls. He’d run to his daughters’ room to find a crazed woman ripping at their throats and they’d died in his arms; now he saw their faces in every one he killed.

Lining up the sights of his rifle, he took care to correct for wind resistance as he rested his finger on the trigger. In his mind he pictured the look of horror that had stained his daughters’ faces as they were being eaten alive as he began to squeeze the metal. Toshi’s high pitched cry bellowed through the ear piece at a deafening volume, its impossibly high pitch making Minase throw back his head and grunt in displeasure as he jerked the communicator out of his ear.

“Toshi?” he asked, his ears ringing loudly as he grabbed the gun and swung around to point it at his partner’s nest. However the Barrett M82 was too large a riffle to move quickly in such cramped conditions and by the time he’d set it up, whatever had happened was already over. “Toshi, are you all right? Report! What’s happening?” The com stayed dead.

Zooming in on the sniper’s nest, Minase was dismayed to find it empty with only the long barrelled riffle to account for Toshi’s presence ever being there. ‘Damn it! Where is he?’ His heart was racing, the thunderous drumming bellowing in his ears and almost deafening him to a low rustle of movement.

Looking up from the night scope, Minase turned his head over his shoulder towards the sound. There was nothing there, yet just as he was about to turn back to his search for Toshi, he heard the whisper of movement on his other side. With honed sniper reflexes he dropped the heavy Barrett and drew his side-arm before swinging about in a single fluid motion, yet again he found nothing. The nest was deserted, however this time Minase wasn’t going to be so easily dissuaded and as he starred down the barrel of his M9, he caught a flicker of movement in the gloom.


No one answered, so with his finger hanging over the Beretta’s trigger, he began creeping forward. Something wasn’t right, it was suddenly so quiet and Minase could practically feel something watching him as he moved across the nest. He should have felt safe stationed, the better part of a mile up, on the roof of a building which could only be accessed from even deeper underground, within the bowls of an impenetrable fortress, yet he felt anything but. There was something up here with him, he was sure of it.

There was a blind turn before him where the building ended, whatever it was would be beyond it. Taking in rasping breaths, he stilled himself for whatever it might be before wheeling around the corner…to find it bare and empty.

His brow wrinkling in confusion, Minase waited, his eyes scanning the darkness and depths of every shadow for any flicker of movement as his heart thundered. Only when he was convinced that he must have been seeing things did he turn back to his rifle, and come face to face with the last thing he could have ever imagined.

A woman was standing toe-to-toe with him, she was Caucasian with lustreless auburn hair which had been oiled back and tied into a tight bun yet her eyes were a brilliant shade of sapphire and had intensity to them the likes of which he had never seen before. Dressed in a black latex body suit, she reminded him of the Ninjas of ancient Japan and he struggled to make sense of this unusual turn in events until a searing pain suddenly ripped across his stomach.

The sensation burned as if a fire had been set in his flesh and he stumbled back as one hand dropped to the wound. His ballistic armour was torn and as he reached beneath it the temperature began to rise. His skin was wet and he could feel a large gash where his belly button had once been, ropes of rubbery intestine were slipping from his gut and he realised with a start that he had been disembowelled like a fish. Her hand moved and he was horrified to see that she was holding a very sharp sword, the single edged blade glittering black in the low light, glittering with his blood.

Feeling his skin  go whiter than snow, Minase made to lift his side-arm but the pistol suddenly felt heavier than a block of stone and his arm hung uselessly at his side as he fell to his knees. Without uttering a word, the woman suddenly brought her weapon down in an arc that sent a streak of blood across the wall as the sniper’s head bounced across the floor.


“God Albert…you’re amazing…oh so rough…fuck me!” Cried Excella Gionne, her flawless naked body glowing with a light sheen of sweat as shock waves of pleasure crashed through body. Behind her, Albert Wesker was furiously slamming into her, driving his erect shaft into her again and again like a primal beast. One impossibly hard thrust was all it took to fill her tunnel up completely and it was clear he didn’t care whether or not she could handle his thick length as he fucked her in a rage of infernal lust, which only propelled Excella towards her orgasm faster.

Wesker gave no indication of hearing her demand as with a chorus of guttural growls, he drove his pulsing shaft inside the alabaster skinned goddess. Bent over his desk, she could do nought but moan as he held onto her slender waist and thrust into her with a bruising intensity, his muscular thighs slapping against her shapely round buttocks as he almost drove her into the oaken furniture.

She was tight around him, her quivering walls convulsed with ecstasy every time he thrust into her depths and the sensation of him filling her so completely pitched her into a sea divine pleasure. It was such an incredible feeling that Excella knew she couldn’t stand it much longer. Already her building climax was coiling around her abdomen like a fiery serpent that drove all conscious thought from her as a thousand delightful tremors ran along her nerves.

“Oh my god! Fuck me Albert…Fuck me hard!” She cried, growing more and more lost in the experience until suddenly she felt the bulbous head of Wesker’s cock touch a certain spot deep inside of her. Gasping, she threw back her head and wailed a sweet melody of pleasure that echoed and bounced off the walls of Wesker’s office in one long note. The exquisite heat and tightness of her convulsing sheath tore an involuntary growl from his throat and she couldn’t help taking advantage of his sudden laps in concentration by thrusting back against him, rocking and grinding her backside into his pelvis.

The wet sounds of flesh meeting flesh filled the office as his hips slapped against her beautifully rounded cheeks, driving her further into the desk so that her fully rounded breasts rubbing over the hard wood. The sensation of her sensitive nipples dragging over the oak stung but Excella didn’t care, all she wanted at that moment was to feel the man she loved spill his seed inside of her.

“Oh god! Your cock feels so good inside me Albert…I think I’m going to cum…oh yes baby…I’m going to cum!” She cried, violently tossing her head from side-to-side as her entire body was thrown into a state of perpetual climax. Shaking beneath the delicious onslaught of pleasure that suddenly washed over her, she fell from the great height of built up pressure and sunk into an ocean of rapturous sensations which were unlike any she had ever experienced before. “Ohhh my god I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

A guttural groan was ripped from Wesker as her velvety soft walls convulsed around him, the honey of her release gushing around his rigid flesh in a steamy tide. Over sensitised from his prolonged state of arousal, the Umbrella chairman slammed into her one last time before releasing his seed inside of her.

Exhausted, Excella’s legs gave out and she slumped over the desk in a pool of post orgasmic bliss. Her centre was aching and she knew it would be several days before she could walk straight again, but as she felt the foreign heat gather in her belly she lost all ability to care. Her new world was forming and with a future as its queen, she knew she could look forward to experiencing this ache many more times to come.


“This is command central, sentries 1 and 2 you should have delivered your report two minutes ago, is something wrong? Sentries 1 and 2 Responded!” Ordered the technician, visibly flustering as the link remained deathly silent. New to the communication hub and anxious to avoid making a mistake, he seemed to be taking the silence as a personal affront. Yet it was with certain resentment that he turned to report the problem to his commanding officer. “We’ve lost contact with sentries 1 and 2, sir”

Standing in the centre of the command point’s platform, the officer turned to the technician with a startled expression. Middle aged and growing fat with laziness, he bustled over awkwardly to where the operator sat. Like some over grown pigeon, he peered over the man’s shoulder at the computer screen, examining it with furtive rodent eyes as if the answer lay right there beneath the idiot’s nose. However if it did then he must have been an idiot of the same like as he saw nothing afoot that could cause the breakdown in communications.

“Sentry three is not responding either Sir. He was just making his report when the line went silent.” A more experienced technician suddenly said, looking up from his work station to where the Duty stood in search of answers.

Unfortunately he had none to give, and in an attempt to buy time he looked anxiously from one technician to the other until finally he came up with an answer. “There must be a problem with the server, send an engineer to find the problem while runners go and collect the sentries’ reports.”


“The preparations are almost complete, soon we can leave.” Excella said confidently, her soft voice made rich and vibrant by a caecilian accent. Adorned by a heavy gold necklace and dressed in a cream coloured silken dress which clung to hourglass figure like a second skin, she couldn’t off looked more at home in Wesker’s private apartment. Lavishly furnished in heavy oak furniture and lit by the low light of a few dozen lamps, the chamber seemed more like a luxurious hotel penthouse than an underground bunker and it would have been an easy mistake to make if not for the apartment’s lack of windows. 

Sprawled across the stylish leather couch like a relaxed Siamese cat, she had opted to leave her luxurious wash of onyx black hair cascading down her shoulders and it served as the only hint to their earlier dalliance across Wesker’s desk. Her lover gaze no such hints as he sat across from her in a comfortable arm-chair. Dressed in an immaculate black uniform and wearing his signature sunglasses, the chairman of the Umbrella Corporation appeared more god than man.

“Good, so now your position in this partnership is secure.” Wesker said, watching behind the reflective glass with a look of mild approval. However, Excella wasn’t content with that and slowly got up from the couch before seductively swaying her rounded hips as she walked around Wesker’s chair, her soft hand running over the leather as she did.

“Ohhh… I have my eyes set on something much bigger.” Her full lips turned up in a sly smile and she took a moment to consider her words before continuing. “You’ll be needing a queen, right? Someone suitable to stand by your side in your new world. I believe I’ve proven myself worthy, haven’t I?” With that she seductively sauntered over to the king size before turning to face him as she slid back to sit on the feather soft covers, Her legs were parted, revealing all the beauty of natural treasures to Wesker’s ever watchful gaze.

“Perhaps you have…” He whispered, his voice retaining something of a predatory note as he briskly stood up and advanced towards Excella, making her heart flutter with excitement. However her aspirations were foiled when a billowing alarm suddenly echoed through the facility. “Those fools.” He didn’t spare her a second glance as he hurried out the apartment.


“Will someone turn that fucking alarm off?” The Duty officer asked hotly, drops of perspiration visibly rolling down his forehead as he began to panic. The situation had grown rapidly worse and now they’d lost contact with all the sentries and to top it all off, someone had set off the alarm. Even if this all proved to be nothing, he’d be lucky to escape with his life should Chairman Wesker find out. Just the thought of what had happened to his predecessor was enough to send a very cold chill down his spine and he couldn’t help breathing a little easier when the shrill alarm suddenly died. That was until he saw the menacing figure all clad in black walking up the stairs to the hub.

“Chairman Wesker…” The Duty stuttered, suddenly jumping to attention as the giant of a man stood over him. Standing at roughly six foot four, Wesker towered over every other man in sight and his impossibly broad and muscular physique, which the smartly prepared uniform could barely contain, certainly didn’t help him to blend in amongst relatively stick-like Umbrella soldiers. The mere presence of the Umbrella head caused many of the technicians to stiffen with terror and their Duty officer struggled to meet his cold stare.

“Report.” Barked Wesker, his voice cold and hard as he made no effort to hide the contempt with which he regarded the officer.

“Sir. A Half-hour ago we began to lose contact with some of the perimeter sentries, at first we thought it might have been a problem with the communications network but then…”

“How many have we lost?” Wesker asked, interrupting the Duty Officer’s explanation as he grew impatient.

Sensing the danger of his predicament, the duty officer hesitated before answering, his voice trembling with fear. “All of them.”

“And yet you wait 30minutes to tell me?”

“I…I didn’t want to disturb you.” The officer mumbled, he seemed to be on the verge of tears now and perhaps it was this pathetic display which saved his deplorable life as Wesker then seemed to lose all interest in him.

“Get me the surface gate.” Wesker barked at the nearest technician, his voice retaining its usual steadiness as he turned to face a video screen that had suddenly buzzed into life to reveal an Umbrella Soldier. Garbed from head to toe in the black ballistic wears, it was impossible to tell just who this nameless mercenary might have been , but one look at who was on the other end of the line was enough to make him stand to attention and give a brisk salute.

“Sir! This is the Surface gate, Sir.”

Wesker smiled at the familiar attitude of a professional soldier; at least he was not entirely surrounded by fools. “This is Chairman Wesker. We’ve lost contact with the perimeter sentries, report your situation.”

“Everything is quite here sir.”

“There have been no sign of Intruders?” Wesker asked, fighting to remain calm as he sought to remove any doubt from his mind. “No breach or alarm of any kind?”

“Negative, everything seems – wait …” The soldier suddenly ushered, his demeanour changing entirely as he raised an M16, its under-barrel spotlight illuminating whatever lay before him. “Oh my God, multiple targets within the perimeter…” From out of nowhere a gunshot rang out and the soldier’s body crumpled to the floor, his helmet split in two by a bullet which had also sprayed his brains the monitor.

Although far from squeamish, Wesker couldn’t help taking a step back as a deafening chorus of automatic fire bellowed from all directions and cut into the main gate’s guard in a storm of hot lead. “Identify Targets, I repeat Identify the targets!” He called, trying to reform order amongst the panicking soldiers, however he was answered only by a fresh hail of gunfire, and the pained screams of the dying. And then he saw it, a scant flash of pale flesh in the distance. “Blow the surface charges.” The command made every set of eyes look up from their screen, but only one had the courage to say something, or perhaps it was stupidity…

“Sir…” The duty officer said, his voice returning as he got a second wind of courage to speak up for what was right. “Our men are still up there, you cannot…” His words died as the Umbrella chairman pulled out a gleaming Desert Eagle from the within the breast of his uniform and without and even looking up, shoot him between the eyes. At point blank range, the heavy calibre round blew the Duty Officer’s head clean off and what was left fell to the Hub’s floor in a rapidly forming puddle of gore.

“Would anyone else like to be heard?” No one spoke. Fearful of joining the Duty Officer, the technicians quickly began typing away at their stations in a desperate race to arm the surface charges before Chairman Wesker decided who next to kill.

It happened so fast not a soul on the surface could have run. An explosion the colour of the sun ripped up from beneath the painted concrete of Shibuya square and painted the night sky in a furious orange and yellow light. Watching the scene on the monitor, Wesker felt the hint of a smile grace his lips up as a second and a third then reached up into the sky with the same devastating force. Then the picture suddenly died as the surface camera was disintegrated in a fourth blast.

Smug in his confidence, Wesker waited for the technicians to update him on the situation. It would take a few minutes; the heat from the blast would distort the satellite signal and render thermal scans useless. He could afford to wait, nothing on earth, biological or otherwise, could have survived that.

“Movement!” A technician suddenly cried, causing Wesker’s smile to vanish as he turned to face the man who’d spoken. “Eh…Multiple targets.”

“How many?” Wesker demanded before storming over to stand over the beeping workstation and its bewildered operator. To his dismay, the screen showed multiple figures emerging from the burnt out wrecks of Shibuya Buildings

“Twenty…no thirty… no…” The man couldn’t keep count as more and more of the hostile force emerged from their shelters and advanced towards the main Gate.

“They are heading for the entrance; I want three security teams at that elevator. Now!”


The entrance hall of the Tokyo Facility was a towering chamber made of steel and concrete. Its walls were bare except for the red and white heptagon of Umbrella and rows of heavily armoured vehicles were lined up along them like soldiers waiting deployment. The main elevator shaft from the surface led down to here, hidden from sight in a concealed corner and covered by a reinforced blast door, it should have been impregnable.

Chairman Wesker’s order had completely circled the facility in seconds and security teams had been in the hall moments after the command sounded. Carrying heavy bullet proof shields and armed to the teeth with great Howa-89 Machine guns, they stormed into the entrance chamber in their dozens. Taking up position at the mouth of the corner, they locked their defences together to form a shield wall that surrounded the blast door as the screech of the descending elevator punctured the tense silence.

For many of the Umbrella Soldiers, it was the longest couple of seconds of their lives. Few of their number knew the true nature of what had happened on the surface level and those that did didn’t believe it. It was just too impossible to be true.

There was a rustle of metal as a figure slipped almost silently from an air shaft and dropped behind the Umbrella Troops; however they didn’t hear it over the sound of their own drumming hearts. The Elevator was stopping; the only thing standing between them and its murderous occupants was a steel door that happened to be more than 10-inches thick. With a hiss of exchanging air, the blast door began to slide open. It was empty.

For a moment, the mercenaries could only look at each other, confused and unsure of what to do next. Then they heard it, a light patting, a sound that was almost too soft for them to hear, and so erratic it resembled the pita-patta of a running mouse, or a stalking feline. It was only by chance that one of them happened to glance back and see the figure all dressed in black coming at them. Startled, he ushered in a breath to shout the alarm but all that came out was chocked gasp and a spray of blood as a Shuriken Star became lodged deep in his throat. He fell back dead just as two other projectiles felled his mercenary brothers.

The surprise attack threw the Umbrella soldiers into a state of chaos and as they struggled to turn about with the heavy gear encumbering them, Alice barrelled into them. In one fluid motion, she drew the two Katanas that were scabbarded across her back and attacked with a lightning sweep that carved into the first two guards, the razor sharp blades cleaving through Kevlar like it was paper and disembowelling them both. Carrying the motion through, she brought the swords up and used backhanded swings to foul the ones behind, chopping into their ribs and sending up a shower of blood and gore from the ruptured cavities.

The Umbrella Soldiers fell before her like threshed wheat and spinning on her heel, she ran up one of the shields and jumped over the heads of the remaining men in the barricade. With the swords out stretched, she twisted her body around in mid-flight and carved a hole in the tightly packed mercenaries before landing gently on her feet. Two of the soldiers were already coming at her however, yet she didn’t so much as bat an eye lash before jumping forward to meet them, ducking beneath a clumsy punch before lancing the gore splattered long swords forward and impaling both men on the finely honed steel.

It wasn’t over however, all around her the Umbrella troopers were coming back to their senses and she only had time to pull one of the swords from the limp corpse before every gun in the hall was trained on her. Not bothering to wait for a command, the soldiers unleashed a salvo of hot lead at the woman, the billowing resonance echoing cacophonously around the subterranean hall as heavy shells slammed into the walls and spat great chunks of concrete across the floor. With no chance to attack, Alice was forced to run and wheeled around before taking flight.

Unable to get a clear shot at her, the mercenaries kept firing, the spent cartridges clattering to the tiled floor in their hundreds as the glowing rounds ricocheted in every direction. Powdered stone and splintered metal fell in thick clouds as the bullets sought out fleeing Alice, only she was too fast and one fell short before she suddenly dived under the cover of a wall. Recognising this as this their first real chance of cornering the agile woman, they turned all their attentions on the wall and began firing their weapons in earnest, chipping away the wall piece by piece until there wasn’t a stone untouched by the lead.

Stopping their salvo only when their guns were on the verge of overheating, the soldiers gave it a moment before signalling one to go check it out. Understandably he hesitated, obviously still able to recall the fate of the last men to try and take the woman at close range. There was no room in Umbrella for cowardice however, and after a moment he took a cautious step forward. Making sure to keep a ready finger on the still smoking gun’s trigger, he edged closer and closer to the stone before suddenly jumping around the bend, gun poised and ready.

The sword was rammed through his heart before he could even utter a word of surprise and Alice grabbed both him and his gun anyone could realise what had just transpired. Pushing the body round the bend, she turned the weapon on the soldiers and opened fire with the remaining rounds in a dreadful cascade of death.

Caught off guard once again by the woman’s cunning, the soldiers tried to return fire but Alice was using the man’s body as a human shield and not one shot came close to hitting her as the deadly hail cut down everything in her way. Impatiently squeezing the trigger until every one of the Kevlar clad bodies dropped to the bloody ground and lay at her feet. Looking down on the bullet ridden bodies, she couldn’t help but smile lazily. Umbrella’s pawns were always too easy…

“Don’t move!” A voice suddenly demanded, making her look up in mild amusement as a fresh squad of security operatives lined up behind her, their heavy shields locking together as every weapon they had fixed on her and left no avenue for her escape. With a shrug she dropped the empty Howa-89 and the corpse it was attached to before turning to face the shield wall, anticipating an attack, the soldiers primed their firearms. Obviously they weren’t planning on taking her alive so she left her sword embedded in the corpse’s ribcage and took in a deep, steadying breath before pushing all the stress from as she tried hard to focus on a single memory. A memory of piece and warmth, of tranquillity and ease, a false memory designed to lull her into a serene calm as she reached deep within herself.

She blinked, causing her irises to dilate and the walls around her to shake as an invisible force suddenly began rocking the hall like a rumble of thunder. Panicking, the shield wall opened fire and Alice answered the challenge by sending out a psychic blast. Like a tsunami, the energy wave ripped across the hall and destroyed everything in its path, ploughing up the heavy stone flooring and crumbling the walls before slamming into the shield wall. The men cried in agony as the blast threw them off their feet and hurled them in every direction, the awful debris snapping their bones and shredding their bodies.

Only when every last one of the troopers was dead did the dust start to settle, the ravaged bodies of the dead falling in bloody heaps atop the rubble as Alice walked forward he dazedly. The chamber was a wreck in the blast’s aftermath and she stumbled almost blindly over the mix of twisted metal and gore splattered stone until the rustle of approaching footsteps brought her back from the world of dreams. More Umbrella soldiers were coming; she could already hear the officers barking orders to shoot to kill…

A bullet suddenly slammed into her back, hot as the sun it tore through her Lycra body suit and blew away her heart in a fountain of gore. Throwing back her head, she tried to cry out in agony but two more shots silenced her death cry. Her strength vanished as the gore flowed from her ruined torso and she fell heavily to the floor, what remained of her life’s blood pooling all around her.

The security reinforcements burst into the chamber to find the intruder dead on the floor, a lone survivor standing over her body. Not sure what to make if this startling revelation, the soldier’s exchanged smug looks before coming to stand round the body.

“Now Boys…” The voice made the trooper’s look up in surprise, their heads shooting round to where three identical copies of the woman were stood. “is that any way to treat a lady?” Terror gripped the Soldier’s in its cold fist and they were unable to move as the ones on the right and left stepped forward. While the Alice in the centre was armed with another pair of Katanas, these two were armed with TMP sub-machine guns and they raised the weapons with a cool efficiency before pulling the triggers and emptying the magazines into the still clueless soldiers.


“Dammit!” Wesker cursed, losing his composure for a moment as he watched the facility’s security force get annihilated by the women. He’d underestimated these creatures, they were clearly more persistent then Isaacs had led him to believe. He’d sent in his best men and hoped to get the better of the Alice’s with a numerical advantage, only they’d been cut to ribbons and now more of the bitches were appearing.

On every monitor, he watched as the Alice clones dispatched what remained of his security force, their superior agility allowing them to get around the troopers’ arsenal and stay one step ahead in the fight. Suddenly, some of the monitors turned to static and Weskler’s eyes darted from screen to screen until finally he found the problem; one of the Alices was shooting the hidden cameras. Cursing again, he was about to give the technicians new orders when an explosion rocked the atrium and caused many of the operators to bolt from their seats in fright.

“Stay at your stations!” He demanded, irritated by their cowardice and the apparent lack of efficiency from the top-price mercenaries he’d employed; an army of cooks could have put up a better fight. “Flood the entrance level with nerve gas.” Too afraid of the chairman to argue, they hastily began typing the orders but it wasn’t enough.

“I’m verifying intruders in sections one through five, seven and eight.” Said A tech, his voice shaking slightly as he felt the chairman’s cold gaze set on him. “Also there are reports of gunfire in ten and eleven.”

“I want all security protocols to be put in full effect. Lockdown all elevators immediately, seal the internal blast doors and activate security turrets… and I want damage reports.”


The security here was better than at the others. The Alice clones had thought their way through dozens of these Umbrella facilities but this was the first time they had found themselves halted half way through. Despite the weight of their assault, the few surviving members of the security force had regrouped in several easy to defend locations and were now taking the fight back.

Furiously squeezing the triggers of her TMPs as she ran, Alice clone Gama worked desperately to dismantle one of the barricades. She was in an office of some sort, deserted computer stations and rumpled desks were scattered everywhere she looked and the Umbrella troopers had formed a blockade in its centre. Explosive flashes burst from every part of the embattled defender’s barrier as they tried to pin her down with surprising fields of fire but like her sister in the Entrance chamber, Gama was too fast for their bullets to hit. But neither could she hit them…

Unable to aim, she blasted off rounds that harmlessly bounced off the Kevlar armour. Occasionally she got lucky and one of the rounds would hit a soft mark but they were few and far between. Too make matters worse, her extended magazine had almost run dry.

Needing cover to reload, she dived behind a stone column, pressing herself flat against it as thunderous salvo of lead slammed into the other side. Ejecting both spent clips; she rammed a fresh pair inside the guns and was about to return fire when she suddenly noticed that another one of her sisters was pinned behind another column. Good, she could do with the extra help. Judging by the distasteful look on her face, her sister had come to the same conclusion and they tipped their heads in mutual readiness before stepping out of cover and opening up a barrage of fire on the barricade.

Caught by the duo’s attack, some of the Umbrella troopers were cut down but many managed to withstand the blow and returned fire with such ferocity that Gama and her sister were abruptly forced back under cover.

“Fuck!” Gama cursed as a stray bullet narrowly missed blowing her skull apart. Casting her eyes around, she suddenly noticed something strange about the wall facing her and her sister, it appeared to be breaking under the deadly hail of bullets. ‘No not breaking… shattering!’ It was a tinted window which had resembled stone in the low light, but now its true nature was for all to see and it gave her an idea.

Shooting a glance at her sister, she holstered one of her guns before withdrawing a small incendiary grenade and holding it out for her to see before nodding at the window. Getting the idea, she withdrew her on grenade and on the count of three, they stepped out and hurled the bombs at the still firing soldiers. Taken aback, the mercenaries stopped their onslaught for a moment as they peer down dumbly at the grenades. It gave the Alices their chance and with a yell they burst out of hiding and made for the window, their TMPs flashing as a blistering hail of bullets exploded from the muzzles.

Realising the danger, the troopers tried to flee but most were cut down as the sisters made the dash to the window. Weakened by the barrage, the tinted glass shattered beneath their charge and gravity seized them in its clutches and pulled them down. Caught in free fall, Gama used her free hand to reach inside her gear and pull free a small pod that was teethed to her belt by a retractable cord. In a practised move, she whirled her body around and threw the pod skyward; its miniature body opening into a grappling hook as the internal sensors locked onto a bean and pulled it to it. Grabbing the pole like a striking viper, the pod locked tight and wouldn’t budge.

A glance told Gama her sister had done the same so without fear, they let the fall take them as the cord began to slow their descent. It was a long drop, stretching out for over half a mile, yet strangely she felt no fear. Fear was not a word she had any meaning for. There was only the mission, the mission to destroy Umbrella and now she had them clear in her sights. Over the roar of the whipping wind, she heard the grenades go off and then felt the wash of hot air on her back when a great cloud of choking black smoke enveloped everything in her and her sister’s wake. There was fire up their too, but Gama didn’t worry, they were too far ahead of the blast to have any fear of getting burned.

Far below she could make out the communications centre, a collection of small peapod like hubs that were all gathered together around one master station. That was her target. The only problem was a small army of men, no bigger than ants to her now, happened to be swarming all over it.

Snatching up her second gun even as the whipping wind blew full force against her, she opened up a furious stream of fire that rained down on the unsuspecting spectators below like a deadly lead hailstorm. The howling winds silencing the TMPs’ clamorous retort along with the screams of the dying as she and her sister dropped through the Atrium like a pair of latex garbed raptors on the hunt.

Grabbing whatever weapons they could find, the technicians that were still able to move started to return fire; however Gama and her sister were descending too fast for their eyes to focus and the bullets flew buy the clones harmlessly. The technicians’ poor shooting made Gama want to laugh, this was going to be easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

Her guns ran dry the moment before the tether pulled tight and she twisted her body over to break the quick release before free falling for the last few metres. By all rights the death-defying fall should have killed her and left her body as nothing more than gore splattered ruin, but when she landed in the command centre’s master hub, it was with all the nimble grace and ease of a panther. All eyes were on her in an instant and taking advantage of the techs’ stunned disbelief, she rammed her last two clips into thee TMPs before turning them on…

Her eyes widened as she saw the immense figure all dressed in black and wearing shades. There was no mistaking that dark, fearsome exterior and her heart suddenly burned with renewed hatred as she recognised him as being Albert Wesker, her primary target and eternal nemesis.

She would have shot the Umbrella CEO right then and their but he showed remarkable speed for a man who appeared to be made up almost entirely of muscle and dived behind a desk before her sub-machine guns could draw level.   However before she could go after him, a firestorm erupted all around her as the technicians came to their senses and opened fire on Gama. They may have been bad shots, but in this tight a quarter, skill didn’t matter. Even if they couldn’t hit her, a ricocheting bullet could kill her just as easily as a true one.

Moving faster than any human could imagine, she whirled around and began firing manically at the nearest targets, taking them out in the blink of an eye before turning on the next. They may have had her outnumbered, but Gama was the faster and she delighted in showcasing that fact by mercilessly slaughtering the Umbrella staff as if she were an unstoppable killing machine. With every hit, a fresh spray of gore splattered across the procaine white floor of the central Hub and it wasn’t long before a mass of bullet riddled bodies lay crumpled and twisted at her feet, their death cries still echoing around the atrium as smoky tentacles floated up from her guns.

Breathing a little harder than she had been before the massacre, Gama surveyed her work fondly until a figure suddenly lunged up from the shadows. It was Wesker, and he was armed. Recognising the danger posed by his two gleaming Desert Eagle Magnums, she spun on her hip, trying to escape the weapon’s range as she brought her TMPs up to bear and fired. Her heart seeming to die the instant the machine guns kicked back with a dull ‘click’. The magazines were empty.

Too late she realised just how many bullets she’d used to kill the technicians and as she looked up, there was just enough time for her to catch the smile was turning his lips up before the burning heat of two heavy calibre rounds slammed into her heart.


Wesker watched the Alice clone die with great satisfaction, it felt good to cut lose after four years of wearing the tight fitting suit of an executive. While there were many rewards to be the chairman of the world’s largest commercial entity, nothing could compare to the thrill of the firing line. And the knowledge that he had so easily vanquished a dangerous enemy made the moment all the sweater.

Kicking aside a technician’s bloody corpse, he was about to take his leave when a long burst of automatic gunfire suddenly rang out, drawing his attention to one of the other hubs. It was the one upon which the other Alice clone had landed and to Wesker’s disgust, she appeared to be having no problem taking out the men stationed there.

“Incompetent morons!” He growled as one of the technicians lost a perfectly good kill shot because he’d forgotten to take the safety off his pistol, and then was promptly shoot by one of his colleagues who seemed to forgotten the entire concept of aiming. “Must I do everything myself?” Before he could solve the problem, a low rustle of movement drew his attention back to the Corpses on the floor. To his amazement, the Alice clone was still moving.

There was little life left inside of her, with every second more and more of her life’s blood was bled away and Wesker guessed she might have another minute or so before death took her completely. It would be merely a waist of a good bullet to shoot her again, but as he looked down on the crumpled form lying face down before him, he couldn’t resist the urge to make her last moments as terrible as possible.

Crossing over to his adversary with long, quick strides, he approached her much the way a blood lusting predator would advance upon its dying prey and took no small pleasure from kicking her hard before using the heel of his boot to roll the body over. However it seemed the clone was not as dead as he first thought, wide awake she looked up at him with furious eyes that seemed to be looking past his shaded glasses and boring into his very soul.

“Fuck you.” Gama whispered, her voice faltering under the effort to speak as blood touched her lips. Her passion pleased Wesker, he would enjoy making her cry out and beg for mercy before he made her drown in whatever was left of her blood. Something metallic fell to the ground with a dull ring and curious; he looked down and saw two incendiary grenades lying on the floor, the pins removed and detonators ticking.

The sight of the active bombs caused Wesker’s grin to vanish and he turned and ran for his life.  His heavy boots squelching through the thick soup of blood end entrails as he made the life or death dash across the hub, his immense bulk aligning with an impossible grace as he dived over the balcony, just a second too late.

With a deafening roar, the grenades exploded and an all-consuming cascade of fire and shrapnel swallowed up Gama’s body and burnt her remains to cinders. A blinding flash followed as the blast of white hot flame tore the station apart and engulfed the flying CEO, only by the sheerest dumb luck did he sail over the threshold before the fiery wrath could completely consume him; landing with a heavy thud on the walkway below.

Struggling to his feet, Wesker winced as a savage pain shot through his leg and looking down, he saw that it had been horribly mangled by the blast. Broken and twisted beyond all recognition, Wesker had to force himself to move and he hobbled pathetically down the walkway, the echoing gunfire only adding wings to his flight.

Without a doubt, this was the most embarrassing moment of Wesker’s life. Forced to flee his own high-tech fortress by an insubordinate scientist’s cloned experiment, it was intolerable and he began to wish he’d never heard the notion of Project ALICE. Forcing himself to look his humiliation, he continued on yet his mind was so absorbed by this injustice that he seemed not to notice the way his bones were miraculously reknitting themselves so that he walked a little easier with every step.

Nearing gun shots rang out like a chorus of thunder in the passages but Wesker was walking like a young man again by then and scurrying through the labyrinth with ease. Thankfully his way was clear, with every remaining member of the facility busy fighting for their lives against the invading clones in the atrium; he would be saved the dirty business of having to kill his own men. Retracing the steps he knew would take him along the fastest route to the hanger, a confident smile lit up his handsome features when the electric doors before him opened up to reveal an immense chamber that’s ceiling reached up all the way to the surface.

All around him, V-22 Osprey VTOL Helicopters sat, fully fuelled and waiting to be manned yet Wesker walked past them all without the slightest recognition, his gaze fixed instead on a steel door that was marked in big blood red letters, ‘Private! Authorised Personnel only.’ Placing a large hand on the biometric handprint scanner that had been mounted on the wall next to the door, causing the walls to shudder as the interred mechanisms recognised his genetic markers and activated the door, revealing a darkened subterranean passage.

The passage resembled something out of a 1930s horror movie. The walls were untreated stone, rough and uneven under touch with edges sharp enough to cut through Kevlar. The air was fresh but also thick and it carried a cold morning breeze. And it was dark, very dark. With no instruments or technology fitted to light it, the tunnel was as wickedly black as the darkest ocean depths. Yet Wesker moved through it confidently, knowing rather than seeing his way through the gloom until finally he emerged in a well-lit cavern that was almost as large as the V-22s’ hanger.

This was the hanger of Wesker’s own personal aircraft, an immense flying wing stealth bomber that had been based on the design of a B-2 Spirit and then customized with JATO rockets and an AI unit that would serve the duties of a flight crew when activated.  It was the most advanced aircraft in the world and set on top of a catapulted ramp that would launch it into a shaft to the surface, it was just waiting for him to make his escape.

Squinting against the sudden brightness of the overhanging florescent lights, he stepped into the hanger but no sooner had he done so than a figure suddenly stepped from the shadows. Acting on impulse, he raised his gun and was about to fire when he recognised it as being Excella Gionne.

“Thank God you made it Albert.” She said coolly, apparently unfazed by the gun pointing at her as she stepped completely out of the shadows. Although a little dishevelled, she appeared uninjured and carried herself with that unflinching air of confidence as she approached him. In one hand she was carrying a 9mm berretta, in the other a silver carrying case containing the latest version of the T-virus. The sight of the case brought a smile to Wesker’s lips, but Excella, believing it to be a sign of his affections, made the mistake of dropping it as she broke into a run before throwing her arms around him; crushing her voluptuous body against his as she held him in a tight embrace.

It was a tender moment and she was surprised when he didn’t respond with the affection he had before. Instead he just stood still in her arms and after a moment; Excella looked up at him with wide tearful eyes. To her displeasure, he appeared unmoved by her show of emotion and only looked down at her with a smouldering disdain, then she felt the immense weight pushing against her lower abdomen and looked down just in time to see the barrel of his Desert Eagle angling towards her heart. “Albert?”

When the gun fired, the bullet slammed into her with all the force of an avalanche and she practically feel the lead round ripping a its way through her chest before obliterating her heart and exploding out her back in a bloody mist. There was only one pain after that and as the world began to darken, she asked “Why?”

Wesker didn’t care for her sentiment and as she collapsed, he walked past without a second look. Holstering both Eagles, he scooped up the case and ran up the bomber’s cargo bay ramp as a flurry of approaching voices echoed through the rocky passage. Immediately heading for the cockpit, he dashed through the cargo dock without so much as a perusing eye. Setting the sealed box down beside him as he got into the pilot’s chair, he had just enough time to remotely seal the ramp before what was left of the Alice clones came running into the hanger with sub-machine gun’s blazing.

Smirking triumphantly as the bullets bounced harmlessly off the plane’s armour plating, Wesker ignited the engines and began the take-off procedure. The JATO rockets firing to life in an explosive inferno that turned the very rock face to crystal and he had just enough time to give the clones a jaunty salute through the cockpit’s windows before pulling back on the controls to let the catapult launch the plane. The force of the take-off threw Wesker back into his seat and he could feel his teeth grating together as the bomber ran the length of the ramp before being launched into the near vertical shaft that had been especially designed for the bomber’s ascension.

Exploding through the still opening blast doors, the slick plane lifted high above the ruins of Tokyo before levelling out as it set a course west. Letting the AI take over the piloting, a jubilant Wesker reached into his jacket’s inner breast pocket and pulled out a remote. It was only a tiny device, considerably smaller than the palm of his hand, yet he had ensured it was kept it on his person at all times. This was the true power of an Umbrella chairman and with a flick of his thumb, he sieved through the available options until finally coming to his desired menu; ‘PURGE FACILITY’.


Watching as their primary target disappeared into the tunnel; the clones let their weapons drop. This battle was over, but they’d far from lost the war. All the major Umbrella bases had been destroyed; there were only a handful of facilities Wesker could run to, he wouldn’t elude them for long.

A loud click suddenly cut through the silence, making the clones turn their heads to where a large box red and white painted box had been mounted on a nearby wall. The word ‘Purge’ had been stamped across it in big read letters and the Umbrella logo had been embossed just above a digital timer that was rapidly counting down.


“Move!” one of the clones cried, but it was already too late. Trying to get a head start over the bomb some made a run for it while the others tried desperately to open the box.


Slamming the butt of their guns against the locks while some tried prying at its edges with their fingers, the clones tied everything in their power to disable the device until finally the lid crumpled. Throwing the shattered covering across the hanger, they found that the wall mounted box contained a battlefield nuclear device.



 Flying high above the clouds, Wesker watched in delight as a second sun suddenly consumed the once vibrant and fertile city of Tokyo. The wakening sky turning a bright white as the pale blue inferno reached up into the heavens and dashed away all that had ever stood there. High winds of fire and gas tossed broken metal into the sky and the shock of the expanding dome struck the bomber like thunder, the control panel shaking violently until it rose too high for the blast too touch.

At this altitude, the night sky twinkled as the pre-dawn light turned its reaches a shade of pale lavender and Wesker was at last able to relax. Sinking back into the pilot’s chair, he let out a shallow breath as his eyes fell closed behind the shades. It had been a long night and now he wanted to rest, even with the use of this magnificent plane it still take half a day to reach his new headquarters, his Arcadia. 

In the rear of the plane, a shadow emerged from some darkened confine and the figure of a woman came forward. Dressed in the same Lycra bodysuit as the clones, she moved as silently as coming death and crept up behind Wesker without making a sound before firmly pressing the muzzle of a USP-9 against his temple.

“Any last words?” Alice asked, her voice becoming very cold as she looked down upon him with the merciless, unflinching gaze of a predator. At last the moment she had longed for had come, now was the moment she would avenge all those she had loved and lost, all those who had given their lives to stop Umbrella. She intended to enjoy it…

Irritated by the interruption, Wesker reached beneath an instrument panel to remove something before suddenly lurching out of the chair. Moving faster than any human should have been able to; he came around with one hand clasping something sharp and made to stab her neck. Thinking he had a knife, she tried to retreat but the pilot’s chamber was too small for her to move freely and he jammed the weapon home before she could defend herself.

