Sneak Peak – Afternoon Tea by L.M. Mountford

Well it’s been a while since I last posted actually content, so just for your eyes only and as a special thank you to all my fb friends who have been supporting my meagre efforts, here is a sneak peak of my upcoming WIP – Afternoon Tea, planned for release this Christmas (with that in mind i may change a few things to make this more seasonal).




Afternoon Tea

By L.M. Mountford

The sizes were not quite exact. There were flecks of jam dotted here and there. And some of the butter cream had spilled over the edge when they’d been pressed together; but all in all, she doubted she had ever made a finer batch of Viennese Whirls.

“Now that’s what I call a proper tea time treat.” Beaming, Ashley  turned her eyes up from the biscuits to face the bank of webcams on the other side of her kitchen. There were six in-all. Each strategically arranged on a collapsible rigging to provide the best shots of the long island worktop. The cams buzzed with life, their inbuilt motion sensors detecting her motion and refocusing. “And these are great for sharing with friends over a brew, or if you just fancy something to nibble on as you go about the house.”

It was a loosely rehearsed speech she’d been agonising over all morning. A mesh of facts, quips and banter she devised before any show to pick and mix as she saw fit in the moment and, coupled with her delicate beauty, pouting lips and soft emerald eyes framed by honey blond tresses, helped to endear her to her audience.

With a twist of her lips that boarded on devilish, she plucked a biscuit from the plate and like a connoisseur pondering and savouring a fine vintage, exaggerated a long, deep breath. There was very little of the freshly baked aroma. It had been all but spent in the time it had taken her to perform the delicate operation to cream and sandwich the two biscuits together. Fortunately, the treats were still warm and the fruity bouquet of strawberry and blackberry jams wafting round her nostrils was more than enough incentive to have her sighing a low, delectable sound for the cameras. As dad says, what the eyes don’t see the chief gets away with.

Biscuit crumbled as she bit into it, cream coating her tongue. Though the measurements she’d quoted for the camera were the generic quantities, this recipe was one of her own. And it was very nice, but there was too much butter. Nearly there, she observed while chewing, maybe swap 20gs of butter for sugar, with perhaps two teaspoons of cinnamon to compliment the buttercream.  There was still plenty of time. Her new book’s deadline wasn’t until the beginning of May, that still gave her two months to work out all the little kinks.

She swallowed, plush pink tongue darting out to collect any lingering traces of the buttercream. “Like most cakes these are best eaten on the day you make them but will last for two or three more if properly stored.” As she spoke, she placed the half-eaten biscuit onto a piece of folded kitchen paper, then reached underneath to trigger the remote control hidden underneath, activating the cam’s shutoff timer.

30, 29,28… Mentally mirroring the countdown, she continued, carefully picking up the plate of Viennese whirls and holding it up for the cameras to focus on. She pulled a broad smile, praying there weren’t crumbs in her teeth “Make that special person in your life a few of these and they’ll be putty in your hands.” 17,16,15… “But I’m afraid that’s all for today my lovelies.”11,10,9… “Thanks for tuning in and until next week, I’m Ashley  Hart and this is-” The signoff died on her lips, her smile dropping. “What? No!”

It didn’t make sense. She stared at the camera rigging, not entirely sure what she was seeing. Then it clicked, and she only wanted to scream. She wanted to scream and cry and ball her fists and hit something like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, and it was all she could do to place the plate of bisects back onto the island, be it not as delicately as the crookery warranted. It wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t anything go the way she wanted, instead of all just crashing down around her head?

A second. Damnit, that was all she’d needed, one second. Just one more damn itsy-bitzy teeny-weeny second. Instead, the cams had cut out a full five second’s too early, effectively cutting her off mid exit.

 “For Fuck sake!” she cursed, slapping her hands down on the counter hard enough to send stinging barbs zipping through her palms. Angry tears burned the corners of her eyes. This was why she hated prerecording shows. An entire morning’s work, ruined.

She most of accidentally changed back to the factory setting while redirecting the feed without realising.

On any other day, the cams would have live streamed a hi-definition visual and audio feed directly to her website. Today however she had redirected the footage to her laptop for storage. It gave her a peace of mind to know she had an emergency show on hand, an insurance policy against one of life’s unforeseen, and unavoidable, eventualities rearing its ugly head and throwing a spanner in her works. She’d been meaning to do one for a while and, after that debacle this morning, it had been all she could think to do. After all, things couldn’t exactly get any worse.

And it had all started so perfectly…


Humming the jaunty tune of Game of Throne’s The Bear and the Maiden Fair, Ashley  could barely contain her self-congratulatory grin as she rolled the sizzling sausages over the lip of the frying pan onto an almost bursting plate of bacon and eggs. Mmm…Garrick’s going to love these.

So far, everything was going to plan. She’d woken up an hour early, quickly turned off the alarm clock so it wouldn’t wake her sleeping husband, then gone around the house unplugging all the phones for good measure. After a quick shower that was sure to be a personal record breaker and dressed in nothing but her fluffy pink dressing gown, her hair tightly wrapped in a towel, she’d slipped downstairs and into the kitchen to prepare her man’s favourite breakfast in bed.

This, however, was just the first of the surprises she had prepared for him today and the thought of what awaited made it impossible to restrain her grin.

Steam billowed up with an angry hiss as she dunked the pan into the sink but Ashley  was already pouring two glasses of orange juice, anticipation coiling around her belly. So much was riding on today, and it had been so long since they’d had breakfast together, she felt like a girl on Christmas morning just counting down the minutes until she can open her presents.

Placing the glasses on either side of the plate, she carefully picked up the serving tray and carried it round the island, out the kitchen, through the hall and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs and the first on the rght, their bedroom door was just as she’d left it, closed but not entirely shut. Somehow managing to balance the tray with one hand, she gave the door just enough of a push to open a gap wide enough to slip through then nudged it closed behind her with a nudge of her heel.

Garrick was still asleep. Stretched languorously across the bed, lying on his front with his legs on his side and his face half buried in his wife’s pillows with inky strands of sleep tousled hair fanned out across relaxed, classily handsome features, he resembled a great lion stretched across a rock. A powerful beast wrapped in human skin, lord of all he surveyed and sheer force of nature, now at deceptive peace, sleeping off a long night’s hunting.

Well aware he slept naked, hot tingling feelings shot out from her core as she placed the breakfast down on their chest of draws, her eyes roaming over the great heap in the comforter that was all that barred him from her voyeur delights, her mind swimming with thoughts of just how she might wake him. Her mouth began to water when she paused over the curve his butt and couldn’t help picturing his thick veiny cock pressed between him and the mattress, swollen and engorged, the head glistening with precum just begging to be licked. Garrick was by nature a heavy sleeper and after his long spell of late nights, she might have to pay him special lip service.

He must have gotten back very late last night. Usually she would wait up for him whenever he was running late, but since all the trouble with Natural Beauty began, Garrick had been forced to stay on later and later. After a week of these, her husband had finally told her to just go to bed if he wasn’t home by ten.  It was with great reluctance that she’d agreed, but only after she’d fallen asleep on the sofa while waiting for him two days in a row and been too groggy to perform her show the next day, and she never went to bed without leaving his dinner out and ready to go in the oven beside a loving note and explicit instructions on how to cook it. Alpha male or not, no one fucked with her kitchen.

“Morning sleepy head.” Careful to keep her voice soft to avoid waking him too suddenly, she bent down to place a soft kiss on his brow. “Rise and shi-ahhh!”

In the time it took for one sleep-hazed emerald eye to flicker open, a long chiselled arm snapped out from under the covers to hook her waist and drag her in. The world spun. Softness rushed up to meet her back. Then Garrick was on her, caging her, his lips smothering her surprised squeak.

There was nothing slow in the kiss. Nothing sluggish or tentative. Garrick kissed her hard. His lips firm and unyielding against hers, urging hers open. Then his tongue was inside, drinking her in with deep sweeping licks that were just the right blend of playful and dominating to have every nerve in her body tingling, and it was all Ashley could do not to melt beneath him.

No, this wasn’t how this was supposed to go. Somewhere on the fringes of her increasingly foggy consciousness, A small part of her wanted to push him away and desperately willed her arms to do something, anything other than wrap around him. It wasn’t fair. He needed to suffer for all he’d put her through. She needed to resist, to push him off, quickly, before…

A throaty purr mewed from her throat when Garrick found her tongue, first flicking the tip then sliding over and under, mimicking the lick that never failed to make her cum.

No man should be allowed to kiss like this. How was she supposed to resist him when one kiss could turn her knees to jelly?

God damn him, this wasn’t a kiss. It was seduction. Sheer toe curling seduction; and Ashley couldn’t stop herself from giving in, her eyes growing heavy as her core throbbed with each sweep of his tongue. All protests were forgotten in the haze fogging her thoughts, her world dissolving around the hard, gloriously male body caging her to the bed.  Then there was only the now, the moment, them together at last. Suddenly Ashley couldn’t remember why she’d wanted to stop. She only wanted her husband

Her surrender came out in a breathy moan. Shoving one hand through his cropped hair while the other grabbed his arse, she kissed him back, matching each stroke of his tongue with one of her own like dancers falling into step, slipping into a familiar rhythm that seemed to invoke a storm of pure sexual energy inside her. It wasn’t enough. Nowhere near enough.

She was drowning in him, in the very best of ways. His flavour, the scent of his skin and the warmth of his presence, it enveloped her, cocooned her, flooding her every sense until even his very proximity was an aphrodisiac.

Needing him closer, her spine curled and she clung to Garrick with a desperate passion, crushing herself to him and refusing to let go.  Heat licked along her abdomen and up her belly, making her breasts feel heavy and sensitive, her already firm nipples tightening to stiff peaks that ached for attention as they dragged over his skin through the silk. The tease of friction served only to wet her appetite, making the pulsing between her thighs grow so prominent she couldn’t help wriggling beneath him in a desperate search for…. oh god!


