Short Story – Daddy’s Bad Girl – Taboo Erotica

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Title: Daddy’s Bad Girl

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It was wrong. So very wrong. He knew he shouldn’t want her, but she liked to play games so he was going to teach this bad girl a much-needed lesson…

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A Day of Confessions

A Day of Confessions
Chapter One: A fun weeked

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dragon Ball Franchise and I am not making any profit what so ever from this work of fiction.

Consumed by liquid passion, his powerful hips rocked to her furious pace; every thrust driving his steely shaft ever deeper within her burning channel. The tight confines greedily accepted every bit of him however, even as her sweet form shattered into glittering shards of ecstasy before his primal eyes; truly nothing seemed to state this goddess’s lustful thirst.

“OH YES Mr. SON!” She screamed, her shapely legs hugging his masculine body ever tighter as she became unable to control herself. A wild fire quickly spread through her burning loins as she answered each of his thrusts with one of her own, incredible shivers of pleasure rushing up her spine as both of theirbodies pushed towards that final release.

Coal-black eyes laced with ravenous desire, he hungrily feasted on the delicious sight of her creamy skin and ample, bouncing cleavage. Their were no words to describe just how beautiful and erotic the sight was, to see the luscious heiress who happened to be as young as his own daughter; riding his throbbing cock like some wanton whore was without a doubt the most spectacular thing to behold.

Of course, there was more rapture to be gained from their act then just the priceless sight; fore her burning sheath clung to his arousal with the tightness of a drawn vice and had he not had prior experience of her endeavours. It would have been near impossible for him to tell she was no virgin.

Whether or not the sex had once been slow and gentle, Gohan couldn’t remember. All he know was at that precise moment, he hungered for her body like a starved vampire thirsted for the blood of a virgin maiden.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Mr Son! I’m cumming! ” His lover suddenly cried, her voluptuous hour glass form shaking wildly as she rode out the waves of an intense orgasm. Luckily, Gohan was their to guide her through the tides of ecstasy and he didn’t hesitate in bringing his hands up to cup the full globs of her succulent teenage arse.

The added strength of his hands sent her plunging down onto his hard shaft, causing the almost wild youth to paw her hands all over his broad chest while his name echoed from her full lips in a high pitched wail; the intense pleasure causing her inner muscles to spasm around hi thick cock with a vengeance.

Totally absorbed within the sensation, The Saiyan couldn’t help closing his eyes as a fresh wash of sexual joy coursed through his body and pushed him that much closer to his limit. However, gritting his teeth; Gohan tried to power through the release. Yet as her supple body excepted everything he had to give, the hybrid new he wouldn’t be able to fight his dawning release.

“Bra…” he finally groaned in a choked voice, nearly losing himself as her inner walls suddenly tightened knowingly around his phallus. “By Kami…Bra…” He began but then trailed off in a haze of deep moans and groans as he became seemingly lost in the feel of her. “Oh Kami Yes…YES…YES!” she cried, almost completely deaf to his words as she became utterly consumed by raw passion “Oh Kami, Give it to me Mr Son! Fuck your whore Sectary’s wet Pussy! Make me cum! Make me cum like the wanton Saiyan whore I am!”

Almost at his tether but unwilling to give in just yet, Gohan suddenly changed their rhythm to a more appropriate pace; his thrusts were quick, hard and they drove the youth wild as his rough hands mercilessly pawed her arse. Like an animal, he ravaged her to the brink of death; completely oblivious to even the sound of approaching footfalls as his entire focus fixed on his teenage secretary. Her scent, her taste…. They all drove him wild as the feel of her wrapped around him became almost too much to stand.

Like water in a dam, tension was building up at the base of his spine and the more their sweat-drenched bodies thrashed in that age old symphonic dance of lust; the greater that pressure grew. He could tell Bra was close too, already she was screaming his name and by Kami did he love it. However, it wasn’t until she suddenly threw her head back while her inner muscles came to new life around him and squeezed him into submission that he finally came.

Managing only one last solid thrust before his realise was upon him, Gohan couldn’t help but groan Bra’s name as her back arched; exposing every aspect of her magnificent cleavage to his gaze as for what must have been the hundredth time that day, he poured his passion into her seeded womb.

Rocked by shivers of pleasure that rushed across her nerves like stampeding horses, Bra could no longer hold up her own body weight and fell into her lover’s waiting arms. Exhausted, she suddenly found herself to weak to even keep her eyes opens and within moments had fallen asleep right in his strong arms.

