Review – Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction #2) by J. Daniels



I personally think this is 3.5 stars but will go for a generous 4.

I really enjoyed the first in the series. This lacks much of the drama and what there is a very forced and blown out of proportion. However, the story is just as fun as the first and the sex is up to the same calibre. For the erotica lovers amongst you, this story does also feature anal (quite a rare find for me lol)

Review – Sharpe’s Devil



This is a big one for me… I have now read/listened to every Sharpe Novel.

Unfortunately, it is far from Mr Cornwell’s best and as i read it i get the sense he was writing it to fill a publisher’s contract or to meet a deadline as there are some notable contradictions to the other Sharpe books, especially Trafalgar. The storyline is a little flat at times and the villain is weak, but the much of what’s featured in the pages is a very historically accurate account of the loss of Spain’s last colony in central America.

I finished it in two days though so read into that as much as you’d like.

#Review – The Room Mate (Roommates, #1) by Kendall Ryan



This is one of the greatest flights of fantasy since vows of fidelity were included in the french marriage service.

Ok, let me start by saying Miss Ryan knows her audience and writes for them. Unfortunately, I’m not in that category.

So the plot is fairly straight forward. Guy finds himself homeless after an ex trashes his place. His sister arranges for him to stay with her friend who just so happens to be his childhood crush. They have chemistry and start to have a sexual relationship that soon develops. Only two problems –
One, his sister believes he needs to focus on his studies so expressly forbids any hankypanky.

Two, he believes he’s cursed with an almighty dick that drives everyone he sleeps with crazy-in-love with him (high opinion of himself much) and so has vowed to keep things to a simple one night wham, bam please fuck me doctor status.

So a fun time for all… wrong!

So much in this book doesn’t make sense for me. So many things happened that would never happen in reality. So much is blown out of proportion. So many things just left me wondering why.

As I said, I’m not the desired audience for this book and judging by other reviews it hits that audience in just the right place, but for me, I had to end it 2/3rds of the way through because I’d just had enough.

Book Review – Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre



This book reminds me of the start of Two Broke Girls, a wealthy young woman cast adrift by her parents’ arrest for insider trading and learning to make her way, though this was by no means as funny.

It took me a while to figure out where this book was going because unlike typical Contemporary Romances this doesn’t shout it out from page five. There are several possible suitors and though the potential drama did feel a bit underused, there is enough there to keep you guessing. While this does have some sexy scenes and banter, this is not a book to read if you want hot sex, it’s more 12 rated, and the story is a touch predictable at points, but all in all a good read. Would recommend if you want something fun but won’t have you getting aroused in the middle of the bus.


About the Author


I’m a traditionally published and indie author. With a focus on contemporary erotic romances and erotic suspense I write under the pen name Alessandra Torre (erotic romance) and A.R. Torre (erotic suspense).





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#Book #Review – Promised (One Night, #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas




This is yet another book that was written to ride the 50shades/Bared to you Gravy train. While it does have a few original elements, there are a wealth of similarities from both books that you can’t help but notice.

Personally, i feel this is a 2.5 star read but I’m going to be generous and go for 3 as i am not the targeted audience.

I couldn’t understand the characters at all. They are a mish-mash of personalities and traits that make no sense when put together. The attraction makes no sense either, the hard silent male who is unavailable and only offers the greatest fuck of her life (which he never delivers even when he does fuck her) and a recluse who thinks he is a beautiful gentleman despite all evidence to the contrary but is constantly calling him the nemesis to her heart. I don’t get it.

The dialogue and writing style reminds me of a jane Austen novel, so very formal and proper. Basically, think of the fantasy Americans call a British accent and you know what reading this is like. The sex wasn’t very steamy. Deep yes, but lacking that heat.
All in all, i was disappointed, but then again as i said i don’t think this book is geared towards me.

Review – Camp Cougar



Title –

Camp Cougar: Erotica with a Southern Twist


Author –

R.A. Robbins and L.A. Carey


Blurb –

Erotica with a Southern Twist
You’ll want to have a standing reservation at Cougar Creek Resort where you will find a team of provocative and professional Cougar women to play out your fantasies.
Catching and entertaining Cubs requires some intense training. Grab a glass of wine or a cold beer and get ready for nonstop action in this brazen adult adventure. Our two naughty southern belles, Leona Patrone and Falynn Johnson, team up to create a most provocative dating and cyber service for young men. Things get heated when the classes begin at camp for the prospective Cougars who will be trained in the art of Tawdry Cyber Seduction from some of the best highly trained instructors. Only the best of the best will be chosen to represent Southern Charm Dating and Cyber Service. You’ll cry, laugh, and maybe learn a few new techniques from our Cougars.
The hilarious twists and turns of the story wrap around a surprising, budding romance. This novel is a full ride, so saddle up and get ready to be entertained.

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My Review –


This is not quite erotica, not quite Contemporary Romance and not quite Comedy, it’s all three with plenty of Drama mixed in.

Now this book was not quite what I expected. I personally was expecting a story about cougar mothers taking their kids to summer camp and then having it off with the younger counsellors. Instead what we have here is the tale of two women who are polar opposites teaming up to start a cyber sex/ dating service.

I will be honest, I had a bit of trouble getting into this book but this is certainly no fault of Lorraine Carey’s as I frequently have trouble getting into the characters. The story is fun and easy to read, some of the steamy scenes felt a little rushed.

All in all a good solid read that did not rely on sex to carry the story along.


(I purchased this book myself but one of the author approached me at a later date to offer me a copy in return for an honest review.)






Author Bio –



What could have been the reason for children’s author Becky Robbins and paranormal author Lorraine Carey to join forces and create a fun and humorous adult novel? Not too long ago, Lorraine had read Becky’s children’s book, but what really caught her eye was the hilarious Redneck Poems Becky had written. The two authors became cyber friends after reading each other’s works. Not long after Lorraine had a vision for a comedy adult book spiced with Becky’s southern flare. So, the two authors began creating Camp Cougar via Skype sessions. When the book was half-way done, Becky flew from her home in Virginia to Miami to meet Lorraine, who had flown in from the Cayman Islands. They worked together in a hotel, for a week, to finish the book. The weeklong stay in Miami was an adventure for both of them and they felt as if they had known each other all their lives. They discovered their similar interests and even completed each other’s sentences. Needless to say, the two authors will continue to collaborate on a daily basis to build a brand for Camp Cougar along with a sequel.

Review – Sharpe’s Revenge by Bernard Cornwell

This is one of the few sharp books that i enjoyed less than the Sean Bean Series counterpart. That’s not to say this is a bad story, quite to the contrary, but the series showed a lot of things that the book just glossed over which coupled with Cornwell’s typical lack of depth where emotions are concerned left me feeling underwhelmed.

This is not your typical Sharpe novel, the battle scenes are rather smaller than typical and Sharpe’s character seems to of taken a sudden knock. However it does feature all the aspects of the other novels, and if like me you enjoy the series then this will be a good one for you.