Book Review – Raise The Titanic by Clive Cussler



2 Stars

I should have probably done my research before trying to read this.

You see, i am doing reasearch for my own novel based on the decks of the doomed liner. This book came up in my googling, so i bought it. However, what i didn’t know was this was published in 1980. Five years before the Titanic’s wreck was discovered.

There was also a lot of creative liscence taken with this story (or i hope, otherwise Cussler should have really done his reasearch more furrowly) , so that makes it practically useless for research purposes.

However what really killed this story for me was the dialogue. The characters talk like writers writing a scene, i find it very unbelievable that people would actually say some of these things in general conversation. They just killed it for me.


Book Review Tom Clancy Novels


I never thought this would happen but i have now found an author i cannot read and enjoy. In this case infact, i can barely even finish.


Tom Clancy is the first author i have ever black balled and will be removing all his books from my collection.

It’s rather ironic really, as i have enjoyed many of the games inspired by his books, as well as some of the movies. But after trying to read both of the above novels i’ve decided it’s time.

The problem i have is his books just feel like propergand against the Communist/ Marxist party. One of his novels even his IRA soldiers/ Collumbian Drug Lords with Marxist leanings. Given that he sprung to fame in the 80s when the cold war was still frosty it makes sense but I was born in 1990, the cold war means nothing to me but a plot wheel in old movies.

His characters are arrogant beyound belief,and Petty. So Petty. If these had been real people, World War 3 Would have started.

Also somewhere along the line Jack Ryan will give a speech.

What action there is lacks punch and tension.

And of course, whatever happens, America always has overwhelming superiority.


All of these things just graite on me, so for my own enjoyment, i’ve decided it’s time to put this author away. When i want fantasy, i read George RR Martin.

Review – Sharpe’s Devil



This is a big one for me… I have now read/listened to every Sharpe Novel.

Unfortunately, it is far from Mr Cornwell’s best and as i read it i get the sense he was writing it to fill a publisher’s contract or to meet a deadline as there are some notable contradictions to the other Sharpe books, especially Trafalgar. The storyline is a little flat at times and the villain is weak, but the much of what’s featured in the pages is a very historically accurate account of the loss of Spain’s last colony in central America.

I finished it in two days though so read into that as much as you’d like.

Review – Sharpe’s Revenge by Bernard Cornwell

This is one of the few sharp books that i enjoyed less than the Sean Bean Series counterpart. That’s not to say this is a bad story, quite to the contrary, but the series showed a lot of things that the book just glossed over which coupled with Cornwell’s typical lack of depth where emotions are concerned left me feeling underwhelmed.

This is not your typical Sharpe novel, the battle scenes are rather smaller than typical and Sharpe’s character seems to of taken a sudden knock. However it does feature all the aspects of the other novels, and if like me you enjoy the series then this will be a good one for you.