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MWhen Mina returns for her stepbrother’s 21st birthday, she thinks her days of lusting after him are over. Caught up in the heat and passion of the moment, she is stunned to find them back in bed together; their feelings clearly far from resolved. Haunted by her desire, and her growing appetite for , Mina now has another problem… she must head down a path of lust and desire; torn between the dark delights of the handsome bad boy down the street and her adorable stepbrother who has always been there for her. Can she confront the truth she has long tried to bury? How far will she go to save the one she wants, but knows she can never truly have?

A full length, 40,000+ word novel, Confessions is the stand-alone erotic drama from the Author of the sinfully delicious, Sweet Temptations Trilogy. Warning! It contains adult themes, harsh language, and graphic content, descriptions of intense sexual scenes, and dubcon (dubious consent) that might be triggers for some readers.

This is quite the erotic read, complete with various sexual pairings and groupings. If you’re looking for a book that includes some taboo topics, dirty talk and name-calling, this may be the coming-of-age erotic book for you! –

This is a taboo/forbidden read that is full of steamy pages and a incredible plot. This is definitely not for anyone under 18 as there are some highly charged sex scenes that are WOW! This is not the typical stepbrother story it’s so much more. –

The plot was fresh and the sex scenes were definitely hot enough to melt my Kindle. – Lynn Cooper, author of The Dominant Seduction Series

This is one of those forbidden step-brother romances with an especially dark twist. I know I definitely didn’t see it going in the direction it went. Suspenseful? Uh, yea. Sexy? Absolutely. –









24 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Stars: 3.5 stars

    This was the first book I’ve read of the author and I was amazed with how well the book was written. The author gives a great amount of detail in each part of the book, especially during the steamy moments of the book. Despite the book being short it has a lasting impression on you. It leaves you wanting more of the book and goes into great detail the forbidden relationships between a stepbrother and stepsister.

    When I first started to read this book, I thought this was another stepbrother romance, However, the further you read in the book the more you learn that it is much more then a stepbrother forbidden romance.

    This book is a steamy read and follows the story of Mina a Hollywood actress who must deny her forbidden feelings that she has for her stepbrother Mark. When she goes to her stepbrothers 21st birthday party, it is more then she expected. Mina could no longer deny the feelings that she has for her stepbrother Mark and saw the two of them give into temptation. However, the story did not stop there, there was numerous twists that saw the story taking a different turn then I expected.

    There were plenty of steamy moments within the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves stories that involves forbidden love or a stepbrother romances.


  2. Mina is an actor/model and she has everything that she wants, a gorgeous boyfriend, family and a nice house.

    One night she goes to her step-brothers 21st Birthday party Mark, and what she walks in you wouldn’t believe.

    She was involved in her first gangbang, with Mark and his friends.

    She loved her step brother but not in a brotherly way.

    The sex scene are very steamy.

    The story line was good, but I only enjoyed the sex scenes.

    I recommend this book to readers that are just after a good sex scenes.


  3. Confessions was a steamy, quick read for me. The blurb provides the gist of the story, but there is much more action in the book. If you're looking for a book with infatuation instead of love, steam instead of romance, then this is the book for you. I finished this book in one night and enjoyed it.


  4. This book includes a lot of taboo stuff like stepbrother and others. I don't want to ruin the fun for others by saying more. I also would give this a book a 3.5 rating. They're things in this book that I wasn't exactly comfortable with. I struggle thru most of it especially towards the end. This just wasn't my kind of read and I've read some dirty books..i guess being uncomfortable made me dislike this book..


  5. I received a copy of this book for a honest review. Reviewer for Book-lover book blog # Annabella.

    For one I just wanna say that confessions is the first ever book I have read from LM Mountford. And was completely blown away and I didn't readilse that the writer was male… I mean dam… Hahahaha I was shocked, amazed, spellbound.