A jolt of pain shot through her as the unusually long blade cut her deeper than any knife should, but strangely that was the only pain she felt as she staggered back. Wesker made no move to stop her; In fact he seemed to enjoy watching her as she pulled the weapon out of her neck to find that it wasn’t a knife. It was a stainless steel syringe.

Shocked and confused, she glared at her nemesis questioningly. Then suddenly she dropped the needle as a look of intense agony spread across her features. It was as if a fire had been set in her flesh, its deadly heat boiling her blood and dissolving her organs.

“How nice it is to finally meet the real Project Alice.” Wesker said before moving to stand over her crumpled body, his eyes twinkling with merrily behind the shaded glasses as he took in the pained expression. “Hurts, doesn’t it. Well I’m afraid that is only the beginning. As we speak micro-organisms are coursing through your blood stream and neutralising T-cells. So pretty soon all those powers of yours…speed…strength…accelerated healing. Well you kiss all that good bye. Put simply the Umbrella Corporation is taking back its property. I’m afraid you just didn’t work out.” He sniggered at the notion, clearly enjoying his opportunity to play god. “So you’re being recalled.”

His words flamed her anger and caused some of the pain to dissipate as she used the last of her strength to raise the USP-9. However it was much heavier than she remembered and Wesker, not willing to give her another chance, had snapped a kick into her chest before she could even bring the gun to bear. Knocked back by the incredible power of his attack, her body did a flurry of reverse summersaults as she was thrown out the cockpit and sent flying across the cargo bay before finally slamming into the air locked door and crumpling to  the floor.

Dipping in and out of consciousness, she could only just muster the willpower to lift her head as Wesker came forward, his hand dipping out of sight as he reached for one of his eagles.

“What are you?” She asked in a voice that was little more than a whisper. Something was horribly wrong here, even when she had been human, Alice had been better than most and not even the Nemesis Project had been able to land a blow quite like the one Wesker had just dealt her, no human could.

“Me? Why I am what you use to be.” He proclaimed, stepping into the cargo bay with his gleaming weapon drawn. His heavy footfalls echoing as he walked unhurriedly towards the fallen woman, aiming the heavy pistol between her eyes. “…Only I’m better.”

Believing it to be over, Wesker paid no mind to anything other than the kill that was to come, yet Alice saw all and despite the immediate danger, she couldn’t help looking past Wesker and smiling as she saw the flash of movement.

Standing over the helpless Alice, about to deliver the coup de grace, Wesker felt rather than heard the presence behind him and swinging around, he just had enough time to witness the flash of steel. Rear back, he tried to dodge the blow but the attacker was too close and instead the razor sharp blade swooped down and sliced the gun’s thick barrel in two. Jumping away from his mystery assailant, he had just enough time to glance down and see that his weapon had been reduced to scrap before looking up and finding to his immense surprise that it was another Alice clone.

“Hhmmm…so it’s just another one of your clones.”  He observed, his lips twitching into a smile as he dropped the remnants of his pistol. “I must say, you are something of a weed. As soon as I cut one of you down, another comes along to take her place; how amusing.”

Not so amused, the clone leapt forward without warning, her Katana cutting a silver arc through the low light as she went at Wesker full throttle. However, the Umbrella Chairman was unfazed by her show of tenacity and stepped aside just as the blade was about to strike his cold flesh. Swinging around, the clone attacked again and again Wesker dodged it, rolling under the steel’s reach as he grabbed his second Desert Eagle from its holster. When he came up, the weapon was out but she was already moving, her sword reaching out in a cut that caught the gun across the hook of its trigger guard.

The impact knocked Wesker’s aim and when he fired, the bullet merely grazed her check so that a narrow cut oozed gouts of blood in its wake as for a single moment they were locked together. And then Wesker barged forward, using his weight advantage to throw her back. She stumbled, her leather boots slipping on the smooth metal floor while he recovered and took aim. Just catching herself before she fell, the clone cast her gaze around in time to glimpse Wesker smirking as he prepared to fire. With no time to think, she spun on her heel and made a frantic dash to the nearest wall. Gathering momentum, she leapt forward and literally began running up the wall. Pushing up with every step, she seemed able to defy gravity as she ran up and along smooth surface.

In the confined space of the cargo bay, the gunshot rang out as a deafening roar and her arm jerked violently when the bullet hammered against her. Strangely there was no pain, but the force of the impact made her lose balance and jump. Despite the hurried leap, she tumbled head over heels and landed nimbly with a jaguar’s grace before Wesker, her arms raised as she aligned the sword in a guard, only to find that the uppermost half of the blade had been shot off to leave her with little more than a ragged stump of ineptly proportioned metal. In this state, the Katana would be of less use to her than a butter knife.

Smirking as he saw the state of her weapon, Wesker levelled the gun at the clone. In truth there was still a danger from this one, with a second sword sheathed across her back and her powers still active, she would pose a moderate threat had he not had her in his sights. However, as it was she would never have time to draw the weapon, let alone attack him with it, before he emptied the clip into her. This fight was over.

Only she was of a different opinion. With superhuman speed, the clone hefted what remained of the Katana and hurled it at Wesker, inept, stumped blade first. Surprised but still faster than the eye could see, he lashed out and swatted the sword aside with a swipe of his hand but in that single instant, when his attention was divided, she acted. Rushing forward so quickly she verged on becoming a blur, she attacked with a roundhouse kick that should have cracked his skull back, had Wesker not seen the coming danger at the last possible instant. His iron hard fist slammed against her side, cracking several of her ribs as he twisted around her blow and then stepped through with an upper cut that sent the clone reeling. Grabbing her Lycra collar, he ended the skirmish by throwing her over his collar and across the bay.

Still winded, the clone skidded across the plaiting as if it were in fact a lake of ice, and Wesker didn’t wait for her to recover before firing a volley. Sparks ignited as the heavy rounds ricochet off the floor and walls as every shoot missed the free sailing clone by a hair’s breadth until she finally collided with the wall. Seeing his chance, Wesker levelled his eagle for the final shot when another shot rang out like the bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm as a bullet slammed into Wesker’s shoulder, spoiling his aim and giving the clone time to take cover.

Alice was back in the fight. With USP-9 raised and Wesker in her sights, she fired a perfect shot that ripped into Wesker’s shoulder and made him stagger. However he regarded the wound like it was nothing, so she fired again, and then again. Nothing could explain it but although her aim was still spot on, Wesker would dodge the bullet at the last moment, his super human speed taking him from one spot to the next in the blink of an eye. And each time he did, he came at her, appearing closer and until he was almost atop her, and then he was on her.

In the merest instant he went from firing at her sheltering clone to suddenly running at her full gallop, every well worked muscle in his body practically a quiver as came at her in a thunderous burst of kinetic energy. Moving too swiftly for her to focus, he slammed past her defences and rammed a shovel hook punch to her gut that her eyes widen and spittle fly from her parted lips as she grunted in agony. Still caught in his vortex of motion, Wesker dropped to one knee and suddenly swept his leg around, taking her legs out from under her as he came back up in the midst of a reverse round house with his opposite leg. The blow caught her aerial form across the ribs and tossed her heavily against the wall.

“No!” The clone cried, emerging from her shelter with the second sword drawn and clearly with a mind to come to her weakened sire’s defence. Her stupidity made Wesker smirk; only a fool brought a knife to a gun fight. He turned without warning, the smoking Eagle pistol levelled and ready as he blasted off a round that would take her head off. Only she suddenly dived forward, rolling across the floor in a tight ball as the bullet passed harmlessly over her. Unmoved by her prowess, he corrected his aim and fired again as she rose up. A flash of silver burnt in the darkness and then her sword was there, cutting across the bullet’s path before it could touch her and slicing the round in two.

The separate halves of the bullet flew in opposite directions as the clone curled up to her full height, the impossible sharp Katana spiralling around her in a deadly helix as she stepped forward and then whirled the sword down. Wesker darted round the descending blade but his gun was empty, the magazine spent in that last hail of fire, so instead he stepped through with a punch that hit with such force it pulverised her ribs and ripped through her chest cavity. Blood gushed from the clone’s lips as the blow broke her lungs and destroyed her heart before tearing from her back in a grisly shower of gore.

Already dead, the clone hung their limp and unmoving as the look of triumph crossed Wesker’s face; that had been all too easy. When the sword slipped from her lifeless fingers, he tossed the ruined corpse aside, regarding the bloodied form with a look one might usually reserve for something less than human before turning back to Alice. Near comatose, the stricken woman could only struggle for breath as she returned a look that was vibrant with hatred. It was time they ended this tiresome game.

He was upon her in an instant, standing over her exhausted body like some grim spectre of death. An ominous click rang out as he shoved his last clip inside the gun before pressing the weapon against her forehead. “Now where were we?” He asked mindfully, unable to resist taunting her before finally putting her out of his misery. “Ah yes, I believe I was about to kill you.”

“Wait…” Alice gasped, blood touching her lips as she tried to form the words. “Please wait.”

“Last words?” Wesker asked smugly, more than a little amused by the concept. “Or do you feel like begging for your life, I am a generous man you know.”

Alice would have laughed if she could must the energy. She wasn’t afraid to die, everyone has die sooner or later and she’d had her taste of it enough to know death couldn’t possibly be as bad as what her life had become. In truth she was only pissed off that she wouldn’t live long enough to see this beast pay for his crimes. But as much as it made her stomach turn to admit it, she did owe him something. “Thank you.”

“For killing you?”

“No…”Alice gasped, the pain in her side only growing worse as she tried to speak. “For making me human again.”

“My pleasure…” Wesker said before beginning to squeeze the magnum’s trigger. Suddenly an alarm began to sound, filling the bomber with its harsh song and drawing Wesker’s attention back to the cockpit. What he saw made that infernal smirk vanish.

The clone’s first sword, which he had so carelessly swatted aside, was stuck in the AI’s control panel, shutting the autopilot off. Too make matters worse without the programme to guide it, the bomber had been steadily losing altitude, throwing it on a collision course with the snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji. At the ship’s present speed it would be only a matter of moments until they crashed. Forgetting Alice in lour of the much greater danger, Wesker turned away from the exhausted woman and made a desperate, life or death dash to the cockpit. Despite his incredible speed however, Wesker arrived at the controls too late to save them, instead he got to watch in horror as the bomber’s nose collided with the rock face before a monstrous ball of flames suddenly reached out and consumed him.

In the cockpit, Alice felt the collision jar the ship’s metal skeleton before the roar of the protesting metal almost deafened her, and then she was air born. Hurled forward as the bomber was tossed about wildly across the mountain face, she had just enough time to hear her Wesker’s agonized scream before a great fire ball exploded in front of her and devoured over half the ship. Then suddenly all went back as her head struck something hard and she fell into a great void of blackness.


It must have been the cold that roused Alice. It was a very cold morning and the icy winds crept across her body like Death’s chilling embrace. Barely conscious but still alive, her eyes fluttered open but her brain was still too shell-shocked from the blast to discern anything other than a bright light. Perhaps she was dead, but if this was heaven, why was it so cold?

In the distance she could hear a flock of Bush Warblers singing their song; it was a peaceful tune and an enjoyable contrast to the usual melancholy of her life as bit by bit, her senses gradually returned. At first her world view was just a blurry collage of indifferent colours and shapes, but then it was sharpened and defined as fresh colours blossomed and bloomed until she saw everything clearly.

The morning sky had turned from deep violet to a deep cerulean blue as the sun rose ever higher in its arch; the day had worn on some time since she had fallen unconscious. The landscaping was mostly dark rock but the brittle skeletons of a few dozen trees were scattered around her and she could just see the ruin of Tokyo in the distance, its remains still smoking from the blast. All around her broken pieces of metal burned, the fires warming her slightly against the freezing winds that blow across the rocky face of Mount Fuji. Not far away, the broken wreck of the bomber was still burning, the once magnificent armaments turned black as ash as it lay crippled and broken on the mountain side.  Without a doubt, she’d been lucky this time.

There was no way Wesker could have survived, but every one of her instincts told her she had to confirm the kill, that that bastard was too wily a beast to leave up to mere conjecture. She had to be sure, to see his burnt husk with her own two eyes, before believing him to be dead for sure.

Resolute in her decision, Alice reluctantly got to her feet, staggering slightly as she momentarily lost balance. Her body was heavier than it should have been, and the sudden movement caused her head to throb painfully; it was obviously going to take a while for her to get reacquainted with being human again.

In her concussion hindered state, the climb down to the wreck was steep and dangerous. The rocky ground was treacherous under her boots and winds that were approaching gale force threatened to throw her to the ground with every unsure step she took. It was a precarious journey and one that seemed to take forever as she methodically worked her way down the valley to the bomber.

Despite its once illustrious armour plating, little remained of the ship but scrap metal; its major components having either been destroyed by the gunfire or eaten away by the fiercely raging flames. Its wings were gone, torn away in the crash, and whatever remained of the engines could be seen burning on the outskirts of the crash site. Only the main compartment had remained largely intact, but whatever remained of the cockpit had been buried beneath the rocks while the mangled tail was almost standing vertical.

It towered over her and the surrounding rocks but Alice could just make out a thick column of dark smoke rising from its base and as she approached, treading as carefully as she dared over the lose stones, she found a crack just large enough for her to squeeze through. It was a tight fit but miraculously she managed to get through, her Lycra bodysuit protecting her skin from any jagged pieces of metal that might have reached out to claim her as she passed before stepping into the chocking blackness of the cargo bay.

Lit only by faint traces of ghost light and thick with the unrelenting smoke, the cargo bay proved to be as inhospitable as the mountain side it rested on. Coughing violently, Alice had to cover her nose and mouth to keep from suffocating in the pool of noxious gas and the smoke was so dense, she could barely see her hand in front of her face and so was forced to rely on fractured memories to navigate her way through the cloud. However, even when she was clearing the veil’s depths, the fragments of ghost light offered her little assistance. Reaching into her belt, she quickly equipped herself with a small torch that flooded the ruined ship with a brilliant beam of light when activated. Narrow but powerful; the beam of light confirmed Alice’s first assumption that the Cargo bay was empty.

Sweeping the light across the cargo bay, Alice suddenly felt her breath catch in her throat as the beam fell on something that was neither part of the wall or floor. It might have once been a body but the carbonised remnants had been burned and blackened beyond all recognition.

Unable to tell if it was Wesker’s smouldering corpse or just another ill shaped rock, she crept forward, trying to be mindful as she did of whatever might be underfoot. The charred remains reeked with the pungent odder of burning flesh and Alice had to fight against gagging as she reached out. Hot to touch, the effigy began to crumble under her fingers and it only just held together as she rolled it over.

“No…” Alice whispered disbelievingly as she stared down at a face that, despite being half burnt away, was almost the mirror image of her own. Horrified by the sight of her murdered clone’s remains, she staggered back and in doing so, almost lost her footing as she tripped on something that had been half hidden on the floor. Whirling around with her torch levelled, she was relieved to find it was just her USP-9.

Reaching down to reclaim the Heckler & Koch, Alice felt a strange sense of ease filling her. It had once belonged to Carlos Olivera, before his death in the Nevada desert he’d taken her aside and given it to her and made her promise to use it to bring down Umbrella. It was the last thing she had to remember the only man she’d ever loved. Preoccupied with her former Lover’s gun, Alice never noticed the moving darkness or the heavy thuds of approaching footfalls.

“It seems I underestimated you Alice,” The voice cut through her harmonica moment like the crack of a gunshot and Alice raised the gun in the voice’s direction before angling the torch towards it. The bright beam revealed something that was far from concerting. “Even as a human, your abilities far exceed the expectations of Dr. Isaacs.”

Albert Wesker was standing in the buried cockpit’s doorway, unfortunately alive though for what it mattered, he looked like he’d seen better days. His normal slick blond hair was dirty and dishevelled, his tailored uniform rumpled and torn, and burns of varying degree tarnished his once flawless skin. Yet despite it all, his shades seemed untouched by the explosion and the crash; some bastards just have all the luck.

“I’m only just getting started!” She said hotly, not really sure what else to say.
Things were not looking good. Although Alice had got Wesker in her sights, her USP-9 only had one round left and given the bastard’s speed, she may as well hurl the whole gun at him for all the good that one shot would do her. He on the other hand, had her out classed in every fashion and a Desert Eagle that was fully loaded and practically calling for her blood. Yes, things were bad, and if she didn’t find a way to even the odds, she’d by lying dead beside her clone before she can pull even pull the tiger…

Then she saw it, the answer to the greatest question ever asked, lying on the floor beside her clone’s charred body. The sword’s blade reflected the torch light, telling Alice exactly where it lay, partly submerged beneath debris between Wesker and the clone’s effigy. It was quite a distance; there was no way she’d make it without a distraction.

“Now…now Alice there’s no reason for us to be enemies. With Excella’s death, I find myself in need of a partner, someone to rule the world by my side…” Wesker said, his burnt lip twitching as if her were about to smile at the thought. Only Alice wasn’t interested.

“Go to hell!” She yelled before suddenly pulling back her arm and hurling the torch at Wesker. Turning over and over, the device  shot through the air like a rock as its blinding beam of light illuminated every corner of the Cargo Bay, yet he didn’t so much as bat an eye lash.  In a practised motion, he made to swipe the torch from the sky but Alice beat him to the punch. Raising her gun as her heart pounded loudly in her chest, she aimed for the base of the light beam before firing her last round.

An explosion of light erupted in the Cargo bay, sending a blinding flash through the darkness as shards of glass and metal rocketed in all directions. Wesker recoiled in shock, momentarily stunned as the deadly fragments sliced into his face and Alice didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his distraction by leaping to the side and making an all or nothing dash for the sword. Relying purely on memory once more, she jumped over her replica’s body before throwing her hand out in a desperate grab for the weapon, her heart jumping in excitement when she felt the metal collide heavily with her palm.

“You’ll pay for that!” Wesker growled murderously, taking his hand away from his face long enough to turn to where he knew his prey would be. He didn’t know why she hadn’t fled the ship, and in truth he didn’t care. All he cared about now was making the bitch pay for what she had done to his face and with murderous intent he advanced just as Alice swung the sword. Too late, he realised the danger when the shimmer of sharpened steel slashed across his throat and laid his neck open all the way to the bone.

“That was for you Carlos.” Alice said, watching victorious as Wesker clutched at his open throat in an effort to stop the blood flow before dropping his gun and falling to the ground in a steadily growing pool of bloodied muck.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, she felt her knees give way and she collapsed weakly as her body began to tremble with happy sobs. It was finally over.

                                                                            Chapter Two

                                                                         The Graveyard

…Six months later

In the late hours of the Alaskan afternoon, the rolling waters of the Bering Sea were reflected as a deep Carolina blue. A marginal sea in the northern Pacific Ocean, the Bering stretched for over 770000 square miles from the northern borders of Asia all the way up to the costs of Northern Alaska and had been considered by many to be some of the most traitorous waters on the planet. Ravaged by impossibly strong currents that were made permanently ferocious by washing through its sixteen submarine canyons, the waters of this dreadful expanse of ocean had tossed and turned many of the floating wind-ships which had drifted into its tides over the centuries and the seasonal arrival of pack ice and bergs in autumn had made it a constant danger for any vessel carless enough to run astray.

Squinting through the clear fibreglass, Alice watched bemusedly as far below walls of white capped water rocked the sea. It was only May but already the approaching summer tides were rolling the sea to a violent shade of grey and she couldn’t help but be thankful she’d decided to make the journey to Arcadia by air instead of sea. After all the trouble she’d gone through to take revenge on Umbrella, it just wouldn’t do for her to drown in a summer storm.

A metallic sputtering that sounded ominously like bolts falling into a blender suddenly roared over the bellowing wind, draw her attention back to the plane’s controls, to her dismay the needle on fuel gauge was poised over Empty. With a minor note of irritation, she took one had off the stick and reached back to the rear of the cabin where a pair of auxiliary fuel tanks had been jerry rigged to the engine. After a moment spent twisting the valves, the reserve aviation fuel flowed into the injection system and it hummed into life.

With the engine now purring like a kitten, she turned back to the instrument panel, her gaze lingering for a moment on the compass and directional Gyro before she checked her position on the set of navigational charts and maps she had arranged around the cabin.

‘Not long now…’ She thought, more than a little relieved by the dwindling distance, before looking to the video camera which had been mounted on the top of the panel. The light on its side was blinking and instead of green, it was showing up as a danger orange, the battery was almost dead and had switched to standby mode to conserve power. ‘Better make this short.’ With a sigh, she activated the flight recorder.

“May 3rd, 1600 hours. It has now been A hundred and seventy-seven days without any signs of life. I’m at 58.37 degrees north, 134.58 degrees west and am now closing in on the coordinates for Arcadia, but there are no signs of it on any of the maps…” She hesitated; afraid to continue for fear that her doubts might be given life by her words. “Something doesn’t feel right, but I don’t know what and I can only hope that Claire and the others made it.”

Turning the camera off with a hint of apprehension darkening her features, Alice cast her gaze up at the cockpit’s screens to watch as the distant white-capped peaks of the Alaskan mountains darkened the horizon. Already clumps of thick ice had begun to appear dotted about the Bering and as she drew nearer the cost, great bergs rose up from the sea’s depths to form unbreakable roofs above the rolling tides that survived both Alaskan summer and winter.

For over 500miles, the untamed wilderness of Alaska’s south western region was a combination of thick boreal forests, steep outcroppings and deep water lakes. Forever in the shadow of the great mountain chains which encircled the state, it was scarcely populated and offered few sanctuaries to travellers from the dangers of its hollowing northern winds and hungry bear population.

Trying to conserve the little fuel she had left, Alice flew the Fuji T-7 up at such an angle that it could be caught and carried by the passing thermals while she observed the varied geography of the world beneath her. She kept going along the coast until mathematically she would have been on top of the coordinates the recording gave, but there was just one problem…

There wasn’t any sign of Arcadia.

Cursing under her breath; she pulled back on the stick and brought the plane around in a curving arc before taking it down for a closer look. The terrain here was rugged with little to see but brown grassland and an occasional clumping of dead trees, but holding steady at 50metres, she could now make out an unusual cluster of landmarks that were gathered together about half a mile from the oceans lapping grey waters. Curious, she circled the site once before taking the plane in for landing.

Keeping the wings level, she lined the aircraft up for her angle of approach and began her descent. Rocked by suddenly fierce winds, the plane began to shake violently as it cut across the airwaves and with her heart aflutter, it took all of Alice’s efforts to maintain the correct airspeed and keep the Fuji levelled out. It was a hair-raising experience and despite her naturally stock expression, inside her mind was abuzz with panic as she desperately tried to calculate these new developments into her timing.

Feeling her stomach lurch as the ground hurried up to meet her, she lowered the flaps before jerking the controls back to compensate for the added drag. The engine stalled when the wheels touched down, the reassuring jolt of touchdown throwing her back into her seat and she couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. Far from a seasoned pilot, she had only attempted a hand full of landing and this was certainly the first without a tarmacked road or runway to great her approach. It was an invigorating feeling to know her skills were improving.

She let the plane roll to a stop before unbuckling her pilot’s harness and pushing back the fiberglass canopy. A cold breeze howled overhead but she ignored it as she swung her leg over the canopy and stepped on the wing. Dressed in a battered brown leather flyer’s jacket with a fur trimmed collar and matching set of cowgirl boots and trousers, she was relatively well protected against the cold as the wind’s cold tendrils people whipped locks of her auburn hair across her face. Yet as relieved as she was to be out of the insufferably cramped cockpit, her pretty face remain contorted with a look of scorn as she took in the space around her with adamant distaste.

Everywhere she looked, there was aircraft. Aligned all around her as if they were children’s toys, the randomised mix of planes and helicopters stretched almost as far inland as her eyes could see. If it were not for their varying states of disrepair, Alice might have thought she had landed in the heart of some great, but primitive, airfield. Yet as it was, the open stretch of grassland appeared more befitting of the term junkyard, or a graveyard.

“So this is Arcadia?” She observed, her eyebrow rising with as she looked from one beaten up wreck to the next and tried to calculate just how many people had beaten her to what they hoped would be their last chance for salvation. There had to of been many, hundreds, maybe even thousands of refugees. But what could have happened to of made them all disappear? Had something dreadful happened, or perhaps they had grown tired of waiting for a hope that would never come and returned to the nomadic life of survivors on the run.

A frown formed across her lips as with a resigning shrug, she jumped down from the plane’s wing and began to scout the area for signs which might tell her what had happened here. There wasn’t much, aside from the occasional discarded food wrapper the vehicles’ interiors had been picked clean and Alice was left to wander the deserted grasslands in silent contemplation until she heard a frenzy of whispered mutterings on the wind.

“Hello…” She called out, her hand immediately reaching beneath her jack for the holstered gun on her belt as she awaited the reply. Although she didn’t particularly want to shoot any survivors, since the decay of civilization, banditry had become as common a danger along the road as that posed by the infected and she couldn’t help noticing how perfect this place was for an ambush. With so much cover to hide behind, even a half-witted gang could set up an effective enough ambush for whoever came to answer the radio message and she had no intention of being caught unawares like that time back in Nevada.

Her voice carried well on the wind, but there was no answer to be heard as the whispers continued. Although little more than murmurs, she could make out snippets of what was being said and thought it might have been a man’s voice, strangely he seemed to repeating himself and Alice, growing concerned, drew the heavy barrel of her 44.Magnum from its holster before following the murmuring.

Keeping her eyes peeled for any signs of movement as she progressed cautiously through the maze of Aircrafts, Alice did her best to remain cool despite the erratic dumbing of her heart. She was getting close, so close in fact that the voice almost seemed to be whispering in her ear and as she passed a crack in the wrecked hull of a weather beaten DC-3 Transport plane, it bellowed out at her in a way that made her heart miss a beat. Whirling about, she thrust the revolver through the crack, her finger perched on the tightly wound trigger as if she were expecting something horrible to lurch out of the darkness to claim her life at any moment.

There was nothing there however and she gave her heart a moment to calm before lowering the heavy side-arm as she bent forward and climbed carefully through the crevice and into the blackness of the plane’s interior.  It was dark inside and her eyes struggled to adjust to the low light and could only just make out the metal ribcage of the roof above.

She must have entered the cargo hold because she could just make out a flight of steps ascending to the cockpit. The voice was coming from there so, aided only by the intricate web of light that filtered in through the tiny cracks in the transport plane’s hull; she made straight for the source of the continued muttering and ran up the stairs with one hand on the railing, the other holding the magnum before her. The stairwell had grown flimsy with rust and her heavy footfalls made it shake violently as she took the footing two at time.  Fortunately for her, the door to the control room had been left ajar so she needn’t worry about the structure collapsing as she delivered a forward kicked to the barrier and burst inside.

The words were blaring out inaudibly now but the cockpit was empty and judging by the thick sheet of dust covering the monitors and control panels, it had been for some time. The windows were dirty but they gave her just enough light to see that A digital recorder had been set up across the instrument panels, its display blinking in  an attempt to bypass its remaining power to whatever systems were still running. Her brow furrowing in confusion, Alice lowered her gun and gave the recorder the once over before idly pushing buttons until she found what she was looking for. With a low whistle, the device began refining its audio until it reached a level she could understand and then began to play.

“This is Arcadia, broadcasting on the emergency frequency at location, 114.08 degrees longitude, 51.08 degrees latitude. There is no infection. We offer safety and security, food and shelter. I Repeat…there is no infection. You are not alone.”

Realisation struck Alice like a bolt of lightning and a look of undisguised horror masked her features as stepped back, visibly stricken. This was it, this was what had brought so many people to one of the farthest corners of the world, this is what had given all her friends hope and then ad revealed them to be a hollow shell.

She didn’t bother to wonder who had put it there or why. As far as she was concerned, whatever it had sought to offer had expired long ago, there was no point keeping it active and in her rage, she raised the gun and squeezed the trigger. The recorder exploded but she didn’t stop there and Alice kept firing until the wheel had run dry and the instrument panel resembled a slab of Swiss cheese.


Exiting the plane, Alice continued her search until she reached what looked like the edge of the graveyard and heard the gentile lapping of waves on a beach bank.

After the ominous quite of the Aircraft graveyard, the rolling grey waters of the Bering were a welcoming sight and Alice felt her heart jump as walking through a clumping of dead conifers, she spotted an all too familiar Umbrella helicopter perched in the dirty brown sand.

With its black armour marred by a score of dents and scratches and a thick inlay of rust covering its rotors, the Helicopter looked considerably more beaten than she remembered.  She walked around the aircraft once, scrutinizing it closely before climbing through the open cabin door. She’d hoped to find a clue to the disappearance of her friends but tight confines of the ships inner belly were reluctant to give her anything other than the long dried bloodstains left by Dr Isaacs during his escape from the Las Vegas ruin just eighteen months before.

The rear of the cabin was empty, even the cushions from the seats had been removed, so she leaned through the void between the pilots’ chairs in search of the flight recorder. It was gone, ripped from the control panel along with anything else that might have given her the clues she needed. Dismayed, she drew back and was about to leave the derelict aircraft when she caught sight of something lying half hidden beneath the co-pilot’s chair.

It looked like a book and curious, she reached down carefully to retrieve it, being mindful as she did of any indications that it might be rigged or booby-trapped. Nothing seemed odd so she brought it into the light and found, to her surprise, that it was the notebook she’d handed to the girl K-mart at the end of their last meeting. Bringing the heavy tome up to eyelevel, she remembered the distressed look that had flooded the teen’s pretty face as she jammed the book into her hands. The truth was always hard on the young and she’d asked hopefully for Alice to come with them, after seeing how card it had been for K-mart to bear, she hadn’t had the heart to tell her they’d probably never see each other again.

Feeling her heart start to race, she began flicking through the familiar pages of the journal that had been taken over by newspaper cuttings and geographical mappings until she finally came to a handful of pages towards the back which had been taken over by scribbled scriptures that she recognised as being K-mart’s writing.

The girl had documented the journey in impressive detail. It had been dangerous; they’d had to stop many times in search of fuel and supplies and as a result, a trip which should have taken just a few weeks had been stretched into months. Yet as she drew to the end, something about the inscriptions began to change and she could almost hear K-mart’s cheery voice whispering the last sentence on the page.

‘We are here, Arcadia…at last…’ Smiling a bemused smile as she imagined the charismatically cheery girl’s delight at the thought of their journey being over, Alice turned the page expectantly; only to find it blank, except for a hurried scribble in the lowest corner. ‘…Something’s not right.’

Unsatisfied, she thumbed through the remaining pagers but found them to be completely blank. No messages detailing where they might have gone or clues for to piece together, it was as if they had simply vanished into thin air like everyone else who had come to Arcadia in search of salvation.

Growling in frustration, she slammed the book shut and shoved it inside one of the inside pockets of her jacket before jumping down from the helicopter and made her way across the beach to the sea’s rolling grey bank. Even in spring, the waters of the Bering were freezing and she could feel the chill of the surf rolling over her boots as she walked heatedly through the sloshing tide until finally she came to the decaying remnants of a water-soaked log which must have been washed up on the stronger winter tides that had been battering the Alaskan coast.

The sky was darkening, the setting sun turning the sky an ominous slate grey as immense clouds blotted out its weak light. It wouldn’t be long before night set in and feeling her anger ebb like the waves at her feet, Alice decided to take care of the last bit of business and reached into one of the larger of her flight jacket’s pockets to pull out a small digital recorder.

Balancing the recorder on a thick branch, she flicked through the settings before setting it to record. As the small red light flicked to life, she scouted down to sit atop the damp bark and began to recite the words which had been weighing so heavily on her heart.

“May 3rd, 19.30 hours, Arcadia. I have followed the recording’s direction north to the shores of Alaska and found that no such place exists. There is just a field crowded with ghosts, and a beach.” She exhaled deeply, her eyes drifting back across the beach to the helicopter and then to the graveyard. “I have found Claire’s helicopter but there is no sign of her or the others. I have no idea what they found here but we all heard the transmissions and I have found the source of the message. Someone must have sent them. Someone must have wanted to bring all these people here for a reason. But why? And where did they all go?”

The question echoed in the air, taunting her mercilessly before mingling with the drumming of the tide on the shore and evaporating into nothing. This place reeked of death; there was nothing left for her here except the howl of the whistling wind and the whispers of long dead ghosts. With her hear sinking, Alice rose up from her perch on the damp and gave the darkening one last contemplating stare before turning back to the recorder. “Day 177…signing off.” But as she reached for the terminating switch, her fingers slipped and thoughts she’d tried so hard to suppress suddenly spilled from her lips in a rush of hidden emotion. “And…I don’t know if I can do this much longer.”

It was hard to deny she was growing tired, tired of being alone, tired of never having anyone to confide in, and tired of always being the sole survivor. In those few invigorating months of hunting for and purging Umbrella’s compounds, when she’d been  surrounded by her clones, she had never had to suffer the bitter taste of solitude and she’d grown to enjoy the sense of companionship she shared with Gama, Beta and all the rest. But now they were all dead and even the solitude she’d once enjoyed seemed to have abandoned her.

“What if I’m the last? What if there is no one left? No one left to watch these tapes and learn from my mistakes?” The words were as frightening to her as the judging silence and she felt hot tears welling up inside before she could stop herself. “Is this my punishment for letting all this happen when I could have stopped it so long ago?” Overwhelmed, a single tear began to roll down her check, just as she a faint prickling sensation cropping across her shoulders. Recognising the feeling, she swung around and looked across the beach in time to see an illusive figure disappearing into the undergrowth.

Forgetting the camera, Alice jumped to her feet and took off at a run. Not daring to believe her eyes, she charged full out across the surf battered beach, her heavy boots splashing loudly in the rolling surf before she ascend to the drier sands and then to the dead, brown grass at the mouth of the trees. Clouded in shadow, she could just make out the fleeting figure darting between the trees like some elusive forest spirit and didn’t give a moment’s pause before plunging into the trees.

In desperation, she moved without restraint or caution and paid mind only to the protruding roots of trees which stretched up from the earth like the arms of hell, reaching up to claim her and drag her down to that fiery underworld. High above, dying branches plumed by dry brown foliage formed a dense canopy that blotted out the sun’s waning light, casting her into an eerie gloom which only grew worse as she pressed on at speeds that were unwise. She didn’t care about the danger, or the thorny shrubbery plucking at her clothes; all she cared about was reaching whoever it was. After being alone for so long, she couldn’t afford to let this chance slip through her fingers.

It was getting harder to see in the gloom but with her chances of catching the fleeting shadow already dropping, she didn’t dare slow.  Instead, she ran and ran, until the dense wall of trees all around her suddenly fell away and she was thrust into a blinding well of light. Blinded by the brightness as her eyes struggled to adjust, Alice almost fell head over heels in her rush to stop and narrowly missed colliding with an abandoned land cruiser.

Coming to a halt and using a raised arm for cover, she gave her eyes a moment to become accustom to the painful glare before lowering the limb to find that she had emerged from the trees at the edge of the graveyard. To her dismay, there was no trace of her quarry and, to make matters worse, she didn’t recognise the part of the site she’d emerged on. It was going to take some time for her to work her way back to her plane and it was unlikely she’d do so before dark.

Aggravated by this cruel twist of fate, Alice couldn’t resist giving the discarded truck she had nearly crashed into a good kick. A dent appeared in the side of the door as the sole of her boot hit it with a satisfying clunk, yet the blow caused her foot to explode with a painful sensation and she couldn’t help cursing under her breath as she limped back a step. Clearly, she was still trying to come to terms with her renewed human limitations.

After her bitter disappointment on the beach and then to come so close, only to have her hopes dashed once again, well this fresh anti-climax was hard to swallow and she thought she might just slip into a great black well of despair. To console herself, she tried to make herself believe that she had heard was probably just the wind in the trees or the overcurious nature of a skittish deer, anything to keep her from believing the obvious truth that whispered in the dark corners of her mind; she was an outcast, a shunned freak of humanity…

In her distressed state, she almost didn’t hear a fallen twig snapping underfoot and wheeled about just in time to see something exploding out of the undergrowth. It was huge, whatever it was, and barrelling towards her with such haste that Alice scarcely had a moment before it was upon her. She tried to dive out of its path but it was too fast and hit her head on, knocking the breath from her as she was pitched back and together they went flying.

She wasn’t sure how far she went but to say her landing was rough would have been the understatement of the century and she did cartwheels across the stone laden ground before rising up with both hands poised over her guns. Infected or not, her reflexes were sharper than any knife and she tugged both of her magnum revolvers from their leather confines before whirling around to face her new adversary with both pistols drawn and levelled. Only when she saw it, she was sure she was going to need something bigger, ‘Like a Bazooka…’

It was a bear, but not just any bear; it was the largest fucking Kodiak bear she’d ever seen. Already up and standing high on its hind legs, it towered over her like the biblical character goliath and she didn’t need the likes of Sir David Attenborough to tell her that this large male was in his prime. With a thick brown pelt and paws that were larger than sledge hammers, even the obvious signs of malnutrition couldn’t shatter this leviathan’s air of invincibility. But maybe a couple of her Magnum shells could get the job done.

The guns were heavy under the weight of the fully loaded cylinder so to lighten the load; she fired a quick volley that exploded into the creature’s hide. There was no point trying to negotiate, like the lions of the Salvo River, Kodiaks were very dangerous beasts at the best of times but a hungry bear would eat anything it could find and last she looked, she was the only thing in the area that was on the menu. However the shots seemed not to register with the bear as it gave a bellowing roar before swiping at her with its massive paw.

It was swifter than something of its size should have been and eyes coming alive with the danger, she only just lurched backward in time to avoid the bear’s bone shattering left hook. Passing within millimetres of her, the claw appendage narrowly missed taking her eye out and she only had time enough to fire off a shot that passed harmlessly over its shoulder before she was forced to move. Crashing down on all fours, it came after her with a thunderous fury that made the ground shake and she had just enough time to dive under the nearby truck before it was upon her.

Looking back frantically as she crawled into the semi darkness and took shelter beneath the derelict 4X4, Alice watched as the frenzied bear flattened itself to the ground before it began pawing the earth in an attempt to reach her. Its immense claws tearing great trenches through the layers of leaves and dirt until the task appeared to grow too strenuous for the starving beast and it gave up, favouring instead to smash the truck with its heavy hide in an ill-conceived attempt to tip the vehicle over.

Unfortunately the math of the matter wasn’t on her side, so with both .44s still clasped tight, she began to shuffle through the crawl space towards the light. It was a tight squeeze but as it was still furiously pounding against the stubbornly rooted truck, the bear failed to notice her leaving so she scurried beneath the automobile like a mouse in its tunnel. Immerging in the dirt on the far side, she took a quick nerve steadying breath before darting up and in one smooth motion; she turned and levelled her guns at the beast’s bared flank while firing a blazing salvo of hot lead. As the revolvers jumped in grasp, the rounds slammed loudly into the animal’s side, penetrating what should have been its heart and lungs.

Yet again the beast seemed not to feel her assault, in fact the blasts seemed only to invigorate the raging Kodiak as it turned towards her and lashed out with a sweeping blow of its paw that caught her in the chest before she could react and sent her hurtling through the air once more. For a horrifying moment she was trapped in free fall, scarcely conscious, it was an effort for her just to keep a firm grasp on her arsenal but when she crashed into something hard, her mind went blank and she let go of the magnums whilst being sucked into an impenetrable abyss.

