Two of a Kind: Chapter Two

Two of a Kind

Chapter Two

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It must have been the sunlight that woke her. It was only dawn but already she could feel the morning’s light blanketing her in a warm glow despite the child morning air. Winter was coming, she could feel its chill blowing in, its cold touch mingling with the spiced breath of autumn; yet she had elected to sleep naked. Half asleep, she trembled at the feel of winter’s whisper running down her arm and it was only when a pair of strong arms coiled around her waist that she settled. Thick as lengths of old oak and corded by layers of muscle, she was reminded of someone she had almost forgotten and felt safe and secure in their warm embrace.
Unable to ever remember feeling as sated as she did right then, Chichi was content to just lie back and enjoy the lover’s touch as she felt his hard for pressing against her back, the heavy weight of his genitals nestling between her buttocks. It was only when the bunched muscles in her side began protest at being confined beneath his arm that she decided to move, rolling in his arms so that her breasts were pressed against his hard chest and she could feel his hot breath on her check.
More awake than asleep, she peeled her eyes back slowly to see him sleeping over her. He looked so peaceful whilst he slept and to see him lying there reminded her of when she used to watch Goten and Gohan sleep. But that had been long ago when they were just little boys, now they were all grown up and she found herself reaching up ever so slightly to brush aside a few stray strands of his lavender hair. He was young and vain, but not nearly as finicky as Goten in matters of his appearance. Roused by her gentle touch, Trunk’s eyes flickered open and Chichi was made to wonder just how long he had been awake.
“Good Morning Darling,” He whispered, smirking ever so slightly as he tightened his arms around her waist. Oh Yes, he was defiantly awake; she could already feel the proof of his arousal errantly pressing against her thigh. Suddenly it was as if butterflies were fluttering in her stomach and she couldn’t help averting her gaze as her cheeks began to burn with a splash of crimson. “Waking up beside you, it’s like a dream.”
“Stop staring at me like that…it’s embarrassing.”
“I can’t help it; mmm…you just look so cute when you blush.” His breath was hot against her skin and she could feel goose bumps creeping up her arms as he leant down to lightly nibble the curve of her neck. His teeth were sharp, like curved daggers running along her nerves yet his tongue was quick to sooth the marks they left and she couldn’t help hissing with delight when he scraped that sweet spot behind her ear.
“No…please wait…you can’t, I’m still sore from last night.” She gasped, her eyes slowly starting to roll back as his hands came up to knead her breasts, roughly rolling her pert nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he did.  It was too much and when he lightly nipped the lobe of her ear, she couldn’t resist moaning before arching up into his touch. Oh Kami, why was he always doing this to her?
Ignoring her feeble protests, Trunks seized upon Chichi’s momentary distraction to reverse their roles and climb atop the married woman. Trapping her glorious naked body beneath his, he propped himself over her and bent down to take one of her rosy nipples into his mouth; making her gasp in a mix of shock and pleasure. Like a wild animal, he attacked her breast with a primal hunger, circling the stiff bud’s dusky flesh with his tongue while dragging his teeth across her ample cleavage. When he bit her nipple, her fingers buried themselves in his bedridden tangle of lavender hair.
“Ohhh Kami…Trunks…mmm…so good…right there…yes…yesss…” She moaned, clutching his head to her breast as the fog of pleasure clouded her mind. Damn him, why did he have to be so good? How was she supposed to resist him when just the feel of his mouth on her breast was enough to make her loins burn with liquid passion? “…I…can’t take it…please…stick it in me….fuck me with your thick cock!”
However Trunks was in no hurry. Licking the tip of her nipple, he slowly reached between her quivering thighs and slid a finger along her wet sex, causing her to hiss in delight as he tickled her clit with his thumb. Low sounds flowed from her in heated breaths as her hips rolled wantonly against his touch; and taking that as his cue, he suddenly snapped her legs open. Hearing her surprised squeak, he grinned wolfishly around her breast before moving into position, his hard length rubbing her core as…
A shrill bell rang out loud and clear, shattering the mood and causing the youth to jump up in surprise as he looked about in alarm. To his left, the digital alarm clock on her bedside table was flashing, illuminating the time in time in bright red numerals as its alarm sang its shrill song, signalling that he was late.
