Review – Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne



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This is a fun easy read that explores the question of ‘can a man and women be just friends?’.
The author has a light style, very easy to read and follow. The plot is a tad predictible, there in that we can already guess what is going to happen, but if that was a bad thing the movie industry would barely be a memory now lol. The characters have easy chemistry and have the classic odd couple dynamic of the player and the bookworm who doesn’t know she’s a stunner. They are the platonic roomates who are almost siblings but strictly just friends. Then after a break up and a night drinking, a single question rocls their world. ‘Can you teach me to have casual no strings or emotions sex?’

My only real issue with this book is that their isn’t a great deal of sex. For the most part the steamy scenes are entirly glossed over. Not a book to read if you’re looking to get hot and bothered, but if you want a fun rom-com that if made into a movie would feature Katharine Heigel and Gerad Buttler, then this is the book for you.