It must have been the pain that caused her to awaken, for as she blinked past the first wave of nauseating sickness she became aware of a very pronounced stabbing pain in her side and realised that the bear’s oversized paw must have bruised a few of her ribs. A resounding thud announced approaching danger and she looked up to find to her horror that the massive beast was coming towards her, and that she was unarmed.

Half dazed, she whipped her head around and began looking drunkenly for her revolvers. Only one was still loaded and what good that would do her was debateable, but she wasn’t about to die while there was still a chance.

She didn’t need to see it to know the bear was coming closer; its heavy bulking was all but shaking the ground with every foot fall and its musky odder of death and dirt was infecting her every breath like a sensory toxin. There could be no escape now; if she failed to find her loaded weapon then the beast would devour her, she’d have to kill it or die trying; those were her only options.

Then she saw it, one of her magnums laying not a metre from her at the base of a dead tree. She couldn’t tell if it was the one she needed or not but the odds were even, it was a chance she’d have to take. So she reached out.

The gun was just out of reach and seemed to be taunting her limited reach with a dazzling shine that gleamed bright against the dark soil. With her heart racing, she could almost feel the bear’s weight bearing down on her but she would not give up and so she began to crawl. It was only a small gap between her and it but the effort it cost her was gargantuan and she felt as if she had in fact struggled for over a mile before the chilled metal touched her fingertips.

The Magnum felt heavy in her hands as she grappled for it but her dazed memory couldn’t recall if it was the weight of a gun that was loaded or not. It was hard to so she used both hands to scoop the revolver up before whirling about to level the gun at the beast. And there the bear was. It stood at her feet, impossibly large and ferocious as it bared its yellow fangs and roared a terrible sound of coming death.

“Eat this!” She cried angrily before pulling her finger tight around the trigger. The hammer fell and a plume of smoke burst from the silver barrel as it bucked in her grasp, a heavy calibre round exploding forth to slam into the back of the Bear’s throat. Tearing through flesh and bone, an explosion of bloody gore erupted from the back of its skull as the bullet destroyed the bear’s brains and then it fell dead at her feet with nothing but a weak grunt escaping its gapping muzzle.

Watching as the once mighty beast crashed to the ground, Alice felt a feeling of momentous relief swell up inside her and she stared down grimly at the animal’s decapitated corpse. Yet death seemed to have robed the beast of its majesty and she couldn’t help but note the great clumps of fur that were missing from its blood matted pelt. Her curiosity got the better of her.

Crouching over the remains, she contemplated the corpse for a moment before reaching down and running her fingers through its coarse fur. Like much that her life had become, killing the bear had brought Alice no pleasure but doing so was a grim necessity. She’d had no choice so now looked on the task the same way she had done when putting down the infected or eliminating Umbrella’s pawns; unpleasant but vital. To her surprise, the fur came away at her fingers to reveal the black skin beneath and at least a half a dozen open wounds that had not been made by gunshots. The injuries weren’t fresh but they were still weeping gore and at a closer look, she could clearly see that the blood was coagulated. This bear had been dead long before it found Alice.

‘Free of Infection huh…’ She thought bitterly before recoiling from the infected corpse. After so much disappointment, she shouldn’t have been surprised that another of the recordings claims had been proven false. Everywhere had once been free of the T-Virus, but time had seen to changing that and now the entire earth was slowly dying under its influence. Yet the discovery still brought a bitter taste to her mouth and she knew immediately that the time to leave this place had come. The bear was only the first, more and more infected would be coming here over the next few days and she had no desire to be around when they arrived.

Quickly collecting her lost magnum and shoving them both back into their holsters, she was about to head back to her plane when she caught sight of something shining bright on the 4X4’S dashboard. She knew it would be stupid to delay, there was still much she had to do before take-off  and now there wasn’t a moment too lose. Yet whatever it was inflamed her curiosity and she couldn’t resist the mystery of discovery as she walked over to the truck to find it was nothing but a cup filled with small change for meters and the likes.

Alice couldn’t help smiling as she scooped up a handful of coins and then let them slip through the gaps and rain back down into the cup. This was the best piece of news she’d had all day and she didn’t hesitate to pick the container up and pour its contents into another of her jacket pockets. She then discarded the polystyrene cup and turned just in time to catch sight of the fist that slammed into her face.

Maybe she was still dazed; maybe it was because she hadn’t had a decent meal in over a fortnight, either way this new assailant’s blow cracked against her jaw before she could evade it and was so powerful she was thrown off her feet. Clattering to the ground, she narrowly missed cracking her head on the truck’s axle but before she had a chance to gather her wits, her attacker was on her. The flash of steel was her only warning, a dagger, an axe, a sword; her mind couldn’t discern the danger’s nature, all she knew was it had a point that was hurtling towards her throat. In desperation she does the first thing that comes to mind and thrusts her hands up, catching the assailant’s wrists just before the weapon could open her jugular.

It took all her strength to hold the blade at bay, the steel’s sharpened tooth hanging over the soft skin of her throat with a thirst for blood that could rival even the hunger of the infected. Still weak from the bear attack, it was only Alice’s will to survive that gave her the strength to keep fighting. And what will she had, for despite the overwhelming might behind the cold blade, she began to push up, forcing her adversary back and she seized the moment to look passed the tooth of steel to her assailant. The figure, despite all evidence to the contrary, was surprisingly skinny but cloaked in shadow as they were, it was impossible for her to make out anything distinctive except an unrecognisably feral pair of pale blue eyes.

She needed to end this and seizing her chance, Alice gave a deafening roar of pain before curling her lower back forward and kicking the shadowy figure in the side. There was a loud crack as the tip of her boot connected with ribs and in a mix of surprise and pain; it abandoned its attack to tumble back.

Rolling to her feet, her hand was halfway to the holstered magnum before she remembered that she had decided against reloading the revolvers, a decision she was already regretting, and so was forced to remain unarmed when her aggressor came at her again. Fast and light, the figure circled her once before exploding forward in an explosion of rage. The blade shimmered bright silver in the darkening twilight and Alice only had a moment to step aside before would have been plunged into her gut. Whirling, she countered with a right hook that slammed hard against her assailant’s jaw.

Stumbling back, it lost its footing and collided with the truck, hitting their head on the side mirror as they went, before collapsing to the ground; unconscious and down for the count.

With her muscles aflame from exhaustion, there was nothing Alice would have liked more than to curl into a ball and rest however she wanted to know what, or indeed who, had attacked her. Grimly staring down at the dirty, rag clad figure, she was surprised to find that her assailant was actually a woman but a mane of tangled lustreless brown hair hid her face.  Half expecting the woman to suddenly awake and attack her again at her moment, Alice took in a quick breath before kicking the wickedly curved knife from the savage’s grasp and then bowed over the sleeping form to brush aside the matted locks and reveal the peacefully sleeping face of Claire Redfield.

Her breath catching at the sight of her friend’s dirty face, Alice fell to her knees and began to silently weep with joy. Despite the outlandishness of the circumstances, she couldn’t help but a feel an overwhelming sense of relief for having found the convoy leader; at last she wasn’t alone.

The shrill song of a raven rang out in the distance, awakening her from the pool of emotion and bringing her back to the present. Remembering where she was, she took one last lingering look at the darkening horizon and then dropped her sights back to the still sleeping Claire; trying to estimate just how long it would take her to carry the unconscious woman back to her plane. It would be a hard journey and she’d have to move fast if she wanted to have any light left to search by, so bending down, she hooked her arms beneath Claire’s and began to lift; only to catch sight of something beneath the folds of her dirty rags.

It wasn’t much, merely a red tinge beneath the remnants of her tank top, but against her pale skin it glowed like a scarlet ruby on a snow blanketed field. However, before she could investigate further, the peacefully sleeping Claire jerked against her touch and the tattered garments fell open slightly to reveal what lay beneath. Alice felt a sickening lurch in her stomach as she took the sight in; there was a device which reminded her of the mythological Scarab bugs of Ancient Egypt stapled to the centre of her chest. Barely larger than a man’s hand and held in place by six wickedly sharp talons that had bored beneath her skin, the device had a bright red casing that did nothing to hide the inner mechanics  of a vile, filled with a pale blue liquid, being injected into its host’s veins.

Recalling a similar set of operations performed by Umbrella Scientists, Alice had no trouble concluding that this evil looking machine was the cause of her friend’s potently lethal hostility and accelerated strength and that it needed to be removed before she did anything else. The only question was how?


With a scrutinizing gaze that missed nothing, Alice studied the bug shaped injector to the point of delirium. It was dark now and she only had the flickering light of her camp’s fire to aid her, but her curiosity was insatiable and this device was fascinating. It reminded her vaguely of the face hugging life forms from the horror film series Alien that would infect a victim with the Alien’s embryo while feeding him whatever he needed to stay alive. Unfortunately it seemed that unlike the face hugger, this device was not designed to deactivate once it had made first impregnation and had only shut off once she had managed to remove it from the sleeping Claire. To her annoyance, its deactivation had somehow neutralised whatever was inside the vile, preventing her from discovering whatever it was that had been poisoning Claire. She could only hope that the effects would wear off now that the injector had been removed.

Compelled by interest, she never looked up from the gadget in her hands until she heard the faint rustle of movement above the fire’s crackling song and immediately turned her attention across the camp to where she’d chained the sleeping Claire. Having not been interested in another fight after carrying the unconscious woman over her shoulder for what felt like miles, she’d taken advantage of her complacency to securely tie her to the landing gear of her plane. It may have been somewhat unconventional, but Alice liked it much better than the alternative and at least this way she didn’t have to worry about her throat being slit while she slept.

There was a moment of tense anticipation as the infected woman’s dozy eyes flickered open and Alice felt her heart flutter with delight when she thought she saw a spark of recognition light up her pale blue irises; but then it was lost in a flood of feral emotions and she began tugging at her chains with an urgent frenzy in a desperate bid to get free.

Alice watched her friend’s struggles with a pitying gaze, wondering as she did what could have happened to her friend? What could turn a person as decisive and action orientated as Claire Redfield, into a wild savage; it shouldn’t have been possible and yet her they were. She only hoped there was enough of who she used to be left to save.

“Hey…Hey…” She finally said, “It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you.” She tried to sound soothing however the sight of her seemed only to agitate the bound woman further and her struggles seemed only to intensify as Alice slowly lowered herself down to her captive’s level.

Not wanting to agitate her delirious friend any more than she had to, Alice just smiled warmly as she waited for the woman to relax in her presence. It took some minute but eventually Claire began to relax and let her arms go slack in their bonds, but her eyes continued to burn furiously as she glared up at her jailor with obvious mistrust. Clearly she hadn’t forgotten their earlier meeting but Alice refused to let it get her down a. s she directed her gaze towards the fresh set of puncture marks that adorned her friend’s chest.

“Yea, look I’m sorry about that,” Alice confessed, sincere in her apologies as the woman realised what she meant and turned down to look at the open wounds that had been left by the Scarab’s anchoring talons. She had done what she could to treat the injuries but they had still reddened and were blistering painfully. “But I had to get this thing off of you and that was the only way.”

Watching Claire’s reaction with a scrutinizing eye, she brought the Scarab up into the light and held it out to her in offering. For a moment, the bound woman only looked blankly at the device, but then a spark of recognition lit up her eyes with fright and she began pulling at her bonds again in an ill thought out escape attempt. So she did recognise something.

“What is this? Who did this to you? Where are the others?” She asked, unable to keep the sense of urgency from her voice. Yet Claire only looked up at her blankly, there was no sign of recognition or even understanding as her eyes darted from Alice to the Scarab as she bore her teeth in a feral threat. It was as though she were a dog that had been backed into a corner by a pair of thugs and was now preparing to defend itself. “Do you even know who I am?” There was no response, only a malevolent stare that made Alice glad looks could not kill and in resignation she decided it was time to go to plan B.

Rising to her full height, she put the scarab somewhere out of sight before climbing up into the cockpit of her plane and retrieving a bottle of water and a handful of paper tissues. Claire watched her mistrustfully, not sure what to make of the strange items the woman had produced from her dirty brown bird so she just watched balefully as her captor soaked one of the tissues in water before leaning over her. She thrashed violently when the sodden fabric touched her skin, but Alice didn’t relent and instead she began wiping away the mixture of blood and dirt that masked the face of the woman beneath.

It required a lot of patents on Alice’s part but after a few moments, Claire’s struggles ceased and she felt a great surge of elation at the realisation that her plan was working.

“My name is Alice,” She said, in an almost offhand fashion while dabbing at a particularly stubborn mark across her friend’s brow. “We meet in the Nevada desert eighteen months ago. You were the leader of a convoy of survivors searching for a safe haven and you came here by Helicopter when we heard radio messages about a place called Arcadia.” Using a dry tissue to quickly add the finishing touches, she couldn’t help quirking her eye brow as she took in the startling transformation that had taken place before her with just a few pieces of cloth and some water.

Not wanting to undo the vital progress she’d just made with more questions, Claire forwent the interrogation and discarded the soiled fabrics before taking a swig from the bottle of water. Taking one last look at her captive, Alice was surprised to see an almost look in Claire’s eyes. Quickly realising what she wanted, she held the bottle to her friend’s lips and tilted it slightly so that she could drink.

“Well, at least we’re making progress.”


 After the frozen veldts and howling winds of Alaska, the western coasts of Canada were a godsend for Alice. The skies were heavy with grey, rain laden clouds and the waters battered the spectacular coastline with violent swells of white surf, but at least it wasn’t quite so cold.

Soaring as low as they were over the roaring waters of the Pacific, she was content after a turbulent morning to just watch the white capped swells of dark water crash against the brilliantly carved cliff faces that rose almost 100metres above the rolling costal depths. Indeed, this was the first part of her day that had gone according to plan.

Waking before dawn, she had hoped to of taken flight at sunrise but a quick inspection of revealed that under the new circumstances, they’d have run out of fuel before they even reached the boundaries of Sitka. In desperation, she’d spent the following hours scavenging the graveyard and siphoning off all the good grade fuel she could find until the tanks were full and only then could they finally could take off. After that had followed a bitter hour of battling ferocious winds as they flew above the Alaskan Gulf and its encircling coastline.

For what it was worth, she seemed to be making good time, already they had ventured into Canadian airspace and she had high hopes to be verging on what remained of California before nightfall. However the day was drawing on and with the surrounding storm clouds promising trouble ahead, she decided to take advantage of this brief moment of clarity to update her flight log and she turned her sights on the mounted camera.

“May 4th, 12.00 Hours. Now plotting a course via Prince Rupert and British Columbia down to Vancouver and then, if our luck holds, Seattle. After that, it’s on to San Francisco and the rest of the western seaboard.” Glancing back over her shoulder, she looked to the rear of the cabin and was unsurprised to find Claire where she had left her, jammed between two fuel tanks in the rear of the cabin. Her hands were still securely tied but after the late night wash and a changing those rags for a set of clothes that Alice had found while rummaging through some of the cars for anything they could use, she was starting to look more like the Claire Redfield she remembered. “My passenger is still as talkative as ever. She seems to be making progress but seems has no idea who I am. Whatever that thing attached to her chest was; it has completely wiped her memory. She doesn’t remember who did this to her or what became of Kmart and the others. I only hope that the effects are not permanent.” She ended the log entry without another word.

With her attention torn between watching the gathering storm clouds on the horizon and monitoring the control panel, the day seemed to pass by in moments and it wasn’t long before Alice was searching the landscape for a place to land. By her calculations they were flying along a stretch of coastline that was somewhere along the border where the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles meet.

She knew it would only be a short flight to the greater city area of Los Angeles, an easy enough place to find a landing spot, but the storm clouds had been growing steadily worse and she couldn’t risk going any further before night fall. Landing a plane in bad weather was one thing, but landing it in the middle of the night with no landing lights to guide her was another.

Pulling the stick around, she turned the craft inland and the roaring grey seas quickly vanished beneath the rolling hills of the Santa Monica Mountains as she searched for a landing site that wouldn’t prove fitting for the term, suicidal. Unfortunately, while the Santa Monica range might not have been the tallest of southern California’s mountain ranges, it was far from a barren plane. Stretching from the Channel Islands to over forty miles inland, the rocky peaks were more ancient than the European colonials and had formed a vast network of treacherous canyons and sedimentary outgrowths that threatened the destruction of any aircraft daring to land nearby.  To that end, after twenty minutes circling the snaring peaks, Alice had never seen a more welcome site than the U.S. Route 101.

Stretching across the dusty landscape like a great grey serpent, the 101 was the only carriageway in California that spanned the entire length of the state’s shoreline, reaching all the way from its northern coast down to the Greater Los Angeles Are, and conveniently cut straight through the Santa Monica Mountains. Smiling gratefully as she flew over the abandoned stretch of roadway and spotted a petrol station, she banked the plane hard and brought it around in preparation to land; her heart racing with terrified excitement as she aligned the aircraft with the road before taking it down.

“Hold on!” She yelled at Claire one moment before a violent jerk almost threw them both from their seats. Started, Claire lurched forward and hugged the back of the pilot’s chair in fright as the plane touched down in the centre of the 101. Fighting to remain in control, Alice felt her teeth grating as the craft jarred and bounced thrice over the sun dried tarmac before setting down and beginning to slow.

Letting out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding, Alice killed the engine and waited for it to roll to a stop before unbuckling her chair’s harnesses and pushing the canopy back. Compared to the biting chill of Alaska, stepping out into the Southern California air should have been much like walking into an oven, yet there was an unseasonal chill  on the wind that made her feel uneasy. A storm was defiantly coming.

Fortunately, a curious quirk in fate had allowed them to roll to the mouth of the service stations driveway so they needn’t worry about finding shelter.  Jumping out of the cockpit on onto the wing, she turned to find her passenger still clutching the seat in a death grip, obviously not as pleased with the landing as she was. It would take a lot of coaxing to get Claire back into the plain in the morning.


The storm had arrived just before sun down. Thick grey thunderclouds that darkened the sky with an impenetrable canopy as heavy torrents of rain drenched the Santa Monica Mountains and screaming gales howled like Banshees. Safe and dry within the petrol station however, Alice could allow herself to relax. The doors were locked tight and she had set up a perimeter wire that encircled the station’s boundaries, nothing was going to come near the site without her knowing about it.

Leaning back in one of the chairs that she’d found hidden in the station’s back room, Alice tried to ignore the hate filled stare that her companion was shooting at her and instead sought to lose herself mentally in the merrily crackling fire she had ignited within a rubbish bin. Much to Claire’s contempt, she had used the pretence of making a fire to once again try and connect with her memory challenged friend, but she may as well have talked to the wall for all the good it did. Now all she did was watch her closely and with no small hint of malice, having rejected the back room’s second seat she sat cross legged on the floor with her hands still bound. A bottle of water was resting by her feet, but she would only drink from it when she was sure Alice wasn’t watching.

Tired and still aching from her confrontation with the bear the day before, she felt herself sinking into a state of sleep as she listened to the merry crackling of the fire and the rhythmic patter of rain hitting the petrol station’s roof. It was getting harder to think, harder to keep her eyes open as she watched the flames lick and dance in the low light. Darkness descended and she felt all her cares and woes leaving her and everything seemed so peaceful that she wished it could stay that way forever. She lay there for hours, carefree and blissful until she heard the ringing song of the bells she’d hung on the perimeter wire sing out.

It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head and she bolted upright, her concealed pistols already in hand and drawn. Her stomach tightened when she saw them, dozens, no hundreds, of infected, all crowding around the opposite side of her fire. There were so many, she didn’t have enough bullets to kill them all, and without even the wall of glass to defend her, she would only have time to kill a couple before they would descend upon her. But how had they have gotten in? She had been so careful, what could have gone so terribly wrong?

A pair of figures stepped out of the crowd and came around the campfire to stand before her, making Alice gasp with shock as she saw just who they were. The taller of the pair was Claire, her hands unbound with the feral madness burning bright within her eyes’ pale blue light. On her left stood K-Mart, just as young and beautiful as Alice remembered.

“Oh…My God…K-Mart what are you doing here?” Alice asked, lowering the guns as her terror became momentarily forgotten in a shock of delight at the girl’s miraculous appearance.  Then the moment was shattered as before her very eyes, the pair’s skin drew tight across their bone structure and the light of life vanished from their eyes. They were infected with the T-virus. Knowing what she had to do, Alice made to raise the guns, only her hands wouldn’t move so Claire came forward, pouncing on her like a tigress ambushing a deer, and they both went tumbling back onto the chair’s embrace…

Alice woke with a start, her heart racing as she looked up at the station’s dirt smeared ceiling and realised it had all been just a bad dream. With a guttural moan of displeasure, she made to sit up; only her arms were trapped beneath an enormous pressure and wouldn’t move. Confused, she looked down to find Claire Redfield crouched over her with a wild eyed look that was reminiscent of the one she’d held back at the airfield. She was using her knees to block her arms at her side, rendering Alice powerless as she leant forward…

…and seized her lips in a devouring kiss.

As fierce and demanding as its instigator, the kiss stole Alice’s breath away. Trapped beneath her former captive, she could neither protest nor escape and was forced to just endure the embrace with mixed feelings of brooding horror and distrust. Yet Claire took advantage of her surprise by sweeping her tongue past the barrier of her lips and feasting on her mouth’s heated cavern.

The embrace was anything but gentle and Claire eagerly pinned Alice against the chair, pushing her willowy form against her in as rush of primal passion as her tongue eagerly ran along her victim’s teeth and the roof of her mouth, seeking out  her tongue. Despite her reservations, Alice couldn’t help admiring how soft Claire’s lips felt against her own and her toes curled as a flood of wicked sensations ran hot and molten down the length of her spine when their muscles became intertwined.

Never in her life had Alice Abernathy ever experienced such passion. It was like an inferno that had been sent alight inside her, ravenous and unquenchable, it swept up everything in its path and left her swimming in a pool of exquisite ecstasy. Her protests vanished the moment their tongues touched and it suddenly didn’t matter that she wasn’t a lesbian, she only wanted to feel more of the intense sensations the kiss sent dancing along her nerves. And it was in that moment, years of pent up desire exploded to the surface.

Although she was relatively sure she had no romantic attraction to the other women, the heat that Claire was stirring in Alice’s loins made it hard for her to care as, growing tired of just being on the receiving end, she slid her leg between those of the ravenous blonde. She could feel the heat of her friend’s desire as her thigh pressed against the other woman’s covered core and couldn’t resist rubbing it, grating her strong, denim clad limb against the warmth in a back and forth motion that actually made Redfield purr against her lips.

Not to be outdone so easily by so simple a gesture however, Claire snaked her hands down between their bodies to push open the flier’s jacket and reveal the dark tank top Alice wore underneath. Feeling the swells of her prey’s bosom beneath her fingers, she reluctantly ended the kiss and drew back just enough to admire the way the cotton garment was stretched across the gorgeous woman’s torso,  struggling to contain her heavy breasts within without the aid of a bra.

Alice involuntary whimpered in protest at the loss of contact but that quickly turned into a surprised gasp as her top was suddenly pushed up to expose the pale skin of toned midriff. She shivered as the chilled night air touched her, its icy caresses causing goose bumps to spread across her milky skin as her assailant forced her bunched-up top over and past her cleavage.

Still rolling her hips against the other woman’s leg, Claire stared down at the objects of her primal desire with unmasked hunger. Perfectly rounded with a milky white completion that was accentuated wonderfully by her pert and rosy nipples, Alice’s breasts were works of perfection and as natural as they were beautiful. With this feast laid out before her, the temptation to taste one of the full orbs was too great for Claire to resist and she eagerly leaned forward to satisfy her hunger before it consumed her entirely.

“Oh Fuck!” Alice gasped as the sensation of Claire’s mouth on her breast sent a foreign jolt of pleasure rippling along her nerves and down to her burning sex. It was strange to feel another woman’s lips on her skin, strange but also wonderful and her whole body shuddered with delight when she felt her friend’s hot breath wash over her nipples.

Grinning wickedly as she watched her prey’s eyes almost roll back in pleasure, Claire leaned down and trailed her tongue around the nipple of the woman’s right breast, tracing deliciously slow circles around the aroused pebble before taking it into the hot cavern of her mouth.  Letting her hunger be her guide, she wantonly sucked and licked the hardened nub before gently catching it between her teeth and tugging it gently.

Alice gasped and moaned at the surprisingly pleasurable feeling of Redfield’s tongue teasing the tip of her captured breast one last time before she suddenly released her painfully hard teat and switched to its neglected twin; repeating her ministrations eagerly. Against her sexually tantalised flesh, Claire’s mouth felt deliciously hot and she relished in the feelings the other woman’s touch sent shooting through her breasts. It was maddening and so terrifyingly wonderful that she began to dread what might happen if she let this continue. If Claire’s mouth could feel so tantalising on her breast, how much pleasure could it bring her when she moved down to that place which just ached to be touched?

The suspense was maddening and some small part of her agitation must have shown as it wasn’t long before she felt feather light digits rolling down the flat of stomach, tickling  her senses and making her shiver with delight as they circled her belly bottom. They unfastened the bindings of her jeans in an instant and before she could utter a word of protest, had slip beneath the waistline of her underwear to find the core of her desire.

Rotating her attentions between the two glistening orbs while wantonly grinding her covered sex against the other woman’s thigh, Claire felt a primal sense of pride swelling inside of her as she felt how wet her attentions had made her lover become. Eager to continue, she teasingly traced the soft folds of her lover’s slick entrance before plunging both digits into the nectar coated channel.

Alice’s mouth fell open in a silent cry of ecstasy as she felt the spindly digits penetrate her and her legs seemed to be acting of their own accord as they spread wider, accepting the appendages all the way to the knuckles.  The Redfield’s fingers flexed inside her, probing and teasing her inner walls and coaxing a wanton moan from her lips as she reflexively rolled her hips, trying to attain more of the blissful sensation.

It had been so long since she was last touched like this; Alice wasn’t sure if what was happening was real or just some vivid fantasy conjured up by her deprived Neocortex. Her mind was fogged by lust yet at the same time her body felt as finely tuned as a razor’s edge and she could feel every minimal movement her lover made across her skin, feeding the fire that burned through her loins with all the intensity of a forest blaze. If this was a dream, it was certainly the best she had ever had.

However, before she could truly give herself over to the heinous pleasure, Claire suddenly withdrew her fingers and ceased any attention to her breasts. Disturbed by the sudden feeling of emptiness, an enraged Abernathy looked down to find the primal beauty staring up at her, her pale blue eyes ablaze with an animal hunger as she brought one glistening digit to her lips and made a show of licking it clean. The sight was erotic that Alice thought she might actually climax just from watching it.

Claire moaned audibly as her lover’s flavour danced across her taste buds. So rich but also satisfying, she thought the essence to be as intoxicating as chocolate and immediately wanted more than just that petty sample. Her appetite wetted, she didn’t hesitate to push away from the other woman and move down to perch between her spread thighs. Curling her fingers under the open waistband, she took a firm hold on Alice’s jeans and underwear and began to pull the garments down her hips. Abernathy never objected, in fact she immediately aided the blonde haired beauty by raising her hips off the seat and all she needed was one quick jerk to pull both garments down the woman’s thighs and off her body.

Alice could feel her heart racing as the few garments covering her lower body were removed to leave her completely bare from the waist down. With bated breath, she watched as her lover gazed down at her most intimate of places and felt her stomach do rolls as she suddenly leant forward. In the back of her mind, she realised that her hands were no longer restricted but the prospect of escape no longer appealed to her and she waited for what was about to pass like a virginal bride on her wedding night.

She was not disappointed.

The first touch sent a shiver of delight shooting through her and she released a shaky breath as she felt the wet tip of Redfield’s tongue brush against her clit. The contact was light and lasted for just a moment, but its aftershocks rocked her very being like the ripples of an earthquake and she trembled violently in its throws of divine ecstasy. Never had she thought sex with another woman could feel so good.

However Claire hadn’t even started to go to work on the beauty yet. Breathing in the musky sent of Abernathy’s arousal, she grabbed her lover’s hips and pulled her forward until her bottom was resting on the edge of the seat. Then, all but trembling with a hunger that made her mouth water, she lurched forward and drove her tongue deep into her depths; eagerly exploring her soft folds and drinking in the taste of her arousal as if it was sweeter than honey.

Seized by the unexpected pleasure, Alice’s eyes rolled closed and her back reflexively arched as a long moan sang from her parted lips. This was unbelievable, a page from the book of her most taboo fantasies brought to life. The delicious feeling of Claire’s wicked tongue thrashing about inside of her was like nothing any man had ever stirred within her and she relished in the feel of it.

“Oh god…your tongue…it’s so deep…more…more…” She moaned before suddenly tangling her fingers in the blonde’s dishevelled locks as she lifted her hips and strived to pull her tighter against her pulsing pelvis.

From her position between the auburn haired beauty’s thighs, Alice can only look up at her and smile inwardly; pleased with her reaction to no end. It was obvious even to those who were deaf, dumb and blind that Alice was enjoying herself, but Redfield wasn’t done with her quite yet and began swirling her tongue around the hot depths mercilessly. Circling around, herbound hands quickly found the tight mounds of Alice’s well-formed arse and she quickly used it to her advantage as twisting and turning, she ran her thick muscle around Abernathy’s tight passage and drank in every drop of her dew.

Delighting the sensation of being invaded by another woman’s tongue, Alice could almost feel her orgasm rising as the powerful muscle creased and lashed every part of her inner walls. She was so hot that there was a real danger of her melting from the pleasure Claire was conjuring within her and she held the dirty blond curls in a death grip as her assailant’s villainous tongue delved deep into her centre. Unable to speak through the pleasure, she bucked against her lover’s mouth, wantonly rolling her hips as her whole body writhed in the woman’s grasp.

She was almost there, Claire could tell from the look on Abernathy’s face that she was drawing close to the brink of an organism. The idea that she could bring such a reserved person as this Alice to such pleasurable peaks turned her on immensely and she attacked the auburn haired beauty’s sweet spot with a fresh vigour;  biting downs and gently sucking her delicate folds before abandoning them for a greater prize.

Displeased with her for ceasing her ministrations; Alice’s thighs tightened, trying to trap her in place as she struggled desperately to force the other woman’s mouth back down to its proper place. And for a moment it seemed to work, but then she felt Redfield’s strong hand’s force them open. Then a sudden shock of pleasure hit her as her counterpart’s tongue brushed the folds of her entrance to attack her clit.

“Oh my GOD! Don’t stop…don’t stop!” She begged, rolling her eyes in sheer pleasure as she felt the other woman’s lips wrapping around the tiny bud of her clitoris. There would be no mercy and white hot currents of pleasure swept through her as Redfield’s lips gently toyed with her bundle of nerves before being replaced by nipping teeth. The pleasurable agony would then be soothed by her tongue, causing exquisite sensations to sweep through belly that made Alice moan out in delirium as she felt the pleasure from Claire’s tongue, lips and teeth assaulting her most sensitive spot all at once. She thought it couldn’t get any better, and then Claire pushed two of her fingers inside. “Ahhh! I’m so hot…oh god…oh Jesus…I can’t control myself…Oh fuck me…fuck me!”

For all her physical strength and incorruptible will, Alice was completely unprepared for what was being done to her and the feeling of two of Redfield’s long, supple fingers sliding inside her, twisting and curling as they moved into her warmth, while she sucked on her clit made her almost come undone. She was in heaven and waves of pleasure crashed into her like the screaming grey swells of the Bering as she concentrated every fibre of her being on the way her lover’s curling digits explored her core’s depths, stroking the velvety softness of her inner walls in search of that one sweet spot, while trying desperately to chart the patterns that wet tongue traced across her bud.

She spread her legs wider, surrendering completely and  opening herself up to a deeper penetration that made her abandon her hold on the blonde’s as she blindly grabbed for the chair’s armrests; her knuckles already bone white as she thrashed against her lover’s mouth. All the while Claire watched her display of passion with hungry eyes, memorising every detail of the beauty’s pleasure taught features as she took the small bundle of nerves between her teeth.

It came upon her so fast, Alice never had time to utter a warning and her screams of pleasure mingled with the loud crack of splintering wood as, in the throes of white hot ecstasy, she ripped the armrests clear of the chair. Her legs encircled her lover’s head, drawing her in close and refusing to let her go as a fresh barrage of sensations bombarded her with a molten intensity. Swept away in the pleasure of her release, the world around her seemed to melt away as she was thrown from that peak and immersed in a pit of sensations that made everything else she’d experienced this night pale and cold by comparison.

Claire watched Abernathy’s release with a mixture of pride and joy and she happily drank in everything the auburn haired goddess had to give as she exploded against her lips. It was a beautiful thing; to behold another woman’s climax was as to witness the Aurora Borealis and she savoured the moment as if it were just as glorious. It was difficult to breathe, pressed so tightly against the musky scented mound but she never fought to free herself and only moved away when she felt the embrace of the other woman’s thighs come undone.

She stood up as Alice, suddenly as limp as wet straw, slumped back and slid out of the chair to lie on the dirty floor in a pool of post orgasmic bliss. For a brief moment, she was tempted to leave her like that, but the heat in her loins was making it hard for her to think beyond the realms of her own gratification and it suddenly dawned on her how turned on she had got from eating the other woman. She needed to climax, needed it the way other animals required food and if she didn’t do so soon; there was a very real chance she would go insane from the need.

Exhausted beyond measure and still reeling from the mind blowing climax, Alice felt rather than saw Claire standing before her. Her vision was blurred and she struggled to bring things into focus as she looked up at where she knew the other woman was standing. She could just see her standing there as a pale assortment of shapes, her pale alabaster skin glowing bright against the darkening light of the dyeing fire, then her vision began to return. She was surprised to find Redfield standing over her; she was even more shocked to see the skilful way her loosely bound hands were working at the button of her jeans.

The garment fell away after a moment to lie at her feet and leave her standing there bare before Abernathy’s eyes. She wanted to something, but words failed her as she saw the look of hunger that blazed so brightly within those blue orbs. The moment to act came and went and she did nothing too resist as her lover bent down and captured her lips in a devouring kiss. There was a strange flavour to the embrace, it was savoury but at the same time sweet, and it took her pleasure numbed brain a moment to realise that she could taste herself on the other woman’s lips.

They laid there together on the floor, their bodies becoming intertwined as their tongues duel before Claire suddenly broke the kiss to straddle Alice’s hips. There was no question about what she was planning and Abernathy allowed herself to be placed exactly where she wished her to be. Yet she felt an anxious breath catch in her throat when the space dividing their pussies dwindled down to mere centimetres and a long moan escaped her when Redfield suddenly ground her hips forward, pushing her slick sex against Alice’s.

It was an odd sensation, but also a pleasant one and when their clits touched, a spark of delight shot through them both like lightning bolts. Wanting more, they did what felt the most natural and began to gently rub against each other. Pleasure quickly seized them however and they started to go faster, swinging their hips to a silent beat that made their pussies grind together and sent great waves of ecstasy washing over them both. Swept up in the feverous heat and passion of this gratifying fuck, they knew it wouldn’t be long before they reached their peaks. Alice’s body was still overly sensitised from her previous orgasm and Claire had grown so aroused from devouring the delicious morsel that it might only have taken a stray blow of air to pitch her into that sea of euphoria; there was no escape from the impending climax, all they could was still back and enjoy.

“Oh God! Yes…fuck me…fuck me harder…” Alice moaned, her back arching in delight as she felt the returning heat coursing through her belly.

Claire only moaned in response, her relapsing brain still too feral to form speech, but she didn’t need to speak to understand and it was clear she understood well enough. Showing no mercy, she threw all her weight against the other girl and ground her sex hard against hers. Moaning with feverish passion, Alice just managed to keep up and together they writhed in ecstasy as they worked to ascend to the Olympian peaks of pleasure.

“Ohhh…. fuck yes….I’m…I’m getting close…..just a little…a little more…yes…yes…” Abernathy cried out, her head shaking back and forth as a wash of sheer pleasure wracked her body. She was getting close, so close that every minimal movement against her clit caused her to shiver and gasp as all too quickly she felt herself hanging on that delicious edge once again. Claire was right behind her, grunting in pleasure as her bound hands clutching the pale skin of Alice’s inner thigh with a white knuckle grip while every roll of her hips pushing her closer and closer to that sweet oblivion.

Then suddenly she was there and Alice could only watch on in rapture as Redfield titled her head back and screamed a rich moan. Her lithe form began to shack, jerking wildly against her in a fit of passion that in turn threw her over the edge. They came simultaneously, crying out their pleasure as their orgasms exploded and a wash of white hot ecstasy rushed through their bodies.

The Storm had passed, the heavy sheet of rain now nothing more than a light drizzle; but neither Claire nor Alice could care as exhausted beyond measure; they clung together on the service station floor with nothing but their shared body heat for warmth. Half asleep, they listened to the light cracks of the dyeing fire until it lulled them into an easy sleep.

 AN: Ok, I just want to say sorry, but this story ends here. It wasn’t my choice but this story was a commission and my employer abandoned it for unknown reasons. I was disappointed as this was a very fun story to work on, but i respected his wishes and have abandoned it in accordance with his wishes.

Just for the Night: Chapter one

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dragonball Z  
Just for the night

Bored and frustrated, Erasa felt her eyes traveling wishfully to her bedroom window as she dropped her pen and ran a hand through her hair. It was only seven, the sun was still shining bright on the horizon and she could almost feel the cool breeze on her skin as it rustled the leaves on the tree in her backyard. It was a peach tree, she could remember planting it when she was just a girl in playschool and every summer, on the anniversary of that planting, she had taken a peach off those branches.

It was a beautiful spring evening, and here she was stuck in her bedroom; studying of all things.

For as long as she could remember, Erasa had never been one to worry about what might be or fret about her future. She’d always said that you only get one shot at life and you never know when it would end; so why not enjoy it. She liked to live for the moment, to party and have fun and live her life like every day was her last. She’d never imagined life past school, never thought about university or a carrier path. She’d chosen her courses purely because her friends were doing the same. Now she was paying for her lack of vision.

She’d finished her term at Orange Star High with modest grades, far from exemplary but just enough to gain admittance to one of the city’s finer collages. The news had come as a shock to everyone; her parents had been so proud they’d taken her out to dinner in an expensive restaurant and let her order anything she wanted. Indeed, the lobster had been exquisite.

For the first few months, her head had been full of ideas of parties and the nights had been dominated by wild trips out on the town. The beer and cocktails had run like some great river and she’d been hard pressed to think of anything else. Then her report card had come in and caused her world to come crashing down around her. She had failed in every class, who’d have thought university would be so hard. Her parents had told her straight, things had to change. She had to buckle down and study hard or be prepared for the consequences.

It was a simple choice. Not a choice at all really. There was just one problem, it was so damn hard!

Fortunately life rarely closed a door without opening a window and even being imprisoned and forced to study had some consolations. ‘Speaking of which…’

With all the subtly she could muster, she turned her head ever so slightly and fixed her gaze upon Gohan. Watching him avidly for a couple of moments, she felt the butterflies in her stomach take flight. He was seated across the desk from her, calmly reading through a stray text book that she didn’t recognise and dressed as he was in that tight fitting black shirt; he was a feast for her eyes to behold. It had been three years since she first met the outwardly geeky youth and it was clear the years had been good to him. Where once he had appeared skinny, well corded muscles now strained against his garments and his spiky black hair, having been allowed to grow out, fell down to his shoulders with stray strands curling around his bottomless black eyes. When she had told her friends about her problem, Gohan had quickly volunteered to help her and that was the only good thing to come out of this whole situation.

“Hey Erasa, you ok over there?”