“Oh Shit, I’m late!” He shouted; alarm evident in his voice as he jumped up from the bed and began gathering up his clothes from the floor. Not giving his lover a backwards glance, the Saiyan quickly pulled on his trousers and shirt before grabbing his shoes and socks and jumping out the window.  Still tangled in her bed sheets, Chichi amusedly watched her toy boy take flight and shoot off into the rising dawn. No matter how many times she witnessed it, a Saiyan in a rush was always a comical show.
With a disappointed sigh, she rolled over and silenced the cursed alarm clock before falling back into the mound of pillows. Her body was trembling with unspent passion and for a moment she was tempted to give herself the release her flesh craved, but then she resisted. Trunks wasn’t usually one to leave things unfinished, and the sex was so much better when the fires had been left to build up inside her like slow burning candles.
For what felt like hours, Chichi toyed with the idea of going back to sleep. However the burning in her loins was a constant reminder of how close she’d come and before long drove her from her bed. Pushing the covers aside as she got up, she quickly donned a fluffy dressing gown before walking down the steps that led up to her bedroom. Going through the hall and into the kitchen, she busied herself for a moment with the task of making a strong cup of tea before walking out into the morning air and breathing in the fresh scent of morning.
It was hard to believe it was already late autumn, the trees had yet to turn brown and much of her so called garden was as beautifully vibrant as it had been in spring. Everywhere flowers bloomed and birds sang, nothing was right and yet it was all so perfect; so much like her own life.
A month had passed since that night she had caught Trunks spying on her, just a month since she had given into temptation and broken her marriage vows by taking that young man into her bed. That night she had been wild, untamed and completely unlike herself. That night had been divine, wonderful; and completely a mistake. They’d both known it and the morning after had been…unpleasant.
Upon waking to find they were still wrapped in a lover’s embrace, they had been unable to meet each other’s gaze and he had rambled off a hasty explanation before apologising and then jumping out the window. Perhaps it all should have ended there; maybe she should have just let sleeping dogs lie. She’d certainly tried to pretend it had never happened, telling herself every clichéd line there was as she slowly went about the motions of her life. However, very soon her guilt had begun outweighing her feelings of loneliness. She’d had to talk to someone, so she went to Bulma.
Like so many mistakes, it had seemed a good idea at the time. Bulma had greeted her with her usual cheerful demeanour, giving a jubilant wave before hugging her close as she invited her in for a cup of tea. For more than an hour she listened as Bulma talked incessantly about the troubles of Capsule Corp, the difficulties of a new line of Capsule Cars that would be released in the spring, and her ever heated arguments with Vegeta. She’d missed those talks, and would have liked nothing more than hear her friend rattle on for hours, but she had gone there with a point and she would not shy away from it.
She’d confessed to her infidelity while her friend had been pouring their fourth pot, it had been near empty but Chichi could still remember the feel of the hot tea sloshing over her shoes.  Seeming not to notice her broken china, Bulma had rushed to her side and demanded to know every; though only after asking if she was serious. Though careful not to divulge certain facts about her lover, Chichi had been honest in her account of the night’s events and tried to explain that she had been lonely and vulnerable after Goten left.
Despite her qualms about adultery, Bulma had understood. It seemed that the years of having an alien husband had opened her mind to some of the darker aspects of Saiyans. She was also her husband’s oldest friend and was quick to point out that Goku probably wouldn’t care that she’d strayed so long as she was honest to him Chichi was reluctant to admit it but there was no way of denying that Bulma had a point, Goku did poses a childlike innocence that caused him to look beyond the major issues to see just the minor failings.
And then, just when she was beginning to coming to peace with what she had done; Trunks had walked into the kitchen.