Between Life and Death there is…

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans and I am not making any profit from this work of fiction.
Between Life and Death there is…
‘If love can’t live there, evil will do just as well.’ – Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’
Covered by a thick sheet of darkness, the once bustling streets of Jump City were deathly quiet as a heavy sheet of rain fell from the heavens. Only one dared to tempt the terrestrial weather…
A teenage girl with fiery red hair and an attire that consisted entirely of tight fitting leathers strolled down the high street, a merry tune playing from her glossy red lips as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Behind her, two heavy sacks floated in a bright pink aura; their contents safely contained within the energy and away from the damaging effect of the down pour.
“I do so love the rain.” She whispered. Her voice was merry and cheerful despite the ill weather; as if she had not a care in the world. “There truly is nothing better after a robbery than a stroll in the ra…” However, her joyful idiom suddenly died as an explosion of sonic energy hit the ground, not half a metre away from where she was about to tread, and the smile quickly fled from her lips as she turned to see the Teen Titans standing across from her.
“The Showers over Villain.” Growled Robin, his eyes narrowing as he set his sights firmly on the leather clad thief. “Much like your reign of crime.”
“Now Girl, if you come along quietly then there’s no need for anyone to get hurt.” Cyborg added, the mouth of his sonic cannon still smoking as he angled the weapon towards the girl; as if preparing to take another shot.
“Oh don’t worry yourself about me steely Dan, I like it rough.” She promised, her full lips curving up into a wide smirk as she slowly allowed the two sacks to lower to the ground before she brought her arms up into a defensive stance. “And my name’s X, Mistress X.”
“Well ‘X’,” Robin began, his hands reaching beneath his cape to where he kept the collected form of his staff. “If you want a fight, then the Teen Titans will take you down. Titans Go!” At their leader’s word of command, the group lunged forward but despite their overwhelming advantage, the smirk never faded from Mistress X’s lips.
“Well it’s a good job I like going down then.” She whispered, her bubble gum pink eyes suddenly beginning to glow a vibrant shade. “After all, a good girl really needs to know how to blow…”  Her words sparking a strong gust of wind to suddenly spring up, tussling the girl’s fiery locks before one wave of her leather clad hand directed the gale towards the attacking Titans.
Having taken to the sky, Starfire and Raven were the first to encounter the hail of rain and wind. Its freezing grip coiling around them like a great serpent before throwing them from side to side in a whirl of action that totally disorientated the girls as they were swept away before being hurled to the ground.
“Starfire!” Robin called, stopping his attack as he watched his secret love falling to the ground but before he could go to her; the gust caught up to Cyborg and Beast boy; knocking even the mighty robotic off his feet as it swept them up like a children’s’ toys. Unfortunately, morphing into an elephant couldn’t save Beast boy as his elephantine form was quickly lifted from the ground and sent soaring back, catching the team’s ill placed leader in the chest. Luckily for Robin, the green metamorph was able to return to his original form before they hit a shop wall but the blow still knocked the stuffing out of him. For someone so scrawny, Beast boy sure weighed a fair sum.
Watching the group of teenage superheroes sprawl across the ground, Mistress X couldn’t contain herself as she suddenly burst out with laughter. She’d heard the Teen Titans were tough but they’d been knocked down before she could even begin to warm up; this was going to be so easy it almost disappointed her.
“Damn…” Groaned Cyborg, rubbing his bald head with the robotic arm as he slowly rose up. “That girl sure knows how to give a blow-job.”
Groaning in agreement, Robin managed to push the dazed Beast boy off before getting to his knees and hurriedly crawling over to where he had seen the girls fall. Yet while Raven seemed to be none the worse for wears as she tried to stand, Starfire must have hit her head as she fell because she lay across the wet ground, unconscious. Quickly undoing the bonds which tied his cape to his body, he rolled the fabric up and placed it beneath the alien princess’s head. Unfortunately, Robin was too busy tending to Starfire to notice that an enraged Beast boy was gathering his wits.
“Oh that’s it! I’ve had it with bad guys always throwing me around.” The metamorph growled, his green eyes narrowing at the sight of X. “This trollop is mine…”
“Beast Boy, wait!” Cyborg yelled, spotting his comrades intentions even as he fought to stand. Alas, it was too late, so enraged that he couldn’t even hear the biotic behemoth’s words; Beast Boy turned to his Gorilla form and charged the leather clad seductress. His heavy fists shaking the ground with every swing as he crossed the void between him and her with incredible speed, intent on not giving her another chance to blow him away. Yet, despite the enraged prime-ape rushing towards, X didn’t move nor blink, the confident smile gracing her lips until the very end.
Inwardly grinning as he saw she was making no move to defend her, Beast Boy drew himself back; coming to a sudden halt as he reared back onto his hind legs and stood upright with his powerful arms raised. With a mighty roar flowing from his parted jaws, the Gorilla threw all his strength into one attack; swinging his closed fists down. But at the last moment, when his hit seemed most certain; a calculating look suddenly masked the Villain’s face as she swung her leg forward.
In an instant, Beast Boy’s body reverted back to its normal form. His eyes bulging, he tried to scream but found he was in too much pain to utter words and the best he could do was utter a few strangled gasps as feebly clutching his throbbing  genitalia; the green metamorph feel to ground unconscious.
“Boys…” X commented, he red lips turning to a sly smirk as she kicked the downed Titan’s side. “No matter what the species, they always follow their cocks.”
Watching their team mates defeat, an angered hush fellow over the remaining Titan’s. Not even Slade had ever resorted to something as wicked as a crotch shot and the thought of a villain with such tactics sent a cold wash through Cyborg and Robin. However being female, Raven wasn’t bound by such primal fears and although she still felt lingering moments of resentment towards the Green shape shifter; the sight of her friend’s undignified defeat made her blood boil. Beast Boy may be a fool most of the time but he certainly didn’t deserve that…
Pools of dark energy suddenly encased the half- demons hands, her emotions running riot as she considered the metamorph’s beating until she could no longer contain the raw emotion and took flight. She wanted to teach this bitch a lesson, she wanted to show her what happens to those who mess with the Titans.
Spying her next challenger, X quickly used her own powers to take flight; raising her body until she was level with the attacking demon girl. Glazed by a sheet of pink energy, the vileness’s eyes followed Raven across the sky as a ball of energy collected in her palm. With the titan on a collision course, there was little point in aiming and she released the blast moments before the enraged Raven was due to hit her. However, much to X’s surprise; Raven’s anger had fuelled her power and she merely swatted the blast aside as she continued on her course.
Although she was far from the strongest member of the team, at that moment, Raven really couldn’t have given a damn about such distinctions as she slammed straight into the leather sporting villain. Their entwined bodies cutting a blazing path through the torrential downpour before slamming into the brick wall of an office building; sending a volley of shattered bricks flying into the night as the girl’s abandoned all thoughts of their powers.
Embedding the butt of her left wrist beneath X’s chin, the Titan drew back her right fist and began punching the villain in the face; not stopping her attack until the seductress’s knee slammed into her stomach. Biting back a shout of pain, Raven quickly gave up her attack and backed away before X had another chance to strike. Bubble-gum Pink met amethyst purple as catching their breath, the girls looked gazes in a violent glare; their encased bodies throbbed from the impact but neither cared as they prepared for the next bout.
X was the first to recover and with a burst of pink energy, she exploded from the brick work sarcophagus; a deafening war cry billowing from her painted lips as she charged the floating demon princess with both of her fists drawn back. However, Raven was right behind her and managed to dodge the attack before sending a round house kick into the villain’s back; knocking her off balance the power she’d poured into the strike made her plummet to the road below. Grinning ever so slightly as she watched the leather clad red-head slam into the tarmacked road with a resounding thud, Raven couldn’t help being thankful she had let Starfire and Robin talk her into taking a few one-on-one sparing sessions; they’d certainly proved to be an asset after-all.
“Do you think Raven beat her?” Cyborg quietly asked Robin, a worried look playing across his partially mechanical face as they watched the part demon slowly descend to the ground.  Having both witnessed the full extent of Raven’s power at one time or another, they had wisely decided to stay out of her way while she and X fought, neither willing to risk getting in the way of one of her power blasts. However now that she seemed to of calmed down, the urge to help their team-mate was quickly getting the better of them.
“Hard to say; though it defiantly seems like she’s down for the count. Raven’s got a mean kick and her powers give her one hell of a…” Robin’s speech suddenly died however when he caught sight of movement. Evidently, Raven’s mean kick hadn’t been enough and X quickly scrambled to her feet in time for Raven’s prompt landing.
“All right…” X whispered slowly, looking up at Raven through the damp curtain of her red locks whilst her left hand slowly reached behind her “time to bring out the big guns.” However, snorting at the Dominatrix’s remark, Raven levitated herself off the ground and flew towards the redhead; her right fist outstretched as she prepared to strike. Yet like she had with Beast Boy, the villain refused to move and a wide grin quickly returned to her bloody lips.
In a flash of movement, she side stepped the demon princess’s blow before drawing a concealed pair of handcuffs from her within her leathers and slotting one of the bracelets onto Raven’s outstretched wrist. Trapped in her flow of motion, she could not recoil and X had only to give a firm tug for her to be thrown off balance.
“What the…” She gasped, almost missing the sound of the other bracelet locking around her wrist as X dragged her arms around her back. Heart racing, Raven desperately tried to break the bonds but found that she lacked the strength or concentration to snap the linking as the vicious edge of the bracelets dug into her wrist. “Let me go you fucking whor…” However, her furious order died into nothing but a series of indistinguishable murmurs as the dominatrix leaned forward and captured the Demonic princess’s lips in a searing kiss; a studded tongue pushing past her defences and down her throat before she could so much as make a gesture of protest.
Continuing her siege of the titan’s orifice, X wrapped her arms around Raven waist and let her hands descend down to the latex covered orbs of the demon’s arse before leisurely kneading the firm flesh; drawing a reluctant moan from the girl even as she struggled against her advances. Her resistance soon began to fade however, replaced quickly by a flow of quiet groans which made the villain giggle as she continued her play.
After a few moments though, the need for air forced her to reluctantly abandon the demon princess’s lips and she pulled away.
“Mmmm…You’re delicious.” X purred, her heavy breathing tickling Raven’s check as she leaned forward to lick the burning skin. “Maybe you should consider joining me, imagine all the fun we could have.”
“I’d rather die.” Raven spat, a hint of red lighting her eyes as her teeth began lengthening to the size of fangs. “Azarath, METRION, ZINTHOOOOHHHH…” The incantation turned into a moan seconds before Raven could complete the spell, its power evaporating into the rain as her head rolled back. X’s hand was now on her breast, her leather clad fingers teasing the buds of the princess’s nipples through the wet latex until they could practically cut glass and she was fighting for breath.
“I’d advise you to reconsider.” the villain whispered, a pink glow encasing her hand as she began to feed a volatile cocktail of heat and pleasure against the Titan’s breast. “Why throw your life away when you could have so much fun with me?”
“I…I…” Gasping at the fiery haired villain’s touch, Raven could barely muster the will to speak. Her mind was quickly receding into itself as the pleasure destroyed all the elements of her control. “I’LL NEVER JOIN YOU!
Negotiations were concluded and A high pitched cry suddenly echoed from Raven’s lips, her violate eyes widening as she felt X’s other hand rub against her covered core; the incendiary heat of her touch burning along every one of the Princess’s nerves.  Her body was climaxing in seconds and by the time Cyborg’s sonic blast collided with X; Raven’s mind had long since receded into the back of her subconscious.
With his fellow Titan acting as artillery, Robin was able to swoop in and catch Raven before her unconscious body hit the ground and cradling her to him; he swiftly removed her from the fight before testing her responses. His knowledge of first aid was only basic but it almost looked like Raven had slipped into shock yet her body was quivering and it lead him to believe X had placed her under a spell. One which would probably lift the moment she went down.
“Robin!” Cyborg suddenly yelled; interrupting the Boy Wonder’s train of thought and drawing his attention back to where the robotic behemoth stood. “How’s Raven?”
Unsure of how to answer his comrade, Robin gently shock his head, indicating towards a negative response as he placed her down gently. It was becoming painfully clear that a new approach would be needed; this villain was obviously far too powerful to take on one at a time. However, Cyborg had a different theory in mind and before Robin could give an order, the furious cybernetic released a terrifying cry that would have made even Mammoth shake with fear before unleashing a bout of blows from his sonic cannon.
“Cyborg…No!” Robin cried, but his voice couldn’t carry over the sounds of the attack and he was forced to watch on helplessly as in a show of incredible flexibility, X avoided every blast sent her way. Unaware that his attack was failing, Cyborg continued furiously blasting away until the reserve power-coupling he used to fuel the cannon was near dead and smirking as he saw the target area become consumed by smoke; he slowly lowered his weapon. The area was hot but his Infra-red scanners couldn’t pick up any signs of life…
A coy giggle suddenly sounded from amidst the smoke, warning him of his failure moments before the girl’s silhouette appeared through the smoke.
“It’s not possible.” Spluttered Cyborg, his instruments utterly incapable of explaining how the villain could have made it through that barrage unscathed; every one calculated she should have been blasted to ribbons and yet there she was, standing there as if nothing had happened. “Man I gave her all I had. How can she still be standing?” However, the answer never came and X exploded from the smoke screen before his power-coupling could recharge.
Risking a glance towards Robin, Cyborg saw that the Boy Wonder had broken into a run towards him; but there were many strides dividing them and he quickly calculated the chances of him making it in time were slim to nil. And as if to prove his point, he had just enough time to glimpse X’s leather covered fist come rocketing towards his face as he turned back to watch the villain’s approach.
Rearing back, the heavy Titan tried to dodge the attack but she was too fast and the villain’s clenched fist bounced off the armoured side of his face. Although nowhere near strong enough to dent the reinforced metal, the blow momentarily disrupted his sensors and left him unable to focus as with a burst of strength; the girl began a divesting barrage of kicks and punches. Blind to X’s movements, Cyborg could only muster grunts of pain as he was forced back step by step until finally a round-house kick to his lesser defender Solar Plexus knocked him painfully to the ground.
Fortunately, the momentary respite was all it took for his visual sensors to repair themselves and before long he found himself blinking through a murky haze has his vision returned to normal. But the sight which awaited him was far from welcoming.
X stood over him, a triumphant look on her face as she withdrew a small USB Memory Stick from within her leathers.
Quickly realising what she had planned for him, the Titan’s face became frozen in a look of horror as he tried to escape, but his drained power cells were barely able to feed his movements and he ended up merely scratching deep groves into the concrete. Giggling at his futile attempt to escape, the seductress waited a moment before pressing her boot against the Cybernetics’s side and forcing him to roll on his front; exposing his control panel to her mischievous eyes. Ignoring Cyborg’s protests, she got down onto one knee and pushed the cartridge into the port before backing off just as Robin hurled one of his birdyrangs at her.
Swiftly pulling the Memory stick free, the Boy Wonder grabbed his comrade’s shoulder and rolled him back around; but no signs of life were visible upon the giants face. His heavy arms now hung completely limp by his side and his one human eye stared blankly up at the rainy sky above them; however, he did note that the normal bright red glow of his metallic eye had retreated to form a vibrant pink X.
“You Bitch…” Robin spat, venom lacing his voice as he turned his attention back to the smirking Villain who appeared to now be holding an item which looked suspiciously like a riding crop. “What did you do to him and how is it you know all our weaknesses?”
“Oh you’d be amazed at what you can find online these days birdie boy.” She cooed while playfully giving him a wink and slapping the tip of her crop against her palm. “A group of this city’s criminals have been putting together a little data sheet on you five over the past few years and recently posted it on the net for all use aspiring villains to see. Being the naughty girl that I am, I made sure to revise all those little details just in-case I happened to run into you. As for your battery operated friend there, I merely infected him with a couple of my custom designed viruses. They’re powerful enough to put sixteen supercomputers to ruin so I doubt he’ll be getting up any-time soon.”
“Then the only way to save my friends is to stop you?” Robin asked, his voice becoming as emotionless as stone whilst he retrieved his staff.
“Correct.” She stated, the sparkle in her eyes quickly flourishing at the thought of fighting the group’s leader. ‘This should be fun.’
“So be it.”
Robin charged forward, hoping to finish this quick he let the weapon extend to its fullest before swinging it around, only to have X expertly parry the blow like it were nothing. Spinning around, he tried to deliver another blow but yet again she countered him with a skill that belied her young age. Realising that this would be harder than he thought, he double back and retracted the stick till it was a more modest size and then attacked once more. However, this time the Villain launched her own attack and their weapons met mid-way. Sparks flew as steel locked against steel and Robin quickly realised that what he had first taken to be a ridding crop was actually a well-disguised rapier. The stakes of their fight had been raised.
Breaking the interlocked blades’ connection, X launched a savage attack that forced the titan back as he strained to bloke every stroke she dealt. She was without a doubt the better swordsman and her speed certainly gave her an additional edge, but he was the stronger fighter and that gave him a savage trump card.
Surging forward with his own assault, Robin tried to knock the weapon from her grasp but the shaft bounced off its cupped hilt and he was forced to double back before she had a chance to spear him with the thin blade. However, seeing an opening in his defence, X propelled herself forward with an explosive burst of pink energy and slammed the thinly woven steal of her guard into the Boy Wonders head; knocking the staff from his hands and throwing him to the rain soaked ground.
Blood freely poured into his eyes as he tried to blink past the dizziness that had sunk in. His head was spinning from the blow he had been dealt and for a moment it was hard for him to place what had happened. All he knew was that for some reason he was lying on the storm drenched tarmac of Jump City high street. Suddenly, a tall figure appeared standing over him and his heart leapt as he realised it was Starfire. A small smile framing his lips as h watched her gorgeous body slip down onto one knee, the space between them quickly evaporating as she leant forward and tentatively placed her full lips onto his….
X couldn’t help but grin inwardly as she felt the Boy Wonder respond to her invitation, her little mind trick was working perfectly. In his weakened state, she was able persuade his mind of just about anything and if he believed she was that alien whore, she knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t let her do.
Straddling his waist, her slender hands were buried in the damp fabric of his uniform as she hungrily forced his thin lips apart and drank from his orifice. At her intrusion, Robin’s hands came up to grip her hips; a gasp wrenched from her throat as he began kneading the cheeks of her arse through the leathers while pulling her enticing form closer to his body. With his mind trapped in limbo, his body was free to do everything it had had ever wished to do to a certain Tamaranean Princess.
Sensing the shift in his attitude, X began moving her hands down along the hard ridges of the titan’s torso; mentally savouring every groan and hiss she could draw from the hero as she let her palms work their magic. By the time she drew near the lining of his utility belt, a prominent bulge was pressing against her thigh.
“Oohhh look at what I have found.” She whispered, drawing away from his lips as her hands slowly began petting the youth’s arousal through the spandex of his tights. “Looks like little Robin wants to come out a play with Mistress.”
“Oh…Starfire.” Robin moaned, blind to the actual perpetrator of his pleasure as in his mind, he watched the alien beauty he desired so much, massaging the aching flesh of his arousal with an impossible amount of skill. Every touch of soft fingers seemed to set his nerves ablaze and he could feel the pressure of release quickly building down at the base of his spine. “You’re so….So good”
Hearing his words, a high giggle passed the girl’s lips and she double her effort; focusing all her powers on the task as she slowly traced the phallus through the dampening cloth. From weeping tip to firm base, she left not a piece of flesh untouched.
“Hmmmm…I’m so glad you like it baby, because once you cum, your mind will dim and you’ll be all mine.” She whispered before leaning down and slowly closing her lips around the bulge, making Robin gasp and wildly begin buck his hips into her orifice. His body was on the verge and in a moment, when he fell of that peak; his mind would become forever trapped in the dark depths that sloshed against its bottom. And then he would be her prisoner. “You’ll be my little dog. A slave bound to do my bidding for the rest of eternity, and there is not a thing your friends can do to save you my precious. By day you shall rob everything I point to, and at night…”
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Although lost in unconsciousness, Starfire was having the sweatiest dream. She and Robin were once more at the fair and he had taken her into the passage way of reflective windows but they had gotten lost within the many passage ways.  For hours they had been strolling through the darkened corridors, gleefully admiring their many different reflections without a care in the world. But all good things eventually come to an end and no sooner had Robin begun pulling her closer did her fair of wonders begin melting away.
Although waking slowly, the Alien princess’s eyes opened wide the moment she felt the cold touch of rain against her dampened skin and she was forced to watch the word sway like the swells of her home-world’s Groglactian Sea. Pain stabbed through her body every time she tried to move so she was forced to lie  on the wet gravel, blessedly something soft had been placed beneath her head, providing her with a modest amount of comfort as a vaguely
Familiar sent wafted past her nostrils.
Eventually feeling returned to her body but as her head still ached, she gave it another minute before sitting up, best not to rush things until the pain in her head faded. Unfortunately, her memory had gone with her ability to move and for a long while she could remember nothing besides her dream.
“Robin…” She whispered, visualising the rare smile that she had seen playing across the teen’s face and suddenly she remembered where she had inhaled that aroma before. It was Robin’s sent. Heart racing, she shot up and looked down, hoping against hope to find Robin lying beside her. Alas she was disappointed to find only his cape rolled up; oh how she longed to find herself waking from sweet dreams to find they had been true and she was greeted by the sight of her glorious friend lying with her.
Suddenly, as if conjured by the thoughts of the Boy Wonder, she remembered it all, the bank robbery, the new villain, being struck to the ground by a strange wind. Her stomach wrenched with fear and looking around, she sadly saw all but one of her team mates was collapsed nearby. But immediately noticing Robin was not among the fallen, she felt herself breathe a sigh of relief, Robin would undoubtedly still be fighting that witch; nothing would stop him from delivering justice upon the wicked criminals.
Hurriedly getting to her feet, Starfire was about to take flight when she suddenly heard someone speaking, realising the voice resented from behind her, she turned towards it without a second thought. But there, not 5 metres away, she saw something that made her heart die.
The criminal who called herself X was lying atop Robin and their lips were joined in a fashion her people considered only suitable for those who had joined themselves to each other in body and soul. At first she hopped that perhaps it was another side effect of her losing consciousness but then to her horror, she witnessed her love begin reciprocating to the lovers embrace. Every second she watched of the couple’s entanglement made her die a little inside; until all the joy had faded from her being, leaving a sour emotion in its way which quickly took control.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
“You Garbankualart!” Starfire suddenly roared, interrupting X in mid speech, unknowingly saving Robin who had been on the brink of release. Angered at having momentarily lost her slave, the dominatrix turned to where the alien stood, seeing to her surprise that the Tamaranean’s green glow had somehow turned deep purple. Yet if the discovery had proven to do anything besides shock her, she didn’t let it show.
“Well…well…well.” She began, trying to take the phenomenon in her stride but failing to hide the shaking in her voice. For the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt a twinge of fear coiling around her spine. “Look who has finally woken up. I had hoped to deal with you once Robin had been fully broken but I guess I’ll have to save that for later.”
Starfire never flinched, the glow of her purple energy flickering brightly in the low light as she starred down at X with murder in her eyes. “If you wish not to be destroyed, you shall step away from friend Robin and surrender yourself to me now.” She warned, a purple ball of energy forming around both of her enclosed fists.
“Big words Starslut, let’s see if you can back them up.” An explosion of pink energy suddenly lit up the stormy night sky and X charged towards Starfire with all the force of a speeding asteroid. She was hoping surprise would give her enough of an edge to be able to overcome the Alien’s superior strength but a cry from the titan put an end to the villain’s     aspirations when she was hit by a Starblast so powerful it sent her flying back into an adjacent wall.
The purple beam consumed X’s body in a heartbeat and she was unconscious long before she could have gathered enough breath to scream. With her consciousness went the effects of her magic and as the blast began to die like the rain overhead, the titan’s slowly began to rouse; all except Beast boy of course, who had yet to recover from the physical agony.
“Ummm….Where’d the girls go?” Cyborg asked, disappointment and confusion evident in his voice as X’s virus filtered out of his hardware. Evidently, the infectious program had not entirely disagreed with the Titan.
“Oh…that bitch,” Raven replied, rubbing her head as if to banish the embarrassing memories of her so called fight from her head. “I don’t like being touched.”
Robin was the only one among them not counting his wounds. Content that he’d live to die another day, he let his dart between X’s unconscious body, to Starfire, whose eyes had returned back to their normal olive green,  and then back to X; not entirely sure he was seeing what he thought he was. Sure Star’s blasts had certainly grown more powerful since she’d evolved into a mature Cironeilian but he doubted her powers alone could beat an adversary as strong as X when said foe happened too know all their strengths and weaknesses. There had to be something more to this than what he could see. But before he had a chance to quiz the Alien princess, she suddenly took to flight.
“Hey wait. Starfire!” He called, hoping his voice could reach her before she got out of earshot. Yet it was too late, she had already gone and he was left to watch her soar towards the tower.
“Hey man let her go.” Cyborg suddenly called, drawing the Boy Wonders attention back to his team-mates, who at last had managed to collect themselves and seemed to be ready to leave the high street. “Girls sometimes like some time to themselves, she’ll be fine. Star’s more than tough enough to take care of herself.”
Reluctantly, Robin gave a nodded in agreement and began following them back to the Tower, but not before turning and giving one last long glance to where he had last seen his love flying. He didn’t need superpowers to know when something was bothering someone and something was defiantly bothering Starfire. Flying off alone into the night without a word spoken, that was normal for Raven perhaps, but defiantly not like his Starfire.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Robin’s suspicions proved to be well founded as none of the team heard anything more of Starfire for the rest of the day, or the remainder of the week for that matter. Although the tower’s security log had recorded Starfire’s return shortly before that of the others, she seem to of locked her chambers from within and refused to come out, no matter what they tried…
Pressing his ear against the lock of the blast door, Robin desperately tried to pick the barrier’s lock; every once and awhile cursing that he knew he should of memorised the locking codes. It had now been a week since they’d taken down X and he had long since grown tired of subtle tactics, he wanted to know what was wrong with Starfire and he wanted to know now.
A loud crack suddenly echoed through the night, signalling that another pick had broken and losing his temper, the Titan withdrew the broken metal and hurled it at the floor. He’d been at this for well over an hour now and to say the least, the continued melody of breaking picks was starting to irritate him.
Waiting a moment before continuing, he tried to catch his breath and reached down to his belt in search for more picks. There was only one left. Cursing again, he carefully inserted the tool into the lock; his fingers moving with skilled precision as tried to work the lock open.
Eyes widening, he slowly withdrew the pick and saw to his amazement that the tool was still intact.
‘It’s open.’ he realised, a small smile appearing across his lips as he slipped the metal back into its pouch before retrieving the small torch he’d brought from his chambers. Pushing the steel barrier open, he turned the torch on and shone its beam into the darkness. In contrast to the metallic, futuristic ambience of most of the rest of the tower’s rooms, including his own, Starfire’s chambers was a mirror representation of its owner, entirely modest but still warm and comforting. Never before had he dared to break into the Alien princess’s bedchamber and although urgency tug at his heart, Robin couldn’t resist taking a moment to survey the room, telling himself that it were to seek out any concealed hideaways where an attacker may lay in wait. A rich carpet, made from the luxurious pink fur of some strange alien creature dominated the chambers metal floor, hiding all but a few small spaces from his view. Wood furniture lined the walls and each was littered with various trinkets, their strange designs confusing him to their actual purpose.
His light swept across the smooth wood of the princess’s vanity table, illuminating the metal of an elegant jewellery box and reflecting off the material of Starfire’s wrist and neck guards; exposing to him the presence of many combs, hairpins   and perfume bottles. Everything appeared normal but for some reason, he had the nagging suspicion that something wasn’t right, that something obvious was missing; besides Starfire of course.
Suddenly, Robin felt something hard against his foot and dropping the lights glow to it, he found what he had been looking for. It was a rune decorated picture frame, one he’d bought Starfire some months ago because he’d seen her admiring it once in a store window. Without thinking, he bent to retrieve it but as he turned it over to expose the picture within, he had to fight the impulse to drop it again. The picture had been removed and the protective glass supposed to cover it had been smashed. But before he could figure out what to make of this discovery, a faint groan suddenly reached his ears and spinning round, a saw a canopied four-poster bed that had somehow escaped his noticing.
Hesitating for just a moment, he quickly strode forward, grabbed the drawn curtains and pulled them apart; exposing a sight which made his face pale instantly as he stepped back in fright.
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Outside the medical station of the tower, Robin was pacing back and forth. His heart and mind both racing as he waited impatiently the locked doors to open, his eyes darting back to them every other minute. Although he knew Raven was her best and would undoubtedly fare much better without distraction, he couldn’t help but wish he was in there also, just so he could know Starfire was all right.
It had been two hours since he’d found Starfire lying unconscious in her room and he’d been in such a frightful state that he was sure she would have perished right then and there. But miraculously, she had managed to linger on until he and Raven had managed to get her up to the health centre and now it was purely a matter of waiting. Of course, Cyborg and Beast Boy had been unwilling to leave him alone but their idea of reassuring him had been to repeatedly tell him to sit down before he wears the floor trough and falls to the floor below.
“Man, Robin will just sit down!” Cyborg called, obviously more agitated by Robin’s frantic pacing than the ill condition of their friend. Throughout the ordeal, the metallic giant had managed to keep his cool composure but now the stress finally seemed to be getting to him. “Re-texturing the floor with your feet isn’t going to help Star.”
Reluctantly placing himself back in the once comfortable chair, the Boy Wonder soon felt Beast Boy’s hand clapping him on the shoulder in what was obviously meant to be a reassuring gesture.
“Hey Dude, Starfire is going to be just fine.” He said; his voice retaining its usual cheery tone though his hand gesture failed to carry such merit. “She’s tough.”
‘Yeah…I’ve heard that before.’Robin thought, remembering how similar those were to the words Cyborg had used after the battle with X.  But before he had a chance to voice his doubts, the doors of the medical centre opened and out walked Raven; a more sombre look playing across her face than any had ever seen her wear before.
“Starfire’s dying.” She said; her voice equally as sombre in tone. “I don’t know why. Besides malnutrition, she appears to be in perfect health and her brain wave show no unusual readings. It’s almost as if she has lost the will to live.”
Moments passed by with nothing but silence to fill the void left by Raven’s declaration. Not sure of what to make of the words, even Beast Boy was silent.
“She’s…really dying.” Robin finally asked as tears began welling up in the corner of his eyes. Just because he’d anticipated it didn’t make it was any easier to hear. The dagger of loss was already tearing at his heart and he had to fight not to burst into tears at just the thought of never seeing the girl again.
Closing her eyes, Raven gave him a nod. Although the team was more than aware of the attraction between the two, only she truly know what Robin was going through; her mental abilities picking up every emotion that rushed through the teen like sonar would the surrounding noise.
“But there has to be something we can do.” Cyborg voiced, unable to accept what he was hearing and almost bolting out of his seat in his haste. “This is Starfire we’re talking about Raven; we can’t just let her die.”
For a moment it looked like she was about to answer him, but at the last moment she paused and then turned away. All this may have happened in the space of a few moments but Robin saw through it like a pain of glass and sensing this Raven knew she had to tell them.
“There may be a way…” She began though still hesitant, afraid more of getting the groups hopes up and then them being proved hollow dreams than anything. “Tamaraneans are a highly emotional race of beings; it’s possible an upset in her emotions caused Starfire’s distress. If so, it might also be reversible but time is short and it can only be done by one person.” Raising her hand, she pointed an unwavering finger towards Robin. “For the past hour, I have been attempting to tap into Starfire’s subconscious but every time she manages to block me out. Whatever happened was so damaging to her that she’s built barriers the likes of which I have never seen to protect her from all outside influences. However,  as Robin and Starfire have always had a strong connection, if he were to attempt entry, it’s possible her defences may weaken enough for me to carry him through.”
Robin didn’t even think twice before hurriedly nodding his head, but before he could even get up from his seat; Raven was spoke again. “Robin this isn’t a game, if we’re too late and Starfire dies whilst you are still inside her mind; you’ll die too.” Still he stood and seeing that he could not be dissuaded, Raven didn’t say another word before leading him into the medical wing; leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy alone in the corridor.
Upon entering the room, however, Robin felt his breath catch and his steps suddenly halt as his gaze drifted to deceivingly peacefully sleeping Starfire. Only her abnormally pale skin, which was now almost as light as his, and the machines that had been set up next to the bed indicated that she was anything other than perfectly healthy. Dressed in her usual purple attire, it almost looked like she had come in here to lie on one of the cots and had fallen asleep. Oh how he wished that had been the case.
Raven directed him to lie on the cot next to Starfire’s before busying herself with some other machines which Robin guessed would soon connected to him. However, not wanting to waist any more time, he quickly lowered himself to the cot and tried to get comfortable on the lumpy mattress.
“Are you sure you want to do this Robin? Raven suddenly asked, though her gaze never left the machines. “No one would think any less of you if you changed your mind.”
“I’m sure Raven.” Robin whispered, though not so sure his voice projected the confidence he would have liked. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t considering it, when there was so much at stake it was only natural to have doubts; but doubts were like cracks and would only cause a problem if not kept in check. “Starfire would gladly risk her life to save me, what sort of friend would I be if I wasn’t willing to do the same for her.”
“Very well,” Raven finally concluded after a moment’s pause, at which point she left her machines and came to stand between his and Starfire’s cot.  “Remember, the mind is like a picture of our emotions, try and use what you see to your advantage and don’t tally. I’ll take you as deep as I can but I suspect you’ll still have to find Starfire.” Nodding in understanding, Robin watched as she placed one hand on his temple and the other on Starfire’s. “Just let your mind go blank.”
*               *                 *               *                *                *                  *
Suddenly feeling the cool touch of stone against his skin, Robin bolted upright. His heart still racing as the sensation of being pulled through a key hole continued to rattle his nerves. The sensation of being pulled from his head and pushed into Starfire’s had defiantly not been fun.
Stone walls were the first thing he noticed, heavily built stone walls which reminded him of those that made up a medieval castle’s inner body and they were standing parallel to one another to form a passageway. Mounted torches and heavy tapestries hung around him, casting the corridor with an eerie air. Dark and gloomy, the ancient walkway was certainly not what he had been expecting Starfire’s head to be like. Remembering what Raven had told him however, Robin quickly got to his feet and hurried down the corridor without a second thought for the décor. Star’s life was hanging in the balance and every second he wasted brought her one step closer to death.
Trampling over what he could only assume to be a Tamaranean rug, he stormed through the passageway like a man possessed and didn’t waver even as he passed through an archway and into a tight maze of passageways. Fortunately, her years of meditation had allowed Raven an idea of what he would face and she had been very in-depth in his briefing, a fact he was growing more and more thankful of as he passed a growing number of  passageways that broke off and lead to places he had no business going. If not for her wisdom, it would have been oh so easy for him to lose his way and become trapped for all eternity.
Truth be told, Robin found the temptation to veer off course and sneak a peek within the off branching chambers near overwhelming, but he knew that if Starfire ever learnt he had violated her privacy in such a way, he’d never forgive him. Sufficed to say, what she would have in store for him would probably make what she had done to X look like child’s play.
Finally, after what felt like an hour’s hard marching; Robin found what it was he sought. Stretching across the entire width of the passageway, an immense door of metal barred his way. It was the last defence of Starfire’s mind and would be his first test. Passed this was supposed to be the core and it was there he would find whatever it was he was supposed to convince. But first he had to get through this blasted barricade.
Striding up to the imposing mass of metal, he took a quick breath before putting out his palm and pushing against the door with all his might. It gave way like it had only been made of paper but as it fell; Robin only had time to glimpse a stretching blackness before he suddenly felt an immense vortex sucking his body into the void.
Too strong for him to resist, the vacuum pulled the titan into the darkness head-first and threw him across its icy depths in an inelegant swirl; it felt as if the oxygen in his lungs was being sucked from his very body as he was pitched through a dark lake. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over and Robin found himself standing in a very different room
Circular stone walls and high rise windows, it reminded of something one would find in a fairy tale of an imprisoned princess. The irony of it did not escape him.
His heart skipped a beat when he spotted Starfire, dressed in a flowing white gown and lying on a queen size bed with wood frame in the centre of the room; she did truly look like an enchanted princess.
“Starfire!” He called, running to her bed. She didn’t respond and it took a moment for him to realise that she was deeply unconscious. Panic rising within his chest as he realised that he might have been too late, Robin quickly placed two fingers upon her neck, blindly searching for a pulse. Unbeknownst to him however, the moment his skin touched hers, Starfire’s eyes had opened in an unseeing gaze and a bolt of sudden energy slammed into Robin’s chest and threw him against the nearby wall.
“Friend Robin…” whispered Starfire, her voice deathly faint as she slowly sat up on her bed to look at him. “You should not be here, please leave me alone.”
“Starfire?” He asked, concern evident in his voice as he got up from the stone floor to look at her. Tentatively, he tried to edge forward but an invisible force held him against the stone. “I came to take you home.” He said, hoping to get through to her enough for the barrier to lessen.
“The tower is not my home, Friend Robin.” She said, her voice holding true to its emotionless note as she observed him with an unwavering stare. “A home is a place of residence or refuge and comfort. The tower holds neither for me. Please leave.”
Shit, this is going to be harder than I thought.’ He thought, desperately trying to think of a way around the problem, yet nothing came to him and so he decided to resort to a more direct approach. “Star, I am not leaving here until you talk to me…” His speech was suddenly cut off however when a fresh bolt of the force crashed against him, it’s invisible touch coiling around his throat as it lifted him off the ground and braced  him against the wall. His air supply cut off, Robin could do little more gasp as he was slowly chocked to death. “Star…fire…” He gasped, his speech laboured as darkness enveloped him. “You’re killing me.”
And then, just like that, the force was lifted and Robin fell to the ground in a weak huddle as he gasped for new breath.
“Robin?” A familiar voice suddenly spoke out, drawing the recovering teen’s attention back to the bed, where he saw through watery eyes that Starfire had seemed to recover some of her normal state. A faint shine shone within her emerald depths and if Robin wasn’t much mistaken, he could have sworn he had heard concern in her voice.
“Starfire, is it you?” He asked, his voice still hoarse from the blow but somehow he found strength enough to stand before tentatively trying to take another step. Expecting to be bowled over by the force at any moment, he braced himself but this time the barrier was down and he found his way unhindered as he slowly began to walk towards her. Yet despite the recognition, she seemed unable to look at him and turned away long before he had even gotten close to the bed.
“Please…”She whispered, her voice as frail and weak as her physical body. “Robin, you must leave this place, I don’t know how much longer I can control it.” He ignored her plea however and instead circled around the bed so he could stand before her down tilted head.
“Starfire, I need to know what’s wrong.” He whispered softly, his hand gently tilting her head back up so he could look down into those beautiful jewels, observing as he did the tears that were welling in the corners. Oh how he loved to gaze into her eyes and lose himself in the swells of their depths like some tropical ocean. “What is it Star? What’s haunting you so badly? Please let me help you…” Suddenly, a tortured sob interrupted his words as Starfire broke down, tears freely rolling down her pale skin as with nothing left in his arsenal to draw back on; Robin cradled her in a comforting embrace.
Moments passed like the changing seasons but neither cared for they felt like nothing could hurt them so long as they remained together. Neither would ever allow the other to come to harm, their love would always protect them and bind them together their bond was greater than that of any blood relatives and they carried more for one-another than any star-crossed lovers could ever hope to dream of.
“It was the villain X.” she finally whispered, her breath warming his neck as she continued to silently weep against him. “I witnessed how you responded to her touch back on the street of high. On my world, such interactions are only reserved for courting couples with close bonds of attractions.” Robin’s mouth ran dry. In the rush of revelations, he had completely forgotten about X’s witchcraft.
Shame and embarrassment etching across his face, the Titian held the princess close as with shaky breaths.
“X had me under a spell.” He whispered, his heart thumping so heavily he feared it may burst forth from his ribs at any moment. “She made me believe it was actually you who was touching me Starfire.” But he didn’t stop there, now the dam had broken, the truth came flowing from him like a sea of water. “Everything I felt was because of you Star. You are the most perfect creature I have ever met. You’re kind and sweet and you care about everyone. It’s like you’re an angel who was sent from heaven. I lov…” His speech died as Starfire silenced his proclamation with a searing kiss.
He responded without hesitation and pulled her to him, crushing her warm body to his as their tongues met in a duel of age old passion. Years of pent up desire bubbled to the surface as their bodies became entwined, his arms diving for her succulent rear while her arms wrapped around his neck. Their motions were slow but after waiting for this moment for so long, neither was going to risk ruining the mood by moving too fast.
The searing dance of their tongues continued until his body demanded oxygen and they were forced to break the contact. Breathing hard, the couple looked intently at one another, as if to check they were truly ready for this. But after that first, passionate embrace, neither faltered.
“I love you Robin.” Starfire said, her face lighting up with joy. Yet despite her radiant glow, Robin couldn’t miss the fear that gleamed within her emerald orbs, as if afraid he might suddenly reject her heart filled plea. “Since the moment we first met I have loved you and I always shall, until the day they burn my body. I will love you and only you, dearest Robin.”
Although embolden by her sweet words, the need to reassure his love after her heart drawn confession compelled him to do something to make this moment all the more special. However, with words not being his strong suit, Robin was forced to choose something a little more ‘physical’ as he gently cupped her chin in the palm of his hand while capturing her full lips in a tender kiss.
His hunger for her burned with more intensity than three sun but Starfire deserved more than a bout of primal fucking and he would be damned if he would ruin their first time together by acting like some selfish animal. Yet as the sweet taste of exotic fruits played across his taste-buds, Robin found it harder and harder to resist his urges; until Starfire used a sudden burst of movement to switch their places, him sitting on the bed while she stood before him.
“Robin…” She whispered as with shaky fingers, she pushed the white fabric straps from her shoulders. Pooling around her feet on the stone floor, the princess’s lover saw that she had been wearing nothing beneath the angelic white gown and his mouth was left to water as his eyes feasted up the sight of her naked beauty. Without a doubt, she was the most wondrous thing he had ever seen and although he was used to the sight of her half naked body; nothing could have prepared him for the godly radiance of her natural beauty.  Her tanned flesh, which seemed almost accentuated in the flickering candle light, was flawless and suffered not a single blemish despite all the battles she had undoubtedly faced. Her breasts were fully-round, firm and were topped by dusky nipples that had already hardened, like his painfully erect arousal which was all but screaming for attention within the tight confines of his spandex trousers.
Seeing the look of hunger that glazed Robin’s features as he looked at her, Starfire couldn’t help but feel nervous. He reminded her of the predatory felines which stalked her people on Tamaran  and she couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps there was a fierce beast within the teen, waiting to feast upon her when she least expected it. But when he extended his arm, all her fears seemed to wash away and she gingerly accepted his offering and allowed herself to be pulled onto his lap; their lips joining in age old passion as they rolled back onto the bed’s soft embrace. Robin ended up on top.
Balancing his weight atop her shapely curves, his hungry lips explored the depths of her orifice before moving on to pastures new; but not before playfully tugging at her lower lip with his teeth and electing quiet moans from the alien princess. Her adorable vocalisations making his erection stiffen all the more as he trailed hot kisses across the shape of her jaw line towards the hollow of her neck. Teasing the area behind her ear with his tongue, he paused for a moment to nibble the lobe before starting a fiery trail of nips and licks down the Tamaranean’s swanlike neck.
Shivering as she felt the gentle pressure of his teeth skimming across her throat, Starfire couldn’t help but moan as the joyous sensations teased her nerves and left her delirious. Vaguely registered his mouth forming a small smile against the tender flesh but she was too lost in the feel of it to care. Oh how long she had wanted this, to have her beloved savour tend to her with such care and devotion, the kind of embrace only he could bestow. She had wanted it so much, that now she almost feared this might be another concoction of her subconscious designed to torment her in the last dips of existence.
With surprisingly ease Robin balanced his weight atop his three remaining limbs while lightly tracing his finger tips over her rib cage. Stimulating the delicate bones until the hands which had been lying limply at her side suddenly came alive, her sharpened fingernails digging into the cloth of his trousers as she grasped his hips and tried to urge him to press his body closer to hers. His feather-like touch was sending shivers up her spine but Starfire was quickly growing tired of teasing, she wanted Robin and if he didn’t stop playing games, she might very well take matters into her own hands…
Arching her back, the princess almost lost herself in a wave of ecstasy as she felt the rough skin of Robin’s fingertips run over the swells of her breasts and she could only mutter his name lowly as his lips continued tasting inch of her in his decent to her naked cleavage.
 Through heavy lidded eyes, Starfire watched on in helpless rapture as he rubbed his rough palm across one of her breasts; a soft moan leaving her lips when his fingers moulded around the orb and slowly began massaging it while the pad of his thumb caressed the bud of her hardened nipple. Then suddenly, her breath caught and all she could do was moan his name as her body arched into his tantalizing touch while he lowered his mouth from her collarbone and kissed a path down through the valley that lay between her succulent orbs.
His heated breath tickled her skin like hot wax and she had to bite back a scream of pleasure when she felt some strands of his hair glide across her nipples, his attentions almost driving her mad with desire as the burning heat of her core grew so intense it threatened to consume her in liquid passion. Needing more, she dug her nails deeper into the taught flesh of Robin’s backside, trying to force him to some of the more needy areas of her anatomy. But poised like a heavy battering ram, the weight of his covered erection rested at the base of her shapely thighs and each time she tried to redirect his attentions, the force drove his manhood to grave across that sensitive spot.
“Oh X’hal!” She moaned, crying out in a potent cocktail of surprise and euphoria. Enthralled by the sensation Starfire released her grip on Robin’s thighs and collapsed back on the bed without another word; her breathing hard as the tremors of a minor orgasm rocked her senses like an earthquake. Never had she felt anything so joyous.
With primal hunger, Robin lavished the Princess’s breasts with kisses before closing his teeth around the pebbled bud while his hand continued its attentions to her other bosom. Slowly, he dragged his tongue along the underside of her breast, circling it at an agonizingly pace before lowering his mouth to the neglected bud. Incoherent moans began to flow from her as he did and soon he felt her hips start to roll against his clothed thighs as her body arched into him at its own accord. Trapped in a haze of glorious pleasure, she was like a puppet on his string and the sweet torture that he was bestowing upon her drove her all the madder with passion.
Sensing the time was right as her moans rang in his ears like the angelic song of angels’, Robin left her breasts and began moving down the Princess’s body; kissing a frenzied path down her stomach and making the taunt muscles contract as he ran his tongue around her bellybutton. Soon able to inhale the musky spent of her arousal as the burning heat of her core washed over his skin, he suddenly backed away and took a moment to admire the marvel of the fragile creature beneath him. Never had he seen her as beautiful as she was at that moment.
The flowing locks of her fiery red hair had lost all sense of symmetry as they washed across the dampening sheets like a luxurious veil. Kindled by passion, her emerald eyes were veiled by desire and her bruised lips exhaled hot breaths in time with the rise and fall of her full bosom. Even the thin sheet of perspiration which covered her tanned skin couldn’t destroy the image of perfection as his eyes slowly trailed down her slender waist to where his final test was waiting for him. Taking a deep breath in preparation, Robin slowly lowered his upper torso till he was all but lying between her open legs…
“R…Robin?” Starfire asked before gritting her teeth as she tried to suppress a scream of ecstasy as Robin’s tongue began to caress her most secret of spots. The wet muscle parting her innermost folds to feast upon the vibrant fruit within and the pleasure of it was so incredible; she didn’t know whether she could survive it. Reaching out, she fisted her fingers in the soft onyx locks of his hair in a desperate attempt to draw him closer as his tongue continued its assault, delving deeper and deeper within her core like a fiery serpent.
Watching Starfire’s reaction to his oral invasion with immense interest, Robin continued to press his assault into the girl’s burning core with vigour. To see her in such a pleasured state and to know that it was he who had caused her such joy, filled him with more pride than he had thought it possible to experience; but he knew there was still more he could do. Fighting against the hold she had on his head, he gave her flowing vulva one final lick before attending to the nub of her clitoris.
“Oh X’Hal! Ahhhhh-yesssss!” The princess cried, molten pleasure seeming to pour through her body and begin melting her from the inside out as she felt her lover begin suckling the small bundle of nerves. The act pushed her close to the edge and it started a fire more intense than any sun in the pit of her belly. Instinctively, her thighs began to tighten around the Titan’s head but his strong arms snaked around her shapely thighs before he could succumb to air loss and he quickly snapped her limbs apart.
“You naughty girl.” Robin whispered, his voice only just loud enough for her to hear but the vibrations it sent through her were exquisite and she let out a long moan as her hip lifted from the bed in a desperate attempt to gain more of the sensation. Delighted by her reaction however, Robin quickly focused all his attentions to the button; reducing the alien Princess to little more than a quivering lump as he expertly attended to the nub.
“Oh please, please… X’Hal it’s so good!” she moaned, her emerald orbs now able to watch as Robin devotedly feasted on her core while his strong hands firmly held her shaking legs open; it was such an erotic sight and seemed to drive her that much nearer to her blessed realise. For she was so close now that she could feel it’s exhilarating touch coil through her inner-body like a wildfire and she gasped and moaned uncontrollably, occasionally even screaming out his name as the pleasure continued to mount into an indescribable well of maddening ecstasy.
Sensing Starfire was near completion, Robin decided to end the game and began tugging at the Princess’s nub with his teeth while raising two of his fingers to her flowing entrance and slipping them in gently. The sudden intrusion struck her like a bolt of lightning and as his fingers began sliding back and forth within her tight confines, Starfire had but a minute to catch her breath she was suddenly thrown over the edge and into an abyss of pleasure the likes of which she could never have dreamed possible.
“OHHHH ROBIN!” She cried, almost floating off the bed as her nerves became swallowed by flames and as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her body; she lost herself within the haze and fell back onto the bed in a seemingly dream-like state.
Drinking every drop of the funny but not overly unpleasant liquid, Robin suddenly felt the hands that had been buried in his hair suddenly go slack and looking up, he saw that in the rush of sensations, his lover’s eyes had almost rolled completely into the back of her head  and she was lying asleep on the bed once-more. It was truly an adorable sight but there was still one last he had to do before they could complete their union and this presented the perfect opportunity. Regretfully, he slipped away from her embrace and began taking off his tight fitting uniform, knowing he’d only have a few moments before Starfire recovered from her daze. However, he hesitated when the time came to remove his mask and although he was determined to show her his all to the alien angle, it had been so long since he had last removed the piece of cloth; he couldn’t help but falter. But such troubles quickly died when he considered all that Star had done for him. Compared to that, showing her his eyes was the very least he could do.
Starfire released a disapproving groan when she felt the euphoric aftershocks of her orgasm begin to die down; effectively triggering her astral-body’s reawakening. But as her emerald eyes fluttered open and she found herself staring up into the most beautiful sea blue irises she had ever seen, the Tamaranean Princess quickly forgot all those thoughts as something that felt remarkably like confusion filtered into her belly.
“Robin?” She asked, equally as confused as she was surprised to find him looming over her without his mask on. It was true she had always desired to see the human teen without that piece of cloth covering his handsome face but never would she have asked him or even wished he’d remove it because of her. Yet despite her unsure tone, Robin’s lips formed a comforting smile.
“I love you.” He said, his voice just as comforting as it had ever been when she was beset by tears or confusion. For a moment she wondered why he had felt the need to make the heartfelt confession but then she felt the tip of his naked arousal pressing against her entrance and realising what he intended she couldn’t have been happier. To be with Robin, to truly be joined with him in the most intimate of ways, was what she wanted more than anything else and she quickly gave a small nod of encouragement. She knew that this was it; she knew that they were going to do what she had dreamed of for so long and where they were heading now would change everything between them forever. But to spend just a few moments as something far more than just Robin’s friend; she would be willing to risk all.
Embolden by her signal, he began to push forward, trying to keep the motion as slow as humanly possible to avoid hurting her. However, his restraint was tested to its tether when the tip of his member entered her tight core and as he became embedded within the warmth, he was sure he had never felt anything quite as wonderful as being inside the alien princess. They fit so perfectly together it was as if they had been made for one another.
Afraid of causing Starfire any unnecessary pain, he did all in his power to ignore the intoxicating sensations that shot through him as he waited for her to adjust to his shaft’s presence. But his efforts were quickly proving futile as he felt the way her delectably supple body give way beneath him and the tight embrace of her silken walls as they wrapped around his rigid flesh. Growing hot with unbridled pleasure, he had to rely on every trick he had ever been taught to calm himself down as he felt every incredible sensation her body had to offer.
Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long and it seemed like no sooner had his hips become nestled between her thighs than she cried out; wantonly bucking her body against his as if to try and get more of him inside her cavern. He felt her legs lift and anxiously began stroking his side before wrapping around his waist as he arms reached for his neck.

Grinning, Robin suddenly seized her arms and pinned them above her head as he lifted his hips, pulling out slightly before using a sudden thrust to embed himself within her slick, eager walls; to wit she screamed in ecstasy. There was just so much of him that he kept filling her until there was literally no more room inside her cavern.

“Oh X’hal!” she cried, her body arching in the hopes of receiving more of his shaft. “X’Hal! Robin…faster Please!” The wet friction of her actions made him dizzy with pleasure but somehow, he managed to keep his cool in the heat of the carnal desire and slowly began to form a slow and steady rhythm.
It was a torturous sensation. The sweatiest, most exquisite forms of torture in existence, mind you, but still a torture that threatened to break them both like twigs. Barely moving his hips, he withdrew just enough from her depths to ensure a low, wanton moan passed her lips before he pushed back at an equally slow pace; confidently smirking each time he felt  her smooth legs tighten around his waist as she attempted to weakly drag him further inside herself. However, as he felt her walls close in around his phallus, squeezing the rigid flesh like some blazing serpent, he felt his control dwindling down to nothing and he knew it wouldn’t be long before the desire to fuck the gorgeous alien beneath him into unconsciousness was too great to resist. Yet still he pushed on, though fighting his body all the way.
Gasping in pleasure as she felt his flesh tease her body into insanity, Starfire was desperately trying to urge Robin on as the fire of her passion burned across her body. The slow, deliberately prolonged pace was driving her mad and she could feel her body start to move of its own accord in a desperate search for gratification.
“Oh fuck Star! You’re…so tight,” Robin moaned, perspiration freely rolling down his hot skin as he tried to keep his motions slow and steady but his restraint was stretched so fine that when he felt her hips rock against his, pressing him into uncharted territory, he broke and now it was Starfire’s turn to smirk. Unable to contain his desire, the Titans’ leader began to move faster, pulling out farther before entering her again more forcefully; causing the confident look to melt away from the Princess’s features and turn into a incoherent mask of ecstasy.
“Oh Robin! By X’hal it…it’s so glorious!” She cried,  arching her back to press her full bosom against his hard chest as the pleasure once more coursed through her veins like liquid fire and it felt like the wonderfully cool touch of her silken sheets were all that was keeping her from bursting into flames. Her elation was already peaking as orgasmic bliss spread through her body to the very tips of her toes in a tingly sensation. “Oh Robin…Something’s coming oh X’Hal! I think… I think I’m going to climax!”
Hearing her words, Robin threw all his efforts into making his princess cum. Every one of his mighty thrusts causing a high moan to echo from the Tamaranean while his own breath escaped him in low grunts that seemed to mirror the heated breaths of a bear as his powerful muscles worked as one to achieve his body’s maximum potential in the pursuit of pleasuring the goddess lying beneath him. He could feel his own release as a heated blanket covering the base of his spine but he pushed it aside, intent on prolonging this experience at least until she had met that peak at least once more. This was for her and his own desires could go to hell until he was satisfied she’d been thoroughly ravished.