His voice caused her to nearly jump out her skin and she was surprised to find that he was now looking at her from behind his book, his brow furrowed with concern. Embarrassed at having been caught, she felt her face burn a bright shade of scarlet and she hurriedly replied in a manner that she could only pray sounded nonchalant. “Yea I’m fine Gohan; I just wish we weren’t trapped inside on such a beautiful day.”

Gohan looked crest fallen and laid his book down on the desk. “Erasa you told me that you needed to study. Well the more we do now, the less we have to do at the weekends.” It was clear he was trying to look stern as he explained it to her but his rouse failed as his voice never lost its usual kind tone. It was as if he were explaining discipline to a child; and it made her heart swell. Resigned to her fate, she let out a defeated sigh and tried once again to set her mind on her studies. However she was trapped in a kill box; on one side the outside world taunted her, on the other her school girl crush tempted her. How was she supposed to concentrate with such distractions?

It just wasn’t fair. For three years she’d fought her desire for the young man. Ever since he’d first come to her school, Erasa had had a crush on Gohan. The moment she first laid eyes on him, she’d been swept away by his innocent mountain-boy role and cute exterior. But it was just a crush, she’d told herself that so many times in the hopes that it might wear off, yet Gohan was ever an enigma and the more she got to know him better, the more she had wanted him. Yet by the time she learned the true depth of her feelings for him, it was too late. Gohan was now in love with Videl; their mutual classmate and her oldest friend. He was forbidden fruit, and that was always the sweetest.

These were dangerous thoughts and too late did she feel the familiar heat rising inside her that had very little to do with the weather. Unfortunately, this was not lost on Gohan.

“Erasa…are you sure you’re alright?” He asked and though he tried to remain objective, he failed to keep the worried tone from his voice. “Do you want to get you a glass of water or something?”

Or something, defiantly.’ “No…I’m fine thanks Gohan.” Yet opportunity had knocked and in what she hopped was a casual manner, she swept a hand across her forehead before blowing an overly exaggerated breath and saying “but could we please stop for a few minutes and take a break? It’s just too hot to be cooped up here all afternoon”

For a moment, she feared Gohan might protest further, but then he seemed to have second thoughts and gave in. “Okay Erasa you win, we’ll take a break?” He said with a defeated shrug, causing her to all but squeal with delight as she jumped out of her chair. However Gohan moved with a measured slowness and though he too was secretly glad of the reprieve, he did his best not to appear too eager before joining her by the door.

Like a good host, Erasa escorted Gohan down the winding stairs that lead into her home’s modest living room; a stark but well lit chamber that was loosely furnished except for a coffee table in-between two sofas that were angled towards a wall mounted flat screen. “Just make yourself at home.” She said, gesturing lazily towards the left sided settee before reclining back on its right sided twin. Grabbing the remote off the coffee table, she turned on the television and began to avidly flick through the channels

Not sure of what else to do, Gohan followed her instructions and sat down stiffly on the edge of the seat. Erasa had a point; it was too nice a day to be cooped indoors. Yet it wasn’t the heat that was bothering him, there was something else at work here, something that made his mind foggy and his breath catch. Something wasn’t right, and despite his convictions, he glanced towards the vision of loveliness sitting across from him.

Still flicking through the channels, Erasa had adopted a less than ladylike pose with one of her exquisitely long legs dangling over the sofa’s arm while the other stretched across the table. It was entirely innocent of course, yet dressed as she was in that all too short white skirt, he couldn’t help letting his eyes glide over her perfect milky skin; greedily admiring her smooth waist and voluptuous torso before noticing the way her head was tilted back to expose her long neck. ‘By Kami, she’s beautiful!’

And then he began to imagine that long neck thrashing about as he climbed onto the sofa and ravaged her with his teeth and hands, her enticing form squirming and writhing deliciously beneath his as he took her right there in her parents’ living room. The idea appealed to him, and scared him immensely.

What was wrong with him?He loved Videl with all his heart, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever known and there was no doubt in his mind that they were absolutely perfect for each other. She was kind and intelligent and when they were together, it was like every day was the first day of spring. So why was he now starting to fantasise about fucking another woman. It wasn’t right; Erasa was Videl’s oldest friend. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Yet deep down, he knew the problem very well.

Vegeta had spoken to him once, saying that he could never understand the bizarre conventions of human society. By comparison, Saiyan culture had been almost primitive. The women had been primarily focused on raising the young while the men served the king. There was none of this talk of sexual equality or liberal rights; both knew there place and devoted themselves entirely to the perfection of their pursuits. There were only two desires shared, to fight and have sex and they hungered for both with unmatched passion. Once they started, they would never be rid of their need. At first Gohan hadn’t believed him, he’d thought there had to be more to sex than pure animal lust. But then he had started to date Videl and he’d understood completely. Truly there was nothing that could compare to the feeling of it.

For two years they had been hot and heavy, a churning sea of passion and desire that could burn for days on end without stop. Then they had gone to university, and everything had changed. Overnight their work load had increased tenfold and his mother, fearful that he might have been neglecting his education in favour of other ‘extracurricular’ activities, had forbade them from seeing each other until their work was done.

Suddenly he felt very warm and was all too aware of how tight his trousers were becoming; yet before he could stop himself his eyes fell on to the blond haired girl’s breasts. Her top was emerald green cotton that was stretched tight across her body and left little to the imagination. Her breasts were full and round and so lovely that he never noticed Erasa looking at him. She had felt the heat of his eyes on her skin and it thrilled her to know that he’d noticed her. And if he’d noticed her, then perhaps this was her chance, her one chance to get the man she loved.

She was determined not to waste it.

It was moments before Gohan came to his senses and when he looked away; she gave up on the telly and slid her long legs off the furniture before rising up and walking slowly around his chair. Being as quite as a mouse, she leant over the back off the sofa and stared down at the man beneath her; causing his dark eyes to snapped open when he sensed her above him.

Staring up at the golden haired beauty, Gohan felt somewhat uncomfortable and couldn’t help noticing the way her chirpy smile had returned and yet her eyes were somehow different. Almost as if they were hiding a secret just for him. As Gohan sat up, Erasa took a step back to give him some room but inadvertently presented him a close up view of her cleavage and he had to immediately stop himself from pouncing on her. “That was a quick break Erasa, are you sure you’re ready to go back to work?” he asked her nervously while mentally cursing his mother for putting him in this position and praying to Kami that he can get through the next hour without making a fool of himself.

Scarcely able to keep her smirk at bay, Erasa meekly nodded before turning to walk up the stairs fully aware that his eyes were on her.

Gohan couldn’t tear his eyes away, he watched her like a hawk, noticing every curve and shake of her delectable rump while his feet carried him up the stairs of their own accord. He wanted to touch her, to feel the heat of her skin and the curve of her arse, to taste the sweetness of her flavour as he devoured her before he bent her over and buried himself in that inviting rump. It took all his fortitude to tear off the girl’s backside before they entered her room and he once again begged all the deities to end his torture quickly so that he could go and see Videl and end his pain.

It seemed his pleas fell on deaf ears however, for every moment that followed from then on felt like an eternity. It was truly the longest hour of his life. For all his efforts nothing could escaped his notice and there was no little detail he didn’t see. He saw everything Erasa did, how when she thought she had the answer she would lick her lips, the way her eyes would flutter as she lost herself in thought; his favourite was the way she would begin to suck on the end of her pencil when she was stuck on a question, her tongue curling around it ever so slightly as she searched for the answer.

By the end of the session, he would have given all gold in the Ox kingdom just to be that pencil for a few moments for he was quite hard and when she handed him her work to check; her scent filed his nostrils. Beneath the bitter remnants of her perfume, he could taste the sweet flavour of vanilla. Now all he had to do was lean forward and she would be his to do with as he pleased…

Erasa was starting to panic; in the time gone she had done everything she could think of to try and seduce Gohan. Yet for all her wiles, he had proved to less corruptible than stone and she was almost out of ideas. Leaning across the desk, she presented him with her finished notes and almost shivered with ecstasy as she felt the heat of his gaze roam across her body. He wanted her, she knew it, and yet he did nothing. Was this some madness cooked up by God to punish her, or just some rotten trick of life; why did he have to be so bloody noble?

As he took her work, she was afforded a rare glimpse into his eyes and he was too engrossed in his thoughts to look away. Time was running short; perhaps it was time she took more drastic steps.

Leaning forward, Erasa pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was only chaste, yet it served to wake Gohan from his stupor. However he was too surprised by the act to pull away and so his Saiyan instincts were allowed to take over. With one move, he’d wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her across the desk and into his lap while responding to the kiss with a savage passion; thrusting his tongue into her mouth, meeting hers in a carnal dance. Erasa never resisted. Turning in his hold, she straddled his hips and wantonly ground her core onto his covered arousal.

Desperate to get inside her warmth, he bucked against her with strength enough to make her release a shriek of delight that suddenly awoke him from his inner conflict. Releasing what had happen all too quickly, he broke the kiss and rather abruptly shoved the girl of his lap as he shot out of his seat. She hit the floor hard and could only look up at with a hurt expression as her eyes began to brim with tears. “Gohan…?”

“I’m sorry Erasa, this…we need to stop.” He said, still slightly breathless from the kiss and unable to look her in the eyes for fear of what he might see. “This can’t happen, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Erasa look on the verge of tears yet she managed to suppress her sobs. “Bu-bu- but why? Why must we stop? You want me Gohan, I know you do. So why can’t we be together, just for this one night?”

“Because I love Videl.” His voice softened as he tried desperately to make her understand

“I’m not going to tell her Gohan. Videl is my best friend. She’s like a sister to me. I couldn’t bear to lose her but all I want is one night; nothing more. If you insist, I’ll never bring this up again but please Gohan…” A stray tear rolled down her check but Erasa didn’t have the heart to brush it aside; she couldn’t believe she was going to lose him now.

Then, suddenly, she had an idea. It was bold and dangerous but she didn’t care, anything was better than this. So with a deep breath, she literally threw herself at Gohan and with one move, ripped open his trousers to expose the still large bulge in his boxers. With his brain still dazed, he could only watch in wide eyed terror as Erasa gleefully pulled his boxers down so that his hardened erection burst free of its restraints and stood tall before her eyes.

In all her life Erasa had only ever seen one other example of the male anatomy, besides those crude diagrams in biology-textbooks; that was on the night she lost her virginity to Sharpener. Despite what people said, she wasn’t a slut. She may have liked to have a good time but, drinking and partying aside, her body was a temple. She was very proud to say she didn’t sleep around and had always wanted her first time to be special, with the man she loved. Instead it had been a complete disaster. It might have lasted for the grand sum of ten seconds; he’d used neither foreplay nor care and had just entered her, breaking her barrier, and clumsily moved inside her before cumming. Later she learned that he had only been friends with her so that he could get into hers and Videl’s nickers. He’d gotten her drunk, left her feeling totally unsatisfied and then had had the nerve to go round school telling people that she was easy.

However any fears she might have had of a repeat of events were quickly banished.

While Sharpener had been rather small, Gohan’s endowment looked to be over 25cm long and almost as thick as her wrist; considerably larger than average. Delighted by the discovery, a hungry smile spread across her lips and she reached out to carefully wrap her nimble fingers around his length, marvelling at the way it pulsated in her grasp and making him groan in a mix of pleasure and protest as she lightly pressed her thumb on the tip. Then with slow, almost hypnotic motions, she started to stoke him; running her small hand down from the swollen head to the thick base and then back again.

Scarcely able to breath, Gohan grabbed the edge of her desk with both hands as he bent over in pleasure. With that first touch, Erasa had stolen all his strength away and he was suddenly powerless against her attentions and unable to stop himself from bucking into her hand with every stroke of her palm. He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this, that it wasn’t right; yet her hand just felt so good on his aching cock that he couldn’t resist. Only when he felt the warmth of her breath washing over the velvety head did he finally come to his senses.

Eyes wide, he looked down in time to watch his classmate lean in, drawn like a moth to a flame, and kiss his cock. “E-Erasa wh-what ar-are you doing? No…Stop! Nooohhhh!” His protest turned into an involuntary moan as Erasa began to work magic. Though she had little in the way of experience, she made up for that in determination and continued to slowly run her hand up and down his thick column while her mouth, tongue and teeth played with the swollen head.

“You want me, don’t you Gohan?” she asked innocently before running her tongue along the edge of his mushroom shaped organ. “Please say that you want me.”

“Oh Kami, Erasa…Please…stop” His voice was low and breathlessly as he begged her, painfully well aware that if she kept this up, he would defiantly lose control. Seeing his distress, Erasa couldn’t resist giving him a sly smile; it was time to move things along before her nerve broke. Swooping down; the girl took the head into her mouth, her full pouting lips stretching around his bulbous crown, and began to slowly bob her head, letting his length enter her orifice bit by bit.

Gohan thought he was going to go mad; the skin of his member was so sensitive that he could feel every minimal movement on his engorged flesh as she took him into her mouth, the way her teeth scrapped ever so lightly across the sides, the swift creases of her tongue on the tip, even the delicious rush of warmth that washed over him every time she inhaled. Kami, why was she being so slow? He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this; that it was wrong and he should make her stop before they went any further. But it just felt so good and without any conscious thought, his hips began to push upward.

However, when she was only a third of the way down, the bulbous head breached her throat and despite her resolve to take all of him in, she began to gag. Realising she couldn’t take anymore, she pulled back ever so slightly before reaching down with her free hand and grabbing the bottom of her cotton top. With one quick tug, she pulled the snug garment up and over her breasts. Mesmerised, Gohan didn’t think to look away; though she almost never wore a bra, Erasa’s ample cleavage was full and bouncy and jiggled with every dip of her head. They were larger than Videl’s, but not so overly large that they appeared comical or artificial and he was near consumed by the desire to lick her rock hard nipples; just to see if they tasted as good as they looked.

Glancing up in time to catch him openly ogling her bared bosom, Erasa would have smiled if her mouth wasn’t so full. “Mmmm…I know you want me.”

His eyes grew as wide as saucers as he watched her drop both her hands to her sides before leaning in to envelope the remainder of his cock between her bountiful cleavage while continuing to suckle the weeping head. Gathering both orbs in her hands, she began slowly sliding her chest up and down, massaging the thick base with her breasts and timing her motions to match the slow up and down rhythm of her mouth.

Unable to breathe or think, Gohan felt as though his life’s thread was hanging on the edge of a knife. On one side was his self-control, on the other, his release from this torturous pleasure Erasa was conjuring up. He hungered for both but knew that giving into one would extinguish the other; there was no room for a middle ground.

In theory it should have been an easy choice. Videl was his world, he loved her more than words could say and was determined not to do anything that might jeopardise their relationship. Unfortunately his body seemed to have its own ideas.

“Oh Kami, Erasa!” her name left his lips as a pained moan, the pleasure suddenly so great that he could no longer resist the onslaught of pleasure that rushed over him. One last stroke of her tongue was all it took to bring him over the edge, his seed exploding into her waiting mouth in long ropes that she greedily swallowed, not missing a single drop of his creamy essence. Only when she had got every last drop did she finally stop; withdrawing her lips and raising her eyes to meet his.

“Mmm…you’re delicious.” She cooed dreamily, all the while smiling proudly at what she had accomplished. “Please sir, can I have some mor…” Her voice failed her when she saw the primal hunger gleaming like quick-silver in his eyes. Suddenly afraid, she tried to back away but one of his large hands came from out of nowhere to seize her bunched up top and yank it over her head and arms. Caught off by his surprising strength, her body folded to his will as with one move, he picked her up and threw her across the desk. Surprised by the abrupt change in him, she didn’t dare move from there as he reached down to grab the hem of her skirt. With one sharp tug, he tore the garment off her waist to leave her naked, prostrated and helpless beneath his gaze.

With a primal growl, his powerful hands seized her slender waist and pulled her back just as he stepped through and with one fierce motion, rammed his still hard cock inside her slick channel all the way to the hilt.

“Aaahhhhh…sweet Kami” She squealed as his impossibly long shaft all but ripped her in two. It had been so long since that night with Sharpener she had almost forgotten the pain of that first entry and she desperately grabbed the edge of the desk to steady herself, her knuckles turning bone white as she dug her neatly manicured nails into the timber. The odd position was making her feel somewhat disorientated and her entire body felt like it was on fire, but beneath that there was an exquisite feeling of fullness the likes of which she could never have imagined.

Awed by the awesome tightness of the beauty’s quivering core, a feral grin crossed Gohan’s lips as he pulled back until just the head remained inside her before snapping his hips forward and plunging back into her molten cavern. An involuntary growl was torn from his throat as her plush inner-walls began suckling his shaft, begging it to go deeper. Happy to oblige, he drew back from her warmth only to slam into her once more; doing so again and again until the room was filled with the wet slapping of their meeting hips.

Unprepared for this fresh onslaught, Erasa’s mouth gaped in a silent scream as she felt him forcing himself a little deeper inside her every time. The pain was lessening now, and all she wanted was to scream from the pleasure he was raising inside her. She felt so full and with every stroke, his thick member was hitting that spot deep inside her that felt wonderful; Kami she had never known sex could be this good. She wanted more, and of its own accord her body responded by moving to meet his thrusts, rocking and grinding her bottom against his pelvis.

“Oh…so tight…so…tight…” He barked; his voice now a dark echo of its former self as he gave himself over to the beast within him and mercilessly hammered the beauty beneath him for all she was worth. He was no longer Son Gohan, no longer the good hearted savour the earth had known for these past nineteen years; now he was the Saiyan. This wench had teased and tempted him to the point of no return, now he would give her the punishment she deserved.

“Oh Kami …yes…yes Fuck me…Fuck meeeeee!” Erasa cried, swept up in the rising tide of pleasure that signalled her approaching orgasm. Nothing she had ever done before, not with herself or the boys she’d fooled around with in school, could ever have hoped to compare with what Gohan was manipulating inside her. Already burning like molten desire through her veins, her first release promised to be a big one and she was sure she’d be walking funny for days.

Gohan never relented. There was little tenderness in his motions and with an iron tight hold on her gyrating waist; he snapped his hips back and forth in an erotically primal collision of flesh. In layman’s terms, he was fucking Erasa, plain and simple, and it was clear she loved every moment of it. With each violent thrust, he poured his pent up lust into her young body and she would rock and grind her succulent bottom back against his pelvis in a wanton frenzy as her nectar ran down her thighs. Kami, she was so tight…

Consumed by the wild passion of their forbidden tryst, time seemed to slow down as her body erupted in wild convulsions and a white hot fire set her nerves alight while bursts of brilliant colour kindled behind her eyes. “I’m cumming…it feels so good … fuck me deeper…deeper…” She babbled senselessly, her long legs trembling violently as she writhed in the volcanic pleasures. “Yes…take me…yes…Cumming…cumming…”

Gohan only grinned, his eyes igniting with a hint of turquoise as he continued his merciless onslaught. He could feel his release building; it was slow and still a long way from complete but he had to resist the urge to turn Mystic as he tirelessly ravaged her sweet channel with deep unyielding thrusts.

Completely at his mercy, Erasa could only moan out in utter delirium as wave after wave of orgasmic delight rolled over her. He was being so rough on her now that his every plunge would push her against the desk, dragging her stiff nipples across the rough wood and she was only vaguely aware that she was growing light headed. Darkness was encroaching on the edge of her vision but she continued to moving to meet his thrusts until her trembling legs could no longer support her and gave way beneath his onslaught.

However Gohan held her as if she were as light as a feather and continued his furious pace without missing a beat. Kami he was too much for her. This was impossible, how could one man be this good…

With his blood boiling with sexual energy, Gohan knew he was almost at his limit. Heavy drops of perspiration were rolling down his back and with every breath the musky aroma of sex flooded his nostrils. The constant tightening spasms of Erasa’s core had pushed him to the edge and he joyfully savoured the feeling of fucking the beauty from behind as his eyes, darkened by pent up lust, admired the way her tight young body moved in time to his own. With every slap of his pelvis, the full checks of her luscious rump would ripple and he was once gain given cause to wonder what it would be like to be inside her tight rectum, to utterly dominate and conquer her as he vigorously fucked her tight arse. The idea was enough to force him over the edge and with a low grunt he came inside her, his balls tightening almost painfully as a tide of his thick creamy seed erupted from the tip of his cock to flood her core.

With a heavy sigh, he took an uneven step back, his softening shaft slipping from the girl’s warmth as he fell back into the chair. Exhausted beyond measure, his chest heaved as he took in great lungful’s of air and desperately tried to make sense of what had just happened. What had he done! How could he have let things get out of hand like that? What was he going to tell Videl? On the verge of panic, he looked to Erasa in the hope that she might have the answer, only to find that she hadn’t yet moved.

Having fallen unconscious, Erasa lay motionless atop her desk in a dreamy world of her own. If she hadn’t been naked, it would almost be as if she had fallen asleep in the midst of her studies and seeing her there gave Gohan an idea.

Quietly standing so as not to risk waking her, he quickly fastened his trousers before scooping the sleeping girl up in his arms and carrying her across the room. Laying her gently down upon the bed, he lingered just long enough to tuck her into the covers before throwing open the window that hung over her bed and taking off into the night sky. If he was lucky she would think that it was all a dream.

Harry’s Secret

Harry’s Secret

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and am making no profit from this fiction.

It had happened so suddenly, Harry never had the time to cry out as his body was rocked by waves of inconceivable agony. All he knew was that one moment he had been in Sirius’s old room at number four, reading Hermione’s copy of ‘ Hogwarts a History’ and then he was doubled over on the bed; clutching his ribs as they began to expand.

For days know, he’d felt the transformation building; that dull ache which constantly burned the base of his spine like a splinter burrowing deep in his flesh. However he had never expected it to hit him now, not when the full moon was still hours from rising.

Gasping deeply, Harry flung his arm out; knocking the thick tome off the bed as he desperately tried to reach for his wand. Only he couldn’t move for the pain and his wand, which was lying just on the edge of the bedside table, was just out of his reach. It willow handle almost taunting him with its closeness as it hung off the edge of the cabinet, just centimetres away from his fingertips.

Giving up the futile struggle as the expanding muscles in his arm begin to cramp up, he slowly rolled onto his back; watching in horror as the world around him began to blur. The rapid, none-rhythmic beating of his heart echoed in his ears as loudly as a ringing cathedral bell and he knew what was coming next. How could he not, it was the part every werewolf dreaded.

Gritting his fanged teeth as he fisted his right hand in the goose feather quilt, Harry managed to push himself up into a sitting position; causing every muscle in his body to furiously protest against the action but he didn’t care. He needed to stop the rest of Grimmauld Place’s occupants hearing him transform and keeping that thought in mind; he used wand less magic for the first time to cast a silencing charm on the bedroom before falling back onto the bed, screaming out at the top of his lungs as he felt his bones lengthening while thick black fur sprouted all over his body.

* * * * * * **

Hermione felt her stomach churning with fear as she slowly walked up the last few steps of Grimmauld Place’s highest stairway. Dragging her tired feet as if they were made of cement, she did her best not to look at the barbaric display of shrunken house elf heads that were hanging on the walls like a hunter’s trophies.

It was the last week of the summer holidays before she, Ron and Harry were due to return to Hogwarts for their seventh and last year at the prestigious school of witch craft and wizardry. However, to say it had been an enjoyable summer was another thing entirely. After Dumbledore’s death, even the celebration of Bill and Fleur’s wedding hadn’t been enough to lift the trio’s spirits; especially Harry’s.
Hermione couldn’t explain it, but ever since that terrible night; Harry had been…different. And it was that reason which had brought her here; as for the first time since the Tri-wizard tournament, Harry Potter had missed dinner.

For as long as she’d known him; Harry had always had a good appetite. Years of starvation at the Dursley’s had made him come to appreciate the simple things like a proper sized meal and he’d never missed one, unless under serious duress. What made this situation worse was that Harry’s appetite was on the list of things which had changed about Harry and although he was not a compulsive eater like Ron; it was obvious he was eating more.

Suddenly, the witch felt a disarming chill run down her spine as she thought of all the ways that her Harry had changed. Ever since the end of term, he had been acting distant and was constantly shutting himself in Sirius’s old room between meals.

It had been hard to bear but Hermione had been telling herself she wouldn’t mention it. It was hard enough to have a conversation with Harry at the moment and the last thing she wanted was to inadvertently shorten those precious times by bringing up what could be a touchy subject.
However, tonight had been the last straw and after quickly finishing her dinner; Hermione had decided she needed to talk to Harry and dashed up the stairs before anyone could try and dissuade her.

Gathering all of her Griffindor courage as covered the last of the steps, Hermione quickly rapped her knuckles against the wood of the door. Her heart was beating louder than a troll’s drum as she waited for an answer but with every second that passed without a reply; her fleeting resolve grew weaker.

It was strange but even though Grimmauld Place was full of occupants that evening, Hermione had never heard the old building sound so… deathly silent; almost like the house itself was waiting for the his reply and it did nothing to help her dwindling nerve. Knocking again, she almost considered leaving and trying again in an hour or two but she dismissed the thought when she remembered just how hard it had been for her to take this step. No, she had to do this. It was now or never.

“H…Harry, it’s Hermione” she called, her voice shaking somewhat as she slowly gripped the brass knob; turning it ever so slightly before continuing with”…We need to have a talk.” as she pushed it open and stepped inside. The room was dark, too dark for her even to make out the king-size bed and quietly shutting the door behind herself; she withdrew her wand from the rear pocket of her denim jeans and whispered “Lumos”. The spell caused a small ball of light to glow at the ip of her wand and see raised it up high enough to light the room in its glow before stopping dead as an inhuman growl reverberated around the bedroom.

Although the pale blue rays of her spell barely managed to penetrate the dark void but it was near impossible to miss the large form that was crouching in front of her. Its razor sharp fangs were bared and clearly gleaming in the darkness as it slowly stalked towards the terrified girl.

In the back of her mind, Hermione knew she should have been using every curse she knew to try and get some space between her and this monster; but she just couldn’t bring herself to move as fear rushed through her blood stream like liquid adrenalin. It stepped closer, walking into the blue glow radiating from her wand; revealing its dark muzzle, triangularly pointed ears and blazing emerald green eyes…

It was like someone had hit her with a freezing charm as the reality of her situation sunk in. Harry Potter, the boy who lived and last best hope for wizard and muggle kind alike; had somehow become a Werewolf. And he was about to devourer her like she was nothing more than a common forest deer.

It didn’t take a genius to realize what he was doing and Hermione had seen enough documentaries on ‘BBC 2’ as a child to recognize the signs of a hunting wolf. Suddenly, a cold sense of feeling returned to her legs as watched the wolfen form of her best friend approaching and she took a cautious step back. She felt the hard wood of the door pressing against her back.

The brass knob that would open the door and save her life was in her palm. However, it was not that simple and before she could even try and turn the metal sphere; her once steady legs gave way and she fell to her knees.

Hermione wasn’t sure how long she knelt there, too afraid to look up for fear of what she might see; she could only kneel sit there and listen to the canine’s heavy breathing. Any minute now, Harry would strike and there was no doubt in her mind that he would kill her and then eat her bloody remains…

And then something she had never expected happened, Harry ran the rough skin of his slick wolf tongue against the skin of her cheek.

To say the least, she was surprised and looking up; the witch felt her heart swell as she saw the once monstrous hound sitting before her with his head tilted down and tail between his hind legs, almost like a common house dog whose master was angry with him.

“Harry?” Hermione asked cautiously before releasing a heavy sigh of relief as the canine looked up at her; his emerald orbs brimming as if he were about to cry. “Is that really you?”

Although not sure whether the animal tilting his head slightly was a sign of recognition or not, it didn’t take a Dr. Dolittle to recognize his timely bark as a ‘Yes’ before he was suddenly licking the skin of her face.

“Haa…rrrryyyyy…Stop…that tickles…” the witch pleaded while laughing hysterically, desperately trying to shield her face from the wolf’s attacking tongue. However, Harry was unrelenting and pressed his assault until Hermione was pressed against the door so much she had practically become part of the wooden structure, only then did he begin to retreat.

Gasping for breath, Hermione could only sit there for a few moments before an evil grin formed on her glistening red lips as she lunged forward; catching the large wolf off guard by pushing him onto his back and rubbing the soft skin of his underbelly. Ever since had been a little girl, Hermione had always loved animals and at the age of five; her parents her bought her a puppy Alsatian which she had called Scruffy.

Sadly, Scruffy had died about a month before her first year at Hogwarts but Hermione couldn’t help but remember the games she and Scruffy always use to play as she rubbed her best friend’s sensitive belly. It was suddenly becoming very hard to remember that this was actually Harry and not her treasured childhood pet.

It seemed like they were there for hours, witch and wolf joyfully play wrestling on the wooden floor; neither really caring for the uniqueness of the situation until a most unwelcome sound echoed in to the room from the other side of the door.

“Harry…Hermione…are you two in their?”

Hermione felt her heart stop as the questioning voice of Ronald Weasley reverberated around the large chamber and her blood ran cold when she felt Harry suddenly go still. Glancing down, she watched in horror as the wolf’s attention was suddenly drawn to the door; his teeth bearing their ivory points as his ears pointed back. Once more, Harry was preparing to attack and she could tell that this time; he would give not refer back to a playful puppy state.

Although the witch had absolutely no idea as to why the wolf had spared her earlier, she knew it was unlikely that he would be doing the same for Ron; when transformed Werewolves had very little memory of their human lives and could not discern who was once a friend.

Suddenly, the sound of rotating metal filled the room and looking over; Hermione was horrified to see that the door knob was slowly rotating. In her mind she could already see it happening, Ron walking in, his eyes suddenly alive with horror as he watched Harry pounce on him; helpless as the monstrous wolf’s muzzle closed around his neck and tore his throat out. It was too much for her to bear and before she knew what she was doing; Hermione jumped up and placed herself between the canine and the door.

In the near decade that she had known Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, this was without a doubt the stupidest thing she had ever done. Even if the wolf didn’t lunge for Ron, who’s to say he won’t suddenly change his mind and devour her instead?

Unable to get this idea out of her head, a chain of fierce shivers suddenly ran down her spine; causing her body to begin violently shaking but she didn’t move. Instead, she slammed the heel of her trainer against the door and used it to stop the door from suddenly opening as she tried to block Ronald from the predator’s view. Ron wasn’t helping matters though…

“Hermione…Is that you?” He called while literally trying to barge his way in through the door, not noticing as he did the extremely audible growls coming from Harry. Correctly guessing that Harry had managed to place a silencing charm on the room before he transformed, Hermione knew that it would be no good trying to communicate the situation to Ron without placing them both, and Harry for that matter, in serious danger and so she decided to face the much more serious side of the problem head on.

With a flick of her wand, she quickly cast a sealing charm on the door before turning her attention back to the angry wolf. Doing her best to ignore the red-head’s extremely annoying complaints, Hermione slowly sunk to her knees before the wolf; making sure to keep her eyes locked to his emerald orbs as she did. It wasn’t an easy thing to do though, every nerve in her body was shouting for her to either run or hide; but she just couldn’t.

Fine! Then just…stay in there!” Ron finally shouted and she heard the wizard’s retreating footsteps echoing down the steps as he stormed away. Unable to contain her relief, the witch looked down at the floor and released a heavy sigh. Seconds past before Hermione realized her mistake and quickly looking up, she had just enough time to see Harry cross the short distance that separated them before he used his muzzle to knock her on her backside.

“Ow! Stupid wolf.” She grumbled, gently rubbing her sore butt as she tried to sit up; only to have Harry push her back down once more. Only this time, after knocking her back he took another step forward; trapping her beneath his much larger mass. “Harry? What are you…?” The beast never gave her time to finish before he bent down and pressed the end of his muzzle against her lips, sealing them in an almost human kiss.

For moments she could only sit there, eyes as wide as Mrs Weasley’s dinner plates as Harry kept her trapped beneath him; his powerful muzzle quickly prying her glistening red lips apart and plundering her orifice with his savage tongue like it were the belly of a deer. Too stunned to dare move, Hermione didn’t react until she felt the beast beginning to withdraw; slowly drawing back until the wet tip of his nose was rubbing against her own. Swallowing nervously, she quickly took a breath in preparation for speech while desperately trying to think of something to say as she looked into his eyes. Those lush, emerald green orbs that had forever captured her very heart and soul since the first time she had gazed into them.

Suddenly, something snapped within the teen as she gazed in wonderment at the wolf’s canine facial features and the furry wolf slowly began to melt away until only the handsome features of Harry Potter remained; his strong features gazing back at her the most primal of desires lighting his emerald eyes. For what seemed like hours she could do little more than stare into those orbs, her heart and mind each fighting over what she should do next but when the battle was won; Hermione knew that she would never regret her actions.

Reaching out, she took a fistful of the wolf’s luxurious black fur and suddenly pulled his muzzle back down to her lips; pressing the somewhat fuzzy muzzle against her soft skin as she accepted his tongue deep into her mouth. And as the beast’s long, ravenous muscle began a sensual dual of passion with her own; Hermione’s hands moved further back to tangle her fingers in his dark mane and pull him closer.

“Oh mmmmph” She moaned into Harry’s mouth as long felt desire took control of her body and mind like the Imperius curse; coaxing her petite tongue from its lair to dance passionately with his as she wrapped her athletic legs around Harry’s waist, giving her greater leverage to kiss the hungry wolf more deeply.

* * * * * * *

Ever since the human female had entered his lair, almost every fibre within the lycanthrope had demanded that he devour the wench; all but his heart. However, only when he was prepared to pounce, when every of his heightened senses roared kill; did the infernal organ protest. And when he was just a heart’s-breath away from ripping out her throat, it bombarded him with thoughts he could not recall ever having and memories of events he did not remember.

They were random, obviously from different occasions but always featuring the same two humans. One was the terrified girl huddling before him and the other, a somewhat skinny human male with pitch black hair and a lightning bolt scar engraved into his skull. Several seconds past before recognition finally sunk in and the wolf was able to recognize his human self and with that, came everything he need to know about his friend.

Everything else was a bit of a blur for Lycan-Harry, or at least until his heightened hearing caught the gentle thumps of approaching footfalls. Predatory hunger hit him like a sledge hammer and temporarily forgetting about the very sweet tasting girl beside him; the wolf turned his attention towards the wooden barrier. Already, the strong sent of a sexually frustrated teenager was radiating from it and the mythical canine could literally feel his muzzle watering as he inhaled it. Sinking down lower onto his front paws as the brass knob slowly began to rattle, Harry was about to pounce when Hermione blocked his path.

Confused and slightly hurt that his apparent friend would want to get in the way of his lunch, Harry pulled his upper lip back in a mock growl; if she moved quickly he might still consider giving her some of his kill. However, Hermione remained resolute to the spot and even as he emitted a more vocal warning; she continued to challenge him. If it had been anyone else who dared challenge him in such a way, the wolf wouldn’t have stood for it and attacked without a moment’s hesitation but as he gazed at her; another sensation began to burn inside him.

It was strange but as he watched her, Harry began to lose focus on Hermione Granger and see something that was much more like a gloriously savage and wild female werewolf. Her bushy locks of caramel coloured hair almost identical to the main of tangled pelt that would cover her from pointed ears to clawed paws; even the Girl’s posture was near identical to the feminine lycans.
Suddenly, teenage hormones mixed with lycanthrope instinct began to form an overwhelming cocktail that quite literally stepped on his tail and as their eyes met; the wolf found he was unable to resist. Crossing the space that divided them in a few short steps, Harry was upon Hermione before she knew any better and had captured her lips before she could resist.

For tense moments she didn’t respond and remained as still as one of the Hogwarts statues as he kissed her, only when he began to wonder if he had made a mistake and began to pull back did she respond. Threading her elegantly slender fingers through the long, coal coloured locks of his main; the girl pulled his muzzle back to her lips in a show of hungry desire that rivalled even his own. The kiss wasn’t an easy embrace as only the front portion of his jaw could touch her criminally small lips but Harry was not dissuaded and instead did what he could to drink her in like the starving wolf he was. She tasted beyond sweet, like the cold waters that flowed from hidden forest springs and as he drank from her depths; the still human part of Harry’s mind couldn’t help but wonder why he had never done this before.

He wasn’t sure when but sometime between her kissing him back and wrapping her surprisingly athletic legs around his abdomen; Hermione had sunk down until she was practically underneath him. Contrary to must wizard and human beliefs, Werewolves were anything but completely savage and could show a surprising amount of concern when it came to their mates and Harry was no exception. Careful to keep his muzzle locked against her lips, the wolf suddenly turned around and leapt up onto the bed.

However, shocked by the sudden movement, Hermione accidentally released her grip on Harry’s canine body and fell to the bed.

Disgruntled somewhat by the loss of contact, she looked up to see the large wolf looking down at her; his emerald eyes gazing hungrily into hers and although she couldn’t explain how, the witch instantly knew what he wanted.

Nodding nervously, Hermione grabbed the hem of her rose petal pink T-shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her bare 34C mounds of flesh to the wolf’s eyes as she tossed the garment aside.
Revelling in the sight of her like she were some magnificent doe just ripe for devouring, Harry’s ravenous eyes slowly travelled up the creamy white skin of her slender torso to the luscious sight of her fully formed breasts; their milky complexion accentuated somewhat by the contrasting rosy shade of her stiff nipples. Just gazing at the magnificent orbs sent a shiver down the wolf’s spine as he felt his considerably aroused wolfhood growing and protruding from its warm sheath to hang between his hind legs as the still human part of his mind marvelled her beauty.

With her heart loudly beating in her ear’s, Hermione waited anxiously for the wolf’s reaction to her bare chest. Ever since she had developed her astounding cleavage part way through the previous summer holiday, the witch had been especially shy about revealing her well-endowed breasts to her two best friends; so much so that she had even magically altered all her tops and robes to make it appear that she was almost flat chested.

However, her fears appeared to of been unfounded as moments after she discarded the enchanted garment; Harry lent forward and began to ravenously lick her neck. Instinctively, she tilted her head back to grant him better access to the hollow of her throat while moaning quietly the pleasurable sensations his attentions caused spread through her body.

Continuing his ministrations, Harry lovingly creased his way down her body with his talented tongue; leaving a damp trail in his wake as he descended from her elegantly slender neck to her naked shoulder and onto the sensitive skin of her collarbone. Excitement and arousal coursed through his system like molten ecstasy as his heart beat a mile a minute and although inexperienced in the ways of pleasure; a mixture of instinct and youthful curiosity guided him as he descended upon her full breasts.

Slowly, the werewolf dragged his long tongue across the valley between her breasts and around the more than supple moaned of her right breast before dragging it over her stiff bud.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!!!” moaned Hermione delightedly as Harry’s exquisite tongue ran over her swollen nipple, adding fuel to the already blazing inferno ragging in her belly and loins. Gasping loudly as delectable sensations caused by his hot tongue circling her taught nipple spread through her body, the witch arched her back and thrust her ample bosom up against him while threading her fingers in his black mane to hold him in place as he devoured her.

Unhindered by her interruptions, Harry licked at the sensitive skin of her nipple for several moments before tenderly nipping it with his sharp teeth; careful however not to brake the skin for risk of infecting her with werewolf venom. Although the idea of turning her into his greatest desire appealed to the wolf immensely, he wasn’t so sure Hermione would feel quiet the same way; better to ask later and risk refusal than to possibly destroy their friendship and any chance of future rutting.

“Harry….” The witch moaned, half in agony and half in pleasure as he continued to gently gnaw her breast’s aching bud; causing her head to spin as she felt each incredible sensation before almost coming undone as he switched to her other mound. Gasping for breath as he rolled his tongue other the aching bud, Hermione wrapped her athletic, denim clad legs around his waist and suddenly became aware of a very large something rubbing between her shapely buttocks as she writhed under Harry’s incredible muzzle.