Gohan however was far from sleep and as he lay there in his marital bed the teenage girl who had served as his mistress/Secretary; he couldn’t help ponder on how he had come to be so lucky.
It probably began Friday afternoon…

Stifling a disgusted groan with the back of his hand as he swallowed the last drops of his cold and rather bitter coffee, Gohan slowly leant back into the soft leather of his reclining office chair. It had been a long and very tiring day, and he was looking forward to setting the mountain of paperwork aside so he could leave the dreary office and return home to the arms of his loving wife and daughter.

The thought of it brought a smile to the man’s face, the stress and wiriness seeming just to flow from him as he considered his picture perfect family and their picturesque home up in the mountains…Or perhaps it was due to the sensual attentions of his adolescent secretary, the moist body of her tongue playing with the underside of his shaft while her tight throat consumed the very engorged mass of his manhood.

Suddenly, A low moan passed his dry lips and he had to fight against the impulse to cum right then and there as the teenager cupped the heavy mass of his balls; her angelic hand gently squeezing the velvet sack while she let a deep groan travel up her throat. The sensation of it was mind blowing, to feel the reverberations of her vocalization echoing through and around his shaft was near impossible to describe in words.

Bra had been sucking his shaft for well over an hour now and considering how much effort she was now putting into her work, it was hard to believe she had once never know the art of cock sucking as he watched her gorgeous blue head bob up and down his dick.

Unbelievably, the leverage of not having her hands on his shaft enabled the youth to swallow the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat; the tight confines driving him almost out of his mind before she slowly slid her mouth back up to his member’s swollen head.

Already able to feel the movement rushing through his pelvis, Bra had to fight the smirk that threatened to spill across her lips even a she devoured his arousal. It was such a confidence builder to know that no matter how hard he thought, she could always bring her godly lover to a climax. The delicious taste of his coming seed already filled her mouth, driving her to new lengths as she opened her lust filled eyes and wantonly looked up at him.

For so long, he had been holding off his climax,; but as his 19-year old secretary slowly opened her sapphire orbs to look up at him, Gohan found he could barely contain himself for another second. The pressure was already mounting in his shaft, signalling his up and coming release but he couldn’t help himself as spurred on by the reaction she was getting from him; Bra continued to suck harder and harder, taking every inch of his arousal down her impossibly tight throat.

That was all it took and a wolfish howl was ripped from the man’s throat as a river of creamy seed burst from his shaft in a wave of burning pleasure and flowed down the gorgeous bluenet’s throat. Long seconds past yet despite the great quantities, Bra swallowed all that her boss had to offer; such a reward for her work made even the dull ache in her jaw worth it.

Exhausted, Gohan let himself fall back into the embrace of his office chair; exhausted breaths flowing from his parched lips as he watched Bra slowly let his softening shaft slip from her glorious mouth. Although she had been far from a novice, this last year as his Secretary had certainly made her three steps up from an expert at giving oral sex. Of course, she had grown adept at a lot more than just giving head but he would be unable to enjoy those treasures until Monday; it was 17:00 and that meant it was the end of the Heiress’s shift, though she quite often stayed behind to help him ‘file’.

As if she had read his mind, Bra suddenly stood and began searching for the matching black dress shirt and jacket she’d been wearing, having discarded the pair at the start of their little meeting.

It had now been well over a year since Gohan had employed Bra as his secretary and he had to admit, it had certainly been a genius scheme. Not only had it given their affair some flexibility, but as it turned out, the Saiyan Princess was a surprising efficient girl and had devised a number of new devices around the office which had made his job far simpler.

Of course, their had been some draw backs. A lot of questions had arose about their situation amongst the companies executives; many of whom couldn’t understand why the daughter of one of the richest families on the planet would, out of all the positions open to her within her mother’s company, want to be a lowly secretary to the head of applied sciences, who subsequently was also the companies chief scientist. It was hardly a place for a girl who had flunked all three of the A-Level sciences, and as her elder brother would be the one to inherit the CEO’s chair; none could imagine why she’d be interested in learning the way of Capsule Corp. Also, while Bulma had been overjoyed that Bra was finally taking an interest in the family business, it had taken several months for Vegeta to warm up to the idea that his daughter would be working under the son of Kakarot and had continued to find excuses to drop by Gohan’s office weeks later.