For a moment it was as if all the air had been sucked from the room and when their eyes met, she could feel her heart rising to her throat. He must have just come from work because he was dressed in the same suit he had worn that night and she could feel her cheeks burning as she pictured how he had looked in that suit while she had had his cock in her mouth.
After that, everything had been a blur and she could just remember Bulma excusing herself, so that it had just been she and Trunks alone in the kitchen. It had all happened so fast, one moment they had been exchanging small talk, the next he had had her on the table. Her skirt had been hiked up and his trousers fallen around his knees, and then he was inside her. It was madness, he’d taken her right there with that same burning passion and she’d relished every moment of it. At any moment they could have been discovered, yet the risk only seemed to inflame their lust and she had clawed his back and moaned in bliss as he drove her to a quaking release.
The act could not have taken any more than a few minutes, yet in those prolonged moments a dam had broken inside them both and she realised she could not be without the young Saiyan. It was not love that existed between them, but need. She needed him to fill a gap in her life, a gaping hole that she had let grow and grow since the day Goku had left, and he had need of her to state a child’s infatuation. So with that one wild rut in his mother’s kitchen, they had come to an arrangement. For as long as Goku was away they would seek their solace in one another, each using the other to state their lusts, and when her husband returned, they would end their affair and she would tell Goku everything. ‘Well…More or less everything…”
Looking at his watch, Trunks couldn’t help grinning wickedly as he flew out of the city and made straight for the Mountains. His lunch break wasn’t for another thirty minutes but luck had been with him and he had finished his work for the morning early and so had decided to take the rest of his time off. Now, with more than two hours of unexpected free time before him, he found that there was only one place he wanted to be.
In truth he needn’t have worried about the time, his little excursions to the Son house happened so regularly that he’d learnt more than a few short cuts and if needs be, he could just go super and be there in moments. But why risk being discovered or having to face the inevitable questions that he’d have to face upon his return home. Over time he’d discovered that woman were like wine; some had to be drained quickly less one risk the flavour gong bland, others needed to be savoured for the flavour to reach its peak. Son Chichi was most certainly the latter, her anger and passion never waned but only grew and grew until finally being released upon some ‘poor’ creature. Although he hadn’t meant to abandon her that morning, he certainly wasn’t about to disincline the repercussions that would be coming his way. 
The idea sent a warm tingle down his spine and he had to work hard to keep his energy level suppressed as he sped across the landscape at full speed, tearing the sound barrier to ribbons as he sped across the early afternoon sky as nothing but a blur. Yet, with his attentions divided, he almost flew straight over the Son house and was forced to turn around and fly back half a mile before descending down into the clearing. Touching down gently besides the immense bath, he quickly brushed the creases out his suit before walking up to the kitchen door. Knowing it would be unlocked, he twisted the knob and pushed the door open, being careful as he did not to let it slam before stepping through and quietly shutting it behind him.
The rich aroma of cooking meat greeted him with a warm embrace, perfuming his nostrils in a way that made his stomach rumble as he breathed deep, tasting every delicious morsel as if it were already on his tongue. In a dreamlike trance, Trunks could do nothing but stare and marvel while at the rear of the Kitchen, Chichi was standing over a large pot of stew that she had to stir constantly. It had been an unseasonably hot day so she was dressed in a tight fitting blue dress that was tied around her waist with a red scarf and had been cut along the thigh to fall between her legs all the way down to her knees.
For what felt like an age he could do nought but stare at her, but with her back to him and her concentration fixed on the pot, she had not noticed his arrival and he could hear her humming a low melody as she leaned forward ever so slightly to reach for the salt, affording him a terrific view of her arse. Unable to resist the opportunity, he quickly crossed the breadth of the Kitchen and reached out a hand to gently squeeze her rear.
Thinking she was alone, Chichi let out a surprised gasp when his hand touched her before whirling round with the ladle raised to strike him across the head. She wore a look of murderous rage for a moment but upon seeing it was only him, the death glare quickly relaxed into a stern frown and she lowered her weapon.