“Oh X’hal! Oh X’hal! This is so glorious Robin! Please blorkarmak me harder!” She cried, a wash of tremors beginning to shake her body as tears of joy welled up in the corner of her eyes. His savage manipulations had thrown her orgasm upon her and its delicious tendrils coils robbed her of every sense as the heavenly waves crashed against her body like waves on a beach. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEESSSSSS!”

“Uh…uh…uh…oh God! Star! Oh you’re so hot and tight!” Robin moaned, the sensation of her inner depths convulsing wildly around his shaft as her body bucked uncontrollably against his washing over him and pushing his flesh ever closer towards its own climax. Without a doubt, his end was drawing near but still he stubbornly held on, reluctant to let go of this heavenly bliss while he still had the strength to breath. “Oh God…you feel so good.”
Miraculously, Starfire’s orgasm had already rolled over her and she could once-more feel him sliding in and out of her with those fully primal strokes. In the lower depths of her subconscious, she was vaguely aware of her name flowing from his lips in a mantra of carnal passion yet it wasn’t enough, she wanted more.
“Oh Yes! Robin…Please…Pummel my Garbank with your Stlorok! Harder! For the love of X’hal! Do it harder my love!” Desperate and carnal filled, her voice echoed around the stone chamber; encouraging him to give her all of himself as she tried to pull him in.
Hearing her words, a hint of mischief suddenly shone in his eyes as he released the grip he had managed to keep on both her bound wrists before rearing back unhooking her smooth legs from around his waist. Her legs fell open at his gesture and placing both his palms on her knees; he gently held them open as he sat on his bent knees and began rocking his hips back and forth. The leverage of this new position allowed him to access deeper parts of her tight cavern and awoke even more intense sensations within them both.
Hungry with desire, he pulled almost completely out of her before returning home with savage intensity; claiming her in the most primitive fashion and leaving marks that would ensure that all who saw her would know she was finally his. He was not alone in his debauchery however, Starfire was eagerly moaning and thrusting her hips to meet his every stroke as she lost herself in the wild abandonment of their lovemaking.

“Yes! Oh X’hal yes! Blorkarmak me! Robin…Oh blorkarmak me forever. I’m yours Robin, please take me however you wish, just never stop!” She moaned, fiery passion licking her abdomen as he kept moving within her, still trying to get deeper within her depths while struggling to hold in his growing orgasm.

Around them, a heavenly light began to shine, lighting up the once dreary chamber in a warm glow as her nails tore at the rumpled sheets, tearing their silken material to ribbons as Robin’s pace somehow seemed to quicken; the urge to complete their union overwhelming his senses as he realised he’d barely last a minute longer inside the princess’s molten core. Panting and gasping, Starfire’s pleasure filled cries grew ever louder as she drew closer and closer to a final release and he was sure he could feel her start to tighten around his flesh as the pre-orgasmic wash consumed her features.

“Uh…uh…uh…oh X’hal Robin I’m going to climax! Oh X’hal I’m climaxing!” she cried, sparks of light exploding behind her lashes as her orbs became consumed in a wash of green light. “OHHHH ROBIN!”

“Uh…uh…me too, Star! Oh fuck you’re so hot! So tight!” He groaned as he felt the princess’s inner muscles tighten around his hard penis as she climaxed with a force unlike anything he had ever experienced. The wash of sensations pushing them both over their peaks in an explosion of steamy essence. “STARFIRE!”

Panting and more exhausted than either of them could ever remember being, the star-crossed lovers collapsed together atop of the bed, their naked bodies still entwined as they lay atop the ruined sheets in a near unconscious state of bliss. Too comfortable to move, the couple never noticed as the still glowing room began to melt away and they were left floating across a veil of luxurious pinks and oranges that would have made Robin think of a sun kissed evening sky above some tropical isle.  In the back of their minds, they knew that the time would come when they would have to leave this sanctuary and return to the coldness of the real world, where their love would meet a wall of uncountable obstacles. But for now they would enjoy the moment and relish every second in this Garden of Eden between life and death or heaven and hell.
Here was only love and only love truly mattered.
The End
AN: I would like to say a special thank you to the artist Scorpia who has helped me immensely with this piece; hope we can work together on another soon.



Slowly I look around, inhaling the scents of this city. My sharpened senses pick up the scents that no human could ever imagine. A sickened shiver runs down my spine as I taste the stench of hour old vomit and urine from drunken youths, as well as a million other things that I don’t care to think about; their disgusting aromas combing to form an overwhelming cocktail that threatened to destroy me.

Shaking off the sensation, I begin to walk along the disserted street and despite it being almost midnight; I can see as if it were still the middle of the day.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that will turn your whole world view around. First, forget what you think you know, Vampires exist and chances are you have seen them but just didn’t know it. It’s understandable through, given that we are mostly just like you; except for our obvious dietary habits.

Second, yes that’s right, I’m a Vampire. My name is Richard.

 Don’t worry; I’m not like the monsters that stalk the helpless young maidens then butcher and drain them dry. I’m not a psychopath or like anything you’ve seen on the big screen; but then everyone knows the movies are full of shit. In fact if all you’ve ever seen of my kind are the illusions crafted from hypocritical priests and entertainers like David S. Goyer and Bram Stoker; then you’ll need to be filled in on a few things.

Firstly there is no tried and true way to kill a vampire, we are already dead after all; but then there are worst things then death in this world. I know, we have all seen and read where the old guy with a cape kills the vampire with crosses, stakes and holly water. Well I’m afraid they don’t do squat and I lost my religion centuries ago so there is little chance of me going to church and giving someone the chance to stake me in the heart.

Second, that little misconception about our inability to walk in sunlight is as false as the Loch Ness Monster; in fact it was actually started by Vampires in the middle ages. Yes that’s right; Vampires were the ones who started the myth, although it wasn’t because they were board. At the time, the human race was begging to become highly aware of our existence and was making a tiresome effort to find and burn Vampires at the stake. So what better way to hunt your prey and avoid the hunters then by making them think you are only active half of the time?

 Of course, most Vampires took to the darkness soon after, so It wasn’t as brilliant as many had first thought.

Some of the legends about us are true through, Vampires don’t like garlic though it’s not because we may be allergic to the stuff, it’s just that it tastes awful and I won’t even get started on the smell. Honestly, I don’t understand how you mortals can stand it.

Also we do have the ability to change our forms, although it is slightly limited. A vampire can only change into a creature of relative size, something with a bone structure similar to that of a human’s when altered. So forget about bats, snakes and any other small horror icon. Large breeds of dog and wolves however are quite easily done and I’ve even been known to do a few larger members of the feline family. I’m afraid turning into another human requires a lot of practice and only the oldest of my kind can do it on a whim. The same goes for turning into mist. It took seven hundred years before I was able to master the technique but I must admit; it was well worth it.

Vampires also posse a slight telepathic ability, not powerful enough to control the minds of both humans and animals like in the movies but we can read and alter them slightly. This gives a Vampire the the famous ‘Vampire Charm’ that is so often portrayed in the 70s Dracula films although it does take a bit of practice otherwise it looks as if you are staring; which is rather rude if you ask me.

Well, now that I’ve shattered your beliefs, maybe I should tell you about Vampire society. Yes, the blood sucking creatures that hunt you at night do have a form of culture and order. And there are actually three kinds of Vampire.

First, there are the so called Pure Bloods. These are Vampires who were born with the gene, it being passed down from their vampire parents and family members and they considered themselves the ruling class because of it.

Second are the Vampires that the Pure Bloods like to call Bad Bloods. These are men and woman who were once human and then were turned. However, it is rare for them to survive as either they don’t make it through the very temperamental process of turning or simply the vampire who bit them would kill them just after feeding.

And finally there are the bonded Vampires. These are Vampires who have bonded together, a sort of Vampire marriage if you will except this can’t be broken as the vampires literally bind their souls together. That I’m afraid is all I can tell you about them, for over a thousand years I’ve walked this earth and in all that time I’ve never met a vampire who had taken a mate and bonded. This isn’t because it’s old fashioned or unfashionable you understand; but simply because the vampire race has forever tilted on the brink of extinction.

There are probably just over a few thousand Vampires walking the earth at any given time and that is forever changing with the human population, every major city in the world only has enough resources to support a handful of vampires. It’s not just the nature of our food that is a problem, most vampires have a slight tendency to attack first and converse later in regards to their own kind. But like I said earlier, vampires don’t die easy so what’s the outcome? After a challenge, the winner would seal the loser away in a prison that they could never escape from. And there, cut off from any precious sources of blood; the vampire would be driven insane within weeks.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a bad blood and was once human, but that was a long time ago.

I have often wondered how I got here, walking disserted streets in the dead of night. Up until the age of twenty I had been a orphan who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Life had been anything but fair to me back then; my family had died from a plague when I was just a young boy. I can still remember that morning, even after all these centuries I can still picture it as if it had happened yesterday. 
The night sky was being ravaged by a vicious storm; lightning bolts stabbed the darkness with unimaginable fury while thunder bellowed like the deepest drum. The noise had awoken me and fearing the monsters that lived in the darkness, I had run to my parent’s bed. By morning, the storm had passed and I found myself up at the crack of dawn, ready to begin the work in the fields. Neither mother nor father awoke however and I sat on their bed, shaking my father’s unmoving body and pleading with him to wake up; never understanding why he didn’t. He had always answered, always ruffled my hair as he said morning before we would go to fields; he never ignored me. But that morning, all he did was lie there as I shook him.

It was over a week before help came, the Village people had all been killed by a mysterious plague and I was the only survivor. With no other close kin in the county to take me in, I’d been taken straight to the workhouse orphanage. In the hustle and bustle of London; no one cared about the orphaned son of a farmer and his wife; I was alone.

For years I watched as wannabe parents looked beyond me to rich brats, the children of wealthy old families who had nice little inheritances waiting; while I was made to work night and day. It was torture and I realised if I wanted to escape this life, I would have to do it on my own.

It wasn’t by running, many children ran from the workhouse and they were always brought back, some alive, others not so fortunate. No, it was by doing something which my parents had always dreamed of; learning.

I was fortunate my mother had taught me to read and write and by saving the few coins the workhouse paid, I bought books and spent my every spare moment studying. By the time I had entered my mid-teens, I had managed to secure a working scholar ship. And finally, at the age of twenty I graduated top of my class; I was a doctor and to celebrate my success, some of my friends took me out to a new tavern that had opened for a celebratory night of debauchery. That was where I meet her. With all the time I had spent trying to prove I was better than something that had been scrapped from the gutter; I had never had time for women so dealing with the fairer sex hadn’t been my strong point. So try and imagine my surprise when this goddess with long locks of sun kissed hair and eyes as deep and blue as the Aegean Sea comes up to me.

For the next few hours, I doubted my eyes ever strayed from her milky skin and I could honestly say I had never met a woman quite like her.

Having been as drunk as a sailor on shore leave, I’m not sure how the night went on but I do remember her taking me to her private room and watching as she straddled me, plunged my member inside her and then riding me like I were a prized stallion. Her inner walls were so tight around my shaft it was like she was the gateway to heaven and I thought I might have come right then and there. Then at the peak of ecstasy, she bite me with fangs that were as long as daggers. The sting of penetration surprised me but then it turned into a rare breed of pleasure as she began to drink. As I exploded inside her, I remember falling unconscious, my body drained dry by her unquenchable thirst. I suppose she got just a little too careless, it’s known to happen if a vampire hasn’t fed regularly.

I slept there for days, not waking until the third day’s sun began to set, too find that the beautiful blond had gone. It was once customary for the sire of a vampire to stay by the side of their fledgling; committing themselves to teach them the skills and tricks of one born into darkness. But it seemed Juuhaci-gou wasn’t the committing type and had left me to die.

It has been over a millennia since that night and as the world changes, I remain the same; a never changing constant in the pages of history. I’d like to say that I kept my job as a doctor, but after you’ve worked with the same people for over 40 years, they tend to notice you haven’t aged a day. And with medicine always altering, I had a hard time adapting to the new methods so I began looking for a more consistent form of employment. Teaching had been perfect.

And that is the story of my life; I went to university and studied for a teaching degree before taking the first position I found, staying there for a few years before transferring to another. Now I move from one city to the next, careful not to remain in one place to long for fear of being discovered or over vampires being drawn to me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a vampire as a teacher! I wonder how many of his students leave without fang marks in their necks. Well sorry to disappoint you but I’m a vampire with scruples. I never drink from my students, or at least not while I’m their teacher anyway. I’m around twelve hundred years old and there are only so many women in one place so I suppose I may have drunk from a few of them.

Yea that’s how I feed, once every few days I go to a bar and pick up a willing woman. I fuck her, using her body for my own pleasure before I drink my fill, being careful not to drain her dry as I do. Please, don’t think too badly of me, it was how I was brought into this world and it’s the only way I know how to feed safely.

I would like to say that I feed upon the homeless, people who won’t be missed if something went wrong but I’m not much of a liar. I did try once and there are some vampires who say that is the only stock they’ll touch, but they are liars. To a vampire, the homeless are off or spoiled food. Their blood is riddled with toxins and illnesses; if a vampire feeds off them for too long he’ll get a nasty case of food poisoning. Believe me, I found out the hard way.

It is actually food that that brought me to where I am now. I heard some of the girls in my class talking about some sort of party being held tonight. It may sound weird, depending upon students’ gossip but you’d be amazed at what kids pick up these days. Not only are they a good source to find out about new places for me to dine, but they also inform me about the presence of any new vampires.

Keeping in the shadows to avoid the gaze of noise house owners, I hurry through the back alley streets to the address the girls had mentioned. Unsure of what I would find behind all these so called abandoned warehouses, I walk cautiously; searching for signs of life till I come to a rundown building. But judging from the music booming within, this warehouse was open tonight.

Finding an entrance at the back of the building, I slowly walk through a set of basement doors and down a flight of stairs until I see a small shiver of light shining from beneath a door. Knocking once, I watch as a bald man slowly pulled it open. Not giving him the chance to tell me to get lost, I flashed him a look and whipped his mind before walking past. I could of course just rely on another Vampire trick but throwing him through a wall may have attracted to much unwanted attention.

The booming music was deafening here and I struggled to hear anything definitive as I walked into a massive, roughly rectangular room. Looking up, I can see a second story catwalk which had been converted into a makeshift balcony with a set of stairs descending down and no railing to stop the clumps of pot smoking teens from jumping to their deaths.

Amidst the gaggle of dancing patrons, I could see a mass of dusty warehouse boxes and old plywood lengths that had been fitted together to serve as a bar. Rusty tables and chairs were scattered around it, the type of stuff you might find in cheap yard sales and wonder if you would need tetanus shot before touching them.

Looking around, I can see a few middle age players trying to mingle with the young community but they are few amongst the tide of young people. In an unfurnished expanse of space, groups of people were doing some sort of dance around a preforming DJ whose excuse for music sounded like something he must have recoded off an ill-tuned radio. Inhaling deeply, the stench of drugs, cheap booze and even cheaper perfume flooded my stomach and made me want to retch. Resisting the urge to throw up, I begin to hunt; filtering through the various scents until I find something quite unexpected.

Beneath the stench of burnt heroin and spilt alcohol there is something odd; something out of place. Intrigued, I start to weave in and out of the crowd, following the scent until it led to a table detached from the rest in a darkened corner. However when I saw the person sitting at it, I began to doubt even my own eyes; there was no way someone like this would be in a shithole like this. Deciding to double check I circled round the table, being careful to blend into the crowd as I did.

Yes, the girl at the table defiantly had that scent but what the hell was she doing in a place like this? She was in her late teens, 18 or possibly 19 years old and had long cinnamon brown hair that loosely framed her face before falling to the small of her back. She was beautiful with features that appeared as soft of as a rabbits pelt and eyes that were as brilliant as saphires. But that wasn’t what attracted me. Even under all the filth that polluted the air in this place, I could tell her sent. She was as pure as snow.

In my line of work, I’m always around members of the female gender but even after all these centuries I have rally ever come across one I would call pure. But with her there was not a trace of corruption; I doubt she has ever known the passion of a man’s embrace.

Well, this hunt just got interesting. I had never targeted someone who was truly innocent before and I hadn’t planned on it tonight, this was going to require a little more subtlety.

Resisting the urge to go over to her, I walked to the bar and bought a vodka martini; being careful not to let anyone see as I reach into my coat and with draw a small canteen before pouring a little vampire sweetener into the drink. Scanning the crowd, I quickly found my target. With her wearing that dress she stuck out like a sore thumb in this place; but damn she sure did look good.

The fabric hugged every curve of her body like a second skin, leaving her arms bare; it draped tightly around her hips but went lose down to her knees. It was sexy enough to ensure that any date she had wouldn’t leave her side.

Taking a sip of my drink and savouring the slight coppery taste of the added blood before deciding it was time to act.

“Mind if I join you?” She jumps slightly as I speak, surprising her as I walk up to her table.

Looking round, her gaze slowly slides up me, taking in my measurements. When her eyes meet mine, I expected to see a scared look but instead I could see a curious gleam in her blue depths.

“Um, I suppose so.” her voice trembling slightly as she watched me before turning away quickly as I pull out a chair and sit down.

For moments we sat apart, an uneasy silence surrounding us despite the blaring background. In the dim light, I can see the rapid movement of her eyes as she searches for something. How interesting…

“What’s your name?” I asked innocently before taking another sip of my drink, yet never taking my eyes off her for an instant.

Turning back to me, she quickly answered “Kate, Kate Frost” before turning back to the crowd. Obviously, she was not in the mood for a conversation. I’ll have to do something about that.

“I’m Richard” I said, smiling pleasantly while holding out a hand for her to shake. She didn’t reciprocate and I withdrew the invitation before asking in an almost offhand fashion “So who are you waiting for?”

That did it.

She suddenly turned to look at me, an accusing look in her eye as she asked in a surprised tone. “How do you know I’m waiting for someone?”

Hiding the victorious smirk that threatened to spill across my lips, I replied “well with the way your eyes keep glancing around the room, I figured you had to be looking for someone.”

A relieved smile spread across her lips and she relaxed back into her seat. “You’re very observant.”

“I have my talents.” I say, smiling as she giggles lightly. I must be making an impression. “So, who are you waiting for?”

“Just a friend,” Kate said before taking a sip of her drink as she leant back in her seat. “She has been badgering me all week to come to this party and barley ten minutes after we get through the door she disappears. Typical…” I know better than to respond, you don’t need be a vampire to know when someone doesn’t want either sympathy or pity. “So what about you then Mr Richard?”

“Please, Just call me Richard, I can’t stand being called Mr; it makes me sound old.” Pausing for a second as she giggles before saying “And I’m a teacher, I heard a few students talking about this place so as I had nothing better to do; I decided to come by and se what all the fuss was about.”

I’d like to say I could of developed this conversation a little more but before I even had the chance to start a more interesting conversation; The words ‘Hey Kate, oh who’s your friend,’ interrupted us and we both look around at the same time to see the smiling face of a blond girl leaning on our table; her eyes are not so slyly giving me the once over.

“Oh um hi Erasa,” Kate said, looking away from us as an embarrassed blush stained her cheeks.
 “Kate, why have you not introduced me to your very handsome friennddd?” It wasn’t just the slur that told me she was drunk, her breath stank of at least three different kinds of drink.

Within five minutes, the blond had pulled up a seat between us and started talking rather hastily while curling a finger around my hair. Trying to ignore the girl’s breath, I looked across to Kate who was trying hard not to show her embarrassment. Unfortunately there is only so much one person can take before it gets too much.

“Well I’ll… I’ll be on my way home,” grabbing her coat, she got up and quickly said “It was nice meeting you Mr Richard.” Then before I could stop her, she was gone.


Kate felt like crying as she all but ran out the warehouse, tears of embarrassment already burning her skin as they came into contact with the whipping night air. How could Erasa do that to her? All week she had been trying to get her to come here so she could meet a guy and then when she meets one; the bitch had to spoil it.

At the thought of Richard, Kate couldn’t help but smile; he could have been quite a catch. There was just something very different about him, if only she could put her finger on what it was. And not to mention he was probably the hottest guy she had ever laid eyes on, that silk black shirt accentuated his rippling muscles while those tight jeans left nothing to the imagination…

‘Oh Kami what am I thinking, don’t tell me I’m falling for a guy I hardly even know?’ Her heels clicked with each of her footfalls as she walked down the darkened streets. However before she even made it half way back to hers and Erasa’s flat, her ears pricked up suddenly as she heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind her— several, much larger footfalls. Swallowing as her stomach began to do summersaults; she slowly turned around to find herself surrounded by a gang of men.

“Hey there babe, A hot little dish like you is pretty stupid to be walking around this part of the neighbourhood alone.” One of them said a big thuggish brute with no neck or hair that she figured was the leader.

“By the way she’s dressin’, you just now known she’s a ho Max.” The one who spoke was at least a foot taller than his fellows and If she hadn’t been paralysed by fear, Kate would have been insulted by the comment.

“But we don’ pay for it bitch, ya hear me you fucking ho.” The shortest of the group had quite a deep voice and his eyes narrowed as he began to lick his lips in anticipation.

In a blink, Kate found herself pressed up against a wall with of the men’s arms pressing against her neck while the others began hungrily pawing at her dress, becoming more animal than man as they tried to rip the fabric from her.

Gasping for breath, she tried to push against the arm before her arms were suddenly yanked behind her head and pinned to the wall.

“Hold still, you little bitch.” Max hissed, rapping a rough material around her wrists before pulling Kate’s arms a little harder so that she could feel that he meant it. “The more you squirm, the worse it will be for you.”

The coarse fabric chafed her wrists but Kate continued to struggle but she could barely move before the bonds snapped tight. It was useless.

Suddenly a very deep growling filled the alleyway.

Looking up, Kate could see a very large dog coming towards them. Even in the penetrating darkness, she could see the canine looking directly at her before turning its mammoth sized head towards the men. It was a very large cross breed, something between a German Shepard and a Husky, probably more wolf than dog. Dipping its muzzle, the dog growled a low warning that reverberated through the alley like a drum beat.

“What’s that?” The shorter man asked, fear evident in his voice as he sized up the canine.

“It’s just a mutt” Max stated, looking over his shoulder and surveying the dog before turning back to Kate. “You’re not saying you’d pass up the chance to fuck this fine piece of meat because of a fucking dog.”

Kate’s eyes never left the dog’s, there was something familiar about its black orbs that seemed so familiar.

Curling back its lips and snarling, the crossbreed gave them a last warning; this time even Max jumped. The shorter man gave up acting brave and turned round before legging it down the alley way; tripping and stumbling through the trash as he went.

“All right, that thing is starting to piss me off,” Muttered Max before turning to the remaining men behind him. “Del! Jake! Take care of it.”

Both men looked at each other and nodded before turning to the dog and Kate could see a flash of silver as they pulled long knives from the depths of their coats. The girl had to look away; she couldn’t watch the poor animal being butchered.

She could hear the dog growling and the men’s footsteps echoing before it all went silent. For seconds there was only the eerie silence, no howls or moans of agony from the dog as it was murdered, no grunts and grows from the men as they got off on killing the animal; just silence that cut her deeper than any knife.

Then there were two thuds as bodies hit the ground. Wait a minute, two?

Opening her eyes, Kate could only stair with wide eyed amazement as she saw both the men’s bodies lying on the ground, a steadily filling pool of blood surrounding them. Instead of the dog, a man now stood in the alley; droplets of blood rolling down the blade of the knife in his hand as his pitiless eyes fixed Max with a murderous gaze that would make even the bravest quake in his boots.

“What the fuck?” Max whispered, his voice trembling with terror as he moved away from Kate. With shaky fingers he reached behind him and pulled a very large gun from the waist of his low hanging trousers. Pointing it at Richard, the thug shouted “Die bastard!” before pulling the weapon’s trigger.

Kate watched in horror as bullets exploded into her savour’s chest, blowing bloody chunks of flesh from his chest, yet he just stood there; his gaze never wavering. Smoke rose from the barrel as Max unloaded round after round, his eyes widening as one shell proved as ineffective as the last.

In the blink of an eye, Richard was standing over Max and the would be rapist gaped like a fish as he saw the bullet wounds in the vampire’s chest healing; the lead dust of the bullets falling to the floor in great piles. Looking up, Max could see a blazing fury burning inside the onyx black irises and for the first time in his life; he was afraid.

Knocking the gun out of the smaller man’s hand, Richard watched in amusement as the thug pulled out a knife and made no movement to stop him as Max plunged the blade into his chest. Red death bubbled past the dagger’s hilt but he just grabbed Max by the jacket and hoisted the man up to his eye level, enjoying the fear that shined in his cold grey eyes as he stuttered “Wh..What are you?”

Leaning down, the vampire whispered “I’m complicated.” before plunging his fangs into the man’s neck and drinking from the screaming man. When his first was stated, he withdrew the blade from his chest and thrust its blood painted steel into the rapist’s heart before letting the corpse fall to the ground. Dropping the stolen knife he’s taken from one the other two thugs, , Richard wiped any lingering trace of his meal from his lips before turning back to Kate.

A quick check revealed that she had gone into shock, her blank eyes staring up at him as he wrapped an arm around her waist before cutting her bonds. Free from the restraints, her limp body fell into his waiting arms and he placed her gently on the stone floor before checking her for injuries; however he was so immersed in his work that he never noticed the movement to his right.

Glimpsing the flash of metal in the moon light, Richard spun around but he was too late to stop the shorter member of the group from slashing the blade of his knife across his neck.  Stumbling back, he clasped a hand across the gaping wound, chilled vampire blood running between his fingers as he looked up and watched the coward drop his knife before starting to run back the way he came.

Growling in fury, he lunged forward and grabbed the blade before throwing it into the man’s back; his heightened vision allowing him to enjoy the sight of the spinning blade slicing through the man’s back and into his lungs. The bastard wasn’t dead but by the time the local police found his and his friends rotting corpses; scavengers will have eaten all that could have identified this as anything other than a drunken brawl that got out of hand.

Ignoring the complaints from his wounds, Richard slowly scooped Kate back in his arms before both their bodies suddenly turned to mist.


Richard was kneeling beside the couch, watching over the girl he had met. She was still in shook but now she mumbled half formed words that made little sense even to him. Reaching up with his index finger, he slowly traced along fading scar that cut viciously across his neck. The bullet holes in his chest along with the various other lacerations had already vanished; the tattered remnants of his shirt were now the only evidence of his injuries.

“What is it about you that would make me do that?” He whispered quietly, more to himself then to the sleeping girl. Vampires weren’t known for their generosity and for Richard, killing four men; even scum like them, was quite a feat.

Resting his hand against her cheek, he slowly began affectionately stroking the soft curve of her jaw. She was so warm, so soft, she reminded him of a new-born kitten. Suddenly Richard felt an overwhelming urge to kiss the girl and though his mind told him it was wrong, he found himself leaning forward, her sweet sent flooding his senses as their lips came together…

It was like she was awakening form a most horrible dream and slowly, Kate felt herself being pulled out of the darkness, her ears pricking up at the soft sound of breathing and a slight tickling on her lips. Then, it all stopped and a light pressure pressed against her lips, causing her sleepy mind to snap to attention. Surprised by her rapid recovery, Richard was thrown back onto his haunches as she jolted upright. Her hair was a little wild but her eyes were wilder, practically bulging out of their sockets as her mind reeled with the night’s events.

Setting her terrified eyes on Richard, she almost fell off the back of the couch in her rush to get away. “Where…where am I?”
Richard just smiled, his lips pulling up into a smile as his eyes twinkled merrily with amusement. Clearing his throat and seating himself in the sofa across from her, he said. “It’s okay; this is my home, I brought you here to recover.”
Kate looked at him sceptically; her sapphire eyes darting around her surroundings, searching for a means of escape. However the room was sealed tight with only two doors allowing admittance and unfortunately, both of them were on the opposite side of the room with a vampire standing between her and them.
“So,” Richard began, making the first move at conversation “I guess you have some questions about what happened in that alleyway tonight.”
For minutes there was only silence as Kate looked at Richard suspiciously, watching in case he decided to get a bit peckish before she asked “What are you?”

“Well might as well get the obvious stuff out of the way…” Richard said chuckling lightly, “I’m a vampire.”

Kate just stared at him unbelievingly as her mind tried to process this information. If she hadn’t of seen him kill those guys like they were nothing, she wouldn’t of believed him and suggested he seek some professional help. After all, a Vampire! Who did this guy think he was kidding. He looked as much like an undead bloodsucker as she did a six thousand year old mummy. There was no way he could be a vampire.

It wasn’t just his appearance, although he did look less like a creepy mansion dwelling fiend than a male model; the kind of man whose tailored suits, impeccable style and dreamy good looks drove girls to an earth shattering orgasm just because he flashed them a smile. But the problem was deeper than that, a lot deeper. For one thing he had no fangs, not even oversized canines.

“How do I know you are what you say you are?” Kate finally asked “You say you are a vampire but…”

“But everyone knows vampires don’t exist.” Richard quickly interjected, his eyes never wavering. “Is it really so difficult to believe? From an early age human children are taught to fear the darkness, so perhaps there really things which go bump in the night, maybe your entire species is merely living in a state of denial?”

“Alright,” Kate said, struggling to find fault in his words when the evidence was standing right before her eyes. “Let’s pretend that I believe in vampires, how am I supposed to believe you really are what you say you are? Do you know how many weirdo’s are out there who believe they’re Vampires?”

“Yea I’ve seen them, black lipstick and nail polish with more piercings than I can count.” Richard said before slowly getting up from his chair and walking to a mini bar that had been set up in a corner of the hotel suit before pouring a drink. “Where do they get off thinking Vampires have no dress sense?” Taking a sip of the red drink, he sat back down in the chair across from her, “But if you want proof that I am what I say I am then look.” He said before craning his head back so that Kate could clearly see the faded scar.

Kate could only stare, her eyes widening as the memory of Richard’s throat being cut flashed before her eyes. Reaching out and lightly running her index finger over the near invisible blemish that had been gushing blood less than half an hour ago. However before she could ask about it, something else caught her attention; a little higher were two very pale marks.

“Can I see them?”

“Can you see what, Kate?” Richard asked, watching her curiously.

“Your fangs…” There was a slight falter in Kate’s voice but she stayed firm; knowing that she had to see them. Impressed by her daring, the vampire gave her a small smile before opening his jaws and so extending his fangs. He only meant to show her the deadly endowments but before he could stop her, she reached out and ran her thumb along his sharpened canine; but she pushed too hard and accidentally cut her skin on its knife like edge.

Richard could feel his eyes glaze over, turning a fiery red as a drop of her sweet blood landed on his tongue. Kate pulled back suddenly as she realized what she had done but it was too late, he had already begun panting in ecstasy and with sudden speed, he grabbed her retreating finger and pulled it back into his mouth. He could feel Kate shudder in pleasure as he lightly suckled at her cut before using his tongue to seal the wound. He let the finger slip from his mouth and then let out a sigh as he turned his head upwards to look at Kate. She stood with her eyes hooded, and lips red and trembling, as if silently begging to be kissed. Silently, Richard took her hand and pulled her towards him, leaning up to kiss her as a different kind of hunger flooded his senses.

His mouth took hers with a passion she had never known, stealing not only the air in her lungs but all sense of logic and reason from her mind. Whimpering against his mouth as his tongue began to toy with her lips, coaxing them open bit by bit. His lips were rougher and thinner than what she had expected; but when he tugged lightly at her bottom lip she decided that she could learn to like it. Hot and demanding, Kate quickly yielded to him, causing the small embers inside of her body to ignite into a wildfire as the kiss became more savage.

Pushing her lover back so that he was sitting beneath her, she sank to her knees on the seat and straddled him, their tongues battling wantonly for control of the embrace as her slender tangled in his dark locks of his hair. Feeling her small body pressed against his own, the Vampire lost all his power to resist and locked his hands tightly to her hips, pulling her enticing form tight against his body.

The battling between their tongues went on till they had to break the lip-lock to breath or more precisely so Kate could breath. Gasping wantonly, The teen looked intently into her lover’s black eyes as she bit seductively onto his lower lip before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss, Richard could feel something welling up inside of him; something he hadn’t felt for more than a malenia. Was it because of Kate, could she be the reason his vampire senses were going haywire; no that was impossible. But if it was her then that would mean…

“Kate, we need to stop this,” Richard said sadly, pushing her off him as he stood up. It was the last thing he wanted but If he didn’t stop this now, then he could not guarantee her safety; something inside him wanted her and he wasn’t going to risk her life just to satisfy the beast in him.

“But Richard…” Kate cried, running into his arms as tears began to flow freely from her eyes at his rejection. “I don’t want to, why must we stop?”