Remembering just how many times they had almost been caught by the Saiyan Prince, Gohan couldn’t help but shiver. The idea of just what Vegeta would do if he had walked in to find him fucking his beloved daughter over a desk could make even the most hardened Saiyan warrior quake in their boots but for the life of him, he couldn’t imagine ever being able to end the affair. The thrill, the risk, it was just so exciting and reminded him in no small part of when he and Videl had begun courting. Back then they had been so preoccupied with staying out of the public’s eye, the sex had been unbelievable.

That wasn’t to say years of marriage had curved their primal appetites however, it’s just after two decades there was only so much variation a couple could enjoy and it hadn’t become uncommon for them to go weeks at a time without enjoying the physical side of one another. Their schedules had just become so in disarray that they had been unable to set aside time for a quick roll in the hay, A romantic evening had of course been out of the question.

A small smile graced Gohan’s lips as he remembered the last time he and Videl had made love, she had scheduled the day off over a month in advance and had spent the entire time he was a work preparing an intimate evening for the two of them. The house had been barely recognisable when he came and the shock of finding Videl at the tab wearing a very luxurious dress with a candle lit dinner waiting for him had nearly given him a heart attack. Or perhaps it had been the shock of throwing Videl on the table after the meal and then ravishing her like an animal which had near killed him. She had spent the entire length of the dinner teasing him that his arousal had been like steel by the time she took the dishes and he hadn’t been able to resist her advances when she returned. Of course, she hadn’t minded and Gohan could still remember her begging him for more as he took her with all his passion. Well perhaps not all…

As much as she hated to admit it, Videl was only human and her body was considerably more delicate than his own; forcing him to refrain from using his full strength less he risk seriously damaging her body in his passion. That was what he didn’t worry about with Bra. Like him, she was a hybrid and he could go as hard as he liked during their trysts without fear of hurting her more than she liked, in-fact she even encouraged him to do his worst.

As much as he loved Videl, Gohan knew he would never be able to cease the affair under his own power. It might had been different if he had felt like he was doing wrong but the fact was he didn’t. Videl was human and Bra was part Saiyan, with just one he would be happy but only with them both had he been truly complete. They made him whole in every way possible and his only regret was that he had to deceive one he loved. Actually the thing he regretted most was that he couldn’t have them both, but he wasn’t ready to admit that to himself yet.

To make up for his betrayal, Gohan had started dedicating every moment he spent with his wife to spoiling her, hence the expensive pair of diamond earrings he had ordered for her as a anniversary gift. Tonight for instance, he was planning to spend a romantic night in with her and… “So Mr. Son, the meetings at 7 O’clock tonight right?”

Bra’s voice cut through his trance like a sword and hastily looking up, Gohan saw that Bra was now fully dressed and standing in the partially open doorway, the hand bag hanging off her shoulder a clear sign she was ready to leave the office. Yet as he took in the sight of her alluring body dressed in the tight fitting, partially undone white shirt and slightly low cut skirt, he completely forgot what he was about to say and blindly nodded his head. Smiling flirtatiously, she subtly winked at him before blowing a kiss as she walked out the office.

The spell lifted the moment she left and composing himself, Gohan quickly turned to his computer and pulled up his calendar. He couldn’t remember any meetings that were scheduled for tonight, especially none that were so important he’d require Bra to be present. That was until he saw the heading under the day’s date.

Friday, 16th June – Videl flies to America to open Hercule’s new dojo.

Gohan could of kicked himself, how could he of forgotten today was the day that Videl had to leave for America? As daughter of the world champ, she was expected to be at every one of his openings. Normally they were simple ceremonies and she’d be back the next day, but this was an extremely grand opening that forced her to remain in America for the length of the weekend. The meeting, as Bra so professionally put it, was in fact a dinner at a French restaurant, after which they were set to go back to his home and spend the weekend locked in the building with several beds for company.

‘It’s going to be a Fun weekend.’ He thought with a smile.

It was now Sunday and indeed, they had had a very fun weekend. Like rabbits they had descended upon the house and no room had been spared their seemingly endless cycle of coupling, eating, coupling, washing, coupling and then finally sleeping. It had been exhausting work and now Gohan was looking forward to a nice nap before one last bought. He’d need to be up early to tidy the house but until then he was content to enjoy the moment.

Lazily stroking the Sapphire haired Goddess in his arms , he felt himself drifting off into an easy slumber…


To be continued…