“Trunks! What do you…” the reprimand quickly died as he seized her lips with his, silencing her with a deep kiss. For one harrowing moment she tried to break free, yet his strong hands had seized hers and were gently pushing her back against the counter next to the oven and when his tongue swept past her lips, the fight left her completely. Feeling her relax into his embrace, he released his hold on her wrists and wrapped his arm around her waist before hoisting her up onto the counter.
There were no words or gestures. No explanations given or required. His need for her was like an all-consuming fire in his flesh, a raging inferno that would not be stated until he had devoured every bit of her. With a mind to do just that, he took advantage of his new leverage to deepen the kiss, their tongues becoming locked in an intimate dance that had them both panting with passion as he moved in-between her splayed thighs.
Her hands were braced against his torso; urgently pushing his jacket down his arms before moving up to bury themselves in his lavender hair. Their hips were rolling together in synchronised motions and they wantonly devoured one another until the need for oxygen forced Chichi to break the embrace. However Trunks was not so easily put off and hungrily trailed kisses along her jaw before bending down to nip the corded nerves that ran along her neck; making her gasp and moan in undisguised delight. “Oh Kami…No…We can’t…there isn’t time…the stew will be ruined…” Her protestations were weak and lacked all conviction when spoken in such a needful tone.
Paying her words no heed, he suddenly crouched down and moved between her splayed thighs. Delighted to find that she had forgone wearing underwear, he quickly hiked her legs over his shoulders before lowering his head between her heated thighs. He could hear little whimpers escaping lover, yet she didn’t fight him and he flashed her one last dashing smile before going in for the kill.
As determined as she was not to give into him, Chichi couldn’t stop the delighted squeak that escaped her when his tongue plunged into her channel and began feasting on her. Arching at the contact, her hand became entangled in his lavender hair as she pulled him against her; a tirade of feverish cries escaping her as his sinfully thick tongue began to writhe and twist inside of her. Her thighs tightened instinctively, trying to hold him in place while she wantonly bucked and ground her pelvis against him in a desperate attempt to make his tongue go as deep as possible.
“Mmm…you’re so tasty Chichi…” Trunks growled, his tongue never ceasing in its explorations as he hungrily devoured her. His mouth and nose were buried in her tender flesh, completely immersing him in her core as her essence flowed readily into his orifice. She had a unique flavour, sweet and yet spiced like honey wine.  He couldn’t get enough of her and greedily sucked her folds as he worked his tongue in and out of her, orally fucking her into delirium “…delicious.”
Chichi was on the verge of losing all control, her whole body was aquiver from the things his mouth was doing to her and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached her peak. Already she could feel herself returning to the edge of that sweet precipice and her hand clutched desperately at clumps of his hair as his tongue mercilessly pillaged her core, stretching to its limit and creasing her deeper than she’d ever thought possible. This was something Goku had never done for her; no matter how much she pleaded, he had never understood the concept of oral sex and felt even less comfortable with the idea of giving it. Trunks however had always attended to her without needing to be asked, and he was so good at it. She was getting close, it felt as if his tongue was touching her everywhere at once and she couldn’t stop herself from grabbing her breasts through her dress, squeezing and pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.
Trunks could feel her legs crossing over his back and knew that she was almost there. Eager to give her what she craved, he altered tactics and coiled one strong arm around her buttocks before hoisting her up ever so slightly. In this new position, he was afforded greater access to her body and didn’t wait before withdrawing from her channel to lavish attention upon her clit. Only when his tongue touched her bundle of nerves, the housewife lost all control and began writhing uncontrollably, making it difficult for him to maintain contact with her clit as he began attending to the engorged button, licking and nibbling that sweet spot until…
“Ohhh sweet Kami!” She thought she was going to die. At his tongue’s first touch, the feeling of a thousand different explosions went off in her head and a devastating rush of pleasure swept across her nerve system like a great Tsunami that threatened to engulf her entire being. There was no restraint left to her and she began wildly rolling her hips, all but bouncing off the counter until he was forced to place a palm on her waist to hold her down while his tongue seemed to be drawing little patterns across her clit. Oh yes, she was going to die; she was going to burn in the fires of her own pleasure.