“Kate, listen to me” Richard whispered softly into the girls ear, wrapping an arm around her protectively and drawing her close to him as he desperately sought the words to make her understand. “If we don’t stop now then I’m not sure what might happen.”

“I don’t care Richard!” Kate cried, looking up at him so that he could see the tears in her eyes as she said “I just want to be with you.” before she lent up and captured his lips in a soft kiss.


They fought somewhat, vying for control of each other yet at the same time working together towards the same goal, which was the twin-sized bed on the other side of Richard‘s suite.

As they reach the door, the realization that to get in, someone is going to have to take their hands off the other for some period of time suddenly hit the pair.

Though they were both frightened by the dilemma, you’d hardly notice. Richard’s hands were fixed to her hips while Kate’s hands were not quite sure where they wanted to be and instead tried to be everywhere at once, running from his hair to down his back and then up his front. Add to that the fact that their hips were grinding together in an all too familiar fashion, and their lips were fastened so tight that they’d both have bruises for days.

In their minds, the dilemma regarding the door was of the most importance and Richard ran through all the logical assumptions that one could muster when making out with the most beautiful creature on God’s earth before kicking the door with all his strength. A loud crack filled the room as the timber snapped off its hinges and flew across the room.

Kate groaned into his mouth as she nearly lost her balance as they stumbled into the room and crossed the first few steps before falling backwards and landing on the soft embrace of Richard‘s bed. Finding herself on top of the vampire, she couldn’t resist flashing him a seductive smile before swinging a leg over him and straddling his thighs  as  she whispered in a very business-like manner “Now then, Mr Richard, just lie back. This won’t hurt a bit.”
As Richard watched her movements, his hand twisted, gripping the sheets harder as he prepared for the onslaught to come. “Mmm…a little bit of pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Miss Frost.”

Grinning wolfishly, she leant forward. A shiver running down her spine as she noted how his eyes glittered in the low light, their onyx depths suddenly a rich deep ruby black the likes of which she’d never seen before. Feeling playful, she lightly kissed each of his eyelids in turn. “You have such beautiful eyes.” She sighed, before grinning as she noted the way he shivered when her heated breath spilled across his skin. She kissed his nose, then his cheeks, then his chin, before rubbing the soft skin of her cheek against the stubble roughened skin of his jaw, the contrast in texture making her purr with delight. Her hair brushing his bare neck and he groaned softly as it tickled him. She sighed again, hardly daring to believe this was real, that this was actually happening at last.

She dropped a kiss on his jaw before sweeping her tongue up the curve of it, lightly teasing the spot beneath his ear. Slightly salty and sweet, the taste of him spilled over her tongue and she shuddered lightly in delight. Needing more, she began to kiss and nibble his neck fervently, not even noticing as one of his hands came up and buried itself in her hair.

With a fiery passion, Kate explored Richard with her mouth. Her tongue mapping the curve of his collarbone as her talented fingers urgently worked to divest him of his shirt, her lips mapping the slope of his shoulder and the hard contours of his chest, her teeth tugging gently at his flat nipples as she went. Her hands wandered, fingers tracing the bones of his face, the rippling muscles of his arms, stroking and kneading soft skin and hard muscle. She was lost in the taste and feel of him, in the sounds of his soft panting breath and groans.

A gentle tugging at her hair suddenly brought Kate back to reality and she lifted her head obediently to meet Richard’s glazed eyes as he said. “I have lived over a thousand years, survived a hundred wars and countless confrontations, but I think your teasing may just be what finally kills me for good.” The vampire’s voice was low and strained, and she couldn’t help smiling with satisfaction as a feeling of immense pride filled her at the knowledge that she could elicit such a reaction from one so powerful.

“I promise I won’t let it kill you.” And then her seductive smile grew as she dragged her hands down his chest, letting her nails scrape over his sensitised skin. He let out a long, sharp hiss that made a shiver run down Kate’s spine as her nail drew over his dusky nipple and taken by an idea, she bent down and blew against the scratched area. The hiss deepened and turned into a low groan. She continued to blow against his nipple until his eyes fluttered shut then she dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue over the flesh. His eyes flew open and he bucked up against her. Keeping their eyes locked together when she bit down and then pulled back to blow, making Richard growl as he bucked his hips up against hers. This time both of them let out a low moan.

Pulling back from his chest, Kate worked her way down the quivering flesh of his stomach to his abdomen, stopping only to gently kiss his navel before dipping her tongue in his belly button. His hips jerked at the contact and his erection brushed the full swell of her breast as he dropped his head back against the pillow. Curious, the teen looked down and contemplated the very impressive bulge in his jeans for a moment, admiring its already remarkable girth before taking a deep breath as she finally slide further down his legs. The garment’s rough fabric brushed against her skin as she went and made her moan in the back of throat, and she was unable to resist rubbing her bosom against him, enjoying the friction against her sensitive nipples for a moment before returning her attention to the matter at hand.

“May I?” she asked jokingly as her forefinger ran lightly over his belly.

“I don’t think you actually need to ask…” he replied in a low sensual voice.

With his consent, she lightly traced her trembling finger along the outline of his cock through the fabric before suddenly drawing back in surprise as it twitched in response. Intrigued, Kate did it again, only to be distracted by Richard’s low moan and subsequent mumbling.

‘She’s going to tease me to death’

Giggling nervously, she decided to take pity on the man spread out beneath her. Moving to sit between his legs, she undid the button of his jeans and tugged the garment down his muscular legs with a quick pull. Not saying a word, the vampire lifted his hips to help Kate get them all the way off but couldn’t help moaning in relief as his straining member sprang free.

Her eyes fixed onto his erected member, it seemed she hadn’t been the only one to of enjoyed the teasing. Kate placed her hands on his thighs and started to massage them as she slowly slid up towards his swelling organ. To turned-on to look away, Richard watched her face; a look of deep concentration worn on her beautiful features as her hand moved towards him.

Her finger moved along the tip of his shaft, making Richard hiss and Kate felt his body jump towards her. Letting out a shocked gasp, she pulled her hand away before looking up at him in a mix of confusion and fascination. Tilting her head to the side, she slid her hand back up along his thigh and Richard couldn’t help the grin that passed over his face at Kate’s look of pure determination as she reached out and ran her fingers up his cock from base, buried in a light nest of dark hair to the mushroom shaped tip. She gasped in surprise at the heat it radiated, and then wrapped her fingers around him, amazed by the silken texture of the skin surrounding the rock hard monolith. Squeezing him gently before tracing the vein on the underside with her thumb, she watched in fascination as the vampire’s hips bucked and a pearly drop of moisture appeared on its apex.

Richard’s eyes were closed as he tried to relax, his heart beating faster than he could ever remember as her lithe fingers reached out and wrapped around his length and Kate heard him release a grunt of pleasure as she felt his shaft pulsed in her grasp; her thumb lightly pressing on his sensitive tip as she started to stoke him slowly from the base to glistening head; making him buck his hips into her hand as he barely held onto any form of coherent thought. Thrown into purgatory and torn between ecstasy and agony, he couldn’t help enjoying the teen’s attention to his member.

Suddenly, Richard’s eyes shot open as he felt something warm and wet wrap around the head of his cock. He bucked up in surprise and let out a small shout not really believing what he was seeing as he watched himself disappearing into Kate’s mouth before becoming lost in the sensation as she alternated between moving down to take more of his flesh in and sucking gently at his member. He fought against a need to buck up into her mouth and grasped the sheets to stop his hands from wandering down to grip her head.

“oh god, Kate… more…more” spoke Richard in a low, husky voice, making Kate smile as she gave him what he wanted by taking all of him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her scarlet lips. The skin of his member was so sensitive right then that Richard’s eyes began to roll as he felt every minimal movement that her tongue would do inside her mouth and onto his shaft, her teeth scraping his skin lightly and every time she inhaled, he could sense his manhood pulsing in her damp orifice.

One of Kate’s hands reached the base of Richard’s swelling member as she kept on bending up and down on him, massaging the exposed skin of his shaft with her forefinger as her thumb applied a light pressure that made the vampire groan all the louder. Her hand travelled gently along his phallus as her mouth enclosed half of the length in its warmth. Occasionally she would lick along the phallus’s sides while her hand massaged him at the base. As her motions gradually increased in speed, the teen could practically feel his body stiffen as he vocalized his pleasure.

Suddenly, she began to think about her predicament from a more logical point of view; she was sitting between the legs of a naked vampire who was also the most gorgeous man she had ever met and was on his bed; giving him head. She was also falling madly in love with him and she knew it but she was also unsure of the vampire’s feelings towards her. All through her life, Kate had been able to read people quite accurately, but when it came to this creature, Richard; she just couldn’t.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, Richard gasped before twining his fingers in her black locks, holding onto her head by her as he and slowly began guiding her motions as she continued to pleasure him. He knew he was really close to climaxing, never had a woman been able to drive him as mad as this one was. He had almost lost all the control over his body, his hips were bucking faster and harder into her mouth every time he felt her tongue play on the small hole at the tip of his member.

Kate could feel his orgasm coming on, as much as Richard tried to suppress it she could feel his body shaking and his cock twitching. Wrapping her lips around his penis and squeezing it with her mouth, she stroked him hard with her hands.

“oh god, Kate!” her name left his lips as one last stroke brought him over the edge, his hot seed exploding from his thick manhood into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. The Vampire was panting heavily, his body covered with sweat, and the wave of adrenaline that the incredible orgasm had brought in his blood was making him tremble slightly. At his climax, Kate put her mouth over the head of his penis and sucked in all his juices, she tried to swallow as much as she could but it came into her mouth to fast.

As her mouth began to overflow, the current of Richard‘s seed finally began to cease. Coming back down to earth, the first thing he saw was the teen above him, looking down at him with a sly smile; she looked pleased with herself.

“That was…well…let me show you.” And before Kate could react, Richard flipped their positions. Her body bounced somewhat as he pushed her further into mattress, her head sinking between the pillows. He had her where he wanted her now. Under him, here in his bed, powerless; he already knew that this Girl had etched herself into his heart and he would prove it to her by making love to her in ways he never had with anyone else or she ever could.

He pushed himself up off of her, but not enough to give her any type of manoeuvrability. He looked down at her and Kate could have sworn she saw him smirking before his lips changed shape as he came down to meet her parted lips in a searing kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the connection; trying desperately not to lose herself in the sensation of his tongue sweeping across her mouth, tickling her gums and challenging her own tongue to a playful duel that left her breathless with anticipation. She fought the urge to whimper as his mouth left hers.

Kate’s mind fought her body against the desire to give in to Richard as she felt his middle index finger slipping lower and beneath her dress before delving into her delicately. The digit rubbed gingerly against her inner spot, causing her to thrash her head from side to side as stars began to flash before her eyes.

“Mmm Kate, you’re so wet.” He shifted so he could look into her eyes, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips as he whispered “So soft and wet.” His finger delved deeper, tracing the contents of her orifice, slickened with moisture, before moving up to brush the tiny bundle of nerves hidden just above. Kate arched against his him, moaning loudly as her eyes widened with rapturous pleasure, making Richard smile before he did it again. Lost in her carnal rapture, she never noticed her vampire lover suddenly pull her dress up and over her head, leaving her bear before his hungry eyes.

“Richard…” Her voice was filled with awe, wonder and passion and Richard was sure he had never seen anything more beautiful all of his undead life.

He pushed his finger in deep, before pulling it out again and repeating the motion over and over again until he heard the teen’s breath begin to catch in her throat. Then he added another finger and watched her intently as she lost herself in the sensation of him stroking the most intimate part of her being.

“Oh, God, Richard…that feels…it’s….ohhhh” A primitive sense of animal pride filled the vampire as he feasted on the sight of her. He’d done this to her, he’d taken this sweet, innocent, beautiful Girl and, simply by touching her, reduced her to a bunch of mumbling scattered words and nonsense syllables. Something rose deep inside him that demanded more, demanded that he make her completely lose the fluency and self-control she wore like clothes. Slowly, circling her clit with his thumb and making her legs instinctively open wider; Richard positioned himself at her entrance.

Kate moaned loudly as the pleasure built, higher and higher within her. It was too much, but still not enough. She wanted, she needed more; she couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t hold a single thought in her head and all she knew was the pleasure and that Richard’s lustful eyes were watching her. She felt the flood of sensations approach critical mass, knew she couldn’t take much more of this wonderful, torturous pleasure and her body felt like white fire was running through her veins.

Their lips met once more and his member that had been painfully engorged sheathed itself inside of her tightness but in the wash of her orgasm, Kate never felt any pain her barrier was broken, only pleasure as he began to rock against her steadily. No longer able to stand it, Kate wrapped her legs and arms around his body wondering if he had noticed that she was no longer restrained by his limbs. His dick had penetrated so deep that he was all the way against her cervix. What little pain there was quickly faded and a feeling of intense pleasure soon took it’s place as she tightened her hold around him with her legs, savouring the closeness of their bodies pressed together.

“Ohhhhhh Kate!” he moaned, gasping in pleasure as he tried to fend off the desire to cum right then and there. She was just so tight around him. “God…I love the way your pussy clings to me…”

She closed her eyes, going silent as she felt him withdrew almost completely and a feeling of emptiness consume her before opening her eyes again and moaning as he sank back into her, so deep, stretching her out beautifully…”Oh, Richard,” she moaned, whimpering as she felt his rough fingers roll over her throbbing clit. “I love having you inside me…inside my…my pussy,” she whispered, blushing as she added, “Fill my pussy more, push it into me more, please…I want you to make love to me so much…don’t stop, don’t ever stop…” Leaning up, she kissed him deeply, lapping at his lips with her tongue as she became bolder.

Bearing his fangs in a lustful grin as the words passed her beautiful lips, it was so cute to hear the words that had flown from countless sluts coming from one so innocent, and he wanted to hear so much more. “Tell me to fuck you Kate… and I will.” Richard murmured softly into her ear, sinking more of his member within her depths, yet still only having about half of his length inside her at the moment. “Kate…. god you feel so good…” He groaned out through clenched teeth while withdrawing his member almost all the way out of her again. “Tell me to fuck you….”

“F-F-Fuck me,” she whispered desperately, her blush deepening even more as she spoke, the unfamiliar words not coming easily to her lips as she rolled her hips experimentally against his, trying to coax him forward. “Please…fuck me Richard…you’re so big and hard inside me. I need you so much…” She clawed at his back wantonly, her nails scraping across his muscular hindquarters as she gazed up into his eyes and she whispered, “I want you to love me more…” She suddenly screamed out his name at the feeling of him filling her, all conscious thought melting away into a white hot sea of pleasure.

“Oh my God…Richard! Oh it feels good…It feels so good!” she cried, kissing the vampire again as he abruptly slowed his pace but each thrust gave her that intense wave of pleasure that would compensate for his slackened speed. It was obvious that he realized exactly which spots made her tick and was enjoying taking advantage of it.

Richard groaned at the sensations from her tight confines, his every sense overloading as her irresistible scent filled his head and made his mouth water. He had never held out this long before feeding during a fuck and his thirst was growing by the second. His hunger for the teen was strong and the desire to taste Kate’s blood was becoming undeniable, yet he fought his very nature to strike at the girl. Richard had heard of vampires that could control such desires during mating though he had no doubt that they had drunk their fill before the actual copulation. And he was starving, having lost all the blood he‘d drunk earlier that night in the process of healing his wounds and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.

Kate pushed against him, rolling them over so that her body straddled his. Placing her hands securely on the mattress, she started to ride the man; moving up and down the rigid cock without a shred of modesty. Growing more comfortable on top of Richard, her strides quickly became longer and harder; causing her to bounce higher on his groin and her breasts to jiggle with every movement. Soon her motions involved her whole body and as she bounced up and down; no part of her body remained stationary.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Kate moaned as she crashed down on Richard’s cock; causing it to penetrate a bit deeper. Her strides were now an upwards glide than a crashing down slam. The gentleness was gone and a sex crazed beast inside the teen had immerged, her strides becoming more rapid and so violent that Richard could no longer resist and thrust his hip up to meet her decent.

“UH-UH-UH-OH…RICHARD! OH FUCK! YES MORE… MY LOVE! FUCK ME MORE!” she screamed, working her body along his length with increasing vigour. Her hands slid up her body to fondle her own soft mounds, sending bolts of pleasure along her spine and causing her head to roll back due to the feeling of pure ecstasy she was experiencing down between her thighs. His thick member was hitting her pleasure spot over and over again making her moan louder each time as she neared her climax.

Leaning up, Richard moved his hands to her back and ran his fingers along her spine while trailing fiery kisses along her collarbone. He could smell fresh, young blood rushing through her veins and it only served to drive the vampire on “Faster.” He said and the command was met with Kate’s body sliding at a rapid pace against his own. She let out long, loud moans as every time he was fully encased within her. He nibbled on her jaw line following its curve to the other side of her neck and suddenly biting down, causing her to gasp.

“Yes-yes-yes-oh Richard!!” Kate cried, riding his cock with increased fervour, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum soon! Oh God I feel it!”

“Uh-uh-uh-oh, Kate! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming! Oh God you’re so beautiful!” he panted. But he was unprepared for what happened next.

The teen’s movements suddenly stopped and she took his hands off her body before trapping him beneath her. Their eyes were level and Richard could see a desperate look in her sapphire orbs as she begged. “Please… Please change me. Make me one of you…so that you can love me forever!”

In his current state, the words that had just passed through her lips were a godsend. When he had clasped eyes on her, Richard had vowed to not feed from her without her consent and that was the only thing that had stopped the vampire from feeding. And yet her she was not only asking him to bite her, but also to turn her. In his rational mind, Richard would have never agreed and would have tried to talk her out of it but right then; all the predator could see was blood. But there was something else he wanted as well.

Leaning up, he whispered softly into her ear “Everything I am is yours. And all you are is mine. Blood of my Blood, flesh of my flesh; together forever…” his fangs were plunged deep into her throat at the same time as he plunged himself back into her depths. Orgasmic screams filled the room as Richard drank from Kate, savouring every drop of her sweet nectar as he drained her to the point where she had not a single drop of blood left within. Feeling her go limp in his arms, Richard felt a sudden stinging sensation stab at his throat as he cut his veins with a sharpened talon before leaning over and spilling his precious blood into the girl’s waiting mouth; completing the bonding.

At the feeling of her tight walls convulsing around him, Richard realised himself within her depths and they fell back on the bed together. Breathing hard as his heart raced, the vampire looked down to the creature lying in his arms. To a human, the deathly paleness of Kate’s skin and her no longer beating heart would be a sure sign of death; but Richard knew better. Pulling the comforter over their bodies, Richard slowly curled up to his new mate before falling into a deep slumber.


Over six centuries later and I and my love are still together; both as young and beautiful as the day were turned. It had taken several days before the transformation was complete and Kate became a Vampire but even as I told her what I had done; she never complained. She just insisted that she was happy to have someone who she loved and who loved her in return. She would then kiss me and drag me to bed. And here I thought I was the insatiable one.

When I was a boy I believed that the world had been against me, when I had been bitten I thought that I must have offended god for he seemed so determined to punish me; now I don’t really give a damn. All I care about is Kate and no matter what happens to the world around us; we shall forever be together.

The End

AN: This is a slightly altered version of my DBZ fan fiction ‘Thirst’, to make it an original work. I had considered rewriting this without the first person but then I decided against it as this would forever remind me why I don’t do First Person stories, I just suck at it to be blunt.

I hope this version goes down better than the original so…
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Eternal Kiss

Disclaimer: I am not the owner of the Underworld Franchise and am in no way making profit from this piece of Fiction

AN: This story is dedicated to my Good friend Kayleigh in celebration of her 18th Birthday.

Eternal Kiss

“Who started the War?” Michael finally asked, breaking the uneasy silence that he and the Vampiress had been sharing for little over an hour as he looked from the silver plated torture instruments that rested on the tray beside him. An almost forgotten warmth begging to spread through his lower body as he couldn’t help but admire the way her tailored, black spandex bodysuit complemented and adhered to the feminine contours of her body.

“They did, or at least that’s what we’ve been lead to believe. Digging into the past is forbidden.” Selene explained while watching with an almost bored interest as the darkened back streets of Budapest were pelted with heavy sheets of rain; her mind desperately seeking any sort distraction from the captivating Lycan who was sitting just meters away.

It wasn’t that he was particularly unpleasant to observe, in fact his western frame and muscular build made him quite the reverse; and that was exactly her problem. She was a vampire, a death dealer and in all probability she will have to kill him within the next 48 hours; so what good would come from allowing herself to become infatuated?

However, against her better judgement; Selene found herself chancing a glance in the newly turned Lycan’s direction. Yet it only made her mouth run dry, fore she saw that the cotton of Michael’s tight fitting T-shirt was still damp from when he had been standing outside Ordoghaz in the pouring rain and was still clinging to his muscular torso like a second skin.

Although he was now a Lycan, Selene knew that the transformation wouldn’t have affected Michael’s physique so quickly so she could only guess his athletic build was a souvenir from his days in college; he certainly bore a deal of resemblance to what the American youth of this age would call, a ‘Jock’.

Taking in the sight of his broad shoulders and powerful arms, the Death Dealer couldn’t help what might have happened if she had met him six centuries earlier; maybe Victor would have allowed her to turn him so he could put such impressive assets to good use in the war. Maybe he could have been her partner…

Realising just what she was considering, Selene had to stop herself as thoughts such as those would lead to nothing but trouble and if any of her fellows found out she had even been considering such a thing about a Lycan; well Kraven would finally have a reason to lock her in Ordoghaz for the rest of her eternal life.

Fortunately for the Vampiress, she was saved the risk of her treacherous mind conjuring up any more ludicrous thoughts by a most unusual ally. Managing to pull her attention away from the sight of Michael and back to the window; she saw to her amazement that the sky was almost a light shade of purple.

Was it possible it could almost be morning? Had they really been sitting in this room now for almost half the night?

Failing to believe even her own eyes, Selene turned to look at the clock hanging on the interrogation chamber’s wall where she saw that it was indeed less than an hour away from sunrise.

“Five O’clock, I’d better get back to Ordoghaz before I’m missed.” She said before quickly walking across the room and to the door, doing her best as she did to not look at Michael for fear of suddenly changing her mind.

“What about me?” Michael asked while standing up from his anything but comfortable chair and doing his best to block Selene’s path.

“Victor will know what to do…” She tried to assure him, yet even Selene found the words hard to swallow fore there was not a soul in the coven who did not know of the Vampire Elders legendary hatred for the Lycan Race. Indeed, there were some who even believed that Victor once had a son who had been killed by the beasts and that was why he harboured such ill feeling for them.

Although this was just one of the many rumours that floated between the inhabitants of Ordoghaz and Selene had put no more stock in it than she had any of the others, she did know there was a chance Victor may immediately order Michael’s execution the moment the Word ‘Lycan’ comes up.

Still, if she could plead her case he may grant the American sanctuary until the truth about Lucian and Kraven came out.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

However, Michael was not satisfied with her answer and using a speed he did not know he possessed; reached out and clasped Selene’s wrist in grip that was harder than iron.

“No, I want to go with you!” He urged while unwittingly pulling Selene closer. Although he was use to hospitalities and some other unpleasant places which reeked of death, this torture chamber was defiantly somewhere he did not want to spend an entire day; especially by himself.

However, with every step that brought them closer together; the more the American began to notice about the European beauty. Her scent for example, was intoxicating and so unlike those which belonged to women he would usually meet in the running of his day to day life. There was no stink of disinfectant or the reeking odour of an overpowering perfume around her, only the tangy aroma of what he guessed to be Gunpowder hidden beneath a sheet of fragrances that reminded him of the forests he grew up in.

Yet, what Michael really found so amazing about the Vampiress was her eyes; never before had he seen eyes like Selene’s. Although a blazing shade of cerulean, they seemed to bare more resemblance to the raging waters of a tropical sea as emotions the likes of which he had never seen shone within their depths; almost like they were calling him into their captivating abyss.

Selene however, was suffering from a very different kind of intoxication.

When Michael had first grabbed her arm, she had had to fight the natural reaction of reaching for the gun at her hip. Yet, as he began to pull her closer; something other than the desire to kill hit the Vampiress. A sensation the likes of which she had not felt in centuries, not since a way of safely storing blood was first conceived.


She could smell Michael’s blood and as their proximity grew, so did the delicious, coppery fragrance of his life giving fluid. Although the cloned blood she was now obligated by the laws of the coven to feed on was fine, it was the same to her as surviving only on bread and water was to a human; it just couldn’t compare to the sheer luxuriousness of the real thing.

Almost entranced by its heavenly scent, Selene could feel her mind slipping into a cloudy haze as she began to freely walk into his embrace; her heart practically skipping every other beat as she inhaled more of the enticing aroma that made her mouth water.

So enveloped were they within their own misty worlds, it was hard for either to tell just who had made the first move yet it didn’t matter much, for soon their lips were sealed together in a passionate embrace.

‘By the Elders,’ Selene moaned, instantly becoming addicted to the foreign sensation of the Lycan’s rough lips being pressed against her own.

‘She tastes like…Strawberries?’ Michael mentally observed while all but attempting to drink the Vampiress dry through the kiss and relishing in her surprisingly sweet flavour. This was something he had wanted to do ever since he first saw her in that Budapest Station, just days ago when all he ever had to worry about was if he’d be able to stay awake during a life or death operation and had no idea that a secret war taking place beneath the city’s streets.

Life had seemed so simple back then yet if he could spend the rest of eternity kissing this gorgeous European beauty; well then being exposed to this new world would defiantly be worth its hardships.

Unfortunately, just because he and she were robbed of their mortality didn’t mean they were free from their biological need for oxygen but so wrapped in their own passion were they that neither immortal could remember this until they were quite literally starved for it; and only then did they break the sensual contact.

Almost gasping for breath, Selene had to fight the urge to collapse as she tottered from side to side before resting her head against the equally breathless Michael. Whether by desire or just simple oxygen starvation, her mind had been enveloped and for the first time in over half a millennium, she found herself unable to even consider the war that had left her an orphan so very long ago.

Only when she suddenly felt the warm touch of Michael’s surprisingly calloused fingers on her chilled skin did the Vampiress wake from the haze and quickly remembering just who it was she had just kissed; Selene did her best to try and separate herself from the overbearingly insistent Lycan.

“No…We shouldn’t be doing this…” Selene protested desperately, going so far as to even press her hands against his chest in a vain attempt to make the predatory American back away. However, lost was her physical strength and so it seemed was that of her words for Michael seemed no more convinced by them than she herself.

Desires the likes of which Michael had never considered possible coursed through his veins like a blazing river of molten laver, setting every nerve in his body alight as he drank in the sight of her. He could see the emotions that crossed her eyes and knew she wanted him just as much as he desired her yet still she was resisting him and for a moment, he could only wonder why.

When realisation did finally dawn on him though, Michael felt like a complete and utter fool for being so blind. Of course she would hesitate after spending all her life hunting the creature he had become, after what she had told him about her family he should probably consider himself lucky that she hadn’t already shot him.

Fortunately, whether it was due to his new Lycan heritage or just male ego; something in the American wasn’t prepared to give up when a simple push in the right place would compel her to succumb to him.

“Selene…” He all but growled in a voice that would make almost any woman turn to jelly as he slowly ran the tips of his fingers across her cool cheek. “You’re the beautiful and amazing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on.”

Hearing this made the pale remnants of a blush spread across her skin beneath his touch yet she continued to resist, even as her head slowly began to lean forward. Her vampire instincts told her to stop yet a much stronger side, a part of her being which she had not felt in a very long time denied any such action.

“No…” she protested as their lips continued to draw ever closer, painfully aware that the breathlessness of her voice completely belied the word.

Although Michael heard her protests in the back of his mind, he paid them no head as with one last gesture; he closed the gap that separated them and once again captured the European beauty’s chilled lips with his own.

Despite her complainants, Selene immediately parted her lips to welcome the American’s tongue into her orifice when she felt the intimate contact and within seconds; she had become lost in the delicious sensation. For the first time in 600 years, Selene was engaging in real intimate contact with someone she truly cared for and it was something she wanted to remember for the rest of eternity.

She wanted to remember the incredible magic his lips could work on hers, the delicious majesty of his powerful tongue as it pillaged her; she wanted to remember everything about this moment. She wanted to remember it for as long as she would live, whether that is till tomorrow or the very end of days themselves.

Leaning into his embrace, the Vampiress wantonly wrapped her arms around the Lycan’s neck as she kissed him back with a passion she had only ever expressed towards her Death Dealer duties.

Lost in the tide of sensations that flowed through them from the forbidden act, the world around the couple seemed to fade into a smeared blur as they slowly backed into the steel chair; their limbs threatening to give way beneath them with every step they took.

Falling back into the chair he had thought so uncomfortable just moments ago, Michael couldn’t help but release a comfortable sigh as he felt the soft mass that was Selene land on his lap. Unable to resist noticing as she did that they seemed to fit together almost like two pieces of a jigsaw, the athletic contours of her slender frame moulding to his muscular structure like setting jelly in a bowl.

Completely consumed by her desire, an intense sensation that almost made her delirious flooded her mind as she pressed her advantage to taste more of Michael’s lips; making the world they were in seem like some celestial dream. Yet after having spent the last six centuries of her life hunting Lycans down like the animals they were, parts of Selene still couldn’t believe that she was surrendering herself to one, didn’t quiet know how she was able to do this without having the smooth barrel of a gun and in truth Selene didn’t quite understand or believe it herself.

However, she did know it was something she had to do or else she might just go insane.

Likewise, Michael thought that he was just moments away from being consumed in a raging ball of fiery lust as the heat burning away inside of him seemed to spread through him and all he could do to save himself was to have her. His motions almost turning wild as he clutched her to him, moulding her body against his until he was almost sure that his steely hardness had penetrated her through the thick barrier of her body suit as his hands eagerly travelled the length of her back and down to hungrily cup the full flesh of her butt and bring her arching against him.

However, soon the desire for more had mounted another assault on the Lycan’s senses and compelled to satisfy the near overwhelming power of desire, he reluctantly pulled his lips from hers and began to trail kisses across the soft skin of her cheek and down to the hollow of her slender throat.

His attentions were wild and almost certainly influenced by the Werewolf venom coursing through his veins fore it seemed he was more of an animal than a man while he hungrily ravaged her neck; gently torturing the sensitive flesh by licking and gnawing on it like a hungry beast.

The Lycan’s actions were savage yet also very pleasurable for Selene and although the gentle pressure he was worshipping upon her body with was sure to leave marks, she just couldn’t find it in herself to care so long as he didn’t stop.

Moaning lowly as she felt Michael slowly come to the base of throat, the Vampiress was about to interrupt when a long moan was suddenly drawn from her reddened lips as she felt him trail the tips of his fingers up along her ribs until they found her breasts. Encased within the tight confinement of her spandex bodysuit, her breasts were less than half their usual sensitivity but that was more than enough to coax a reaction from her body.

“Michael!” Selene gasped, tilting her head back as she felt him continue to kiss the exposed flesh of her pharynx while he slowly kneaded her soft orbs through the synthetic fibre bodysuit. However, so immersed was she in the attentions that caused her chilled vampire blood to boil; she didn’t notice until it was too late that she could only feel one of his hands.

Hearing the Vampiress wanton moan, an almost wolfish smile formed across Michael’s thin lips as he took advantage of Selene’s distraction to slowly reach for the zip of her body suit and being sure to continue his motions on her covered breast; he slowly began to undo the bonding. Careful to keep the action slow so as to not catch her attention, he cautiously drew the zipper down along its track to the centre of her abdomen.

Surprised by the sudden sensation of a cool bereave running across the once hidden flesh of her stomach, Selene’s head was quickly cleared of the sexual haze and looking down, she thought she may just die from embarrassment.

Raised in a time that such an act as this was considered to be forbidden if not bound by wedlock, Selene had never been given a chance to share herself with someone she truly loved before her family had been killed and then so obsessed was she with avenging them; there had been little time left in her life to even consider a physical relationship.

This was the first time a man Selene truly cared for was being allowed to see her naked body yet although it was embarrassing, when she saw the emotions that shone in Michael’s eyes…

She knew there was no need to fear fore he would never be disappointed.

With his mind locked in concentration, Michael never noticed Selene’s movement until he felt her run her cool fingers across the side of his face and down to his chin where she used her superior strength to incline his head up as she swooped down to hungrily kiss him. The kiss was short but fierce and more than enough to temporarily cool Michael’s burning Lycan libido long enough for her to push the remainder of the spandex outfit off her shoulders without interference.

Hearing the motion of the synthetic fabric, the American felt his mouth run dry as he slowly looked down to take in the sheer magnificence of Selene’s feminine beauty. His already straining member seeming to grow twice as agonizingly stiff by him just gazing at the perfection he had never seen in any woman he had met.

