As my long term fans will know, I am in the habit of accepting Commissions, be it for fanfics or original works. I use to charge £15s for one-shots or £25s per chapter on multi-chapter stories, however after one took the considerable time of a year and a half to write, i’ve decided it’s time to change.

Prices will now be the same no matter what the story, but a discount will be applied to the longer projects. I’ve seen author’s and editors charge all sorts for their services so i’ve taken them all into consideration and decided on £0.005 per word. So if commissioned me to write a story and it came to 10000 words (about 20-25 pages) it would cost you £50s. It might seem expensive but please remember, you’re paying me for my time more than anything else. Just think how you would feel working for 3 months and receiving only £50s for your efforts.

I accept most things without issue, with the exception of –

  • Necrophilia (vampires and supernatural beings are fine)
  • Water Sports and other bodily fluid play.
  • Extreme BDSM (I was once asked to write a story with someone being made to masturbate with a cactus, that sort of stuff is a big no no.)

I would also like to inform you that once completed i may wish to publish the story on amazon if it’s an original story, the commissioner will of course receive all due credits. In the case of a fanfic, i may still publish it after rewriting it so that it is an original story.


If you’re interested in commissioning me to write a story for you, either leave a reply to this  page or send me email at