Lost in her pleasure, it took a moment for Hermione to fully comprehend what the immense object was but as realization hit her like a stunning charm, a deep shade of crimson stained her features. Having always being thought of as a bookworm or teacher’s pet by the other students, it was such an alien idea that she could have been the cause of his so very impressive arousal.

Although he didn’t show it, a deep shiver had run through Harry’s body the moment his mate had touched his erection and unconsciously began to grind himself between her succulent backside; almost driving him to a premature release before he could restrain himself. Now was not the time to lose control when he had such a beautiful bed mate to please and copulate with.

Carefully scrapping his teeth over her hard bud one last time, Harry than descended down her exquisite body; licking every inch of skin he came to. Lavishing attention to the tender flesh of her belly, the wolf was about to proceed to the treasure between the girl’s shapely thighs when he realized that she was still wearing her denim jeans.

Not at all caring for the fabric blocking his path, Harry immediately tore into it, causing Hermione to release a load shriek of terror as he grasped the waist line between his teeth and ripped a long line in the cloth with one jerk of his head. After severing the thin bonds that held her jeans together, the wolf had little trouble dragging the denim shreds down her smooth, creamy legs before tossing them aside as he turned his attention back to the witch.

Ever since he had begun attending to her breasts, Harry had been able to sense a strange heat building inside Hermione’s lower body but he had resisted the urge to investigate on the grounds that he had wanted to indulge the human beauty. But now he was free to sniff around the sexy red thong that seemed to frame her hips oh so well. Already he could feel the exquisite heat rising from her centre and leaning forward, he took a deep breath of her sweet scent before releasing the wash of hot air over her burning cloth covered core; causing the witch to writhe in anticipation as the teasing sensation washed through her. Being somewhat more gentile than he had been with her jeans, he hooked the silken elastic between his sharp fangs and pulled the lacy undergarment down her porcelain-white thighs and smooth legs; leaving her completely exposed to his lustful eyes.

Discarding the tiny garment, Harry began slowly licking his way up one of her legs; quickly making his way to the junction between her legs. Taking a second to look up at the beauty staring down at him, the wolf admired the way her dark locks of bushy chocolate coloured hair were spanning across the pillow and stuck to the sweaty skin of her forehead, her maroon eyes were veiled by a clear sheet of desire and a thin veil of perspiration lined her navel. Licking his muzzle in anticipation as he took in the delicious sight; the wolf nudged her slender legs further apart before the front part of his muzzle disappeared from the witch’s view.

Sniffing her freely seeping core cautiously, Harry was delighted to inhale her musky scent and didn’t waste a moment before hungrily lapping up the juices that flowed from Hermione’s burning orifice and then turning his attentions on her sweet cavern.

“OH Merlin Harry!” the witch shrieked in ecstasy as she felt the wolf’s magnificent tongue trace her labia, adding fuel to the already blazing fire in her belly that threatened to consume her whole being. Encouraged by her soft moans, the werewolf began greedily drinking from her moistened womanhood; parting the wet folds with his large tongue and attacking her stiff clit, practically driving the once rigid bookworm to the point of insanity. “Oh…Merlin! Harry you’re such an animal!” Hermione cried while throwing her head back into the soft pillow as she almost shredded the duvet with her nails. The sensations that his brilliant tongue were creating as it massaged her aching clit were so mind numbingly exquisite that the witch had trouble remembering to breath as she basked in the pool of ecstasy.

Although not exactly a grade A student, it didn’t exactly take an Albert Einstein to realise Hermione was enjoying his attentions; the way she kept bucking her hips every time he touched her clit was a rather big give-away. However, hearing her calling his name in such a needy and pleasure filled voice was making the wolf begin to feel really uncomfortable; so much so that he decided it was time to make this girl cum so they could finally begin serious matting.
Rolling his rough tongue over her clit one last time, he then descended upon her quivering entrance; his already dampened muzzle watering as he took in its virgin pink complexion before plunging forth. Sinking his tongue as deeply inside her burning depths as the tight walls of the witch’s cavern would allow, causing Hermione to almost scream in ecstasy as her body was invaded by the werewolf’s tongue. The extraordinary sensations his powerful muscle created however were too much for her and all the teen wanted was to just howl and cry in pleasure; but she just couldn’t get enough air in her lungs to do so.

Ravishing her core with his tongue while hungrily drinking in her sweet nectar, the wolf was completely focused on the task of twirling the muscle inside her tight passage and didn’t notice just how fast he was driving the poor girl to a mind blowing climax. However, he did know it wouldn’t be long till she reached her peak. Her hips seemed to be bucking more and more wildly with each passing second and even a deaf old wizard would have been able to hear Hermione’s pleasure filled moans as he probed and licked every inch of her womanhood that he could reach.

Nevertheless, he was growing impatient with her stubbornness and quickly redoubled his efforts to send her over that peak by fastening his tongue’s strokes while applying a light pressure to her clit with the aid of his nose. It worked and a few moments later, the dusty chamber was filled with the echoing sound of his name bouncing off the stone walls as Hermione screamed her climax.

Gasping softly as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, Hermione could only dazedly watch as her werewolf lover greedily drank the fruit of her climax as it pooled between her legs; a sight which easily fed the lustful embers burning in her belly like a bottle of fire-whisky. Suddenly, fresh waves of passion began coursing through her system and before the wolf knew what happened; Hermione wrapped her legs around his torso and flipped their positions so that she was now the one on top.
Of course, Harry didn’t respond quite so well to the change in his position as she had hopped but while trapped beneath her on his back; there was little the mighty canine could do but growl.

“Ahhhhh, is poor Harry upset because he is no long in charge?” the witch cooed, unafraid by the wolf’s little show and instead lent down to place a soft kiss on his nose before whispering “Don’t worry boy, mummy will make it up to you…” And with that, Hermione rotated herself around so that she was now facing his erect wolfhood. And what an impressive spectacle it was…

Standing tall and proud, Hermione could only stare wide-eyed as she took in the sight of his prominent arousal; mentally measuring it to be about 12 Inches long!

Merlin…he’s gigantic!” She thought while trying not to blush. Although this was the first time she had seen an actual phallus, like everything else she had done some reading up on the subject of male anatomy and was more than sure that most men weren’t even half the size of the example before her. The question was, was this ‘little’ development part of the transformation or was Harry simply special in all aspects.

Grinning as she made a note to enquirer about it later, Hermione slowly wrapped her lithe fingers around his godly length however it was so thick that her fingers could only enclose around half it’s width. Entranced by the extraordinary symbol, the teenage witch began to stroke the Wolf’s shaft at a leisurely pace before giggling in a very Lavender Brown fashion as she heard the canine release a series of pitiful whine; obviously enjoying her attentions.

Not wanting to be a tease after he had shown such attention to her needs, Hermione then lent forward and placed a soft kiss on the tip of his member before slowly taking him into her mouth. However, because of his great girth it was anything but easy for the inexperienced witch; in fact he had almost stretched her orifice to its limits before she had even taken half of his member between her lips. Despite this, she slowly continued to lower her oral cavity down the entire length of Harry’s 12 inch cock, shivering slightly as she felt its hard, heated texture rub the sides of her warm mouth before pushing into her throat and only when her soft lips had reached the base of the werewolf’s magnificent shaft did she stop.

Harry had been enjoying the light teasing brought on by Hermione’s hand but the pent up lust he had developed for the extremely sexy witch over the last few months was really starting to hurt and he at least wanted her to bring him over the edge with something other than her talented fingers. Ironically, no sooner had the wolf thought this than he instinctively rolled his head back and slid his emerald green eyes closed as he felt her warm breath wash over his aching member just before she took him into her burning orifice.

It was an incredible sensation, to feel the velvety head of his painfully stiff cock slipping past her soft lips as she took him into the warm cavern of her mouth; her wet tongue pressing against his sensitive flesh and even her teeth skilfully scraping his rigid flesh felt great. At an agonizingly slow pace, the bushy haired beauty took him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her lips…

Placing her soft hands on the bed either side of the Wolf’s hips to support herself; Hermione started to slowly raise her head off the beast’s wolfhood until only the swollen tip remained within her burning cavern and then repeated the motion of consuming his entire shaft. Up and down, the witch slowly lowered and raised her head on her friend’s thick shaft, continually rolling her tongue against the rigid flesh as she engulfed him; allowing every part to slide into her hot mouth and even down her tight throat before slowly raising her head. And then, she slowly started to speed up, increasing her pace with each stroke until she was bobbing her head up and down in a fast rhythm while applying a suction that was tighter than a vice with her lips

Merlin… Hermione…Oh shit you’re so gooooooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!” Harry moaned in his wolfish language, barley able to keep hold of any conscious thought as he basked in the pool of ecstasy the witched had plunged him into. The incredible way she was massaging his length with her mouth made him feel like the tip of his member was going to burst and he was sure that if she kept this up much longer; he would be unable to stop himself from releasing his seed down that marvellous throat of hers.

Listening to the deep moans and groans being emitted by her mythical canine lover, Hermione couldn’t help but moan herself as she grew more aroused by the minute; the deep, pleasure filled vocalizations sending shivers down her spine and fuelling the raging inferno between her slick thighs. However, this caused Harry to almost skull fuck her to death as he wildly began bucking his powerful hips and releasing a long series of high pitched moans.

Gasping for breath, she quickly pulled off the beast’s dick and began coughing violently. Sitting up once she was once more able to breath, Hermione wiped her lips clean with the back of her hand before looking over her shoulder and turning her attention back to her dazed friend; a stern expression playing across her features. “Damn you Harry! You could have choked me…” but noticing that he wasn’t paying any more attention to her than he was to the blank portraits hanging on the walls around them, a sly smile suddenly spread across her lips and temporarily forgetting her anger; she stood up and rotated herself around so that she was sitting between his legs.

Waiting until the wolf had regained enough sense to look at her and still smiling in a sly but innocent fashion, she asked sweetly “Did you enjoy that Harry?” However, already knowing the answer she didn’t wait for him to respond before placing a firm hand on his hip and lowering her mouth back onto his straining length while keeping her chocolate brown orbs locked to his emerald green irises as she did so. Being already use to his much more than average size, she was able to consume his entire length in one stroke of her lips; earning soft grunts of satisfaction from her counterpart as her free hand began gently stroking his soft balls.

Holy crap! Where did Hermione learn this kind of magic?” Wondered the wolf as he felt her angelic fingers gently wrap around his tender testicles and begin slowly massaging them in ways that made his head spin as her mouth returned to his almost painfully hard cock; teasing the burning head with her tongue as she slowly took him back into her constricting throat. And then he felt her moan again, causing him to buck his hips off the bed again as the delectable vibrations reverberated all along his shaft and damn near drove him mad with desire while pressing him ever closer to the edge. So badly he desired to watch her head bending up and down on his wolfhood, to see his stiff member disappearing and reappearing through Hermione’s luscious lips; but she was too good and his eyes were shut tightly as he pressed his head against the pillow.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm” moaned Hermione around the Wolf’s hard shaft while holding his hips to stop him from bucking to hard, still somewhat fearful of what the powerful creature could do to her if left unchecked. However, sensing that her partner was quickly approaching his peak the witch began to quicken her pace; sucking the large canine with all the strength she had while bobbing up and down faster and faster.

Harry was amazed, her mouth was velvet soft and her throat almost made him cum every time his hard cock pushed into her depths; it was so hard for the teenage werewolf to believe she wasn’t a pro. But then again, Hermione Granger was the most magnificent witch he had ever met and could do just about anything she set her mind on; why should her performance of oral pleasure be any different than that of charms?

The Wolf knew he was really close to cumming down the witch’s heavenly throat but he was stubbornly trying to make it last the longest possible, the pleasure was just too intense for him to give up lightly and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it. But although strong willed, Harry Potter also possessed all the shortcomings of youth; including riding on a hair trigger and a last moan from Hermione was all it took to make him fly over the edge.

Caught off guard by the river of bittersweet fluid suddenly flowing down her throat, the witch did her best to swallow all she could but it was undoubtedly too much too soon and before she could stop it; some of the mighty canine’s seed escaped her mouth and flowed down her chin. Releasing the still steely flesh from her lips once the last of his essence had rolled down her throat, the bushy haired beauty then made a show of licking her lips clean before crawling between his hind legs and up his chest to place a soft kiss on his muzzle.

However Harry was too dazed to notice and was frankly more interested in the set of golden snitches buzzing around his head than what Hermione was doing. Breathing hard, the wolf had to struggle not to fall into a deep sleep as he basked in the afterglow of the incredible climax that she had bestowed upon him.

Although a powerful potion consisting of desire, lust and love was cooking within her centre, Hermione couldn’t help but feel nerves as she positioned herself over his hard shaft. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for since forth year; the moment she gave her virginity to Harry Potter.
It was certainly like nothing she had ever imagined this moment being. There no romantic dinner or moon lit stroll through the park as a mode builder, no Harry defending her hour against the insults of Draco Malfoy; not even the kind and gentle boy she had known since the first year of school attending to her every desire. Instead, she was presented with a night that’s very essence revolved around animal lust and pent up longing.

It was undeniably so much better than anything she had ever dreamed of.

With that in mind, the witch couldn’t help but smile as she got into position; placing herself over his erection before lowing herself down until its weeping tip almost entered her slick entrance. Waiting until the teenage wolf had regained enough sense to look at her, Hermione then locked her lustful orbs to the canine’s hungry eyes as she grabbed his monstrous shaft and gently guided him into her.

“That’s it! Oh that’s it!” the naked witch gasped, feeling his incredible member sliding inside her tight canal, “Oh-oh Merlin!” And then, before the wolf could stop himself; he thrust his hips up and propelled his hard penis as deep as it could go inside.

Eyes opening as wide as a set of dinner plates, Hermione threw her head back and had to fight the urge to scream as Harry broke her barrier; stretching her walls to their very limits as he forced himself deep inside her core. It hurt, it hurt a lot but the revelation that at that moment; she was one with the love of her young life seemed to counter the agony with something much sweeter.
Fortunately, Harry seemed to of understood what had happened and was unwilling to move again for risk of hurting her more; lying as still as a lust striven magical wolf could until she was ready for him. It helped a lot and once she had adapted to his extraordinary size; Hermione started to slowly lift her hips up until only his head was inside her before fall back down onto him again.

“OH Merlin Harry! Every inch of you is so deep inside me!” she suddenly squealed in ecstasy as every inch of the wolf’s hard length was fully encased within her burning core and wanting more; she began to speed up her motions.

Trapped by the exquisite feel of her velvety soft walls and entranced by the captivating sight of Hermione ridding him, the alluring sight of her voluptuous breasts bouncing with her every movement and the look of sheer euphoria on her gorgeous face; Harry could only lay beneath her. Although every fibre of his Werewolf soul told him that his willing submissiveness was going too far, that he should roll them over and take her like the lustful bitch in heat she would soon become; his still partly human mind reasoned that this was her first times as well and that their plenty of time for rutting once she had warn herself out.

However, that time appeared to be a long way off as their antics seemed to of unlocked a side to Hermione Harry had never seen before, a wild witch who seemed to only grow more ferocious by the second as she dominated him; plunging her tight cavern onto his straining member with as much vigour as she expressed for studying.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh yes! Oh yes!” Hermione moaned, their unusual position making her a little disoriented but the pleasure it gave her was certainly worth the sight of their dimly lit bedroom spinning uncontrollably as she increased the wild tempo and every time she impaled herself on his shaft; she felt the explosive spring of pleasure welling up inside her abdomen. Wanting more, the wild witch began moving with all her might; causing the bed’s large oak headboard to begin banging against the wall as she rode him like a cowgirl would her mighty bucking stallion.

Likewise, Harry was having extreme difficulty remaining in control of himself and with her every stride; the werewolf drew ever closer to his breaking point. But when Hermione suddenly dragged her hand across his lower belly, scrapping the sharp tips of her nails against the soft flesh; Harry couldn’t help himself and thrust his hips forward while whining in an almost pained fashion.

“OH FUCK YES!!!!” Cried the witch, arching her back as she felt the wolf’s massive appendage being thrust deeper inside her core and lost in the sensation; Hermione’s hands independently slid up her slender body and begin massaging her soft mounds. Squeezing her hard nipples between her fore and middle fingers, she continued to mercilessly ride the beast in a haze of rapture; only now with the added pleasure of Harry meeting her motion for thrust.

If he had not been here to see it, Harry Potter would never have believed this could of happened. He had desired Hermione like no other for years but he had never believed that they would be able to share this sort of connection, somehow he had come to think that she would be more attracted to Ron and his tall stocky build rather than his own more modest lanky exterior. Obviously though he had been wrong for his best friend seemed perfectly content straddled atop him, causing the bed to rocking back and forth as she continued to bounce up and down on his wolfhood.

But the most amazing thing about this impossible moment was the very image of the ever right and proper Hermione Granger as she was perched atop him, his mighty shaft moving in and out of her tight depths as she roughly pawed her large breasts and pinched her rosy nipples; it was such a forbidden sight and she looked so incredible for it. In fact she was quite possibly the hottest girl in Hogwarts, she was just so perfect in every way and the delectable feel of her hot pussy as she repeatedly impaled herself on his dick was beyond thought.

“YES, OHHH YES! UHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH! Fuck me Harry I want you to fuck me! Fuck me!” Hermione continued to cry, rocking back and forth vigorously in tune with her canine lover’s powerful thrusts; causing waves of delicious ecstasy to consume her body. “OHHHHHH! YES! OH MERLIN YOU’RE SO GOOD! SO GOOD! I’M CUMMING! OH I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It had crept up on her so fast that she never realised until her orgasm was upon her, its waves of burning pleasure washing through her like a great tsunami; consuming everything in its path and turning her into a lifeless mass of pleasure as it worked its unique kind of magic.

Harry could only watch in fascination and slight disappointment as his friend ceased her wild motions, her lustful eyes widening as she realised a high-pitched moan that hurt his sensitive ears. He had been so close and if she could of hung in there for a little longer; but no and now not even the wondrous sensations from her contracting inner walls could relieve him.

No longer able to support herself on her shaking limbs, Hermione collapsed on the panting Harry; his still erect length buried deep within her convulsing depths. However, only when the winged books floating over her head had finally vanished from view did the witch realise her folly and quickly looking up at the wolf’s eyes; she asked nervously “Harry did you…um… release?”

Shaking his furry head negatively, Harry barely gave her enough time to utter the phrase “Well would you like me to…” before suddenly rolling them over so that he was on top. She had had her fun and now it was his turn to play.

* * * * * * * * *

“OH MY GOD! …MORE…HARRY… OH…FUCK…GIVE ME MORE! OH…OH…OH…OH…OH YES!” Hermione cried out as Harry practically rammed her into the old oak bed; A deep grunt originating from his throat as he accomplished her request, forcing himself even deeper inside her burning centre with every motion.

It had now been over three hours since Hermione had walked into the room to find Werewolf Harry waiting for her, but neither sex crazed witch or instinct driven canine cared; all that mattered was the sex. Like Hermione’s control, the genteelness in the act had long since dissipated and all that was left was the pure primal desire that flowed through the couple like the pleasure it caused.

Grunting and panting, Harry ferociously thrust his cock deep into Hermione’s pussy at a speed only another werewolf could match but she was so hot and tight that he could barely control himself. Although she was begging for him to go harder, the adolescent canine knew he couldn’t go much further while they were locked in this position for risk of crushing her; her skin was sweaty and it would be all too easy for his front paws to slip off her smooth back and result in his entire mass collapsing on top of the sex starved witch.

“OH FUCK! Fuck me hard! Oh yesssss you’re sooo fucking GGGOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!” The witch continued to moan, her once brilliant mind totally lost in the vortex of pleasure she was experiencing; before the wolf had felt so big and hard inside her but now he was filling her like nothing she could have ever imagined. In all her life, the witch had never felt so much sexual energy coursing through her system; so much so that she could even sense his thick cock pulsating and stretching her velvety walls every time he entered her.

Inhaling great amounts of her intoxicating aroma with his every breath, Harry continued to fight against the near overwhelming urge to lose control as he continued to penetrate his human mate from behind.

“OHHH! FUCK! YES!” Moaned Hermione wantonly, she could feel both her mind and body slipping away as the werewolf’s hard shaft continuously thrust inside her tight tunnel and brought her closer to her final and very magical orgasm as words pouring from her mouth without thought. “SO CLOSE! PLEASE FUCK ME! OH! SO FUCKING CLOSE!”

However, before her limbs could give way Hermione had to almost lunge forward to grab the bed’s oak headboard as Harry continued to ruthlessly ravage her burning centre; using the sturdy wooden structure to support her tired body.

Unrelenting in his motions, the stream of curses continued to flow from Hermione’s lips as Harry continued to savagely fuck her; her pleasure blinded pleas like music to his ears and served only to drive him on like a carrot to a donkey. However, as he did the wolf noticed that the Witch’s grip on the headboard seemed to tighten with his every thrust until he wondered if she might tear great chunks out of the wooden furniture.

“YES! YES! OHHHH! ALMOST…THERE! OH! FUCK ME HARRY! OHHH! YES! FUCK ME!” Screamed Hermione, her voice know reaching a pitch that even Harry’s heightened Werewolf hearing couldn’t hear as she rapidly approached her climax.

Happy to obey, Harry never hesitated and started pummelling her slick entrance as fast and deep as he could; his powerful hips slapping loudly against her shapely buttocks as their minds were became lost in the fog of pure ecstasy that clouded their mind.
“OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS! I’M CUMMMMING! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING! UHHH!” the sexy bookworm screamed, throwing her head back as a fresh gush of her burning seed washed over the wolf’s cock and at last; for the first time that night Harry was with her. The mixed sensations of her burning heat and convulsing walls throwing him over the edge and made him exploded inside her.

Releasing her grip on the bed’s headboard, an exhausted Hermione Granger collapsed onto the bed of pillows; her spent mind failing to register anything the pillows soft embrace and the relaxing feel of Harry’s shaft still embedded within her as she fell into a deep sleep.

* * * * * * *

Harry and Hermione both slept through out what remained of the night, not waking until well after the moon had withdrawn into the shadows and the creeping warmth of dawn had consumed the land.

Unconsciously stretching out as she drowsily rolled onto her side, Hermione felt a sudden chill run down her spine and began blindly searching for the mass of soft warmth that had been serving as both her pillow and quilt. However, it was nowhere to be found and still too tired to really care; the witch rolled back and was about to nod off when she opened her eyes to a sight that woke her up faster than a bucket of ice cold water.

Harry was looking over her with a look of such fear and terror in his emerald green orbs that she thought the dark lord himself had just knocked on the bed door.

“Harry…what’s the matter?” Hermione asked in a concerned tone, temporarily forgetting that they were both utterly stark naked as she began to sit up.

“Hermione…last night… we didn’t…I’m so sorry… couldn’t control it…” stammered Harry, obviously not knowing where to begin as he tried to explain himself. However, Hermione could only smile as she released what he was trying to say and wanting to get her chance to speak; she suddenly took hold of his chin and pulled the teenage werewolf in for a very silencing kiss.

For several moments, he didn’t respond to the gesture, but he didn’t push away either and that was she needed to know that Harry had calmed down enough for her to talk. However, not wanting to brake the intimate contact just yet; she took her time in pulling away before locking her eyes to Harry’s and saying a little breathlessly “Harry, you have nothing to be sorry about; I wanted everything that happened between us last night. I’ll admit it wasn’t exactly the way I imagined our first time but I wouldn’t swap it for anything.”

Relieved by her heartfelt words, the last traces of concern quickly left Harry’s face and Hermione had no trouble coaxing him back down onto the bed while she made herself comfortable in his surprisingly muscular arms.

Content to just lay there in his arms while practically purring in pleasure as the wizard placed soft kisses on the back of her neck, Hermione slowly mused over what had happened between her and Harry; remembering every blissful sensation he had caused within her belly. But there was something she still didn’t understand…

“Harry, how did you become a werewolf?” The words passed her lips before she could even stop them and the she instantly regretted it when a moment later she felt Harry suddenly stop his motions. Why couldn’t she learn to just keep her big mouth shut?

“It happened the night Professor Dumbledore died, Greyback tackled me and thought it would be fun to take a bite out of the boy who lived.” Harry explained, his voice heavy as he recounted the dark moment. “I didn’t tell you or Ron because I thought I’d have similar symptoms to Bill, something I could blow off as just being a new taste; boy was I in for a surprise.” At that he released a dry laugh which despite the context sent a shiver of desire down Hermione’s spine. “So Hermione, do you think you could ever grow to love a cursed teenage werewolf like myself?”

Not hesitating, Hermione practically tackled Harry to the bed and gave him a passionate kiss that reawakened his arousal. Need she say more?