“God Selene…you’re so gorgeous…” Michael murmured, in utter awe of her exquisite breasts as he admired their fullness and creamily pale complexion that accentuated the contrast with the rosy nipples that due to either his attentions or the sudden change of temperature had stiffened.

The sight soon drew the hungry beast from him once more and licking his lips, Michael flashed Selene a sly grin before firmly gripping the soft skin of her sides as he took one of the Vampiress’s rosy buds into his mouth. Caught off guard, Selene released a gasp of surprise as she felt his thin lips begin to suckle her breast, sending shocks of delight through her system that not even a successful night’s Lycan hunting could match.

With his focus fixed solely on the task of circling her stiff nipple with his tongue, Michael wasn’t entirely sure how he had managed to slide the remainder of the bodysuit from Selene’s form without having to move her. However, with much more pressing matters, like pillaging this precious European beauty on his mind, he thought it better to just let his hands do the work and so he discarded spandex with a flick of his wrist to the other side of the interrogation chamber.

Gently nipping her breast so as to not risk breaking the skin before circling the pebbled bud one last time with his tongue, Michael then abandoned the inviting orb to capture the Vampiress’s parted lips in another wild kiss as he used both of his strong hands to clutch her succulent, bare rump. Selene’s own hands were now wrapped around his neck, drawing him closer to her as she dug her sharp claws into his muscular back.

Although locked with his, gasps of ecstasy flowed from Selene’s lips as she felt the weight of the Lycan’s manhood rubbing against her sacred entrance through the rough fabric of his jeans. The sensation alone was maddening and made all thoughts of anything over than Michael evaporate from her mind to the point where she doubted that she’d care if Victor himself walked into the room and saw what she and the American were doing.

Her thirst for him was insatiable and like her hunger for life’s blood, she knew that if she didn’t have him soon; she would go insane.

In fact, so strong was her desire for him that she acted without even considering the action. Unhooking one of her arms from around his neck, Selene slowly trailed the appendage down Michael’s shirt covered chest, her sharp talons scrapping across the Lycan’s hard-abs and drawing long hisses from his lips as she slowly descended between their bodies until she came to the straining fabric that covered his groin.

Breathlessly breaking the passionate kiss, a smirk quickly spread across the Vampiress’s swollen, bloody red lips as she took in the questioning look on Michael’s face as he felt the light pressing of her hand on him through the material.

“Selene? What are you…” he tried to ask but was cut off suddenly by a long moan that passed his lips as she tightly gripped his hard shaft and began massaging him at agonizingly slow pace.

“Sshhhh…Michael, don’t talk.” she whispered before leaning forward so that she was just inches away from his ear, her cool breath washing over his burning flesh as she continued to rub her hand against him. “Just enjoy this.”

Tentatively, her fingers reached for the button of Michael’s jeans yet it made her mouth become dryer than sandpaper as she averted her gaze down to the extraordinary bulge that protruded from his groin; an article that was becoming more and more prominent with every second that passed.

Nervously licking her dry lips, the Vampiress slowly began undoing the tight fastenings but was barely able to react in time as the Lycan’s manhood burst free from it restraints to stand at its full height before her very eyes.

Although far from innocently minded, this was the first time Selene had actually been able to see an example of the male anatomy with her own eyes and although it was different from what she may of imagined. It was certainly an exquisite specimen.

The Lycan’s thick shaft easily stood at an impressive 23 centimetres (8 Inches); a length she was sure many immortals couldn’t hope to match and due to A mouth-watering excess of blood, it also had a deep crimson colouration that called to her blood lust like a dinner bell.

It was a delicious sight and soon, the desire to touch the pulsing organ had completely consumed her; compelling her to reach out and gently run her shaking fingers along his cock from the hair nestled base to the flowing tip.

Although relieved that his endowment was now, finally freed from its constricting imprisonment; the torturous sensations he received from feeling the cool air blowing against his burning flesh and the way Selene was applying her light ministrations made Michael almost want to die.

Yet, seeming to sense his discomfort; the Vampiress chose that moment to put the Lycan out of his misery by grasping his smooth phallus in her hand, momentarily stunned by the sheer intensity of the heat that radiated from it before beginning a slow pace with her hand.

“Oh…Selene…”Michael moaned lowly as he felt her cool hand closing around his hard member, his heavy eyelids falling tightly shut tightly as a wave of mind dulling sensations flowed through him.

However, Selene was too entranced to hear him. Michael’s shaft was unlike anything she had ever touched, it was impossibly hard and so thick yet it was also soft at the same time; with a silky texture that she adored stroking. Like it had been layered with a sheet of lubrication, her palm seemed to glide across the burning flesh even as she tightly squeezed him; only stopping on occasion to massage the drenched tip with her thumb.

When finally she was drawn back to the plain of reality, the naked Death Dealer quickly remembered just what it was she was pleasuring and hurriedly looked back up at Michael; worried that she may have been hurting him. Fortunately, the dazed look that graced his handsome face was more than enough to tell her that he would have been content for her to do this for the rest of their eternal lives.

Lost in the pleasure of what her soft hand was doing to him, Michael could barely hang onto any form of coherency as he was torn between the seas of ecstasy and agony. No woman, not even his beloved Catherine; had ever made him feel this way with just the simple motion of her hand.

“Oh, god…Selene, I’m almost…” He groaned but already ahead of him, the Vampiress suddenly increased the pace of her strokes, pumping the Lycan’s organ faster and throwing him over the edge. Gasping for breath, the American immortal climaxed in her grasp; his throbbing manhood releasing a great wash of his sticky seed like an erupting volcano.

Watching with fascination, the mix of emotions that glazed across Michael’s dazed faced; Selene couldn’t help but wonder if this was how a content lover portrays their satisfaction after a climax?

However, such a question was soon expelled from her mind once she felt the unfamiliar motion of a burning fluid trickling between her fingers and looking down; the Vampiress watched as his creamy essence seeped through her fingers.

Intrigued by the great quantity of the strange liquid, Selene released the grip she had on Michael’s shaft before bringing her hand up to her lips and cautiously sniffing the substance. It smelt strange but not foul and convinced that it wasn’t toxic; she licked the semen off her fingers.

The taste was salty yet masculine and Selene could even detect a slight spice in the liquid’s after-taste, it was a very Michael like flavour that sung to her soul like a baying wolf at the moon. However, it defiantly was no substitute for blood.

Half dazed after the extraordinary hand-job he had just received, Michael could only watch on in fascination as the Vampiress proceeded to clean her appendage, watching as her small tongue seductively collected all traces of his seed like it was whipped cream before retreating back into the cavern of her mouth. Such an erotic display and one he had never seen matched on even the sleaziest of internet sites.

When she finally finished her near satisfactory meal, it took one look at Michael to convince Selene that it was time to give him, no give them; what they both craved.

Yet as she took in the sight of his significantly sized member, the death dealer realised that despite all the chaos she had seen, all the ferocious battles she had survived; the idea of Michael putting his well-endowed manhood inside her scared her more than anything.

Fortunately having fully recovered his senses, Michael quickly noticed her hesitation and then recognising the unfamiliar emotion that was shining in her sapphire orbs as fear; he comfortingly took her delicate hand in his and used it to bring her closer to him. Although he would have never guessed Selene to be a virgin, Michael could literally feel his heart swell as he considered the idea and the fact he would be this beautiful Vampiress’s first.

“Michael, I…” Selene began but was quickly silenced as the Lycan gently cupped her jaw and pressed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss that suddenly made all her fears wash away. Even when the kiss ended, she found herself unafraid fore she knew Michael would protect her and keep her safe through the ordeal; even when she felt the tip of his erection pressing against the smooth folds of her entrance.

“Be gentile with me.” She whispered before wrapping her smooth legs around his waist and sinking herself down onto him.

Although the motion was slow, it still caused jagged bolts of excruciating agony to run up Selene’s spine as she felt him filling her tight cavern and it seemed the only thing that was stopping her from screaming out loud was her stubborn desire to keep some of her death dealer composure intact. Fortunately though, the pain was short lived and soon dulled as she felt herself extend and conform around the Lycan’s large member.

Fearful of hurting her, Michael refused to move until he was sure that Selene had properly adjusted to his presence inside of her. However, she was so intensely hot and tight that that every second which passed without reassurance felt more like an eternity and to remain still inside this virtuous beauty was the greatest test of his control he could ever face.

Luckily, the initial sparks of agony that had consumed Selene like a tsunami were fading quickly as she adjusted to him and moments later, he could defiantly feel the unmistakable pressure of her leg pressing down on his backside in an attempt to press more of his shaft inside her.

Although relived, Michael was still unsure and only when he received a firm nod from Selene did he know she was truly ready for him and taking it as his cue; he slowly began withdrawing his shaft from her depths before gently thrusting back inside her.

At first, all the Vampiress knew was a dull pain that made her groan lowly in the back of her throat but the Lycan’s gentile ministrations were quickly making it pleasurable as together they found a slow, steady rhythm.

Michael forced himself to go slow as he knew Selene wouldn’t be completely ready for a hard, fast paced fuck. Yet her tightness was like a burning vice and her depths were so intensely hot that she just felt so right. His every instinct screamed at him to fuck her like a wild beast, to take and pound her through the room’s very walls; to make her his in every sense but he refused to listen. This was as much for her as it was for him and he wouldn’t ruin this precious moment by losing control.

But Christ, how he wanted to.

“By the Gods! It’s so deep inside!” Selene moaned, her head rolling back in ecstasy as she felt his glorious shaft filling her burning canal; its dominating presence delving more deeply inside of her with his every movement. However, unwilling to sacrifice all of the control over to her Lycan lover; she started to lift herself up until only the tip of his member was penetrating her before letting herself slide back down his rigid flesh as he pushed up.

The sensation of suddenly being plunged so deeply inside the beauty’s damp heat drew a low groan from Michael’s throat as in a gesture of uncontrolled passion, his powerful hands grabbed the soft orbs of her buttocks and roughly pulled her closer; encasing every remaining millimetre of his shaft inside her.

“Oh Michael!” She cried as the action caused her body to be rocked by an unearthly ecstasy that ravaged her nerves like a hungry beast; Michael fit so perfectly inside her, it was almost like she and he had been designed specifically for one another.

Using the wonderful feelings they received from the well timed act as guidance, the immortal lovers began a mutual rhythm of meeting each other on every mind numbingly pleasurable thrust; forcing the Lycan’s incredible shaft to penetrate Selene’s flowing cavern a little deeper each time.

Already, Michael could feel a light sheet of sweat forming across his brow as with each powerful thrust, his breath caught and a moan that could pass for a wolfish growl passed his lips. The Vampiress’s burning sex was gripping his shaft in her silky walls with a tightness that could rival a vice; creating the illusion of a heated, velvet sheath that he never wanted to withdraw from. However, Selene was not so willing…

“More…” she demanded wantonly, her temper flaring as she suddenly felt the American’s rate of thrust begin to waver. Her composure and self-control had long since dissipated in the boiling pot of pleasure, leaving only a wild abandon that threatened to consume her entirely as she hungrily ground her hips into his.

Watching the European Beauty’s passionate display brought a sly grin to Michael’s thin lips as a familiar heat consumed his body, even as he pressed against the Vampiress’s cool form; drinking in every heavenly sensation that passed from her to him.

From the very first moment he had laid eyes on her, Selene had enchanted him with her beauty and the deniable grace that accentuated her motion even as she blew great holes in the subway’s walls with her twin Berettas. Yet now he saw far beyond just her physical attributes, as pleasing as they were, her challenging nature sang to his Lycan blood and the unseen tenderness she hid behind that facade of rage captured whatever was left of his Human heart.

Tightening his grip on her smooth thighs, the American Immortal let himself go and began setting a frenzied pace that made the Vampiress scream with pleasure; all the while wondering whether or not he, Michael Corvin had fallen in deeply in love Selene.

“OHH…Yessss…Michael…faster…for the love of the elders faster!” Selene desperately cried while her razor sharp talons tore into the muscular flesh of Michael’s back, releasing a river of his steaming, Lycan blood. Despite her initial fears, this act of coupling felt incredible; the sensation of him wildly thrusting into her with such force and speed was overwhelming and the look blazing in his eyes was so intense that she was beyond sure she would never forget it.

Basking in the waves of ecstasy that coursed through her system, there was nothing Selene would of liked more than to have nothing pull her from this blissful existence for the rest of eternity; however her body had over plans. Fore what seemed like the longest space of time, she had felt a heat building in the lower section of her belly but hadn’t realised what it was until with a sudden burst of delight; the sensation seemed to triple by the second.

Feeling his own realise surfacing, Michael used the last of his energy to further increase the tempo of his thrusts; moving back and forth with a speed and strength that could rival any thoroughbred stallion as he buried the full length of his erection up into her. Low groans flowing from his lips all the while, joining the symphony of sounds that echoed around the torture chamber.

“Michael, oh, Michael, I…ah! Michael!” Selene moaned, her body poised on the peak of ecstasy as the Lycan made love to her like he had never made love to a woman before. He was so much but nowhere near enough and every time he had immersed himself inside her burning depths; she felt an ultimate sense of completion.

Unfortunately, the growing release that would result from this exquisite embrace was not the only thing the Vampiress was feeling however.

With every breath she took, she inhaled the sweet scent of the Lycan’s warm blood that was still seeping down his back; driving her blood-lust like a dangling carrot would to a donkey. With every second that passed, her hunger for him grew to the point where it was almost undeniable yet she continued to fight her very nature to feed off him as doing so would undoubtedly be fatal.

Unfortunately as she had not feed in many hours, the impulse to strike him grew like the sensation in her belly until she could take no more; when like a ravenous beast she lunged forward and plunged her sharp fangs into the soft skin of Michael’s neck. Plagued by the unyielding hunger, Selene continued to drink from Michael even as she climaxed; administering her eternal kiss and consuming every drop of his life’s blood while her flowing walls convulsed around his shaft in erratic spasms.

Caught off guard by the savage attack, Michael could only release a strangled gasp as he felt her dagger like teeth rip into his throat and begin draining him dry. Yet it was not painful and seemed to be more like falling into a dreary sleep, allowing the dyeing Lycan one last look at the world around him before he passed into the realm of unconsciousness.

So overcome was she by her meal that Selene never had the chance to consider the repercussions of her actions until she felt the immense mass inside her begin to deflate and suddenly slip from her depths. Quickly realising her folly, the Vampiress found she couldn’t move fast enough in her haste to remove herself from the American’s sweet fluid; her sapphire eyes masked by a layer of fear as she began hurriedly searching his paling face for a sign of life.

“Michael? Oh no Michael! speak to me…Michael!” She urged, a chilling mix of fear and desperation filling her voice as she clasped his face in her hands and tried to make him look at her; salty tears rolling down her checks after seconds with no response.

Selene couldn’t take it, this was too much for her to bear, first her family and now Michael? What had she ever done that had been so terrible, she was she to be punished by having every one she cared for so cruelly taken away?

However, as in answer to her question; a sudden tremor of life shot through the man and looking down, she watched in as his eye lids slid open to reveal a set of onyx black eyes.

“Michael?” she asked, not daring to hope that she may be spared the pain of another loss for fear that this may all be an illusion; conjured by her mind to punish for her betrayal of the coven.

However, such a notion was quickly dismissed from her mind as a sudden convulsion in his limbs caused her to loss balance and fall back. Hitting the hard floor with a loud crack, Selene had to take a moment to regain all her senses before looking up.

Michael wanted to scream but he lacked the air in his lungs to make such a vocalization and had to settle for merely clenching his fists as erratic spasms cut through him like a buzz saw. What little remained of his blood felt like it was on fire, setting every nerve in his body alight while his skeleton seemed to be trying to escape his very flesh; stretching the thin membrane of skin like it were mere elastic.

“By the elders, what have I done?” Selene asked, taking in the twisted look of agony that covered Michael’s face; although this was the first time she’d watched a victim of a cross species infection, the result was always supposed to be a relatively speeded death caused by breaking down cells.

However, this was anything but a quick death and for a moment; it almost looked like Michael was going to change into his Lycan form. His skin changed to a charcoal grey and his muscles bulged, shredding every article of clothing he wore while the shape of his face began elongating into a canine muzzle. Then just as suddenly as it began, the transformation began to reseed; allowing the American to regain most his human form.

Releasing a deep sigh as he felt the pain suddenly ebb away like a morning tide, Michael was slowly able to rise to his feet before suddenly being hit by another sensation that made his knees tremble. He felt absolutely fantastic. Never had he felt so alive, so alive, so…

Still watching in a state of transfixed horror as he turned his attention towards her, Selene suddenly felt a shock of fear travel up her spine as she took in the lust filled look in Michael’s inky black eyes and the immense length his erection was quickly growing to. Quickly guessing what he had in mind the Vampiress began to slowly back away, intent on getting as far from the predatory beast as she could. Or at least she had, until the hard surface of a wall pressed against her back.

Feeling a sense of predatory amusement grip him as he watched his watched his fleeing quarry trap herself, Michael tilted the far side of his lips into a thin smirk before slowly starting to stalk towards her; the torn fabric of his ruined cloths falling from him as he did.

Yet, it was an image that reminded Selene only of a memory she had tried for so long to forget; made her feel the way she had 600 years ago when she had been trembling over her father’s corpse in their barn while the pack of ravenous Lycans pounded at the door. Yet as she desperately searched for a way out of the room that would not force her to risk the deadly light of dawn in her escape, she spotted something that reminded her she was no longer the helpless maiden.

Lying just centimetres away was the rumpled heap of her body suit, the smooth barrel of her customized Beretta pistol lying visibly entangled within the mass.

Death Dealer instinct taking over, Selene out her arm and grabbed the weapon before drawing it towards the monstrous beast Michael had become. Whatever this thing was, it was unnatural and if this was way Lucian wanted Michael, to use him against the coven and possibly change the course of the war; then she had to kill him.

Slipping her finger over the Gun’s trigger, the Vampiress took a deep breath to steady her racing heart before taking aim. Doing her best to forget their romantic liaison, Selene tried to remind herself that he was definitely not the first beast she’d killed and would certainly not be the last.

Locking the smooth barrel’s sights to Michael’s wild eyes, the world suddenly seemed to stop as with one last breath; she pulled the heavy metal switch back and waited for the loud bang of the gunpowder exploding.


Confused by the lack of a gunshot, Selene glanced down at the pistol and saw that the reason the weapon hadn’t gone off; was because she hadn’t pulled the trigger.

Desperately attempting the action again however, the result remained unchanged but as she tried to remain focused on aiming for his eye; the Vampiress noticed something she’d missed the first time.

Hidden beneath the layers of lustful smoke, almost lost within the dark colour of the orbs; Selene could see ever emotion that had christened his soul moments before she bit him. All the passion, desire, strength, kindness and love…

This creature was Michael without a doubt, but what difference should that make, he had become a monstrosity by her hand and she had to kill him to save both him and herself the damnation that would follow if she did not. However, life it seemed was not that simple and knowing the truth about this matter, that the man she cared so much for was still inside the mass of charcoal coloured flesh made even the simple task of pointing a gun at him so strenuous that she soon had to drop the weapon.

Releasing a pained sigh as she heard the reverberating clang of the Beretta hitting the floor, the Vampiress almost wanted to cry. How could this have happened to her?

Was it Love? Over the centuries she had often heard of mortal poets preach of love at first sight, a forbidden thing that would of lasted for the rest of eternity; had she simply fallen victim to it.

The answer came moments later though, in the form of a large hand that gently cupped her cheek and guided her to look up. While lost in her state of distraction, Michael had moved with a speed she had never before witnessed and had crossed the distance that divided them like it were a mere stepping stone before looming over her with that predatory gleam still in his eyes.

The sight of her powerful creation bearing down on her was frightening, yet also strangely thrilling to the point of where she began to feel a familiar heat rushing through her. Although still not overly muscular, the added bumps and bulges certainly complimented his broad build as he leant forward and the toothy smirk that played across his lips made her shiver in excitement.

The battle was over before it even began and any inclination she may have had to pull away were quickly silenced as consumed by desire; she leant forward and met his thin lips with her own in a searing kiss. His slick tongue quickly parting her lips and beginning an intimate dance with the Vampiress’s smaller muscle as his large hands ran across her soft skin; being careful as he did so as to not run the risk of breaking the thin membrane that protected her flesh with his sharp talons.

Completely consumed by his desire for the almost edible Vampiress, the Hybrid Michael had little trouble in bending Selene to his lustful will as he guided her naked body into the appropriate position for him to take her in. Yet, so lost was he in her that he actually wasn’t really sure of what was happening until he found himself kneeling behind her as she presented herself before him on all fours.

The sight sung to the primitive Werewolf blood flowing through his veins like the warm glow of a full moon, drawing new passions from his soul with every second that passed as he gripped the supple mounds of Selene’s rear and prepared for entry.

Already drunk on the sensations that had flooded her body from just the kiss, Selene could only moan lowly as she felt the mass of his erection pressing against her entrance; its swollen tip sliding teasing along her swollen folds and sending shivers of pleasure through her nerves.

It was a maddening, pleasurable agony that made Selene want to ball her fists and scream and shout in protest.

Her pain was short lived however and just when she was beginning to consider retrieving her pistol, the Hybrid accomplished her unspoken request by suddenly thrusting the full length of his arousal into her burning depths.

Releasing a long hiss as she felt his shaft filling every possible millimetre of her being, Selene couldn’t help but press urgently back as she tried to receive even more of the incredible sensation. Yes it stung from where she had not completely adapted to his size, but the way he filled her made the pain well worth it.

Biting back a moan as he felt the impossibly tight walls of the Vampiress’s burning canal surrounding his shaft, Michael had to struggle to stop himself from cumming right then and there. However, having been robbed of his climax during their earlier coupling; the hybrid didn’t need to be an intern to know that he wouldn’t last much longer. ‘Mores the pity…’

Fortunately, he was determined to not let such a trifling issue bother him as with a feral growl, the hybrid began withdrawing his hard length but only to suddenly plunge it back inside her before he could completely pull out.

The motion was anything but gentile, yet all Selene could do was throw her head back as she released a silent scream of ecstasy; her mind quickly lost in the sensation of Michael’s incredible cock pulsating within her, stretching her as though it was once again her first time.

Smirking as he watched her reaction, the hybrid continued the savage rhythm to the point where she could barely support herself beneath the wild onslaught; A low grunt rumbling from his throat every time he forced himself a little further inside her burning core.

However, so lost were they in their euphoric mating that neither vampire nor hybrid seemed to of realised that the night had very nearly come to an abrupt end. The dim sky had lost all elements of purple and violet, now depicting bright shades of orange and pink that lit the torture as they shone through the evaporating rain clouds and into the room.

If Selene did not act soon, the chances were her long life would come to a very abrupt end within the next few minutes and yet she couldn’t bring herself to care. He felt so incredible, thrusting that godly shaft inside her most sacred of parts and each time he was embedded to her core; the tension building inside her seemed to triple.

Indeed, Selene was totally consumed by the pleasure Michael was giving her.

However, feeling the tickle of an impending orgasm spreading at the base of his spine; Hybrid Michael began using all of his considerable might to entice a climax from the Vampiress. Almost breaking the very floor that lay beneath them, his muscular hips slammed into the soft flesh of Selene’s full backside as he suddenly drove his aching shaft even deeper inside her; accidentally scraping the broad side of his cock against her sweet spot as he did.

Positively shaking as she felt an ocean of ecstasy cut through her like the blade of a broad sword, Selene couldn’t hold back and came in a blinding flash of light that left her gasping for breath as she tried to recover. Meanwhile, a fresh wash of essence suddenly coated his burning shaft as it thrust in and out of her convulsing tunnel. Overwhelmed by the delicious sensation, Michael couldn’t hold on any longer and released a long howl that possibly woke the entire city as at last; his member exploded in an eruption of his seed that filled the Vampiress’s already flooded hollowness.

Bursts of pleasure still exploding behind her eyelids, the exhausted Death Dealer suddenly collapsed onto the hard floor but were soon joined moments later by an equally tired Michael; his body quickly retaining its normal colouration as he entangled himself around Selene in a tight embrace that would ensure she’d be there when he awoke.

Falling into a peaceful slumber on the chamber floor as the bright glare of sunlight dawned on the horizon, the couple were fortunately spared an unpleasant awakening by the automatic shutters that were hidden behind each of the room’s windows closing.