Hearing her blissful cries, Trunks couldn’t resist turning his gaze upwards to watch as Chichi toyed with her breasts in a frenzied pit of pleasure; the display sent a very heat down his spine towards his already painfully hard erection. He always enjoyed watching Chichi approach her climax. She looked so beautiful in this state of pure bliss, so dishevelled and uninhibited, so unlike the woman the rest of the world saw. She was only, truly herself when she reached that peak of pleasures, and as much as he’d like to prolong this sweet torture, there was nothing he wanted more than to see her for who she truly was.
With his arm still wrapped around her buttocks to hold her in place as he greedily suckled at her clit, he reached up with his spare hand and lightly traced one finger across her quivering folds. Her eyes flew open at that first feather light touch and she looked down on him with eyes wide in alarm as he slipped the digit into her depths. She groaned before subtly twisting her hips to grant him easier access while he explored her tight channel and continued his oral assault on her bundle of nerves.
“Oh Kami…no…if…if you keep doing that I’ll…I’ll cum!” She gasped, clutching desperately at tufts of his lavender hair and biting her lip in rapture as his tongue brushed over her burning clit clockwise then anti-clockwise before his lips gently began tugging at her bud, working her into a state of sensory overload. He moved his finger in perfect rhythm to his tongue, prodding her walls and curling just enough to scratch her G-Spot. All the while she could feel something terrible rising inside her…
“Oh? What if I do this?” And without further warning, he inserted a second finger. Surprised by the sudden penetration, Chichi could no longer meet his gaze and threw her head back in delight. His fingers were twisting and spreading, swirling and stirring around inside her wet channel, driving her towards her peak.
“Ahhh…Trunks…Don’t stop…feels too good…oh Kami… right there…right there!” A shock of pleasure ran through her and suddenly it was as if her very core was melting. The thunder storm of pleasure crashed into her with all the force of a supernova and her every muscle began to spasm. For what could have been an eternity she wailed and gasped and clung to him until the storm finally passed, when she released her hold on his hair and fell limply back to slouch against the kitchen wall with her half lidded eyes almost rolling into the back of her skull.  
Withdrawing his fingers and licking them and his lips clean, Trunks shrugged her limp legs off his shoulders and rose up to his full height between the drooping limbs. Reaching down he deftly unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers, allowing his painfully hard erection to spring free and stand at the ready before her still trembling folds. Moving forward a step, he positioned himself by her gates before rolling his hips, allowing the weeping head of his cock to drag across her moist entrance. Though only half conscious, the brief contact sent a thrill through Chichi that made her back arch as she released a low pleading moan. Taking the hint, he slipped his hands under her arse and pulled her forward until the tip of his shaft’s bulbous head was poised to penetrate her cavern. “Now where were we?”
Descending slowly from her blissful peak, Chichi met his gaze with a brief look of puzzlement before her expression vanished beneath a mask of exquisite pleasure as he impaled her with the full might of his erect cock. Suddenly lost in the feeling of him filling her, she wrapped her legs around his hips and dug her heels into his flanks as with a low groan he pulled her all the way down onto his shaft.  
“Oh Kami…so big!” She moaned as the delicious pleasure of being completely filled coursed through her every nerve. She fought desperately to control herself, but his very presence inside her was like a booming thunderstorm and she had to grab the edge of the counter with both hands to keep from screaming. All powerful, she could feel his aroused flesh envelope and consume her core, releasing searing bursts of pleasure that shot through her like lightning bolts and culminated in a score of tiny orgasms.
Trunks could feel her walls tightening around him and he quickly lost any thoughts he might have had of going easy on her. Keeping an iron tight hold on her buttocks, he drew back ever so slightly before suddenly surging back into her. That was how he liked to begin and that was how he’d take her, hard and fast as a Saiyan should.
