I’m Back

Hi Guys and Girls.


So I know it’s been a while, almost a year i’m informed.

I’m sorry, i’vebeen a bit swamped latly. But as of this weekend my scedule freed up. I just published three books in as many weeks so now my immediate writing plan is now just two things.

1 – A sequel to a book i wrote many years ago…


The Boss's Daughter cover with text 6.2.jpg


2-A story I know many of the subscribers here have been dying to read – Truth or Dare – A valentines DBZ Fanfiction.


I’ll be working on the Fanfiction over the weekends so it’ll take me a while but at least you know i’m working on it now 🙂 I still want to write the Futa Videl Story but I haven’t heard from the commissioner in a long time so I’m going to put that on the sidelines for now.


Btw, how many of you are brits? If you’d like to meet, i’mactually featured in a book signing in two weeks…


Newsletter and ARC Sign Up Forms

Good Morning and Afternoon Everyone


So Today I’m starting a new project. I know i’ve been working on the short (or not so given i’ve been working on it for 10 months and still only 10 pages in) Story –  Afternoon Tea. And i still have two DBZ Fanfics i want to write. But this is a rare opertunity an actual invite to take part in an anthology is something of a big deal for me and the chance for exposure to a much wider audiance is something too good to pass up.


This will be a rather more action orinateted story than anything i’ve ever written (and published before). In fact the closest thing i’ve ever published to this is the Resident Evil commission i wrote some years a ago…



I’m very excited 🙂


Now, in other news. I am once again trying to create a Mailing List and News letter. The problem for me is, how bloody long does it take for MailChimp to update their site? I’ve had several people say they’ve joined. Given the advancements in modern Technology i’d have thought it would be pretty immediate, but what do i know. If you’d like to sign up here is the link – http://eepurl.com/cZwT-L

And i’ve also been creating an ARC Team. If you’d like to recieve advance copy of my published works, all you have to is promise to read it and review 🙂



Now, before i sign off i would like to say something that is very special to me. Two years ago, my muse was very nearly killed in a car accident. During recovery, she very nearly died in several operations and was told she would never really be herself again. Inspite of all this, last month she announced not only a full recovery.

Now i know in this world of politically correct bullshit, porn is a dirty word. But i am an erotica writer so fuck that view. This lovely lady has seen me through many bouts of writers block, is a very talented artist with an incredibly inspiring story and what’s more, she is a fellow DBZ and Anime Fan. Oh and did i mention she is the inspiration for the character Alice in Sweet Temptations? So it would mean so much to me if you could swing by her twitter and Congratulate the wonderful Madison Ivy.  https://twitter.com/Madison420Ivy



Cover Reveal – The Perfect Gentleman by Delaney Foster



Title: The Perfect Gentleman
Author: Delaney Foster
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: September 5th
Cover designer: Kovers by Kari
Model: Dusty Griffin
Photographer: Furious Fotog

About The Perfect Gentleman:
For Nathan Alexander it’s not an option. It’s a way of life. As an attorney he defends the defenseless. But when the suit comes off and the gloves go on, his passion is teaching others how to defend themselves. His life was purposefully methodical. Completely under control. Just the way he likes it. Until Emma McClain walks in his gym. Battered. Broken. And utterly breathtaking. After his last relationship, Alex swore he’d never give another woman the power to hurt him. But with her unforgettable smile and killer legs, Emma has him fighting for control. Little does he know she is fighting for her life. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late? Or will an unexpected revelation cost them both the ultimate price?

Book Review – Tempting the Best Man




3 Stars

The title is very misleading, ‘The Tempting Best Man’ would work a lot better.

I had an idea of a story about two old friends feeling frisky at a wedding and having a quick affair that blossomed into more.

Instead, the plot is tamer and a lot more contemporary romance. Not a story for those looking for hotness. Short and sweet with a bit of comedy, a great quick summer read.

Book Review – Raise The Titanic by Clive Cussler



2 Stars

I should have probably done my research before trying to read this.

You see, i am doing reasearch for my own novel based on the decks of the doomed liner. This book came up in my googling, so i bought it. However, what i didn’t know was this was published in 1980. Five years before the Titanic’s wreck was discovered.

There was also a lot of creative liscence taken with this story (or i hope, otherwise Cussler should have really done his reasearch more furrowly) , so that makes it practically useless for research purposes.

However what really killed this story for me was the dialogue. The characters talk like writers writing a scene, i find it very unbelievable that people would actually say some of these things in general conversation. They just killed it for me.

Anthology – TROPICAL TRYST – Book Spotlight



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Book Review – Afterburn/Aftershock by Sylvia Day


Four Stars

Have you ever read Miss Day’s Bared to you? If so, you’ll love these short stories. If not, it’s a great introduction to Miss Day’s work.

This story is kind of a shorter, more light-hearted version of her Crossfire Series, just with less sex and Over Top Drama and shorter than any one of those books.Great for a light-hearted Summer read.

Review – Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne



<a target=”_blank” href=”https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016IOF31M/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B016IOF31M&linkCode=as2&tag=oun0c-21&linkId=7b28f91f55c0e3fa82acbbd31e957c92″>Blurred Lines: Love Unexpectedly 1</a><img src=”//ir-uk.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=oun0c-21&l=am2&o=2&a=B016IOF31M” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />


This is a fun easy read that explores the question of ‘can a man and women be just friends?’.
The author has a light style, very easy to read and follow. The plot is a tad predictible, there in that we can already guess what is going to happen, but if that was a bad thing the movie industry would barely be a memory now lol. The characters have easy chemistry and have the classic odd couple dynamic of the player and the bookworm who doesn’t know she’s a stunner. They are the platonic roomates who are almost siblings but strictly just friends. Then after a break up and a night drinking, a single question rocls their world. ‘Can you teach me to have casual no strings or emotions sex?’

My only real issue with this book is that their isn’t a great deal of sex. For the most part the steamy scenes are entirly glossed over. Not a book to read if you’re looking to get hot and bothered, but if you want a fun rom-com that if made into a movie would feature Katharine Heigel and Gerad Buttler, then this is the book for you.