The End

Two of a Kind: Epilogue

Two of a Kind
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z
Smiling joyously, Chichi felt as if she was floating on a cloud as his strong arms held her close, guiding her through the dance’s slow steps and carrying her away to a world of their own. In the back of her mind she could feel the heated stares of the joylessly glowering crowd, yet she paid them no heed. This was her day, at last, the day she had been waiting for all her life. She would not let them spoil it for her now.
She could feel his breath creasing her cheek, glancing up she saw him smiling warmly down at her. She smiled playfully back before leaning up to whisper in his ear. “Everybody is staring at us.” She whispered so that only he could hear.
“Let them stare; I’ve waited a life time to hold you like this, I don’t care what they think so long as I have you in my arms.” She could feel herself blushing at the suggestion and quickly rested her head against his chest so he wouldn’t see as they drifted round the dance floor. It had felt so strange to be dancing again. As a girl she had always loved to dance and her father had been happy to indulge her, paying handsomely for instructors to come to their kingdom in the mountains and teach her all they knew. She had dreamed of the day she would lead the first dance of her wedding, in the arms of a great lord from a distant land and serenaded by the grandest orchestra. 
Then she had met Goku and the direction of her life changed. Dancing had become martial arts, and that great lord had been overshadowed by that strange boy with a tail who rode a cloud and came into her life so unexpectedly before vanishing again, never lingering so say goodbye. He had dominated her thoughts for so long that she forgot all else, until the day they were married and she recalled a distant childish fantasy. They had been married at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the ceremony had been small and lacking any grandeur, but there had been a floor to dance upon. Goku had resisted, forced her to lead, and stepped on her feet with every other step before pushing her away, complaining that dancing was stupid.
Trunks had made no such objections. Though he’d tried to keep it a secret, she knew he’d been secretly taking dancing lessons for the past two months so he’d be ready for today, when they took their first dance as husband and wife. He had wanted the day to be perfect.
And it had been the most wondrous day of her life.
They’d both felt a chapel would have been inappropriate, so instead they’d arranged a more lavish ceremony   along the banks of the Five-Flower Lake where they were married before, as over half the number of guests could fly around the world in a matter of moments, moving the so called celebrations to a five star luxury hotel, a bit closer to their new home in Florence. There they’d drank and toasted and cut a ten-tier wedding cake, all the while doing their best to ignore the stark, disapproving looks of most of their guests. It was no secret that their relationship had been met with a frosty, almost hostile, reception by most of their friends and family. 
Opening her eyes as she felt Trunks take her hand and spin her like a ballerina, she couldn’t help but giggle as Trunks pulled he close. There wasn’t a sliver off light between them as he dipped her back before bending down and nuzzling the hollow of her throat. “What do you say we get out of here?”  He asked as the band accompanying began to go quite, his hot breath ticking her bosom through the lace of her gown.
“Mmmm…that sounds wonderful.”
Flashing a knowing smile, he helped her back up before taking her to her seat as he went to announce their impending departure. Having already finished her cake, she quickly drained the orange juice in her champagne glass before taking his arm as they left the white dressed ball-room through its glass doors and stepped out into its lavish gardens. It was early autumn, the air a pleasantly cool and she could taste all the rich flavours of fall as they walked down a quaint cobble stone path to a glassy clearing beside a shallow creak.  It wasn’t yet seven so the sun was hanging low In the horizon and the darkening sky was streaked with pink and pale orange.
Slowly their guests began to follow them down. Bulma and Vegeta were the first to approach. Though ten years her senior, her new mother-in-law had made every effort to defy the years and look resplendent in a gown of flowing blue silk while her husband wore what must have been a newly fashioned panoply of Saiyan battle-armour over a black spandex bodysuit.  
Smiling broadly, Bulma embraced her in a tight hug before kissing both her checks. “You look so beautiful Chi, I’m so sorry for the way I’ve been acting. I really couldn’t have hoped for a better daughter-in-law.” Vegeta could only smirk triumphantly as he watched them, to the surprise of most he had been one of the few to not object to their union, marital or otherwise. However it for want of his son’s happiness rather than to his mind, Trunks taking Goku’s wife put their rivalry to an end, in his favour.
Smiling, Chichi quickly said goodbye to her friend before turning to see Gohan coming towards them with a heavily pregnant Videl on his arm. Though somewhat less enthusiastic about the situation than Vegeta, Gohan had witnessed first-hand how unhappy she had been at times and now only wanted her to be happy. As both the best man and the maid of honour, the couple had made every effort.  Despite approaching her eighth month of pregnancy, Videl wore a gold, emerald studded tiara in her raven hair and an elegant turquoise gown that had fluttered around her as she’d danced, Gohan had dressed in a matching shirt and Armani suit. They were both sweet and kind; both embraced her and kissed her lovingly before saying they’d had a wonderful time. Neither said what had been on their mind nor commented on who was missing. Chichi loved them all the more for that.
Despite Gohan and Videl’s attempts to persuade them, neither Goten nor Pan had been willing to come to the wedding. They had announced their relationship to their families a month or so after Goku was officially declared deceased. Goten had listened to them for all of a moment before bellowing with rage. He had gone super and attacked Trunks in the blink of an eye, sending both fighters through the wall before she had had a chance to stop them. Gohan and Vegeta had quickly joined the fray, not so much as combatants as to forcibly pry the two apart while a heated shouting match broke out amongst the woman with Videl and Chichi on one side, Pan and Bulma on the other. The entire truth had come out that day and things had only begun to calm down after Goten and Pan had stormed out of house.
For what it was worth, Gohan was confident Pan would eventually come round. She was young and fiercely devoted to her grandpa, but Goten had all but renounced them. It had been more than six months since she had last seen her youngest son.
Some others came from the hall to see them off, but few ventured close enough to exchange words as her dad approached. Despite his snow white beard and balding pate, the Ox king seemed to dominate the clearing. Towering over his newest son-in-law, the giant of a man gave him one last scrutinising glance before laughing jubilantly and seizing him up in a bone crunching hug that would have broken most men. Being half had its advantages, yet Trunks still seemed a bit shaky as he stepped away before the Ox bent down and a deceivingly tender kiss on his daughters head. “I’m so happy for you my darling; I hope this fine young man brings you every happiness.”
“I know he will dad.” She promised, smiling lovingly up at his wrinkled, yet jolly face before turning back to her new husband. At her nod, he suddenly seized her in arms and took flight into the slowly darkening sky.
The wind howled in her ears and she could feel it biting through her dress as he sped across the horizon. It was a short flight, less than fifty miles as the crow flies along the river Arno, into the Casentino Valley. There, near the shadow of Monte Falteron, their Villa dominated the Tuscan countryside. An intricate mix of classical roman and medici architecture, it was a two tiered structure with walls of white marble and a red tiled roof fronted by high columns. A huge fountained peristyle had been laid before its entranceway and more than a mile of open country encircled it. They touched gently down on the mosaic ornamented veranda, yet he didn’t set her down until he had opened the heavy oaken door and brought them both into wide foyer.
“Mmm…what a day…” She sighed; feeling truly content for the first time in months. Shutting the door with a swift backwards kick, Trunks warped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him as he lent down and began to hungrily kiss her neck. Feeling a hot shiver coursing up her spine, Chichi couldn’t resist arching into his touch, uttering a low wanton moan as he began to nip a fiery trail along the crook of neck. She could feel his arousal pressing against her buttocks, his hips rolling insistently as his hands tailed up her ribs and seized her breasts through the delicate lace of her dress.
She was still for a moment, her full lips parting in hot lustful breaths as his sharp fangs and rough fingers stirred such incredible sensations. Her knees began to tremble, and she could feel the liquid heat of her desire .gathering at the apex of her thighs. Conscious thought left her, lust was flowing hot and thick through her veins…
“…No” It took all her willpower to utter the word, but somehow it gave her new strength and she quickly pushed his hands away. Turning in his arms, she saw the lust and confusion in his eyes and couldn’t resist smiling at his innocence, and eagerness. “This was my mother’s dress; you don’t think I’ll let you just rip it off me, do you?” For a moment Trunks looked as if he were about to object, perhaps even dare to protest his innocence of such a deed; however they both new better and so resisted the urge. “Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough. But first I need to take a bath and slip into something a little more appropriate.” Leaning forward, she then kissed his check before turning and scampering up the foyer’s stair.
Of all the rooms in the villa, there was none Chichi adored more than her ensuite bathroom. It was a wide, open chamber with a smooth onyx floor, white marble walls that were decorated with statues of mermaids that had each been carved to her likenesses, and a sunken bath set into the centre of the room. Nearly a metre deep, a seat had been etched about halfway down so she could be seated in the wondrously hot water without fear of drowning.
Resting her head against the rim of the bath, her long locks of raven hair unbound and floating freely on the perfumed waters, Chichi felt every worry that had been building up inside her for the past couple of weeks float away on the steaming waters. It had finally happened; she was, at long last, Chichi Briefs. How she had longed for this day, longing for it like a blushing slip of a girl; now it was almost done and she had never been so happy. It had been the lavish wedding of her girlish dreams, complete with a prince from the most foreign of lands.
Trunks, Chichi felt a hot shiver at just the memory of him standing by the bank of the pale blue and green waters; he had been so handsome in a finely tailored suit and pale lavender shirt that matched his hair perfectly, his shoulders dressed with a cape of red scarlet that bore the insignia of the planet Vegeta. He had told her after that it had been his father’s command that he wear it and she couldn’t but blush as she remembered her own Dad’s pleading that she wear her mother’s wedding dress, repeatedly insisting in fits of tears that the one regret of his life was that she had not worn it during her wedding to Goku.
She turned to look at her mother’s dress, once again safely sealed away in its air-tight garment bag and now hanging from the stone arm of one of her mermaid likenesses. It had required two alterations to fit her size and even then she had been afraid it would not be enough, her pregnancy was only just over two months, but her body had begun to show the subtle signs and she had feared she would be too far gone to wear the delicate, flowing gown of pearl adorned lace.  She would not have risked it being torn; before her death, her mother had often described her own wedding day and how beautiful she had felt in such a fine garment. Chichi was pleased to say the tales had not been exaggerated, she held so few memories of the late Ox queen, it would have been a shame for her to look back now and realise she been misled.  
And she still had to think up a way to tell her husband of their impending arrival.
The water was getting cold but, in her sea of thoughts, it took Chichi a moment to realise how tepid her bath had become. Feeling her skin suddenly become a mass of goose-bumps, she reached out and flicked the switch that opened the bath’s three drains before rising up out the depths. The heat of the bath had warmed the air to a pleasant temperature, but she could feel cold drops of later running down her back in rivulets as she walked across the damp onyx floor and took her towel off the heated rail. Rubbing herself dry with the fluffy fabric, she then placed it back on the rail to dry before donning her white silk robe, not bothering to tie the belt, and padding bear footed out of the bathroom and into the Villa’s master bedroom.
“Oh my!” She gasped, shocked by the sight that awaited her.
Though the drapes were open, the darkening sky now offered them little light but that of the twinkling stars, instead the high chamber was lit by the soft glow of almost a hundred candles. Expensive oaken furniture cast long shadows across the tiled floor. Rose petals had been scattered everywhere, and standing at the foot of their bed was Trunks. He’d undressed, gone was his expensive attire and ridiculously expensive silken boxers that he so favoured, leaving him utterly naked except for a black and crescent masquerade mask tied across his eyes and checks.  He was holding a rose, she noted, a red rose.
“Th…this reminds me of that night…” She stammered, unable to resist admiring the way his hard, chiselled muscles seemed to glisten in the low glow before letting her eyes drift down to drink in the sight of his prominent arousal. There was a chill in the room from the open windows, yet she could hardly feel it against the fire burning inside of her. He didn’t move, yet she could feel the heat of his eyes moving across her skin. His thin lips spread into a wide toothy grin, and then suddenly he was standing over her, a predatory glint in his pale eyes as he bent down and captured her lips in a fierce kiss.
All thought left her and she could feel her lips parting as his tongue forced its way into to her orifice. There was little tenderness about it; Trunks had long since learned to treat her like diamond rather than glass, and his tongue circled her own in a passionate dance as he gathered her up in his arms. She had a feeling of floating, before the bed-sheets rose up to embrace her and she was suddenly trapped between the bed and his hard embrace.
She moaned as his erection pressed against her warmth through the silk, her hands rising up to embrace him, to coil around his neck and draw him closer,  but in one move he’d seized both her arms and pinned them to her side. She groaned in protest yet he would not release her, his lips wantonly feasting on her for a moment more before pulling away, his smile broadening at the sight of her challenging, angry glare.
Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough” He said, reciting her own words in a way that was all too cocky for her liking, before using his hips to pin her where she lay whilst he reached back and retrieved the rose.  Bringing it up to his lips, he lightly kissed the blood red petals before lowering it down to touch her cheek. It had the feeling of velvet, and she could feel the wetness of his kiss against her flushed skin.
To her surprise he seemed in no hurry and used the flower to lightly trace along the curve of her jaw before dipping down into the hollow of her throat. She shivered at the contact, fidgeting slightly as the cool petals gently creased her skin, suddenly running along the edge of her robe’s lapel and into the valley between her breasts. With a quick flick of his wrist, the flower pushed the silk across, exposing her heaving left bosom to his gaze. Arching her back, she gasped as the petals touched her already hard nipple and Trunks answered her less than subtle request by slowly circling her pert bud with the rose, its silken caress sending hot shivers through her entire being. His movements started quite wide, but with each twist of his wrist the circle grew smaller, eliciting further gasps from her as it drew closer and closer… At the last moment he turned the flower away, so that it continued on a feather light trail down her trembling torso, over her burning abdomen and into the junction of her thighs.
“Enough!” roared Chichi, her breathing ragged as the rush of sensations coursed through her body, inflaming her need, driving her mad with wanton desire. “Please baby, don’t tease me anymore. I’m sorry I denied you, I’m so hot, I’ve wanted you  to take me all day. All through the wedding my every thought has been of you just bending me over and taking me in front of all of our friends and family. But I’m all yours now baby, you can have me however you want to, but I’m begging you to stop teasing and fuck me! No games, no foreplay, just fuck me!”
Trunks’s grin grew from ear to ear. “Shhh…Don’t sound so needy,” he quickly chastised while discarding the rose and seizing her hips. Before she could retort, he’d slipped between her shapely thighs and thrust his entire length into her wet channel.
“Ohhh…Holy Shit!” She cried, squeezing her eyes shut and seizing great fistfuls of the sheets at the feeling of his immense girth filling her depths, her back arching off the bed as a tsunami of white hot pleasure crashed over her. Uttering a low moan at the feeling of her plush walls convulsing around his engorged arousal, Trunks drew back until just the pulsating head remained inside her before suddenly driving back into her warmth with a single sure thrust. Feeling him plunging even deeper, her head lolled back into the pillows and her mouth gaped open in a voiceless moan as he began a deep penetrating rhythm.
Easing back and then surging forward, his muscular hips slapped against her thighs with jolting force and she could feel her body rocking to his pace. He filled her so completely that for a moment she feared he might disturb the embryo growing inside her, yet she couldn’t stop her inner muscles from clutching the shaft, writhing around it as her hips began rising off the bed in time to catch his every penetrating thrust.
“Oh yesss!” She moaned out, molten pleasure coursing through her veins like liquid fire. “Mmm…give it to me baby…Fuck me harder…ohhh harder!”
Uttering a deep growl in answer, Trunks hooked his arms under her knees before seizing the full checks of her buttocks in his palms as he reared back onto his knees, pulling them both up into a seated position. Feeling herself sinking even further down his rigged length, Chichi’s lips parted in a small cry of surprise and her back arched as she curled her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his tight buttocks to urge him on. His eyes lost focus and feeling suddenly disorientated from the added penetration, she shrugged her shoulders to send the silken fabric spilling down her arms, leaving her utterly naked in her lover’s embrace, before coiling her arms around his neck.
She had to move. Hugging his body with her legs and panting hot lustful breaths; she made to roll her hips yet his grip on her backside held her still, his fingers firm, but not painful. Furious at his sudden obstinacy, she glared down at him only to find him flaunting a smug smirk, his lust darkened eyes brimming with mirth beneath the mask. Seeing the challenge in his gaze, she forced herself to match his stare as she angled her heels upward, pressing them against the base of his spine as she searched out that one special spot.
“Fuck…” the word left Trunks in a ragged gasp as his hips gave an involuntary thrust. Shuddering at the sudden pleasure, Chichi grind, realising she’d found his tail spot, before focusing all her attention on that small dot of brown fur. She could feel him tremble at her every touch, his quickening breath punctured by a slur of deep animalistic grunts that only spurred her on, straining his resolve to the limits of his endurance. His fingers were digging into her buttocks, his grip so tight she was sure his nails would leave half-moon marks, yet she didn’t care and kept her gaze locked to his own, watching the smugness vanish from his features.
When she was sure he could take no more, she used the grip her thighs had on his mid-section as leverage to raise herself up his length before suddenly crashing back down. His resolve all but spent, the demi-Saiyan lurched upward to meet her, their lower bodies slapping together wetly as they both moaned out in delight.
Raking her nails over his muscular torso, Chichi began rolling her hips in circles, experimentally flexing her inner muscles as she rhythmically worked herself along the length of his arousal. Caught up in his own pleasure, Trunks was driving his cock into her in a powerful rhythm that tore a ragged moan from her each time he filled her depths. It took all of a moment for them to fall into a rhythm so that when he thrust inside her, she would rotate her hips into his, knocking her clit against his pelvis.
 “Oohhh…shit you’re so deep inside!” She moaned, throwing her head back and arching her spine as pulse after pulse of white hot fire ripped through her. He was being so wild; she could feel his every thrust pummelling her depths, forcing her body to bounce up and down to his tempo.
She shuddered as a sudden tickling sensation ghosted over the skin of her belly, his callused fingers stimulating the sensitive flesh with almost feather light creases before suddenly seizing her breast in his palm. Years of training and battle had made his palms as rough as sandpaper, and the feel of him groping her sensitive bosom while she rocked and writhed on his driving member was tantalising. Absorbing every blissful sensation, she leant forward just enough to feel his quickening breath wash over her bouncing cleavage before uttering an excited gasp as he took her neglected breast into his mouth.
“Mmmmm…suck my nipples…yesss…harder…harder…” she panted, relishing the feel of his tongue drawing fiery circles around her hard nipple and flicking the pert bud occasionally as she continued to ride him with a fevered passion, her plush walls clenching his  shaft so tightly that she could feel his every vein pulsing inside her. She could feel the sensations mounting, the heat burning its way through her, consuming more and more of her as his shaft slid in and out  and she felt herself arching back further, allowing him to have his way with her. She was his for the taking, anything he wanted, he could take and she would give. “…that’s it baby… it feels so good…fuck me more…”
“Mmm…such beautiful tits. When I first saw you in that dress they were almost spilling out, just tempting me to take one in my mouth and suck on.” He growled, releasing her breasts as he turned his eyes up to watch her pleasure induced delirium wash over her features.  His powerful strokes surging back and forth; withdrawing almost to the tip only to plunge back into her with a harsh grunt, keeping up the relentless rhythm even as her walls began to spasm, drawing tighter than a hangman’s noose around his thick column. “Oohhh Fuck…so tight…I can feel you getting tighter; I bet you’ll cum just from thinking about it. I wonder if I should have fucked you on that dance floor, taken you in front of all our friends like you wanted. Could you imagine it, there eyes devouring the sight of your naked body, seeing the look in your eyes as I enter you, and hearing you beg for more as I thrust my cock inside you again, and again, and again. Would you have liked that baby?”
“Yesss…So hot! Oh Kami I’m going to lose my mind. You can fuck me whenever you want Trunks, I’m yours, take me…take me!” Her cries echoed off the walls as the stimulation pushed her closer to ecstasy, his every word sending hot shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine and every time she was impaled upon him she felt the building pressure in her abdomen and knew she was nearing her limit. “Fuck! It feels so good… I think I’m going to burst… ohhh Kami you’re going to make me cum!
Biting back his own moan of pleasure, Trunks leant forward and took her earlobe between his teeth, teasing the sensitive flesh with his tongue. “So you want me to make you cum darling?”
“Oh yes, yes…please Trunks, I’m so hot…ohhh fuck…I can’t take it anymore!” she whimpered desperately, her nails digging so deeply into his muscular  back that she could feel blood welling up wet and sticky beneath her fingers as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own. Her body felt afire, her blood molten and she could feel the pent up passion in her abdomen building up to a thunderous climax that lay just beyond her reach.  She knew feel that Trunks was close too, all it would have taken was just one little shove to send them both hurtling over the edge, yet somehow he resisted, holding them both on the edge, dangling between sweetest oblivion and delicious torment.
“Then scream for me my love.” He growled, before she saw a sudden explosion of brilliant god flame. Then she was encased in the writhing embers and she could feel Trunks’s form swell both beneath and inside her, stretching her channel to the limits as he began to move faster and harder than ever before, his movements suddenly a blur from the waist down. And she screamed as her climax came not as a solitary peak, but as an endless avalanche crashing over her again and again.
Light as dazzling as the first dawn kindled behind her eye lids and her inside began to melt as liquid fire ran through her body. Words failed her. In that glorious golden inferno, she had no sense of time. The sensations coursing through her could have lasted for a moment or an eternity. As if from a distance she heard his deep groans and growls of encouragement, they sounded more bestial than man and were almost lost in a hail of wails which took her a moment to realise they were coming from her.
Wide eyed and mouth agape, she clung to her husband for dear life as the pleasure reached its panicle, yet he continued to drive into her and no sooner had she come down from one orgasm than another swept her up in its furious swells. On the crest of her fifth release she could feel herself rising so high, she imagined she was leaving her trembling body and soaring high over the writhing couple, only to come crashing back down as his thumb skilfully brushed over her clit. Unable to take anymore, she seized her moment of clarity and lunged forward, pressing her body against him.
“I love you…” She whispered breathlessly, snatching the mask from his face before pressing her bruised lips against his in a passionate kiss that pushed Trunks over the brink. His motions suddenly stilled, the flames around them vanishing as she felt his member pulsate and a flood of liquid heat spill inside her  in such a torrent that she felt the excess  running down her trembling thighs.
Exhausted beyond recollection and inhaling the musky scent of their passion with every breath, they collapsed together onto the bed. Slowly coming down from the lofty heights of her release, she snuggled into the warmth of his embrace and rested her head against the hard flesh of his torso. His arms enfolded her, gently creasing the skin of her back as he fought to catch his breath. Chichi couldn’t help smiling as she listened to the racing of his heart.
Goodbye Goku.’ She thought as sleep began to carry her off. Her former love had dominated her life for so long she had often wondered how she might go on without out him, yet now she could look into the dawn with new hope.Though they were as different as oil and water, together she and Trunks made the sweetest melody. Perhaps it was true that opposites attracted, or maybe they were just two of a kind.
The End