Lost in their passion, the lovers moved together in a wild rhythm that left them both panting with absolute delight. He was like a bull, driving into her depths with force enough to make the Kitchen’s domed walls shudder and each time he eased out, he would plunge back in so that his cock would always go a little deeper. It wasn’t an easy pace to maintain; every time he moved into her, her clit would drag against his abdomen and she’d buck against him. Kami she was so tight, so warm, being inside her was like being submerged in a deep well of pleasure.
“Oh Kami…Yes…yes…fuck me Trunks!” cried Chichi, throwing her head back and arching up off the counter as his rapid strokes drove away every last bit of her sense and sanity. After a life time spent trying to be the perfect wife, an entire existence devoted to putting the needs of her family before her own desires, it was moments like these that she had come to depend upon. It was hard to believe they had only been lovers for a few short weeks, Trunks always seemed to know exactly what she needed and never held anything back. As proficient a lover as he was, Goku had never been himself with her, he had feared hurting her so always held back; Trunks lacked such restraints. He was not unlike a forest fire, an unrestrained all-consuming force of nature that swept across the land devouring everything in its path. So long as he was with her, Chichi knew she would never again be left wanting.
Breathing hard, the Saiyan kept a vice like grip on her succulent rump as he relentlessly pillaged her grasping channel. Drawing out until just the tip of his shift remained within her, he would then plunge back into her warmth with a low grunt of satisfaction. She was perfect, the alabaster skinned embodiment of perfection and there was nothing he wanted more than to remain entwined with her like this for the rest of eternity. Only it wasn’t enough. He craved more from her, and didn’t hesitate before releasing his grip on her backside and letting his hands creep up her thighs.
With a sudden burst of strength, he tore her legs from around his waist and raising them high enough to drape over his shoulders. This new angle allowed for the deepest penetration and he gave himself over to pleasure it granted him, his hips snapping back and forth with all the force of a battering ram, all but slamming her back against the kitchen wall. It must have hurt yet Chichi could only moan in delight as she ground her hips against his, rolling her enchanting buttocks to meet his every thrust. 
Unbeknownst to either of them, this new position caused the material of her dress to strain against her cleavage and the sight of them bouncing as she writhed underneath him was too great a temptation for him to resist. Perfectly rounded, her full breasts jumped enticingly before his eyes and he was careful to keep in rhythm as he bent forward, hungrily taking one of her orbs into his mouth. Repeating the torment from that morning, he rolled her nipple with his tongue through the fabric before seizing the pert bud between his teeth and sucking ravenously.
“Ahhh right there baby…your cock is so deep inside…it feels so good…yes suck my nipples…” The pleasure was so intense, Chichi thought for sure she was going to die if this went on much longer. In the distant recesses of her once keen mind, she could hear a high hiss and near continues bubbling and knew that her stew was boiling over; she didn’t care. Trunks was fucking her so deeply that his every stroke seemed to send shockwaves rippling through her, propelling her towards another climax that was gathering hot and thick within her centre. Already her breathing had nearly stopped as the sheer pleasure of the sensations she was experiencing ripped through her like mini-earthquakes and it was clear it wouldn’t be long before she broke. “…Harder…Oh kami…please…fuck me harder….”
Trunks was already well ahead of her.
With a low grunt of pleasure, he released her breast and withdrew from her depths. Chichi tried to draw him back but before she could grab him, he had effortlessly hoisted her up and turned her over in mid-air. Placing her back down on the counter, bent over with her arse raised, he stepped in and grasped her waist while lining up for penetration. His eyes lingered for a moment on her rump, his lust darkened gaze drinking in the sight of her still perfectly rounded curves and he began to wonder what it would feel like to be inside her arse. Goten had always liked to rant about his mother being a tight arse, it would be fun to find out her tight she really was. However his train of thought was broken when he caught Chichi glancing back at him, her face plainly showing that she was irritated by his delay and he quickly pushed the idea aside for another time. Giving her a reassuring grin, he snapped his hips forward and entered her from behind; the slick heat and exquisite tightness of her sheath drawing a long moan from his throat.