The End

Between Life and Death there is…

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans and I am not making any profit from this work of fiction.
Between Life and Death there is…
‘If love can’t live there, evil will do just as well.’ – Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’
Covered by a thick sheet of darkness, the once bustling streets of Jump City were deathly quiet as a heavy sheet of rain fell from the heavens. Only one dared to tempt the terrestrial weather…
A teenage girl with fiery red hair and an attire that consisted entirely of tight fitting leathers strolled down the high street, a merry tune playing from her glossy red lips as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Behind her, two heavy sacks floated in a bright pink aura; their contents safely contained within the energy and away from the damaging effect of the down pour.
“I do so love the rain.” She whispered. Her voice was merry and cheerful despite the ill weather; as if she had not a care in the world. “There truly is nothing better after a robbery than a stroll in the ra…” However, her joyful idiom suddenly died as an explosion of sonic energy hit the ground, not half a metre away from where she was about to tread, and the smile quickly fled from her lips as she turned to see the Teen Titans standing across from her.
“The Showers over Villain.” Growled Robin, his eyes narrowing as he set his sights firmly on the leather clad thief. “Much like your reign of crime.”
“Now Girl, if you come along quietly then there’s no need for anyone to get hurt.” Cyborg added, the mouth of his sonic cannon still smoking as he angled the weapon towards the girl; as if preparing to take another shot.
“Oh don’t worry yourself about me steely Dan, I like it rough.” She promised, her full lips curving up into a wide smirk as she slowly allowed the two sacks to lower to the ground before she brought her arms up into a defensive stance. “And my name’s X, Mistress X.”
“Well ‘X’,” Robin began, his hands reaching beneath his cape to where he kept the collected form of his staff. “If you want a fight, then the Teen Titans will take you down. Titans Go!” At their leader’s word of command, the group lunged forward but despite their overwhelming advantage, the smirk never faded from Mistress X’s lips.
“Well it’s a good job I like going down then.” She whispered, her bubble gum pink eyes suddenly beginning to glow a vibrant shade. “After all, a good girl really needs to know how to blow…”  Her words sparking a strong gust of wind to suddenly spring up, tussling the girl’s fiery locks before one wave of her leather clad hand directed the gale towards the attacking Titans.
Having taken to the sky, Starfire and Raven were the first to encounter the hail of rain and wind. Its freezing grip coiling around them like a great serpent before throwing them from side to side in a whirl of action that totally disorientated the girls as they were swept away before being hurled to the ground.
“Starfire!” Robin called, stopping his attack as he watched his secret love falling to the ground but before he could go to her; the gust caught up to Cyborg and Beast boy; knocking even the mighty robotic off his feet as it swept them up like a children’s’ toys. Unfortunately, morphing into an elephant couldn’t save Beast boy as his elephantine form was quickly lifted from the ground and sent soaring back, catching the team’s ill placed leader in the chest. Luckily for Robin, the green metamorph was able to return to his original form before they hit a shop wall but the blow still knocked the stuffing out of him. For someone so scrawny, Beast boy sure weighed a fair sum.
Watching the group of teenage superheroes sprawl across the ground, Mistress X couldn’t contain herself as she suddenly burst out with laughter. She’d heard the Teen Titans were tough but they’d been knocked down before she could even begin to warm up; this was going to be so easy it almost disappointed her.
“Damn…” Groaned Cyborg, rubbing his bald head with the robotic arm as he slowly rose up. “That girl sure knows how to give a blow-job.”
Groaning in agreement, Robin managed to push the dazed Beast boy off before getting to his knees and hurriedly crawling over to where he had seen the girls fall. Yet while Raven seemed to be none the worse for wears as she tried to stand, Starfire must have hit her head as she fell because she lay across the wet ground, unconscious. Quickly undoing the bonds which tied his cape to his body, he rolled the fabric up and placed it beneath the alien princess’s head. Unfortunately, Robin was too busy tending to Starfire to notice that an enraged Beast boy was gathering his wits.
“Oh that’s it! I’ve had it with bad guys always throwing me around.” The metamorph growled, his green eyes narrowing at the sight of X. “This trollop is mine…”
“Beast Boy, wait!” Cyborg yelled, spotting his comrades intentions even as he fought to stand. Alas, it was too late, so enraged that he couldn’t even hear the biotic behemoth’s words; Beast Boy turned to his Gorilla form and charged the leather clad seductress. His heavy fists shaking the ground with every swing as he crossed the void between him and her with incredible speed, intent on not giving her another chance to blow him away. Yet, despite the enraged prime-ape rushing towards, X didn’t move nor blink, the confident smile gracing her lips until the very end.
Inwardly grinning as he saw she was making no move to defend her, Beast Boy drew himself back; coming to a sudden halt as he reared back onto his hind legs and stood upright with his powerful arms raised. With a mighty roar flowing from his parted jaws, the Gorilla threw all his strength into one attack; swinging his closed fists down. But at the last moment, when his hit seemed most certain; a calculating look suddenly masked the Villain’s face as she swung her leg forward.
In an instant, Beast Boy’s body reverted back to its normal form. His eyes bulging, he tried to scream but found he was in too much pain to utter words and the best he could do was utter a few strangled gasps as feebly clutching his throbbing  genitalia; the green metamorph feel to ground unconscious.
“Boys…” X commented, he red lips turning to a sly smirk as she kicked the downed Titan’s side. “No matter what the species, they always follow their cocks.”
Watching their team mates defeat, an angered hush fellow over the remaining Titan’s. Not even Slade had ever resorted to something as wicked as a crotch shot and the thought of a villain with such tactics sent a cold wash through Cyborg and Robin. However being female, Raven wasn’t bound by such primal fears and although she still felt lingering moments of resentment towards the Green shape shifter; the sight of her friend’s undignified defeat made her blood boil. Beast Boy may be a fool most of the time but he certainly didn’t deserve that…
Pools of dark energy suddenly encased the half- demons hands, her emotions running riot as she considered the metamorph’s beating until she could no longer contain the raw emotion and took flight. She wanted to teach this bitch a lesson, she wanted to show her what happens to those who mess with the Titans.
Spying her next challenger, X quickly used her own powers to take flight; raising her body until she was level with the attacking demon girl. Glazed by a sheet of pink energy, the vileness’s eyes followed Raven across the sky as a ball of energy collected in her palm. With the titan on a collision course, there was little point in aiming and she released the blast moments before the enraged Raven was due to hit her. However, much to X’s surprise; Raven’s anger had fuelled her power and she merely swatted the blast aside as she continued on her course.
Although she was far from the strongest member of the team, at that moment, Raven really couldn’t have given a damn about such distinctions as she slammed straight into the leather sporting villain. Their entwined bodies cutting a blazing path through the torrential downpour before slamming into the brick wall of an office building; sending a volley of shattered bricks flying into the night as the girl’s abandoned all thoughts of their powers.
Embedding the butt of her left wrist beneath X’s chin, the Titan drew back her right fist and began punching the villain in the face; not stopping her attack until the seductress’s knee slammed into her stomach. Biting back a shout of pain, Raven quickly gave up her attack and backed away before X had another chance to strike. Bubble-gum Pink met amethyst purple as catching their breath, the girls looked gazes in a violent glare; their encased bodies throbbed from the impact but neither cared as they prepared for the next bout.
X was the first to recover and with a burst of pink energy, she exploded from the brick work sarcophagus; a deafening war cry billowing from her painted lips as she charged the floating demon princess with both of her fists drawn back. However, Raven was right behind her and managed to dodge the attack before sending a round house kick into the villain’s back; knocking her off balance the power she’d poured into the strike made her plummet to the road below. Grinning ever so slightly as she watched the leather clad red-head slam into the tarmacked road with a resounding thud, Raven couldn’t help being thankful she had let Starfire and Robin talk her into taking a few one-on-one sparing sessions; they’d certainly proved to be an asset after-all.
“Do you think Raven beat her?” Cyborg quietly asked Robin, a worried look playing across his partially mechanical face as they watched the part demon slowly descend to the ground.  Having both witnessed the full extent of Raven’s power at one time or another, they had wisely decided to stay out of her way while she and X fought, neither willing to risk getting in the way of one of her power blasts. However now that she seemed to of calmed down, the urge to help their team-mate was quickly getting the better of them.
“Hard to say; though it defiantly seems like she’s down for the count. Raven’s got a mean kick and her powers give her one hell of a…” Robin’s speech suddenly died however when he caught sight of movement. Evidently, Raven’s mean kick hadn’t been enough and X quickly scrambled to her feet in time for Raven’s prompt landing.
“All right…” X whispered slowly, looking up at Raven through the damp curtain of her red locks whilst her left hand slowly reached behind her “time to bring out the big guns.” However, snorting at the Dominatrix’s remark, Raven levitated herself off the ground and flew towards the redhead; her right fist outstretched as she prepared to strike. Yet like she had with Beast Boy, the villain refused to move and a wide grin quickly returned to her bloody lips.
In a flash of movement, she side stepped the demon princess’s blow before drawing a concealed pair of handcuffs from her within her leathers and slotting one of the bracelets onto Raven’s outstretched wrist. Trapped in her flow of motion, she could not recoil and X had only to give a firm tug for her to be thrown off balance.
“What the…” She gasped, almost missing the sound of the other bracelet locking around her wrist as X dragged her arms around her back. Heart racing, Raven desperately tried to break the bonds but found that she lacked the strength or concentration to snap the linking as the vicious edge of the bracelets dug into her wrist. “Let me go you fucking whor…” However, her furious order died into nothing but a series of indistinguishable murmurs as the dominatrix leaned forward and captured the Demonic princess’s lips in a searing kiss; a studded tongue pushing past her defences and down her throat before she could so much as make a gesture of protest.
Continuing her siege of the titan’s orifice, X wrapped her arms around Raven waist and let her hands descend down to the latex covered orbs of the demon’s arse before leisurely kneading the firm flesh; drawing a reluctant moan from the girl even as she struggled against her advances. Her resistance soon began to fade however, replaced quickly by a flow of quiet groans which made the villain giggle as she continued her play.
After a few moments though, the need for air forced her to reluctantly abandon the demon princess’s lips and she pulled away.
“Mmmm…You’re delicious.” X purred, her heavy breathing tickling Raven’s check as she leaned forward to lick the burning skin. “Maybe you should consider joining me, imagine all the fun we could have.”
“I’d rather die.” Raven spat, a hint of red lighting her eyes as her teeth began lengthening to the size of fangs. “Azarath, METRION, ZINTHOOOOHHHH…” The incantation turned into a moan seconds before Raven could complete the spell, its power evaporating into the rain as her head rolled back. X’s hand was now on her breast, her leather clad fingers teasing the buds of the princess’s nipples through the wet latex until they could practically cut glass and she was fighting for breath.
“I’d advise you to reconsider.” the villain whispered, a pink glow encasing her hand as she began to feed a volatile cocktail of heat and pleasure against the Titan’s breast. “Why throw your life away when you could have so much fun with me?”
“I…I…” Gasping at the fiery haired villain’s touch, Raven could barely muster the will to speak. Her mind was quickly receding into itself as the pleasure destroyed all the elements of her control. “I’LL NEVER JOIN YOU!
Negotiations were concluded and A high pitched cry suddenly echoed from Raven’s lips, her violate eyes widening as she felt X’s other hand rub against her covered core; the incendiary heat of her touch burning along every one of the Princess’s nerves.  Her body was climaxing in seconds and by the time Cyborg’s sonic blast collided with X; Raven’s mind had long since receded into the back of her subconscious.
With his fellow Titan acting as artillery, Robin was able to swoop in and catch Raven before her unconscious body hit the ground and cradling her to him; he swiftly removed her from the fight before testing her responses. His knowledge of first aid was only basic but it almost looked like Raven had slipped into shock yet her body was quivering and it lead him to believe X had placed her under a spell. One which would probably lift the moment she went down.
“Robin!” Cyborg suddenly yelled; interrupting the Boy Wonder’s train of thought and drawing his attention back to where the robotic behemoth stood. “How’s Raven?”
Unsure of how to answer his comrade, Robin gently shock his head, indicating towards a negative response as he placed her down gently. It was becoming painfully clear that a new approach would be needed; this villain was obviously far too powerful to take on one at a time. However, Cyborg had a different theory in mind and before Robin could give an order, the furious cybernetic released a terrifying cry that would have made even Mammoth shake with fear before unleashing a bout of blows from his sonic cannon.
“Cyborg…No!” Robin cried, but his voice couldn’t carry over the sounds of the attack and he was forced to watch on helplessly as in a show of incredible flexibility, X avoided every blast sent her way. Unaware that his attack was failing, Cyborg continued furiously blasting away until the reserve power-coupling he used to fuel the cannon was near dead and smirking as he saw the target area become consumed by smoke; he slowly lowered his weapon. The area was hot but his Infra-red scanners couldn’t pick up any signs of life…
A coy giggle suddenly sounded from amidst the smoke, warning him of his failure moments before the girl’s silhouette appeared through the smoke.
“It’s not possible.” Spluttered Cyborg, his instruments utterly incapable of explaining how the villain could have made it through that barrage unscathed; every one calculated she should have been blasted to ribbons and yet there she was, standing there as if nothing had happened. “Man I gave her all I had. How can she still be standing?” However, the answer never came and X exploded from the smoke screen before his power-coupling could recharge.
Risking a glance towards Robin, Cyborg saw that the Boy Wonder had broken into a run towards him; but there were many strides dividing them and he quickly calculated the chances of him making it in time were slim to nil. And as if to prove his point, he had just enough time to glimpse X’s leather covered fist come rocketing towards his face as he turned back to watch the villain’s approach.
Rearing back, the heavy Titan tried to dodge the attack but she was too fast and the villain’s clenched fist bounced off the armoured side of his face. Although nowhere near strong enough to dent the reinforced metal, the blow momentarily disrupted his sensors and left him unable to focus as with a burst of strength; the girl began a divesting barrage of kicks and punches. Blind to X’s movements, Cyborg could only muster grunts of pain as he was forced back step by step until finally a round-house kick to his lesser defender Solar Plexus knocked him painfully to the ground.
Fortunately, the momentary respite was all it took for his visual sensors to repair themselves and before long he found himself blinking through a murky haze has his vision returned to normal. But the sight which awaited him was far from welcoming.
X stood over him, a triumphant look on her face as she withdrew a small USB Memory Stick from within her leathers.
Quickly realising what she had planned for him, the Titan’s face became frozen in a look of horror as he tried to escape, but his drained power cells were barely able to feed his movements and he ended up merely scratching deep groves into the concrete. Giggling at his futile attempt to escape, the seductress waited a moment before pressing her boot against the Cybernetics’s side and forcing him to roll on his front; exposing his control panel to her mischievous eyes. Ignoring Cyborg’s protests, she got down onto one knee and pushed the cartridge into the port before backing off just as Robin hurled one of his birdyrangs at her.
Swiftly pulling the Memory stick free, the Boy Wonder grabbed his comrade’s shoulder and rolled him back around; but no signs of life were visible upon the giants face. His heavy arms now hung completely limp by his side and his one human eye stared blankly up at the rainy sky above them; however, he did note that the normal bright red glow of his metallic eye had retreated to form a vibrant pink X.
“You Bitch…” Robin spat, venom lacing his voice as he turned his attention back to the smirking Villain who appeared to now be holding an item which looked suspiciously like a riding crop. “What did you do to him and how is it you know all our weaknesses?”
“Oh you’d be amazed at what you can find online these days birdie boy.” She cooed while playfully giving him a wink and slapping the tip of her crop against her palm. “A group of this city’s criminals have been putting together a little data sheet on you five over the past few years and recently posted it on the net for all use aspiring villains to see. Being the naughty girl that I am, I made sure to revise all those little details just in-case I happened to run into you. As for your battery operated friend there, I merely infected him with a couple of my custom designed viruses. They’re powerful enough to put sixteen supercomputers to ruin so I doubt he’ll be getting up any-time soon.”
“Then the only way to save my friends is to stop you?” Robin asked, his voice becoming as emotionless as stone whilst he retrieved his staff.
“Correct.” She stated, the sparkle in her eyes quickly flourishing at the thought of fighting the group’s leader. ‘This should be fun.’
“So be it.”
Robin charged forward, hoping to finish this quick he let the weapon extend to its fullest before swinging it around, only to have X expertly parry the blow like it were nothing. Spinning around, he tried to deliver another blow but yet again she countered him with a skill that belied her young age. Realising that this would be harder than he thought, he double back and retracted the stick till it was a more modest size and then attacked once more. However, this time the Villain launched her own attack and their weapons met mid-way. Sparks flew as steel locked against steel and Robin quickly realised that what he had first taken to be a ridding crop was actually a well-disguised rapier. The stakes of their fight had been raised.
Breaking the interlocked blades’ connection, X launched a savage attack that forced the titan back as he strained to bloke every stroke she dealt. She was without a doubt the better swordsman and her speed certainly gave her an additional edge, but he was the stronger fighter and that gave him a savage trump card.
Surging forward with his own assault, Robin tried to knock the weapon from her grasp but the shaft bounced off its cupped hilt and he was forced to double back before she had a chance to spear him with the thin blade. However, seeing an opening in his defence, X propelled herself forward with an explosive burst of pink energy and slammed the thinly woven steal of her guard into the Boy Wonders head; knocking the staff from his hands and throwing him to the rain soaked ground.
Blood freely poured into his eyes as he tried to blink past the dizziness that had sunk in. His head was spinning from the blow he had been dealt and for a moment it was hard for him to place what had happened. All he knew was that for some reason he was lying on the storm drenched tarmac of Jump City high street. Suddenly, a tall figure appeared standing over him and his heart leapt as he realised it was Starfire. A small smile framing his lips as h watched her gorgeous body slip down onto one knee, the space between them quickly evaporating as she leant forward and tentatively placed her full lips onto his….
X couldn’t help but grin inwardly as she felt the Boy Wonder respond to her invitation, her little mind trick was working perfectly. In his weakened state, she was able persuade his mind of just about anything and if he believed she was that alien whore, she knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t let her do.
Straddling his waist, her slender hands were buried in the damp fabric of his uniform as she hungrily forced his thin lips apart and drank from his orifice. At her intrusion, Robin’s hands came up to grip her hips; a gasp wrenched from her throat as he began kneading the cheeks of her arse through the leathers while pulling her enticing form closer to his body. With his mind trapped in limbo, his body was free to do everything it had had ever wished to do to a certain Tamaranean Princess.
Sensing the shift in his attitude, X began moving her hands down along the hard ridges of the titan’s torso; mentally savouring every groan and hiss she could draw from the hero as she let her palms work their magic. By the time she drew near the lining of his utility belt, a prominent bulge was pressing against her thigh.
“Oohhh look at what I have found.” She whispered, drawing away from his lips as her hands slowly began petting the youth’s arousal through the spandex of his tights. “Looks like little Robin wants to come out a play with Mistress.”
“Oh…Starfire.” Robin moaned, blind to the actual perpetrator of his pleasure as in his mind, he watched the alien beauty he desired so much, massaging the aching flesh of his arousal with an impossible amount of skill. Every touch of soft fingers seemed to set his nerves ablaze and he could feel the pressure of release quickly building down at the base of his spine. “You’re so….So good”
Hearing his words, a high giggle passed the girl’s lips and she double her effort; focusing all her powers on the task as she slowly traced the phallus through the dampening cloth. From weeping tip to firm base, she left not a piece of flesh untouched.
“Hmmmm…I’m so glad you like it baby, because once you cum, your mind will dim and you’ll be all mine.” She whispered before leaning down and slowly closing her lips around the bulge, making Robin gasp and wildly begin buck his hips into her orifice. His body was on the verge and in a moment, when he fell of that peak; his mind would become forever trapped in the dark depths that sloshed against its bottom. And then he would be her prisoner. “You’ll be my little dog. A slave bound to do my bidding for the rest of eternity, and there is not a thing your friends can do to save you my precious. By day you shall rob everything I point to, and at night…”
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Although lost in unconsciousness, Starfire was having the sweatiest dream. She and Robin were once more at the fair and he had taken her into the passage way of reflective windows but they had gotten lost within the many passage ways.  For hours they had been strolling through the darkened corridors, gleefully admiring their many different reflections without a care in the world. But all good things eventually come to an end and no sooner had Robin begun pulling her closer did her fair of wonders begin melting away.
Although waking slowly, the Alien princess’s eyes opened wide the moment she felt the cold touch of rain against her dampened skin and she was forced to watch the word sway like the swells of her home-world’s Groglactian Sea. Pain stabbed through her body every time she tried to move so she was forced to lie  on the wet gravel, blessedly something soft had been placed beneath her head, providing her with a modest amount of comfort as a vaguely
Familiar sent wafted past her nostrils.
Eventually feeling returned to her body but as her head still ached, she gave it another minute before sitting up, best not to rush things until the pain in her head faded. Unfortunately, her memory had gone with her ability to move and for a long while she could remember nothing besides her dream.
“Robin…” She whispered, visualising the rare smile that she had seen playing across the teen’s face and suddenly she remembered where she had inhaled that aroma before. It was Robin’s sent. Heart racing, she shot up and looked down, hoping against hope to find Robin lying beside her. Alas she was disappointed to find only his cape rolled up; oh how she longed to find herself waking from sweet dreams to find they had been true and she was greeted by the sight of her glorious friend lying with her.
Suddenly, as if conjured by the thoughts of the Boy Wonder, she remembered it all, the bank robbery, the new villain, being struck to the ground by a strange wind. Her stomach wrenched with fear and looking around, she sadly saw all but one of her team mates was collapsed nearby. But immediately noticing Robin was not among the fallen, she felt herself breathe a sigh of relief, Robin would undoubtedly still be fighting that witch; nothing would stop him from delivering justice upon the wicked criminals.
Hurriedly getting to her feet, Starfire was about to take flight when she suddenly heard someone speaking, realising the voice resented from behind her, she turned towards it without a second thought. But there, not 5 metres away, she saw something that made her heart die.
The criminal who called herself X was lying atop Robin and their lips were joined in a fashion her people considered only suitable for those who had joined themselves to each other in body and soul. At first she hopped that perhaps it was another side effect of her losing consciousness but then to her horror, she witnessed her love begin reciprocating to the lovers embrace. Every second she watched of the couple’s entanglement made her die a little inside; until all the joy had faded from her being, leaving a sour emotion in its way which quickly took control.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
“You Garbankualart!” Starfire suddenly roared, interrupting X in mid speech, unknowingly saving Robin who had been on the brink of release. Angered at having momentarily lost her slave, the dominatrix turned to where the alien stood, seeing to her surprise that the Tamaranean’s green glow had somehow turned deep purple. Yet if the discovery had proven to do anything besides shock her, she didn’t let it show.
“Well…well…well.” She began, trying to take the phenomenon in her stride but failing to hide the shaking in her voice. For the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt a twinge of fear coiling around her spine. “Look who has finally woken up. I had hoped to deal with you once Robin had been fully broken but I guess I’ll have to save that for later.”
Starfire never flinched, the glow of her purple energy flickering brightly in the low light as she starred down at X with murder in her eyes. “If you wish not to be destroyed, you shall step away from friend Robin and surrender yourself to me now.” She warned, a purple ball of energy forming around both of her enclosed fists.
“Big words Starslut, let’s see if you can back them up.” An explosion of pink energy suddenly lit up the stormy night sky and X charged towards Starfire with all the force of a speeding asteroid. She was hoping surprise would give her enough of an edge to be able to overcome the Alien’s superior strength but a cry from the titan put an end to the villain’s     aspirations when she was hit by a Starblast so powerful it sent her flying back into an adjacent wall.
The purple beam consumed X’s body in a heartbeat and she was unconscious long before she could have gathered enough breath to scream. With her consciousness went the effects of her magic and as the blast began to die like the rain overhead, the titan’s slowly began to rouse; all except Beast boy of course, who had yet to recover from the physical agony.
“Ummm….Where’d the girls go?” Cyborg asked, disappointment and confusion evident in his voice as X’s virus filtered out of his hardware. Evidently, the infectious program had not entirely disagreed with the Titan.
“Oh…that bitch,” Raven replied, rubbing her head as if to banish the embarrassing memories of her so called fight from her head. “I don’t like being touched.”
Robin was the only one among them not counting his wounds. Content that he’d live to die another day, he let his dart between X’s unconscious body, to Starfire, whose eyes had returned back to their normal olive green,  and then back to X; not entirely sure he was seeing what he thought he was. Sure Star’s blasts had certainly grown more powerful since she’d evolved into a mature Cironeilian but he doubted her powers alone could beat an adversary as strong as X when said foe happened too know all their strengths and weaknesses. There had to be something more to this than what he could see. But before he had a chance to quiz the Alien princess, she suddenly took to flight.
“Hey wait. Starfire!” He called, hoping his voice could reach her before she got out of earshot. Yet it was too late, she had already gone and he was left to watch her soar towards the tower.
“Hey man let her go.” Cyborg suddenly called, drawing the Boy Wonders attention back to his team-mates, who at last had managed to collect themselves and seemed to be ready to leave the high street. “Girls sometimes like some time to themselves, she’ll be fine. Star’s more than tough enough to take care of herself.”
Reluctantly, Robin gave a nodded in agreement and began following them back to the Tower, but not before turning and giving one last long glance to where he had last seen his love flying. He didn’t need superpowers to know when something was bothering someone and something was defiantly bothering Starfire. Flying off alone into the night without a word spoken, that was normal for Raven perhaps, but defiantly not like his Starfire.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Robin’s suspicions proved to be well founded as none of the team heard anything more of Starfire for the rest of the day, or the remainder of the week for that matter. Although the tower’s security log had recorded Starfire’s return shortly before that of the others, she seem to of locked her chambers from within and refused to come out, no matter what they tried…
Pressing his ear against the lock of the blast door, Robin desperately tried to pick the barrier’s lock; every once and awhile cursing that he knew he should of memorised the locking codes. It had now been a week since they’d taken down X and he had long since grown tired of subtle tactics, he wanted to know what was wrong with Starfire and he wanted to know now.
A loud crack suddenly echoed through the night, signalling that another pick had broken and losing his temper, the Titan withdrew the broken metal and hurled it at the floor. He’d been at this for well over an hour now and to say the least, the continued melody of breaking picks was starting to irritate him.
Waiting a moment before continuing, he tried to catch his breath and reached down to his belt in search for more picks. There was only one left. Cursing again, he carefully inserted the tool into the lock; his fingers moving with skilled precision as tried to work the lock open.
Eyes widening, he slowly withdrew the pick and saw to his amazement that the tool was still intact.
‘It’s open.’ he realised, a small smile appearing across his lips as he slipped the metal back into its pouch before retrieving the small torch he’d brought from his chambers. Pushing the steel barrier open, he turned the torch on and shone its beam into the darkness. In contrast to the metallic, futuristic ambience of most of the rest of the tower’s rooms, including his own, Starfire’s chambers was a mirror representation of its owner, entirely modest but still warm and comforting. Never before had he dared to break into the Alien princess’s bedchamber and although urgency tug at his heart, Robin couldn’t resist taking a moment to survey the room, telling himself that it were to seek out any concealed hideaways where an attacker may lay in wait. A rich carpet, made from the luxurious pink fur of some strange alien creature dominated the chambers metal floor, hiding all but a few small spaces from his view. Wood furniture lined the walls and each was littered with various trinkets, their strange designs confusing him to their actual purpose.
His light swept across the smooth wood of the princess’s vanity table, illuminating the metal of an elegant jewellery box and reflecting off the material of Starfire’s wrist and neck guards; exposing to him the presence of many combs, hairpins   and perfume bottles. Everything appeared normal but for some reason, he had the nagging suspicion that something wasn’t right, that something obvious was missing; besides Starfire of course.
Suddenly, Robin felt something hard against his foot and dropping the lights glow to it, he found what he had been looking for. It was a rune decorated picture frame, one he’d bought Starfire some months ago because he’d seen her admiring it once in a store window. Without thinking, he bent to retrieve it but as he turned it over to expose the picture within, he had to fight the impulse to drop it again. The picture had been removed and the protective glass supposed to cover it had been smashed. But before he could figure out what to make of this discovery, a faint groan suddenly reached his ears and spinning round, a saw a canopied four-poster bed that had somehow escaped his noticing.
Hesitating for just a moment, he quickly strode forward, grabbed the drawn curtains and pulled them apart; exposing a sight which made his face pale instantly as he stepped back in fright.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Outside the medical station of the tower, Robin was pacing back and forth. His heart and mind both racing as he waited impatiently the locked doors to open, his eyes darting back to them every other minute. Although he knew Raven was her best and would undoubtedly fare much better without distraction, he couldn’t help but wish he was in there also, just so he could know Starfire was all right.
It had been two hours since he’d found Starfire lying unconscious in her room and he’d been in such a frightful state that he was sure she would have perished right then and there. But miraculously, she had managed to linger on until he and Raven had managed to get her up to the health centre and now it was purely a matter of waiting. Of course, Cyborg and Beast Boy had been unwilling to leave him alone but their idea of reassuring him had been to repeatedly tell him to sit down before he wears the floor trough and falls to the floor below.
“Man, Robin will just sit down!” Cyborg called, obviously more agitated by Robin’s frantic pacing than the ill condition of their friend. Throughout the ordeal, the metallic giant had managed to keep his cool composure but now the stress finally seemed to be getting to him. “Re-texturing the floor with your feet isn’t going to help Star.”
Reluctantly placing himself back in the once comfortable chair, the Boy Wonder soon felt Beast Boy’s hand clapping him on the shoulder in what was obviously meant to be a reassuring gesture.
“Hey Dude, Starfire is going to be just fine.” He said; his voice retaining its usual cheery tone though his hand gesture failed to carry such merit. “She’s tough.”
‘Yeah…I’ve heard that before.’Robin thought, remembering how similar those were to the words Cyborg had used after the battle with X.  But before he had a chance to voice his doubts, the doors of the medical centre opened and out walked Raven; a more sombre look playing across her face than any had ever seen her wear before.
“Starfire’s dying.” She said; her voice equally as sombre in tone. “I don’t know why. Besides malnutrition, she appears to be in perfect health and her brain wave show no unusual readings. It’s almost as if she has lost the will to live.”
Moments passed by with nothing but silence to fill the void left by Raven’s declaration. Not sure of what to make of the words, even Beast Boy was silent.
“She’s…really dying.” Robin finally asked as tears began welling up in the corner of his eyes. Just because he’d anticipated it didn’t make it was any easier to hear. The dagger of loss was already tearing at his heart and he had to fight not to burst into tears at just the thought of never seeing the girl again.
Closing her eyes, Raven gave him a nod. Although the team was more than aware of the attraction between the two, only she truly know what Robin was going through; her mental abilities picking up every emotion that rushed through the teen like sonar would the surrounding noise.
“But there has to be something we can do.” Cyborg voiced, unable to accept what he was hearing and almost bolting out of his seat in his haste. “This is Starfire we’re talking about Raven; we can’t just let her die.”
For a moment it looked like she was about to answer him, but at the last moment she paused and then turned away. All this may have happened in the space of a few moments but Robin saw through it like a pain of glass and sensing this Raven knew she had to tell them.
“There may be a way…” She began though still hesitant, afraid more of getting the groups hopes up and then them being proved hollow dreams than anything. “Tamaraneans are a highly emotional race of beings; it’s possible an upset in her emotions caused Starfire’s distress. If so, it might also be reversible but time is short and it can only be done by one person.” Raising her hand, she pointed an unwavering finger towards Robin. “For the past hour, I have been attempting to tap into Starfire’s subconscious but every time she manages to block me out. Whatever happened was so damaging to her that she’s built barriers the likes of which I have never seen to protect her from all outside influences. However,  as Robin and Starfire have always had a strong connection, if he were to attempt entry, it’s possible her defences may weaken enough for me to carry him through.”
Robin didn’t even think twice before hurriedly nodding his head, but before he could even get up from his seat; Raven was spoke again. “Robin this isn’t a game, if we’re too late and Starfire dies whilst you are still inside her mind; you’ll die too.” Still he stood and seeing that he could not be dissuaded, Raven didn’t say another word before leading him into the medical wing; leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy alone in the corridor.
Upon entering the room, however, Robin felt his breath catch and his steps suddenly halt as his gaze drifted to deceivingly peacefully sleeping Starfire. Only her abnormally pale skin, which was now almost as light as his, and the machines that had been set up next to the bed indicated that she was anything other than perfectly healthy. Dressed in her usual purple attire, it almost looked like she had come in here to lie on one of the cots and had fallen asleep. Oh how he wished that had been the case.
Raven directed him to lie on the cot next to Starfire’s before busying herself with some other machines which Robin guessed would soon connected to him. However, not wanting to waist any more time, he quickly lowered himself to the cot and tried to get comfortable on the lumpy mattress.
“Are you sure you want to do this Robin? Raven suddenly asked, though her gaze never left the machines. “No one would think any less of you if you changed your mind.”
“I’m sure Raven.” Robin whispered, though not so sure his voice projected the confidence he would have liked. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t considering it, when there was so much at stake it was only natural to have doubts; but doubts were like cracks and would only cause a problem if not kept in check. “Starfire would gladly risk her life to save me, what sort of friend would I be if I wasn’t willing to do the same for her.”
“Very well,” Raven finally concluded after a moment’s pause, at which point she left her machines and came to stand between his and Starfire’s cot.  “Remember, the mind is like a picture of our emotions, try and use what you see to your advantage and don’t tally. I’ll take you as deep as I can but I suspect you’ll still have to find Starfire.” Nodding in understanding, Robin watched as she placed one hand on his temple and the other on Starfire’s. “Just let your mind go blank.”
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Suddenly feeling the cool touch of stone against his skin, Robin bolted upright. His heart still racing as the sensation of being pulled through a key hole continued to rattle his nerves. The sensation of being pulled from his head and pushed into Starfire’s had defiantly not been fun.
Stone walls were the first thing he noticed, heavily built stone walls which reminded him of those that made up a medieval castle’s inner body and they were standing parallel to one another to form a passageway. Mounted torches and heavy tapestries hung around him, casting the corridor with an eerie air. Dark and gloomy, the ancient walkway was certainly not what he had been expecting Starfire’s head to be like. Remembering what Raven had told him however, Robin quickly got to his feet and hurried down the corridor without a second thought for the décor. Star’s life was hanging in the balance and every second he wasted brought her one step closer to death.
Trampling over what he could only assume to be a Tamaranean rug, he stormed through the passageway like a man possessed and didn’t waver even as he passed through an archway and into a tight maze of passageways. Fortunately, her years of meditation had allowed Raven an idea of what he would face and she had been very in-depth in his briefing, a fact he was growing more and more thankful of as he passed a growing number of  passageways that broke off and lead to places he had no business going. If not for her wisdom, it would have been oh so easy for him to lose his way and become trapped for all eternity.
Truth be told, Robin found the temptation to veer off course and sneak a peek within the off branching chambers near overwhelming, but he knew that if Starfire ever learnt he had violated her privacy in such a way, he’d never forgive him. Sufficed to say, what she would have in store for him would probably make what she had done to X look like child’s play.
Finally, after what felt like an hour’s hard marching; Robin found what it was he sought. Stretching across the entire width of the passageway, an immense door of metal barred his way. It was the last defence of Starfire’s mind and would be his first test. Passed this was supposed to be the core and it was there he would find whatever it was he was supposed to convince. But first he had to get through this blasted barricade.
Striding up to the imposing mass of metal, he took a quick breath before putting out his palm and pushing against the door with all his might. It gave way like it had only been made of paper but as it fell; Robin only had time to glimpse a stretching blackness before he suddenly felt an immense vortex sucking his body into the void.
Too strong for him to resist, the vacuum pulled the titan into the darkness head-first and threw him across its icy depths in an inelegant swirl; it felt as if the oxygen in his lungs was being sucked from his very body as he was pitched through a dark lake. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over and Robin found himself standing in a very different room
Circular stone walls and high rise windows, it reminded of something one would find in a fairy tale of an imprisoned princess. The irony of it did not escape him.
His heart skipped a beat when he spotted Starfire, dressed in a flowing white gown and lying on a queen size bed with wood frame in the centre of the room; she did truly look like an enchanted princess.
“Starfire!” He called, running to her bed. She didn’t respond and it took a moment for him to realise that she was deeply unconscious. Panic rising within his chest as he realised that he might have been too late, Robin quickly placed two fingers upon her neck, blindly searching for a pulse. Unbeknownst to him however, the moment his skin touched hers, Starfire’s eyes had opened in an unseeing gaze and a bolt of sudden energy slammed into Robin’s chest and threw him against the nearby wall.
“Friend Robin…” whispered Starfire, her voice deathly faint as she slowly sat up on her bed to look at him. “You should not be here, please leave me alone.”
“Starfire?” He asked, concern evident in his voice as he got up from the stone floor to look at her. Tentatively, he tried to edge forward but an invisible force held him against the stone. “I came to take you home.” He said, hoping to get through to her enough for the barrier to lessen.
“The tower is not my home, Friend Robin.” She said, her voice holding true to its emotionless note as she observed him with an unwavering stare. “A home is a place of residence or refuge and comfort. The tower holds neither for me. Please leave.”
Shit, this is going to be harder than I thought.’ He thought, desperately trying to think of a way around the problem, yet nothing came to him and so he decided to resort to a more direct approach. “Star, I am not leaving here until you talk to me…” His speech was suddenly cut off however when a fresh bolt of the force crashed against him, it’s invisible touch coiling around his throat as it lifted him off the ground and braced  him against the wall. His air supply cut off, Robin could do little more gasp as he was slowly chocked to death. “Star…fire…” He gasped, his speech laboured as darkness enveloped him. “You’re killing me.”
And then, just like that, the force was lifted and Robin fell to the ground in a weak huddle as he gasped for new breath.
“Robin?” A familiar voice suddenly spoke out, drawing the recovering teen’s attention back to the bed, where he saw through watery eyes that Starfire had seemed to recover some of her normal state. A faint shine shone within her emerald depths and if Robin wasn’t much mistaken, he could have sworn he had heard concern in her voice.
“Starfire, is it you?” He asked, his voice still hoarse from the blow but somehow he found strength enough to stand before tentatively trying to take another step. Expecting to be bowled over by the force at any moment, he braced himself but this time the barrier was down and he found his way unhindered as he slowly began to walk towards her. Yet despite the recognition, she seemed unable to look at him and turned away long before he had even gotten close to the bed.
“Please…”She whispered, her voice as frail and weak as her physical body. “Robin, you must leave this place, I don’t know how much longer I can control it.” He ignored her plea however and instead circled around the bed so he could stand before her down tilted head.
“Starfire, I need to know what’s wrong.” He whispered softly, his hand gently tilting her head back up so he could look down into those beautiful jewels, observing as he did the tears that were welling in the corners. Oh how he loved to gaze into her eyes and lose himself in the swells of their depths like some tropical ocean. “What is it Star? What’s haunting you so badly? Please let me help you…” Suddenly, a tortured sob interrupted his words as Starfire broke down, tears freely rolling down her pale skin as with nothing left in his arsenal to draw back on; Robin cradled her in a comforting embrace.
Moments passed like the changing seasons but neither cared for they felt like nothing could hurt them so long as they remained together. Neither would ever allow the other to come to harm, their love would always protect them and bind them together their bond was greater than that of any blood relatives and they carried more for one-another than any star-crossed lovers could ever hope to dream of.
“It was the villain X.” she finally whispered, her breath warming his neck as she continued to silently weep against him. “I witnessed how you responded to her touch back on the street of high. On my world, such interactions are only reserved for courting couples with close bonds of attractions.” Robin’s mouth ran dry. In the rush of revelations, he had completely forgotten about X’s witchcraft.
Shame and embarrassment etching across his face, the Titian held the princess close as with shaky breaths.
“X had me under a spell.” He whispered, his heart thumping so heavily he feared it may burst forth from his ribs at any moment. “She made me believe it was actually you who was touching me Starfire.” But he didn’t stop there, now the dam had broken, the truth came flowing from him like a sea of water. “Everything I felt was because of you Star. You are the most perfect creature I have ever met. You’re kind and sweet and you care about everyone. It’s like you’re an angel who was sent from heaven. I lov…” His speech died as Starfire silenced his proclamation with a searing kiss.
He responded without hesitation and pulled her to him, crushing her warm body to his as their tongues met in a duel of age old passion. Years of pent up desire bubbled to the surface as their bodies became entwined, his arms diving for her succulent rear while her arms wrapped around his neck. Their motions were slow but after waiting for this moment for so long, neither was going to risk ruining the mood by moving too fast.
The searing dance of their tongues continued until his body demanded oxygen and they were forced to break the contact. Breathing hard, the couple looked intently at one another, as if to check they were truly ready for this. But after that first, passionate embrace, neither faltered.
“I love you Robin.” Starfire said, her face lighting up with joy. Yet despite her radiant glow, Robin couldn’t miss the fear that gleamed within her emerald orbs, as if afraid he might suddenly reject her heart filled plea. “Since the moment we first met I have loved you and I always shall, until the day they burn my body. I will love you and only you, dearest Robin.”
Although embolden by her sweet words, the need to reassure his love after her heart drawn confession compelled him to do something to make this moment all the more special. However, with words not being his strong suit, Robin was forced to choose something a little more ‘physical’ as he gently cupped her chin in the palm of his hand while capturing her full lips in a tender kiss.
His hunger for her burned with more intensity than three sun but Starfire deserved more than a bout of primal fucking and he would be damned if he would ruin their first time together by acting like some selfish animal. Yet as the sweet taste of exotic fruits played across his taste-buds, Robin found it harder and harder to resist his urges; until Starfire used a sudden burst of movement to switch their places, him sitting on the bed while she stood before him.
“Robin…” She whispered as with shaky fingers, she pushed the white fabric straps from her shoulders. Pooling around her feet on the stone floor, the princess’s lover saw that she had been wearing nothing beneath the angelic white gown and his mouth was left to water as his eyes feasted up the sight of her naked beauty. Without a doubt, she was the most wondrous thing he had ever seen and although he was used to the sight of her half naked body; nothing could have prepared him for the godly radiance of her natural beauty.  Her tanned flesh, which seemed almost accentuated in the flickering candle light, was flawless and suffered not a single blemish despite all the battles she had undoubtedly faced. Her breasts were fully-round, firm and were topped by dusky nipples that had already hardened, like his painfully erect arousal which was all but screaming for attention within the tight confines of his spandex trousers.
Seeing the look of hunger that glazed Robin’s features as he looked at her, Starfire couldn’t help but feel nervous. He reminded her of the predatory felines which stalked her people on Tamaran  and she couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps there was a fierce beast within the teen, waiting to feast upon her when she least expected it. But when he extended his arm, all her fears seemed to wash away and she gingerly accepted his offering and allowed herself to be pulled onto his lap; their lips joining in age old passion as they rolled back onto the bed’s soft embrace. Robin ended up on top.
Balancing his weight atop her shapely curves, his hungry lips explored the depths of her orifice before moving on to pastures new; but not before playfully tugging at her lower lip with his teeth and electing quiet moans from the alien princess. Her adorable vocalisations making his erection stiffen all the more as he trailed hot kisses across the shape of her jaw line towards the hollow of her neck. Teasing the area behind her ear with his tongue, he paused for a moment to nibble the lobe before starting a fiery trail of nips and licks down the Tamaranean’s swanlike neck.
Shivering as she felt the gentle pressure of his teeth skimming across her throat, Starfire couldn’t help but moan as the joyous sensations teased her nerves and left her delirious. Vaguely registered his mouth forming a small smile against the tender flesh but she was too lost in the feel of it to care. Oh how long she had wanted this, to have her beloved savour tend to her with such care and devotion, the kind of embrace only he could bestow. She had wanted it so much, that now she almost feared this might be another concoction of her subconscious designed to torment her in the last dips of existence.
With surprisingly ease Robin balanced his weight atop his three remaining limbs while lightly tracing his finger tips over her rib cage. Stimulating the delicate bones until the hands which had been lying limply at her side suddenly came alive, her sharpened fingernails digging into the cloth of his trousers as she grasped his hips and tried to urge him to press his body closer to hers. His feather-like touch was sending shivers up her spine but Starfire was quickly growing tired of teasing, she wanted Robin and if he didn’t stop playing games, she might very well take matters into her own hands…
Arching her back, the princess almost lost herself in a wave of ecstasy as she felt the rough skin of Robin’s fingertips run over the swells of her breasts and she could only mutter his name lowly as his lips continued tasting inch of her in his decent to her naked cleavage.
 Through heavy lidded eyes, Starfire watched on in helpless rapture as he rubbed his rough palm across one of her breasts; a soft moan leaving her lips when his fingers moulded around the orb and slowly began massaging it while the pad of his thumb caressed the bud of her hardened nipple. Then suddenly, her breath caught and all she could do was moan his name as her body arched into his tantalizing touch while he lowered his mouth from her collarbone and kissed a path down through the valley that lay between her succulent orbs.
His heated breath tickled her skin like hot wax and she had to bite back a scream of pleasure when she felt some strands of his hair glide across her nipples, his attentions almost driving her mad with desire as the burning heat of her core grew so intense it threatened to consume her in liquid passion. Needing more, she dug her nails deeper into the taught flesh of Robin’s backside, trying to force him to some of the more needy areas of her anatomy. But poised like a heavy battering ram, the weight of his covered erection rested at the base of her shapely thighs and each time she tried to redirect his attentions, the force drove his manhood to grave across that sensitive spot.
“Oh X’hal!” She moaned, crying out in a potent cocktail of surprise and euphoria. Enthralled by the sensation Starfire released her grip on Robin’s thighs and collapsed back on the bed without another word; her breathing hard as the tremors of a minor orgasm rocked her senses like an earthquake. Never had she felt anything so joyous.
With primal hunger, Robin lavished the Princess’s breasts with kisses before closing his teeth around the pebbled bud while his hand continued its attentions to her other bosom. Slowly, he dragged his tongue along the underside of her breast, circling it at an agonizingly pace before lowering his mouth to the neglected bud. Incoherent moans began to flow from her as he did and soon he felt her hips start to roll against his clothed thighs as her body arched into him at its own accord. Trapped in a haze of glorious pleasure, she was like a puppet on his string and the sweet torture that he was bestowing upon her drove her all the madder with passion.
Sensing the time was right as her moans rang in his ears like the angelic song of angels’, Robin left her breasts and began moving down the Princess’s body; kissing a frenzied path down her stomach and making the taunt muscles contract as he ran his tongue around her bellybutton. Soon able to inhale the musky spent of her arousal as the burning heat of her core washed over his skin, he suddenly backed away and took a moment to admire the marvel of the fragile creature beneath him. Never had he seen her as beautiful as she was at that moment.
The flowing locks of her fiery red hair had lost all sense of symmetry as they washed across the dampening sheets like a luxurious veil. Kindled by passion, her emerald eyes were veiled by desire and her bruised lips exhaled hot breaths in time with the rise and fall of her full bosom. Even the thin sheet of perspiration which covered her tanned skin couldn’t destroy the image of perfection as his eyes slowly trailed down her slender waist to where his final test was waiting for him. Taking a deep breath in preparation, Robin slowly lowered his upper torso till he was all but lying between her open legs…
“R…Robin?” Starfire asked before gritting her teeth as she tried to suppress a scream of ecstasy as Robin’s tongue began to caress her most secret of spots. The wet muscle parting her innermost folds to feast upon the vibrant fruit within and the pleasure of it was so incredible; she didn’t know whether she could survive it. Reaching out, she fisted her fingers in the soft onyx locks of his hair in a desperate attempt to draw him closer as his tongue continued its assault, delving deeper and deeper within her core like a fiery serpent.
Watching Starfire’s reaction to his oral invasion with immense interest, Robin continued to press his assault into the girl’s burning core with vigour. To see her in such a pleasured state and to know that it was he who had caused her such joy, filled him with more pride than he had thought it possible to experience; but he knew there was still more he could do. Fighting against the hold she had on his head, he gave her flowing vulva one final lick before attending to the nub of her clitoris.
“Oh X’Hal! Ahhhhh-yesssss!” The princess cried, molten pleasure seeming to pour through her body and begin melting her from the inside out as she felt her lover begin suckling the small bundle of nerves. The act pushed her close to the edge and it started a fire more intense than any sun in the pit of her belly. Instinctively, her thighs began to tighten around the Titan’s head but his strong arms snaked around her shapely thighs before he could succumb to air loss and he quickly snapped her limbs apart.
“You naughty girl.” Robin whispered, his voice only just loud enough for her to hear but the vibrations it sent through her were exquisite and she let out a long moan as her hip lifted from the bed in a desperate attempt to gain more of the sensation. Delighted by her reaction however, Robin quickly focused all his attentions to the button; reducing the alien Princess to little more than a quivering lump as he expertly attended to the nub.
“Oh please, please… X’Hal it’s so good!” she moaned, her emerald orbs now able to watch as Robin devotedly feasted on her core while his strong hands firmly held her shaking legs open; it was such an erotic sight and seemed to drive her that much nearer to her blessed realise. For she was so close now that she could feel it’s exhilarating touch coil through her inner-body like a wildfire and she gasped and moaned uncontrollably, occasionally even screaming out his name as the pleasure continued to mount into an indescribable well of maddening ecstasy.
Sensing Starfire was near completion, Robin decided to end the game and began tugging at the Princess’s nub with his teeth while raising two of his fingers to her flowing entrance and slipping them in gently. The sudden intrusion struck her like a bolt of lightning and as his fingers began sliding back and forth within her tight confines, Starfire had but a minute to catch her breath she was suddenly thrown over the edge and into an abyss of pleasure the likes of which she could never have dreamed possible.
“OHHHH ROBIN!” She cried, almost floating off the bed as her nerves became swallowed by flames and as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her body; she lost herself within the haze and fell back onto the bed in a seemingly dream-like state.
Drinking every drop of the funny but not overly unpleasant liquid, Robin suddenly felt the hands that had been buried in his hair suddenly go slack and looking up, he saw that in the rush of sensations, his lover’s eyes had almost rolled completely into the back of her head  and she was lying asleep on the bed once-more. It was truly an adorable sight but there was still one last he had to do before they could complete their union and this presented the perfect opportunity. Regretfully, he slipped away from her embrace and began taking off his tight fitting uniform, knowing he’d only have a few moments before Starfire recovered from her daze. However, he hesitated when the time came to remove his mask and although he was determined to show her his all to the alien angle, it had been so long since he had last removed the piece of cloth; he couldn’t help but falter. But such troubles quickly died when he considered all that Star had done for him. Compared to that, showing her his eyes was the very least he could do.
Starfire released a disapproving groan when she felt the euphoric aftershocks of her orgasm begin to die down; effectively triggering her astral-body’s reawakening. But as her emerald eyes fluttered open and she found herself staring up into the most beautiful sea blue irises she had ever seen, the Tamaranean Princess quickly forgot all those thoughts as something that felt remarkably like confusion filtered into her belly.
“Robin?” She asked, equally as confused as she was surprised to find him looming over her without his mask on. It was true she had always desired to see the human teen without that piece of cloth covering his handsome face but never would she have asked him or even wished he’d remove it because of her. Yet despite her unsure tone, Robin’s lips formed a comforting smile.
“I love you.” He said, his voice just as comforting as it had ever been when she was beset by tears or confusion. For a moment she wondered why he had felt the need to make the heartfelt confession but then she felt the tip of his naked arousal pressing against her entrance and realising what he intended she couldn’t have been happier. To be with Robin, to truly be joined with him in the most intimate of ways, was what she wanted more than anything else and she quickly gave a small nod of encouragement. She knew that this was it; she knew that they were going to do what she had dreamed of for so long and where they were heading now would change everything between them forever. But to spend just a few moments as something far more than just Robin’s friend; she would be willing to risk all.
Embolden by her signal, he began to push forward, trying to keep the motion as slow as humanly possible to avoid hurting her. However, his restraint was tested to its tether when the tip of his member entered her tight core and as he became embedded within the warmth, he was sure he had never felt anything quite as wonderful as being inside the alien princess. They fit so perfectly together it was as if they had been made for one another.
Afraid of causing Starfire any unnecessary pain, he did all in his power to ignore the intoxicating sensations that shot through him as he waited for her to adjust to his shaft’s presence. But his efforts were quickly proving futile as he felt the way her delectably supple body give way beneath him and the tight embrace of her silken walls as they wrapped around his rigid flesh. Growing hot with unbridled pleasure, he had to rely on every trick he had ever been taught to calm himself down as he felt every incredible sensation her body had to offer.
Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long and it seemed like no sooner had his hips become nestled between her thighs than she cried out; wantonly bucking her body against his as if to try and get more of him inside her cavern. He felt her legs lift and anxiously began stroking his side before wrapping around his waist as he arms reached for his neck.

Grinning, Robin suddenly seized her arms and pinned them above her head as he lifted his hips, pulling out slightly before using a sudden thrust to embed himself within her slick, eager walls; to wit she screamed in ecstasy. There was just so much of him that he kept filling her until there was literally no more room inside her cavern.

“Oh X’hal!” she cried, her body arching in the hopes of receiving more of his shaft. “X’Hal! Robin…faster Please!” The wet friction of her actions made him dizzy with pleasure but somehow, he managed to keep his cool in the heat of the carnal desire and slowly began to form a slow and steady rhythm.
It was a torturous sensation. The sweatiest, most exquisite forms of torture in existence, mind you, but still a torture that threatened to break them both like twigs. Barely moving his hips, he withdrew just enough from her depths to ensure a low, wanton moan passed her lips before he pushed back at an equally slow pace; confidently smirking each time he felt  her smooth legs tighten around his waist as she attempted to weakly drag him further inside herself. However, as he felt her walls close in around his phallus, squeezing the rigid flesh like some blazing serpent, he felt his control dwindling down to nothing and he knew it wouldn’t be long before the desire to fuck the gorgeous alien beneath him into unconsciousness was too great to resist. Yet still he pushed on, though fighting his body all the way.
Gasping in pleasure as she felt his flesh tease her body into insanity, Starfire was desperately trying to urge Robin on as the fire of her passion burned across her body. The slow, deliberately prolonged pace was driving her mad and she could feel her body start to move of its own accord in a desperate search for gratification.
“Oh fuck Star! You’re…so tight,” Robin moaned, perspiration freely rolling down his hot skin as he tried to keep his motions slow and steady but his restraint was stretched so fine that when he felt her hips rock against his, pressing him into uncharted territory, he broke and now it was Starfire’s turn to smirk. Unable to contain his desire, the Titans’ leader began to move faster, pulling out farther before entering her again more forcefully; causing the confident look to melt away from the Princess’s features and turn into a incoherent mask of ecstasy.
“Oh Robin! By X’hal it…it’s so glorious!” She cried,  arching her back to press her full bosom against his hard chest as the pleasure once more coursed through her veins like liquid fire and it felt like the wonderfully cool touch of her silken sheets were all that was keeping her from bursting into flames. Her elation was already peaking as orgasmic bliss spread through her body to the very tips of her toes in a tingly sensation. “Oh Robin…Something’s coming oh X’Hal! I think… I think I’m going to climax!”
Hearing her words, Robin threw all his efforts into making his princess cum. Every one of his mighty thrusts causing a high moan to echo from the Tamaranean while his own breath escaped him in low grunts that seemed to mirror the heated breaths of a bear as his powerful muscles worked as one to achieve his body’s maximum potential in the pursuit of pleasuring the goddess lying beneath him. He could feel his own release as a heated blanket covering the base of his spine but he pushed it aside, intent on prolonging this experience at least until she had met that peak at least once more. This was for her and his own desires could go to hell until he was satisfied she’d been thoroughly ravished.