Two of a Kind: Chapter Three

Two of a Kind

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z/Gt and I am not profiting from this work of fiction.
Dear Miss Son
We regret to inform you that, after much deliberation, it is the finding of this board of enquiry that your husband is to be declared deceased.  After reviewing the evidence, we believe his death was the result of an animal attack and therefore a result of accidental and natural causes.
In respect of his many great services to our community, an annual fee of 30,000 Zeni a year will be issued to you at the start of each calendar year. We hope it will assist you through this difficult time. Once again, we offer you our deepest sympathies for this tragedy.
Yours sincerely
J. Buckley
Secretary of the Mount Paozu region Council 
Rereading the handwritten letter, Chichi couldn’t resist letting out a snort of derision as she took a long sip from her still smoking mug of coffee while wondering if she had ever seen such pretty words used so loosely. Her husband’s so called demise had been anything but tragic.
It had been little more than a month since that incident with Super Android 17 and the Shadow Dragons, and already the world had returned to its grey shade of twisted normality. The crops had been sowed, homes and cities rebuilt, and the citizens of earth were once again enjoying their lives; once more blissfully ignorant of the dangers that plague their galaxy. Only the Z fighters, earth’s greatest warriors, knew what that peace had cost the world.
A great light had vanished from the universe. Goku, her husband and once dearest love, was gone; taken by the immortal dragon Shenron to train in other dimensions. He had left them again and this time, Chichi knew in her heart he would never return.
And yet she was not sad. The world seemed darker, but her heart was not burdened by the loss. On the contrary, she felt almost liberated; as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She had loved Goku, but she knew know that she had not been in love with him for many years. She had loved Goku the way she had loved a lifelong friend, cared for him like he were a brother but their relationship had never been the same as it was. Not since those years long ago, when he and Gohan had been preparing for the androids. Despite the imminent danger, there had been a simple joy in those dark days when they had been a family that she had never felt since. Her romantic love for Goku had died with him in Cell’s game, and later on Kami’s lockout when he had announced he had decided not to return. No, her heart was in pain, and longing, for another…
Setting her coffee mug on the kitchen table, she looked over the letter once more. An annual fee of 30,000 Zeni, she more than suspected the hand of Hurcule in that. An utter buffoon he might, but never could it be said that the world champ didn’t care for his family; even his in-laws.
As was so often the way with Goku; the relatively simple matter of reporting his death had been anything but simple. Telling people the truth had of course been out of the question. Trying to explain her husband’s constant disappearances and trips between life and death would have been reason enough to have her committed; she shouldered to think what they might do when she confessed that he was an alien and had recently been turned into a child. No, that wouldn’t do at all. So she had done what she always did in times of a crisis and after a long conversation with the girls, she believed she’d found the answer.
In retrospect, missionary work might not have been his prime vocation or the most promising carrier path for a man who his ideal day consisted of just fighting, eating and fishing, but it suited her purpose quite nicely and didn’t invite a lot of questions. And it had worked, for the most part. Unfortunately, while it might have solved the issue of explaining his disappearances, it made proving his demise difficult without proper documentation or a body and the board of enquiry had refused to declare her husband dead until they had adequate proof he had been missing for seven years. So Videl had gone to her father and three days later, she received the letter, accompanied by a death certificate.
It wasn’t really a lie, by her count it had been about seven years since the adult Goku vanished during the middle of the world’s martial arts tournament and although he wasn’t exactly dead, he would never return. Declaring him dead was just the logical thing to do, otherwise a part of her would always be longing for his return.
She had spent over half her life waiting for him to return to her, it was time she moved on with her life and buried the past.
Trunks tried to remain calm as he sipped his wine. It was the house’s best, a fine Italian vintage, well-aged and blossoming with flavour and he wanted nothing more than to lose himself in its dark depths. He wanted it so much that he drained the goblet to the dregs with one sip. Setting the empty crystal down beside his almost finished plate of Fillet Steak, he quickly silenced an overripe belch before turning his gaze up to look at his companion. Only part of the way through her roasted duck, she was totally focused on eating her meal and seemed not to have noticed his slip.
Her name was Madison Winter. She worked as an accountant at Capsule Corp in a department not otherwise incorporated with his own. At just twenty-four, she had risen fast along the corporate ladder and now had an office on the top floor with a splendid view of the city. Trunks had heard of her only twice before their meeting, and both had painted the image of a nerdish bookworm with her hair in pigtails wearing a pair of oversized round-rim glasses. There were few words then that could describe his surprise when a goddess with flowing locks of auburn hair and perfect olive skin appeared in his office-doorway, carrying a stack of folders and claiming that she needed to speak with him about his expense account.
They’d had dinner together that very night.
She was a very lovely creature, with a nature as sweat as sugar and a laugh that could brighten even the darkest day. Despite this, she was also ambitious and wasn’t afraid to express her thoughts; a fact which lead to him learning that she had a sexual appetite veracious enough to match even his Saiyan lusts. In almost every sense, they were perfect for one another. That was why he had to do this…
 “Is something bothering you darling? You have hardly touched your food.” Madison asked while using her napkin to dab away some of the sauce from her pouting lips, her duck now just a pile of tiny bones. “Is your steak ok?”
With a heavy sigh, Trunks met her gaze and said dryly “Yea its fine. Listen Madison, we need to talk.”
“Oh, what’s wrong Trunks?”
“Well… Madison, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I just don’t think I’m ready for a serious relationship yet. I’m sorry. I care for you a lot but if we stay together I’m just going to end up causing you pain. It’s not you, you’re a great girl and any guy would be lucky to have you. This is my problem…”
“You self-righteous arsehole!” She suddenly roared, her sweetly serine features twisting with unmasked rage. Without waiting for him to finish, she snatched up her half-emptied wine goblet and splashed the house’s best in his face before getting up from her seat and storming off. Trunks just watched her go, red droplets rolling down his skin and beneath the collar of his tailored silk shirt. He made no move to wipe them away; it was the least of what he deserved.
Not caring that just about every pair of eyes was watching him, he waited a moment before signalling for the cheque which was brought to him by the all too pompous Maître D. Ignoring the man’s disapproving sneer,  he quickly paid for the meals before rising up and leaving his unfinished steak to the waiters. He exited the restaurant with as much dignity as man with wine dripping down his face and neck could muster.
On a Saturday night, the West city strip was quite possibly the busiest Avenue in the world. Lined with top class restaurants and glamorous nightclubs, it teemed with traffic and glowed so brightly that from an elevated point it appeared to carve the city in two. Nodding his thanks to the doorman, Trunks took one step onto the side walk and almost lost himself in the bustling tide of pedestrians. Too lost in his own thoughts to care however, he ignored the hails of several taxi drivers as he let his legs carry him away from the restaurant. After going several blocks, he stepped off the main avenue and into a smaller side street before lurching up into the air and taking flight. He might have intended to go home but a few moments later he was flying high over the tall domed building of the Capsule Corporation and yet made no attempt to land. Instead, he flew towards the star spangled horizon at a steady pace.
Something was wrong. For reasons he couldn’t explain, his stomach felt twisted and there was a heavy weight in his  chest that he knew had nothing to do with what he’d done to Madison. No matter how she might have reacted, they’d both known it wouldn’t have lasted. It might have happened in a week, a month or perhaps a decade; but in the end their relationship was doomed to end. He was sure she she’d feel better when she went into work on Monday and found a generous pay raise and a promotion waiting for her, courtesy of Mrs Briefs herself.  His mother had always been good at smoothing over department quarrels.
No, there was something else that was bothering him. Something he couldn’t place. It had nagged at him for weeks but was always just out of reach, always just beyond his sight. In desperation he’d hoped it might have been his feelings about playing Madison false, but he could still feel it tearing mercilessly at his heart.
Not knowing what he should do or where he should go, Trunks kept flying ever onward until he happened upon a place he recognised. Maybe it was fate that had brought him here; or perhaps it was just a coincidence. To be frank, he didn’t give a shit.
He’d been flying for three hours and the scent of rain was in the air. Storm clouds were gathering and to a man dressed in only a near ruined but nonetheless expensive suit, the sight of the Son’s house with its pale grey wisp of smoke rising from the chimney was more welcoming than a spitted boar roasting over a fire. He began to descend just as a streak of lightning split the heavens to a booming drum of thunder.
Chichi couldn’t remember the last time she had been drunk. Or for that matter, why she had been so adverse to it prior to tonight.
The wine was one of the bottles her father had bought for her wedding to Goku, he had said that if it weren’t for his axe he would have had to sell the entire Ox Kingdom and her mother’s jewels to pay for them. This last one had never been opened however, so she had kept it in storage as a memento of the day. She had thought the bottle lost years ago but had found it whilst scouring the cellar and in a moment of uncharacteristic melancholy, had decided to toast her epiphany with a glass. Only that one glass had quickly become four. Now the bottle was half empty and she was feeling quite warm down in the pit of her stomach.
It had been so long since she last had a drink of anything stronger than Coffee that when she heard the knock at her door she was sure it was because the alcohol. It was only when she heard the fourth booming tumble that she was certain she wasn’t dreaming. “Who the hell could that be at this hour?”
Setting her glass down beside the not so empty wine bottle, she rose up from the sofa and walked from the living room into the reverse ‘L’ shaped hall to the oaken front door. Both annoyed and surprised by her unexpected visitor, she threw open the door to find herself face to face with “Trunks…”
“Hey Chichi.” He said; managing to maintain remarkably composed despite the evident look of surprise that was twisting across her face. “…I’m sorry, is this a bad time? I can come back tomorrow if that would be better.”
She knew it would be wiser to let him leave. Just the sight of the strapping youth was enough to start a hot stirring in her nethers and she was sure she’d do something regrettable if he stayed too long. However before she could concoct a plausible excuse, a clap of thunder bellowed down from the heavens and trapped her good and proper. Having spent her whole life living in the mountains, Chichi could always tell when a storm was coming and now good manners demanded that she invite him in before he got soaked and in the face of such opposition; wisdom and her own personal feelings could go hang. No matter what, Chichi would always be well mannered to a fault. “Oh…no…no please come in.” She said before hurriedly stepping aside and holding the door open for him. “Can I get you anything? Tea…coffee…wine?”
“Tea please.” Smiling broadly, he steeped through the threshold; coming so close that Chichi could actually taste the scent of his cologne. Feeling her knees turning to jelly, she took a hasty step back and closed the door before motioning for him to follower her as she walked back down the hall, past the stairs leading up to what had once been their secret love nest, and into the living room.
“Make yourself at home; I’ll just go put the kettle on.” Certain she could feel the heat of his gaze on her derrière; she excused herself without a backwards look and instead made straight for the door to the kitchen on the opposite wall, her legs threatening to give way with every step. Flicking the light on, no sooner had she let the door slam swing shut behind her than she had to grab one of the counters before she collapsed. What was she doing? If Goten found out about this, he would kill them both.
It had been well over a year since she had last seen Trunks Briefs. Oh they had seen each other, in the company of friends and family at Bulma’s yearly gatherings or amongst the masses at the World Martial Arts tournament. In truth they had seen each other aplenty, but it had been almost two years since that day. The day their affair had been brought to an abrupt end. The day her youngest son came home unexpectedly and caught them fucking against a counter.
It had been a turbulent moment, Goten jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that she was being raped and Trunks had barely had time to pull his trousers up before the boy had attacked him. The fight had been bloody and Chichi had been forced to quite literally pour a bucket of water over the both of them to break them apart, after she’d gotten dressed of course. It had taken more than an hour to calm Goten down and get him to see that Trunks hadn’t forced himself upon her. The usual questions followed and she could remember her heart breaking at the look of betrayal that had darkened her son’s handsome face. She had feared she’d lost him then, but in the end he’d agreed to keep their secret on the condition that they ended the affair and never spoke of it again.
Only then did he tell her, in a voice so sour she thought he might have turned into phial of vinegar; that her husband had returned from the lookout. And he was a kid.
Things had been easy after that. Goten had been too distraught to see her other than when  their presence had been  required and Trunks, well he had blasted off into space to save the world. It would have been romantic if only it had been scripted in some pulp fiction novel, but in her world, romance was a foreign world and she had been left by herself to contemplate the strange turn her life had taken. Goku was back, but he had been turned into a boy little more than eight years old and it seemed he had had no mind to turn back into an adult. What did this mean? Were they still married, could they even be married if he wasn’t yet past puberty? Love was wonderful, but it could only take you so far when your husband was as young as your granddaughter. Should she wait for him, she might not have been old but she would certainly be in her sixties before Goku reached twenty.
There were so many questions; it had almost been a relief to be taken over by that parasite Baby, psychotic anti-Saiyan tendencies aside.
In the weeks that followed Baby’s defeat and earth’s destruction and rebirth; she spent much of her time pondering the answer, her only answer. Divorce was something Chichi had always resisted, like her mother before her she had strived to ignore her husband’s faults whatever they might be and spend her life with only the one man she’d loved. But this was different; Goku seemed to no longer care about their marriage and thought of only how his new state could improve his training. Even reaching an entirely new and unthinkable height in his Super Saiyan powers had not stated his thirst for greater abilities and it had seemed Divorce was her only way of getting her husband back, or else freeing herself from the power hungry monster he had become. 
She had intended to voice the issue the day Hades had opened and the evil dead had spilled onto earth. By that evening she had been a widow and now she stood, with the man she’d once had an affair with waiting in the next room. Why should she feel guilty, she was, by every definition, a free woman now.
She was free to speak to whomever she wished, yet just the thought of the young man sitting in her living room sent a hot shiver down her spine, as though he were a forbidden treat she was considering devouring. ‘Well, he defiantly warrants the hot description.’ He had grown up considerably in the year since she had last seen him as close up as she had in the door way, his months in space had melted away much of the boyishness from him and given him a hardened look that in no small way made him resemble his father when he had first come to earth. Though it had been many years, Chichi could still remember the first time she had seen Vegeta, and the fear the image had stirred within her despite the blurriness of Master Roshi’s television. Yet what had appeared terrifying  on the father, seemed sexy on the son; especially when coupled with outgrown locks of lavender hair running down too his shoulders and the silken shirt that fit just tight enough to hint at the sinewy muscle that bulged beneath. 
Filling the Kettle with water, Chichi couldn’t deny she was tempted, and that she felt a warmth gathering inside her that had nothing to do with the wine.
‘What the hell are you doing Trunks?’ He wondered as he desperately sought for something to do with his hands. For eighteen months he’d stayed away. For eighteen months, two weeks and one day on this morning he’d avoided coming within a hundred miles of this place. But now he was here again, perhaps he should have his head examined. What madness had brought him here?
Just the sight of her standing in that doorway had stolen his breath away. Madison had been a lovely creature, but Son Chichi was…exquisite. Her raven hair had been out of its usual bun and tumbling down her shoulders with a few stray curls framing her soft features. Far away from her usual array of disgustingly unrevealing coverall dresses, she wore a deep crimson pullover and a doeskin jerkin that seemed barely able to contain her ample bosom; her leggings consisted of nothing more than a pair of tight fitting white shorts that ended just beneath the curves of her magnificent buttocks. She was utterly gorgeous; he’d wanted to take her right then and there.
It was maddening. He’d hoped his feelings for her might have diminished during his time in space or his lust stated by the succulent bounty of young flesh he’d feasted on ceaselessly at every opportunity. Yet just the mere sight of her again had fanned the flames of his desire, and something else that Trunks couldn’t quite place. Feelings that poets might call love…
“…You still take milk and two sugars I hope.”
Chichi’s voice was a like a splash of cold water and he came to with a start to find she had returned to the living room without his notice. Fortunately, she hadn’t seemed to of noticed his faraway look and was now holding a steaming mug of tea out to him with a pleasant smile turning the corner of her full lips. Suddenly short of breath, Trunks avoided her gaze but accepted the drink with a weak smile and a hurried “Thanks”.
Fortunately, his host appeared oblivious to his discomfort and seated herself in the armchair opposite him before reaching out to pick up her wine goblet from the coffee table. “So how are things Trunks? Your mum tells me you’re dating an accountant.” At the mention of his seeing another woman, Trunks thought he might have heard a hint of resentment in her voice, but he dismissed it as just being his imagination.
“Not too good I’m afraid, we broke up tonight.”
“Oh I’m so sorry. What happened?”
“It’s nothing. Madison’s a very sweet girl but she’s just not my type. Our relationship was more a sexual thing really.” It felt good to finally say it. He’d been lying to himself for weeks; telling himself that he and Madison had a chance, that there was more to the their liaisons than mutual gratification. Strange that he could only muster the courage to admit the truth to Chichi, he toasted the revelation with a sip of his tea, pleased to note she had got the mixture just right.
“Oh…” Surprised and a little relieved by his words, Chichi hid her small smile behind her goblet as she mimed taking a long draft of the wine. “Well at least you didn’t get hurt, was she very upset?”
“Not really, I’ve none worse break ups.” It was a stupid thing to say and no sooner had he uttered the words did he wish he hadn’t. Like a fool he’d gone and blundered into what should have been his chief priority to avoid. There was no backing down now so, after near draining his drink, he said “I’m sorry about Goku.”
To his surprise, the woman appeared completely unperturbed at the mention of her late husband and even gave him an easy smile that nearly took his breath away. “Oh don’t worry about it Trunks. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about it until that letter arrived today. Goku’s left me so many times, I guess I just thought he might just return again in a few years and things would be as they were. It’s a relief I suppose, to have closure I mean. And…” She paused as she considered what she was about to say. It was important whatever it was, and for that one instant Trunks could actually feel her conflict before she threw all caution to the winds. “And I want to thank you Trunks, you helped me a lot last year, I’m just sorry things between us had to end as they did.”
Trunks couldn’t help but grin. “You mean your youngest son, my best friend, walking in on us fucking in your kitchen? It’s so clichéd it could only be true.” He wanted to be humorous, to relieve the tension, but noticing Chichi’s evident discomfort, he decided to be serious and quickly finished off his tea before saying. “You don’t have to apologise, I knew what was at stake and you were more than worth the risk. How is Goten by the way?”
“I…I haven’t really spoken to him since that day…” Unable to hide the blush his words were spreading across her cheeks, she drained her glass before placing it down besides the bottle on the table and rising up from here seat. “…Let me get you another tea.” She took a step towards him as she reached out to take his mug, only her hand slipped and their hands touched. There was a spark between them as a roar of thunder bellowed outside and suddenly their restrained passions rekindled. The tea suddenly forgotten, Trunks released his grasp on the mug and it fell to the ground in a shatter of porcelain; but neither noticed as they crashed together in a storm of carnal desire.
There was no restraint or caution and their lips met hungrily as she straddled him; their bodies melting together as he coiled his strong arms around her narrow waist and pulled her closer, his hands eagerly groping the curves of her full buttocks. Feeling a shiver run down her spine as his tongue swept across her wine sweetened lips; Chichi opened up to his invasion, moaning thickly as the Saiyan’s tongue met hers in the age old dance of passion.
“We should stop…” She gasped after a moment, breaking the kiss as her hips pressed wantonly against the bulge of his erection; the brief contact sending a white hot shiver up her spine that made her quiver in anticipation. “This is madness.”
“Don’t talk.” He growled before seizing her lips in another sizzling embrace as his eager fingers began working at the ties of her jerkin. It was fiddly work however and after his thick digits slipped for the second time, Trunks began to grow impatient and instead he ripped the garment open with a quick tug. Too engrossed in the feel of his tongue rolling across the roof of her mouth too care, Chichi merely shrugged the ruined doeskin off her shoulders before burying her hands in his tumbled lavender locks and meeting his kiss with equal hunger.
It wasn’t enough.  Just the smallest touch of her lips had made his cock rock hard but Trunks needed more; he needed to see her, to taste her, to feel the warmth of her naked skin against him and the overwhelming heat of her desire flood over his flesh as he made her his again. Want and need coursed through his veins like liquid fire and he rolled his hips and pressed his entrapped cock against her softness as his strong hands seized the hem of her pullover and began to pull it up her alluring form and over her ample cleavage. Realising his intentions, Chichi broke their kiss for just a moment as she released her hold on his hair and raised her hands so that he could pull the jumper over her head. Tossing the garment casually aside, he was pleased to discover she was naked from the waist up.
“Mmm…you’re just as gorgeous as I remember.” He whispered; awed by the way her breasts jiggled as they came free. Though already well versed in all her seductive contours, her body was truly a masterful work of art.  Still as lithe and firm as that of a woman twenty years younger but with all the voluptuous curves that only time could bestow, she was more enchanting than Venus and Aphrodite and he doubted very much that he could ever tire of seeing her in all her naked glory.
“Don’t talk…oh yesss” Chichi moaned, rolling her head back and sucking in a ragged breath as he dipped down to nip a fiery trail beginning at the crook of her neck, along her collar bone and down to her perfectly rounded, pear shaped breasts. She gasped and arched wantonly against him as he seized a pebbled nipple between his teeth.
With a deep growl of primal desire, Trunks began to suckle greedily at her breast whilst this errant tongue teased her captured bud with playful flicks and prods. Delighting in the way she moaned and gasped at his every touch, he brought a hand up to her neglected left breast and began to roughly knead the pliant flesh, squeezing the nipple with his thumb and finger. His only thought was of how much he wanted her. Whilst he had been in space, there had hardly been a moment when he hadn’t thought of her, she had been in his every thought and dream and now that his time had come, he could scarcely control himself.
His need for her was absolute, only when he was with her did he feel complete. No matter what, he would make her his and nothing would ever come between them again. That was his promise, to god, Kami, and whoever else dared challenge him.
Chichi could only tremble and gasp as her lover’s devilishly skilled tongue swirled around her hard bud, teasing her sensitive nipple into a whole new level of arousal whilst he sucked greedily at her breast. It made her feel so…hot, as if her whole body was burning in a furnace of sexual energy. She could hear herself moaning his name as she arched up into the warmth of his mouth, her hands reaching out to grab something, anything…
Her fingers twisted around the neck of the wine bottle on their own accord. Too swept up in the fires of her desire to consider what she was doing, she tipped the bottle over her chest so that the dark liquid within cascaded down her porcelain skin like a wash of glittering rubies. Trunks never faltered and she could feel him wantonly lapping the sweet liquor from her breast before switching his attentions and dragging his mouth over to her left breast, growling her name between hungry licks.
She needed more however. Discarding the bottle carelessly before threading her fingers through messy clumps of lavender hair, she gave his head a sharp backwards tug that tore his lips from her breast. Unprepared for the sudden movement, Trunks fixed her a furious look as his pink tongue darted out to capture a stray drop of wine that was rolling down his check. A little excited by the barely restrained rage she could see burning in his eyes, Chichi bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “Take me to bed.”
He didn’t question her decision. Seizing her hips, he held her tight to his person as he rose up and almost ran from the living room. Too excited to just do nothing, Chichi crossed her legs over his tight buttocks and swept her hands over his shoulders, scoring him lightly with her nails and marvelling at the wall of corded muscle beneath her touch, before thumbing with the ornate buttons that hid his godly body from view. She was so intent on what she was doing that it was only when she heard the awful creak of the squeaky stair that she realised where he was taking her.
 “No! Wait Trunks.” She said with a hint of panic in her voice that caused him to almost trip on the stairwell leading up to the Sons’ master bedroom. Afraid she might be having second thoughts, he turned his head down to hers and was surprised to see her wearing an indescribably naughty smile. “Take me to my son’s room; I want to make love to you on Goten’s bed.” Grinning, he obeyed her without question.
Goten’s room was locked, but that didn’t matter to Trunks. With one good kick he sent the heavy oaken door flying back on its hinges. Inside it was just as small and Spartan as he remembered it from his boyhood days when he would come to the Son house for sleep overs on weekends. Lightly furnished with a few pieces of purely functional oaken furniture and a desk beneath the room’s only window, the limited space was dominated by the two cots that had been used by the Son boys when they had lived with their parents; at some point they had been pushed together to make a makeshift double bed.
He didn’t bother turning on the light, there was enough light provided by the window for him to discern the outline of the bed and he made for it. However he didn’t notice the rug that had been placed at its foot and he slipped while still holding Chichi tight to his chest. They tumbled together and hit the neatly made covers in a heap with Chichi on top.
Unable to keep the devious smirk from her lips, the long neglected housewife felt a thrill roll down her spine as she took in the sight of the young man lying beneath her. Strong intelligent and handsome, there wasn’t a girl on this world or any other that wouldn’t give everything she possessed just to have him look upon her. And yet he only had eyes for her, an aging widow and mother of two who had given the best years of her life to a neglectful, muscle headed brute. What had she ever done to be so lucky? Indeed, she could feel the evidence of his yearning nestling between her buttocks and the idea of him once again being inside her sent a hot shiver of anticipation buzzing to her very core. But first, she wanted to play some more…
Trunks looked as if he was about to speak. Foregoing words, Chichi corkscrewed her hips and swung her legs over the prone male’s body in a perfect about turn. Shooting him one last mischievous smirk over her shoulder, she then bent forward and down whilst scouting her buttocks back as she did so that she was perfectly crouched over her young lover, nose to crotch. Excitedly drinking in the sight of his aroused flesh straining against his dress trousers, she could practically smell his arousal asshe reached out and pulled his fly down before releasing the fastening clips. Already at full mast, his erection sprung free of its restraints to stand tall before her wanton scrutiny. “Mmm…I’d almost forgotten how big your cock is.”
Unable to move for fear of discovering that this was all just some wonderful dream, Trunks could only stare on in awe as the woman he adored playfully blew a cool breath over the inflamed head of his cock before taking him into her wondrous mouth. The sensation was so incredible that his hips bucked up into the delicious warmth on their own accord and his hands fisted in the cotton bed sheets, it was all he could do to keep himself from cumming right there and then. For all the good it did, his mind screamed that he needed to relax or else this would be over long before it could begin, however he was too aroused to concentrate on anything other than the exquisite female body poised above him and when his eyes turned up, he was greeted by the sight of her shorts hovering above him. The crotch was damp with her arousal and his every breath was thick with her musky aroma as he released the sheets and began tugging insistently on the skimpy garment.
Utterly engrossed in her own delicious endeavours, Chichi took his shaft’s bulbous head into her mouth and wantonly sucked while her greedy tongue swirled around the pulsing tip. In her prolonged celibacy, she had forgotten how good he tasted and now wanted to reacquaint herself with his flavour and she suckled him until A sudden shiver ran down her spine as the warmth of his breath washed over her swollen folds, a pleasant warning of what was about to come. Too aroused to realise its meaning, she went to work on him without a moment’s hesitation.
Relaxing her throat; she began to bob her head back and forth, letting his thick shaft pass between her luscious lips while she sucked on his pulsating flesh. She was so excited, just the idea of sucking his marvellous cock had made her wet and she could feel her nectar rolling down her thighs as she worshipped his delicious meat. Kami; how she had missed this. There was a time, so very long ago, when the very notion of taking a man in her mouth would have disgusted her. She had thought the thing dirty and the deed sordid. That was until her wedding night; when Goku, all but seething with lust, asked her to suck him. He’d described it as a special technique he’d learnt of whilst on Master Roshi’s island, and when she tried to refuse, he’d grabbed her hair and forced her to take him in.
She had gagged in that first moment, and she could remember hating him for the first time as she immediately tried to rise, only for his hand to force her back down. She’d been scared she might choke and die there in that disgraceful position. She’d considered biting him to save herself but then she’d heard him moan her name in such a hot and throaty voice. His hand went slack a moment later and she’d allowed herself one hateful glance up, to see him go limp and powerless beneath her mouth. Then her movements had been her own and despite everything she’d believed, she had continued the motions until he spilt his seed in her mouth. To have such power over one so mighty, to leave the greatest men in the entire universe writhing beneath her talented motions, was a sensation Chichi had come to adore…
A sudden sensuous moan escaped her as his lips touched her clit. Unprepared for the contact; her motions stalled and a delicious shiver ran down her spine as Trunks began sucking on her stiff nub, his strong arms winding round her supple buttocks and drawing her into his mouth. There was a brief instant when his sharp teeth scrapped her delicate bundle of nerves, causing her eyes to roll before the feel of his tongue teasingly licking her brought her back to reality and, unwilling to give him the advantage, she quickly resumed her attentions.
 “Mmm…do you like it baby…do you like the way I suck your cock?” She whispered around his flesh, struggling to keep her voice level as his sinful muscle danced across her clit, pushing her closer and closer to that sweet oblivion.
“Ohh…yes…just like that…so good…” groaned Trunks as her pert tongue swept around his organ’s head and plunged him into a sea of carnal delight. Kami she was good; somehow her motions were in perfect harmony with his own and if she kept it up, there was no telling how much longer he’d last. Eager to even the score however, he loosened his right arm’s hold on her hips and gently ran his hand over the curve of her buttocks, using his fingertips to gently tease her anus before dipping a single crooked digit into the liquid warmth of her quivering folds and rubbing it against what would have otherwise been the roof of her channel. The dual assault caused Chichi to all but shriek with pleasure and he had to bite back a gasp as the vibrations coursing along his member almost pushed him over the edge.
“Oh Kami! Yesss…Don’t Stop…don’t you dare stop…” She gasped, the pleasure of his assault running through her veins like a tide of liquid fire as she gave up any pretence of control. She wanted to cum; she needed a release from the ecstasy that was building within her, but not until she had made this beautiful man scream her name. Using sheer force of will to hold back her climax, she seemed to kick her motions into a higher gear and started bobbing up and down on his cock with a furious intensity.
One of her hands came down to massage his testicles; gently groping his soft velvety sack as her tongue swept round and round the shaft’s bulbous head, circling down from its weeping tip, around the domed walls to skirt over the glands and sensitive ridges before moving back up again. She held nothing back and her lips formed an airtight seal around his arousal as she sucked his rigid flesh in such a way that her every motion was heralded by a wet slurping.
“Oh Kami! Chi…chichi I can’t… ohhh fuck…Kami…I’m…I’m…” Trunks was certain he was losing what was left of his mind and unable to utter the final world for the pleasure escalating within his loins, he could only groaned in complete and utter ecstasy before rising up and seizing her pert clit between his teeth, making the delectable woman above him scream in pleasure. Their releases were simultaneous.
With a low moan, he bucked his hips off the bed and roared in delight as felt his dam break. Scarcely able to breath for the mini-explosions of pleasure igniting within her, Chichi could neither think nor act as her entire body quaked in blissful convulsions. Only in the back of her mind could she register the way his shaft pulsed and grew between her lips before spilling his seed into her waiting throat. In her haze, she gulped his essence down greedily; too immersed in the feeling of her walls writhing around his finger to care how much she drank and kept sucking until she had milked him of his every last drop.
Trunks basked in the post orgasmic warmth of his release until the final aftershocks began to subside and he could once again hear the rain beating against the window. Bit by bit, the furious drumming roused him back into life and he quickly rolled them over before rising off her limp body. Despite his release just moments ago, he couldn’t help but shiver as he pried his still semi-hard shaft from her lips, the chilled night air coming as a sudden shock to his sensitised organ after the orifice’s delicious warmth.
Still partly dazzled by her own climax, Chichi could do little more than watch quizzically as he stepped off the adjoining cots. With a reassuring smile, Trunks shrugged off his open shirt before pushing his trousers down his hips to form a pool of garments at his feet. Then he stood before her in all his naked glory, the weak light glittering over his sculpted form and casting him in a godly radiance.
Trunks could feel his member hardening as he took in the image lain out before him, his lust clouded gaze drinking in the sight of her flushed cheeks and heaving alabaster bosom. She was the most gorgeous creature he had ever known; but it was more than just her beauty, she had spirit, a will that could not be denied and a genuine goodness inside that others could often miss because of her fiery disposition. Had Goku been mad, what power was so bewitching that he could have ever wished to leave this woman’s side?
He would never make that same mistake.
In the blink of an eye he had covered her enticing form with his. With an excited gasp, Chichi tried to open her thighs but her shorts had become tangled around her knees and restricted her range of motion. Seeing her difficulty, Trunks grabbed the offending garment and, with a primal bark of laughter, tore them off her person. She gasped at his sudden ferocity; then uttered a low man as she felt the weight of his erection settling against her entrance.
“Are you ready?” 
Chichi wanted to scream out at his hesitation. What was he waiting for? Couldn’t he see that she wanted this, that she needed him? Swallowing the lump of rage that had formed in her throat, she met his gaze and suddenly felt her heart swelling as she saw the wealth of emotion shining back at her. Goku had never looked at her that way, not once in all their years of marriage. This wasn’t just lust or longing, this was something more than that, something deeper; something both sacred and beautiful. He didn’t want to possess her, nor to own and use her as though she were property. He wanted simply to love her, to be with her in every way that two people could be, the way nobody had ever been before. And there was nobody she would rather share the experience with than him. ”Yes Trunks. Take me. Make love to me.”
Smiling warmly, he gave a quick nod of understanding before bending down, seizing her lips in a searing kiss. As their tongues met, he jabbed his hips forward and thrust the length of his cock into her molten depths. Delighted by his smooth penetration, Chichi’s back arched off the bed, crushing her breasts against his hard chest as she moaned into the kiss. He fit perfectly inside her; it was almost as if his flesh had been sculpted just for her. He filled her so completely that she could feel his every ridge, every thick ropy vein coiling about his member. It was such a delicious sensation, her long legs closed around his toned waist on their own accord, insistently digging her heels into his flanks to urge him on as her body readjusted to his size.
Despite her insistence, the liquid warmth of her depths caused Trunks to hold back as he fought the sudden, overwhelming urge to cum inside her. It wasn’t easy; when her hips arched her inner walls clung to him, holding him in a vice like grip as they writhed around his engorged member in blissful convulsions. It was all too much. He had to move, it was the only way he could save himself. Subconsciously mirroring the motions of his tongue, he drew back, withdrawing until all but the swollen head of his column had left her warmth before returning with a long stroke that took him even deeper than before. Chichi’s body jumped at the penetration and he gladly swallowed her exultant moan as he began working his hips back and forth.
“Kami…you’re still so tight…”
Chichi wanted to scream. His pace was intolerably slow but with each fervent thrust she could feel herself opening to him, her delicate muscles stretching around his invading member as it plunged deeper and deeper within her tender depths. However she wanted more. Coiling her arms around his back, she raised her shapely buttocks and began to urgently grind against his shaft, matching his smooth movements with a raw passion. The altered angle of penetration caused him to scrape her sweet spot and her head to roll back into the mass of pillows, breaking the impassioned kiss as her eyes grew wide with pleasure and her lips hung open in voiceless ecstasy.
Trunks was certain he was orbiting madness, how could anyone sane feel such incredibly divine pleasure? Supporting his weight by bracing his hands on either side of her gorgeous form, he snapped his hips forward in long, controlled, thrusts that she eagerly met with an upward roll of her hips; taking him inside her all the way to the hilt. Their motions were in perfect rhythm and it took all of his willpower not to ruin it by giving into his Saiyan side, his primitive side. The animal inside him yearned to take her, to make her scream and beg and moan like a whore as he ravaged her with all the primal savagery of a Saiyan royal. He could feel it clawing at his resolve, whispering a sweet song of dominance and mastery. Yet he wanted this to be more than just fucking. His time had come, now was his chance to show her the depths of his feelings, to prove to her that there was more for her than just the mundane existence of a lonely housewife for her, that he was a better man than her neglectful husband.
‘Ex-husband,’ He quickly amended, Goku was gone and this time it was for good. He would not be returning to spoil their happiness.
With each impossibly slow thrust Chichi wanted to scream and curse and yell for him to fuck her, only her throat had drawn so tight all she could muster were a few lustful grunts and panting breaths. The burning pleasure was so intense she could feel her body beginning to tremble in his embrace yet she wanted more. Loosening her legs, she ran her hands down his back, lightly scrapping his hard flesh with her nails until she felt the slight swells of his buttocks. Unable to stand the torture, she grabbed the tight mounds of muscle with her fingernails to urge him on while her right index finger reached for that one spot just above…
“Oh Fuck!” Trunks suddenly moaned, his head arching back as he felt her touch his tailspot. Though his mother had insisted it be removed on the day of his birth, a small tuft of brown fur marked where it had sprouted and as her finger gently prodded it, he could feel his resolve melting beneath hot rushes of pleasure. Was this the mythical power of his father’s people, had sexual pleasure been the reason the limb had been so treasured by Saiyans?
If so, why hadn’t he paid greater attention to his father’s stories? What else was he missing out on?
His resolve to be slow and gentle broke with her third touch. Gasping in primal lust, he hooked his arms under her knees and seized her well rounded arse in both hands before crushing her lower body against his as he reared upward. Sitting on his knees, he had only the briefest moment more to enjoy the feeling of her plush walls convulsing, hungrily opening and closing around him, before the Saiyan in him took over and he was jackhammering her without mercy.
“Oh kami yes yes yesss… Harder baby! Please…fuck me harder!” she begged as the sudden pleasure overtook her. The way he held her had her hips pinned to his and as he rocked back and forth, filling her so completely, her clit was dragged deliciously against his abdomen. The pleasure was so intense; it made her head spin as a fire kindled within her womb that threatened to consume her entirely as she began to writhe against him, rolling her hips in tight little circles.
Trunks held nothing back and drove into her fast and hard, uttering only a few deep animal grunts to signify his mounting pleasure. It felt so good however that in the back of his mind, his human side began to fear that he might be in danger of cumming prematurely if this continued much longer. Yet the Saiyan would not relent. This woman was more than just beauty, she was strength and wilfulness, joy and ecstasy; she was more Saiyan than any other woman could ever hope to be and he would not be denied now that she was his. He would claim her tonight and that was the end of it, he would not allow the human’s insignificant concerns to stand in his way.
“Feels so good…don’t stop…. ooh fuck…don’t stop…it’s amazing!”  She entreated as her body began to hum with the pleasure of an impending climax. He was going so fast, his cock seemed to be barely leaving her pussy and with each hard thrust, a tsunami of delicious sensations ripped through her. She tried so desperately to keep up, to match her motions to his, but he was being so rough her brain had begun to fog with a haze of pleasure. Suddenly free of conscious thought; her body acted on instinct and on a practically deep stroke, her long legs fell away from his waist to plant her feet in the rumpled sheets. Using that now pose to raise her hips, she then used her hands to elevate her torso and suspend her body more than two feet above the sheets.
Impressed by her flexibility, Trunks adjusted his grip to assist her balance yet he neither paused nor lingered, his hips slapping wetly against her desire slicked thighs. Though they had never done it before, this quickly earned an elevated post within his favourite position.  Aided considerably by her sudden alteration, he watched with untamed hunger as her body jumped against his tunnelling shaft, her full breasts swaying hypnotically to his rhythm as she bit her lower lip in an attempt to stifle her sinful cries of delight.
He buried himself in her warmth again and saw the dam inside her crack beneath a sudden mini-climax that caused her eyes to roll. Her body began to tremble as liquid ecstasy rushed through her and Trunks watched with unabashed delight while trying to enhance her pleasure with quick stabs of his cock.
“Yes! More…more…I…I love you trunks!” The cry left her lips before her mind could register what she had said, yet it was too late. Her body was melting in a sea of liquid pleasure and all sense of words and thought had left her. Moaning hotly as she tossed her head from side to side, her sweat dampened mane of raven hair fanning out around her, she caught only the briefest glimpse of him smirking down at her in an almost mirror image of his father. The sight caused the pooling heat in her abdomen to pulse dangerously, pushing her towards her pleasure’s violent pinnacle. “Give it to me….Give it to me…”
“So whose cock is better?”
The question caught her by surprise and it took a moment for her pleasure dulled brain to register his words. After which she was certain she had misheard him. “Wh..what?”
Amused, Trunks repeated the question; being careful as he did not to let the rhythm slacken.  “Whose cock do you prefer? Mine or your husband’s?”
She hesitated so he with just a resigned shrug, he began to withdraw…“…yours! Oh Kami don’t tease me baby. Give me your big hard cock; I’ll die if you stop now.”
“…And who is the best fuck of your life?” He demanded before plunging back into her warmth in a less than gentle manner. She gasped at his renewed penetration. She arched her back, wordlessly asking for more and he was more than happy to oblige, thrusting into her tight pussy for all he was worth.
“…Oh Fuck…You Trunks…it….oh Kami Yes…it was always you…so good…I can’t take it…I’m…I’m going to go crazy…”
Trunks was becoming so wild, he could feel the cots rocking underneath them, the metallic frames clapping loudly against the wall every time he buried himself in her warmth. Chichi didn’t protest, nor appeared to even care. Completely absorbed in her own pleasure, her lips had formed an ‘O’ shape and with each jolting thrust, her whole body jumped delightedly to meet him, causing her enchantingly full breasts to bounce. Drawn like a moth to a flame, the Saiyan’s primitive brain fixed on her rosy buds and he leant down to ravish her aureoles. He groaned lowly as her inner muscles clenched around him in answer to this fresh assault, but he didn’t let up and hungrily caught her sensitive bud between his teeth while his tongue circled the tip wickedly.
“Mmm…you’re nipples are so stiff chichi.” He murmured before tugging on her pebbled flesh as he thrust into her again and again. Only that sudden mix of pleasure and pain was just too much for Chichi.
“Oh Kami…oh Kami…oh Kami…”She gasped as her body began to tremble with the force of another orgasm. The feeling was so intense her arms and legs turned to jelly, then her mind went blank in a burst of white hot fire behind her eyes and she could feel herself floating.
Moving an arm around her waist, Trunks crushed her to his torso as he reared up. Still feasting upon her ample bosom, he used his grip on her buttocks to support her body as he drove into her depths. Perspiration glistened across his bronzed skin and a few salty drops rolled down his neck as he felt himself nearing his limit. Unwilling to give in, his Saiyan side desperately thought to push back his release but the feel of her walls convulsing around his sensitised column was pushing him to the brink. It was only a matter of time.
Chichi could feel her breath coming in short gasps as the ripples of her climax continued to tear through her. The sensations were so intense, her world had dissolved into a brilliant rush of colour and she couldn’t tell where one tide of pleasure ceased and the next began as they merged into one continuous flood of glorious ecstasy. Was she going mad? Or perhaps this was what it felt like to die? Maybe death by sex wasn’t just some delightful male fantasy and this terrific young stud had indeed fucked her into an early grave.
For more than an age she hung there in ecstasy’s limbo, until the pleasure was stretched so thin she felt the brief plunge into a cold and sticky reality of heaving bodies before being flooded with the molten warmth of another fast approaching climax. It was going to be a big one, perhaps too big.
“Oh Kami…no…not again… I can’t take another orgasm” Yet even as she spoke, she could feel her arms coiling around his neck as her arse began to gyrate in his lap. They were so close now, her every gasping breath was perfumed with his musky sent and she was suddenly aware of how hot his skin felt against her body. She had never felt so full. Using her limited footing to rock her hips into his upward motions, her hands began clawing his back in torturous rapture as pulse after pulse of volcanic pleasure rushed along her nerve system. “Aahhh… I can feel it…I’m going to burst…Trunks…please…Do you love me?”
Lost in the feel of inner walls convulsing around him, dragging him deeper on every inward thrust and milking his swollen length into delirium; Trunks almost didn’t hear her question. Releasing her pert nipple from between his teeth, he raised his gaze to hers and felt his heart wrench painfully at the terrible fear that glistened within her lust darkened sapphires. She was afraid. She was too strong to show it most of the time, and too proud to let the world know of her fears. But she was afraid nonetheless, afraid of being used and rejected of becoming some man’s whore and then being tossed aside once he was done with her; as Goku had done. And Trunks felt a fresh wave of revulsion towards the man as lent down and placed a loving kiss on her forehead. “Yes, always.”
The joy she felt from hearing him say those words was absolute and closing her eyes, she gave herself over completely to the pleasure he was conjuring within her. He was going so deep, she could feel his cock touching her cervix and she threw her head back in wonder as he somehow managed to stimulate all her pleasure spots at once. “It’s so hot…I’m going to go cum…I’m cumming…CUMMING!”
“I’m cumming too!” He barked out as the visual stimuli of her gorgeous naked body writhing and wriggled atop his pillaging shaft, combined with the feel of her juices coating him as her walls closed tight, sent him over the edge. After being restrained for so long, the force of his release was like nothing he had ever experienced and a thunderous groan bellowed from his lips as his seed surged into her womb.
For the rest of their days, neither of the lovers would be able to define or explain what happened next. In the past, they had simply held each other close as they basked in the afterglow of their own respective release. This time however, as the explosions lulled his mind into sleepy haze, Trunks dipped his head into the curve of her neck. The skin was smooth and unmarked. With a low growl; he bit the spot that joined neck to shoulder. Surprised, Chichi let out a sudden squeak before reciprocating the action. Strange sensations, as foreign as they were familiar, flooded them and then their thoughts were on fire as a sensation of complete fulfilment came over them.
Still joined in the most intimate of fashions, they collapsed together in a tangled mass of limbs on the joined cots, their chests heaving with laboured breaths. Sweat made their bodies glisten in the low light yet neither made any effort to move as they listened to the rain outside. In the morning, they might worry about what the future held for them, but here they were all that mattered and nothing could, or would, interrupt their harmony.
 Feeling safe and content in the others’ prescience, they feel into a blissful sleep; happy in the knowledge that no matter what the world held in store, they would face it together.
The end?

Two of a Kind: Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, as such I am not profiting from this work.
AN: This is a commissioned work by texasnightmare512, it is a TrunksxChichi pairing set during the GT timeline. Although this if far from my preferred area, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work on a new Dragonball story. It is a four-part story that shall start in the years when Goku was away training Uub and shall then jump to the end of the saga when Goku leaves for good.

Two of a Kind
Chapter 1

Watching her youngest son disappearing on the horizon, Chichi sighed heavily. Today should have been one of the happiest days of her life, yet all she felt was a sense of abandonment. Goten, her sweet innocent Goten, was finally going to university.
It had now been four years since her loving husband, who after the Buu incident had promised he’d always be there for his family, had decided to fly off with some little mountain brat right in the middle of the world tournament. Unaccustomed to the quite mountain life, their youngest son had decided to follow his elder brother’s example and began buckling down in his studies. He’d worked hard but even after three years working under her strict schedule, it had been a sports-scholarship that had bought him a place in Cambridge University. She had been so proud the day his letter of acceptance arrived, now she couldn’t remember why.
In the darkening twilight, she watched him vanish into the evening’s bright pink and purple sky; it would be months before she saw him again and she wanted to immortalise the moment. However an autumn chill was in the air and she could feel its cold touch on her skin as night’s darkness descended over her mountain home. Yet despite the dropping temperatures, she refused to abandon her spot. Goten had been the last member of her family who hadn’t abandoned her, to admit he was gone was to admit she was alone and she couldn’t do that. Not yet anyway.
Rooted by her pride, it was only when the very real danger of hypothermia threatened that she decided to retreat home, yet in her mind she still pictured herself standing in the open field and watching the starry sky in hope that her baby might return to her. Desperate to keep busy, she set about doing the one job that had always proved as a source of comfort to her; cleaning. There was usually so much she needed to do, so many jobs that had to be done; a Saiyan household was one that never stayed clean and required constant attention. Unfortunately there was a very vital part of that equation which was no longer prevalent in her life, which was her Saiyan household without the Saiyans was just a typical household of one.
Furrowing her brow with disgust as she looked upon the neat pile of stacked plaits and dishes in her cupboard, Chichi felt her stomach tighten as despair set in. How could she be done already? Was there something she had forgotten, no that couldn’t be it. She had followed the same routine she had always done and yet, somehow, she had finished five hours’ worth of work in less than thirty minutes. Growling dispiritedly, she walked across her now impeccably clean kitchen and feel into one of her dining table chairs. Resting her head in her hands, she looked about the spherical chamber in search of something, anything, which would occupy her thoughts for just a few moments more.
How had had her life come to this? She was Chichi, the princess of the Ox kingdom, a warrior woman at heart, and even now she was one of the strongest women on earth. How could she have come to this, abandoned by her family and sitting alone in a quite house with nothing to do but contemplate this sorry state of affairs? Goku, he was why, that bastard had always been the source of her misery.
For as long as she had known him, her husband had always excelled in abandoning her. Even when they had been kids, he would disappear for years on end, as a young girl she had pledged herself to him and promised undying love to that mysterious boy, but in the end he would always leave her. Even after they had married, his adventures would cut her sweet honeymoon short. As their life together went on, circumstances beyond her control would constantly pull him from her until they had finally pulled him to his grave. That should have been the end of the matter, but then in the aftermath of something horrible, he returned to her like and in the years that followed, had flourished into the dotting husband she’d only glimpsed. Until four years ago, when he’d abandoned her again, for no more of a reason than he’d been merely bored with the ordinary dull and boring life of a middle aged, unemployed, man. Kami, how she hated that bastard; why couldn’t he of just got a job like every other man on the planet.
Trying to fight her melancholy, she tried to think of an activity that might distract her; yet a life of being the dotting mother had left her ill-prepared for this trial so instead, she decided to fall back on her occasion, yet favoured pass-time.
“Perhaps a bath will help me relax…”