“Aaahhh! Yes! Yesss!” Gasped Chichi, barely managing to brace one palm against the wall before the wash of rapture crashed over her as he accomplished her unspoken request and plunged back into her depths. Tiny slivers of pant began to fall around her, her nails biting deep into the wall as he began to move, his cock sliding from her tight depths only to then be thrust back into her with bruising intensity. Again and again his pelvis was made to slap loudly against her beautifully rounded backside and she could only whimper and moan while her body started to move of its own accord, rocking and grinding against his pelvis to match his intense rhythm.
“Err…so tight…so…tight…” he moaned, almost drowning in the feeling of this woman quivering beneath him as the slick heat of her channel swallowed him whole. There was little tenderness in his motions and his nails dug tiny half-moons into her flesh as he drove ever deeper into her deliciously wet sex and savoured the sensation of fucking Chichi over the counter. He was trying hard to resist the pleasure, yet the end was inevitable and with this new position he quickly felt the culmination of his efforts building deep down at the base of his spine.
Utterly lost in a delicious world of pleasure, Chichi could do little more than moan and beg for more as he continued to take her so very hard and fast. It was just maddening, with each stroke his ravenous cock hit that sweet spot deep inside her channel and sent a storm of fire and ecstasy rushing through her nerves and down her spine; pushing her towards a climax she wasn’t ready for. She didn’t want to cum, not now, not when her body was already so susceptible…
 Almost as if he could read her thoughts, Trunks’s left hand released its grip on her waist and curled around her waist to slip beneath the folds of her skirt. His thick fingers, roughened by his years of training, were upon her clit in a moment. Eyes wide and mouth agape, the house wife let out an ear piercing scream as her entire body was plunged into a state of continuous orgasm, the wall of pleasure crashing into her like a great Tsunami. “No…not again…Oh Kami I’m cumming…I’m cumming again!”
A deep groan was torn from Trunks’s throat as he felt her climax, her gushing walls writhing around him, sucking his shaft even deeper inside her and refusing to relinquish until he squeezed her clit between his thumb and forefinger. Though unable to speak through the pleasure, he could hear her whimper and gasp every time him he manipulated her little bud and the unspoken sounds only worked to spur him on. The exquisite sensations her release passed to him only spurring his climax closer as he thrust into with enough force to make the full checks of her arse ripple beautifully.
Chichi knew she would die if this continued. Her legs were growing weak and the string of ceaseless climaxes made her body feel like it was on fire while the lack of oxygen made her lightheaded. Desperate to cool off, she flung herself against the cool stone of the counter top. Her nipples were hard and rubbed deliciously against the surface yet she was unable to stop herself from clawing at the tiled wall as she fought to meet his every thrust, backing into him and grinding her bottom against his pelvis, forcing his cock ever deeper. It was just too much, but if she was going to die, she could think of no better way than this.
Trunks saw her legs give way before the woman’s sex fogged mind could register her limbs’ failure. With a wild growl he hoisted her up, supporting her weight and continuing to role her clit between his fingers with one hand while using the other to aid her motions. However this proved to be her undoing. 
 “Don’t…It’s too much…Oh Kami…I…I can’t take anymore…” Her cry was desperate and full of need, it sung to Trunks’s inner demons and he could no longer resist. With a loud cry he released his hold on her shaking hips and pulled out, his steely cock exploding with bursts of his creamy essence that splattered across her trembling buttocks.
Gasping great breaths of air as her blissful torture was brought to an end; Chichi felt what was left of her body give way and sprawl out across the counter. Her vision was hazy and her mind blank as she felt the last few stars erupt behind her eyes. It was moments like this that she longed for, when all the troubles of her life had melted away and she was finally content with life. The couple were dead to the world and only when it was too late did they hear the front door opening.
“Hey Mum you’ll never guess what!” Goten announced, his cheerful voice echoing through the house as his footsteps clapped like thunder down the hall before he stepped into the doorway. “Dad’s back and he’s a…Mum…Trunks…WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!”
To be continued…