“Oh X’hal! Oh X’hal! This is so glorious Robin! Please blorkarmak me harder!” She cried, a wash of tremors beginning to shake her body as tears of joy welled up in the corner of her eyes. His savage manipulations had thrown her orgasm upon her and its delicious tendrils coils robbed her of every sense as the heavenly waves crashed against her body like waves on a beach. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEESSSSSS!”

“Uh…uh…uh…oh God! Star! Oh you’re so hot and tight!” Robin moaned, the sensation of her inner depths convulsing wildly around his shaft as her body bucked uncontrollably against his washing over him and pushing his flesh ever closer towards its own climax. Without a doubt, his end was drawing near but still he stubbornly held on, reluctant to let go of this heavenly bliss while he still had the strength to breath. “Oh God…you feel so good.”
Miraculously, Starfire’s orgasm had already rolled over her and she could once-more feel him sliding in and out of her with those fully primal strokes. In the lower depths of her subconscious, she was vaguely aware of her name flowing from his lips in a mantra of carnal passion yet it wasn’t enough, she wanted more.
“Oh Yes! Robin…Please…Pummel my Garbank with your Stlorok! Harder! For the love of X’hal! Do it harder my love!” Desperate and carnal filled, her voice echoed around the stone chamber; encouraging him to give her all of himself as she tried to pull him in.
Hearing her words, a hint of mischief suddenly shone in his eyes as he released the grip he had managed to keep on both her bound wrists before rearing back unhooking her smooth legs from around his waist. Her legs fell open at his gesture and placing both his palms on her knees; he gently held them open as he sat on his bent knees and began rocking his hips back and forth. The leverage of this new position allowed him to access deeper parts of her tight cavern and awoke even more intense sensations within them both.
Hungry with desire, he pulled almost completely out of her before returning home with savage intensity; claiming her in the most primitive fashion and leaving marks that would ensure that all who saw her would know she was finally his. He was not alone in his debauchery however, Starfire was eagerly moaning and thrusting her hips to meet his every stroke as she lost herself in the wild abandonment of their lovemaking.

“Yes! Oh X’hal yes! Blorkarmak me! Robin…Oh blorkarmak me forever. I’m yours Robin, please take me however you wish, just never stop!” She moaned, fiery passion licking her abdomen as he kept moving within her, still trying to get deeper within her depths while struggling to hold in his growing orgasm.

Around them, a heavenly light began to shine, lighting up the once dreary chamber in a warm glow as her nails tore at the rumpled sheets, tearing their silken material to ribbons as Robin’s pace somehow seemed to quicken; the urge to complete their union overwhelming his senses as he realised he’d barely last a minute longer inside the princess’s molten core. Panting and gasping, Starfire’s pleasure filled cries grew ever louder as she drew closer and closer to a final release and he was sure he could feel her start to tighten around his flesh as the pre-orgasmic wash consumed her features.

“Uh…uh…uh…oh X’hal Robin I’m going to climax! Oh X’hal I’m climaxing!” she cried, sparks of light exploding behind her lashes as her orbs became consumed in a wash of green light. “OHHHH ROBIN!”

“Uh…uh…me too, Star! Oh fuck you’re so hot! So tight!” He groaned as he felt the princess’s inner muscles tighten around his hard penis as she climaxed with a force unlike anything he had ever experienced. The wash of sensations pushing them both over their peaks in an explosion of steamy essence. “STARFIRE!”

Panting and more exhausted than either of them could ever remember being, the star-crossed lovers collapsed together atop of the bed, their naked bodies still entwined as they lay atop the ruined sheets in a near unconscious state of bliss. Too comfortable to move, the couple never noticed as the still glowing room began to melt away and they were left floating across a veil of luxurious pinks and oranges that would have made Robin think of a sun kissed evening sky above some tropical isle.  In the back of their minds, they knew that the time would come when they would have to leave this sanctuary and return to the coldness of the real world, where their love would meet a wall of uncountable obstacles. But for now they would enjoy the moment and relish every second in this Garden of Eden between life and death or heaven and hell.
Here was only love and only love truly mattered.
The End
AN: I would like to say a special thank you to the artist Scorpia who has helped me immensely with this piece; hope we can work together on another soon.



Slowly I look around, inhaling the scents of this city. My sharpened senses pick up the scents that no human could ever imagine. A sickened shiver runs down my spine as I taste the stench of hour old vomit and urine from drunken youths, as well as a million other things that I don’t care to think about; their disgusting aromas combing to form an overwhelming cocktail that threatened to destroy me.

Shaking off the sensation, I begin to walk along the disserted street and despite it being almost midnight; I can see as if it were still the middle of the day.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that will turn your whole world view around. First, forget what you think you know, Vampires exist and chances are you have seen them but just didn’t know it. It’s understandable through, given that we are mostly just like you; except for our obvious dietary habits.

Second, yes that’s right, I’m a Vampire. My name is Richard.

 Don’t worry; I’m not like the monsters that stalk the helpless young maidens then butcher and drain them dry. I’m not a psychopath or like anything you’ve seen on the big screen; but then everyone knows the movies are full of shit. In fact if all you’ve ever seen of my kind are the illusions crafted from hypocritical priests and entertainers like David S. Goyer and Bram Stoker; then you’ll need to be filled in on a few things.

Firstly there is no tried and true way to kill a vampire, we are already dead after all; but then there are worst things then death in this world. I know, we have all seen and read where the old guy with a cape kills the vampire with crosses, stakes and holly water. Well I’m afraid they don’t do squat and I lost my religion centuries ago so there is little chance of me going to church and giving someone the chance to stake me in the heart.

Second, that little misconception about our inability to walk in sunlight is as false as the Loch Ness Monster; in fact it was actually started by Vampires in the middle ages. Yes that’s right; Vampires were the ones who started the myth, although it wasn’t because they were board. At the time, the human race was begging to become highly aware of our existence and was making a tiresome effort to find and burn Vampires at the stake. So what better way to hunt your prey and avoid the hunters then by making them think you are only active half of the time?

 Of course, most Vampires took to the darkness soon after, so It wasn’t as brilliant as many had first thought.

Some of the legends about us are true through, Vampires don’t like garlic though it’s not because we may be allergic to the stuff, it’s just that it tastes awful and I won’t even get started on the smell. Honestly, I don’t understand how you mortals can stand it.

Also we do have the ability to change our forms, although it is slightly limited. A vampire can only change into a creature of relative size, something with a bone structure similar to that of a human’s when altered. So forget about bats, snakes and any other small horror icon. Large breeds of dog and wolves however are quite easily done and I’ve even been known to do a few larger members of the feline family. I’m afraid turning into another human requires a lot of practice and only the oldest of my kind can do it on a whim. The same goes for turning into mist. It took seven hundred years before I was able to master the technique but I must admit; it was well worth it.

Vampires also posse a slight telepathic ability, not powerful enough to control the minds of both humans and animals like in the movies but we can read and alter them slightly. This gives a Vampire the the famous ‘Vampire Charm’ that is so often portrayed in the 70s Dracula films although it does take a bit of practice otherwise it looks as if you are staring; which is rather rude if you ask me.

Well, now that I’ve shattered your beliefs, maybe I should tell you about Vampire society. Yes, the blood sucking creatures that hunt you at night do have a form of culture and order. And there are actually three kinds of Vampire.

First, there are the so called Pure Bloods. These are Vampires who were born with the gene, it being passed down from their vampire parents and family members and they considered themselves the ruling class because of it.

Second are the Vampires that the Pure Bloods like to call Bad Bloods. These are men and woman who were once human and then were turned. However, it is rare for them to survive as either they don’t make it through the very temperamental process of turning or simply the vampire who bit them would kill them just after feeding.

And finally there are the bonded Vampires. These are Vampires who have bonded together, a sort of Vampire marriage if you will except this can’t be broken as the vampires literally bind their souls together. That I’m afraid is all I can tell you about them, for over a thousand years I’ve walked this earth and in all that time I’ve never met a vampire who had taken a mate and bonded. This isn’t because it’s old fashioned or unfashionable you understand; but simply because the vampire race has forever tilted on the brink of extinction.

There are probably just over a few thousand Vampires walking the earth at any given time and that is forever changing with the human population, every major city in the world only has enough resources to support a handful of vampires. It’s not just the nature of our food that is a problem, most vampires have a slight tendency to attack first and converse later in regards to their own kind. But like I said earlier, vampires don’t die easy so what’s the outcome? After a challenge, the winner would seal the loser away in a prison that they could never escape from. And there, cut off from any precious sources of blood; the vampire would be driven insane within weeks.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a bad blood and was once human, but that was a long time ago.

I have often wondered how I got here, walking disserted streets in the dead of night. Up until the age of twenty I had been a orphan who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Life had been anything but fair to me back then; my family had died from a plague when I was just a young boy. I can still remember that morning, even after all these centuries I can still picture it as if it had happened yesterday. 
The night sky was being ravaged by a vicious storm; lightning bolts stabbed the darkness with unimaginable fury while thunder bellowed like the deepest drum. The noise had awoken me and fearing the monsters that lived in the darkness, I had run to my parent’s bed. By morning, the storm had passed and I found myself up at the crack of dawn, ready to begin the work in the fields. Neither mother nor father awoke however and I sat on their bed, shaking my father’s unmoving body and pleading with him to wake up; never understanding why he didn’t. He had always answered, always ruffled my hair as he said morning before we would go to fields; he never ignored me. But that morning, all he did was lie there as I shook him.

It was over a week before help came, the Village people had all been killed by a mysterious plague and I was the only survivor. With no other close kin in the county to take me in, I’d been taken straight to the workhouse orphanage. In the hustle and bustle of London; no one cared about the orphaned son of a farmer and his wife; I was alone.

For years I watched as wannabe parents looked beyond me to rich brats, the children of wealthy old families who had nice little inheritances waiting; while I was made to work night and day. It was torture and I realised if I wanted to escape this life, I would have to do it on my own.

It wasn’t by running, many children ran from the workhouse and they were always brought back, some alive, others not so fortunate. No, it was by doing something which my parents had always dreamed of; learning.

I was fortunate my mother had taught me to read and write and by saving the few coins the workhouse paid, I bought books and spent my every spare moment studying. By the time I had entered my mid-teens, I had managed to secure a working scholar ship. And finally, at the age of twenty I graduated top of my class; I was a doctor and to celebrate my success, some of my friends took me out to a new tavern that had opened for a celebratory night of debauchery. That was where I meet her. With all the time I had spent trying to prove I was better than something that had been scrapped from the gutter; I had never had time for women so dealing with the fairer sex hadn’t been my strong point. So try and imagine my surprise when this goddess with long locks of sun kissed hair and eyes as deep and blue as the Aegean Sea comes up to me.

For the next few hours, I doubted my eyes ever strayed from her milky skin and I could honestly say I had never met a woman quite like her.

Having been as drunk as a sailor on shore leave, I’m not sure how the night went on but I do remember her taking me to her private room and watching as she straddled me, plunged my member inside her and then riding me like I were a prized stallion. Her inner walls were so tight around my shaft it was like she was the gateway to heaven and I thought I might have come right then and there. Then at the peak of ecstasy, she bite me with fangs that were as long as daggers. The sting of penetration surprised me but then it turned into a rare breed of pleasure as she began to drink. As I exploded inside her, I remember falling unconscious, my body drained dry by her unquenchable thirst. I suppose she got just a little too careless, it’s known to happen if a vampire hasn’t fed regularly.

I slept there for days, not waking until the third day’s sun began to set, too find that the beautiful blond had gone. It was once customary for the sire of a vampire to stay by the side of their fledgling; committing themselves to teach them the skills and tricks of one born into darkness. But it seemed Juuhaci-gou wasn’t the committing type and had left me to die.

It has been over a millennia since that night and as the world changes, I remain the same; a never changing constant in the pages of history. I’d like to say that I kept my job as a doctor, but after you’ve worked with the same people for over 40 years, they tend to notice you haven’t aged a day. And with medicine always altering, I had a hard time adapting to the new methods so I began looking for a more consistent form of employment. Teaching had been perfect.

And that is the story of my life; I went to university and studied for a teaching degree before taking the first position I found, staying there for a few years before transferring to another. Now I move from one city to the next, careful not to remain in one place to long for fear of being discovered or over vampires being drawn to me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a vampire as a teacher! I wonder how many of his students leave without fang marks in their necks. Well sorry to disappoint you but I’m a vampire with scruples. I never drink from my students, or at least not while I’m their teacher anyway. I’m around twelve hundred years old and there are only so many women in one place so I suppose I may have drunk from a few of them.

Yea that’s how I feed, once every few days I go to a bar and pick up a willing woman. I fuck her, using her body for my own pleasure before I drink my fill, being careful not to drain her dry as I do. Please, don’t think too badly of me, it was how I was brought into this world and it’s the only way I know how to feed safely.

I would like to say that I feed upon the homeless, people who won’t be missed if something went wrong but I’m not much of a liar. I did try once and there are some vampires who say that is the only stock they’ll touch, but they are liars. To a vampire, the homeless are off or spoiled food. Their blood is riddled with toxins and illnesses; if a vampire feeds off them for too long he’ll get a nasty case of food poisoning. Believe me, I found out the hard way.

It is actually food that that brought me to where I am now. I heard some of the girls in my class talking about some sort of party being held tonight. It may sound weird, depending upon students’ gossip but you’d be amazed at what kids pick up these days. Not only are they a good source to find out about new places for me to dine, but they also inform me about the presence of any new vampires.

Keeping in the shadows to avoid the gaze of noise house owners, I hurry through the back alley streets to the address the girls had mentioned. Unsure of what I would find behind all these so called abandoned warehouses, I walk cautiously; searching for signs of life till I come to a rundown building. But judging from the music booming within, this warehouse was open tonight.

Finding an entrance at the back of the building, I slowly walk through a set of basement doors and down a flight of stairs until I see a small shiver of light shining from beneath a door. Knocking once, I watch as a bald man slowly pulled it open. Not giving him the chance to tell me to get lost, I flashed him a look and whipped his mind before walking past. I could of course just rely on another Vampire trick but throwing him through a wall may have attracted to much unwanted attention.

The booming music was deafening here and I struggled to hear anything definitive as I walked into a massive, roughly rectangular room. Looking up, I can see a second story catwalk which had been converted into a makeshift balcony with a set of stairs descending down and no railing to stop the clumps of pot smoking teens from jumping to their deaths.

Amidst the gaggle of dancing patrons, I could see a mass of dusty warehouse boxes and old plywood lengths that had been fitted together to serve as a bar. Rusty tables and chairs were scattered around it, the type of stuff you might find in cheap yard sales and wonder if you would need tetanus shot before touching them.

Looking around, I can see a few middle age players trying to mingle with the young community but they are few amongst the tide of young people. In an unfurnished expanse of space, groups of people were doing some sort of dance around a preforming DJ whose excuse for music sounded like something he must have recoded off an ill-tuned radio. Inhaling deeply, the stench of drugs, cheap booze and even cheaper perfume flooded my stomach and made me want to retch. Resisting the urge to throw up, I begin to hunt; filtering through the various scents until I find something quite unexpected.

Beneath the stench of burnt heroin and spilt alcohol there is something odd; something out of place. Intrigued, I start to weave in and out of the crowd, following the scent until it led to a table detached from the rest in a darkened corner. However when I saw the person sitting at it, I began to doubt even my own eyes; there was no way someone like this would be in a shithole like this. Deciding to double check I circled round the table, being careful to blend into the crowd as I did.

Yes, the girl at the table defiantly had that scent but what the hell was she doing in a place like this? She was in her late teens, 18 or possibly 19 years old and had long cinnamon brown hair that loosely framed her face before falling to the small of her back. She was beautiful with features that appeared as soft of as a rabbits pelt and eyes that were as brilliant as saphires. But that wasn’t what attracted me. Even under all the filth that polluted the air in this place, I could tell her sent. She was as pure as snow.

In my line of work, I’m always around members of the female gender but even after all these centuries I have rally ever come across one I would call pure. But with her there was not a trace of corruption; I doubt she has ever known the passion of a man’s embrace.

Well, this hunt just got interesting. I had never targeted someone who was truly innocent before and I hadn’t planned on it tonight, this was going to require a little more subtlety.

Resisting the urge to go over to her, I walked to the bar and bought a vodka martini; being careful not to let anyone see as I reach into my coat and with draw a small canteen before pouring a little vampire sweetener into the drink. Scanning the crowd, I quickly found my target. With her wearing that dress she stuck out like a sore thumb in this place; but damn she sure did look good.

The fabric hugged every curve of her body like a second skin, leaving her arms bare; it draped tightly around her hips but went lose down to her knees. It was sexy enough to ensure that any date she had wouldn’t leave her side.

Taking a sip of my drink and savouring the slight coppery taste of the added blood before deciding it was time to act.

“Mind if I join you?” She jumps slightly as I speak, surprising her as I walk up to her table.

Looking round, her gaze slowly slides up me, taking in my measurements. When her eyes meet mine, I expected to see a scared look but instead I could see a curious gleam in her blue depths.

“Um, I suppose so.” her voice trembling slightly as she watched me before turning away quickly as I pull out a chair and sit down.

For moments we sat apart, an uneasy silence surrounding us despite the blaring background. In the dim light, I can see the rapid movement of her eyes as she searches for something. How interesting…

“What’s your name?” I asked innocently before taking another sip of my drink, yet never taking my eyes off her for an instant.

Turning back to me, she quickly answered “Kate, Kate Frost” before turning back to the crowd. Obviously, she was not in the mood for a conversation. I’ll have to do something about that.

“I’m Richard” I said, smiling pleasantly while holding out a hand for her to shake. She didn’t reciprocate and I withdrew the invitation before asking in an almost offhand fashion “So who are you waiting for?”

That did it.

She suddenly turned to look at me, an accusing look in her eye as she asked in a surprised tone. “How do you know I’m waiting for someone?”

Hiding the victorious smirk that threatened to spill across my lips, I replied “well with the way your eyes keep glancing around the room, I figured you had to be looking for someone.”

A relieved smile spread across her lips and she relaxed back into her seat. “You’re very observant.”

“I have my talents.” I say, smiling as she giggles lightly. I must be making an impression. “So, who are you waiting for?”

“Just a friend,” Kate said before taking a sip of her drink as she leant back in her seat. “She has been badgering me all week to come to this party and barley ten minutes after we get through the door she disappears. Typical…” I know better than to respond, you don’t need be a vampire to know when someone doesn’t want either sympathy or pity. “So what about you then Mr Richard?”

“Please, Just call me Richard, I can’t stand being called Mr; it makes me sound old.” Pausing for a second as she giggles before saying “And I’m a teacher, I heard a few students talking about this place so as I had nothing better to do; I decided to come by and se what all the fuss was about.”

I’d like to say I could of developed this conversation a little more but before I even had the chance to start a more interesting conversation; The words ‘Hey Kate, oh who’s your friend,’ interrupted us and we both look around at the same time to see the smiling face of a blond girl leaning on our table; her eyes are not so slyly giving me the once over.

“Oh um hi Erasa,” Kate said, looking away from us as an embarrassed blush stained her cheeks.
 “Kate, why have you not introduced me to your very handsome friennddd?” It wasn’t just the slur that told me she was drunk, her breath stank of at least three different kinds of drink.

Within five minutes, the blond had pulled up a seat between us and started talking rather hastily while curling a finger around my hair. Trying to ignore the girl’s breath, I looked across to Kate who was trying hard not to show her embarrassment. Unfortunately there is only so much one person can take before it gets too much.

“Well I’ll… I’ll be on my way home,” grabbing her coat, she got up and quickly said “It was nice meeting you Mr Richard.” Then before I could stop her, she was gone.


Kate felt like crying as she all but ran out the warehouse, tears of embarrassment already burning her skin as they came into contact with the whipping night air. How could Erasa do that to her? All week she had been trying to get her to come here so she could meet a guy and then when she meets one; the bitch had to spoil it.

At the thought of Richard, Kate couldn’t help but smile; he could have been quite a catch. There was just something very different about him, if only she could put her finger on what it was. And not to mention he was probably the hottest guy she had ever laid eyes on, that silk black shirt accentuated his rippling muscles while those tight jeans left nothing to the imagination…

‘Oh Kami what am I thinking, don’t tell me I’m falling for a guy I hardly even know?’ Her heels clicked with each of her footfalls as she walked down the darkened streets. However before she even made it half way back to hers and Erasa’s flat, her ears pricked up suddenly as she heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind her— several, much larger footfalls. Swallowing as her stomach began to do summersaults; she slowly turned around to find herself surrounded by a gang of men.

“Hey there babe, A hot little dish like you is pretty stupid to be walking around this part of the neighbourhood alone.” One of them said a big thuggish brute with no neck or hair that she figured was the leader.

“By the way she’s dressin’, you just now known she’s a ho Max.” The one who spoke was at least a foot taller than his fellows and If she hadn’t been paralysed by fear, Kate would have been insulted by the comment.

“But we don’ pay for it bitch, ya hear me you fucking ho.” The shortest of the group had quite a deep voice and his eyes narrowed as he began to lick his lips in anticipation.

In a blink, Kate found herself pressed up against a wall with of the men’s arms pressing against her neck while the others began hungrily pawing at her dress, becoming more animal than man as they tried to rip the fabric from her.

Gasping for breath, she tried to push against the arm before her arms were suddenly yanked behind her head and pinned to the wall.

“Hold still, you little bitch.” Max hissed, rapping a rough material around her wrists before pulling Kate’s arms a little harder so that she could feel that he meant it. “The more you squirm, the worse it will be for you.”

The coarse fabric chafed her wrists but Kate continued to struggle but she could barely move before the bonds snapped tight. It was useless.

Suddenly a very deep growling filled the alleyway.

Looking up, Kate could see a very large dog coming towards them. Even in the penetrating darkness, she could see the canine looking directly at her before turning its mammoth sized head towards the men. It was a very large cross breed, something between a German Shepard and a Husky, probably more wolf than dog. Dipping its muzzle, the dog growled a low warning that reverberated through the alley like a drum beat.

“What’s that?” The shorter man asked, fear evident in his voice as he sized up the canine.

“It’s just a mutt” Max stated, looking over his shoulder and surveying the dog before turning back to Kate. “You’re not saying you’d pass up the chance to fuck this fine piece of meat because of a fucking dog.”

Kate’s eyes never left the dog’s, there was something familiar about its black orbs that seemed so familiar.

Curling back its lips and snarling, the crossbreed gave them a last warning; this time even Max jumped. The shorter man gave up acting brave and turned round before legging it down the alley way; tripping and stumbling through the trash as he went.

“All right, that thing is starting to piss me off,” Muttered Max before turning to the remaining men behind him. “Del! Jake! Take care of it.”

Both men looked at each other and nodded before turning to the dog and Kate could see a flash of silver as they pulled long knives from the depths of their coats. The girl had to look away; she couldn’t watch the poor animal being butchered.

She could hear the dog growling and the men’s footsteps echoing before it all went silent. For seconds there was only the eerie silence, no howls or moans of agony from the dog as it was murdered, no grunts and grows from the men as they got off on killing the animal; just silence that cut her deeper than any knife.

Then there were two thuds as bodies hit the ground. Wait a minute, two?

Opening her eyes, Kate could only stair with wide eyed amazement as she saw both the men’s bodies lying on the ground, a steadily filling pool of blood surrounding them. Instead of the dog, a man now stood in the alley; droplets of blood rolling down the blade of the knife in his hand as his pitiless eyes fixed Max with a murderous gaze that would make even the bravest quake in his boots.

“What the fuck?” Max whispered, his voice trembling with terror as he moved away from Kate. With shaky fingers he reached behind him and pulled a very large gun from the waist of his low hanging trousers. Pointing it at Richard, the thug shouted “Die bastard!” before pulling the weapon’s trigger.

Kate watched in horror as bullets exploded into her savour’s chest, blowing bloody chunks of flesh from his chest, yet he just stood there; his gaze never wavering. Smoke rose from the barrel as Max unloaded round after round, his eyes widening as one shell proved as ineffective as the last.

In the blink of an eye, Richard was standing over Max and the would be rapist gaped like a fish as he saw the bullet wounds in the vampire’s chest healing; the lead dust of the bullets falling to the floor in great piles. Looking up, Max could see a blazing fury burning inside the onyx black irises and for the first time in his life; he was afraid.

Knocking the gun out of the smaller man’s hand, Richard watched in amusement as the thug pulled out a knife and made no movement to stop him as Max plunged the blade into his chest. Red death bubbled past the dagger’s hilt but he just grabbed Max by the jacket and hoisted the man up to his eye level, enjoying the fear that shined in his cold grey eyes as he stuttered “Wh..What are you?”

Leaning down, the vampire whispered “I’m complicated.” before plunging his fangs into the man’s neck and drinking from the screaming man. When his first was stated, he withdrew the blade from his chest and thrust its blood painted steel into the rapist’s heart before letting the corpse fall to the ground. Dropping the stolen knife he’s taken from one the other two thugs, , Richard wiped any lingering trace of his meal from his lips before turning back to Kate.

A quick check revealed that she had gone into shock, her blank eyes staring up at him as he wrapped an arm around her waist before cutting her bonds. Free from the restraints, her limp body fell into his waiting arms and he placed her gently on the stone floor before checking her for injuries; however he was so immersed in his work that he never noticed the movement to his right.

Glimpsing the flash of metal in the moon light, Richard spun around but he was too late to stop the shorter member of the group from slashing the blade of his knife across his neck.  Stumbling back, he clasped a hand across the gaping wound, chilled vampire blood running between his fingers as he looked up and watched the coward drop his knife before starting to run back the way he came.

Growling in fury, he lunged forward and grabbed the blade before throwing it into the man’s back; his heightened vision allowing him to enjoy the sight of the spinning blade slicing through the man’s back and into his lungs. The bastard wasn’t dead but by the time the local police found his and his friends rotting corpses; scavengers will have eaten all that could have identified this as anything other than a drunken brawl that got out of hand.

Ignoring the complaints from his wounds, Richard slowly scooped Kate back in his arms before both their bodies suddenly turned to mist.


Richard was kneeling beside the couch, watching over the girl he had met. She was still in shook but now she mumbled half formed words that made little sense even to him. Reaching up with his index finger, he slowly traced along fading scar that cut viciously across his neck. The bullet holes in his chest along with the various other lacerations had already vanished; the tattered remnants of his shirt were now the only evidence of his injuries.

“What is it about you that would make me do that?” He whispered quietly, more to himself then to the sleeping girl. Vampires weren’t known for their generosity and for Richard, killing four men; even scum like them, was quite a feat.

Resting his hand against her cheek, he slowly began affectionately stroking the soft curve of her jaw. She was so warm, so soft, she reminded him of a new-born kitten. Suddenly Richard felt an overwhelming urge to kiss the girl and though his mind told him it was wrong, he found himself leaning forward, her sweet sent flooding his senses as their lips came together…

It was like she was awakening form a most horrible dream and slowly, Kate felt herself being pulled out of the darkness, her ears pricking up at the soft sound of breathing and a slight tickling on her lips. Then, it all stopped and a light pressure pressed against her lips, causing her sleepy mind to snap to attention. Surprised by her rapid recovery, Richard was thrown back onto his haunches as she jolted upright. Her hair was a little wild but her eyes were wilder, practically bulging out of their sockets as her mind reeled with the night’s events.

Setting her terrified eyes on Richard, she almost fell off the back of the couch in her rush to get away. “Where…where am I?”
Richard just smiled, his lips pulling up into a smile as his eyes twinkled merrily with amusement. Clearing his throat and seating himself in the sofa across from her, he said. “It’s okay; this is my home, I brought you here to recover.”
Kate looked at him sceptically; her sapphire eyes darting around her surroundings, searching for a means of escape. However the room was sealed tight with only two doors allowing admittance and unfortunately, both of them were on the opposite side of the room with a vampire standing between her and them.
“So,” Richard began, making the first move at conversation “I guess you have some questions about what happened in that alleyway tonight.”
For minutes there was only silence as Kate looked at Richard suspiciously, watching in case he decided to get a bit peckish before she asked “What are you?”

“Well might as well get the obvious stuff out of the way…” Richard said chuckling lightly, “I’m a vampire.”

Kate just stared at him unbelievingly as her mind tried to process this information. If she hadn’t of seen him kill those guys like they were nothing, she wouldn’t of believed him and suggested he seek some professional help. After all, a Vampire! Who did this guy think he was kidding. He looked as much like an undead bloodsucker as she did a six thousand year old mummy. There was no way he could be a vampire.

It wasn’t just his appearance, although he did look less like a creepy mansion dwelling fiend than a male model; the kind of man whose tailored suits, impeccable style and dreamy good looks drove girls to an earth shattering orgasm just because he flashed them a smile. But the problem was deeper than that, a lot deeper. For one thing he had no fangs, not even oversized canines.

“How do I know you are what you say you are?” Kate finally asked “You say you are a vampire but…”

“But everyone knows vampires don’t exist.” Richard quickly interjected, his eyes never wavering. “Is it really so difficult to believe? From an early age human children are taught to fear the darkness, so perhaps there really things which go bump in the night, maybe your entire species is merely living in a state of denial?”

“Alright,” Kate said, struggling to find fault in his words when the evidence was standing right before her eyes. “Let’s pretend that I believe in vampires, how am I supposed to believe you really are what you say you are? Do you know how many weirdo’s are out there who believe they’re Vampires?”

“Yea I’ve seen them, black lipstick and nail polish with more piercings than I can count.” Richard said before slowly getting up from his chair and walking to a mini bar that had been set up in a corner of the hotel suit before pouring a drink. “Where do they get off thinking Vampires have no dress sense?” Taking a sip of the red drink, he sat back down in the chair across from her, “But if you want proof that I am what I say I am then look.” He said before craning his head back so that Kate could clearly see the faded scar.

Kate could only stare, her eyes widening as the memory of Richard’s throat being cut flashed before her eyes. Reaching out and lightly running her index finger over the near invisible blemish that had been gushing blood less than half an hour ago. However before she could ask about it, something else caught her attention; a little higher were two very pale marks.

“Can I see them?”

“Can you see what, Kate?” Richard asked, watching her curiously.

“Your fangs…” There was a slight falter in Kate’s voice but she stayed firm; knowing that she had to see them. Impressed by her daring, the vampire gave her a small smile before opening his jaws and so extending his fangs. He only meant to show her the deadly endowments but before he could stop her, she reached out and ran her thumb along his sharpened canine; but she pushed too hard and accidentally cut her skin on its knife like edge.

Richard could feel his eyes glaze over, turning a fiery red as a drop of her sweet blood landed on his tongue. Kate pulled back suddenly as she realized what she had done but it was too late, he had already begun panting in ecstasy and with sudden speed, he grabbed her retreating finger and pulled it back into his mouth. He could feel Kate shudder in pleasure as he lightly suckled at her cut before using his tongue to seal the wound. He let the finger slip from his mouth and then let out a sigh as he turned his head upwards to look at Kate. She stood with her eyes hooded, and lips red and trembling, as if silently begging to be kissed. Silently, Richard took her hand and pulled her towards him, leaning up to kiss her as a different kind of hunger flooded his senses.

His mouth took hers with a passion she had never known, stealing not only the air in her lungs but all sense of logic and reason from her mind. Whimpering against his mouth as his tongue began to toy with her lips, coaxing them open bit by bit. His lips were rougher and thinner than what she had expected; but when he tugged lightly at her bottom lip she decided that she could learn to like it. Hot and demanding, Kate quickly yielded to him, causing the small embers inside of her body to ignite into a wildfire as the kiss became more savage.

Pushing her lover back so that he was sitting beneath her, she sank to her knees on the seat and straddled him, their tongues battling wantonly for control of the embrace as her slender tangled in his dark locks of his hair. Feeling her small body pressed against his own, the Vampire lost all his power to resist and locked his hands tightly to her hips, pulling her enticing form tight against his body.

The battling between their tongues went on till they had to break the lip-lock to breath or more precisely so Kate could breath. Gasping wantonly, The teen looked intently into her lover’s black eyes as she bit seductively onto his lower lip before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss, Richard could feel something welling up inside of him; something he hadn’t felt for more than a malenia. Was it because of Kate, could she be the reason his vampire senses were going haywire; no that was impossible. But if it was her then that would mean…

“Kate, we need to stop this,” Richard said sadly, pushing her off him as he stood up. It was the last thing he wanted but If he didn’t stop this now, then he could not guarantee her safety; something inside him wanted her and he wasn’t going to risk her life just to satisfy the beast in him.

“But Richard…” Kate cried, running into his arms as tears began to flow freely from her eyes at his rejection. “I don’t want to, why must we stop?”

“Kate, listen to me” Richard whispered softly into the girls ear, wrapping an arm around her protectively and drawing her close to him as he desperately sought the words to make her understand. “If we don’t stop now then I’m not sure what might happen.”

“I don’t care Richard!” Kate cried, looking up at him so that he could see the tears in her eyes as she said “I just want to be with you.” before she lent up and captured his lips in a soft kiss.


They fought somewhat, vying for control of each other yet at the same time working together towards the same goal, which was the twin-sized bed on the other side of Richard‘s suite.

As they reach the door, the realization that to get in, someone is going to have to take their hands off the other for some period of time suddenly hit the pair.

Though they were both frightened by the dilemma, you’d hardly notice. Richard’s hands were fixed to her hips while Kate’s hands were not quite sure where they wanted to be and instead tried to be everywhere at once, running from his hair to down his back and then up his front. Add to that the fact that their hips were grinding together in an all too familiar fashion, and their lips were fastened so tight that they’d both have bruises for days.

In their minds, the dilemma regarding the door was of the most importance and Richard ran through all the logical assumptions that one could muster when making out with the most beautiful creature on God’s earth before kicking the door with all his strength. A loud crack filled the room as the timber snapped off its hinges and flew across the room.

Kate groaned into his mouth as she nearly lost her balance as they stumbled into the room and crossed the first few steps before falling backwards and landing on the soft embrace of Richard‘s bed. Finding herself on top of the vampire, she couldn’t resist flashing him a seductive smile before swinging a leg over him and straddling his thighs  as  she whispered in a very business-like manner “Now then, Mr Richard, just lie back. This won’t hurt a bit.”
As Richard watched her movements, his hand twisted, gripping the sheets harder as he prepared for the onslaught to come. “Mmm…a little bit of pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Miss Frost.”

Grinning wolfishly, she leant forward. A shiver running down her spine as she noted how his eyes glittered in the low light, their onyx depths suddenly a rich deep ruby black the likes of which she’d never seen before. Feeling playful, she lightly kissed each of his eyelids in turn. “You have such beautiful eyes.” She sighed, before grinning as she noted the way he shivered when her heated breath spilled across his skin. She kissed his nose, then his cheeks, then his chin, before rubbing the soft skin of her cheek against the stubble roughened skin of his jaw, the contrast in texture making her purr with delight. Her hair brushing his bare neck and he groaned softly as it tickled him. She sighed again, hardly daring to believe this was real, that this was actually happening at last.

She dropped a kiss on his jaw before sweeping her tongue up the curve of it, lightly teasing the spot beneath his ear. Slightly salty and sweet, the taste of him spilled over her tongue and she shuddered lightly in delight. Needing more, she began to kiss and nibble his neck fervently, not even noticing as one of his hands came up and buried itself in her hair.

With a fiery passion, Kate explored Richard with her mouth. Her tongue mapping the curve of his collarbone as her talented fingers urgently worked to divest him of his shirt, her lips mapping the slope of his shoulder and the hard contours of his chest, her teeth tugging gently at his flat nipples as she went. Her hands wandered, fingers tracing the bones of his face, the rippling muscles of his arms, stroking and kneading soft skin and hard muscle. She was lost in the taste and feel of him, in the sounds of his soft panting breath and groans.

A gentle tugging at her hair suddenly brought Kate back to reality and she lifted her head obediently to meet Richard’s glazed eyes as he said. “I have lived over a thousand years, survived a hundred wars and countless confrontations, but I think your teasing may just be what finally kills me for good.” The vampire’s voice was low and strained, and she couldn’t help smiling with satisfaction as a feeling of immense pride filled her at the knowledge that she could elicit such a reaction from one so powerful.

“I promise I won’t let it kill you.” And then her seductive smile grew as she dragged her hands down his chest, letting her nails scrape over his sensitised skin. He let out a long, sharp hiss that made a shiver run down Kate’s spine as her nail drew over his dusky nipple and taken by an idea, she bent down and blew against the scratched area. The hiss deepened and turned into a low groan. She continued to blow against his nipple until his eyes fluttered shut then she dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue over the flesh. His eyes flew open and he bucked up against her. Keeping their eyes locked together when she bit down and then pulled back to blow, making Richard growl as he bucked his hips up against hers. This time both of them let out a low moan.

Pulling back from his chest, Kate worked her way down the quivering flesh of his stomach to his abdomen, stopping only to gently kiss his navel before dipping her tongue in his belly button. His hips jerked at the contact and his erection brushed the full swell of her breast as he dropped his head back against the pillow. Curious, the teen looked down and contemplated the very impressive bulge in his jeans for a moment, admiring its already remarkable girth before taking a deep breath as she finally slide further down his legs. The garment’s rough fabric brushed against her skin as she went and made her moan in the back of throat, and she was unable to resist rubbing her bosom against him, enjoying the friction against her sensitive nipples for a moment before returning her attention to the matter at hand.

“May I?” she asked jokingly as her forefinger ran lightly over his belly.

“I don’t think you actually need to ask…” he replied in a low sensual voice.

With his consent, she lightly traced her trembling finger along the outline of his cock through the fabric before suddenly drawing back in surprise as it twitched in response. Intrigued, Kate did it again, only to be distracted by Richard’s low moan and subsequent mumbling.

‘She’s going to tease me to death’

Giggling nervously, she decided to take pity on the man spread out beneath her. Moving to sit between his legs, she undid the button of his jeans and tugged the garment down his muscular legs with a quick pull. Not saying a word, the vampire lifted his hips to help Kate get them all the way off but couldn’t help moaning in relief as his straining member sprang free.

Her eyes fixed onto his erected member, it seemed she hadn’t been the only one to of enjoyed the teasing. Kate placed her hands on his thighs and started to massage them as she slowly slid up towards his swelling organ. To turned-on to look away, Richard watched her face; a look of deep concentration worn on her beautiful features as her hand moved towards him.