    This read is completely hot and sexy.. It's a rather quick read and will leave you hot and flustered. I mean it's a fantasy sexy read. It's the visions you sometimes have inside your head or the dreams you have when its not reality. Its like LM Mountford has just entered your mind and has written something magic and takes you on a ride of sexual and sensual desire.

    So how far would you go to save the ones you love?

    This book enters so many chatagories it's unreal.. It's m/f… M/m.. Menage.. Stepbrother.. Gang orgies.. It's just wow.. And it's a read I would never have expected, truly did blow me away.

    So the story follows Mina Carring.. She's a famous star who is all round homely woman and yes she might have it all she isn't a diva. She a very sensual and sexual. She's arrives at the family home to give her step brother Mark his gift for his 21st and rush home for some rnr, but it's full party party in the home. She bumps into her brothers friend Daniel. After talking she wants to go find Mark and some doggy men say where to find him.. And that's when trouble starts.. Or heats up hahaha…

    Saying nothing else now coz you gotta read it to find out.

    I really loved confessions and it's story. However there where parts I kept thinking nah that wouldn't work or happen, but I guess it's why it's a fantasy read. The reason why I'm giving the book 4 stars. For me honestly I felt it was too much together and could have been spaced out a little more, it felt a little rushed. Although I could understand things happening in the heat of the moment and the temptation. It just could have been a little more.

    But please don't let it out you off. Confessions is a book which for me is like a rough diamond. You see the cover, read the blurb and put it into the tbr list. Please don't coz this book will honestly surprise you.

    Thank you LM Mountford for writing confessions it's truly amazing and shocking. And I'm still a bit blown away that your male. Happy writing and carry on.. PS I would love to hear more from Mina, Daniel and Mark Xx


  6. Well, no, you are not a stepbrother romance book with this much group sex.

    It is like one of those vacations you take thinking it is going to be a peaceful camping trip in the mountains, and then one person decides it would be fun to go whitewater rafting and that is what the vacation becomes. This is not camping, this is clinging to a piece of inflated rubber as you fear for your life through some white-water gorge of death.

    Granted, this is about as extreme as this book’s group sex gets, and I rather enjoyed it.

    Nasty talk, all sorts of grotesque characters, and dirty sex that lasts of pages made me curl up and smile at the delicious proceedings. I kept waiting for the close-relations romance part, but the moment I did, a group of horny blokes came in and sexed all over the pages. Even the USB ports on my Kindle were filled as I writhed through the experience, wondering where the romance was, but too occupied with pleasuring others to care.


  7. Honestly at first it was hard for me to get into this novel, and hard to focus on reading. I love reading, that is by far my favourite past time. There was just one little thing that I couldn’t shake about the fantasy this novel follows; however if I tell you I would ruin the story for you. It threw me for a loop because of how many categories it falls into. Seriously it’s crazy! It Started with a sweet vanilla M/F and moved into M/M, Step-brother, M/M/F and last but not least a very unexpected, slightly brutal orgy. This novel is a short read but is well worth the time! Once it gets to the spicy stuff, it stays hot and heavy until the very end. In fact it was so hot I had to take time between chapters to catch my breath.

    Confessions by LM Mountford follows a young budding starlet named Mina. She is fresh to fame and down to earth! She is extremely sexual and sensual. After what seems like forever away from home, she returns to here father and stepmothers home to visit her step-brother Mark and drop a gift off for his 21st birthday. Her parents are out for the night upon begging her father to let her younger sibling have his last hurrah before entering the real world! Upon arriving she walks into to a full on house party! However she cannot find Mark anywhere. After searching the whole party for him, and running into his childhood friend, finally a clan of mischievous looking young men tell her where to find him. When she arrives at his bedroom door however shit hits the fan, or heat up; and poor Mina has no clue whats coming next! You’ll have to grab a copy of this book to find out what hits her!

    This book is well written, however the fantasy behind the plot is… well… “Not my cup of tea” I guess you could say. It was a spicy short read. Once I got over my little hiccup. It is definitely worth reading! Thank you Cara Sutra for giving me the opportunity to review my first ever erotica novel!

