Happy new Year. Plus a few weeks.

Happy new Year. Plus a few weeks.

Ok i know it’s a bit late but it’s still January so I can still wish in the new year.

Well I didn’t make the due date but my editor has given me an extention to the 22nd of feb. Wish me luck, then again i’ll be happy to put this WIP behind me. I’ve been feeling very self concious for the last year and very uninspired. Maybe once it’s done i’ll feel a little more like my old self. The work load is always mounthing up however, my two next projects will be the second Sweet Temptations instalment (The Boss’s Daughter) and a DBZ Commission that i mentioned some months ago. Afterwards I’ll be starting a Historical Action Novel as well as working on the final chapter for the Day of Confessions DBZ fanfiction. So much to do…

On the bright side however, I recently developed a love of audio books. I decided i would see what all the fuss was about and gave fifty shades a listen, couldn’t make it passed the first chapter. If anyone one can tell me why it brought in so much earnings, I’d like to hear from them.

As ever if anyone of you would like to chat or discuss my stories, pleases leave a comment or send me a E-mail (darkinferno1990@yahoo.co.uk). In my current state it might help breaking me out of it.