Her finger moved along the tip of his shaft, making Richard hiss and Kate felt his body jump towards her. Letting out a shocked gasp, she pulled her hand away before looking up at him in a mix of confusion and fascination. Tilting her head to the side, she slid her hand back up along his thigh and Richard couldn’t help the grin that passed over his face at Kate’s look of pure determination as she reached out and ran her fingers up his cock from base, buried in a light nest of dark hair to the mushroom shaped tip. She gasped in surprise at the heat it radiated, and then wrapped her fingers around him, amazed by the silken texture of the skin surrounding the rock hard monolith. Squeezing him gently before tracing the vein on the underside with her thumb, she watched in fascination as the vampire’s hips bucked and a pearly drop of moisture appeared on its apex.

Richard’s eyes were closed as he tried to relax, his heart beating faster than he could ever remember as her lithe fingers reached out and wrapped around his length and Kate heard him release a grunt of pleasure as she felt his shaft pulsed in her grasp; her thumb lightly pressing on his sensitive tip as she started to stoke him slowly from the base to glistening head; making him buck his hips into her hand as he barely held onto any form of coherent thought. Thrown into purgatory and torn between ecstasy and agony, he couldn’t help enjoying the teen’s attention to his member.

Suddenly, Richard’s eyes shot open as he felt something warm and wet wrap around the head of his cock. He bucked up in surprise and let out a small shout not really believing what he was seeing as he watched himself disappearing into Kate’s mouth before becoming lost in the sensation as she alternated between moving down to take more of his flesh in and sucking gently at his member. He fought against a need to buck up into her mouth and grasped the sheets to stop his hands from wandering down to grip her head.

“oh god, Kate… more…more” spoke Richard in a low, husky voice, making Kate smile as she gave him what he wanted by taking all of him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her scarlet lips. The skin of his member was so sensitive right then that Richard’s eyes began to roll as he felt every minimal movement that her tongue would do inside her mouth and onto his shaft, her teeth scraping his skin lightly and every time she inhaled, he could sense his manhood pulsing in her damp orifice.

One of Kate’s hands reached the base of Richard’s swelling member as she kept on bending up and down on him, massaging the exposed skin of his shaft with her forefinger as her thumb applied a light pressure that made the vampire groan all the louder. Her hand travelled gently along his phallus as her mouth enclosed half of the length in its warmth. Occasionally she would lick along the phallus’s sides while her hand massaged him at the base. As her motions gradually increased in speed, the teen could practically feel his body stiffen as he vocalized his pleasure.

Suddenly, she began to think about her predicament from a more logical point of view; she was sitting between the legs of a naked vampire who was also the most gorgeous man she had ever met and was on his bed; giving him head. She was also falling madly in love with him and she knew it but she was also unsure of the vampire’s feelings towards her. All through her life, Kate had been able to read people quite accurately, but when it came to this creature, Richard; she just couldn’t.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, Richard gasped before twining his fingers in her black locks, holding onto her head by her as he and slowly began guiding her motions as she continued to pleasure him. He knew he was really close to climaxing, never had a woman been able to drive him as mad as this one was. He had almost lost all the control over his body, his hips were bucking faster and harder into her mouth every time he felt her tongue play on the small hole at the tip of his member.

Kate could feel his orgasm coming on, as much as Richard tried to suppress it she could feel his body shaking and his cock twitching. Wrapping her lips around his penis and squeezing it with her mouth, she stroked him hard with her hands.

“oh god, Kate!” her name left his lips as one last stroke brought him over the edge, his hot seed exploding from his thick manhood into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. The Vampire was panting heavily, his body covered with sweat, and the wave of adrenaline that the incredible orgasm had brought in his blood was making him tremble slightly. At his climax, Kate put her mouth over the head of his penis and sucked in all his juices, she tried to swallow as much as she could but it came into her mouth to fast.

As her mouth began to overflow, the current of Richard‘s seed finally began to cease. Coming back down to earth, the first thing he saw was the teen above him, looking down at him with a sly smile; she looked pleased with herself.

“That was…well…let me show you.” And before Kate could react, Richard flipped their positions. Her body bounced somewhat as he pushed her further into mattress, her head sinking between the pillows. He had her where he wanted her now. Under him, here in his bed, powerless; he already knew that this Girl had etched herself into his heart and he would prove it to her by making love to her in ways he never had with anyone else or she ever could.

He pushed himself up off of her, but not enough to give her any type of manoeuvrability. He looked down at her and Kate could have sworn she saw him smirking before his lips changed shape as he came down to meet her parted lips in a searing kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the connection; trying desperately not to lose herself in the sensation of his tongue sweeping across her mouth, tickling her gums and challenging her own tongue to a playful duel that left her breathless with anticipation. She fought the urge to whimper as his mouth left hers.

Kate’s mind fought her body against the desire to give in to Richard as she felt his middle index finger slipping lower and beneath her dress before delving into her delicately. The digit rubbed gingerly against her inner spot, causing her to thrash her head from side to side as stars began to flash before her eyes.

“Mmm Kate, you’re so wet.” He shifted so he could look into her eyes, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips as he whispered “So soft and wet.” His finger delved deeper, tracing the contents of her orifice, slickened with moisture, before moving up to brush the tiny bundle of nerves hidden just above. Kate arched against his him, moaning loudly as her eyes widened with rapturous pleasure, making Richard smile before he did it again. Lost in her carnal rapture, she never noticed her vampire lover suddenly pull her dress up and over her head, leaving her bear before his hungry eyes.

“Richard…” Her voice was filled with awe, wonder and passion and Richard was sure he had never seen anything more beautiful all of his undead life.

He pushed his finger in deep, before pulling it out again and repeating the motion over and over again until he heard the teen’s breath begin to catch in her throat. Then he added another finger and watched her intently as she lost herself in the sensation of him stroking the most intimate part of her being.

“Oh, God, Richard…that feels…it’s….ohhhh” A primitive sense of animal pride filled the vampire as he feasted on the sight of her. He’d done this to her, he’d taken this sweet, innocent, beautiful Girl and, simply by touching her, reduced her to a bunch of mumbling scattered words and nonsense syllables. Something rose deep inside him that demanded more, demanded that he make her completely lose the fluency and self-control she wore like clothes. Slowly, circling her clit with his thumb and making her legs instinctively open wider; Richard positioned himself at her entrance.

Kate moaned loudly as the pleasure built, higher and higher within her. It was too much, but still not enough. She wanted, she needed more; she couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t hold a single thought in her head and all she knew was the pleasure and that Richard’s lustful eyes were watching her. She felt the flood of sensations approach critical mass, knew she couldn’t take much more of this wonderful, torturous pleasure and her body felt like white fire was running through her veins.

Their lips met once more and his member that had been painfully engorged sheathed itself inside of her tightness but in the wash of her orgasm, Kate never felt any pain her barrier was broken, only pleasure as he began to rock against her steadily. No longer able to stand it, Kate wrapped her legs and arms around his body wondering if he had noticed that she was no longer restrained by his limbs. His dick had penetrated so deep that he was all the way against her cervix. What little pain there was quickly faded and a feeling of intense pleasure soon took it’s place as she tightened her hold around him with her legs, savouring the closeness of their bodies pressed together.

“Ohhhhhh Kate!” he moaned, gasping in pleasure as he tried to fend off the desire to cum right then and there. She was just so tight around him. “God…I love the way your pussy clings to me…”

She closed her eyes, going silent as she felt him withdrew almost completely and a feeling of emptiness consume her before opening her eyes again and moaning as he sank back into her, so deep, stretching her out beautifully…”Oh, Richard,” she moaned, whimpering as she felt his rough fingers roll over her throbbing clit. “I love having you inside me…inside my…my pussy,” she whispered, blushing as she added, “Fill my pussy more, push it into me more, please…I want you to make love to me so much…don’t stop, don’t ever stop…” Leaning up, she kissed him deeply, lapping at his lips with her tongue as she became bolder.

Bearing his fangs in a lustful grin as the words passed her beautiful lips, it was so cute to hear the words that had flown from countless sluts coming from one so innocent, and he wanted to hear so much more. “Tell me to fuck you Kate… and I will.” Richard murmured softly into her ear, sinking more of his member within her depths, yet still only having about half of his length inside her at the moment. “Kate…. god you feel so good…” He groaned out through clenched teeth while withdrawing his member almost all the way out of her again. “Tell me to fuck you….”

“F-F-Fuck me,” she whispered desperately, her blush deepening even more as she spoke, the unfamiliar words not coming easily to her lips as she rolled her hips experimentally against his, trying to coax him forward. “Please…fuck me Richard…you’re so big and hard inside me. I need you so much…” She clawed at his back wantonly, her nails scraping across his muscular hindquarters as she gazed up into his eyes and she whispered, “I want you to love me more…” She suddenly screamed out his name at the feeling of him filling her, all conscious thought melting away into a white hot sea of pleasure.

“Oh my God…Richard! Oh it feels good…It feels so good!” she cried, kissing the vampire again as he abruptly slowed his pace but each thrust gave her that intense wave of pleasure that would compensate for his slackened speed. It was obvious that he realized exactly which spots made her tick and was enjoying taking advantage of it.

Richard groaned at the sensations from her tight confines, his every sense overloading as her irresistible scent filled his head and made his mouth water. He had never held out this long before feeding during a fuck and his thirst was growing by the second. His hunger for the teen was strong and the desire to taste Kate’s blood was becoming undeniable, yet he fought his very nature to strike at the girl. Richard had heard of vampires that could control such desires during mating though he had no doubt that they had drunk their fill before the actual copulation. And he was starving, having lost all the blood he‘d drunk earlier that night in the process of healing his wounds and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.

Kate pushed against him, rolling them over so that her body straddled his. Placing her hands securely on the mattress, she started to ride the man; moving up and down the rigid cock without a shred of modesty. Growing more comfortable on top of Richard, her strides quickly became longer and harder; causing her to bounce higher on his groin and her breasts to jiggle with every movement. Soon her motions involved her whole body and as she bounced up and down; no part of her body remained stationary.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Kate moaned as she crashed down on Richard’s cock; causing it to penetrate a bit deeper. Her strides were now an upwards glide than a crashing down slam. The gentleness was gone and a sex crazed beast inside the teen had immerged, her strides becoming more rapid and so violent that Richard could no longer resist and thrust his hip up to meet her decent.

“UH-UH-UH-OH…RICHARD! OH FUCK! YES MORE… MY LOVE! FUCK ME MORE!” she screamed, working her body along his length with increasing vigour. Her hands slid up her body to fondle her own soft mounds, sending bolts of pleasure along her spine and causing her head to roll back due to the feeling of pure ecstasy she was experiencing down between her thighs. His thick member was hitting her pleasure spot over and over again making her moan louder each time as she neared her climax.

Leaning up, Richard moved his hands to her back and ran his fingers along her spine while trailing fiery kisses along her collarbone. He could smell fresh, young blood rushing through her veins and it only served to drive the vampire on “Faster.” He said and the command was met with Kate’s body sliding at a rapid pace against his own. She let out long, loud moans as every time he was fully encased within her. He nibbled on her jaw line following its curve to the other side of her neck and suddenly biting down, causing her to gasp.

“Yes-yes-yes-oh Richard!!” Kate cried, riding his cock with increased fervour, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum soon! Oh God I feel it!”

“Uh-uh-uh-oh, Kate! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming! Oh God you’re so beautiful!” he panted. But he was unprepared for what happened next.

The teen’s movements suddenly stopped and she took his hands off her body before trapping him beneath her. Their eyes were level and Richard could see a desperate look in her sapphire orbs as she begged. “Please… Please change me. Make me one of you…so that you can love me forever!”

In his current state, the words that had just passed through her lips were a godsend. When he had clasped eyes on her, Richard had vowed to not feed from her without her consent and that was the only thing that had stopped the vampire from feeding. And yet her she was not only asking him to bite her, but also to turn her. In his rational mind, Richard would have never agreed and would have tried to talk her out of it but right then; all the predator could see was blood. But there was something else he wanted as well.

Leaning up, he whispered softly into her ear “Everything I am is yours. And all you are is mine. Blood of my Blood, flesh of my flesh; together forever…” his fangs were plunged deep into her throat at the same time as he plunged himself back into her depths. Orgasmic screams filled the room as Richard drank from Kate, savouring every drop of her sweet nectar as he drained her to the point where she had not a single drop of blood left within. Feeling her go limp in his arms, Richard felt a sudden stinging sensation stab at his throat as he cut his veins with a sharpened talon before leaning over and spilling his precious blood into the girl’s waiting mouth; completing the bonding.

At the feeling of her tight walls convulsing around him, Richard realised himself within her depths and they fell back on the bed together. Breathing hard as his heart raced, the vampire looked down to the creature lying in his arms. To a human, the deathly paleness of Kate’s skin and her no longer beating heart would be a sure sign of death; but Richard knew better. Pulling the comforter over their bodies, Richard slowly curled up to his new mate before falling into a deep slumber.


Over six centuries later and I and my love are still together; both as young and beautiful as the day were turned. It had taken several days before the transformation was complete and Kate became a Vampire but even as I told her what I had done; she never complained. She just insisted that she was happy to have someone who she loved and who loved her in return. She would then kiss me and drag me to bed. And here I thought I was the insatiable one.

When I was a boy I believed that the world had been against me, when I had been bitten I thought that I must have offended god for he seemed so determined to punish me; now I don’t really give a damn. All I care about is Kate and no matter what happens to the world around us; we shall forever be together.

The End

AN: This is a slightly altered version of my DBZ fan fiction ‘Thirst’, to make it an original work. I had considered rewriting this without the first person but then I decided against it as this would forever remind me why I don’t do First Person stories, I just suck at it to be blunt.

I hope this version goes down better than the original so…
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Madness of the stage

Alice: Madness of the stage
Disclaimer: I do not own Alice Madness Returns; I am making no profit from this work of fiction.
When compared to some of Wonderland’s more fantastical impossibilities, Alice considered Dreary Lane Theatre to be somewhat conventional. It may have been a massive playhouse beneath the murky waters of the Deluded Depths, but with its lavish décor of silk curtains, thick columned boundaries and multi-level boxes fashioned with arched viewing decks; it could have easily passed for any of the Theatre Royals back in London. That was if it had had a ceiling of course.
Walking down the aisle between the rows of arena seats, Alice approached the immense theatre stage like a blushing bride on her wedding day. She could already see the Walrus, a leviathan sea creature bedecked in the colourful garb of a jester or clown, sleeping peaceful atop the water logged timbers.   It was a humorous sight to behold and yet in some strange way, it reminded her of when she was young, before her family died when she and her sister would sit in the nursery, giggling and whispering amongst themselves as  they watched there nanny sleeping in the rocking chair. But that had been long ago, now her family was dead and Nan Sharpe was facing the prospect of becoming a common whore to pay off her debts. And it was all because of her…
 “Ah…Alice; it is wonderful to see you again my dear!” Announced a joyous voice, causing Alice to look up in surprise as an abnormally tall man with shockingly bright tufts of red hair and dressed in a dirty apron and torn overalls that didn’t cover the mangled peg leg that was in place of his left foot immerged out from behind the stage curtain. In his right hand was an immense hammer and he swung it from right to left as if he were a conductor and it his baton; leaving no doubt in her mind that this was Carpenter. 
“Really, I don’t even know…” She stammered, surprised by his familiarity. Although she’d heard much about the infamous pair of fish devours since entering the Deluded Depths, this was the first time she’d met the Carpenter and yet he spoke to her as If they were old friends. However he seemed unbothered by her concerns and waved aside her objections before continuing just as jauntily as before.
“Your arrival is filled with fortunitality itself. My pregnant show is about to pop, and requires only a modicum moment of your time to play a momentous part.”
“Well I don’t have much experience,” Alice mumbled, embarrassed by his proposal and at having to admit her own failing to a stranger. There were more pressing matters they needed to discuss however, “but I do need to reconstruct my…”
“We can barter of course, I wager that a screwdriver or perhaps a nice hammer…” Carpenter suggested half-heartedly before jumping down from the stage to stand over her, twirling his oversized hammer around him as he did just to emphasize hiss point. Only Alice wouldn’t hear of it.
“There is a train that is corrupting wonderland and I’m looking for help to restrain or destroy it” That got Carpenter’s attention.
“Most vexitashious no doubt and we will approach the subject of that monstrosity directly, as to say eventually.” That last part the giant of a man murmured under his breath, as though he hoped the orphan wouldn’t hear his muttering as he began to pace the length of the stage in urgent contemplation. “But let us first mediate on the more important matter of the show. Due to some misconceptions about the brilliantly composed script; our stars, the tasteful and ever so tasty Oyster sisters, have failed to present themselves for our dress-rehearsal.”
“And you’d like me to collect them I suppose?” Alice snapped, growing angry with the Carpenter and his constant attempts to direct their conversation back to the matter of his stupid undersea performance. Didn’t he understand that if they couldn’t work together, there would be nothing to stop that infernal train from destroying wonderland and his precious Dreary Lane Theatre along with it?
“Why no dear Alice, I would never desire something so provincial of you.” Carpenter promised before ceasing his pacing and letting the hammer roll back to rest beside his temple as he lent back and cried out in woe. “You see while I trust the delectable sisters to preform splendidly, but alas without a dress-rehearsal I fear I cannot gauge whether the mood of our audience shall be in keeping with my show.” Then with a magnificent flourish, he turned on Alice and pointed his hammer at her almost accusingly. “And so Alice, I cordially invite you to star as my leading lady and preform an abstract piece of the shows wondrously enchanting burlesque dance.”
For the longest time, Alice was stunned. Not quite sure if she should believe what he was proposing, she looked up at him with disbelieving eyes and anxiously waited for the punch-line; when it didn’t come she balled her fists at her sides and began to shake with furry until finally she couldn’t contain herself. “Are you insane Mr Carpenter? You wish me to dress and preform like a common harlot whiles the fate of wonderland is hanging in the balance. Would you have me prance like a pony too, or perhaps you’d disgrace me completely and take me to bed on your stage before the eyes of your precious audience.” She was so angry, the fires of her outrage were making the waters around her bubble and it was only when he appeared to raise his hands in defence that she began to settle down.
“Calm yourself dearest Alice, I have no intention of making a spectacle of you.” Carpenter insisted, his numerous piercings jingling a tuneless melody as he waved his hands in protest. “This shall merely be a dress-rehearsal and I your only audience. I beg only a dance from you and then I shall tell you all that you wish to know about that nuisance train.”
 “And if I do this, you promise to help me destroy the train?”
“I give you my word as an orator, preform this dance for me and not even the jaws of a hundred sharks will stop my hammer.” He quickly mimed swinging his giant hammer into an invisible train before bowing before her submissively. 
Alice was far from pleased with his proposal; however she needed the Carpenter’s help if she was to put an end to the Infernal Train for good and his proposition was certainly more favourable than venturing back out into the deluded depths in search of a miracle. With a reluctant shrug, she gave him an affirming nod.
“Wonderful, if you’d like to go through there,” He said before gesturing with his hammer to a door just on the right of the stage. ”Your dressing room is the third door on the right; you’ll find your dress in there. Take as long as like to get changed while I prepare the stage for your grand debut performance.”
As if seeing herself for the first time, Alice looked at her reflection with pure disgust. Not since her plunge into insanity had she ever felt so unlike herself.
The so called dressing room had proved even more Spartan than the state of the Dreary Lane Theatre would suggest. Its walls were a drab shade of red and unadorned by anything that could be considered decorative except for the oddly formed clusters of lichen. There was nothing nonessential or lavish, only a very water damaged dressing table with a large, crudely shaped stone at its side that she guessed was meant to serve as a chair; and a faded mirror that had more than a few cracks running down its surface.
It was there she’d found her dress waiting for her, hanging from the mirror on a piece of stiffened seaweed which had long since rotted and turned black; and it was exactly as she had feared. The costume reminded her of something she’d once seen an east-end whore wearing, little more than a corset, it was black leather with red stripes that cut down its centre and the bowed bust was lined with red fauna that went all the way round to the lacings at the back and its black tulle tiered netting skirt would probably go no further than her knees. Beside it hung a pair of fishnet stockings and a matching set of fingerless gloves that would go all the way up to her elbows, on the floor below was a pair of high heeled black fish scaled shoes.
Alice had wanted to scream, to ball her fists and roar with savage fury and swear her vengeance upon the Carpenter until she was as blue in the face as the swirling waters around her. Yet she had given her word, and Alice was nothing if not true to her word. With a defeated sigh, she’d undone the lacings of her Siren’s dress and let the sea garment float down to pool around her feet. She’d tried to climb straight into the garment there and then, but it had been too tight and she’d been forced to remove both her bra and bloomers before climbing back into the suffocating corset. It hadn’t been much better, but at least she could breathe again.
It had taken all her courage to look at her reflection and now that had, Alice would have liked nothing more than to cut out her own eyes and burn the image from her memory. She looked like a common whore, there was no over way to say it. Shaking with repressed anger, she tried to admire the more positive parts of her reflected likeness; the way her long lustrous locks of rich black hair floated on the swaying tides, the pale glow of her alabaster skin, and the fierceness of her emerald eyes.  There were few who’d say she was anything but beautiful, yet no matter how hard she tried, Alice Liddell could see herself only as a whore in this garment.
“How fine you look when dressed as a whore.” A familiar voice remarked, causing Alice to jump in fight before whirling round to find the ever grinning Cheshire Cat looking up at her with those wide mocking eyes. “But I’d beware if I were you; the Carpenter is a coiled viper waiting to strike at you should you walk this path.”
“What would you have me do?” Alice asked icily, turning back to look at her reflection and trying to ignore the way corset emphasised her breasts. She had to do this; there was no other way to save her precious Wonderland.
“Only the foolish believe there is just one way to achieving their ends, to find the light you must sometimes risk the darkness of a new road.”
“You know another way to save wonderland?” Alice asked hurriedly, sounding more desperate than she’d intended as she gave in to hope and turned once again to look at the gremlin like feline; only to have her hopes dashed.
“I cannot everything, ask and it shall be given; just don’t ask me.” And then as quickly as he had come; the Cheshire Cat was gone.
“Damn that wretched Cat, why can he never give me a straight answer.” Alice grumbled while slipping her feet into the fish scale shoes. It wasn’t like she wanted to do this, time was of the essence and the Carpenter had promised her answers if she danced ad so dance she would. However as she leaving, something shiny caught her amongst the bundle of her clothes and she turned to see that it was her blood splattered butcher’s knife. The cat’s warning rang in her ears one more time and she tempted to take it with her; only she couldn’t think of anywhere to hide it and so was forced to leave it behind. 
“Ah so good to see that you are finally ready my dear!” The carpenter announced as she walked back into the theatre house to find him waiting for her. “And that dress, it makes you look positively stunning! A darling Angelfish so stunning, the very sight of you makes my heart and stomach swell.”
“Well…Thanks…I suppose.” Alice muttered as she brushed past him, unsure of exactly how she should take his compliment; if indeed it was a compliment at all. Moving amongst the stalls, she was pleased to note that the Walrus was gone; however apart from a large armchair being placed on the edge of the stage; the theatre house was exactly as she had left it. “But nothing has changed?”
“And so the stage is set, the star has arrived, now at the show can begin.” The Carpenter declared, seeming to not hear her question as he effortlessly stepped upon to the stage and deposited the hammer by the chair whilst seating himself down in the worn leather’s embrace. “Come join me Alice and embrace the power of the stage!”
At that moment there was nothing Alice would have liked more than to run for her life, yet so much depended on her that she knew she couldn’t afford to be craven.  Telling herself that she was doing this for Wonderland, Alice came forward and hoisted herself up onto the stage and came around to stand before the Carpenter.
Awaiting his instruction, her stomach felt as if it was alive with butterflies and she anxiously tried to reframe from twisting the decorative fauna as she waited, feeling more and more like a deer caught in a hunter’s sights with each passing second. However the Carpenter appeared to be in no rush and he made a lavishly exaggerated show of crossing his oversized legs before clapping his hands together. “Alright then my lovely, you begun this magnificent piece with long kick…”
And so it began, for over an hour Alice became the Carpenter’s marionette, dancing and twirling and kicking to his every word as though invisible strings were tied to her that he merely had to pull to make her sway to his tune. It was tiring work and she quickly felt her body grow hot against the chilled waters as she followed his hurried direction. There were so many commands, so many motions that every now and then she would miss a step or a kick and so the Carpenter would make her start all over again. Again and again she tried to master the awkward movements, to time the proactive kicks and arousing sways just right; and time after time she failed.
“Enough!” Carpenter finally declared, lurching up from his chair as for what seemed like the hundredth time she tripped over her own feet on fell across the stage. “This debacle is more than I can stand. I fear, Alice you have all the grace of an old donkey, so it is left up to me to guide you through the steps of this seductive melody.”
She wanted to retort, to tell him to go fuck himself like the certifiable pimp that he was. However before her exhausted brain could fathom the words, he reached beneath his apron and pulled from it a corked vial of purple liquid. Not sure what to make of this, she watched as he opened the vial and brought it up to his lips and drank it all in one go. He dropped the glass phial when the purple substance was all gone; it floated on the tides for a moment before sinking to the bottom but Alice wasn’t watching. Something incredible was happening to the Carpenter, his entire body had started to tremble and then began to shrink. It was almost as if he were a balloon deflating, first he lost a heads height and then an entire torso, it went on and on until he was half his original size and on par with her own. 
Alice looked on as if she were seeing him for the first time; her rational mind not entirely sure what to make of his astounding display. He however was as collected as he had ever been, as if this shrinking act was much an everyday act for him as brushing his teeth and without so much as a bow, he came to stand beside her, his surprisingly powerful arms wounding around her waist as he seized her arms and made her assume the correct starting position. “Now let us start again…”
As she began to dance, the Carpenter’s hands ran across her body. She told herself they were merely guiding and supporting her through the motions, showing her body which to go and how to react so she wouldn’t fall on her arse again. Yet something about this didn’t fell right, the way his fingers were touching her; it were as if they were constantly searching out every tightly wound knot in her body before deft touches made her feel utterly at ease. It was so perverse and inappropriate, yet it just felt so good.
Carpenter smirked as he felt the girl relax against him, his skilled doings apparently having the desired effect as she all but came undone in his arms. This was proving easier than he could have ever imagined so with slightly less caution than might be considered wise, he let his hand travel down the curve of her spine to crease her lower back. As they moved and swayed to a silent song, he prodded and poked out all the tightly wound pools of stress in her young body until she had completely relaxed into his embrace and was deeply lost in their impassioning rhythm. There was no resistance in her now, she had become as loose and free as a water dancer; it was time.
“Now Alice, kick…”
She obeyed him immediately, her long leg come up in a swift arc that made the waters around them tremble, and he swopped down. Curling around her as he released his grip and fell to his knees, he moved effortless to kneel between her opening thighs. Delighted to find that she had removed her undergarments, he reached around and seized her full round buttocks in his hands and pulling to his waiting mouth. With a deftness refined by years of feasting on clams, he ran the tip of his tongue along her sex, feasting on her musky flavour before taking the nub of Alice’s clit between his lips and sucking it greedily.
“Ohhh… Carpenter, what are you…no….stop it!” Alice gasped, surprised not only by this fresh violation but also by the pleasure it sent shooting through her like bolts of lightning. This couldn’t be happening; she wasn’t some immoral streetwalker that would roll into anyone’s bed. So why then did his mouth feel so wonderfully good?
Giving no sign that he’d heard or even cared for her protestations, the Carpenter began attacking Alice’s bud with a carnal fury, gnawing it hungrily between his teeth before flicking it with his silver tongue stud. Her flavour was delicious and he delighted in drinking her essence in with his tongue’s every flick, until he could feel her body shaking against him in pleasure.
“No…I can’t….oh god…why does it feel so good?” She moaned as every nerve her body began to grow hot with pleasure and she began to wonder if she would be burnt alive in the white hot fires of ecstasy. Unable to suppress her moans of pleasure, she writhed and thrashed against him as his silver stud traced patterns across her clit.
“My dear you should learn to relax. If you’ll recall this is wonderland, the embodiment of your mind where all manner of enchantments exist, but they can never touch your physical self.” He murmured, but to immersed in his teasing to remove his lips from her person. “Besides nothing may happen here that you do not wish to happen, everything you see is fashioned from memory and everything we do you desire. Perchance you didn’t notice the bed we now lay upon now my delicious angelfish.”
No sooner had he said it then did Alice realise they were no longer standing and at some point a massive bed with a thick seaweed duvet had formed underneath them. Deep down, she must have wanted this but it was so dirty and depraved and just so…so good.
Sheer pleasure overtook her and she cried out with sudden abandon as his tongue abandoned her nerve filled bud to part her slick folds and plunge into her hidden depths. “Oh Carpenter what are you doing to me? It feels so wonderful… I’ve never… I think I’m going to go crazy.”
“Why I am eating you, my delectable little Siren.” He growled while twisting and thrusting his tongue inside her and drinking deep as her body arched in response to his thick muscle writhing inside her while she wantonly rolled her pelvis against his mouth. Suddenly her fingers were in the bright red tufts of his hair, holding his head tight to her flesh as his long tongue burrowed as deep in her quivering channel as it could go.
“Oh God, your mouth is sinful…” She cried, nearing a state of total and utter delirium as she felt his silvered stud scrapping her inner walls. Something was building within her; she could feel its pressure mounting in her womb and knew bliss was almost upon her. She wanted to savour every exquisite sensation Carpenter’s tongue was stirring but her desire to discover the untold pleasures was so great that one of her hands crept up her waist to cup her breasts through the  fabric of her costume. Her nipples were already as hard as glass and were visibly poking through the dark leather as she squeezed her young tits, rolling and tweaking one of the pert buds between her thumb and forefinger. “Oh God…Yes eat me Carpenter…Eat me…eat me!”
Almost ravenous with his hunger for the young woman, Carpenter’s wicked tongue feasted on her tender flesh, swirling around her centre as he lashed her rough inner-walls, exploring her deepest depths and drinking in her divine sweetness like man parched and dying of thirst. By her squirming he could tell she was getting close, but was determined to prolong her bliss for as long as possible, making her wriggle and thrash in wild abandon. It wouldn’t be long now…
Alice thought she was going to die. It felt as if the Carpenter’s mouth was touching every part of her sex at once, she could feel his tongue probing deep inside her, his smooth stub scratching her quivering walls and even his large nose rubbing her clit. She could feel everything he was doing to her and of their own accord, her legs began to spread wider, opening herself completely to him while desperately grinding her core against his greedy mouth, making him lick her deeper. It was so good, so wonderful, she could…she could…
Like the swells of a tsunami, her first climax ripped through her without mercy in a titanic explosion of divine ecstasy. Her world vanished behind a brilliant burst of white light and she might have been screaming; only the great explosions going off in her head made it impossible to tell, but she could feel herself shaking to the ripples of pleasure coursing down her spine. Only when her release began to subside did she recover, her world creeping back to her bit by bit. First her sense of smell, than her hearing, and finally her powers of sight returned one colour at a time. She awoke to find the carpenter kneeling over her, his overalls gone and leaving him clothed only in his ridiculously sized trousers as he slowly licked his lips clean of her essence.
“Please…I want more…” She panted. “Do that to me again Carpenter…I want to feel you eating me again…”
“Perhaps later, my little Siren; now it is time for our grand performance.”
For a moment Alice wasn’t sure what he meant, but then he reached down and undid the fastenings of his trousers and pushed them down his hips to reveal and hard erection. Realisation quickly dawned upon her and for a moment Alice wanted to object, but then she remembered that sweet release and the Carpenter’s earlier words. “Fine, do as you wish to me. Just please make me feel it again.”
“Your wish is my command…”
Kicking the garment off so that he was now naked to her eyes, The Carpenter crawled between her spread thighs and positioned himself at her opening. Taking his hard cock in hand, he teasingly traced the bulbous purple head along her opening, making her moan softly before suddenly leaning down and seizing her lips in a passionate embrace. The kiss was passionate and intense, drawing them both closer together as their tongues met in a fiery dual that had Alice’s toes curling. When they parted, she moved forward to resume the kiss but he pressed forward suddenly, plunging into her all the way up to the hilt.
Alice had expected to feel the pain of his entry, to cringe and beg him to stop as his erection broke her maidenhood and made her a woman; but instead there was only the pleasure of having his wondrous cock filling her quivering channel.  A good thing too, because the Carpenter was neither slow nor gentile with her.
She’d thought she might have needed time to adjust to his size, but he was far from huge and his cock fit inside her perfectly. Delighting in their chemistry, she writhed and moaned as waves of indescribable pleasure ripped through her and she instinctively brought her legs up, allowing him deeper penetration as he withdrew before eagerly thrusting his cock back inside her tender flesh.
Keeping a tight grip on her craning hips, The Carpenter watched the final threads of Alice’s composure come undone with obvious amusement. He began moving in a furious rhythm and didn’t slack for a moment when she wrapped her milky pale legs around his slender waist. It felt wonderful being inside her; she was so hot and tight that her inner walls clung to him every time he impaled her, his lightly muscled hips hammering into hers with enough force to make her whole body rock in time to his movements.
“Oh God…it’s so good… oh yes…oh yes…oh yes…” Alice moaned before tossing her head back into the mound of pillows, her eyes going as wide as saucers as she felt him filling her to her limits. Nothing else mattered to her now, not the infernal train or the danger it posed to wonderland and her ever fragile sanity, nor even that her very life could be about to end if she didn’t get her answers soon. All she cared about was this delicious feeling of having him deep inside her as he fucked her like a common whore.
Grinning with triumph, the Carpenter held nothing back in his efforts to ravage her. Near wild with unbound passion, hedrove into her depths with a powerful rhythm that had her trembling with ecstasy as he fought against succumbing to the feeling of her core consuming him. With each thrust, he’d pull almost all the way out of her before thrusting back into her again when only the tip of his dick remained inside her; a steady but quick rhythm that made the beauty beneath him moan out wantonly at every penetration.
“Ahhhh…it feels so good…so rough…so deep…oh Yes…Carpenter…I…I don’t know how much more I can take…”
Watching her writhe in absolute pleasure and seeing the look of divine ecstasy etched across her features, he felt a great tide of satisfaction welling up inside him but for some reason his gaze kept drifting back down to her jiggling breasts. Small and supple, her bosom was straining against her black leather corset and with each of his thrusts they would roll and bounce to his tune. He wanted to see them, the very thought of her pale flesh and pert nipples made his loins burn…
One more savage thrust was all it took for her cleavage to suddenly pop free of their leather bondage.
With his mouth watering at the sight of their pear-like contours and milky skin topped by rose pink nipples, the Carpenter bowled his head and took her left breast between his clunky teeth. He sucked on her greedily, his long tongue swirling around her pert bud before catching it between his jaws and tugging gently as he enjoyed the feel of her slick sheath convulsing around his moving cock. He was perhaps being a bit too rough but Alice seemed to welcome his passions and reached out to lightly run her hands down his back, creasing the lean muscles that ran down his spine as her heels eagerly dug into his taught arse in earnest commands that left no room for argument.
She was now deep under his spell, a wench wanton and starving for his touch. Without a doubt he had done his work well, but now that the seeds of desire had been sown in her, he intended to make them flourish.
Tasting her breast one last time, he suddenly released her nipple and reached down to grasp her ankles before prying her legs from around his person. Free of her almighty grasp, he let her slowly sink back down onto the bed as he drew back until all of his glistening arousal had left her depths.
“What? No, don’t stop…” Alice hissed, looking up at him with the fiercest expression as her emerald eyes blazed dangerously from beneath her dishevelled locks of ebony hair. “I want more. My body’s so hot, I can’t stand it. Give me more of your cock.”
“Very well Alice, but first my little Siren I want to get on your hands and knees. This time I want to fuck you from behind.”
“Ok…Ok…but hurry, I want to feel you inside of me.” She didn’t wait for further instructions before rolling onto her front and raising herself up. Eager to continue, she teasingly wiggled her arse at the Carpenter as her liquid desire rolled down her milky inner thighs.
Moving into position behind her, the Dreary Lane Director could barely contain his excitement as he took hold of his hard erection and guided it beneath the ruffles of her short skirt. Guided by the heat of her burning core, he fastened a tight hold on her waist before pressing the head of his arousal against Alice’s inviting entrance and then thrusting inside as he resumed franticly fucking the pleasure drunk wench.
“Oh God…I can feel your cock slipping back inside me…it feels so good…I want more…more…” This new position, coupled with Carpenter’s renewed penetration, caused an explosion of burning passion to burst inside her. Hot, volcanic pleasure burned through her and she felt herself falling into a river of delight as her lover ruthlessly ravaged her young body. Never had she felt so complete and at peace with herself.
Savouring and rejoicing the sensation of fucking this sweet creature from behind, the Carpenter gave no quarter and the sound of his hips slapping her shapely buttocks echoing out as he took her hard and fast. With a flurry of guttural groans, he drew back and slammed into her burning channel again and again, the feel of her tight walls pulsating around his hard arousal making him act almost bestial. He could feel his release gathering, yet he couldn’t get enough of her and the sound of her wanton pleas for more only spurred him on.
“Yes…give me more…fuck me harder Carpenter…so good…I want it harder…I want…I want…” Alice could barely speak through the pleasure. She could feel something building deep inside her, similar to that feeling the Carpenter’s tongue had stirred inside her and yet different, better. He was touching a place deep inside her, deeper than any place she had ever considered possible to touch and her hands pushed desperately against the mattress as she strained to rock her hips in time to his motions for a deeper penetration. Yet it wasn’t enough, she needed more…
Almost as if he could read her thoughts, the director reached around her waist and down between her thighs to find her clitoris standing hard against her folds. He worked the bud mercilessly, trapping it between his digits and rolling it between his rough pads while continuing to slam his cock into her volcanic hollow. The mix of pleasure and pain catapulted her over the brink.
“Oh god…if you do that…oh fuck I’m going to climax…I’m going to climax!” Alice’s words died away as her entire body began to shake, the orgasm she’d felt building suddenly going supernova in an explosion of white hot fire that swallowed up her consciousness; making her throw her head back in a soundless screech of ecstasy. Already perilously close to his own peak, the feel of the girl’s walls tightening around him was enough to push the Carpenter over the point and he released a guttural moan as his quivering cock unleashed a torrent of his seed inside her.
Exhausted beyond all recognition, the beauty’s arms gave out and she collapsed onto the bed in a boneless heap. Her dark emerald eyes were glazed and unseeing. “More…I want…more…”
Removing himself from her delirious person, the Carpenter wore a self-satisfied smile as he got up from the bed and collected his overalls and hammer; however before exiting the stage he turned back to the delirious girl.
“Ah my dear, that was an exquisite performance. I wish we had time for an encore, but alas time is slipping away and the time for my show’s grand opening draws ever nearer. But a deal is a deal after all and I’d hate to leave you wanting for I was never the enemy you’ve sought. I wish only to hide this precious bit of wonderland from that beastly train. For you see we must all play our assigned roles in life, I am a guardian of the sea but what of you, are  you a pawn or a queen or a whore. Whatever you decide, I advise you consider the prospect that you have been misled. And then ask by whom…”   And as he left, a familiar skeletal feline skulked out of the shadows to sit before the bed.
“And so the curtain falls, the last act is done and another little fish has fallen to the Carpenter. Dear Alice, you have had a pleasant run but now the time has come to say farewell. Wonderland is done and this is scarcely odd because haste makes waste, and you’ve fallen into madness once more; the madness of lust.”
The End