    – Eliza93marie


  8. *A complimentary ecopy was provided by the Author, in exchange for my honest review.*
    This is one of those forbidden step-brother romances with an especially dark twist. I know I definitely didn't see it going in the direction it went. Suspenseful? Uh, yea. Sexy? Absolutely. The characters are relatable, the story flows steady. You'll keep flipping the pages to see how this one ends and it'll leave you with a wicked grin on your face. Or maybe not, you might be too shocked to deal with what you've just read. However, for this reader, she loved it.


  9. This was the first book I've read by this author. The sex scenes were HOT, if you can look past the fact that she has sex with her stepbrother that she's grown up with. But that's all I can say for this book was the sex was hot. Mina participated in her first gang-bang and she, albeit reluctantly, enjoyed it. She only agrees to protect Mark, her stepbrother, from being exposed from the sex tape of them.
    If you are looking for a book with very little plot or character development with off the charts steamy sex then this is the book for you. 3.5 stars.


  10. Holy shit!! that was a hades-level hot read!! OMG, seriously, Mark, then the gangbang and then Daniel and Mark, I didn't want it to end. What a delicious cliff-hanger of her and Mark in the shower. *sigh* I really hope there will there be more to their story!! There are a few scenes that can be a bit much if you don't like forced or group sex, but all in all, geez was that an insanely hot read!!

    I was gifted a copy by the author for my honest review.


  11. Forbidden Fruit!

    I didn't consider Confessions to be as taboo as others did because even though Mark was Mina's stepbrother, they were not blood related. Her father married his mother so they were related by marriage. Having said that, there was still a delicious “forbidden fruit” feel to the story that made it both intriguing and exciting. The plot was fresh and the sex scenes were definitely hot enough to melt my Kindle. This is the second book I have read and enjoyed by L.M. Mountford. This author's writing just keeps getting better and better. I look forward to reading more of his work.


  12. I love this series. It's unreal.. It's m/f… M/m.. Menage.. Stepbrother.. Gang orgies.. It's just wow.. And it's a read I would never have expected, truly did blow me away.. I know you are probably thinking, well there are a lot of those types of books out there, yes, but it’s all about quality. I love L. M. Mountford books because it’s not always about the steam, don’t me wrong, it’s VERY nice, but I really like how she develops the characters and creates a story that is not conventional and completely addictive to read.


  13. This book was a fast, steamy, wet read that left me wanting more.

    Mina is a model that seems to have it all together. She has a great job, amazing boyfriend and a wonderful life. She attends her stepbrothers birthday party at the family home one night, without her actor boyfriend. There she meets his closest friends. She rekindles a lost romance with her stepbrother in what she thought was a private encounter. Before she knows it she is being forced into her first gangbang. The big question is, Is it blackmail if she enjoys it?


    The only reason I am leaving this review is because I feel if the author can’t warn their readers then I will. I hate leaving low rated reviews, it breaks my heart because I know the blood, sweat and tears authors put into their books.
    I will not spoil the book for those who want to read it because there is a population of readers that will LOVE this book, but I feel that for the sake of readers who try to avoid triggering sexual issues when they buy a book, this one should have had a warning. I even went back and checked the link twice to make sure I didn’t miss the author giving a heads up to those readers who try to avoid such topics.
    If you are looking for a book with substance in the plot, character development and consistency, you won’t find it here. I had to check a few times to confirm this story was based in California, because the characters and writing had a England feel to it, by the way they talked and the writing style. If you are looking for a plot, you will find a hint of it in the first 20 pages or so, after that you will get into the triggering situations which will continue till the end of the book. This disappointed me because I could tell this author has talent, but it felt like they depend on sex to sell the book and not their talent to develop the plot and keep the reader engaged.
    I am certainly not a prude, I was excited to hear it had taboo topics and I am known to be a huge fan of the dark reads, but this one didn’t fit with the synopsis we were given.

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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