Looking expectantly at his watch; Trunks felt a giddy smile turn his lips as he saw it was approaching seven o’clock. ‘It won’t be long now…’
He’d been waiting for this day to come for months. The day when his dear childhood friend Goten would finally be leaving home to attend a university on the other side of the planet, leaving her all alone and at the mercy of his charms. Her, she was his Venus, his Aphrodite, the very thought of his made his head swim and his loins burn with longing as he anxiously checked his wristwatch.
He could feel his friend’s energy fluttering as he took flight and was tempted to leave then, but he knew the danger of Goten sensing him was too great. Mistakenly thinking that he had been meaning to say good bye, the kid might alter course to intercept him or worse, perhaps he’d turn back and fly home. No, he’d wait and bide his time; he didn’t want anyone interrupting what he had planned for tonight.
Sitting alone in his office at Capsule Corp, Trunks might have appeared to be like all the other young executives, his tailored Armani suit sitting well in the well-lit office adorned by expensive oak furniture and photos of friends and family; but inside he hid a most perverse secret. A truth so disturbing it could ruin his family should the world ever learn of it. For years he had tried to resist its impulses, its little whispers in the back of his head; but then life had served a temptation too great to resist at his feet and he had found himself plunged into a plan of wickedness, of debauched and overpowering lust.
He wanted something he should never have wanted, a treasure that belonged to another, a treasure that had been forsaken in a dark and sealed tomb in the mountains. So he’d told himself that that person didn’t deserve their treasure, that it was too precious to be just cast aside whenever they chose; that he should adorn the hat and whip of Indiana Johns and steal it. After tonight, Chichi Son would become his treasure.
The shadows across his office began to lengthen as the sun dipped low on the horizon and his smile turned sinister as he felt Goten’s energy signature fade slightly. The boy was almost out of range so if he moved now and kept his power level low, his boyhood friend would never sense him moving in on his mother.
Not intent on missing his chance, he quickly got up from his leather desk chair and moved over to the line of windows that stretched across his outer wall. Not pausing to admire the spectacular view of west city stretching out beneath him, he undid the latch and threw open the pane of glass before stepping through into the air. Gravity seized him but a burst of white fire consumed him before he fell, allowing him to hover there for a moment before he suddenly took flight. He was out of the city’s airspace in moments, his energy scorching a bright trail across the darkening sky as he flew towards the distant mountain range.
He moved quickly but the restriction of keeping his energy level low meant that he couldn’t fly as fast as he would have liked and despite his best efforts, three hours passed before he came to the Son’s mountain range. With the light all but gone, he was guided only by his memory yet years of making this journey had made it almost like second nature and he landed gently in the clearing that lay afore the Son’s house. To his relief, the lights in the dome shaped kitchen were still on despite the late hour.
With his heart hammering against his ribcage, he quickly brushed himself down before walking up to the kitchen door and tapping it with his knuckles; his mouth suddenly dry with anticipation as he awaited an answer. None came.
Brow furring with confusion, he waited a moment before knocking again; only a little harder this time. Still there was no response so thinking that she might have fallen asleep, he lent around to steal a peak through the window beside the kitchen door. Unsurprisingly it was empty, but the still steaming cup of coffee on the dining table suggested he’d only just missed her.
He doubted Chichi had gone far, he knew she had never been much of a night owl and besides, this far out in the middle of nowhere, where could she have gone in such a hurry? No, he knew she had to be somewhere nearby but before he could search for her energy signature, there was the faint crush of frost stiffened grass underfoot and then a loud splash.
His curiosity quickly got the better of him and he crept quietly away from the house and into the treeline of the forest that went around the rear of the Son’s mountain home. Hidden within the thick canopy of trees, he had no fear of being discovered as he moved through the shadows to the area just behind the house. He could hear commotion up ahead and moved towards it, being careful as he did to avoid any fallen branches that might snap or catch his foot, before pushing aside a net of branches that obscured his view. In that instant he thought his heart might explode…
Across the clearing, he could see Chichi bathing in her family’s Jacuzzi-like outside bath that he and Goten had often wallowed in as boys. It was a deep tube, and she was clearly sitting down as the steaming water went as high as her shoulders, yet he could clearly see the tops of her breasts bobbing on the surface. Her hair was down, undone from its usual bun the longs locks of rich black hair framed her deceivingly soft and youthful face before touching the water and floating out across the surface
Despite the chilled air, Trunks could feel his erection hardening as he watched, making the tailored trousers seem uncomfortably tight as a prominent bulge formed along the length of his right calf Short of breath, A lustful haze suddenly clouded his judgment and he felt a strong desire to come out of the bushes and offer to join her in the tub, to ask if she wanted some company before revealing the true extent of his desire for her. It was a lovely vision, but then the rational part of his brain kicked in and told him that she would probably scream before kicking him in the crotch, a blow she was likely to deliver with such power that it would probably send him flying all the way back to West City, before s calling his mother. The idea of what would await his return home was enough to cool the fire in his blood.
And it was at that moment the object of his desire suddenly decided to rise up from the tub’s warm depths.
The young man’s eyes went as wide as saucers as he watched a cascade of water roll down the beauty’s skin. In the low light, her milky complexion glowed like alabaster and he took in a shaky breath as he took on the glory of her naked beauty for the first time. Despite being well into her early fifties, Chichi possessed a body that would make any younger woman green with envy; for she was perfection’s embodiment. Not a wrinkle blemished her beauty and her skin look as soft and tight as it must have done in her youth, when her husband had forsaken her time and again. Her breasts were full but also firm, and a quick stream of water was running down the valley between her full orbs, tempting him to come out of hiding and drink up the sweat essence with his tongue. Following the drops as they rolled down her lean stomach and curvy hips, Trunks’s desire burned all the fiercer as he witnessed them disappearing within the neatly trimmed curls that he knew rested just above her sex. He’d always admired her beauty but no amount of imagining could have ever prepared him for the reality of her, she was beyond gorgeous and it should be illegal for her to ever where clothes again.
Seeing her unbarred beauty for the first time, he realised that she was in fact a goddess, a creature more beautiful than any of the woman he had lain with before. He wanted her more than he had wanted anything else, to have her he would be willing to forsake everything he owned, just to spend one night with her he would give anything. With an untamed lust burning in his gaze, he watched as she withdrew a towel from behind the bath and began to lightly dab away the remaining drops before turning her back to the forest, giving Trunks a most pleasing view of her full backside as she climbed out of the tub and walked back inside.
His eyes followed her swaying rump until the back door to the house was shut and his gaze barred; but even that would not impede his hunger for her. Waiting a moment as the lights in the house came on one by one; when the lights on the second floor were lit he quickly determined that she had gone to her bedroom and so darted from the shadows. Kicking off from the ground as he passed by the still full bath, he flew up to the level of her bed room window and hugged the wall tightly as he tilted his head around and glanced inside.
It was fortunate he had managed to find a footing; otherwise the shock that followed might have caused him to lose focus and fall. Inside the lavishly furnished bedroom, he could see Chichi lying atop her king size bed. Still wet and naked from her bath, she was reclining into a mass of pillows like the goddess Venus; her long legs were up and spread so that her feet lay flat on the mattress. Her eyes were closed and she was visibly biting her lower lip in pleasure as one of her delicate hands fondled the folds of her core, the other almost clawing at her magnificent bosom.
Trunks felt his breath catch in his throat as he eagerly watched this gorgeous woman pleasuring herself. In the more sensible part of his brain, a small voice was whispering that he should look, that it wasn’t descent for him to be watching her while she did this and if she were to catch him, there was nowhere in the galaxy that could protect him from her wrath. But he dismissed it quickly; this was his greatest fantasy come to life and he could not have moved from that spot if his life had depended on it. Seeing her lying there with her thighs spread and her face and skin flushed with arousal was a picture of wanton temptation that he wanted to sear the image to his memory so he’d never forget it for as long as he lived.
The window was partly open and through the gap he could hear her panting, soft lurid sounds of delight that were like music to his ears and almost without realising what he was doing, his free hand began fumbling with the button of his far too tight trousers. He could scarcely breathe for the tightness; he had to be set free, to relieve the tension that had billowed up in his loins…
Nearly tearing the garment apart in his haste to free his arousal, he let his trousers fall to his knees and began rubbing his rigid cock while his eyes devoured the sight of her gloriously naked body through the corner of the window. His eyes wandered over her alluring contours, drinking in the majesty of her perfection as he watched her pleasuring herself.
“Ooo…” she purred to her imaginary lover, too swept up in her own passions to notice that she suddenly had an audience. “Yes… oh yes I want it all the way…inside me.”
With her legs splayed so wide, Chichi was unknowingly showing Trunks a part of her body only one other had seen and his eyes ran the lengths of her long sexy legs before watching as she pushed her middle finger past her folds. Her hips rose off the bed as she tried to get as much of her digit inside her before suddenly throwing her head back and crying out in rapturous delight as her knuckle touched her clit.
‘She’s so hot’ He thought dreamily, watching as she basked in the pleasure of the brief contact before resuming her motions with increased vigour. However she was so consumed by her primal lusts that just that simple contact wasn’t enough and she quickly released her grip on the pillow to grope her breasts. He could see her nipple sticking put from between her fingers; made hard with her arousal, his mouth water at the sight and he ached to climb through the window and taste the hard bud as she squeezed the ample flesh of her bosom and tweaked the pebbled flesh.
Enjoying the feel of her own touch, she arched up into the arms of her imaginary lover and gasped with enjoyment, choosing that moment to press forward with a second finger, her ring finger. Trunks watched her penetrate herself with the second digit, her shriek of delight like music to his ears as he marvelled at the way her two fingers worked in and out of her entrance; it was without a doubt the most erotic scene he had ever beheld.
She was getting close, he could tell by the way her fingers quickened with every insertion. Her eyes were open but their dazed look revealed they weren’t seeing into this world and the way her pretty mouth hung open with speechless ecstasy between moans were also indications of her impending climax. Then slowly, rhythmically, her hips started to rock against those invading digits, creating a rhythm that mimicked the motions of a man and woman locked in the tides of love’s passionate embrace. Obediently he answered her silent plea, thrusting his throbbing shaft through the tight coil of his fist in mimic of her motions; as if it were he who was ploughing into her tight cavern and driving her to that sweet oblivion. ‘Oh kami….she’s so tight and warm…”
“Oh Kami…Goku…you’re cock is so good…oh I want it…fuck me more…”Her moan punctured his fantasy and despite the burning lust in his loins, a surge of jealousy savagely twisted in the youth’s guts as he suddenly realised just who it was she was imaging. Goku, that son of a bitch didn’t deserve her, he’d neglected and abandoned her more times than he could count and yet she still longed for his touch. Why couldn’t it of been him she wanted, he wanted it to be him, it should have been him. A primitive sense of possession claimed him and it took every bit of his self-control to remain where he was; unaware that for the first time in his life he truly was his father’s son.
His longing for her burned like lava in his veins and his fingers itched to touch her soft skin. He wanted to crease her, to explore every part of her as she arched into his touch like a wanton whore, to make her moan his name until she screamed for him.
“Trunks! Just what do you think you are doing?”
‘Oh Shit…’


Chichi had never expected to be doing this, she’d only wanted a bath but then everything had spiralled out of control.
Her idea had worked and as she lay soaking in the hot water, all her thoughts and concerns had fled her and she had allowed herself to just relax for the first time in what had felt like an age of suffering. There had been no worrying or fears of abandonment to claw at her heart, she had been at peace and content to do nothing more than flounder in that great pool of steaming water. Then she had felt it.
It was only a momentary distraction, a prickling sensation that tickled the back of her neck like the touch of a feather, yet it caused her to look up at the forest that lay just beyond the boundaries of her home in alarm. She was being watched, but by what she couldn’t say.
The animals of the forest kept their distance, even the predators knew not too come within sight of the house less they risk having their skins turned into decorations. It couldn’t have been human ether; the nearest village was over twenty miles away, a small settlement populated almost exclusively by pious and elderly couples too preoccupied with the comings and goings of their conventional lives to spare a thought for the woman living in the mountains’ forest. But then what else could it be?
Something was out there, she could feel its eyes on her but she could see nothing beyond the bordering treeline except the shadowy clumping of the trees behind those that made up the forest’s mouth. Suddenly feeling very vulnerable as she realised how quiet the night had become, she decided it was time to end her bath and rose up out of the water before beginning to pat herself down with the towel she brought out with her.
The night air was cold against her heated skin and she could feel goose bumps rising all over her body as a lightly blowing breeze blew up around her. Far from pleased with the way the weather was turning, she quickly whipped away any lingering drops of moisture before turning back to the house and hurrying inside. With her wet feet padding across the kitchen tiles, she brushed past the kitchen table and moved into the adjoining hallway that connected all the rooms of the Son home together.
Moving as swiftly as she dared with the pads of her naked feet still slick from the bath, Chichi half walked and half dashed down the hall before turning at the base of the stairs and ascending the steps to her room. Flicking the light switch on as she came off the steps onto the second floor, Chichi felt an easy sigh pass her lips. Despite being only one room, the upper level of the son’s house mirrored both the size and design as that of the floor below it and had served as hers and her husband’s main bedchamber since the first days of their marriage.
It was a very richly decorated room, adorned by oaken furnishings, wall hung tapestries and expensive, imported rugs that spoke worlds of the hidden riches of the Ox Kingdom’s sovereignty. A grand canopied king size took up nearly a quarter of the space and was covered by her heavier winter quilt along with a mountain of pillows and was flanked by bedside tables on either side. Her jewellery box was nestled within a cluster of perfume bottles and other feminine devices on a vanity table and wall hung mirror that lined the wall besides her immense armoire while opposite it stood an antique desk and a pair of bookcases. And everywhere there were pictures of her family.
Some were old, taken before her wedding and depicted images of her and her giant axe-wielding father standing before their prosperous kingdom; others were much more recent and depicted her eldest son, Gohan, standing with his wife and their young daughter Pan. They were all here, in this room all of her family and friends surrounded her and she felt safe enough in their presence to forget her fears of whatever was lurking in the forest. It couldn’t touch her here…
Breathing in the familiar scents of a long life and letting them carry her away to memories she had almost forgotten, she walked to her bed and collapsed into its embrace. It was the definition of luxury, a bed so soft she might as well have been floating on a cloud, waiting for her beloved to come down from heaven and take her up in his strong arms.
“Oh Goku…” She whispered dreamily, picturing her husband standing there are at the foot of their bed, with that same goofy grin he always wore whenever he wasn’t fighting. She wanted him back, so he could hold her in his arms once again and whisper sweet words in her ears as he lavished attention upon her. It didn’t help that no matter times she washed the sheets, their bed still carried his scent and as she lay there, his musky aroma carried her to a world she scarcely remembered. A world where her loins burned and her hands travelled across her body off their own accord.
She remembered a night from so very long ago, when they had had been young and passionate and so drunk on their love for one another that the days had seemed to whisk by as hours. They were in this very bed, her husband resting above her, the sheets hanging low over his taught buttocks while his lips showered affection upon her. She could feel his desire for her burning strong and pressing demandingly against her thighs as he rolled his hips against her in silent urgency. Kami, she missed the warmth of his touch.
She could feel droplets of moisture running down her skin, but wasn’t sure if they were remnants of her bath or the lustful perspirations of her desire. The memories of that night were making her so hot that she could feel the fires of her lust stirring between her thighs; an inferno of liquid heat that threatened to consume her entire being with its boiling passions as her hands began to subconsciously mirror the movements of her husband’s.
Sinking deeper into her fantasy, a long sigh passed the woman’s lips as her fingers traced over her nipples. Already hard, the buds tingled under her touch and she began eagerly groping and massaging her heavy bosom while her other palm moved down her waist to the burning wetness at apex of her thighs. With her memory’s eye, she watched as her beloved Goku prepared to penetrate her, focusing on the way his large hand was stroking his arousal as he angled the rigid length for insertion. Kami he was so big and beautiful, and before her mind really registered what she was doing, she had slipped a finger past her folds.
“Ooo…Yes… oh yes I want it all the way…inside me.” She moaned before biting her lip in pleasure as the feeling of her digit penetrating her core sent a white hot shiver of delight coursing through her. It was a poor substitute for her husband’s cock, but she’d missed the feeling of having something inside her for so long that she hardly cared and began to urgently rock her hips against the invading fingers.
It was a wondrous sensation, yet her lust was far from quenched by the single digit and she quickly buried a second finger in her depths before moving them in and out, matching her husband’s powerful strokes as she imagined him leaning over her, his powerful hands holding her legs apart as he mercilessly pummelled her entrance with his magnificent cock.
Oh Kami, what was happening to her? It had never been like this, even in those dark years post Cell’s demise she had kept her composure and forewent he sexual urges. Yet life had been simpler back then, her days had been full and she had been too preoccupied with raising Goten and getting Gohan back on the path of becoming a scholar to care for her neglected libido. Now it was different, now her husband wasn’t dead and her family weren’t a pair of young boys who required constant vigilance, now she was alone and what had been insignificant back then was suddenly as vital as the air she breathed.
Her body was shaking and every part of her seemed to be tingling with delightful sensations as she now used her thumb to play with her clit while the two fingers worked their magic inside her. The pleasure she was experiencing was beyond words and she could feel herself drawing close to the brink as her left hand mimicked her husband’s tongue and rolled her pert nipple between her thumb and forefinger.
“Oh Kami…Goku…you’re cock is so good…oh I want it…fuck me more…” She wailed with breathless joy, not really knowing what she was saying as the pleasurable haze clouded her mind and rid her of thoughts of anything and everything beside the feel of the digits invading her depths. She moaned again, only louder and she could hear the cry rebounding off the walls like the wails of a wanton whore being ravished by her client; she didn’t care. She was getting close, so close that she could actually taste her peak. Kami how had she gone without a man for so long?
She heard a noise, only her pleasure slackened brain took a moment to comprehend it as she continued to drown her senses with self-inflicted ecstasy. Realising it had not originated from her, her eyes became a little more focused and se quickly began to search for the source of the guttural groan. However dipping in an out of reality, she refused to desist in her self-service until she had idly looked to the half-glazed window seat that looked out onto the forest and saw the mass of lavender coloured hair hanging over the window’s edge. ‘What in the world…’
“Trunks!” Suddenly she was wide away and immediately recognising the half hidden form hugging her ledge; she quickly removed her fingers from her person and pulled the heavy duvet over her body in an attempt to cover her clearly naked body before turning her anger on the voyeuristic youth. “Trunks Briefs…is that you?”
There was no response.
“I know it is you young man. Come out of there this instant or I will call your mother.” Chichi warned, her already strained patience growing thin at his refusal to respond. She had never considered herself a patient woman, but nor was she a harpy and she had always made an effort to understand whatever it was people might ask of her. However this was certainly more than she was willing to tolerate.
Sensing the anger in her voice, Trunks new better than to try his luck and test her frayed patience any further. Without even bothering to cover his erection, he let out a resigned sigh before coming out of his hideaway, pulling open the window and stepping into the bedroom. If nothing else, he was relieved to be out of the cold.
Chichi could only look on in disbelief as the young executive climbed through her window, her eyes immediately locked to his more than impressively proportioned arousal as it jutted out before him like a flagpole, harder than steel. Had her husband’s cock been so beautiful? It was so long since she had last set eyes on such a fine example of maleness that she couldn’t ever remember wanting one so badly. She fought to regain control of herself before tearing her gaze from his hard length to look up at his face. Fortunately he hadn’t noticed her staring, shame and embarrassment had driven him to look down at the floor and she had just enough time to hide her wanton expression before replacing it with the sternest look she could manage while secretly lusting after her son’s best friend.
“Now just what the hell were you doing outside my window you little pervert?” She asked, struggling to keep her voice steady as she felt her eyes constantly drifting down to look upon his jutting arousal. Why hadn’t he covered himself, was this some sort of game he was playing to try and get under her skin. Well she wouldn’t give him the chance, she was Son Chichi, the strongest woman on earth, and she wouldn’t give in just because he had a big cock.
“…Uh…well…I was just…looking for Goten…yea I was just looking for Goten and I…”He explained, hoping to kami that she would believe the flimsy excuse, but knowing that his every stutter made him look more guilty. Kami, why hadn’t he been more careful, how in hades was he going to get out of this without her calling his mother and dropping him in it up to his arse.
“And you thought he might be in my room, when you know full well that today is the day he goes off to Cambridge.”
“Is…is it? I must have been mistaken…ha-ha…well I guess I’ll be off then…”
“Not so fast mister!” Chichi called, stopping him before he could jump back out the window. He looked back hastily, and felt his eyes almost bulge out of their sockets as he watched her get up from the bed and walk towards him; still holding the sheets to her bosom but making no extensive effort to remain hidden. “I think I know exactly what you were doing out there, you were spying on me weren’t you?” She finally asked as she came to stand before, her eyes boring into his before she suddenly looked down and smile. “Mmm…You’ve been a bad boy Trunks.” It was at that point he realised that in his haste to obey the woman’s command to come inside, he’d forgotten to do something very important. Blushing profusely, he tried to cover his erection, but she stopped by saying “A very bad boy indeed”, before letting the sheet fall away.
In truth, Chichi had no idea what she was doing or exactly why she was doing it, all she knew was that she wanted this young man’s cock. She had been without for so long that the immorality of what she was doing, the debauched betrayal of her husband, no longer mattered to her. She had put the needs of others before her own desires for too long, now it was time to be selfish and indulge in something she truly wanted. It was time to be naughty, so she reached out and grabbed his erection, marvelling at the way it could feel so hard and yet so soft at the same time, before gently massaging its silken texture.
Trunks was all but certain he was dreaming; this was too impossible, too unbelievable, and too wonderful to be real. He wanted to pinch himself just to ensure he wasn’t really asleep, only the idea of finding this just to be a figment was more horrifying than letting things play out, so instead he settled for letting the dice fall where they may and watching the voluptuous beauty go to work on him. It went without saying that she was certainly better than any of the other girls he’d lain with.
Still slick with the liquid proof of her desire, her hand glided along his arousal with a gentile but firm grip. He watched what she was doing only for a moment before the need to moan overcame him and his head fell back in delight as he languished in the exquisite rush of sensations she was stirring in him. However she didn’t need any more encouragement and in his moment of distraction, she sunk down and settled between his legs.
There she came face to face with his arousal and couldn’t help lick her lips with delight as she took in the sheer magnificence of it; oh yes Trunks was defiantly a Saiyan. At least nine inches long and almost as thick as her wrist, his member jutted out before his person like some great column of flesh and she stared at his massive length with pure animal hunger. This was going to be a lot of fun and without a moment’s pause; she took him in her mouth.
“Oh Kami…” Trunks gasped, almost coming undone as he felt the heat of her mouth washing over his rigid flesh. Then her tongue was upon him, swirling around his cock’s bulbous head as she began to hungrily suck. There was no doubt in the youth’s mind that she wanted this, perhaps even more than he did; if that was possible.
Lost in her own world of sordid pleasure, Chichi nudged his legs further apart before taking him deeper. This wasn’t like her; she had never been like this with her husband. With Goku she had only been slow and tender, he had always been in control and she had played the submissive wife to a tee. This was different; there was no love or sweet feeling here, only her unbridled lust and the young stud she had caught spying on her. She might hate herself f it in the morning, but until then she would enjoy this moment and do what she wished. And right then she wanted a taste of his youth…
“…Oh Kami!” Trunks gasped, his eyes falling shot as he desperately tried to relax. It didn’t help, never had he experienced anything close to the exquisite pleasures she was conjuring up. The feel of her warm mouth consuming his most sensitive spot was beyond anything words could describe and he could nothing more than bask in its glow as she spirited him closer to a long overdue release. He only wished he could make this last longer, perhaps go on forever.
Wrapping her nimble fingers around the thick base, Chichi relaxed her throat and took his entire length into her mouth. It was a tight squeeze but even out of practise as she was, the married beauty was confident she could still blow the mind of even the most determined young Saiyan and breathing deep; she let her lurid desires sweep her up as she began moving back up. Stopping only when she held just his cock’s pulsating crown between her teeth, she quickly twirled her tongue around the bulbous tip before pushing her head down and taking him inside her throat again before the repeating her prior motions in a frenzied pace.
Trunks didn’t dare move or even breath as her head began to bob up and down on his arousal. The warmth and wetness of her mouth were incredible and the passion of her sucking and licking as she deep throated him was almost more than he could handle. She was fast and passionate, and attacked his cock with such a furious intensity that it made his head spin.
It was unbelievable. How often had he dreamed of this moment? How many nights had he spent longing to be with her like this while heatedly imagining that his own hand was her sweet mouth? Now it was really happening; he had to see her; needed to watch her. Suddenly desperate to see this goddess at work, he opened his eyes and looked down on her. It was a mesmerizing sight; from up high he had a perfect view of Chichi hungrily sucking his cock and it was hard not to lose his self as he watched her perfect lips moving up and down on his arousal, her cascading locks of silky black hair framing her face, tempting him to grab hold as she sucked him deeper into her throat and looked up at him with lust clouded eyes that fixed him with the sexiest look he had ever seen. This definitely wasn’t a fantasy; no fantasy could ever be this hot…
He had to touch her, he knew he couldn’t hold up against this amazing assault for much longer yet his need to touch her was overwhelming and he roughly ran his fingers through her still damp hair before bucking his hips into her mouth in time with her strokes. He tried to control himself but so drunk on pleasure was he that he couldn’t think past the fact he was trying to do something and his mouth dropped open in a flow of moans as he recklessly dishevelled her ebony coloured locks.
“So…so tight…oh Kami…so good…so close…kami I’m so close…” He mumbled, scarcely able to form coherent phrases as he revealed in the wondrous barrage of sensations and felt his burning passion rise in his loins. It wouldn’t be long now.
Hearing his outcry, Chichi felt an excited tremor run through her and quickly doubled her efforts; taking this young stud deeper down her throat than she had ever taken her husband. And for Trunks it was too much. His fingers tightened, forming fists in her hair as a loud cry spilled from his lips while a torrent of his creamy seed exploded from his arousal’s tip and poured down her throat. The woman drank it all in happily, not spilling a drop even as a repressed gag reflex made her couth in surprise around the man’s thick cock.
Breathing hard and basking in the pleasures of his release, Trunks fought to stay conscious as his world dissolved into a stream of swirling colours. Never before had someone given him such an overwhelming blowjob, it felt as if she had been trying to suck his very life out through his cock and now that it was done, he was trapped in a void somewhere between the realms of the living and the dead. Nothing had ever felt as magnificent as having the lips of his best friend’s mother wrapped around his dick, but now it was over and he could already feel reality’s cold touch creeping up his spine.
He didn’t want to go back. He wanted to stay here where this dream was eternal, but life didn’t care what he wanted and when he blinked, there was a sudden jerk and a feeling reminiscent of a cold bucket of water being poured over his head. He found himself back in the Son’s bedroom; but only to find that he had swapped one dream for anther. Chichi had taken up her previous position on the bed, still utterly naked she had her legs spread wide and an inviting smile on her red pouting lips as she revealed her most secret of parts to his gaze.
“So what do you think Trunks?” She asked; scarcely able to keep the excitement from her voice. “Do you think you can handle this?”
Trunks could only gape in shock before hastily nodding his head as his large hands thumbed eagerly with the buttons, clumsily missing several in his rush before finally tearing the garment from his person and pushing his trousers down his legs to join it. In moments he was as naked as she and with a quick grunt of delight, he had climbed onto the bed and was suddenly poised above her with renewed erection in hand.
Their eyes met for a moment as she felt him come into line with her opening and Trunks felt his desire for her suddenly erupt like Vesuvius as every fantasy he’d ever had of the woman beneath him played out before his eyes. He’d waited all his life for this moment, ever since that fateful when he was eight when he had caught just the merest glimpse of Chichi prancing around this very room, as naked as the day she was born. It had only been a brief glimpse at perfection, but it had been enough to haunt his dreams and mould his desires; and now he would finally get his chance to have her, his muse was at last going to be his.
He couldn’t wait another moment, he had to have her and in a rush of pure carnal lust, he slipped one strong hand under her firm arse and pulled her to him. The head of his cock pressed eagerly against her moist entrance, yet Trunks held himself back for a moment, eager to imprint this image of her in his mind as he stole one quick glance. Never had he ever seen something so erotic as the way she looked at that moment. Shaking with need, her pale skin was all but glowing in the low light and her sapphire blue eyes shined with lustful passion as she looked up at him and bit her lower lips in excitement.
She moaned as he brushed tip of his cock against her clit, her voluptuous form arching off the bed as she tried to get more of him inside her depths. Eager to oblige, Trunks moved without warning and plunged his shaft all the way inside her; smirking triumphantly as he watched her body consume his arousal all the way to the base. It felt so good being inside her, she was so tight and wet and hot that he was afraid his heart might explode in his chest just from the pleasure he got from feeling her inner walls creasing his cock.
“Oh…fuck! Your cock…is so…huge!” Chichi moaned, suddenly remembering what it was like to be loved by a Saiyan as she felt every bit of his magnificent arousal filling her velvety sheath. It was hard to believe that she’d almost forgotten how good it felt to hold a warrior inside her, that her years of celibacy had nearly robbed her of this wonderment forever; but now that was at an end and she was at last free to wallow in the wondrous pleasures. And she was determined to never let anything deny her such pleasure ever again.
Yet this was different from the pleasure she’d known with Goku, certainly familiar but also just that little bit new and strangely exciting. Maybe it was because Trunks wasn’t Goku, this man leaning over her with his big cock buried inside her wasn’t her husband, and that made what they were about to do all the sweater. All her life, Chichi had been the prim and proper housewife, presenting an image of unwavering responsibility and integrity to the world. She’d strived to stay on the righteous path, to raise her sons and be a good wife and mother. This was the first time she had ever done something perverse, something taboo; and she liked it.
From the very moment he entered her, Trunks was afraid he might cum too early. She was just so tight, it was almost if she were a born again virgin and the feeling of her inner walls convulsing around him, drawing him deeper into her depths and melding to every contour of his cock; it was such a breath-taking sensation that it threatened to overwhelm him at any moment. Seeking a better grip, his hands trailed lightly down along the curve of her ribs before seizing the full checks of her arse and hoisting her up off the bed. As much as he wanted to savour this moment, his desire was raging so hot inside his vein h thought his blood might boil and there was only one way he could save himself. So he started fucking her…
“Ahhh Yess… Oh fuck Trunks…Harder…harder!” Chichi moaned, whatever was left of her composure quickly shattering into a thousand fragments as she felt him pull his cock out before suddenly plunging back into her depths. He filled her completely, his swollen arousal fitting inside her perfectly and yet when he began to move, his powerful motions drove him deeper. Unaccustomed to the feel of something touching her so deeply, her head rolled back into the mass of pillows as a stream of lurid moans flowed from her parted lips.
Barely able to keep his focus as her tight walls consumed his cock over and over, Trunks’s hips snapped forward in quick and powerful strokes that made her full breasts bounce every time he was buried within her. The sight was so erotic and she so beautiful, he feared he might have to close his eyes to keep from cumming too early. Already he could feel his climax building, that all too familiar tightening in his loins warning him of his impending release as he drove into his muse with a savage passion that made her moan and cry with delight.
Chichi was sure she would die, how could anything feel so good and yet be so wrong? It felt as if Trunks was splitting her open, his cock was just so big it seemed to make her blood boil with pleasure as he laid into her with a rhythm that was as hot and heavy as it was quick. She had never been taken like this; Goku had never been like this. Naïve and caring, he had always treated her like crystal and had been slow and gentle, always making love to her, never just taking her the way she’d secretly wanted him to. Trunks wasn’t making love to her, wasn’t cherishing her or worshiping her, he was fucking her, he was fucking her like an animal and she loved every minute of it.
“So…so big…so rough …oh I love it…please…fuck me harder Trunks…you’re so deep inside me…” She cried, wrapping her legs around his waist and rolling her hips in time to meet his every plunge. He was like a machine; his hips rising and falling as he mercilessly drove his cock into her depths before withdrawing until just the tip remained inside and then plunging back into her with a low grunt that made all her world melt away into a sea pleasure. “Oh Kami…I want it…I want your cock all the way inside me!”
Hearing his lover give herself over to the pleasure, Trunks couldn’t resist smiling with primal satisfaction before suddenly growling in lustful pleasure as he felt her tightening around him. Despite all he’d done, she was still so tight, so tight that it was actually like he was fucking a virgin only there was no pain or suffering, only the incredible pleasure that could only be shared between a man and woman. He didn’t hold back, barely able to suppress his own climax, he had no choice but to unleash the full force of his Saiyan desires upon her.
“Oh…oh my cock feels great…you’re so fucking tight chichi…I can feel your pussy squeezing me as I fuck you…” He growled, sounding suddenly more like his father as he pulled his hips back before thrusting his hips forward with such force that his erection penetrated her so deeply that he touched her cervix. Surprised by the contact, Chichi’s eyes widened and a speechless cry of ecstasy billowed from her as she arched off the bed and threw her arms around him, clinging to him as if her life depended on his touch. “Mmm…I wonder what your husband would say if he could see you now? Wantonly fucking your son’s friend, like some common whore that just loves big cock.”
“I…I don’t care…Oh Kami…I’m so wet for you…Fuck me…fuck me more with that big cock..” She moaned, her nails digging bloody groves into his back as she revelled in the feeling of what he was doing to her; his furious assault pushing her ever closer to her release. Then his cock touched someplace deep inside her that made her feel as if liquid fire ran in her veins and stars exploded behind her eyes. “Ohhh…that’s the spot…oh kami you’re hitting my sweet spot…I…I…I’m going to cum…Oh fuck yes…it’s so good…I’m going to cum!”
Beaming with pride as he realised he’s grazed her G-Spot, her lover quickly switched his attention to that one spot and gleefully watched as he did the way her face became fixed in a look of absolute pleasure while she wantonly clawed his back. He did his best to keep himself in check but the mixture of his building orgasm along with the sight of her in such a carnal frenzy was too much.
“Oh…I’m cumming too!” He roared, but chichi couldn’t hear him, already beyond such notions as those of thought and speech, she could only bask in her pleasures as his every thrust seemed to make her climax a hundred times. Years of pent up desire were escaping her in one great rush and her human body just couldn’t take it. She was unconscious the moment he spilled his boiling seed inside her.
More exhausted than he could ever remember being before, Trunks collapsed on the bed utterly spent. Breathing hard, he had just enough sense left to roll to his side so that he didn’t crush the sleeping chichi before drifting off to join her in sleep. Together they lay on her marital bed, sleeping peacefully as their physical bodies held each other tightly in a lover’s embrace.